• Muhtesem Yuzyil 102 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

    Everyone waits for the Sultan to enter. Everyone is nervous, except Hatice. Cihangir looks worrieand and Mihrimah tells him not to worry and that their mother will return...

    Suleyman meanwhile has arrived with his entourage...He enters with Mehmet and Mustafa. He tells Afife Hatun to take Cihangir to hs room and tells the cariyes to leave, then he steps closer.
    "According to Mustafa, Hurrem has been missing for days and no one knows where she is is that right?" Shah: "Hunkarim, this incident has made us all very sad...the search is ongoing...God Willing she will be found." Mihrimah: "It is not true that all of us are sad, Hunkarim...some are happy about this because they have set a traitorous trap for my mother, and be certain that the one who saw this insult fit to her, is right now among us." Suleyman looks right at Hatice.

    Suleyman: "Whatever you know, say Mihrimah...whoever did what, tell me" Mihrimah: "Using your absence as an opportunity, they have played a game, Hunkarim. They faked a letter from Selim..when my mother heard about it, she left right away." Mahidevran: "My Shehzade wanted to stop her, Hunkarim, but Mihrimah Sultan came to him and prevented that." Mihrimah: "Yes, it's true, because how could I know that this was a trap from the traitors" Suleyman: "Continue" Mihrimah: "After a few weeks, another letter came from Selim...because I was worried about him, I had sent him a letter, and he responded...Selim was not ill at all...and my mother didn't go to him" Mehmet: "Who Mihrimah?! Who did this?!" Mihrimah: "It is obvious who are the ones who have enmity with my mother - our Sultanas!" Shah: "This is a very serious accusation, Mihrimah God Willing you have some proof to back up your claims." Mihrimah: "The past is known by everyone, Sultanim, what is the need for proof? " Suleyman: "Mihrimah you leave...you too Mehmet"

    Outside, Sumbul speaks to Rustem. "I swear by Allah, this is all I know, my Pasha." Rustem: "I warned you so many times not to trust news without verification!" Sumbul: "Our Sultana didn't let us verify it, she left early in the morning." Then Mihrimah arrives "You hear what they did, Rustem? Did you hear what they did to my mother!" Rustem: "Don't be sad...we will find our Sultana God Willing." He hugs her. Bali watches awkwardly from the corner...

    Meanwhile, inside, Shah is saying: "Mihrimah has been worried recently...do not believe her words she says out of pain and anger" Suleyman: "Will I ask you what I should believe and not believe? Right now the only thing I want is to find Hurrem! Until I find her - all of you are guilty in my eyes! Especially you Mustafa! I left my harem in your safe-keeping...is this how you protect my trust?" Mustafa: "Forgive me, but I do not have any fault...I explained to you how our Sultana left" Suleyman: "In the case that you couldn't prevent her from going, you could have at least gotten her there safely!" Mustafa: "Whatever the rules were, that is what I followed, Hunkarim. But she was suddenly lost (in a moment). We don't know where she is" Suleyman: "The matter is about a Sultana, Mustafa! My wedded wife! The mother of my five children! On top of that, while there were cariyes, aghas and soldiers for protection! You think I can believe this? No enemy would dare to do this! Wouldn't have the power to do this! If maybe my enemies were not among me. Hatice? Mahidivran? The things you did in the past are known. If you had something to do with this incident...whether from a distance or from up close (personally), I swear, you will pay with your lives." Hatice: 'Hunkarim...it might be that Hurrem is hiding somewhere waiting for you to return. Afterwards, coming to you and like Mihrimah and yourself, accusing us." Suleyman: "What does this mean?" Hatice: "Everyone is saying this is a trap for Hurrem...it could be the other way around...Hurrem setting a trap for us..." Shah: "Hatice!" Hatice: "I am tired already...I am sick of the accusations because of Hurrem! If it was in my hands, I would drink her up like a spoon of water (a saying meaning I would get rid of her), and I have reasons for this...but I did not do anything. I don't know what happened to her, and I do not want to know. Where she is, what she is doing...if she is alive or dead, I do not even care. Perhaps, if you wish to choose someone to sacrifice for this, choose me, and finish with this matter!" Suleyman: "Get out! All of you get out! You too, leave me alone!" 

    Meanwhile, Mehmet speaks outside: "All this time passed, what else could have happened, Malkocoglu? It is obvious they killed her!" Mihrimah: "No! That is impossible. My mother is alive! She only needs us to find her, is that not right?" Bali Bey: "Don't worry Sultanim..whatever the truth is, it will come out in the open. Let us pray that our Lord save her." Just then, Shah and the rest of the women exit along with Mustafa...

    Mercan tells Bali Bey and Rustem that the Sultan awaits them. They go in and Mehmet calls out to Mustafa. "If something happens to my mother, this will be on you!" Mustafa: "What are you saying Mehmet? What do I have to do with this incident?" Mehmet: "You were sent from Manisa. And you like everyone else, blamed my mother! You all said she did it, after that in a moment she disappeared!" Mustafa: "How dare you! How can you talk to me this way?!" Shah: "My Shehzade, don't" Mustafa: "Shame on you. I had to hear these words from my own brother!" They all leave and Shah says: "Mehmet, my lion. I understand your sadness and pain, but do not let your feelings poison you. Mustafa is your brother. He would not do anything to make you or your brother's sad."

    Inside the Sultan's room, Suleyman tells Rustem: "Get 5000 Janissaries ready. If necessary, get the knights from the five divisions and go inside every home, and look under every stone!" Rustem: "According to what Sumbul says, the fact that our Sultana is lost has been kept secret...we should be careful because our enemies might use this as a political tool" Suleyman: "I don't care what anybody thinks! Rustem! You will find Hurrem Sultan, this is your job! Alive or dead, you will bring my Sultana to me!" Rustem: "You can be certain I will find her Hunkarim...sleep has become a sin for me from this point on." Suleyman: "You are responsible for investigating this matter, Malkocoglu, use my name, my orders to question everyone, including our Sultanas...you will not even look at anyone's tears...even if it is my own child...you will find out who did this!" They leave..

