• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 125 Translation

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    We see Cihangir when he was a baby with his father, looking at a book. Cihangir asks who the picture is of. Suleyman tells him: "The ancient Greeks called him atlas. He was one of the kids of Lapetus and Asia. According to the myth, because he attacked Olympus, Zeus punished him by making him carry the world on his shoulders."

    Cihangir says: "Is this why you called me Atlas? If so, what was my fault father? Why did I get punished?"

    Now Cihangir is on his bed while Suleyman looks over him and asks Lokman where the doctor is. "My Cihangir, my lion-son, my son." Cih: "It is very painful father...very painful..."

    Hurrem meanwhile asks if there is news from Mihrimah and Rustem and Fahriye says that they are safely in Uskudar (a municipality in Istanbul), and that no one will think that they are hidden there. Sumbul says this is good, especially while Beyazid is not in the capitol that it is impossible to know what is going to happen and that God forbid the disorderly rioters could have marched all the way to the Palace. Hurrem remarks that they are everyone's targets and "I will go through every test and difficulty - as long as nothing happens to my children.....I wish Cihangir was with me...why did he even go. Shehzade Mustafa's death certainly must have affected him."

    Suleyman meanwhile is yelling at the doctors and attendants asking where they were this whole time while the Shehzade was falling into such a state, and that long ago there should have been some intervention. Kara Ahmet Pasha replies to the Sultan that Cihangir is not in this condition because of his illness, but because he has stopped eating and drinking." Sully: "Isn't there an option (for curing him)?! Is this how little knowledge you have?" The doctor: "We will boil some herbs and prepare some medicinal pastes at once" Sully: "Hurry up! Our Shehzade should recover at once!" He then orders Lokman to have Cihangir's favourite foods prepared. The doctor tells one of his colleague  to get some herbs, but the man responds that Cihangir's illness is quite deep and that it has reached his heart and soul and what good will some herbs do? The doctor tells the colleague  to hurry up and do as he says.

    Sokollu is with Beyazid as he enters the palace finally, telling him how the people had surrounded Mihrimah's palace and that they wanted blood. Beyazid asks if they are alright, and Sokollu responds they are well and Beyazid asks about his mother. Sokollu tells him that upon hearing about the incident (the people rioting at Mihrimah's palace) that she had gone to them. Beyazid responds that he is not the only one who experiences grief about Mustafa's death and that the soldiers are also angry and that it looks like the waters will not cease easily.

    In Uskudar, Mihrimah puts a blanket over her daughter and Rustem pats her head (and I swear those pillows are from Ibrahim's palace aren't they???) He hugs his wife saying that God Willing everything will be fine soon.

    Hurrem enters the Sultan's chamber where Beyazid is (and he ignores her). She says "Didn't you get the news about what happened to myself and Mihrimah?" Bey: "Mehmet Pasha told me." Hurrem: "So it means you know, and you do not even wish me well about it. It does not even concern you that those traitors tried to take our lives!" Bey: "You know that is not the case! You and Mihrimah are a piece of my heart, but this rebellion is not happening for no reason. You, Rustem Pasha, maybe even Mihrimah....have raised the hand of those executioners...you gave the power to them...and now when the trouble happens try to look for the reason in yourselves!" Hurrem: "You are wrong, the actual people who are at fault, are the people who gave your brother the wrong advice. They should think." Bey: "Who should think? Mahi Sultan who is experiencing the pain of losing her child? Or the innocent child Mehmet? I saw mother...I saw them. It was like they were dead." Hurrem: "Beyazid I -" Bey: "Enough, mother. If I continue to speak, worse words will escape my mouth.I know, you won't remain silent either, and then we shall get into a state where we won't be able to look at each other's faces." Hurrem storms off.

    In the camp, Cihangir's favourite food has been brought. The doctor tries to feed him medicine saying take one more bite, but he pushes the spoon away. Suleyman enters and tells the doctor to get out. Suleyman tells him that first he will take the medicine, then the food, for this is necessary for his recovery. He says "come on my CIhangir, open your mouth." But Cihangir pushes his hand away. Suleyman: "I said you will drink it! My son, you must drink it or you won't get better. He forces him to drink it. Then he hugs him and tells him "my son, my dear, this will pass...you will get better" but Cihangir spits it out.

    Selim rushes after his father, telling him, that Hurrem has written a letter asking about Cihangir, that she knows that he might be affected by what happened in the camp, and so they must respond. His father stops, turns around and says that he should not let anyone worry, that Cihangir will recover and that he will be forced to (recover).

    Nurbanu is having a bath in her bathtub when Canfeda arrives saying there is finally news. She says Gazanfer has sent a letter. Nurbanu says that she has been having nightmares for many nights now, and asks if it is bad news. Canfeda reads the letter: "My precious Nurbanu Sultan,

    Nurbanu says "how loyal Gazanfer has been...since I came here he has been by my side and you as well. What would I do if you were not around?"

