• Kosem Sultan Episode 1 Translation

    Please bear with me as I get used to the names also some names are autocorrected, like Safiye turns to safe. My apologies for the errors :)

    Twenty four years after Sultan Suleyman died, Ahmet is born. His father Mehmet comes to rule and Ahmet as a child enters the palace, and worries about his fate and that of his brothers - his brother promises him he'll never kill him. They grow up playing together. He says eventually his brother forgot and one day he set out to the Sultan his father and asked for an army - an army to go after the Celali revolters, meanwhile his mother had gone to the soothsayers and gotten some written charms and amulets made for her son to be able to get on the throne. Ahmet: "I did not know that this moment was the last time we would see each other." That night Ahmet describes how he felt the celats (executioners) presence, he says this night he realized the most painful pain, is the loss of a sibling. He narrates how for three months he spent in this hell of being sad for his brother. But one day, when he was invited to his grandmother Valide Safiye Sultan's room he did not think he would smile - but seeing among the gifts, he saw something in that moment which lit the darkness inside him with a great light. He calls it the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. He asked who she was, and he was told her name was Anastasia. He said time passed, and was she so pretty? He doesn't know - but he saw something else in her eyes - innocence, the remedy for his sadness etc. That night he has a dream of a tree growing from his chest (by the way, this was Osman Ghazi's dream). He felt that God gave him a sign that he would die and be part of the soil - but the reality turned out that God was pointing him to something else. Ahmet is summoned and we all know it is because will take the throne.

    We are then taken to Anastasia's home town where they show us her life and she is taken away (Safiye Sultan has arranged for this).

    Ahmet greets family. A pasha mumble that the Sultan was killed, and the Sheyhulislmam tells him not to cause trouble, A giray brother interjects saying that this is the time when discord comes out, that can he not see, a very young Padishah has come to the throne - not even having been circumcised yet.

    Safiye sultan hands him his jewelry, she talks about his ancestors and prays for them. His little brother is excited and wants to play with him, and everything tells him, you call him my Hunker, not brother anymore. Ahmet notices his step-mother is worried - flashback to his mother telling him about the rule that fit is permissible, if need be, to kill his brothers for (in the event that this becomes necessity) the stability of the empire, (by the way, the literally translation of the rule as she says it, is not must kill his brothers - but it is permissible IF it poses a threat to the stability of the empire and the safety of the people if potential for war over the throne is there)

    Safiye Sultan's narration about the era having changed, this being a gift from God to Ahmet - and more truthfully, a test for him. And she prays for him as we see Ahmet about to enter the assembly waiting for  him.

    He hesitates and the Dervish tells him: "You are, my hunker, the Sultan of the seven regions, Padishah of the three continents,  Sultan Ahmet Han. You are day, we are night, you are water, we are barren land, you are a lion, we are lambs. My Hunker, it is now time to be born/rise  like the sun, to crash like flowing water, and to (pounce - i couldn't hear this part properly) like a lion."

    The giray brothers meanwhile are mumbling and one of them asks if Ahmet has ordered his brother's execution, the respond is no, but that if he doesn't, everything will go bad within the month. Upstairs in the tower,  Halime is worried.

    Ahmet recalls his mothers words which are troubling him, so he stands up and announces to everyone that he has spared his brother's life.

    The Giray brother says (shahin?) : "Can you see what is happening, before us - the Giray of the line of Cengiz Khan ( as in in front of us) The other one : "Silence, do you want our heads to roll? Sharon: "Whose head will come, whose will roll, God knows."
    Upstairs, Safiye says: is this how you taught the rules ? She says forgive he is young, he is excited, he will certainly do what is necessary. Halime is asked to leave.

    Safiye then says to Handan that is not about the traditions, that is is basically good what Ahmet did, and Handan replies but no, the rules say that - ! And Safiye says we aren't going to learn the traditions from you - our Hunker is young, first he must have a beautiful cariye then when one of them gives birth to a son, then he will have to write the order for his brother.!"