    Suleyman recalls Hatice saying in the past: "I wanted to take her life..." Then he recalls Mahidevran when she poisoned the food when Hurrem was pregnant, at that time he said to her: "You poisoned my table..but you actually poisoned my respect for you." Then Suleyman recalls Mustafa saying: "I have grown, and I have lost my innocence." Suleyman says under his breath: "Where are you Hurrem...where are you..."

    That night, Suleyman is outside in his balcony when Ebusuud arrives and is invited to sit next to the Sultan. "Did they give you word about the incident?" Ebusuud: "I have been informed, Hunkarim...I pray to my Lord, that He save our Sultana from all kinds of troubles and dangers and bring her back safely to her loved ones soon" Suleyman then tells Ebusuud about how before he went for the campaign, a dervish came in front of him and warned him to be careful from his own blood and then dropped his hat, and that otherwise he would lose his loved ones. Suleyman says that he did what he thought to do was fit, but still he is being punished this way. Ebusuud replies saying that God Who has brightened up the world, will definitely open a path for him, but these paths don't always signal the ones that we are going to choose. Sometimes it shows the path that we are not going on. Suleyman says did I go on the wrong path, is that what you are saying? Ebusuud says "our Prophet Muhammad says that the children of Adam have ranks in front of God, and on their path to achieve that rank, God sometimes puts in front of them things that the children of Adam may not like."

    Mihrimah speaks to Mehmet. "Our brother Mustafa had no fault in this, Mehmet. You broke his heart for no reason." Mehmet: "I know my brother hates our mother. I saw it many times wit my own eyes. And we hate Mahidevran Sultan is that not right?" Mehmet: "Speak from yourself...I only hate my enemies. But you are right. My brother could not do such a thing...it was just in a moment of anger I said it." Just then Rustem enters. Mehmet asks if he has found out anything yet and Rustem replies that no not yet and that the search continues. Mihrimah asks how her father is, that no one allows her in and Rustem responds that the search is continuing. He tells Mehmet that he should be more careful since his incident is also connected to his appointment to the Manisa Sanjak, and that the enemies would want to cut in front of him and that soon he would be going on his way. Mehmet responds that he isn't going anywhere until his mother is found.

    Ebusuud continues to speak to the Sultan. He tells him not to let his heart become dark with this pain because it is the heart which sustains people. It is the greatest armour to protect you and the ones you love from abominable deeds. Suleyman says he has lost that armour...Bali arrives and Ebusuud takes his leave and Suleyman thanks him for listening, Ebusuud says it is his honour. Once he leaves, Bali says that the interrogations have begun. Suleyman asks if anything has been found. Bali says that he has the letter which is a fake letter from Selim. Suleyman looks at it. Bali says that the one who brought it is an agha named Murat, after which, no one ever saw him again since that day and that they are trying to track him down and if they find him, they will be able to find out what happened to Hurrem...
    Suleyman says that wherever that despicable agha is, find him. Bali says that he has placed his most trusted men in this task, and that unless he has been killed, they will find him. Bali Bey informs Suleyman that tomorrow Mustafa and the Sultanas will arrive for questioning and asks Suleyman if he will join and Suleyman shakes his head no, he says : "But do not forget what I said to you - the most important thing to me is to find Hurrem." Bali bey takes his leave, but before he goes, Suleyman asks: "Malkocoglu, do you think, Hurrem is alive?" Bali Bey: "I do not even want to think otherwise...but our Hurrem Sultana has returned so many times from near death. Of course she might return one more time." Suleyman: 'God Willing...because...right now, I do not have any other wish than to see Hurrem one more time. Hurrem is my heart, Malkocoglu. My breath, my soul. If she doesn't exist, then I do not either."

    Shah, Hatice, Mahidevran, Mustafa, Husrev and Mercan are together. Shah: "What does this mean Mercan...why is Bali Bey calling us?" Mercan: "The investigation has begun, you will be interrogated." Hatice: "No one will go anywhere. We are not going to be forced" Husrev: "Our Hunkar's orders are absolutely official...for this reason we are compelled..." Hatice: "Whose side are you on?" Husrev: "Husrev Pasha is right, we cannot object to orders...if you don't go, you are openly accepting guilt" Mahidevran: "We have been openly pronounced guilty anyways, didn't you see how our Hunkar looked at us?After that Mehmet, Mihrimah."  Mustafa: "What were you expecting? A King's wife has fallen into a trap...of course he will certainty ask account! We have such a stain on us now that until the truth comes out, there is no happiness for us!" He leaves...Hatice: "As if we were so happy up until this day." Mahidevran: "True...Hurrem is gone...wherever she is, hopefully she will not come in front of us again...is there a bigger happiness than this?" Shah: "How is our Hunkar, Mercan? Allah knows what condition he is in right now... " Mercan: "I haven't seen him Sultanim. He hasn't left his room all day." Hatice: "No one can run away from the Lord's justice...sooner or later they will pay for it this way." Husrev: "Sultanim...let us go tomorrow will be a difficult day." Hatice: "You go my pasha, because of the incident, I could not get my things together, in a day or two I will be able to prepare them." Husrev leaves...

    Suleyman is in his room alone. He goes out and then to the stairs where he enters Hurrem's room. He looks around at her room. 
     "Don't think that my chest has become red like blood, 
    My heart is now aflame, this is what I look like to outsiders.
    Can it be any wonder if I were to drown in water like a Nilufer (water lily), 
    The waves hit and my age became an ocean and have overcome me. 
    My eyelashes have formed a line and have flowed away like blood, 
    Those who have love became afraid of this war of love of mine, 
    If I were to sigh, I would drown in the sea of my tears. 
    See the things that have happened in this world because of me, 
    This Muhibbi no longer reaches the shores of his lover. 
    The roads are tied....."