    Meanwhile, an agha tells Rustem that everything is being taken care of, the guards are taking their turns for the watch (guarding) and that not even a bird is flying around...(there is no commotion). Rustem says this is good and that he should call Sinan to come. The agha leaves. Mihrimah approaches Rustem and says that it is interesting that Rustem and his brother Sinan have become very close these days. Rustem responds that he has been very helpful these days and this is how it should be otherwise, it is no use to only carry the same blood as a sibling, but to also show love as well, because there are some siblings that when one turns around, the sibling stabs a dagger into his back. Mihrimah recalls her stealing the seal. She asks if he is talking about her, and that if she had known her brother would be killed, she would have never done what she did. Rustem responds that he wasn't talking about anyone, and that what happened, has passed and that Mustafa died, that that they are here in hiding and they should pray it stays like this. Then he says "Mihrimah, for power and the future, you are forced to sacrifice...there is no other path to choose." She nods and then is startled when her daughter accidentally drops something.

    Sinan is with Hurrem and tells her that in order to keep Rustem and Mihrimah hidden and so that no one would notice where they were hidden, they did not keep too many guards around Uskudar palace (so as not to attract attention). He adds that this is better for their safety (Mihrimah and Rustem's). Hurrem asks if he fully trusts those guards. Sinan replies that she should not worry, and that they are loyal soldiers to the Family, who have worked under him for a long time. Sokollu adds that the rioters are spread out anyway and do not have a leader and that he thinks that they will be dispersed without anyone having to intervene because of this. Hurrem says that she knew that something would happen, but she had not guessed it would have been like this, she says that she hopes and prays it goes as he said and that the matter does not get worse.

    We see Atmaca, and then see how he had fallen and woken up again.

    Fatma and Gulfem greet Beyazid, who asks how they are. Fatma: "How can we be okay?" Gulfem: "We are gong to have recitals of Quran and charity given to the poor..." Beyazid says that if they need help, he will be of help. Fatma: "My lion Shehzade, I do not know how the pain of the one that has passed away (Mustafa) will die down." Gulfem:"If Hurrem Sultan hadn't whispered to our Hunkar, then our Shehzade would still be alive and we wouldn't have to go through this pain." Fatma: "The only thing that has made us feel better...is what has come upon Rustem and Mihrimah! Everyone will get what they deserve." Bey: "Sultanim, be careful what you say. Mihrimah is my sister...I do not want anything to happen to her...and on top of this, she had nothing to do with what happened to my brother. She is innocent."

    Fatma says: 'Innocent? Do you believe what you have said? Do you think those who were silent and waiting in their place while our Shehzade was walking to his death are innocent? Is your mother innocent? Just the other day weren't you asking this of her? Weren't you taking her to account?" Bey: "That matter is between me and my mother Sultanim. Those were words I said in anger and in the heat of the moment. When I do not have any proof in my hands I cannot accuse my mother of anything." 

    Gulfem approaches Fatma: "Actually he knows everything...he is hurting...but he isn't going to throw fire at his mother." Fatma: 'While their enemy our Shehzade was alive, they were all calm, but now they will go against each other...and that is when all hell will break loose...and that is when the tears will fall."

    Atmaca is peeking on Sinan, who notices and asks if the others saw someone, but they say no, so the men keep riding. But it was Atmaca, and now he knows where Rustem is...

    Later, Sinan is telling Rustem that no one will find them here and Rustem asks how Hurrem is. Sinan says that she is worried and then adds that Beyazid has returned to the palace and Sokollu has informed him of the situation. Of course, here we notice the agha is listening. Rustem thanks Sinan for being with him in this situation and that it is good he found him, and that he is here and says that there is no one else he can trust. Sinan says for him also, and that after so many years he saw him and that Rustem has chosen to trust him...that he could have not. Rustem says he was right in trusting him and that every step of his (of Sinan's) has proven this to him.

    Atmaca is in the market when he meets with Hussain the Janissary who tells him they thought he was dead but that he is glad to see him. Atmaca says that he is worse than dead after knowing what happened (Mustafa's death). "We lost our Shehzade. I could not protect him." Hussain asks where he was this whole time, and Atmaca responds that he had gone to give word to Taslicali but that he was hit by an arrow and that he fell, he tried, but he fell unconscious and when he came to, someone found him and helped him. "When I said I was Shehzade's Mustafa's weapon bearer, tears fell from his eyes. He said 'they killed him...they killed Shehzade Mustafa'" Hussain "I took the life of the traitor who betrayed us, Hikmet agha. Rustem Pasha got away..." Atmaca: "I came for this reason...to take revenge for our Shehzade Mustafa. How did you come?" Hussain: 'I along with some companions, ran away from the camp. We got after Rustem without wasting time, we got to his palace, but then he got away." Atmaca: "He cannot run away anymore. Hussain Cavush." Hussain: "Or have you found out where he is hidden?" Atmaca nods.

