• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 123 Translation

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    We see a younger Suleyman go to visit his son and Ibrahim tells him that Mustafa said why should he study when he will become Padishah anyway. Suleyman jokingly asks if he is so certain he will become king and Mustafa replies that of course he will too become king and Suleyman says jokingly "guards come get him, take his head!"

    In the present Suleyman imagines Mustafa as a child in front of him stroking his beard and saying with a smile "you won't kill me right, father?" Suleyman snaps out of it, and is in a lot of grief.

    We see a messenger rushing to Manisa.

    We then see Mustafa in his room.

    Next we see Yahya being handed the letter from the messenger. The scene cuts to Mustafa reading the letter. Atamca asks him what the Sultan has written, and Mustafa responds that the Sultan has ordered to him to come to the Konya encampment immediately.

    Beyazid enters his mother's room where everyone greets him. Mihrimah "how nice to see you here" Beyazid: "Nice and strange. I am surprised our Hunkar has appointed me instead of Selim as the regent."

    Hurrem: "What is their to be surprised about? If I were you I would see it as our Hunkar showing that he has not given up on you." Cihangir: "So are you saying our Hunkar has given up on my brother Mustafa" Hurrem: "After what Shehzade Mustafa has done lately this is natural." Beyazid: "What does that mean? What did my brother Mustafa do?"

    Mustafa is sorrounded in his room by those who love him. (this reminds me of Saba's picture where he doesn't listen to everyone telling him no). Mahidevran: "I will die but I won't send you to the encampment!" Mustafa: "You know that I have no right to make that choice, mother." Nisa: "Our Sultana is right my Shehzade. Please think about it." Mus: "Nisa, this is an order. If I do not do what our Hunkar has asked, it will be seen as treason." Yahya: 'The accusations are harsh and ugly. We are in a condition where other than your own words, we do not have any proof. For this reason if -" Mustafa: "NO! Forget this! Never! Never." Mahi: 'In this kind of time we cannot trust our Hunkar. It is obvious that he sees you as a threat to his future. Rustem and Hurrem have turned him against you! Without even blinking an eye he will order your execution!" Mustafa: "They have been working for years to make me and our Hunkar enemies against each other. They have not been successful even up until this day. They won't succeed this time either. I have full trust in my father. We promised each other."

    Flashback: Suleyman: 'I swear to my Mighty Lord that I won't ever kill you." Mustafa: "If I had not come here, I had worn that kaftan, I would not have learnt the truth. And I would have died in grief. Today I am swearing to you that I will never let you live through this again. I swear to my Mighty Lord I will not betray you. I will never betray you."

    Present: Mustafa: "I will keep my promise. And I believe our Hunkar will be loyal to his promise." At: 'God Willing my Shehzdae. Permit me, so I can get on the way to investigate." Mahi: "It does not harm anyone to take precautions. Give permission for this." Nisa: "My Shehzade..."

    Yahya and Atmaca exit the room. Atmaca: "We cannot throw our Shehzade's life in danger. His love for our Hunkar has made his eyes blind and his ears deaf." Yahya: 'You are right Atamaca, our Shehzade is marching to his death." Atmaca: "We must prevent this. We have one way to choose" Yahya: "Rebellion." Atmaca: 'Rebellion. The time has come. Our Shehzade must get on the throne. We will do whatever is needed for this. The Janissary position is obvious anyway. Sultan Suleyman's fate will be up to our new Sultan." Yahya: 'That is why you want to go to the encampment ahead." Atmaca: 'To make preparations. We are forced to do this without our Shehzade's willingness. Are you with me?" They shake on it. Yahya: "Until the end."

    Hurrem is seated in her room with her children. Cihangir: "My brother Mustafa has no fault. Obviously a trap has been set. And how sad that those who set the trap are under this dome. " Hurrem: 'Do you hear with your ears what comes out from your mouth?! What insolence and disrespect is this?! Accept the truth. Your brother Mustafa is not as innocent as you think." Beyazid: 'Mother, let us say you are right. What would be the price my brother Mustafa would pay for this? His life?" Hurrem: 'That is up to our Hunkar. I do not know." Cihangir: 'But this is what you wish! Is that not right?" Mihrimah: 'Enough already. This matter is between our Hunkar and my brother Mustafa. We can't intervene." Cihangir: "This matter is not between our Hunkar and my brother Mustafa. It is between good and evil. And I will be on the side of good. And until my last breath it will be like this." Mihrimah tries to go after her brothers but her mother tells her that they won't listen to anything she has to say and that they are not able to distinguish between what is good or bad for them.

    Outside, in the hall, Beyazid catches up with his brother. Bey: "We can't get anywhere by continuing like this. Sharp vinegar damages it's container." Cihangir: "I can't stand it. These things that are happening to Mustafa are boiling my blood." Bey: "I know, you are right, I think like you too. I am certain Mustafa is innocent. But you can't...not this way. We have to behave in an sensible way. Our Hunkar might doubt our brother.  But this is temporary. When our brother Mustafa goes to our Hunkar and explains everything, then the matter will be solved." Cih: 'You think it is that easy?" Bey: 'Well he isn't going to kill him!" I t looks like Cihangir isn't so sure.

    Nurbanu is with Canfeda and Gazanfer: "Why did our Hunkar call Selim for war? Wasn't he supposed to be appointed as regent?" Gaz: "I am quite surprised too Sultanim" Nur: "He probably heard about a mistake of his...or is about that woman named Eftalya and her hus-" Canfeda: " Don't worry Sultanim, that matter has been left in the past." Gaz: "There must be some other reasons for this, but it is impossible to guess."

    Selim is playing with his son Murad when Nurbanu arrives. Murad tells his mother that he is practicing with his father. Nurbanu says she wondered where he was since he didn't come to see her and Selim said he had asked him to stay behind. The boy is sent aside and Nurbanu asks: 'When are you leaving for the campaign?' Selim: 'Soon. This will be our first separation." Nur: "God Willing it won't be too long. Did Shehzade Mustafa really make an alliance with the Shah? " Selim: "I do not know the reality of the matter Nurbanu, anyway the important thing is not what my brother did, but what our Hunkar believes." Nur: 'If he believes then what will happen? Or - would a father be able to do that to his child?" Selim: "There has been an unnamed war between them for years anyway. Now either the arrow will be thrown or the bow will be broken." Nur: "What are you going to do? If he is executed?" Selim: "Whatever I am required to do by the rules. I am not going to go against our Hunkar's orders."

