• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 121 Translation

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    Hurrem is on the terrace, worrying about her husband and her son Selim who has gone to the Janissaries and is in danger. She goes inside and sees that her husband is still in the same condition, with Lokman standing watch over him as he sleeps. She calls Lokman over and asks him if there is any news from her son Selim, and he responds that there is not.  Hurrem goes over to Suleyman only to find that he has he is on fire with fever and she yells out for Lokman to call for a doctor.

    Meanwhile, Sokollu is trying to protect Selim. Sokollu: "Stand back! The Regeant of the Dominions Shehzade Selim Hazretleri is in front of you!!" Ferhat agha draws his sword and his men follow him.

    Nurbanu meanwhile is worried and when Canfeda arrives in her room, Nurbanu asks if there is any news and Canfeda says there is not. Nurbanu: "If something happens to him? If I don't see him again?! What do do then?! What will my child do?" Canfeda:"Our Shehzade is courageous, he will certainly leave from there (alive) and come." Nurbanu: 'Sometimes bravery is foolishness. Our Shehzade threw himself in the fire by going there."

    Selim, understandably is angry (uh oh, I made my first comment, is it getting annoying yet :p ? okay, sorry, the sarcasm stops now promise!)
    Selim: "A Shehzade stands in front of you. I am Sultan Suleyman Han's son! If you touch me, it will not go unpunished!" And then Mustafa is announced. Selim turns in surprise. The Janissaries sheath their swords.

    Hurrem is praying for God's help. Lokman arrives. Hurrem: 'Doctor, his fever is very high. Doctor: 'Aghas, prepare the bath at once! We will immerse him in water!" Hurrem: 'Hurry, get the ice! Hurry! Cool him down!" Beyazid and Cihangir have also come and Hurrem hugs her son for comfort.

    Meanwhile, Mustafa asks Ferhat: "What is going on Ferhat agha?! How can you dare to treat a Shehzade this way?!" Ferhat: "Forgive me Shehzadem, my soldiers had no choice but to do this! Our Shehzade came to our barracks, took out his sword, and he insulted us." (ha! who is insulting who!) Selim: "I came here as the Regent brother, I came to say that the rumours about our Hunkar are not true. But they saw this as an opportunity and threatened my life!" Ferhat: "A thousand times forbid! -" Mustafa cuts him off: "There is no explanation for it Ferhat agha! Who can dare to raise a sword against a Shehzade?!" Mustafa shows him his hand. Then, he continues: "I saw our Hunkar myself! Thank God he is still breathing! Your only job to keep the peace and protect the Dynastic family. Those doing anything besides this, I shall personally take their heads!" Ferhat raises his eyes, and then quickly lowers them again. Mustafa: "Let you all know it as such!" Selim and Ferhat exchange one last glance of hatred and then Selim and his entourage follow Mustafa out.

    A man is speaking with Rustem while Zal is there. Man: "Shehzade Mustafa had specifically taken precautions. He set out on his way in disguise." Rustem: 'What does this mean? You wrote that the arrow hit the heart" Man: "That is what they said to me. But they have played a game with us. The one who was hit was one of his weapon bearers." Zal: "Who was that? It could not have been Atmaca, because when they came he was with them, I saw." Man: "Yavuz, he was the one who wore the Shehzade's clothing." Rustem: 'They must have convinced Shehzade Mustafa to come out  to take the throne." Rustem: 'Take care of the archer, I don't want witnesses." The man leaves. Rustem says to Zal: "The waters have heated up Zal. The graves have been dug. Either we will be going in, or Shehzade Mustafa will."

    We see a beautiful bath and Suleyman is being placed inside a tub of cold ice filled water. More ice is brought. We see Hurrem, Beyazid and Cihangir watching from outside full of worry as the doors shut in their faces. The men pour bucket after bucket of ice and then place the ice all over his body. (well now, Lokman has a fancy ring too guys, did you see it? He takes such good care of his master, he deserves it).

    Suleyman's monolgue: "Everyone has an Azrael...who is your Azrael, Suleyman? Who is your death?"

    Suleyman is dreaming in his unconscious state: he is in a strange place, wearing a plain white robe. There is a man in armour with his back turned...there is no mistaking who he is. Suleyman: "Who will come to take my soul? Who will snatch you away from the power and might that you are master over? What are you scared from most Suleyman? From who? The ambition and pride that surrounds your soul, which burns and destroys everything that it comes across? Are you afraid from a man, who in the end tried to take his own son's life?" (he fears arrogance (this is a known trait of Suleymans from his own poems,) and fears being "like" his father.)

    Lokman holds the Sultan's head above the water and we are taken back into Suleyman's dream. Suleyman: "Whoever, whatever man is most afraid of...that is his Azrael Suleyman." Suleyman sees his father standing before him in the armour and wonders well, wait a minute this is not right..."baba?" Dream Selin draws his sword and slashes...Dream Suleyman cannot breathe. Real Suleyman wakes up and comes out of the water...gasps for air. Lokman: 'Hunkarim!" The doctor calls for the aghas to cover him and Lokman praises God.

    Meanwhile people are outside lining the way as Mustafa and Selim approach. A man says: "Shehzade Mustafa, our future Sultan. May God keep your way open, your sword sharp. When you get on the throne, do not forget us your subjects. Selim does not appreciate what he heard.
    The doctor checks Suleyman's fever, as Sully lays in bed, then he walks over to Hurrem and her children: "Finally we have lowered the fever." Mihrimah: "Doctor, when will this fever that has burnt our Hunkar end?" Doctor: "We will wait a while longer. In one or two days if it doesn't run up again." Beyazid: 'Okay, but you said this illness on his feet you said would get better as time passes?" Doctor: "When the fever has lowered then, with time he will be back to his old health, God Willing." Hurrem: "God Willing...do not leave our Hunkar alone." Hurrem exits. Cihangir and Mihrimah remain. Cihangir: 'In these times everyone lives in fear/has fears right?" Mihrimah: "What does that mean? Who is scared of what?"
    Cihangir: "Shehzade Mustafa's greatest fear is that our Hunkar does not trust him. Shehzade Selim is afraid that my brother Mustafa or Beyazid will get on the throne, because it is the throne of life. Shehzade Beyazid is afraid of staying in the game. Our mother is afraid of losing our Hunkar and her children. And your biggest fear Mihrimah? Is the thing that made you take Rustem back in your palace - being alone right? The thing you fear the most is being alone." Mihrimah: "And you Cihangir? Are you not afraid of anything then?" Cihangir: "I have a little bit of all the fears in me. Some nights it suffocates me. But if you ask which one is the most painful, I fear people Mihrimah. The ones who don't have hearts, consciences, and a sense of justice." Mihrimah: "I wish we could all be fearless and powerful like our Hunkar."
    Meanwhile, Hurrem is outside with Beyazid: "If something happens to Selim, I will burn the world down on their heads!" Lokman:"Do not worry Sultanim...if something bad had happened we would have heard of it." Bey: "Why didn't you tell me mother, why don't I know about it? And also, what does Selim have to do with the barracks?!" Hurrem: "I found out later, my lion, Rustem sent him....speaking of...where is Rustem? Whenever we need him the most he is not around!" Beyazid: "I will go get Selim." Hurrem: 'No! There is no leaving the palace. And anyway, Shehzade Mustafa went. No one but him can stop the Janissaries." Bey: "Mustafa?" Hurrem nods. Fahriye: "Sultanim, Shehzade Selim..." Hurrem: 'is he alright?!" Fahriye: 'Thank God he is..he has entered the palace with Shehzade Mustafa." Hurrem: "Oh my Lord Allah, thank You!" Beyazid: "I will take care of them, you rest mother."
    Mustafa is meanwhile talking to Selim as they enter the gardens. "They are not the only one at fault. Your actions are unacceptable. What does it mean to draw swords in the Janissary barracks?" Selim: "I was left exposed today (to injury) because of you brother, if the Janissaries don't get their courage from you they would not have dared! They would not have threatened me!" Mustafa: "Enough already Selim. Be rid of this (habit) of blaming others. Look for the mistake in yourself. Instead of trying to maintain the peace, you went to stoke the fire. If I hadn't been there on time, you would have been killed! And you are still talking!" Beyazid: "What does this mean, brother?" Mustafa: "Selim will tell you everything in detail. You tell me about our Hunkar, how is he? The fever had gone up for a bit, but now he is much better." Mustafa storms away angry.
    Beyazid turns towards his brother in real concern: 'Is what I heard true Selim? The Janissaries tried to kill you?!" Selim nods. Bey: "How dare they!" (isn't it nice to see them for once at least on okay terms with each other :)) Selim: "How? Well they know how close my brother Mustafa is to the throne. This is where they get their strength from. They think they will be left unpunished for this... If Mustafa gets on the throne, withFerhat agha at their head, they will all be rewarded. They will receive their prize: my brother Mustafa will throw me in their way." And be certain he will do the same with you my brother."
    Sumbul counts his coins when Yakup arrives. Sumbul says sarcastically about Yakup: "Oh thankfully our Shehzade has come" Yakup: "Don't ask, my agha...all hell has broken loose in the streets! Shehzade Selim went to the Janissary barracks to take them to account for the rumours. Did they take to it nicely? No! and haha, the Shehzade was shaking with fear! hahaha!" Sumbul: 'Silence! Speak properly! Does it befall you to dare to say such words about our Shehzade Selim Hazretleri?!" Yakup: 'Why are you yelling at me my agha?! The Janissaries said it like this and I heard it from them." Sumbul: "Wisss!.....what else did they say? Shehzade Mustafa came to the rescue! When the Janissaries saw him they recoiled in silence. He held his brother's hand and took him back to the palace.  A shehzade should be like this, brave and daring, my agha....I am hearing that he will take the throne in a few days time..."
    Nurbanu is worrying, when Selim enters the room. Nurbanu: "I prayed so much to my Lord that, Allah answered my prayers and sent you to me." Selim: "Nobody else prays for me except you anyway Nurbanu..." Nurbanu: 'Won't you tell me what happened?" They take a seat.  Selim: "Today I saw my future Nurbanu. I saw what will happen if our Hunkar does not get up from his bed. All our fates would lie in between my brother Mustafa's lips." Nurbanu: 'No one besides Allah knows what will happen tomorrow. Do not give yourself up..do not willingly do this...be patient until the end. Whoever is patient, the world is theirs. "