    In the next scene, we see Cihangir writhing away in pain. We then see a flashback and Suleyman reassures baby Cihangir that everything will be okay. Suleyman prays for Cihangir's health as the doctors wrap him up and try to 'fix' the hunchback he is afflicted with. Ibrahim asks him if he is alright, and Mustafa suggests that they go out to get some air. Suleyman, now back in his tent, feels the same pain when he hears Cihangir's moaning. Back in Istanbul, Hurrem, asleep in her bed, wakes up and somehow feels Cihangir's pain. She gets out of bed and walks to her balcony. Back in Cihangir's tent, one doctor tells the other one that there is only one solution to this problem, and that is "Afyon (opium). We have tried everything else." The other doctor says "Not yet", when Suleyman enters the tent, worried for Cihangir. Suleyman: "What are you standing there for?? Do something!" Doctor: "Hunkarim, if you give permission, we would like to give our Shehzade Afyon syrup. The important thing is the amount that is given. If it is not too much, then there is no harm." Suleyman gives permission. They pour some for him and Cihangir drinks it. Another flashback shows Firuze describing how a hunchback indicates in her culture that he has visited the angels before being born, and has taken their wings onto his back. He imagines that he is smelling a bunch of roses when he suddenly sees a shadow outside of his tent. Cihangir: "Who is there??" The doctor then advises Suleyman that Cihangir has relaxed with the Afyon syrup and has fallen asleep. They offer Suleyman an herb syrup, and Suleyman denies it. Doctor: "The Hunkar and Shehzade Mustafa are afflicted with the same illness. They are both hurting with the pangs of their conscious. One, because he sacrificed our deceased Shehzade, and the other one, for not being able to stop it." Doctor #2: "Worry about your own work. And don't speak out of line ever again."

    In the next scene, we see Sumbul walking around, concealing his face. He approached Yakup and makes it clear that it is him. Sumbul: "Shhh... quiet down! I am dressing up in different costumes so that people don't notice me! You are going to give me away! Look at the situation they have brought our poor shop into... It is unfortunate." Yakup: "I will fix things up, if Allah wills." Sumbul: "Great! That's why I came here, to leave the shop in your hands." Yakup: "Wow, look at you, leaving all of the hard work to me!" Sumbul: "You ungrateful rude person! Hurrem Sultana asked me to come back to the palace. People won't let me live around here anyways... Everybody knows that I serve Hurrem Sultana." Yakup: "It's alright... The store is now left to me... I will add milk into the coffee as well. This turned out to be alright!" Sumbul: "Hey!!! Just because I left the store to you, I did not bequeath it in your name! I still own it! I'll come by often and pick up my money. You will get part of the profits. Keep your books in order! Otherwise I will hang you in public!" Yakup: "Don't worry... 50% of the profits will go to you..." Sumbul: "Great! ... Wait, what? Did you say fifty percent???" Yakup: "Did I? I said fifty percent of fifty percent. I am putting my life at risk here, you know! Of course you will be living the life in the palace, eating nice foods! I will be running around here and there..." Sumbul: "Ahh, you gross faced worm! Fine, let's have it your way! :)" They then embrace each other and forgive any errors they might have done to each other. We then see Hussain Cavush in the background, scoping them out.

    Atmaca is then seen telling someone that "Shehzade Mustafa was very courageous. He would more so swing his sword with his heart, instead of his wrist. He was our hope. They took that away from us." Hussain Cavush comes near and Atmaca introduces him to Hassan agha, who has been appointed the task of taking Rustem's life. Hassan: "I can't do that, Atmaca... I can't even enter the room without being searched. They have taken many precautions." Atmaca: "Don't worry... I won't leave that pleasure to anybody else... I will take his life personally. Your task will be different." 

    We see Sumbul speaking with Hurrem. Sumbul says that he is finally back and that May God give them a good ending. Hurrem says that she is glad he is here, and that his presence will give her strength and she adds that she wants loyal friends like him to  be around her in these difficult days. "You came and made me very happy" Sumbul says this is an honour for him, and that every time he was outside of the palace  she was always in his thoughts. "Sultanim, even when you smile, i can read the worry on your face. Forgive my insolence, but these are not the looks of the courageous Hurrem Sultan that i am used to." Hurrem: "You are right Sumbul, my biggest enemy has died and I still could not find peace. My sons will start to attack each other, and I am afraid that those who have blinded their eyesight with revenge will achieve their goals. I am afraid that the curse of Sh. Mustafa will come and find me. His death has taken many things away from me."