    At night, Suleyman re-reads part of the letter, reading the part where Tahmasp says that while Suleyman is alive, it will be a threat. Then he remembers scolding Mustafa before, telling him that he has become arrogant and that his pride has veiled his eyes, and that he (Mustafa) does not even apologize for his mistake. He tells him that arrogance is satan's animals and if he doesn't command them, they will command him.

    Beyazid and Cihangir arrive. They kiss his hand and then Beyazid thanks him for appointing him regent. Then he says he has heard the words about his brother Mustafa and that he and Cihangir think the same thing. He says Mustafa is not one to betray him, and that he has full trust in him. Suleyman stops him and tells him that if he has nothing else to say they may leave. He has that smile on his face. The not really smiling smile. Cihangir says he wishes to join the campaign. Suleyman asks if he has forgotten the last time, and Cihangir responds that he has experience now, and that he wishes to be by his father's side.

    Beyazid and Cihangir exit the room. Cih: 'You saw...our Hunkar is very angry with my brother Mustafa." Bey: "At this time of war, a great task has fallen to you, my brother. Do whatever you can - save our brother from our Hunkar's wrath. I trust you Cihangir." Cih: 'I will do whatever I can. Do not doubt. I will become our brother's shield if necessary."

    Fatma is with Kara, her husband. He says he did not want to go, but that they will make up the days while he was away when he returns after the war. Hidden meanings guys...hidden meanings :p Fatma says that is her wish. They are both talking so slowwwwwwlllly and soffftttttlyyyy. Fatma says that what has happening between Mustafa and the Sultan is not a good sign. She says he is precious to her. Kara responds that he is precious to all of them. Fatma asks if he will be on his path. Kara answers that his heart is on his side, however that there is no path other than the Hunkar's for him (Kara says he is loyal to the Sultan) Fatma responds that the loyalty he has for the Sultan has her in awe. Then she asks him to promise that in the war, if something bad happens, that he will do whatever he can to protect Mustafa. He holds her hand and says that if something comes from his hands (if he can) he will do it of course. She pulls away her hand! (is that ring of his recycled guys?)

    Meanwhile, Yusuf asks Atmaca why he can't join him and Atmaca responds that Yusuf's place is to stay and protect the palace an tells him to get on with his tasks. Yahya tells Atmaca that this is the last phase, that he should be careful, especially while Rustem and Zal are around, and that the slightest mistake could mean ill fate for Mustafa. Atmaca responds that it won't be that easy (for Rustem or Zal) because they will have to take his life first.

    Mihrunissa has arrived. She greets them then when Yahya asks if she  alright she says how can she be alright when Mustafa is going to march to his death. "His loyalty will be his end. We must do something." Yahya: 'This is our intention, we will never leave our Shehzade alone." Nisa: "What do you have in mind?" Atmaca: "I will meet with the Janissary aghas and talk about what we should all do. We will decide what path we will walk on." Mihrunissa: "We only have one way to go, Atmaca, a path we should have taken long ago. That is, to dethrone Sultan Suleyman Han. My father used to say if there is no wind there can be no wave. Since they have taken out the wind, then we shall let our wave drown them!" Atmaca: 'We don't know what the matter will get to (pardon or execution or some other punishment) but you have a point, the time has come for our Shehzade to get on the throne." Nisa: "Keep me informed so we can get the naval fleet to take action at the right time." Yahya: "You send word to Turgut Reis to prepare, that is enough." Atmaca asks about Yusuf and Mihrunissa says that Yusuf is a trust for her and she won't let him far from Mehmet her son.
    Hurrem is walking in the garden with Sumbul, who is telling her that there is a very famous soothsayer in Uskudar and that people who go have praised and if she wants...but Hurrem responds that looking at bones and water (soothsaying) is pointless now...just the eyes and faces give news of what shall come. Sumbul comments how the birds are already flying away and that the winter will come sooner. He tells her to go inside so she doesn't get ill.
    We see the scene of Mustafa and Suleyman from the past when they sword fight and Ibrahim watches and Suleyman tells him that he is very happy to see him grow up to be such a great, skilled man, but that sometimes he get's sad because when a person grows up, they lose their innocence. Ibrahim looks worried at that moment.
    Back in the present, we see it is Suleyman on his terrace recalling such memories. Hurrem walks towards him and says to him that he has a heavy stress on his heart and she invites him to tell her what is bothering him to lighten his burden. But he gives her a look. He goes away and, in a move that is significant, closes his doors....
    She goes to Sumbul in her room frightened by what has just happened. He asks her why she looks frightened and Hurrem says that she saw everything in the Hunkar's gaze..they aren't the eyes of the man she knew..the man who looked at her with loving eyes. He asks what she saw, what was in his glance. She responds "death. Sh. Mustafa's death."
    Atmaca throws an arrow for one of the Janissaries to see and the Jan. reads the note attached to it. Meanwhile Rustem is with Zal, saying that Suleyman will arrive soon in the encampment and afterwards Mustafa. And that at that time the storm will start. Zal says he has taken precautions for every possibility. "We are not even allowing birds to fly in the diameter of the camp and we are ready to face the storm." Rustem says hopefully they will not make any mistakes and that even a single mistake they will be caught in the storm and it would be impossible to turn back.
    Atmaca meets with the Janissary agha, Korkut ahga, and he asks if he has heard about the accusations, to which the agha responds that he has, and the Janissaries are unhappy, and asks if the Sultan really believes that Mustafa has made an alliance and Atmaca says they have to take every possibility into account. The agha says so the Sultan can trust the words of traitors and kill Mustafa? Atmaca says that only they, the Janissaries can prevent this. The agha: 'Treason" Atamca: "Whatever is necessary for the safety of our Shehzade. First we must speak about the matter with some of the aghas of the Janissaries." Agha: "That isn't as easy as you think Atmaca, the head aghas are being watched constantly" At: "There has to be a way Korkut agha. There has to be a way."
    Cihangir is packing his personal items when his mother enters. He greets her and she says: "I won't talk for long but I am not for you leaving for war, please think about this decision again." Cih: "No need. I don;t want to bother you with my presence any longer." Hurrem: 'Cihangir. My Cihangir. My little lion. Since when has your presence bothered me that you speak like this now? Have I not always loved you? Have I not been by you since you were born? Have I ever neglected you?" Cih: "The right you have on me, I never denied, I never will. My respect for you is never ending. For standing on your feet in this Palace, I know all what you have gone through, who you have had to fight with. But this doesn't mean everything you did was good." Hurrem: 'What did I do other than protect my children?" Cih: "Most important is who does what after this point. You know my brother is innocent right? When the innocence of my brother comes out, when the truth is known, then there is no need for me to leave...I will stay here with you...everything is in your hands." Hurrem: "The truth is out in the open...your brother has betrayed. It is not in my hands." Cih: 'Then no one can keep me here. No one. I will stay beside my brother in the camp. I will do whatever I can to save him."
    We see Mahi and Fidan in the rain going to a woman's hut and I think this is the recycled home of Eftalya and her husband and possibly also  Helena....
    Fidan says that an agha could have come, but Mahi says that the woman had wanted her to come personally, and she will do this for her child of course. The woman gives a talisman and says that as long as it is with the Shehzade it will protect him, they offer her money, she doesn't take it.
    There is another flashback, of Suleyman speaking to Mustafa as a child. He says he is listening what does he have to say and Mustafa responds that it is about his mother, why she always cries, why he sees her sad. When Suleyman responds that women are like this and sensitive. Mustafa says how come only his mother cries, no other women, why she is sad, and what her crime is, her sin. Suleyman says that his mother will stay in the palace, but Mustafa says she will not stay, he will not allow it, no one will make his mother sad any longer, he shall not allow it.
    In the present, Mustafa is in his room when his mother enters and says that despite all she says, he will not listen and he will go. Mustafa says she is troubling herself for no reason, and that his father will hear him out and listen and that he will understand he is not guilty. Mahi responds that for someone to know truth  their heart must be pure and she asks her son if he thinks his father's heart is pure, and if he hears his conscious. Mustafa says he does not know what is anyone's hearts, but that he knows what is in his heart and that he loves his father and believes him. Mahi says he trust the promise his father gave, just like Ibrahim. Mustafa says he is his son, and that the Sultan his father. Mahi tells him to be careful, not to forget her words and hands him the talisman to wear and says not to part with it. Mustafa says that they have gone through how many storms, crossed how many seas, and that she should not be sad. Mahi says God Willing, that his mother's prayers will protect him.