    The public likes when they hear that he has spared his brothers life.

    meanwhile Anastasia is at a resting place and screams for help from the other diners, but they refuse until she says they are from the palace, and when she says this, then the men around get up and start attacking.(they are men from the Celali rebellion)

    In the forest, a young trainee of the Janissary corps helps her, and we find out the kidnapper is from the Palace, sent by safiye sultan. (he is her Chief of Household / Kethuda Agha).  He explains what happened, who attacked them.

    Anastasia asks the guy who helped her who he is, he says he is from Austria,  (his name is Andrew) he joined the forces by his own wish. The Kethuda agha almost slaps anastasia  saying that he lost some men because of her. he says they will go with the group to Edirne then off to Istanbul.

    Meanwhile, Ahmets mother tells him he must do 3 things: 1) give the order for execution 2) exile safiye sultan to Edirne 3) he will become a father

    Meanwhile, Halime sultan has gone to visit a pasha with the help of the head agha who kind of is a sumbul wannabe lol. She tells the pasha about her worries, the pasha says they have bought time, they will hide them somewhere, she says she will not hide. They either die, or get on the throne. He says what do you think? She tells him to go to the Celali rebellion leader and she has an offer for him.

    Ahmets mom tells him she wants the Dervish to stay next to him always. Giray brothers have brought a lion and Ahmet, yet a child runs off. Dervish tells the mom not to worry, he will protect him the way he has always protected them both.

    Troublemaker Shahin of the Giray brothers says : "you can control the lion, if you can look into the lions eye and show him who is his master. Do you know where lion gets its strength?" Ahmet: "his claws and teeth."Sharon: But if his opponent is as clawed and well armed with teeth as him? it is from fear...he gets his strength from fear he has in his opponent. If you look into the eyes of the lion and he sees himself in them, he will see himself helpless and in his own fear, he will give himself over to be mastered over."

    Divan time - Ahmet hears of the Celeli troubles, and also how the wars and troubles have caused a loss in the treasury. Ahmet expresses his worry over this to his grandmama who says that the pashas are exaggerating and that everything is fine, of course there are some troubles, but she promises she is always by his side, and that they will destroy any kind of bad. He says he has always thought he will be like Sultan Suleyman, and that it is just a dream. She says he will be an ever more magnificent ruler. He asks if she really believes that she says she really does.  She also says a present will arrive for him..

    Anastasia learns Andrews real name is Alexander, and that he is looking for his family, and that he will help her, he will find her in Istanbul and help her because the only way to go back to her family is if she has patience and wait because if she tries running away now there is no point. She keeps saying please remember, find me, and save me. Promise.

    She is taken to the palace meets Cennet kalfa, she asks where she has been brought, and the head agha who tells her this place is the Ottoman palace , it can be called many names and that when the time comes, she can be taken to Safiye sultan. The kalfa names her Hatice for now.

    there is a party meanwhile and Handan is announced as Valide Sultan which angers Safiye who says you will not pull the same trick again or it will mean war. She also explains the origin of her cat Elizabeth being a gift from Queen Elizabeth.

    Handan goes to her son and explains that a letter has come from Egypt that his father had been poisoned and there must be an assassin in the palace and that for sure they will come after him next but he is angry and says all you want is an excuse to kill my brother, and to kill my conscience.

    The pasha who  met with Halime Sultan meets with the Celali rebellion leader, and tells him that she has offered if they fight and help get her son on the throne, they will offer him and his  men beylerbey positions in all of Anadolu.

    Ahmet goes to see the lion and is frightened and disappointed that he cannot look into it's eyes without fear.

    Anastasia recalls her father telling her about the olive tree which is hers, and how she must be like this olive tree despite all the storms, it stood tall and strong and that she will be a princess (not literally, just you know how everyone calls their daughters that, but i guess he had no idea she really will be one)

    Ahmet asks the head doctor about the rumour of poisoning and asks about the medications, he shows him the medical journal entries and also the medicines and Ahmet says do not tell anyone else, but analyze the medications and find out if they have been tampered with.

    Anastasia is told to bathe and she is annoyed until she finds out she will be meeting safiye sultan she clearly has heard of sophia Sultan from Venice before, and she is happy maybe she will get some help.