    PART 2

    We see a flashback of Cihangir, oh my, guys did I catch a glimpse of Hurrem???!!! She is the one in green is she not? Cihangir rushes off to Firuze and his father follows and he gets a hug and a kiss. "My lion Shehzade" Now we are in the present when Cihangir is asleep and his father touches him, he wakes up "my son" Cihangir reaches out for opium...Suleyman: "I spoke to the doctors, not yet (not yet time for more opium). You are angry with me, I know. You are upset. You are in deep mourning, but this mourning will end. When you forget everything, you will recover. You will continue your life where you have left it. But i won't get better. I won't recover. Because I do not have the right to mourn. Even if I want, I cannot do it. Can I mourn the one who I took his life with my own hands? Is this possible? I have to have two roles, my son...one a King who rules and another a father. And from the first day I have taken the throne, the King has been at war with the father. Because I came from blood and death. I lived through it personally myself. I saw it. I spent an entire lifetime in the battle field, my son. I did not know what it was like to love a child...I did not see fatherly love from my father. I only knew fear of my father, Sultan Selim and I promised myself that I wouldn't be like him. And you know very well...the thing I make a promise about...Satan goes after that very thing. My Cihangir...Since that day of Mustafa's death, the broken candles that burns in my heart will never go out. Not even a single one will go out. Until I give my last breath." Cihangir listens, but then he moves his father's hand away and drinks more opium syrup.

    Rustem meanwhile is with his wife and says "Thank God it is calm. Soon this will pass, and we can return to our palace, and God Willing after the war, our Hunkar will put me back in my position" Mih: "How can you be this certain? And if what you want doesn't happen? Kara Ahmet seems very tough." Rustem: "Governing the state is not like using a sword. In order to stay on your feet you have to avoid all kinds of lies and troubles. Is Kara Ahmet in possession of such characteristics? I do not think at all...but I am. Although, I must say, having you with me...I don't care about position and rank. Your love is above everything else...everything is for you..."

    Hurrem wakes up and Fahriye tells here there are many people with swords going towards Uskudar and says all she knows is that Rustem and Mihrimah are in danger. There is a knock interrupting the two love birds and Mihrimah is worried. The agha enters and says that they have found out where they are hiding.

    We see the people rushing forward towards Uskudar. Then we see Mihrimah and Rustem and their entourage preparing to leave Mihrimah prays for God to protect them. Rustem tells her to be calm. The people are marching and we see Atmaca and Hussain. Mihrimah's daughter is very scared as Mihrimah finds her in her room and they all go. We see Hassan let Hussain inside the Palace along with several men.

    Meanwhile, Rustem and his family have gone through caves and asks if it is safe to go and Rustem says it is the way out and Mihrimah says she isn't going to throw her life or her daughter's life in danger and that they want Rustem, so he should go and stop the people. Rustem says there is no way he can stop it, that they will kill him in a second, not listening to a single word and then afterwards they will come and kill Mihrimah and Humshah. Mihrimah still says no. Mihrimah tells the aghas to take Rustem, but they ignore her.

    The men have entered and look around for Rustem. Rustem meanwhile is underground with his family. Hussain asks an agha where Rustem is, but the agha says he doesn't know. Meanwhile, Rustem is trying to get the door to open and comfort his child at the same time. The door is not opening. Mihrimah tells him to hurry. Rustem tries to open it himself. Hussain is hearing the noise of the keys and Hassan tells him that this is the path to escape and it is obvious they are down there. They start going but the door is locked.

    Mihrimah tells Rustem to hurry because they will come. Rustem opens it and Mihrimah says "it is because of you and your brothers' ideas that we are stuck here." Rustem tells her to be silent. Hussain meanwhile tells his men to open the door.

    Mihrimah and Rustem hear the noise and Rustem says they must leave, and Mihrimah says that what if they are there, but Rustem says they are everywhere and that they must leave. They rush out, just as Hussain's men have broken the door.

    Meanwhile Rustem and his family are running away but are sorrounded. "Stand back Mihrimah" Mihrimah yells her husband's name, saying do something. Atmaca draws his arrow and shoots and hits one of the guards. One by one the guards are falling. Then there are horses with Beyazid who has come. Atmaca sees and Hussain puts his sword away and goes away. Beyazid: "Traitors! Who are you to draw your swords on a Sultana!" Atmaca raises his arrow to shoot Beyazid, but then he doesn't.

    We see a flashback of CIhangir catching Beyazid running away. Beyazid tells him "I am going to war too...while I am away, I entrust my mother and Mihrimah to you. Don;t say anything to anyone."
    We see Suleyman who is given some syrup made from the daisy flower which the doctor says will calm him. "The thing you gave me didn't help...my feet are hurting..." The doctor tells him that for days he has not slept and that he is tired and his gout is flaring up again. Suleyman asks about Cihangir and the doctor says he is the same that while he drinks the opium he is fine, but then when the affects are gone, he feels the pain worse. Suleyman tells the doctor not to leave him alone because he is precious to him.