    In the morning...Mustafa and Mahidevran arrive. Mercan greets them,  and tells them that Bali Bey is in his room and that is where they will be going. Mustafa asks where his father is and Mercan says that he stayed in Hurrem Sultan's room. Mahidevran: 'What a sad night (sarcasm). Mustafa pulls his mother aside. "If you keep behaving this way, the accusations on us will never be lifted and besides, this is a very big pain for our Hunkar, no matter what, we should be helping him." Mahidevran: 'Do not speak as if you don't know what we have lived through...underneath this dome I have gone through a lot of suffering..For years waiting for this, now that Hurrem is gone, I cannot act as if I am sad about this..in fact that is when they will doubt me..." She turns and tells Mercan let's go. Mercan explains that they are to be seen separately and Mustafa goes off.

    In the harem, Cihangir is announced. He looks up at the cariyes as he is going. He sees his father asleep on his mother's bed sitting up. "Baba," Suleyman: 'Cihangir, my lion" Cihangir: "I saw a dream, baba, I saw my mother she was under a tree. A large tree. I asked her why she left us, why she wasn't coming back. She told me she would never leave me. My mother will return, Baba....Right?" Suleyman: "She will come, my lion. She will come..."

    Meanwhile, Mustafa says to Bali Bey: "This is all that I know, Malkocoglu...I had explained this to our Hunkar anyway." Bali: "You were here for months, of course you met Hurrem Sultan right?" Mustafa: "About the harem matters, I did meet with her." Bali: "From what I hear...there was an argument and you argued in front of everyone" Mustafa: "Because of the war situation, I reduced the spending of the harem, she was annoyed by this decision." Bali: "Was there any other argument?" Mustafa: "No..." Bali: "They say you blame Hurrem Sultan for your being sent to Amasya...is this true?" Mus: "I don't care what anyone says Malkocoglu...you know very well that only our Hunkar decides where the Shehzades are appointed." Bali: "Your mother, Mahidevran Sultan is not saying the same things...She says that Hurrem Sultan is personally behind this. While our Hunkar was away, she got into a lot of arguments with our Hurrem Sultan." Mustafa: "Everyone knows the relationship between them...but if it was important, it would have reached my ears." Bali: "Mihrimah Sultan thinks that our Sultanas are behing this incident...do you think this is possible?" Mustafa: "I do not even want to give this possibility" Bali: "I do not either, but Hatice Sulta had tried to kill Hurrem Sultan before...this is a very heavy possibility." Mustafa: "Right after the incident, I interrogated everyone, including my mother...If I had evidence in my hands, I would not even look at who it was and given it right to our Hunkar." Bali: "Even if it was your mother?" Bali: "Or as her child would you try to save your mother." Mustafa: "This much is enough. Accusing a Sultana requires more than  just possibilities..." Bali: "Of course my Shehzade...this is why I am searching for evidence...Shehzadem....until this matter is solved, our Hunkar has commanded that you stay away from the Palace."

    Next is Mahidevran's turn. (it is like a crime novel now). Bali: " Enter Happily...(a 'welcome' type saying." Mahidevran: "I have not come happily at all...whatever we know, we already said...what is the need for this interrogation...I can't decipher a meaning to this." Bali: I wish to hear it also, Sultanim - please, sit."

    Meanwhile, Mercan walks Mustafa down the hall and after Mustafa leaves, Mercan sees Aziz Agha who tells him that Rustem wishes to see him when Mercan insists he has work to do, Aziz grabs his hand and tells him that Rustem orders him at once.

    The interrogation continues. Bali: "You think that Shehzade Mustafa has been exiled to Amasya, right?" Mahi: "This is not only my thinking...anyone in their sound mind knows this...or do you think something else?" Bali: "Right now, my only thought: This decision is driving you towards getting your revenge." Mahi: "Shehzade Mustafa is the future of the Ottoman Dynasty. He is my only hope, the reason of my existence, as a mother, would I put my son into this type of danger? Especially when Hurrem was put under his protection.? Is this even possible?" Bali: "If you see Hurrem Sultan as a barrier to his future...then it is possible, in that case you could even say goodbye to your life " Mahi: "My Shehzade, has returned from near death twice...in this palace. They sent a woman to poison him. If the woman hadn't fallen in love with him, I would have lost him long ago. Then they sent spies to Manisa... yet, I still did not try to take revenge! I only saved my son!" Bali: "The issue is not only Shehzade Mustafa. This is a personal matter for you. It is a matter of pride." Mahidevran: "What does this mean?" Bali: "because of Hurrem Sultan for years you are suffering...she came and took our Hunkar from your hands...as a woman you were alone...this is difficult to bear." Mahi: "Shut up!" Bali: "What did you think? That you would be together with our Hunkar again? This is why you got rid of Hurrem Sultan." Mahidevran: "Who are you to dare to speak to me this way?!" Bali: "What did you do to our Sultana? Did you kill her? Or are you torturing her somewhere?" Mahidevran: "I DIDN'T DO IT!" Bali: "Who did then? You know what happened to our Sultana right?" Mahi: "No! I don't know anything! I don't know what anyone did! I don't even care!" She rushes off...