    The doors open and Mihrimah rushes in to see her brother.
     Hurrem and Mustafa watch over Suleyman. Hurrem says: "After you saw him his fever was very high. But thank God now he is fine. They said it will pass in a few days." Mustafa: "God Willing." Hurrem: "My Shehzade Selim has returned safe and sound to the Palace...despite everything that has happened between us, you doing this is commendable. I will never forget the good that you did." Mustafa: "How strange life is right, Sultanim? While coming here if I had fallen into the trap that was set for my life, then I would not have been here to save your son." Hurrem: 'What trap?" Mustafa: "I don't expect you to admit, be calm" Hurrem: "Believe or do not, Allah is my witness I did not set any trap for you. I called you here, because this was our Hunkar's wish. In these hard times he needs you too." Mustafa: "If that is what you say." Hurrem: 'It is. No matter what, this had nothing to do with me. You did the most correct thing by saving Selim" Mustafa: 'I do not need thanks because I did not do it for you. Selim is my brother."

    Hurrem: "I know...fate had me say this it means: all of this...I mean the things that happened between us. I did not want any of it, Mustafa. Not once did I have a choice. This is the game fate played. Even if we want we cannot come on one side. You are on one side, I am on the other and unfortunately, safety for one of us, means calamity for the other. How sad right? We would not find only on one condition, Mustafa. I wish you were my son...we would not be against each other in this bloody war." She leaves, but she has left an impression on him...I think he knows she was being very honest. (Everyone has a side, and it doesn't matter which side you are on, what matters is that there are two sides because we do not know the hearts, or intentions of these people. We never can. Especially not through a soap opera! So that is why I always say don't hate, because a) we can't ever know what really happened, especially not from a soap opera! and b) even if we just take the events by this show, then we never would know what we would do if we were in their shoes, Mustafa's or Hurrems, or any of them... even if we say we know, we could never know because we are not in their shoes...we are not faced with such high stakes as death, and the death of your loved ones, the snatching away of a throne...the loss of a great deal of power...the fate of an empire on your every decision etc. etc.)

    Mihrimah is with Selim. Mihrimah: "What did it mean you going at a time like this there?" Selim: 'Rustem Pasha...he wanted this from me. Maybe he wanted to throw me into the fire. You would have been happy wouldn't you? Hm? It is obvious how much you love and support Beyazid. There is no account of how much money you sent to him." Mihrimah looks over at Nurbanu and then takes her brother's hand: "Do not worry yourself about such meaningless and ugly thoughts. Whatever Beyazid is to me, you are too. I love you both the same. When did I not give you whatever you wanted? But that doesn't mean I will be silent about the mistakes you make. Now just tell me what happened when you went to the Janissary barracks." Selim: 'If you want to hear then listen Mihrimah. I came back from almost certain death. Hundreds of Janissaries (haha sorry the company couldn't afford hundreds, just ten!) walked on me...I told myself there is no way out, it is finished. When they were walking on me (towards me to kill me) you know what I saw in their eyes? My brother Mustafa. Maybe we are struggling pointlessly Mihrimah. My brother Mustafa has even become the Sultan in everyone's eyes."
    Hurrem has called on Rustem for a good scolding. Hurrem: Finally you were able to come to the Palace." Rustem: 'Sultanim" Hurrem: 'You have crossed your limits Rustem Pasha. And very much so." Rustem: 'I don't know what -" Hurrem: "You know very well what I am talking about! You sent Shehzade Selim for your own gains" Rustem: 'While you were busy worrying about our Hunkar and busy with that, I did make decisions on my own it is true, but I was forced. And you wanted me to take precautions." Hurrem: 'This thing you called precaution was to send my son to his death?!" Rustem: 'Since your choice for heir to the throne is Selim, I wanted to prove it to you, I thought he would show courage."

    Hurrem: "Pasha! Is it left to you to measure my Shehzade's courage?! And if this wasn't enough you set up a trap for Mustafa!" Rustem: 'It was a perfect attack...but the arrow hit one of his weapon bearers. We did not know that." Hurrem: 'So you thought of everything...you would sacrifice Shehzade Mustafa to an assassination...and Shehzade Selim to the Janissaries...like this Shehzade Beyazid would remain without competition, is that right? With what insolence do you dare to work behind my back!? Rustem: 'We are all in the same boat Sultanim and we are quickly being drawn to the rocks. It was up to someone to take the rudder (command)  in his hand."