    Selim is with Kara. He says: "It is as if our Hunkar dragged the army here to have my brother executed. Not for Tahmasp or the Persians. That big hatred flew away (for Tahmasp)." Kara: "Our Shehzade Cihangir's condition has really affected our Hunkar, of course in this situation he will not be concerned with war." Selim: 'How is Cihangir, pasha?" Kara: 'The doctors have given him opium to ease the pain." Kara: "Shehzadem, send your brother from the camp...while he is here he cannot recover. And our Hunkar is being tormented by seeing him in this condition. Sh. Cihangir should return to the Capitol." Selim: "How do I say this to our Hunkar, he does not let anyone, including me near him" Kara: "I said it, but he has not answered. Approach him in a outspoken manner (ask in a tough way)" Selim: "No, I can't do it...those who survive are those who know when to stay on the sidelines when necessary. I advise you the same...because if being tough and courageous was enough, my brother Mustafa would have been alive right now."

    Cihangir is in his dream world again while he is affected by the opium. He imagines a figure enter his tent, a woman, who smiles at him and he asks who are you? She silences him with her finger. She smiles at him and he asks if the Sultan has sent her "if your intention is to make me eat food don't even try." She caresses his face and hands him a book. He opens it and he says "oh so you love poetry too" then he smiles and goes back to lying down with the book across his chest. Cihangir: "When did these starry skies start to turn...when will this beautiful dome be destroyed?" The dream girl lies down next to him and closes his eyes.

    Beyazid meanwhile has brought Mihrimah and her family to Topkapi and Hurrem is happy and asks if they are well. Mihrimah says "How can I be well mother? Because of Rustem we almost lost our lives. Thank God my brother came on time and saved us from the hell!" Rustem: "You were also one of the people fanning the fire Mihrimah!"

    Mih: "What do you mean?" Rustem: "You know very well what I mean" Hurrem: "What are you two doing? Is this the time to be fighting? In front of me! Seems as if the incidents have affected your tempers!" Hurrem: "My lion, my prince, what you have done, you have given me the world." She hugs him, and he says "I didn't do it for you..I went for my sister." Rustem approaches her: "It will pass Sultanim...his anger will pass as long as you don't give up on him. His coming to save us is praiseworthy."

    Beyazid is with Rustem: "For a while, you will stay in the marble palace Rustem Pasha. We will be more careful this time. And Mihrimah Sultan and my daughter Humashah?" Bey: "Mihrimah wants to stay here...and in truth, this is what I want too. They will stay in my mother's room with her. This will pass...and when it passes you can return to your palace." Sokollu arrives saying that the people have surrounded the palace.

    The people outside have rocks in their hands. Hussain says to Atmaca: 'They will not leave the palace again. We should have finished him last night -" Atmaca: "They should thank Beyazid for that." Hussain: "What does it have to do with him?" At: 'I couldn't put his life in danger" Hussain: 'Why not? Is he not the seed of Hurrem Sultan. We would have been rid of him at the same time" At remembers Mustafa saying that if he is gone, then Atmaca should help Beyazid to the throne and be loyal to him. At: "Sh. Beyazid was loyal to our Sh. Mustafa. They loved and helped each other. There is to be no harm to come to him, do you understand me?!" Hussain: 'If this fire grows then it can't be known who will burn...there are threats of rebellion from all four corners. This just the start."

    Lala is with Beyazid: "There is a great crowd and the Imperial guards must intervene at once." Sok: 'What will you do, Shehzadem..what is your order?" Bey: "That which is required. Sokollu. I will stop them!" Lala turns to Rustem when Beyazid is gone. "Pasha Hazretleri, as you must know, our Shehzde's eyes have gotten dark, we must keep him away from danger." Rusty: "You have been with him for years now Lala, you also have something to do with his condition today." 

    Hurrem is with her daughter in the hall. Hurrem: ""I want you (all) to go down into the cellar/vault. You will stay there until the danger passes."" Mihrimah: "Aren't you coming?" Hurrem: "I must see Beyazid. It is not apparent what he will do...it is necessary to speak to him. Fahriye do not leave Mihrimah Sultan alone." Then she nods to Sumbul who follows her.

    As Hurrem approaches she asks for Beyazid but Lala tells her he is "playing with fire." Sokollu tells Beyazid that he should reconsider, because every step he takes further out of the palace, he is getting that much closer to danger and that talking to the people will not change anything and in fact they will take strength from it. "They will think that they have defeated you and they will trouble you further." Beyazid: "You don't intervene Mehmet Pasha. If you are afraid, return to the palace."
    Fatma, is watching from the tower and Hurrem arrives. Fatma: "Do you hear the voices Hurrem? They want you and Rustem." There is a flashback where  Selim teases Beyazid that his clothes suit him very well. Beyazid attacks him. Cihangir says: "Selim, will it hurt a lot (the circumcision)?" Selim: "Oh and how!' Sumbul: "Don't worry my Shehzade, I will be with you personally" Selim looks at his brother who is ill with worry.