    PART 2

    Rustem is in his tent when an agha tells him that Ali agha ash arrived. Rustem allows it. Ali agha arrives and Rustem asks if he has taken the proper precautions, and Ali agha replies he has. Rustem says that it is obvious that when Mustafa arrives that it will become difficult to control the janissaries and that the soldiers of his own sanjak will be with him too. Ali agha asks what he thinks will happen and Rustem replies that either Mustafa will go and profess and try to convince the Sultan of his innocence, or he will commit treason and rebel. Rustem says that they should pray it is the first one. Ali agha asks what will happen if Mustafa chooses the second? If he rebels, since the Janissaries are only waiting for a single sign from Mustafa. Ali agha adds that Rustem knows about how Selim the first got his father off the throne. Rustem replies that if that is the case, then Shehzade Mustafa should be prevented from giving such an order, they shall prevent it.

    Atmaca enters the tent where the other aghas have gathered to meet with him. One of the aghas tells Atmaca that the outfit looks good on him. Atmaca says thanks and then says they should get on with the meeting. One of the guys says that this is the day they have been waiting for for so long. Another one adds that the Sultan has gotten very old and can't make right decisions, and then the other one responds that he is right, and that if it wasn't enough that Rustem was appointed as Grand Vizier then his brother Sinan gets appointed as Admiral. Then the other one says while a lion-like Shehzade like Mustafa is around, he then made the drunk Selim his regent. And then he adds that "that Russian witch" Hurrem Sultan. The other scoffs, saying that now they have accused Mustafa of an alliance with the Shah and that even children would not believe such a thing.

    Atmaca responds that they might believe it and for this reason they must take precautions. Then he says that Korkut agha must have informed them of everything. He says that before anything can happen to Mustafa, they must dethrone Suleyman. The men nod. Atmaca says this is the only path to take. The taller one says that they simply needed a spark, but that what Atmaca has said is a fire.
    Outside Zal is walking around when an agha arrives telling him, that despite orders not to go to the forests, some of the Janissaries have. Zal says that this means they are not listening to the Pasha's orders. He notices that some men have gathered together. Zal goes over and asks why they have gathered and where Beshir Agha is. One of them says he is inside and has something happened. Those inside hear the commotion and one of them peeks out. He sees Zal saying to tell Beshir agha he is going to enter. The man quickly tells them it is Zal and one of them says if he catches Atmaca he will take his head. Atmaca simply turns his back to hide (?). Anyway, Zal enters and the agha asks how he enters without permission. Zal comments about their "meeting" to which the agha responds that they aren't about to answer to him and asks why he has come. Zal says he heard that some aghas had gone into the forest and that they should all be careful because if they are caught  Rustem pasha won't look at anyone's tears. Beshir agha says if Zal has nothing else to say he should go back to his duties. Zal says he has said what he needed to, and that when the Hunkar arrives they should be careful of every step they take. Zal notices someone standing there, but he is careful and leaves.
    In Amasya, Mihrunissa is crying and Mustafa enters the room, and Nisa says that the only way she will feel okay is if he goes back on his decision to leave. Mustafa says that until today he has only listened to the voice in his heart and that God gave her to him and that is a huge thing. She says that what is her love. It is just a drop of water, because  the whole land loves him and can he not hear it? She says the mountains, stones and trees all tell him not to go...not to go...but only he does not hear it because he doesn't want to hear it. Mustafa says that it is not the time to talk of bad things because it is their last night together. She says not to speak like that, but he says that it is the last before he leaves (as in he will back again). She asks him to promise he will come back and not leave them...he promises.

    Suleyman is in his room with Lokman and asks if the preparations are complete and Lokman replies it is complete and they can leave tomorrow. Suleyman says that there is another task he will give him, but no one will hear of it, and if anyone intervenes or someone else hears of it, he will take his (Lokman's) head first. Then he says "come close" And we don't get to hear what it is...
    Mustafa wakes up because he can't sleep. And neither can his father...in the morning we see Suleyman leaving, his family standing to greet him, but he goes away without saying anythign to anyone.

    We see Mustafa with his family in Amasya, saying farewell. Mustafa kneels to say goodbye to his adorable son, who says "come back quick, father." He says goodbye to his daughter "NergisShah, my beautiful angel." Then to his wife "may your way be open, your sword sharp my prince" Mustafa" Ameen" Then he turns to his mother who says "My Mustafa. My son, take careful of yourself. In this world you are the most precious to me. If something happens to you I cannot live. (This scene with his mother is pretty sad especially how tightly she hugs him). Mustafa  says: "Your worry is misplaced mother, you will see." She kisses his hand. Nergishah: "You said you were going to our Hunkar, so why is everyone sad?" Nisa: "Our Shehzade is going to war...it could be long that is why." Mustafa: "Mehmet, my Sultanas are entrusted to you, you will take care of them well right?" Little Mehmet: 'Don't worry father, I will protect everyone." He looks at everyone, one after the other, and then he leaves. (his adorable son and those eyelashes!!!)