     Hurrem: 'Pasha! Open your ears and listen carefully because I will not say it for the second time! Until I am breathing, that rudder is in my hand! And those who think otherwise will find themselves at the bottom of the Bosphorous!' Rustem: 'Unfortunately, the ship's rudder is in Shehzade Mustafa's hand. He will get on the throne as easy as pulling hair from butter. And afterwards he will order our fate (death)." Hurrem: 'Our Hunkar is out of danger now. He will get up soon. These nightmarish days will end."
     At night, Fahriye tells Hurrem that Sumbul has come. Sumbul enters and greets her. Hurrem asks what news he has brought from the market and streets. Sumbul says that there is no need for him to say things that will bother her because she already has a thousand things to deal with already, and should she also be expected to deal with this other stuff too? Hurrem nods for him to continue with whatever he wanted to say. Sumbul says that everyone has been talking about Shehzade Mustafa's coming to the Capitol. He says all they speak of is him and that also they talk badly (making fun) about Shehzade Selim and the incident in the Janissary Barracks. Sumbul curses them wishing that they fall down for saying such things.
    Mihrimah is in her palace when Rustem arrives. "Rustem! They say our Hunkar is rapidly recovering!" Rustem doesn't look as enthused: 'They keep saying the same thing, Mihrimah! Accept it already. There is also the possibility that our Hunkar will not get back out of that bed." He walks away and then notices her head is down. So he feels bad and goes back. Rustem: 'Mihrimah, I am sad...but we don't live in a fairytale world that everyone thinks we live in. See the truth. Everyone is dirty. Nobody is innocent. Soon there will be bloodshed." He shows her a vial. Mihrimah: "What is that?" Rustem: "Zal Mahmud says this is a very powerful, effective poison. It kills in a swift moment. I hide this for myself. To drink it when the executioners come to my door. Hurrem Sultan has one too. For herself and for our Shehzades." Mihrimah: 'Rustem!" Rustem: "Do not worry...I have not given up yet! Till the end, with my sword in my hand I will protect our Shehzade Beyazid. But there is a way to end this." Mihrimah: "What is that? Tell me." Rustem: 'On the one hand is Shehzade Mustafa's life, on the other hand are the lives of your mother and your brothers." He hands the vial to her and kisses her hand.
    Hurrem has gone to see Selim, who thinks it is Nurbanu and says that he does not wish to speak to anyone, and Hurrem says: 'Not even me?" Selim: "Mother?" Hurrem: "Do you remember my words to you?" There is a flashback and we see when Hurrem told him she would support him. Selim nods. Hurrem: "This is a test Selim, for all of a us. Stand firm. In this time, no one would have dared to go to the Janissary barracks. But you went. You proved to everyone that you can rule this state that will one day be yours." Selim: "Didn't they tell you everyone mother? Everyone is making fun of me. They are laughing behind my back, saying I am a coward."

     Hurrem: 'They said things about me too. They said I am a witch and I even heard they said I have eyes in the back of my head. If I had listened to all these words, then today I would not be a Sultana of the world. For years I tried to change the minds of those who lied about me. I made charitable foundations, soup kitchens etc. I helped anyone who needed help. Finally I won. Now they love me and pray for me - specifically the women and children. Because they saw I am not a witch. They know my only worry, is as a mother, to protect my children. By going to the barracks, you won a big thing my lion, be certain this will change things...at least you." They hug and then she turns back: "And on top of this, never forget, only the foolish are not afraid."
    Hurrem leaves and comes across Nurbanu and she says: 'I am indebted to you Sultanim, I am certain your words will have affect on him." Hurrem: "God Willing Nurbanu...do not leave my son alone." Nurbanu: 'I have my eyes on him. Sultanim, in these difficult days if you need anything, I am here, your wish is my command."  
    Mahidevran arrives in the palace. Gulfem greets her old friend, Mahidevran asks how the Sultan is and if he is well. Gulfem says if she wants, they can go to the Sultan's room where Fatma and Mustafa are waiting for her. Mahidevran looks up and sees Hurrem they greet each other with a nod.
    Hurrem: "They have come one y one. Like vultures they have come gathering around our Hunkar waiting." Fahriye: 'Be rest assured Sultanim, we shall not leave our Hunkar alone for even a moment."

    Mahidevran enters the Sultan's room and ignores Mihrimah entirely. Fatma:"You see our condition...the dark days do not end...God Willing they will end and the sun will come out - Mihrimah how are you?" Mihrimah: 'Who is that sun Sultanim? My brother Mustafa? because I know you have not even an atoms weight of concern for our Hunkar." Mus: "Mihrimah! You are crossing your limits!" Mihrimah: 'I understand Mahidevran Sultan...she has been waiting for this moment for years. But you Shehzadem? Fatma Sultanim? What is happening to you? In front of you stands the Hunkar, ruler of the seven seas! You share blood with him! Instead of praying what are you doing instead, what are you taking account of?!" Mustafa: 'What account are you talking about?! What kind of dirty accusation is this?!"

    Mihrimah: 'Is it a lie? Is this not what you want? Don't you wish for this?! Everyone is saying your name, without shame, they call you future Sultan, they want you to get on the throne and you are silent because you are happy for this." Fatma: "Enough Mihrimah. Stop talking like your mother! You see yourself as ruler of this palace? If you are talking about accounts, go look at your mother, at your loving husband. Do you know they tried to trap him?" Mihrimah: "I am sure that is the case." Fatma: 'When none of you were around, I was with our Hunkar. We grew up with him. My love and loyalty to him is endlessn and Mustafa is the same, we are not forced to prove that to anyone. Believe whatever you want!" Mihrimah: 'I only believe one thing - that our Hunkar will get on his feet again, and will ask about all of this!"

    Mihrimah goes, bows to her husband and no one else and leaves. Mustafa tries to stop her, and Fatma tells him to let her go saying: 'There is a time to tell a Sultana how to behave for certain"
    Rustem is with Sokollu saying: "You should have prevented the event that happened at the Janissary barracks. Did you think I sent you there for no reason?" Sok: 'I did whatever was in my power. But I told you, it was a mistake for us to go there." Rustem: 'For a while now you have been questioning my decisions." Sokollu: "I wouldn't dare my Pasha." Rustem: " I am aware of your working towards trying to win over Shehzade Selim and Hurrem Sultan. But don't forget, in this palace after our Hunkar, I am here...so do not get that out of your head."
    Mahidevran looks at the Sultan. Don't worry guys, other people are in the room too so she can't do anything. She looks at him and says: "You won many wars, you conquered many lands and quashed many enemies. So it means fate has let me see you powerless and hopeless like this. For a Russian witch, you threw me and your son Mustafa in a corner. And look you are taking the answer for it. I wanted to be sad for you and cry for you. But after what you let me and my son through, even if I wanted I wouldn't do it." She holds his hand. "I just want one thing fro you, die in peace. Because that is the best thing for everyone. Even for you." Lokman hears it all! She leaves. (did you guys notice the Sultan's blanket keeps changing?)

    And of course she comes across Hurrem. Hurrem: 'You have worn black. You wish for a funeral. But your dreams will fall into the water Mahidevran. Because our Hunkar will stand on his feet soon. He will open his eyes. And he will return more powerful than before." Mahi: "I have waited for years. I will wait a bit longer. Sooner or later he will die. Our Hunkar being in this condition is your fault too, he is bearing your sins too and now he is paying for it." Hurrem:'The real sinners are not yet in the fire...They will burn ' Mahi: "One breath, Hurrem..you are one breath away from your end. Look around you. No one but Rustem is left beside you. They have left you. Beyazid is on Mustafa's side. Cihangir is the same. Because they saw the truth. They are on the right side."
    Mustafa is with Beyzid. Mustafa: "Allah Knows, I wish from my heart for our Hunkar to recover. Despite this, Mihrimah's words are troubling me. What did I do to deserve these words?" Beyazid: "You are not at fault my brother, our Hunkar's condition has affected her...everyone's tempers are flaring..." Mustafa: "You are right...she has obviously fallen to her mother's influence...uh, forgive me my brother, I spoke without thinking. This is not what was going through my mind. " Bey: "Everyone knows my mother's power but Mihrimah will understand her mistake and come to you." Mus: 'That is what I wish."
    Rustem is in the Divan muddling over papers when Zal arrives and Rustem asks if there is any change in the Sultan's condition. Zal says there is no word, but that the Bosnian Sanjak Bey Sinan has arrived and wants to see him. Rustem wonders why at this time of night he has come and where he got permission, but he says he has important matters to speak to him about. Rustem says that while he is busy with all these problems he has no time for Bosnian troubles... and to send him away. Zal goes out and tells Sinan that he should come later because he is busy, and Sinan asks if he told Rustem it was important. When Zal nods, Sinan says he will wait then.
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is in her palace when Mustafa arrives. They sit and Mustafa says that he is very sad about what happened between them. He says he realizes she is going through hard days, but it is like that for all of them, and that it is not the time to fight each other, but the opposite: they must be united, and be together. Mihrimah smiles and then asks if this is possible. "While the Janissaries love you this way, and this love makes them put a sword against my brothers, is this possible? For years I have pretended like this matter doesn't mean anything, but those days are over. You have a dream and you are very close to it." Mus: "The matter is a matter of the throne...yes and like every Shehzade it is my dream. I was born for this Mihrimah. The reason I exist is for this. I have been raised for years for this. To get on the throne I have a right to." Mihrimah gets up and looks at the vial with poison in it.
    Sinan has waited until Rustem exits. Sinan: "Pasha Hazretleri, if you permit, I must speak to you." Zal: 'The Bosnian Sanjak Bey Sinan." Rus: 'Why did he wait...send him to go." Sinan: 'Grand Vizier Hazretleri...Boris!" Rustem turns around. Sinan: 'It is me, Boris..." Rustem: "What did you just say?" Sinan: "Boris...years ago this was the name given to you in Butomir, by the pig farmer who was your father, is it not true?" Rustem: "What is your purpose Efendi? Everybody knows this already." Sinan: "I am Croatian too and I was born in the same house as you." Rustem turns away. Sinan: 'It is I Boris, your bother Andro."
    PART 2