    Cihangir wakes up. "Selim?" Selim: "What has happened to you like this." Cih: "I know this look. For years you have always looked at me like this with pity." Selim: "You are being unfair, Cihangir. I always loved you. But you did not love me...you did not love me the way you saved our brother, mercy on his soul who passed, or like the way you loved Beyazid." Cih: "If you feel that way then I have been unfair. But I did love you brother! I did love you." Selim cries. Cih: "I said to myself everyone has a fault...someone has it inside, someone on their backs...I did love you brother." Selim: "For the sake of Allah, forget these things and just eat your food Cihangir...then later if you want to hate me, or not look at my face then do so, but get better." Cih: "Brother, take me to the Capitol. Please. Do not let me die here." Selim: 'God protect you, what kind of words are those Cihangir?" Cih: "Brother, brother, I just want this one thing from you, take me to Istanbul. Please."

    Meanwhile, the doors open and Beyazid shows himself. Beyazid faces the people: "I, the son of Sultan Suleyman Han, the regent of the dominions, Shehzade Beyazid. May Allah have mercy on our Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri's soul...it is sad that he was executed. No one here could be as sad as I am about this. You lost your prince, but I lost a piece of my soul! "

    Fatma to Hurrem: 'Instead of sending Beyazid, you should have sent your dog Rustem. Is that how precious he is to you?" Hurrem: "I did not send anyone." Mihrimah arrives.
    Meanwhile, Beyazid walks forward and the people make way. He says: "But what can we do, this was the decision of Sultan Suleyman Han. Not you, nor I can come against the orders of our mighty Hunkar. We cannot dispute his decisions. As his subjects, you are forced to do this." Someone shouts for him to give them Rustem and they start up again. Beyazid raises his hands: "Our Hunkar gave Rustem a punishment, and he has been removed from his position, only he is still the son in law of the Dynasty... For this reason I will not hand him over to you. I will not hand him over! Shehzade Mustafa did not want anyone  to be hurt, and not for any child to be turned into an orphan. If you did not disperse, blood will spill and no one will stay safe. I understand your pain. Your pain is my pain too, but the way you are going, is not the right way. I don't want those who love Shehzade Mustafa to get hurt." The crowd disperses slowly. Hussain praises Beyazid and Atmaca says that Mustafa did not love him for no reason. Hussain asks what will happen with Rustem Pasha and Atmaca says that if he doesn't come to them, they will go to him.

    Mihrimah comments calling her brother brave and Sumbul says he is the world has not seen such a brave warrior before. Mihrimah remarks to her mother how even though he is not a king, he has such an effect and how he quieted everyone. Fatma says that when she looks at Beyazid she sees his father (Suleyman) and Mustafa. Fatma asks if this scares Hurrem and does it not put a deep grief inside her.
    Lokman arrives and tells Suleyman that Selim has come. Suleyman allows him to enter the tent. Selim says: " Hunkarim" Suleyman: "If it is not important, return to your tent Selim" Selim: 'Cihangir Hunkarim,  know you want to be alone, but Cihangir is not well. While he is here it will be difficult for him to recover. Being around you, seeing you, does not do him well." Suleyman: "Are you saying I am the one who put him in this condition?" Selim: 'No Hunkarim...but when he looks at your face he recalls bad memories." Sully: 'Cihangir will stay here with me. He is going to get used to the decisions that I make and the outcome of those decisions. And you too. You may leave."
    Cihangir is in his daydream, and he smiles at the dream girl who wipes his sweat. The doctors arrive and they notice he has finished the bottle of opium. They call out to him and he says "doctor, I wish to see our Hunkar. My brother is here right?" He remembers his father sitting next to him after his circumcision ceremony, saying "they told me you were not afraid at all." Mustafa: "A lion shehzade is not afraid of anything." Cih: "Mustafa, if you are by my side I won't be scared." 

    Cihangir lumbers his ways into the Sultan's tent and is welcomed by the Sultan. Suleyman: "Are you alright?" Cihangir: "I am fine... I am feeling much better, with less pain... Can we go to the bazaar in Aleppo, since we are already nearby? There is a very famous master tradesman calligrapher; I would like to see him. Perhaps I can convince him to come with us! We can get the names of other masters as well, and they can come with us too!" Selim: "Cihangir...?" Kara: "Our Shezade has started to feel better... ^_^" Cihangir: "Selim! We were just talking about calligraphers and miniaturists. Wouldn't that be nice, Hunkarim? ^_^" Suleyman: "That's a great idea... why not? :)" Cihangir: "Hunkarim, shall we take a stroll? You promised us that you would go on a hunt with us... :("

    We then see Sumbul speaking with Hurrem: "Fatma Sultana has opened up her coffers. Since it is the fifty-second day since Shehzade Mustafa's death, she has fed the poor and needy. Our Shehzade Beyazid has also sent money to help in good projects in the name of Mustafa's soul." Hurrem: "May Allah accept their deeds... What else can I say? Clearly the departed are not going to come back from where they went." Fahriye: "It would still be good for you to be seen in the harem Sultanim. They haven't felt your shadow on them for quite some time..." Hurrem: "I don't want to do anything. I feel quite depressed; I cannot explain how much."