    (btw, guys his horse is not the same one as Suleyman's, I remember someone asking this, but they are different horses, you can tell by the the legs, the markings and the mane)
    We see Suleyman and his entourage on their way...we also see the executioners who are mute, but they get a ben moment to tell us what they might say.

    Here it is: "I curse everything I touch. Nobody drinks from the same cup as me. Even if they were to die from hunger, they would not touch the food on my plate. When I go out in the market, the tough guys spit on the ground. The children run away. The mothers are afraid. I am not even buried in the same soil as other servants. Our graves are separate. They don't even write our names on our dark tombstones. So that those names don't get cursed by people. I take lives like a hammer. I don't hesitate for a moment. I do not look at anyone's tears. I know that everyone has a job in life and this is mine.

    (ummm it asked me if I drink pesi, coke or something else, and then suddenly an add with Cansu (who played Firuze) came up and it had nothing to do with either.)

    I am the executioner. Our Hunkar gives the order, and I become an Azrael and take the life. To this date I have taken hundreds of heads. I have wrapped rope around many heads before. I saw pleading, crying eyes. Who they are, what they did, whether they are innocent or guilty, I do not know. But when the order comes, and I am about to take a life, I pray for one thing: Oh Allah, please let it not be an innocent."

    The executioners sign language to each other. One asks where they are going, the other says he does not know.

    Mihrimah is with Hurrem having coffee. Mihrimah asks her mother what punishment her father will give. Hurrem replies: "He will execute him" Mihrimah: "Execute?" Hurrem: "What did you think?" Mihrimah: "No. Impossible. Our Hunkar will change his sanjak, or exile him. But he won't order his killing. This is not what I wanted! It is true I don't want my brother Mustafa to get on the throne. But I don't want him to die." Hurrem: "You can't have both...it is impossible. You know this very well yourself. You knew this when you stole that seal. Everything has it's price..." Mih: "Are you certain that this decision will be made? He will be executed?" Hurrem: "It is just a feeling...but a powerful feeling. Only God knows what will happen. It could also happen that Shehzade Mustafa will know what is going to befall him and if he rebels, the wind will go in the opposite direction. The funeral procession of Selim, Cihangir and even our Hunkar will come out from that encampment. God forbid." 

    The Janissary aghas are together with Atmaca who says: "If our Hunkar orders our Shehzade's death, he will not do it in the encampment. He knows the Janissay won't let him. " Agha: 'They are not going to kill him inside the tent...so..." Atmaca: "It has never been done before, so no one would think of it as a possibility. But that is why it could actually be done. For this reason we are not going to allow our Shehzade into that tent." the agha says that it would be much easier if the Shehzade was at the head of the rebellion. Atmaca says that this would be impossible, that their hands are tied. So the agha asks what will they do then? Atmaca says that Mustafa will come, but before he enters the tent, they will start the rebellion. "With my signal everyone will take action. One of them says his and those under him will get into the tent and imprison Suleyman. The other one says that they should leave Rustem to him, because the time to take his head has come. The other one says that he will take care of Selim and the soldiers with him, because none of those soldiers will retaliate, and actually join the rebellion instead. Atmaca says he will protect Mustafa and that Yahya will come with soldiers to aid. Atmaca says "now let us go every step again."

    Rustem is with Zal: "The Janissary condition is troubling. Who knows what they are involved in, talking about in those tents." Zal: 'It is obvious they are planning something my Pasha." Rustem: 'We have to take every possibility into account. If the wind turns in their favour, the encampment will become hell for us, and in that case, we will have to leave along with our Hunkar from this hell, did you understant?" Zal: "Do not worry Pasha Hazretleri, we have made preparations for your and our Hunkar's safe passage from here."

    Beyazid is on the Sultan's terrace. "I am hearing things, Sokollu. Recently you are very close to our Hunker. Anyway he would not have made you the Pasha in command if that was not the case." Sok: "This is our Hunkar's grace, my Shehzade" Bey: "You have information about what our Hunkar will decide about our Shehzade right? You know..." Sok: "No, my shehzade...the thing I do know is that with this incident, you will be victorious. Just like our Shehzade Selim" Bey: 'Do not group me with Selim, Pasha. I don't seek assistance from those types of things." Sok: "I have not even the farthest doubt of your pure intentions. But there are realities...this is a game...something bad happens to one Shehzade, it benefits the other Shehzade." Bey: "Did you believe the lies about my brother Mustafa?" Sok: "It is not about this , my Shehzade, this is just a single drip that made the cup spill over. It is actually about the power behind the Shehzade. It is the fact that he is shadowing our Hunkar's power." Bey: "You are saying a father can see his own son as a competitor?" Sokollu: "He is not just a father. He is a ruler of the land. How sad that the Shehzades forget about this." Mihrimah arrives.
    Sokollu leaves. Mihrimah says that the Sultan has made a very good decision by appointing him as regent and that he is much more worthy of it than Selim. Beyazid says she is happy, but that he wanted to be in the encampment, his mind is there...with his brother." Mihrimah tells him not to tire his head with such things and not to think of anything but his duties. Beyazid says that Mustafa could never betray. Mihrimah says he has, maybe they have persuaded him to.

    Yahya tells Mustafa that they are close to Konya and that they can stay here for a while. Mustafa says there is no need and asks why there is no word from Atmaca yet. They look at the birds and Mustafa says: "If the rose garden heard that the autumn was coming, if the flying bird knew that it was going to be hunted...You used to say poems for me...what happened you don't write anymore." Yahya: 'I do but..recently I do not write such nice things...but my heart is covered..as you say." Mustafa: "You should say you withered away being beside me" Yahya: "never my Shehzade...if I have value, it is because I was beside you." Mustafa: "How did this poem start again?" Yahya: "If the eyes knew what pain was...if the sky felt the pain of being separate. If the King knew..." A messenger arrives to deliver an order of the Sultan. Mustafa opens it and when Yahya asks him what it says he responds that the Sultan has ordered to set up his tent "far away from the encampment and when he gives me the news, I am to come to his presence by myself, alone."

    We see Suleyman and his entourage on their way...

    Yahya speaks to Mustafa saying that since the Hunkar has asked him to come alone his decision is obvious, he has given his order...Mustafa says "Aren't you tired of playing the upper hand...you, Atmaca, everyone around me doubts our Hunkar, but I think of the other possibility, because he is my father, Taslicali." Yahya: "Shehzadem, our Hunkar said to you to think of all possibilities as a Shehzade. Do you remember?" Mus: "That day when I thought of the possibility, I ended up ashamed of myself. That is what I remember. My father won't kill me Taslicali. I will speak to him, he will believe me, he always has. Finally he is my father at the end of the day, I know how precious a child is to their father. This love is powerful enough to destroy many bad things."
    October 5, 1553 Konya, the camp.