    Mihrimah is with Mustafa. She says: "Everything is apparent right? The futures of me, my mother and Rustem . And what about my brothers? What will happen to them?" Mustafa: "It is too early to speak about them. There is no meaning to it." Mihrimah: "There is! The matter at hand is about the lives of my siblings!" Mustafa: "They are my siblings too. If I am destined for the throne, Cihangir will be by my side, and Beyazid will be the Sanjak Bey of Saruhan (Manisa)." Mihrimah: "You say it is too early but you have even thought of everything. You have counted out who will be where and do what." Mustafa: 'This is not a new things, Mihrimah. I ave spoken to both of them before." Mihrimah: "And what will happen to Selim? Will you touch him?" Mustafa: "I will allow him to live far away from the Capitol in some Sanjak. Of course if he does not stand in front of me with sword in his hand" Mihrimah: "You could have tricked my brothers with your promises, but we both know this is impossible, even if you wanted to you could not do it." Mustafa: 'Be careful of your words Mihrimah. I did not fool anyone. God be my Witness I will carry through with my promises." Mihrimah: "I wish I could believe you. But let us accept that your safety means our calamity." Mustafa: "These words are your mothers.  Your eyes belong to her...no matter what I say, it won't have any benefit. The truth is out in the open. You are Hurrem Sultan's daughter."
    Mihrimah lokos at the box and the vial of poison and throws it.

    Hurrem goes to the Sultan's bed to find that he is not in it, she rushes to the balcony where he is "Thank you God!" Suleyman: "How long have I been in this condition, Hurrem?" Hurrem: "Since you returned from the war it has been three months. For the last week like a nightmare you have been burning in fever. What happened when I wasn't awake is there anything I need to know?" Hurrem: 'Now is not the time Suleyman, rest, you must regain your strength - Lokman agha! Call the doctor." Lokman's smile...
    Rustem is thinking, when Mihrimah speaks: "My brother Mustafa was here, Rustem. He said one by one what he will do from now on. He said he won't harm my brothers. Do you think this is possible? Could he hold the promise he gave? Rustem?" Rustem snaps out of it. Mihrimah: 'What happened to you, you don't hear me?" (did you guys notice the drastic change in her manner and voice towards him? She sounds so soft...and loving! Rustem: "I am very tired I want to sleep." Then, there is knock. Zal: 'Forgive me, but word has come from the palace. Felicitations! Our Hunkar has woken. They said he is fine." Mihrimah hugs her husband "Did you hear Rustem? My father has recovered!" Rustem hugs her back and then eyes sneaky Zal who was more than just peeking, and so he looks away quickly.
    Suleyman is on his bed in the morning with his family surrounding him. Hurrem: "We were worried for days for you...all we did was pray. But thank God our Lord answered our prayer and saved you for us, we, your subjects." 
    Suleyman: "I knew Hurrem of your presence always beside me" Mahi: "As soon as we heard we set out to see you, May God not remove you from amongst us." Mihrimah: "If you knew what we went through Hunkarim, when you weren't with us we lived through hell's punishment." Fatma: "Finally bad days are over, right Mihrimah? The fires of hell have been put out. May our happiness be forever." (if you notice as soon as Fatma spoke everything went sour for Suleyman's face...) Selim: "Word has been spread on all corner, the world should know, friend and enemy, that our Hunkar has recovered his health." Mustafa: "Seeing our Hunkar of the seven seas recover has made me very happy. May God give him a long life." Angry Suleyman. He does not like the subtle bickering..he isn't a fool, he must have known what went on while he was ill. He looks at Beyazid and Selim and the way Beyazid eyes his brother as Selim looks at his father. He looks at Hurrem who looks down at him and then as her gaze hits Mahidevran's and then at Mahidevran who looks back at Hurrem. Then he looks at Mustafa's face, who smiles at him.

    People exit the room. Mahi, Fatma and Gulfem go off together and Beyazid and Cihangir go towards Mustafa. Selim says: "The dreams you were dreaming with our brother Mustafa has fallen into the water, let us see what you do now." Beyazid: 'You will see now what I do." Rustem stops him saying fighting on a day like this would not look good. Selim: "And you Rustem Pasha, your dreams turned up empty you put yourself on Beyazid but our Hunkar broke that hope."

    Lokman exits and tells Rustem that the Sultan wants to see him. Inside, Hurrem kisses her beloved's hand. Suleyman: 'You were here by my side the whole time right?" Hurrem: 'I was not going to entrust you to anyone else." Suleyman: "Tonight, sleep in happiness and peace, you as well Mihrimah. With God's permission I will regain my strength." There is a knock and Rustem enters. Suleyman: 'Soon I will be on my feet Rustem" Rustem: 'God Willing, all your subjects wish for this. I want to attend the Friday procession and pray in my son's mosque."  Hurrem: 'No impossible Hunkarim, let yourself get really well and then of course." Suleyman: "My decision is final Hurrem, I must leave the palace at the soonest possibility. Let my friends and enemies see that I am alive." Rustem: 'You are right Hunkarim, I will take the necessary precautions." Suleyman: "Also I want everyone in my presence...my Pashas, my Shehzades, my Sultanas. Let us see while I was sleeping what happened to this world."
    At night, Suleyman slowly walks to his balcony. There, he hears ibrahim's voice. "4:50 -  (incomplete) At the same time that he is my Azrael, he is also my Savior. And also my heaven. And also my hell. Being near him, being a step away from death, means being one step closer to death."
    Hurrem watches her husband from below on her own terrace. She still can't sleep. 
    At night, Suleyman slowly walks to his balcony. There, he hears Ibrahim's voice. "The angel of darkness, is always nearby me, Sultan Suleyman. At the same time that he is my Azrael, he is also my Savior. And also my heaven. And also my hell. Being near him, being a step away from death, means being one step closer to death."

    Hurrem watches her husband from below on her own terrace. She still can't sleep.

    Ibrahim's voice: "Some nights, when I close my eyes tightly shut, I think about the single moment when death visits my door, the single moment when my soul exits my body. A dream rises from between the fog. White hair has manifest itself on my hair and beard. My beloved ones are beside me, Haticem, my children, Hunkarim, everything is in its right spot. Time is up, and the accounts have been taken. Just as it should be, neither early, nor late."