    Hatice and Shah see her in the hall. Hatice: "Are you okay?" Mahi: "How can I be okay? As if I was a murderer I was interrogated. Shame on Bali Bey. For how many years we trusted him." Shah: "He is only doing his duty." Hatice: "What happened, what did you say to him?" Mahi: "What else could I tell him? I am tired of saying the same things over and over!" An agha arrives informing that Bali Bey awaits them. Shah: "Hatice, do not forget the promise you made me. You will be calm. You will not use your anger and emotions to say meaningless words." Hatice: "Whatever the truth is, it is, my sister." Whatever I know I will say" 


    Suleyman meanwhile is out searching...Bali is now interrogating Shah."Sultanim, I have no doubt about your loyalty to our Hunkar...but just like our other Sultanas...you were in enmity with our Hurrem Sultana. From what I remember, you even had her exiled." Shah: "I did not send her...she was sent for her own mistakes." Bali: "Yes, only, you pushed her towards this mistake....just like Hatice Sultan..." Shah: "Hatice? Bali: "You helped her hide Ibrahim Pasha's gold..." Shah: "What help? That day I sent you word telling you to come get the gold." Bali: "It's true...but you did this after months...because you were afraid of it getting out in the open (that you hid it in the first place)." Shah: "I simply wanted to help Hatice..." Bali: " You could also be doing the same thing right now. You could also stay quiet for Hatice Sultan..." Shah starts to leave... Bali: "Sultanim - my questions have not finished yet.." Shah: "Know your place. Am I going to ask for permission from you to leave?" Bali: "Our Hunkar's commands are absolute Sultanim..For you to stay here I can even force you...do not make me use that option..."
    Meanwhile, Suleyman stops at a place and sees someone, thinking it is Hurrem...Matrakci calls out to him..
    Back in the interrogation room, Bali: "Sultanim, our Hunkar has only one wish - to find Hurrem Sultan safe and sound. If you could be of help to me in this matter, I swear to you, no one will come to any harm." Shah: "You think she is alive?" Bali: "I hope that she is - otherwise, many heads will roll" Shah: "And you do not want this to happen, right?" Shah: "The real thing, is the Dynasty, Bali Bey, today our Hunkar will be sad, and then the day will come when he will forget, because, just for Hurrem - on top of that without there being any proof - he will not kill his son." She smirks and leaves...
    There is a knock and it is Hatice's turn. "Malkocoglu Bali Bey...why have you called me last? Because really it was only me you had to question....be it as it may, this work could not have been done by any but myself, is that not right?" Bali: "Should I accept this as a confession, Sultanim?"
    Meanwhile, Suleyman is going crazy following something, he says "I saw Hurrem..she was here, I saw her!" Matrakci: "Are you sure Hunkarim, no one is here." Suleyman: "I said I saw her!!" They go off to search the other side...
    There is a red headed woman wondering...but it is not Hurrem....The woman is frightened, and Suleyman is shocked (because really what are the odds of a red hed wandering a lone in a forest at that very moment)...
    Hatice is speaking to Bali: "Believe me, I would not tire you out this way...if I was the one who did it, I would confessed it outright because since the day I saw Ibrahim's lifeless body in my garden this was the only thing I have wanted...to take Hurrem's life!." Bali: "If you are found making such a confession...you know what will happen to you right?" Hatice: "I do not care...that other time before...I told our Hunkar personally I tried to take Hurrem's life...on top of that there being no evidence against me..." Bali: "There is a difference, Sultanim. That time, our Hurrem Sultana did not die...and she was not lost...where is our Hurrem Sultana! What did you do to her?" Hatice: "Bali Bey, no matter what I say...the accusation over my head will not be lifted...for this reason there is no reason to keep speaking..." Bali: "Since you got your revenge...confess and finish with this matter!" Hatice: "There is nothing to confess!" Bali: "Is this how you are going to honour Ibrahim Pasha's memory? By denying the things you did for him?" Hatice: "I did not do anything" Bali: "True...you did nothing...while Ibrahim having no grave you did not even move a finger...moreover there are those who say you even betrayed him" Hatice: 'What are you saying?!" Bali: "You married Husrev Pasha as if nothing had happened...they say you are happily living your life in your new palace." Hatice: "I did not betray him. And I never will. That day our Hunkar did not just kill Ibrahim, but killed me as well. Did you hear me? He took my life from me!" Bali: "And you also wanted to take a life right?" Hatice: "Yes. I wanted to take a life from him...but it didn't happen...I couldn't do it." Bali: "What did you do to our Sultana? You know where she is right?" Hatice: "I don't know...go and ask Mahidevran...or Shah...maybe they know...because this incident has nothing to do with me!" Bali: "You just said you wanted to take her life." Hatice: "That was years ago...I had sworn to take her life before the forty days of mourning over Ibrahim were over! But I could not do it...I was failed."
    Meanwhile, Mehmet is in the gardens speaking to Ilyas. "How could my mother be lost, Ilyas? This is impossible!" Ilyas: "Do not be sad, my Shehzade...they will certainly find our Sultana." Mehmet: "God Willing Ilyas." They see Mustafa in the distance talking to Taslicali...
    Mustafa is saying to Yahya: "I never imagined I would ever be questioned for this kind of accusation..." Yahya: "I said whatever I knew...and Rustem Pasha is watching me...if he finds an opportunity he will get rid of me in a moment." Mustafa: "For Rustem this is not easy...he is scared for his life...Without Hurrem Sultan, he thinks he will be nothing." Yahya: "I recommend that you go as soon as possible to Amasya, my Shehzade, because you are not safe here." Mustafa: "If I am not safe in my own father's palace...then let this world burn down...it does not matter to me, not even an atom's worth!" Mehmet arrives..."My Shehzade...can we talk for a bit?"
    Mercan has arrived with Aziz agha to a dungeon cell, a man opens a door and Mercan looks curiously, but enters anyway...There are men kneeling down in the cell...Rustem: "Mercan agha...we were waiting for you...finally you graced us with your presence...you know these guys don't you...they are under your orders (work for you)..." Mercan: "What is their crime my Pasha? Why are they here?" Rustem: "You will answer this, Mercan agha...because they gave your name...that day Hurrem Sultana left the Palace...you did not want them to prevent her (as were the rules)." Mercan: "My place is not to prevent a Sultana...on top of this...I had no clue she was going to Konya." Rustem: "ahhh....because our Hunkar has ordered that anyone who was involved...or was negligent...to be executed." Mercan gulps, but does not cower. "I am the Sultan's Door Keeper...Not from a distance nor personally, I have nothing to do with this incident...and I was not negligent...because I was not given any order to stop her from leaving..." Rustem to Aziz: "Did you hear?" Aziz punches him in the stomach hard...Rustem says "Shhh" and pats Mercan on the shoulder, then he grabs his chin and twists his head around..."So what order did you get then? To kill Hurrem Sultan?" He flicks Mercan's chin away...
    Meanwhile Mehmet apologizes to Mustafa: "I am asking you for forgiveness my brother, for speaking out in anger and pain. I did not want to make you sad." Mustafa: "What has brought you to this condition Mehmet? What did I do to make you think of me this way?" Mehmet: "During the war, I spoke to our Hunkar...I wanted him to send me to another Sanjak....because I think this is unfairness towards you...and I kept saying this...I even spoke to you about it to you..I came to you...but you didn't even look at my face, as if I was at fault." Mustafa: "I told you you had nothing to do with it" Mehmet: "I saw your eyes brother...I saw the pain and anger in them...after that the rumours spread...I heard with my own ears what the solders were saying...they were all talking about you...saying that this was unfair...I didn't care about all that...they do not love me."
    Meanwhile, Ilyas says to Yahya: "My Bey Yahya, I have heard your name  and am honoured to meet such a great poet as yourself" Yahya: "Who are you? My name is Ilyas...I am part of the twenty first division of the Janissaries...Our Shehzade Mehmet honoured me...I am accompanying him." Yahya nods but says nothing...
    Mehmet meanwhile says to Mustafa: "On top of all of this...what has happened to my mother has really shocked me...I am not well brother...I am in a lot of pain.: Mustafa: "I can see that Mehmet, I see that my brother."
    Meanwhile, Afife speaks to Sumbul and Fahriye: "Where has Mercan gotten lost to now?" Sumbul: "I swear, I do not know where that devil is...maybe he left with our Hunkar?" Fahriye: "I don't think so...he probably is with Bali Bey taking care of interrogations." Afife: "Fahriye, you do not leave our Shehzade Cihangir alone. He has been worried for days and I am worried he will get ill...." They look at see Duzgun agha...who faints..." Afife calls for a doctor.
    Then Sumbul rushes to see Bali Bey telling him that Duzgun agha has come. "He was the head of the agha guard responsible for taking her to Konya." Bali asks where he is and Sumbul tells him that he is very worried and in a bad state and is in the hospital...they rush off.