    She runs towards safiye and begs, please help me go to my family, please, for the love of Mary (Virgin Mary). Safiye says I will name her Mahpeyker instead. Anastasia, please I don't want to be. She replies, names change, but a person's being doesn't change. Women are called different things, daughter, wife, mother, perhaps even Sultana, but the important thing is which name you choose to become your character. You have a bright future if you respect us, do what we say, do you understand? Anastasia asks if she does this, will they send her home. She says you have many things to learn, but first things first, you must never return home again.She orders for her to have a special room, and she will be given to the Hunkar.

    Handan finds out about Anastasia and says Safiye is trying to control my son through this woman, and orders her to be put in the harem collective rooms instead.

    Janissary agha is giving a speech, Alex drops his ribbon and picks up.

    Anastasia is being lied to by harem girls telling her the Sultan is a fat, old nasty man who eats the hearts of little girls every night. She believes it, poor girl. Safiye Sultan meanwhile finds out about Handan's going behind her back with Anastasia's rooms. She expresses disappointment to the Dadi or whatever saying I trusted you but you went where the winds turned.

    Halide meanwhile has gotten promise from the Celali leader that they will send 20 thousand men, will remove Sultan Ahmet, and put Sh. Mustafa on the throne.

    Anastasia finds a secret trap door after the kalfa sneaks off with someone  and goes in  and meets Ahmet, who she asks for help to get away. She tells him that the fat, old, ugly king is going to  eat her heart because that is what he does. He tells her not to look down it is not safe. He says go back they will throw you down there if they find out you are missing. He tells her his name is Bahti. And she says why will you help me, and he says because I too, wish to run from this palace. She asks questions who he is, his family, but he says time for you to return to the harem.

    He tells his grandmama about what happened, that he thanks her for his gift, he found out she found Anastasia from the picture. she says oh we were gonna prepare her and then send her to you. but you saw her first. She says whatever they do, they do for his happiness.

    Meanwhile Handan chooses the other girl for her son that night, but he tells her to get out and refuses her. Ahmet goes to the lion and the chain has been cut, so he is attacked, but Dervish shoots the lion. Ahmet mom tells him see, someone tried to kill you, I told you someone is after your life. The doctor says sorry, it is taking time to investigate the medicine matter. Handan says they have no time. When they are alone, Ahmet says you were right mother, it hurts a lot. I thought when Id get on the throne the thread of death would go away, but the nightmare has just begun. She comforts him,

    He meets his grandmother in the morning and says as you know I spared my brothers life, but I never asked you what you think, and your opinion maters to me. she says that whatever he decides is the right decision. He asks if I had ordered his death would you say the same. she says if I speak from my heart, well yes, of course I want him to live. He is a part of me. He asks if she thought the same about his brother? oh because I was around right? And if Mahmut goes its okay Ahmet is here, and now you must think if I go, its okay, Mustafa is around and informs her that someone tried to have him killed and she asks why no one told her. He explains and says that he is in front her now. She says then my dear grandson, listen to your grandmother's words: what finger hurts more if you cut it off? Know that all of them will hurt the same! I do not turn my back on any of my grandchildren, however, the throne is yours. The decision is yours. The storm is close, if you permit, I will return to my room.

    Anastasia befriends Sh. Mustafa and asks if he likes the chestnuts. Handan's servant has come to take him.

    Safiye meanwhile wonders who could have tried such thing against Ahmet. bulbul asks if Handan did it to make the sultan go against her. She replies, it could not have been Handan, but more Halime would do something like this, but if it is Handan, I will be the one throw her into the Bogaz.

    Giray brothers: Shahin is called away by the agha who says  that Dervish agha saved the Sultan and that he (shahin) is in suspicion too because he gave the lion as a gift, he says let them come I don't care, I swore I will get rid of Sultan Mehmet and he died, now they are all in my path, Ahmet and Mustafa and the Ottoman dynasty will dry up this way and the throne will come to the family of Cengiz, in other words us.

    Halime and her son and daughter run away at night.

    Ahmet awaits Safiye, scared she will die tonight because of the fat, ugly, old king who eats hearts. She is surprised when she sees who it really is after biting his finger.

    The End.

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    4. Its more of a summary then word 2 word translations I mean like u have done fabulous work for the magnificent century Suleiman translations dialogues of every character separately.. Please do that its a humble request .I would be very grateful to u.

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