    A couple of days pass and Rustem is in his office as Zal arrives to inform him that Sinan Bey has come. Rustem allows him to enter. Sinan: 'Pasha Hazretleri." Rustem: 'I did some investigating about you. As you said, you are from Croatia. Twenty eight years ago, I mean, 5 years after me...you came to the Capitol. You entered the Enderun of Galata Saray. In the Devshirme records, you are from Butomir and your name after converting to Islam your name was changed to Sinan Yusuf agha." Sinan: 'That is true Pasha Hazretleri" Rustem: 'But after this, there is nothing else written! There are many pashas, beys and those in the Devshirme from where I was born. How do I know you are my brother? Why should I believe you? They could not find your name in the documents." Sinan: "There must be documents in the palace proving it. Unfortuantely I could not find the papers to prove either. On top of this everything else from the past I have forgotten, but only one thing remains. They day I could never forget. When you were leaving you gave us a promise. To me and my sister Sophia. Do you remember that day? You said one day you will certainly return. You said you would not leave us. We waited for you long Boris. Very much so." Rustem flashback: "Boris: "I will return Sophia I will return." Andro: 'Promise Boris, promise." Boris: "I promise Andro, I promise I will return and not leave you here."

    Sinan: "They took me too long after you. For years I stayed alone among the other children. I left my sister Sophia behind me. I looked for you. For you to be certain I will show you something." He shows Rustem a birthmark on his arm (why does everyone who is missing in movies or shows always have distinct birthmarks??)

    Rustem: "Sophia?" Sinan: "It as if Sophia got lost and disappeared." Sinan: 'I could not find anything about her. I lost hope about finding you too. Then one day I heard that Sultan Suleyman's Grand Vizier was a Croatian, and they called him the son of a pig farmer." Rustem has trouble controlling his emotions, but then he says: 'Why did you come here? After so many years why did you look for me? What is your purpose?" Sinan: 'I just wanted to see you...I wanted to see my brother. Years after seeing you, I wanted to ask you why you did not return, why you left us alone. I am here for a few days...if you want to see me, speak to me..they know where I am." he nods towards Zal. Then he leaves. Rustem to Zal: "Out." Then he lets his emotions out...

    Suleyman is dressed in a "magnificent" kaftan that makes him look like a great big bear (in a good way). We hear his voice: "Speak Hurrem...tell me all what happened while I was in bed." Hurrem: "I heard that all those beys, pashas, reisler got together to get Mustafa on the throne. I do not know who they have behind them (as their leader) but it is obvious it is a person who commands a great deal of power. They used your absence as an opportunity, threatened revolt. They would have killed Selim." Selim: "Rustem Pasha, Hunkarim - he advised me to go to the Janissary barracks to try to control the Janissary unrest as the Regent" Selim: 'I though it was reasonable, and I did that. I broke their ambitions by telling them that you were alive. But they walked against me." Mustafa: "Upon hearing that Selim had gone to the Janissary barracks, I set on my way immediately. It was a very dangerous situation. As you know, there were rumours spreading throughout the city. I spoke to them personally and put it all to an end."

    We see Suleyman walking and his entourage bowing as he approaches the Divan area limping slightly. Suleyman looks at them one by one. Then he recalls Mihrimah's account: "I was very scared something would happen to Selim. We were all very scared. The things I have heard about my brother Mustafa...my tongue does not want to say them."

    Suleyman walks with his entourage as the people wait and shout praise. We hear Hurrem's voice: 'While I was by your side praying for you to live, the people will screaming long live Mustafa in the square. Our Shehzade does not have a fault in this of course. But staying silent in the fact of this cannot be accepted. Who dares while you are alive, calling a Shehzade a Sultan?" Suleyman blurs everything else out and all he hears "Long live Sultan Mustafa!"

    Ferhat and the Janissaries are waiting. One of them asks why they are there and not with the everyone else at the Friday procession. Ferhat: "Our Hunkar wanted us to stay here." Janissary: "What does this mean my agha, is our Hunkar going to take us to account for the Shehzade Selim incident?" Ferhat: "If that was his intention he would not come to visit us in our barracks."

    In the harem, gold is being distributed to the cariyes because of the Sultan's recovery. Hurrem watches from the entrance. Then Mahidevran and Fatma arrive. Fatma is smiling: "May it all pass for all of us, finally our Hunkar got rid of the scourge of illness!" Hurrem: "thank God Sultanim." Hurrem: 'Although there are many other troubles that still need to be gotten rid of." Mahi: 'The greatest trouble on our Hunkar's head is you Hurrem!" Hurrem: 'You will do well to start preparing, seeing as our Hunkar has recovered his health, you should be returning back to Amasya with your son. It is obvious you did not come here for no reason." Fatma: 'Hurrem" and the two leave.

    Suleyman is announced into the barracks. Suleyman enters with his entourage, his guard bears his sword. Ferhat: "Hunkarim, welcome to our barracks. Myself and your brave subjects -" Suleyman cuts him off with his hand and steps closer. Suleyman: 'While I was suffering in illness in bed, you had dug my grave without me even dying. You drew your sword and insulted Shehzade Selim, is that right?" Ferhat: "Never! How would I dare! As I explained to Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri -" He gets another stop-sign hand gesture.

    Suleyman: "I who am the ruler of the seven seas and three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) The Sultan of the world. I am Sultan Suleyman Han! You, like the rest of those living in my lands, are my subjects. O Traitors! Does it befall you to dare to raise your swords against my Shehzade?!" And there goes Ferhat's head...

    Suleyman continues: 'Do you all not know that whoever oppresses or terrorizes anyone from my family like this, sees this kind of insult as fitting, they will pay for it with their life!" He puts the bloody sword back in and it is then, that we see he didn't use his own sword, he used Mustafa's sword and pushes him aside gently to get through.

    Ibrahim: "Sons are a reflection of their fathers, they carry signs of their father's in their souls, whether it be good or bad, beautiful or ugly, correct, or incorrect signs. Whatever they fear and hate from their fathers, will one day manifest itself in them. This is such a body of water, that it will definitely spill over and flood, and will destroy everything that is good in its path. They will no longer have loyalty in their eyes, nor love, nor will there remain a single atom of compassion. Everyone will eventually become the person they fear! Every son carries their father within them, and every father, their son."

    Suleyman sees himself as his father in his reflection for a scary moment, and we later see him going to the spot where his mosque is being built. Ibrahim: "No matter how much you are afraid, and no matter how much you bury your head in the sand, there is no solution. The truth will burn like a candle in your chest, and your soul will singe. As long as you continue to walk, think, and breathe, it will continue to burn. This blind light will never leave you alone, never!" He looks below as Lokman and a guard bury Ibrahim's diary.

    Fast forward to 1553 and we see Mahidevran even older with Mihrunissa as they watch Mustafa playing with his child Mehmet. We see Atmaca walking with Yusuf the boy who he basically adopted who has grown up. We see Nurbanu and her son and three of her little babies. We see Beyazid and his three children and Rana. And Hurichihan, who I am guessing doesn't have any children? She looks sad.

    We see Mihrimah and Cihangir, and Humashah who has also grown. Finally, we see Hurrem lookin at letters. We ee Suleyman looking at the growning mosque that is being built...

    Hurrem is walking with Rustem. Hurrem: "Most nights, worrying in my bed, I go to our Hunkar's room. Do you know why Rustem? To be able to hear his breathing. Only after being certain of this do I find peace." Rustem: "You are worrying for no reason Sultanim. For years now, our Sultan has no incidence of illness." Hurrem: "May Allah keep him among us." Rustem: "We were witness of what happened when our Hunkar was not with us." (oh my, finally they put her hair back from the side, it looks better like this, parted in the middle it looked harsher. Also I just noticed Rustem's increasingly greying beard!) Rustem: "Our Shehzade Mustafa was very close to victory, and, he still is. Even if our Shehzades Selim or Beyazid got together, it would be difficult to beat him." Hurrem: 'I want to forget those bad days. I do not want to live that nightmare again. There is a way."