    Meanwhile, Mercan is now kneeling beside the other two men in the dungeon cell. Rustem grabs one of their heads "Where is our Hurrem Sultan?" Man: "I swear my Pasha I do not know" Rustem: 'Answer my question." Man: " I do not know." Rustem cuts the man's neck." The next man is terrified: "I do not know anything my Pasha." Rustem: 'You answer my question: 'Where is Hurrem Sultan." Man: " I swear I do not know." Mercan kills him too. Mercan is next in line. Rustem says: "I think now the time has come to speak, Mercan agha. Mercan says: "Killing a gate keeper has a big punishment....and Shah Sultan will especially take you to account for this." Rustem: "God Willing - where is Hurrem Sultan?" Mercan says he does not know. Rustem is about to do something, when the door opens and an agha tells Rustem that Duzgun agha has returned. Rustem lets go of Mercan and when Aziz asks what will happen to him, Rustem doesn't say anything.
    Duzgun agha finally wakes up at night. Bali wishes him well then asks him if he can speak. "Let's see then...as I hear, you were the in charge of taking Hurrem Sultan. Right?" Duzgun: "Yes I was with her..." Bali: "Where is our Sultana!!!"
    In Hatice's palace, Mahidevran says: "We finally dodged (got away from trouble) today." Hatice: "Not yet, Mahidevran...who knows what Bali Bey said to our Hunkar. There is still no sound..." Gulfem: "What is there to tell anyway Sultanim?" Hatice: "Nothing...there is nothing...didn't anyone ask you anything?" Gulfem: "Bali Bey did not call me. Maybe he will talk to me later, I don't know..." Shah: "There is a boiler boiling in the harem...there is no happiness for anyone anymore." At this point, Mercan arrives. Shah sees his face and asks what has happened. She asks what happened and he says: "Rustem was interrogating me about Hurrem Sultan's whereabouts. He would have killed me..." Shah: "How dare he do that?! Inform the Sultan at once!" Mercan: "Our Sultan is in pain for his love...nothing will come of it...anyway I am alright." Hatice: "So how did you leave you then?" Mercan: "Word arrived of Duzgun agha's return to the Palace."
    Suleyman is meanwhile walking down the hall. Rustem tells him about Duzgun's return and that Bali Bey is with him...Duzgun agha: "I got lost in the forest; I was injured. I had fainted. When I opened my eyes I was in a house. I had heavy injuries and it took me a long time to recover. As soon as I felt better, I got back onto the road." Bali: "What happened to our Sultana? Did you see her die?" Suleyman walks into the room at this point and asks where Hurrem is. Duzgun agha says he doesn't know, and Suleyman says: "How could you not know? Wasn't she with you?!" Duzgun agha: "I was... but we were attacked! They attacked all of us with swords... I wanted to take our Sultana to the forest, but they came behind us and took her from me... I didn't see what happened to her. My wounds were many, I had no choice but to run..." Suleyman: "YOU RAN?!??!?!?! YOU RAN?!??!?!?! YOU RAN?!??!?!?!" Rustem: "Who did it? Who attacked you?" Soldier: "I didn't see... their faces were covered. They didn't say anything." Suleyman: "Let's get out of here!" Mustafa asks Bali bey what happened, and he responds: "Duzgun agha has returned. He will take us to where it happened." Both of the Shehzade's want to join them, but are not permitted to. Mehmet: "What happened to my mother??" Bali: "As we predicted, she was attacked. But we don't know what happened..."
    Back in Hatice's palace, Mahidevran is wondering what Duzgun agha will say. Shah: "I wonder how he showed up after all this time..." Hatice: "Maybe he is involved somehow." Shah: "I pray that this isn't another one of Hurrem's games." Gulfem: "I don't think so... She wouldn't leave her children."