    In the forest, Cihangir admits that he escapes the palace sometimes and secretly crosses the straits and visits Halic district. Cih: "Don't tell my mother though... She will get upset. I look at the Topkapi palace, the Ayasofya and Uskudar from a neighbourhood there. I watch the palace from afar. It is much better than being inside the palace..." Suleyman: "Cihangir, are you alright?" Cihangir: "Muhyiddin ibn 'Arabi Hazretleri says 'Oh man, your body is the people, and your mind is the people.' We are made up of our thoughts, Hunkarim. This body is not mine anyway, this hunchback is not mine." Selim/Kara Ahmet: "Hunkarim if we return it would be good. The drugs that he has used are effecting him." Suleyman: "They are right, let's head back." Cihangir: "We can't go now Hunkarim... Shehzade Mustafa will arrive soon, and if he doesn't see us here he will be devastated. He is never late." Suleyman: "Cihangir, he won't be here. He is not coming. He definitely will not come." Cihangir: "He promised me. He will keep his word!" Suleyman: "Cihangir! He won't be coming! He won't be coming!!!... My son, Cihangir???" 

    In the palace, a woman is reciting the Al-Fatihah chapter of the Qur'an for the benefit of Mustafa's soul. Fatma and Gulfem are offered brown helva as per the Ottoman tradition. Fatma: "It has been fifty-two days since he died, Melek. It is easy to say..." Gulfem: "I can't even think about how Mahidevran Sultan feels... May Allah help her." Hurrem and Mihrimah then enter the harem. Gulfem: "How dare you come here? Let us endure our pain in peace."  Mihrimah: "We have come to share your pain..." Fatma: "Everybody knows what people's intentions are, the whole population knows. Those who caused the death of Shehzade Mustafa will go through pain. Not just in the afterlife; but in this life! Death will be paid back with death!" Hurrem breaks the beautiful cup in her hand and says: "ENOUGH! Your curses don't have any effect on me! I am Hurrem Sultan! The strong will stay alive and win! This is the law of the land! Shehzade Mustafa was weak, and he died. I am alive!" She adamantly throws the remaining pieces of the cup at their royal feet. Fatma is seen with a very sour face!

    In the next scene, Suleyman says: "Cihangir is a gift to me from Allah; he is a sign. Your perfect mind and heart are at war with your imperfect body... Cihangir is my heart, Selim. That's why I wanted him to be here in front of my eyes. Take him back to the Capitol Selim. I don't want to lose my palace or my son in front of my eyes." Selim: "Do not worry, Hunkarim. I will be beside him..."

    PART 3

    Hurrem storms into her room telling everyone to get out. Fahriye says she will call a doctor, but Hurrem says she does not need it and that she should tie it up and that Fahriye was right all along, while she had remained silent, everyone has gotten ahead of themselves. There is a knock on the door and Sumbul arrives with a letter in his hand and he says that it has come from the camp from Selim and it is urgent. Hurrem opens it and reads it and shouts out Cihangir's name.
    Meanwhile, Cihangir is in excrutiating pain. The dream girl brings him more opium to drink (in his imagination), which he drinks and he says that she is Leyla and Shirin, and the characters from the books he has read and he is well aquainted with her. He asks if she has come to take him and she smiles. The doctors are mumbling in a corner. The head doctor tells his colleague that the Hunkar is not well, and if he permits he knows a solution for him and to speak to him, but the head doctor barks that this is not his duty and to just do his work.

    Cihangir yells out for the doctor to give him more syrup but the doctor says he has had much more than he was supposed to, but Cihangir says "I order you!"
    Hurrem is rushing towards the Sultan's chamber to speak to Beyazid. Mihrimah is telling her mother "don't do it mother, please" Sumbul says "it is very dangerous Sultanim" but Hurrem is resolute, and as Beyazid exits the room and sees her, Mihrimah says "going out like this means to go out to death" Hurrem: "I came to see you Beyazid...Selim wrote that he is ill and the doctors have said they have not found any cure for his pain, I must go to my child, I must see him" Mihrimah: "No Beyazid, you know the situation" Bey: "We will go mother, we will go together to my brother."
    Cihangir's flashback of his sword ceremony where he forgets the words and his father helps him out. Then we see Selim with his brother and then Suleyman enters the tent. "Why are you standing, do something!" Doctor: 'Hunkarim, we have no hope left for our Shehzade....it is too late now." Sully: 'What are you saying?! How can there be no hope? What do you mean it is too late? I want my shehzade on his feet! He will recover! You will do it!" He throws the doctor and Kara advises the Sultan to stop. Cihangir asks "where is she?" Sully asks who his son is talking about and Cihangir says: "The one who brings me flowers...the pretty girl where is she father?" Suleyman asks what he is talking about and Kara says that Cihangir is talking about his hallucinations of a girl who enters his tent and that this is the side effects of the opium.
    Suleyman calls out to his son and the doctor comments "Who are those who the angels would take their soul in a relaxing and happy state. They will be visible to the evil people as dreadful creatures, but those who are good see them in a beautiful form. This is what Allah has said."