    Rustem: 'What is going through your mind Sultanim?" Hurrem: "I have myself glanced at the writings of our Hunkar on the Persians...this latest war with them is known to you...Persia is an unclosed matter for our Hunkar...so much so that in order to win we opened our doors to Elkas Mirza's brother. He would have even become a son in law of the state. Basically, our Hunkar hates Shah Tahmasp more than anyone else. If our Hunkar hears that Shehzade Mustafa is close with Tahmasp, then we will prepare Mustafa's end." Rustem: 'So you mean his end will be like that of Elkas Mirza's? Is that what you are saying?" Hurrem: 'Yes. Just like Tahmasp did not forgive his brother Elkas Mirza, our Hunkar will not forgive Mustafa." Rustem: 'But it doesn't seem possible for Shehzade Mustafa to have this kind of dealing wtih Tahmasp." Hurrem: 'he won't...but we will do it in his name. That is all the Hunkar needs to know." Rustem: 'It is a perfect trap Sultanim - but you know one letter is not enough for this." Hurrem: "Of course we must make it believable. We need hazy weather - like a war." Rustem: "Four years have passed since the Persian war...it is almost impossible for us to go again. This is your speciality my Pasha. You must convince our Hunkar of this war. If there is no war, it will be impossible to show a connection between Mustafa and Tahmasp. The last war did not find a conclusion anyway, it has been left incomplete... this is what our Hunkar has been complaining of. If you put a reason before him for war, he will agree."

    Cihangir is in his room and Mihrimah enters. "Who wrote that letter? A cariye?" Cih: "Mustafa wrote it, he was asking about my health. How much longer will this last Mihrimah? You are precious to our brother Mustafa. The animosity between you is affecting him and you as well. You are siblings. End it already. Mihrimah: "It's true that the same blood runs through both of our veins, but our relationship is halfway, it is not a proper relationship. It is not possible to fix things."

    Suleyman is in his Divan asking Sinan Pasha, who is now the Admiral how the seas are. Sinan replies that the waters are very calm, and that since they have made peace with the disbelievers, it has been without incident and that the whole world has accepted Suleyman's dominance. Suleyman asks what Sokollu who is now Romeli Beyler Bey, what he thinks. Sokollu says that news of victory comes from the borders. I previously informed you about our victory at Timișora in Hungary. We were not able to conquer the castle of Eger, however, Kara Ahmet Pasha and his army are showing their courage over the Christian armies. " Suleyman: "Rustem Pasha, you have heard what your brother Sinan Pasha and Mehmet Pasha have reported. Do you have anything to add?" Rustem: "They are correct in what they say. The Christians are not posing any threat to us. However the same cannot be said about the situation in the Orient. Tahmasp is causing trouble. We don't have too many details, but it is clear that there is some movement in his lands." Suleyman: "Have an intelligence report prepared immediately. I want you to report more to me soon." Rustem: "Your order is my command."

    Later, Rustem is with Hurrem in his palace. He says: 'We must put someone in Shehzade Mustafa's palace. But this does not look possible." Hurrem: "It is a large palace, certainly there is someone who would do our work. Look into it properly." Rustem: "There are a few people who can do it: Mahidevran, Mihrunissa, Fidan, Yahya, and Atamca...and since they won't betray him then -" Hurrem: "so is everything going to go to waste?" Just then Mihrimah enters. Mihrimah: "So until I came were you just standing in front of each other silently?" Hurrem: 'If it is not something important, then leave us alone." Mih: 'You are talking about my brother Mustafa aren't you? There is no need to hide anything from me. I know everything and I am aware of what you are planning." Mih: "Whatever you know forget Mihrimah. You concern yourself with your child...you will stay away from these things." Mih: "I came here to help you mother."
    In the morning, Suleyman is with Mihrimah. "Mihrimah, my sun and moon, as you age you are becoming even more beautiful." Mihrimah: 'If anything I am Hurrem Sultan's daughter." Suleyman: "How is your relationship with Rustem? Is there any trouble?" Mihrimah: "We are happy Hunkarim. The bad days are in the past now. But I have another problem: and this subject is affecting me greatly. When you were ill, I got into meaningless animosity with my brother Mustafa. I broke his heart. Years passed. Neither has he written a single word to me, or I to him. He is my elder. I should take the first step. Since the harsh weather has gone, I wish to go to Amasya. I want to visit my brother Mustafa, of course if you permit."
    In Kutahya, Hurichihan gets a bag of something from a woman. She asks if the woman got it and then says she hopes that it will be effective, and that people have highly recommended her. She pays the woman, who then leaves. Hurichan comes across Lala who has seen her and she asks what he is doing and he says that he was going to ask her the same question, and asks who that woman was. He says he noticed shady (creepy/strange) women going and coming into the palace. Hurichihan tells him not to interfere in matters that don't have to do with him and that she is sick of him always following her.  Lala says that when it has to do with the safety of Beyazid, he will itnerfere in everything. She is forced to hand him the pouch. He finds witchrafty things and asks if she has been doing withcraft on  Beyazid because that crime carries a great punishment. Hurichihan says it is for her, because she could not have any children for the Shehzade. Lala replies that perhaps this is for the best, because if it is so, there must be a wisdom for it.
    Mihrimah is on the road to Amasya with her daughter Humasha and Gulbahar. She recalls her mother asking her if she is certain becaue she does not want her to regret it later on. Mihrimah says she is certain and that she has no choice but to do this to protect her brothers and that she did not forget what they had to live through when her father was ill and that she still wakes up with nightmares. She does not want to live those days again.
    Humashah snaps her mother out of her flashback by asking if they are almost there or if there is a lot more to go. Mihrimah says there is not too much left. Humashah says she is really curious about Nergis Shah and Mehmet. Mihrimah says she is too.
    Meanwhile Mihrunissa is with her son, who asks: 'Mother is Mihrimah Sultan as beautiful as they say?" Nisa: "I do not know, I have never seen her before, only Mahidevran Sultan can answer this question of yours." Mahi tells Fidan to take Mehmet away. Mahidevran: "What is that evil Mihrimah intending by coming here? For sure she is after something" Nisa: "What could be Sultanim? She is not in a condition to poison our Shehzade." Mahi: "Since her mother is Hurrem everything comes into a person's mind."
    Rustem is reading when Zal arrives informing him that a man named Ghafar who they have sent has arrived back from Persia and wants to see Rustem. Rustem tells him to let him enter immediately. Rustem: 'Tell me what is happening in the border with the Orient. It is not as bas as people have described. The Persians have started to bother tradesmen. There is no indication that they are intending to threaten us. Shah Tahmasp has hung two Turkmen beys who he had problems with. Basically problems have arisen on the Persian side of the border, however, but they are matters that concern us." Rustem: "You seem intelligent and you can reach great heights, if of course you do as I say."
    Mihrimah arrives in Amasya and greets everyone. Mustafa: 'Welome to my palace." Mahi: "How nice to see you here in our Palace, I think it is the first time you have come right?" Mih: "I want to visit my siblings palaces more often from now on." Mustafa: "Meet Mihrunissa. My Shehzade Mehmet and you knwo Nergis Shah. You did good by bringing Humashah. She can be friends with Nergis Shah." Mihrimah: 'That is what I thought...they share the same blood, just like we do. There should not be discord between members of the dynastic family, but love"
    At night in Istanbul, Cihangir and Rustem are with Suleyman. Cihangir is telling Suleyman about a cartographer named Negari. Suleyman says that it is obvious that negari has a highly capable style and that he possesses the skills of this craft. Cihangir says he agrees and that these past few days everybody has been talking about how amazing the work of Aka Mirek from Khorasan is (modern day Afghanistan/ parts of Iran and other parts of Central Asia). I tried to purchase some, but I could not succeed." Suleyman wonders how that is possible how he could not and asks Sokolu. Sokollu says that Aka Mirek's teacher gets his orders from Shah Tahmasp's court and that he only prepares his work for the Shah alone. Suleyman comments that it means the man only takes orders from Tahmasp, and that when Tahmasp has no more dominance, he will want to meet this man (Mirek) personally and that he will answer for not acquiescing to Cihangir's request.