    Meanwhile, Mehmet is talking to Cihangir and tells him that the Hunkar left in the night and will hopefully return soon with their mother. Cihangir: "I already told my father, my mother is alive and she will come back soon." Mustafa: "Our Hunkar only went to where the attack occurred. He may not be able to find her immediately." Mihrimah then enters the room and inquires about where Duzgun agha is and asks if he mentioned anything about their mother. Mehmet informs her that their father left in the evening and will hopefully return with their mother safely.

    In the forest, Suleyman asks if this is where they were attacked, and Duzgun agha says: "It was quite dark, but it must have happened around here..." He points them to a rock that Hurrem stumbled upon while fleeing the area. He continues to guide them deeper into the forest. Suleyman: "Is this it?" Duzgun agha: "Yes, Hunkarim... This is the last place I saw her. We were by this tree when they found us." Suleyman: "So this is where you left her alone. You were supposed to protect her with your life... Take him away... Everybody spread out. Every house and farm is to be searched."

    In the next scene, Shah Sultan and Gulfem enter Hurrem's room and wonder if Duzgun agha said anything of importance. Mihrimah: "Why are you so worried? Are you afraid of what he will say?" Shah: "Don't test my patience, Mihrimah! I am here to help you!" Mihrimah: "I am sure that is the case!!! Forgive me Shehzadem, but I have no more energy for this." Mustafa: "God willing, everything will return to normal... Please promise me, whatever news we receive, you will stay strong... You have a child, and siblings. This is when they need you the most, as well as our Hunkar." Mihrimah: "No, she is still alive!"

    Back in the forest, Suleyman finds Hurrem's ring and says:

    "My musk, my perfume...my being, Hurrem. My love, my bright moon.
    The one who is close to me... The one who shares my secrets. The one who exists with me, my beautiful Sultana!
    My life, my grain, my divine drink, my heaven...
    My spring, my happiness. My day, my rose. Oh, my laughing rose!
    My tree, the one who watches me... My rose garden. 
    My desire, my most valuable pearl...
    My morning, my conversation, my evening!
    My plant, my sugar, my treasure!
    My inner peace in this world...
    My beloved, my Yusuf (Prophet Joseph, who is considered to be the most beautiful human being ever created)...
    My Istanbul, my Karaman (another province in the Ottoman Empire), my love that is worth more than everything contained within Anatolia and Rome.
    My Badakhshan (Afghani/Tajik province), my Kipchak (a Khaganate), my Baghdad, my Khorasan...
    My love with beautiful hair, bow-shaped eyebrows, eyes that burn and are mischievous, I am addicted!
    If I die, you would be responsible for it, because you tormented me by entering by blood, help me, oh my non-Muslim beautiful love.
    At your door, I constantly compliment you, I praise you, it is as if I have been assigned the duty of constantly flatter/praise you.
    My heart is filled with grief, my eyes are filled with tears, I am Muhibbi (literally meaning the one who loves), I the man who loves..."

    The year has now become 1543 in the story's timeline.

    Back in the palace, Fahriye asks Cihan hatun why she left her room. Cihan: "I got so bored from sitting in my room the whole day! I wanted to walk for a bit... And I wanted to see Shehzade Mehmet." Fahriye: "He went to the Divan, you can see him later." Meanwhile in the Divan, Mehmet opens the proceeding with a prayer. 

    Meanwhile in Amasya, Fidan asks Yahya bey if the Shehzade is in his room, and he says he left early. Yahya: "He doesn't want anyone near him. He is not in a good state. He isn't even talking to me." Fidan: "What is going to happen? He has also been neglecting his harem. I hope nothing bad happens between the hatuns... As you know, Ayse Sultan and Rumeysa Sultan are walking around with bloody knives." Yahya: "You know your job. Don't give anyone an opportunity. When is Mahidevran Sultan returning?" Fidan: "She didn't say anything. She will return after visiting Meyhan Sultana." Yahya: "I don't understand where the need for this visit arose." An agha enters the room and informs Yahya that the Shehzade's guards have returned without him."

    Mehmet and Ilyas are seen eating a meal. Ilyas: "Your dreams are brightening the future of our nation. I pray that they will come true one day." Mehmet: "I hope so, but my biggest dream is reaching my mother. If anything, preparing a grave for her, and praying for her... I also very much miss my siblings, especially Cihangir, did you read his last letter?" Ilyas: "Yes I did. If he were given permission now, he could run the nation!" Cihan hatun enters the room and Ilyas leaves. Mehmet asks how she is, and she says she is fine and healthy, and their child is healthy as well, always moving around. 

    Back in Amasya, Yahya bey finds Mustafa in the forest. Yahya: "Are you okay...? When Rustem is after you, you should not be left alone." Mustafa: "Is there any news?" Yahya: "Barbarossa Pasha wants to visit you soon." Mustafa: "Tell him not to come. As you know, the price for visiting me is heavy. After I lost my brother and father, losing anybody else does not mean much to me... Do you remember what he said to me? 'If your father truly looked down on you, then he wouldn't keep you in Manisa.'.. Amasya is not my Sanjak Yahya, it is my prison. I recommend that you leave, for a brighter future."

    Meanwhile in Istanbul, Hatice visits Suleyman. He tells her to sit down. Hatice: "I've wanted to come for a long time, but haven't had the courage. I know how much pain you are in, as I have gone through it as well. Losing someone who you love more than yourself... A fire burns inside you, and burns like a candle. Even if you were to drink an ocean, it wouldn't help. Nothing will put it out, as long as you breathe. It will burn and destroy everything good inside you." Suleyman: "Go back to your palace Hatice." Hatice: "You used to call me Haticem, my valuable one... I know nothing will be like it used to. But we have both lost lives. Let this winter end. I want to be your sibling again. Please accept me into your heaven. I want you to love me... [   :(   ]... From now on, I am beside you, I will not leave you alone, ever!"