    Suleyman tells them all to get out.
    Beyazid is on his way with his mother. Hurrem cries and Sumbul tells her not to lose herself, if she does the world will collapse.
    Meanwhile Cihangir is really, really hurting and Suleyman says he is here when he calls out for his father. He hands him the ring saying that "this ring was my brother Mustafa's...he gave it to me...you keep it." Then he says "father, save me father. Free me father. Free me, father. Please father!" And Suleyman cannot see his son in pain and wants to give him a spoon but Cihangir grabs the bottle. Poor, poor Cihangir (I could not stop crying during this scene. This was the saddest of the entire series I think). He drifts into his daydream again he sees the girl bring him the roses again, and hands him a rose, he takes one and smells it :( and this breaks Suleyman's heart....Cihangir: 'Can you smell the roses father?" And we see that Cihangir has died. He goes off with his dream girl, leaving his father behind. In the distance, he can his brother's voice..
    Suleyman shakes his son and he is not breathing. Oh my, this was horrible to watch! Selim enters and the two men start weeping for their beloved Cihangir.
    Sinan is visited by Atmaca who enters and when Sinan asks who are you? Atmaca says "finally we were able to meet, they call me Atmaca, you must have heard my name from Rustem" Sinan "oh so you are Atmaca, get this man! I am giving you orders! I am your Captain, get this man, take his head." Man: "Our captain is only Turgut Reis, you cannot be our captain." Sinan grabs a dagger, but Atmaca pulls him down and when Sinan asks what he wants, Atmaca says you will bring your brother here, and I will let you leave. Sinan says no you will kill us both then and Atmaca says no, you will not die so quickly, you will go through a lot of pain. And chops off the man's hand!
    Rustem is with Mihrimah and asks how she did not prevent Hurrem from leaving, on top of that with the Regent. Mihrimah says she did all she could, but he knows her mother that when it is about her child, she does not see anything else. There is a knock and they bring a box "sent from Sinan" and Rustem says "let us see what my brother has sent" They are horrified by what they see and there is a note where Atmaca writes that "your brother is with me...if you don't want him to have his head taken off, then come where I tell you to come." Hussain meanwhile is with Atmaca and says: 'I do not think that snake Rustem will come." At: "Then we will have to take his soul from his life" and looks at Sinan.

    Rustem is preparing to go, but Mihrimah stops him saying: "Don't you see it is a trap, how can you go?" Rustem: 'I am not going to let my brother be killed!" Mihrimah: "You are not going anywhere! You know very well that it is too late for Sinan Pasha. You will not be able to save him no matter what, maybe he has even been killed long before....did you forget what you said to me? For power you must be willing to make sacrifices?"
    Suleyman is imagining looking at his son Mustafa as a boy. He just stares at him...until he is interrupted by the doctors. The younger doctor says: "One of the disciples of Isa (Jesus) said to him 'Master, my father has died. Can I go stay at his funeral?' Jesus replied"Leave him...let the dead stay dead..you stay with me. Hunkarim, give me permission, I take you for healing - to Him, He Who has created life and death" (to turn to God for healing). Suleyman sees his little son is gone...
    Meanwhile Rustem is staring out the window when the doors open and Sinan enters. Rustem asks hwo they let him go and Sinan says "do not call me brother, I am not your brother."
    Hurrem meanwhile says to Sumbul: "When will this rain end..." Sumbul: 'Soon God Willing...it can't keep raining like this right?"
    Beyazid comes across Selim and wonders...everyone wonders, Hurrem wonders why they have stopped and Sumbul says "there are people coming"

    Suleyman is beign led somewhere by the doctor.
    Beyazid knows from Selim's face and and the coffin that his brother has died.

    Suleyman's monologue: "I was in congregation, I died, I became a plant...I died from the stage of plant, I became one with the animal. I died from the state of animality (being an animal) and I became man, why should I fear dying in this state? In one more move, I would be among the level of angels with wings...I will also die from that stage and move into a stage where I will have a high degree of ability.

    The door to Hurrem's carriage opens and she sees Beyazid looking at her, and she wonders...but then she sees Selim and when she looks out she catches sight of the coffin. "Cihangir!" "Open!"
    Meanwhile, we see Suleyman praying in solititude. "Man is asleep...and when he dies he awakens. I must die...I am sleeping, I am dead. Oh my Allah! Is there an end to this pain and suffering. Will it ever decrease, or will it continue till the end of my life like it was the first day experiencing it?"
    Hurrem: "Open! Leave! Don't touch him!" Then she opens his face and sees her son...touches his parched lips and says "No! and yells out for her son and then falls to the ground. Then she collapses to the ground and her sons hover over her.

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