    Selim is speaking to Rustem: "You are also involved in the issues surrounding my brother right Pasha?" Rustem: "I wouldn't dare my Shehzade, why would I interfere?" Selim: "Experience has shown that you have difficulties staying away from the issues surrounding the throne. The day you advised me to go to the Janissary barracks is still in my mind." Rustem: "How was I supposed to know it would turn into a disaster?" Selim: "Do you think you will really be able to fool me with these words of yours?" Rusty: "You believe whatever you wish to believe my Shehzade, those days are in the past, let us look at what is happening now, your life is not the one that is danger anymore." Gazanfer arrives and tells him that the Sultan is about to arrive.

    We see Suleyman and his men enter. He enters his tent. Imagine being sorrounded by people who think you should be gone by now 'cause your old?

    Suleyman enters his tent. Which is huge by the way, I think I could go camping if my tent was like that :p He sits on his throne.

    He recalls when Mustafa first took his "sword ceremony" but is Mustafa recalling it? Cause the scene cuts to him next on his horse.

    The men in the camp go about their way after the Sultan has entered his tent and Kara notices the black carriage behind him.

    Cihangir goes to his tent and Selim asked him why he came he will get sick again. Cihangir says he came to be of benefit "not to come like you to be disrespectful. The relationship between our Hunkar and Mustafa are not good...you must know." Selim nods. Cih: 'I am here to prevent our Hunkar from doing what is wrong." Selim: 'What do you think you can do...there is no possibility to stand between the two of them." Cih: "You are wrong...if I have to put my life between them I will."

    Rustem is speaking to the Sultan saying that the condition of the Janissaries has not changed since he last wrote to him and that they are intending to rebel. That the smallest spark is enough, and then he adds that Suleyman has come at the right time so they can't dare. Suleyman says :"what good are you? and then he changes his tone...and says" Is there news from our Shehzade Mustafa?" Rustem says he will arrive today or tomorrow. Suleyman says the he has ordered him to set up his tent far away.  "He won't come to the camp with his soldiers. When he comes I should be informed. I want to know what the condition of the aghas are...who is doing what...I wish to know."

    Meanwhile, we see Mustafa and his entourage as they rush forward. There is a flashback where the Sultan is scolding younger Mustafa who had run away and told him that he shall never do such a thing again and wherever he goes he will give word of it. Mustafa then says he is sorry and Suleyman smiles and tells him to get ready to return to the palace and that he should take the wings off cause he can't fly anywhere without him knowing.

    Zal informs Suleyman that as per his orders, Mustafa has camped with his soldiers far from the camp. He is awaiting his new orders.

    Atmaca greets Atmaca and asks if the Sultan has arrived in the encampment. Atamca says he has, just before his arrival. He says that people are saying that Suleyman is not stepping out of his tent. Mustafa asks if Selim has come and Atamca says yes, and including Cihangir too. Mustafa says oh really, Cihangir too? Then he says give me word if anything happens and goes away.
    Yahya approaches Atmaca and asks what the situation is. Atmaca says everything is going as planned. He says they are in touch with the janissary aghas and that they support him in his thinking that Mustafa should not be allowed to enter the Sultan's tent. Yahya asks about the agha (sorry guys I can't hear his name but the one who consults with Rustem) and Atmaca answers that people are saying he is Rustem's man...a wolf in sheeps clothing. Yahya prays that God help them.

    PART 3

    Meanwhile in the camp, Cihangir is walking to enter the Sultan's tent. Lokman greets him "Give our Hunkar the word that I have come." In the background, we see Kara who approaches a man "Have you learned anything?" he asks and the man responds "as per your orders, I am after it...when it got dark the Imperial guards brought somethings to eat. Somebody opened the carriage and they entered inside. And then he left with his hands empty."
    Suleyman is lost in thought and Cihangir enters. "Hunkarim" Suleyman: "We came on a very long way Cihangir...go to your tent and rest." Cihangir: "I can see your doubt in my brother Mustafa's loyalty, Hunkarim, because it is evident in the calamnity of the last days. I do not know how this happened, but I am certain there is an explanation. Give a chance, please. You will give my brother a chance right? You will listen to him right" Sully: "You stay away from this matter Cihangir." Cih: "Is it that hard? He is your son. No matter what mistake he has, but I am certain he is innocent. They say that you will kill him, you will order his death. I said that was impossible. I said my father won't do that. He won't kill his son, I said. Right Hunkarim? You won't kill him right?" Suleyman: "Would I ever kill him?" He says with a smile, that is so telling. Cihangir kisses his hand....but we know the truth of what is going to hapeen, we see in the glance between Suleyman and Lokman.
    Meanwhile, outside, Kara tells his informant to continue and if he sees anything to inform him. He sees the door to the executioner's box open and he walks forward, but a guard stands in his way: "What is going on? what are these executioners doing here?" Guard: "This is the order we got." Kara "The rules for executioners is obvious (i.e. they stay separate from everyone else), but what is the meaning behind this hiding of them?" Imperial guard: "We cannot tell you. You must leave now."
    Mihrunissa is with Mahi they are both just sitting speechless in worry. Mehmet comes and says "Valide Sultan, my father will come right?" Mahi: 'He will return...he will, he is our future...our pride, no one can do anything to him." Mihrunissa: "Maybe he won't return. Maybe he won't come here, he will go to the Capitol and we will go to be with him then."
    An arrow is thrown into Mustafa's camp. Yahya calls fo the protection of Mustafa. He calls for soldiers to go to the forest. Atmaca get shte arrow which has a letter. Kara has sent it.