    Back in Mihrimah's room, Rustem enters inside. Mihrimah: "I've heard that you have stopped looking for my Valide. You all forgot about her!" Rustem: "Our spies are looking for her everywhere. Our Hunkar is depressed, he is not involved in the nation's decisions these days, and has left everything to Hadim Suleyman and Husrev Pasha's. They are all keeping me away. Our future is not very bright. We lost all of our power with Hurrem Sultan. The soldiers are talking about our Hunkar. If we don't do anything, they will remove our Hunkar from power and put Shehzade Mustafa in power. Stay with our Hunkar, help him return to his old self, otherwise the consequences can be dire!"

    Meanwhile in the Divan, Barbarossa says: "The Austrians, Italians, and the Spanish soldiers are working together." Ebusuud: "It seems as though Ferdinand is still after the Hungarian throne." Barbarossa: "Yes, we need to put them in their place!" Ebusuud: "Yes you are right, but whenever we declare war, these unbelievers look for a place to hide." Rustem: "We should inform the Hunkar about this immediately. I can do so if you wish." Husrev: "Don't get involved in things that don't concern you, especially when the Grand Vizier is here." Rustem: "Watch your words!" Husrev: "Am I going to ask you what words I am going to use?" Hadim Suleyman: "Pashas! There is no need to enter into these meaningless quarrels! I have already informed our Hunkar." Suleyman then enters the Divan and says: "My Pashas, since the situation is critical, I will be joining you all in the Divan."

    Back in Hatice's palace, Hatice enters and Shah is wondering where she was last night. Hatice: "I was at the palace with my brother. We spoke until the sun came up. We made up. I woke up happy after many years. He was melting in front of my own eyes. We both went through enough pain. It is time to revive ourselves from our ashes. We are siblings, from the same parents. You as well, and Beyhan, and Fatma. We are a family... Whatever we went through in the past, this doesn't change this." Shah: "I've been saying this to you for years. Nobody should enter in between us..."

    Meanwhile in the divan, Suleyman says: "Inform the Rumelia governor to send reinforcements to Budapest." Barbarossa: "There is one more issue, Hunkarim... The Hungarians are revolting against the Austrians in the cities of Vach, Vichegrad, Estergon. They are requesting help from you, Hunkarim. We should take advantage of this situation." Husrev: "Indeed. We can then easily control those areas as well." Hadim Suleyman: "Many of the castles in the area have been reinforced, but many are very weak." Suleyman: "Is there any news from Zigismund?" Rustem: "They are waiting for your orders, Hunkarim... It is the perfect time to give Ferdinand his lesson!" Suleyman: "Excellent. I agree with you. Let the campaign preparations begin!"

    Mihrimah is with Sumbul in Hurrem's room: "How is our Hunkar?" You are always keeping an eye on him right?" Sumbul: "Sultanim, I am doing whatever is in my hands...but we have lost our power in the harem...Shah Sultan and Hatice Sultan's bugs are walking around everywhere." Mihrimah: "I am here Sumbul...for a while I will stay in my Valide's room." The milk maid who is a spy watches from her position...
    Sumbul says he will get her things together at once, then Mihrimah says: "Wait, how are the Shehzades? If news comes from them" Sumbul says that they are happy and doing well. Mihrimah says, Mehmet is especially important and that they must save him from every danger. Sumbul tells her that Ilyas and Fahriye are always at his side. Mihrimah says she will go visit the Sultan and he should go get her stuff ready...Mihrimah looks at her daughter who has grown...
    Meanwhile, Bali speaks to the Sultan who looks like he is lost in another world...he looks at Hurrem's ring...Bali: "They have said you have gotten the Divan together and made the decision to go to war." Suleyman: "True we are going for war. Since I no longer have a heart, my enemies should fear me very much." Bali: "Hunkarim, I am at fault in front of you...just please be certain I did whatever was in my power..." Suleyman: "Malkocoglu...even if you are king of the whole world, it is of no use...whatever is in your destiny, you will live it!" There is a knock.
    Mihrimah enters and they greet each other. Bali takes his leave. Mihrimah: 'I worried about you...are you alright?" Suleyman: "You worry about your child, Mihrimah...do not be thinking about me and making yourself sad.." Mihrimah: "Could I smile while you are unhappy." Mihrimah: "I spoke to Rustem...if you permit, I would like to stay here for a while." Suleyman: "I had two souls in this life...one I lost and one is with me thank God."
    Meanwwhile in Amasya, Mustafa's voice...."You being this beautiful countries king, do not oppress, help -" Fidan enters and Mustafa asks for Yahya. She asks if she should send word to call him, but Mustafa says no need. Fidan tells him that Mahidevran has written a letter and that in a week she will come. She says that if she wishes she can get a cariye ready he is annoyed by this and tells her to leave...
    In Manisa, Mehmet tells Ilyas: 'Get ready Ilyas, after meeting with my Lala, we will go to the market...I want to join the inspections. Ilyas goes off and an agha arrives: 'Head of Hunting (a rank)," then he whispers something and Ilyas nods. He goes to a secluded place in a forest and a woman with a cloak on turns and it is Mahidevran..."How is the situation, no one doubts you right?" Ilyas: "Do not worry Sultanim...I have specifically won over the trust of Shehzade Mehmet." Mahi: 'Good, I have come because I wanted you to hear my order from my own mouth -  The time has come Ilyas...the time to take Mehmet's life has come."
    At night, in Bali Bey's office, Matrakci and Bali are speaking. "This is war decision is good, Nasuh Efendi. Finally our Hunkar is returning to life." Matrakci: "You are right, but Rustem has really caught his tail this time..." Bali: "Don't take that man's name Nasuh Efendi!"
    Suleyman is in his room reading Hurrem's letters. "Even if I never see her blessed face again...I will love her, still love her more than my own life, Suleyman. No matter what befalls me for this reason, I am ready to take it of course. Even if my life has to be sacrificed for this love a hundred thousand times, your worthless cariye, Hurrem Haseki"
    Meanwhile, Bali says: "Mihrimah Sultan coming here means I will have to leave." Matrakci: "Go on your decision...if you leave our condition will be much worse...Rustem will take the stage..." Bali: "Under every stone, some bad thing happens, I specifically do not want to see Rustem's face...." Matrakci: "We have to make him know his place"
    A weird looking agha, comes and informs Bali that they have gotten word of something important.
    Meanwhile, Suleyman is in his room asleep...he dreams...he is at a tree...he looks at it and then he feels a hand on his shoulder...he thinks it is Hurrem but it is Hatice...he follows her. There is smoke...They keep walking and he asks her why she is here and where she is taking him and then she stops and looks back at him and he looks down and sees Hurrem's clothes on the ground...he wakes up...He has tears in his eyes...
    Bali bey enters. "Hunkarim, forgive me the issue is important...I talked to you about Murat agha remember? The guy who brought the fake letter. They found him. Suleyman asks where he is, and Bali Bey says he will come tomorrow. Suleyman is relieved...he thanks God..."He accepted my prayers...finally I can know where she is! Malkocoglu whatever you want, ask for it!" Bali: "If your heart can find even a little happiness this will be my greatest gift."