    Lokman arrives telling Suleyman that Rustem has come.
    Meanwhile Mihrimah is with Mustafa. Mustafa asks if she likes Amasya. Mihrimah says it is very beautiful and that Mihrunissa has taken care of her very well and they walked together. Mihrimah says she came to end the animosity between them, that she spent most of her childhood with Selim and Beyazid (how about Mehmet?) and that since he left when he was a child for his sanjak, she didn't get the chance to know him too much, and that this means she was closer to her other brothers. Then, she adds that this closeness of hers to her other brothers doesn't mean she is an enemy to him. Mustafa responds that he agrees and that there is no benefit in meaningless animosity and fighting. Mihrimah says she did not end off nicely the last time they saw each other and she was really in a bad state and didn't think right. She says let us forget everything in the past. Mustafa says he has forgotten it. Mihrimah meanwhile eyes his desk.
    Rustem tells Suleyman that he sent Ghafar Bey to the borderlands. That he returned and that the condition is not good, and that if he accepts, Ghafar Bey is here and is waiting and can tell him himself.

    Suleyman allows it. Ghafar Bey: "Tahmasp has entered into our borders and has attacked Adicevaz, Ercis, Bargiri, and Ahlat after our soldiers returned to Istanbul. When he couldn't conquer them, he burned everything in these regions down. His son Mirza attacked the regions surrounding Erzurum. Hunkarim, our frontiers are waiting for reinforcements and assistance." Suleyman: "Where is this courage coming from? As we were running from victory to victory in the Persian lands, Tahmasp was desperately searching for a hole to hide in. Now he sees that our forces are not there, and he is taking advantage of the situation and attacking our lands? His transgression will not be left unpunished. Rustem Pasha, make your preparations." Rustem: "Your order is my command."
    Meanwhile Mihrimah tells Mustafa and she comments how much Nergis Shah and Mehmet have grown. Mustafa says that it is obvious his son will be a wonderful Shehzade, with a pen in one hand a sword in another. Atmaca arrives and looks like he has something important to say so Mustafa excuses himself. When they leave the room, this is the perfect opportunity for Mihrimah. She rushes and looks around.
    Meanwhile, Mustafa asks Atmaca what is going on. Atmaca says that Piri Reis has written that Rustem Pasha worked hard for a war with Persia and Mustafa asks why and Atmaca says there is no information about that but that it is obvious he is after something.

    Mihrimah meanwhile keeps looking.
    Meanwhile, Mustafa responds to Atmaca, saying that the Sultan would not make a decision without investigating the matter properly. Atmaca says for three years there was nothing so where did this campaign spring up out of nowhere? He adds that if anything was happening, they would know first since they are closest to Persia. Mustafa tells him to investigate the matter, find out what the issue is. Mihrimah continues searching. Finally she sees it. Mustafa says he made her wait. Mihrimah says she will go get ready in her room and spend some time with Mihrunissa. Mustafa says he will join them and then asks why her face is pale and if she is okay. She says that she is fine. She has the seal in her hands. The door opens and Mustafa sees his son and hugs him. She puts the seal back.
    We hear Rustem: "To the honourable ruler of the Persian lands, Shah Tahmasp Hazretleri. According to the news that I received, Sultan Suleyman Han is preparing for an attack in your lands very soon. I know this is a decision that is very wrong and a mistake. War cannot benefit both of our empires right now, we can only benefit from peace. Unfortunately his health problems have increased and it is clear he cannot make proper decision. I am intending to take what is rightfully mine and ascend to the throne and intend to send my father to Didymoteicho (in Greece). I am certain I can succeed to do this with your help. I pray that you don't push away the hand that I have reached out to you. Shehzade Sultan Mustafa."
    Rustem: 'What do you say Sultanim?" Hurrem: 'it is not bad at all, God Willing Tahmasp will believe this letter and answer. In Mihrimah Sultan's shadow we have won a great work." We see that she had imprinted his seal on clay thing.
    Rustem: "This letter, along with the answer from Tahmasp, will be Shehzade Mustafa's end."


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        ''The cruelty of most people is lack of imagination, their brutality is ignorance''.

    2. Oh i think you missed a bit between the two parts. Where Mustafa visits Mihrimah and then when the Sultan wakes up and when all of his family is around his bed exchanging "pleasantries" .

    3. There are people who are showering praises on you that makes you believe that what you say is right! Mind you that these people are mostly non-Muslims who donot understand what calamity befell Muslims when Mustafa was executed.Natalia was right that your comments are very irritating except a few. You said that when Mustafa said that he is very happy, Suleman is very angry because he knows that they are lying. You need to be utterly biased to say that Mustafa was happy behind his back. Suleyman can think so because Hurrem and Mihirma are always poisoning him but why have you written this?? :/ Everywhere it is shown that he is very worried. You know if you really have read history, Hurrem is the only person who is condemned and Mustafa always remained a hero in the hearts of the Muslims and turks. Right and wrong is not decided by Hurrem but by Allah! Even if she would have been sure that her children will die, she had no right to kill him according to Islamic law because ALLAH knows what will happen afterwards.and it is said that Mustafa was very amicable and nice and it shows that she fell to her desires and contrived to kill him...Even Suleyman believed very much in his son and he was his only heir until Hurrem contrived against him. I searched to find one good person in this drama, I could not side with anyone as everyone is shown really bad but then I found Mustafa who is MA SHA ALLAH amazing.This is not the real history.In real history, only Hurrem was evil and noone else. You wrote about Mahedevran when she said that they killed my grandchild that she forgot when she poisened Hurrem and killed Mehmet but you never speak about Hurrem's dualities and evil mindedness and you even brought history in this episode, hahhaha. For your kind info, Mahedevran never killed Mehmet in history nor she poisned Hurrem and she was much better than her. I would recommend you to read real history, and I liked the book by Harold Lamb titled 'Suleiman the Magnificient', its beautifully written. Prophet S.A.W said "A person will be with the one whom he loves" so one should support the truth no matter what otherwise even supporting evil means that you are an accomplice to it so please if you write your comments, atleast dont be biased. And do you belong to Turkey??? If you go on Muhtesem Yuzyil official page, everyone is hailing Mustafa and feel bad about contriving against him so please get your thinking straight. No turkish needs translation otherwise you would have known what they think and they would have never liked these type of comments. I dont invoke Allah's curse on people because i cant do it but I do support the right thing ALHAMDO LILLAH :) When I saw that trailer in which Mustfa died i wrote that Hurrem will be cursed by people IN SHA ALLAH and IN SHA ALLAH means if Allah wills so i didnt pray about this that anything bad happens to them. And one thing I really found strange which you didnt notice :P that Mihirma asks her what will you do and when he says nothing, she is unhappy and when he says something, she is still unhappy. I dont understand what type of women are these :P Cihangir who seems as just as Mustafa is supporting him, this makes it very clear who is on the right side. I m sorry if I have become a little harsh but I felt really bad and now its coming all out :P A well wisher from Pakistan :)