    Mustafa: "My Shehzade, do not come. Do not go inside our Hunkar's tent. He will take your life." Atmaca: "You see Shehzadem, everyone is saying the same thing! Do not go!" Mustafa: "How do we know this is from someone who loves me and wants good for me? What if this is a game from Rustem? Or a trap? If their intention is to prevent me from going to the Hunkar's tent and making be betray?" Yhaya: 'And if it is not a trap, if a friend has actually sent this, then?" Mustafa: "Get out. Leave me alone." The two leave. Mustafa re-reads the note. And then recalls the Sultan's words in the recent past "This is the last time Mustafa, just one more mistake from you, I will give my order without even thinking!" Mustafa crumples the paper.
    Suleyman is feeling restless he goes and looks towards his camp. 
    We see Atmaca warming himself by the fire when mustafa exits his tent and goes towards him. He tells him to keep sitting. "If what you, and those who love me are saying is true, then this is my last night." Atmaca: "God forbid my Shehzade, you will live many more days with your wife and children and friends...but this night being a "last night" is true...nothing tomorrow will be the same as it has been till now."  Mustafa: "Atmaca, if something happens to me - listen - you have been with me for years, I trust you completely, your presence has given me strength, it is not easy this, it is not easy....especially while I am a shehade who has been thrown of his Hunkar's heaven. We cannot know what fate will show us, but if I leave this world...there is only one path...you will go to Beyazid and you will be loyal to him and you will stay with him until he gets on the throne...promise me. Atmaca?" Atmaca nods. They hug, and Mustafa goes back to his tent...
    We see Sermiz agha  and another one called Hikmet agha together (the one who is loyal to Rustem apparently is Sermiz I think) .  Sermiz: "I heave heard some words...according to which, you are in preparations for a rebellion against our Hunkar." Hikmet: "Never my agha, who would dare to do such a thing. It is a lie." Sermiz: "Do not deny it is useless...I know about who you have met with, when and how. If you don't want Rustem Pasha and our Hunkar to know then, speak.
    Hikmet: "The end has come for both of them...this matter will be concluded tomorrow. As a Janissary agha, you must also be on the side of Shehzade Mustafa. Join us. Be with us...otherwise you will be destroyed along with them."
    We see Cihangir who is on his horse enter Mustafa's camp. I don't know how he was allowed, but anyway. Mustafa meanwhile sees a little boat and recalls Ibrahim (because guys, this episode without Ibrahim, would just not feel right, right? :P) Ibrrahim: 'When the time comes you will get on that throne Mustafa. Otherwise, the throne and the Sultanate will be under Hurrem Sultan's orders, are you willing for this (to happen)?" 
    Yahya interrupts Mustafa's thoughts as he informs him that Cihangir has arrived. Cihangir enters and hugs his brother and they sit. Mus: "My lovely brother. I am very happy to hear that you came for the war." Cih: "I was actually not going to come, but the things about you had really scared me, I worried our Hunkar would punish you, and fall into wrong action. But I was wrong...Curse the devil who whispered in my ear! Our Hunkar does not want to believe those accusations. His intention is only to listen to you. (ahhh now it is clear why Cihangir will be so destroyed, not just because his brother will die, but because he came and told him basically that all was well!)  He will never kill you!" Mustafa smiles and says "But, are you just thinking this, or from him" Cihangir: "I just spoke to him. I swear he said it with his own mouth. He said would I ever kill him? So be rest assured brother...the love and respect between you, will destroy this game!" 

    They smile. Akhhhh Cihangir!!!!! Mustafa: You cooled my heart with water, my brother...I never believed my Hunkar (would kill me) but still, my mind had fallen (to such thoughts) but now everything (the doubts) have been destroyed." 
    Selim has been called by the Sultan "You called for me Hunkarim?" Sully: "Tomorrow I want you to take Cihangir out for hunting and wait for news from me to return." Selim: "You will not come Hunkarim? Or my brother Mustafa " Sully: "You may leave now." Selim: "As you order Hunkarim"

    Meanwhile, Cihangir says: "I came sneakily brother, they must know I am absent...I will see you tomorrow anyway. God Willing we will continue the war together." They hug. Mustafa tells Atmaca to accompany Cihangir to the forests. Then he says "Cihangir, this is for you." He hands him his ring. It is a small memory of me." Cihangir: "Where is this comign from now? Or did you not believe what I said?" Mustafa: "In this world, there are very few people who I can turn my back and trust them, you are at the head of them...whenever I turn away from people, when I lose hope, when I fall into darkness, you come in a moment, with your innocence and purity, you remind me that I have someone else in this world....Go now, safe journey." :'(
    Once Cihangir has gone, Yahya says: "Shehzadem, I never doubt our Shehzade's good intentions. But still be careful" Mustafa: "Even if the possibility of me being executed is as bright as the sun, and if my chances of living were as small as the light of a candle, I am still going to go."

    Yahya goes out to speak to Atmaca who says: "Our Hunkar might have full faith in our Hunkar, but I don't think like that." Yahya: 'Same. The arrow has left the bow already, there is no return."

    October 6, 1553
    The doors to the box of the executioners is opened and Zal signs to them to exit. Which they do. There is rope in one of their hands. They are rushed from behind into the Sultan's tent, while no one is looking. 
    Mustafa sits in his tent,at his lap desk. The talisman falls to the ground. He writes a letter. "Hunkarim, you will most likely not be able to read this letter on my chest, however, I am writing this in the rare chance that I can reach a favourable future. My wish and desire is this. If my wish does not come true and this letter does reach you it will mean you have killed me."

    Mahi is with Mihrunissa and says "It has been a long time since he has left...today or tomorrow Mustafa will go in the presence of our Hunkar, May Allah help us!" Mihrunissa: "I wish we could do something, here sitting and having to wait is worse than death." Mahi: 'Pray Mihrunissa. Of course our prayers will be answered. God Willing we will get good news. Atmaca will bring us news our Shehzade has gotten on the throne. All our grief will fly away. We will leave this palace with joy and happiness. Our destination will be the Capitol. We will smell the flowers of the Palace gardens. After we will be allowed into the Sultan's chamber and we will wait for our King, our Sultan." Mahi: "God Willing."
    Mahidevran has a flashback when she enters the palace with little Mustafa who says "Mother this palace is very large. Is this my palace?" Mahi: "Yes my son, this is your palace. Our palace." Mus: "I will get lost here, how will I find you?" Mahi: "I will be with you, don't be scared."
    We see Mustafa with the letter he has written tucked away in his pocket. He is dressed in white, and fixes his turban upon his head. He has his sword and cloak and then he exits his tent. His talisman has fallen to the ground. 
    We see the Sultan's tent...where there is a sheer curtain and the Sultan sits on his throne.
    Cihangir is in his room reading, when Selim arrives. Cih: 'What happened Selim, why have you come?" Selim: "I have come to get you Cihangir, we will go out hunting." Cih: "Why?" Selim:"Our Hunkar has ordered it and later he will join us. Come." 
    Atmaca is with Yahya: Very little (time) remains Taslicali. We shall give the signal and the action will take place. When the aghas take action to surround Rustem Pasha's and Sultan Suleyman's tents then we will surround them. " Yahya: "May God help you, Atmaca"

    They see their prince walking towards them. Mustafa: "You are going to be at the head of my soldiers right?" Yahya: 'Yes, I am here my Shehzadem" Mustafa: "I entrust you to God's safekeeping. Your friendship is worth the whole world to me, Taslicali." Yahya: "My Shehzade"
    Atmaca follows Mustafa as they both get on their horses. Yahya watches. One last glance from his prince as he rides off.