    In the morning Rustem arrives at the Sultan's room but the agha says that he has gone to the prison.

    Bali is hitting the man and the man says time has passed he doesn't remember anything. Bali pulls out a dagger. He says I will make you recall. He puts the dagger in the man's hand..."Who are you serving? Say!" The man says he deosn't know and that he should kill him. Bali: "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time...you will talk...every moment you don't speak you will feel pain (this is the height of Bali Bey's expression, no more quiet, silent Bali Bey :) ). A man bings the man's hand and the Sultan arrives. Suleyman: "Do you know who I am. In that case, answer my question. Where is Hurrem...what did you do to her."

    There is a knock on the door of Shah's palace and Husrev enters. Did something happen. Husrev: "I don't know all of it, but this morning something happened - someone has been caught. I think it has to do with Hurrem Sultan."
    The mean meanwhile says he does not know. The man says he does not know where she is, but that he has no crime in the matter...Bali strangles him until Suleyman tells him to stop. They just told me to take the letter. Suleyman asked who gave him that order. The man says "Ali agha." Suleyman asked who Ali agha is, and how they can find him. Rustem has come and says: "I know Hunkarim, I had questioned him...one of Hatice Sultan's aghas..."
    Meanwhile Hatice looks nervous Shah asks who the person is who is caught and Husrev says he does not know. Ali agha comes and whispers to Hatice. Then he leaves. She tries to leave and Gulfem asks if something bad has happened. Hatice says she is upstairs and will be resting. They all look worried. Husrev says he will going to the Palace and find out what has happened...Gulfem and Shah look at each other worried....
    Hatice is upstairs and sits on the bed looking very worried...Suleyman meanwhile gets on his horse and doesn't pay any attention to anyone trying to stop him. Hatice is waiting...knowing what is going to happen.
    Suleyman arrives...Shah says: "This is not sounding good...you go to Hatice.." Gulfem: "Yes, I am worried." Suleyman enters. They bow. "Where is Hatice?!" Shah: "Is everything alright?" Suleyman: "Where is she?!" Shah: "She went to her room to rest..." Suleyman goes and Gulfem says: 'Oh God, you save us!"

    Suleyman goes to the room where Hatice is waiting for him...He yells out "Hatice!!!" She is not there...but on the balcony in her white dress." He goes out to her: "They said you kidnapped Hurrem is this true?" Hatice: "Since I can remember I have you in my life...you have always held a special place..God's Mercy on our father and mother, I was even more fond of you, then I was of them....you always had another place in my heart...I was amazed at you..." Suleyman: 'Where is Hurrem?!" Hatice: "I loved your conscience the most. I admired your justice. It was rock solid and strong in spite of everything." Suleyman: Tell me Hatice, what did you do to her?!" Hatice: "You revered love at all times...for this reason, in spite of everyone you allowed me to marry Ibrahim...I am not only in debt to you from this...but I found the biggest love of my life in your shadow...You brought my dreams to me...Those years were like a dream...I thought it would always be that way...I thought I was in a fairy tale and I am happy...Then Hurrem came...and this dream finished....she changed everything...you changed...she took my just, fair brother from me...his eyes saw nothing but her...not our mother, not me, not Ibrahim, not Mustafa...no one was precious anymore...My mother died from this pain...and then Ibrahim...How did he feel that night? You were sleeping while the executioners put a rope around his neck...did you ever think about how he felt? And what did you think, my brother? Did you feel while you were asleep in your room?" Suleyman: "The same thing you felt!!!"  Shah and Gulfem go to see where they have gone...
    Suleyman: "You came to me the other day and said you wanted your brother back and I believed you...but you?" Hatice: "This was to get even....I was quiet...I didn't say...and I was never going to say...I wanted you to feel pain...just like I did." Suleyman: "You got what you wanted, now tell me what you did to Hurrem" Hatice: "No one knows except me...and for this reason you will never find out!"   She passes out...He holds her and sees the bottle in her hand. "What did you do Hatice!" Hatice: "I...." At this point Shah arrives. "Do you remember you told me, it will pass...you will forget...you will get better..." Gulfem and Shah watches... Hatice: "Do you remember what you said to me? Time will pass...you will be better...you will forget...so time passed my brother...and a lot of time...but I never got better...I could never forget...and be certain that you will not be able to do this either....Hurrem will not even have a grave, just like Ibrahim..." She dies..."Hatice, Hatice!"  He screams and cries and "Come to your senses, Hatice, " he falls with her in his arms...he cries and hugs her....
    The next scene we see an agha who opens a door and places a tray of food on the floor and a woman with red hair lies on the floor!


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