    Rustem is in his tent when Zal enters: "The preparations are complete, we will leave the encampment with our Hunkar." Rustem: "Semiz agha said he would take care of the Janissaries but it can't be known if he will stick to his promise. This will become a big test for him."

    Mustafa is riding with Atmaca and two guards, and he soon comes close to the camp. He goes forward.
    Two of the aghas are together in the camp, one says "soon our Shehzade will enter the camp." The other one asks where Hikmet agha has disappeared to. The one who first spoke says he does not know. Just then a Janissary comes and calls them by their names saying that Hikmet agha is waiting for them in his tent. They ask if something has happened, and the janissary says he does not know, he just said it was important. So the two follow the Janissary. 
    Mustafa comes across some Janissaries who salute him a man by the name of Hussain Cavush introduces himself and Mustafa asks what he wants and why he has stopped in front of him. Hussain: "Just like all your loyal, loving servants who have out their heads on your path, we wish you to stop. For God's sake, for the Prophet's sake. For the sake of our Pir, stop and do not go." They bow.

    Mustafa is in tears. He says: " To you, and those brave with you, and those who love and are loyal to me who lay their heads on my way, I send salaam (peace greetings). Do not forget that you are not here to stop me, but are here to walk beside me. " Hussain gets up and begs "Don't the end of this path is darkness. They will execute you." Mustafa: "Hussain Cavush, I order you, get out of my way." Hussain is in tears, but after he moves anyway and order his men to "open the path".
    Mustafa moves forward..
    Meanwhile, the two aghas have entered Hikmet's tent and ask: 'What is going on? Our Shehzade is about to enter the camp! Why are you here? Hikmet says: 'Aghas, forgive me" and they are killed. Zal enters and says "you have done right, Hikmet agha. You will be certainly rewarded for your loyalty."
    Meanwhile Selim and Cihangir are walking, but Cihangir is troubled "I am going to return to the camp." Selim: 'Cihangir, what is your intentino? To go against our Hunkar's orders and anger him?! They will come right?" Selim: "Don;'t worry...weren't you the one who said you spoke to our Hunkar who said he will not harm our brother?" Cihangir nods.
    Mustafa rides on. the Janissaries and soldiers are calling out his name.

    In his tent Rustem can hear the shouts. He knows this could mean the end of everything one way or the other.
    Mustafa continues riding.
    Suleyman waits in his tent, he can also hear the shouts.
    Yahya waits with his army ready just behind to attack at any time given the signal for rebellion.
    Mustafa dismounts, and nods to Atmaca (erm, wasn't Atmaca not supposed to let him enter the tent?) Mustafa starts walking) Atmaca walks away, presumably to give the signal? Everyone bows to the Shehzade. Kara watches on. 
    Atmaca looks for the aghas but no one is around. He sees Hikmet who lowers his head. Things have gone bad for him. He gets on his horse and rushes away.
    Taslicali is waiting with the soldiers and saying "come on Atmaca, come on where are you?!" But an archer shoots Atmaca  in the back.

    Selim is and CIhangir are quiet and obviously troubled. Cihangir says "there is nothing you are hiding from me right?" 6:20 Selim. Cihangir notices the birds and then turns: "You have lied to me right?! My brother and father won't come!" Selim: "Why should I lie to you? Our Hunkar ordered (us to come)" Cih: "You brought me here, because my father will kill my brother right?!"  Cihangir tries to go, Selim grabs him while Cihangir cries out "brother! leave me, brother! Leave me please..." Selim and Cihangir cry...
    Hurrem is in her room in front of the fire. She feels what is happening.
    Mahi is with little Mehmet and she gets up along with Mehmet who find a bird on the ground...Mehmet: 'Will the bird die?" Mahi hugs her grandchild. She has a bad feeling.

    Mustafa meanwhile reaches Zal who says he must disarm. Mustafa hands over his weapons and cloak.  
    There is a flashback where little Mustafa asks his mother how much longer to the Topkapi and Mustafa says there is just a little way left and that the wind will take them to the Palace of Istanbul. Little Mustafa says he has missed his father and Ibrahim and asks if Ibrahim is waiting for them there. Mahi answers that he is waiting, as is his father his grandmother Hafsa Sultan, his aunt Hatice Sultan, that everyone is waiting for them.
    Then Mustafa enters the Sultan's tent.  He goes through the entrance way and sees the curtain which he opens to find his father with his back turned. 
    Imperial guards stand in front of the tent to guard against the Janissaries who have their swords drawn. Kara watches on. Hussain has arrived and watches as well.
    Rustem peers from his tent at the scene before him.
    Mustafa goes closer to his father. He bows and says "Hunkarim" Suleyman turns around "You have betrayed me Mustafa, you have betrayed me" He goes to his throne and Mustafa doesn't say anything except Hunkarim, from behind the curtains. Then the executioners appear. Disbelief on Mustafa's face a he sees what he sees. but all he says is Hunkarim. The executioner receive a nod from Suleyman. Mustafa fights them, saying he did not betay him, Suleyman perks up as if he wants to listen but then he tells them to get him! Mustafa fights each one of them, but Suleyman shouts and they continue. He says "father" (guys this is too sad to watch! and worse to translate!) Suleyman comes forward and as Mustafa tries to run away, Zal grabs him so he drops and he executes him.
    (Guys I couldn't watch, I could only listen....I hate this! This is a thousand times worse than Ibrahim!!!) 
    Suleyman comes and tells the men to move away. He bends down picks up the body of his son and turns him round....he looks at him finally. he now lets himself hurt. His little son in his arms..."Mustafa?" He says. "Mustafa?" It is not the king anymore, just Suleyman, the father....crying out for his son....
    THE END.
    Note: ( I did my note at the bottom because if you don't want to read it you don't have to. I don't want to get hate mail afterwards about how I "dared" to say the following) This was a sad episode. Very sad. I think the saddest of the whole series. It hurt me to even hear it (I could only peek, and didn't watch certain parts). I actually have a headache now. It hurt my heart because I was watching a beloved character from a TV series die  in a horrible, awful way.  After I finished, I felt horrible. Like how can you have a good day after watching that?! Regardless of being normally a Hurrem fan, I didn't want the character of Mustafa to die! Especially not like that!! And it made me very sad....

    Anyway, I had not seen this part on Thursday, so I didn't feel the severity of it, but I was reading that the day after this episode came out, people in Turkey, those who were in Istanbul, (not just now, but it is common after Ibrahim's death in the series) after having watched it, were spitting and cursing on the man's grave (Suleyman's real grave). They were going JUST for that purpose. What a shame, that after watching something that is written word for word by a few people sitting in a chair, (no matter how emotional!) 500 years or so later, writing the dialogue and events as they FEEL and fancy to write, that people travel the distance to go and spit on a dead man's grave. It is the custom in Turkey, when you visit a grave, anybody's grave even if you don't know them, even if they have been dead for centuries, even if you pass a graveyard, you pray for the deceased. It is considered VERY horrible, awful, disrespectful and disgusting to spit on a grave or insult the dead. No one does it! No one should be cursing or spitting on the dead anyway, that's what I believe! I strongly believe in this, and I am sorry if I seem overly sensitive but this saddened me to the point where I wondered if this show should not have just ended a long time ago. If it is going to incite bad actions in people, cursing, spitting, and start a horrible disgusting trend, then that makes me very sad. I wish people weren't so gullible! Anyway, so I had to say this. Because as naive and idiotic as I  might sound right now, as idealistic and foolish as I might be at this moment, I just really think the last thing people needed was this. We all loved Mustafa (maybe a few people didn't or just liked him, not loved him) but most of us admired him or at least didn't want him to die. If I ever visit or pass by his grave, I will pray for his soul. For Mahi's soul, for whoever. I will show respect that is deserved to anyone who has passed away. I don't care which "side" I was or am on in this "soap opera" or in my amateur readings of history! This does not mean I have to suddenly go do horrible things! What does that make me?!

    Whatever you believe in, God, or a power, or nothing, there is something called "respect" towards the dead.  Spitting on a grave, who does that?! And because of a soap opera's episode that made you angry? Really? Ugh. Sorry for the rant, but I had to get that out there, I needed to get this off my chest.
    Anyway, cried enough already....I don't know but I think maybe the next episode might be just as sad, if not worse!

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    1. First let me thank you for your great translations. I know some Turkish but I wait for you translation to come out before I watch the episodes.
      Second you are absolutely right about the awful act of some people at Suleiman's tomb. I am a researcher in Medieval Iranian history and I come across many of such tragedies that had befallen the Shahzade Mustafa in this episode. I think everyone in this era of Ottoman history was a victim of a senseless system in which suspicion was rampant ,haram politics was dirty and on top of all there was no "peaceful" solution of inheriting the throne. So I think Suleiman as well as all of his household and wives were all victims of this brutal system and I wish people could understand this fact.Comparatively Suleiman was one of the best rulers in the 622 years of Ottoman Empire. This episode brilliantly depicted the struggle between Suleiman the father and Suleiman the Sultan and sadly at the end the latter had won.
      Once again many thanks for your accurate translations and insightful and funny comments
      and don't worry about some ignorant people as this shall pass too...

      1. You are very welcome Aria. I really enjoyed reading your comment, and thank you for your input. Your topic of study sounds interesting! I love history! Especially medieval! I agree with your point you make about all the household being victims. You are very kind and I once again thank you for your kind words :)

    2. The Austrian ambassador Busbecq is said to have remarked: "Suleiman has among his children a son called Mustafa, marvelously well educated and prudent and of an age to rule, since he is 24 or 25 years old; may God never allow a Barbary of such strength to come near us..."

      One wonders as the wheel of history turns how things might have been.

    3. Thank you Aria Mo for your comments. I agree with everything. The system and morals were very different those days and we can not judge them with our today's standards and system.
      I'm sure 500 years from now people will question our life and standards today.

    4. Thanks Dear For Your Translation ....I Don't Have Word To Say After Reading The Episode Translation But I Want To Know From Which History Book They Are Making This Opera..

    5. Our dearest friend crazyturkvids:
      We are thousands of people that follow your beautiful pages, sincere comments & wonderful translations.
      Please, don´t listen to just a few annoying comments: not all the people have good intentions & good energy; we know that... it´s a truth & we all face it every day.
      I will come back again soon to give an answer to some comments I´ve seen.
      By the way, I´m a University Professor /Researcher in Ottoman History & Anthropology-History of the Mediterranean region (14-20 centuries).
      PLEASE, my friend, I BEG YOU if you could also translate the serie FATIH, which refers to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han: WE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE WAITING FOR THIS.
      Yes, I know, not all of us put "likes" at Facebook pages etc, because many of us are older people and we don´t usually function this way... we are not used...
      But the "Sites Stats" can confirm our big number...
      (words are not enough to thank you...)

      1. >>>Excuse me, please, I haven't introduced myself...
        (the name for comment 17 February 2014 06:55)

      2. Yes please do translations for the "fatih" series.
        We would really appreciate it:)

      3. I am very curious to know... did the sultan ever understood that Mustafa was innocent (in real history I mean)?? I have seen somewhere that afterwards the conspiracy against Mustafa was revealed... is this true (excluding the rumors that Hurem and Rustem were responsible for the conspiracy)??

      4. Hello! I apologize for the late reply. I am just seeing this comment now :) You are very kind and I thank you for your words of support :) It makes me very happy to see how many people love my translations! One question - did you mean the Fatih series because they discontinued the Fatih series just after 3 or 4 episodes I believe. Or do you mean the movie? I think there are versions of the Fetih movie with English Subtitles.

    6. This was heart breaking. But its the truth. How can one not ache for what happened? I dont much agree with spitting on graves. . .but i cant help wondering if this is retribution for a life that was too autocratic. Ordering executions really without real proof and no quesrioning . How he ran an empire for forty years and left a drunk womanizing son as king is beyond me. I dont know how he was magnificient.

      1. don't be blinded! he no doubt was magnificent!
        he ruled for 48 years and did alot for the Empire. Now don't see from the perspective of a father, but a Sultan/Emperor.
        As a ruler I believe this was the right thing to do.
        It wasn't Mustafa, it was the rebellious uprising of the Jannisaries. Although I think Mahidevran deserved this. She planned Mehmet's death and Allah punished her for murdering an innocent.

    7. How can a magnificent king didn't questioning researching ..just suddenly giving an order...OMG

    8. I don't really know what happened in history but this series makes Suleiman seem like an idion, an evil idiot that is manipulated by his wife nd subjects.

    9. Boy did I cry when i saw this, thanks for the translations difficult work especially episodes like this :(

    10. If it had not been for your translations there would have been Know way for me to prepare for such a difficult ending...you gave me the opportunity to put it away overnight...we have come a mighty a mighty long way...innocent until proven guilty, plus a stronger love, bond, to our families...omg yes, a mighty long way...following through with this series will take some strength as you well know... Thank You So Much For Being There....glenda.