      1. And thanks for the translation, its really good :)

      2. You are not sorry for your harshness when first you post all your mean remarks, and then you say sorry! Did Islam teach you this? I don't think so. I am tired of people bashing me when all I did was try to help you guys who don't speak Turkish to understand the series. For THE FINAL TIME: I NEVER SAID I HATE MUSTAFA AND I NEVER CHANGE MY TRANSLATION WITH MY OWN COMMENTS! My comments are put in brackets, so that people distinguish my comments from the translation. I am unlike you lot, who curse the characters! I never once cursed or said rude things about any of them! Because ONLY GOD JUDGES! Moreover, I am a Muslim, and from what I have read, no one, NO ONE is allowed to curse a dead person. You are cursing a dead woman for something YOU AND I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT. Only God will judge, leave the judging up to him. My comments are ONLY for this series, not for actual events, and I always distinguish IF I AM TALKING ABOUT HISTORY. I work very hard to provide you guys with translations, and I don't want to ever toot my own horn, but I spend most of my Wednesday and Thursday! I work from 5pm - almost 1am and sometimes even until 3am on both days!! My eyes hurt, my back hurts, my head hurts and I go through a lot just to ensure the quality of the translation! Only to hear from people that basically I am an idiot, who knows nothing and should stop expressing myself ON MY OWN WEBSITE! I DO IT For free! Is someone paying me? NO! Honestly, I TRY my best not to comment to comments that anger me, but I have had it! Two times my page was taken down, I have received many harsh words from so many people! Maybe before you criticize someone and take your anger out on them (because you love Mustafa and don't want to see him die you take your anger out on me???) maybe you should think that historically, Allah willed for all of it to happen. He died was killed, murdered whatever you want to believe, because it was written! Don't take your anger out on me! Also, thanks for insinuating that basically I am an uneducated idiot, who doesn't read real history, and therefore should not post what I think or feel. Well, I have and I do, and I read the stuff from primary sources in TURKISH, and I get lots of help from my husband who has a very high level of Turkish, more so than his own elders in his family. I just want you to know how you have made me feel. You have hurt me with your comments. I work VERY very hard. And I am hurt. Good day! Here is a hadith for you to ponder: "DO not curse the dead, for they have already gone forth to what they have sent." - Al Bukhari. Even if, Hurrem is as you say she is, then I hope you realize that what you , and all those others who care about what Islam forbids, to consider this. You are cursing her. Praying against her, or any other person is a sin. PS. I love how you called me evil with your quote about the Prophet saying that we will be with whom we love. Thank you for that. It really made my day. Signed, someone who tried to do something nice and isn't feeling very nice right now.

      3. Alya Aziz: I wanted to delete the above comment, because I wrote it out of anger, but I wanted to keep some parts of it...because I wanted you to see from my perspective how your comment made me feel and I couldn't retype those parts. Look, on the one hand you tell me my translation is "really good" and on the other hand you are saying things which actually hurt my feelings. Maybe I am too sensitive, but maybe you would be too, if you tried your best and then someone basically made you feel like you weren't worth expressing your own ideas because you didn't read things right, and you were basically dumb. That is how you made me feel. I did not mean to be harsh either, but I was very angry. Your comment was not written at a good time I guess, I was very, very tired from the translating yesterday, many times I told myself, why don't I just summarize it, but then I told myself that no, then people who read it won't understand all the dialogue. So I kept working. And I keep doing it. And so then I get up the next morning and I come and read your comment. Tell me, how is that supposed to make me feel?? Anyway, I am sorry for coming across as harsher than I wanted, (which I shouldn't have, because I accused you of being harsh towards me) but I was and still am very hurt. How many times do I have to say that I admire Mustafa? You accuse me of such horrible things. To clarify my comment was that Suleyman was angry because of what he knew was going on while he was ill! I never said anything about Mustafa not being happy! So many times I have said that Mustafa genuinely loves his father! Over that one sentence or over your anger that Mustafa will be executed maybe, you said so many harsh things to me! How many times do I have to say, that I don't know, (and neither do you) what REALLY happened in history?? How many times do I have to say that I never hated any of the characters, not Ibrahim, not even Mahidevran, and that I see that they all have good and bad in them, they are human after all? You guys don't like my comments, well so if I wrote them in favour of the characters you all like, then would you like them? I think so. But that is not fair. Someone does something to help you and then they have to hear about how "dumb" their opinions are? I apologize for my harshness above and I hope you can see that I am human too, not some robot or computer and that comments hurt me like that. Why don't people private message me their "harsh" comments? I forgive you, and I hope you can forgive me.


      5. Lighten up Alya. It is just a tv show. and your tude does nothing to help Muslim, history or truth.

    4. First of all thank you so much for translating. I don't care if you comment and give your opinions. This is your webpage and you have all the rights in the world to do so. I am just happy that someone is putting effort for non-Turkish speaking people and I don't care about anything else. Appreciate your hard work.- Regard from India.

      1. Thanks so much Shilpa!!! Wow, I am so happy to see people from all over visiting my page :D Thanks for your kind comment, it is very much appreciated and means a lot to me :)

      2. Crazy thank you sooooo much for who you are and the joy you bring and share with us. Alya seems like an unhappy buzz- kill. And I will pray for him / her. As I always I thank God for you / husband and know we can all love our way to peace.

      3. Suzi, thank YOU so much for your love and support! That is so nice of you to pray for us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy to have the support of wonderful people like you! <3

    5. Crazy, please don't let ungrateful and hateful people drain your positive energy. It's your blog and page and you should manage it the way you like it. No one has right to persuade you into changing the way you express your passion, which fruits we greedily consume.
      If someone does not like the way you manage this page please refer them to google translate, it does not have its personal opinion and it should not offend anyone lol.
      I am not born Muslim, but i do believe in one God. Muslims are pictured in the West as hateful people and comments like the one from Pakistani fan are working hard for the bad opinion. Yet i don't label people as per their religion and people like you bring back faith that there are many REAL Muslims, respectful, tolerant and loving like Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon Him).
      I could feel offended by being assigned to the group of evil people because i'm not born Muslim and I grew up in Western culture, but I don't care about shallow minded people's opinon, so you don't Crazy. Keep doing what you're doing mostly for your own satisfaction and for us, the ones who truly appreciate your effort.
      Big people always wake deep emotions so you need to be ready to be the recipient of love and gratitude but hate and anger too.

      1. Magdalena! This was so so so nice of you! Your comment made me so happy and proud. I can't believe how nice you are to me, though you have not even met me in person. You are absolutely right in what you say about big people waking deep emotions this is what YOU have done for me, since when I read your comment, you literally warmed my heart! <3 <3 Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and also for being such an amazing person and friend!

    6. Can make a srt file of this so i can download the video and watch it with subtitle ?????
      Can you??
      Because i watch Fatamgulun sucu ne,they upload subtitle file i download the video and watch it?

    7. CTV, a BIG overdue Thank You and much love from Pakistan for all the time and hard work you selflessly put into these long translations that I absolutely love! Your translation has increased my interest in Turkish culture and history manifolds.

      Alya Aziz, I am ashamed of you! Giving muslims and Pakistanis a bad name over a soap opera. Please switch off your tv, turn off your computer and Think. You probably made someone feel sad because you take a soap opera more seriously than "ikhlaq" (courteousness). Next time you feel the urge to type out hateful nonsense somewhere, please do so without the interjections of inshallah/mashallah and don't mention Pakistan!

      1. Thanks so much Forbidden Fruit! I am so happy to see that people from all over enjoy reading my translation! It makes me so happy, it really, really does! A BIG thank you to you too for your support and love and all the kind words! <3

    8. I am very very very sorry for I have hurt you :'( :'( :'( I never want to hurt anyone and it feels really bad that it has turned out to be like this :'( I was feeling very uncomfortable after this comment :( And you are right that I really feel bad about the way Mustafa died because so many people in Muslim history have died this way like Muhammad Bin Qasim. It wasnt about the soap opera but about the real history that aches my heart which you probably know better than me. And I appreciate your knowledge as you even know what Suleiman most feared of..but you know at times you forget all the good a person has done and start bashing them for one wrongdoing.I hadnt read the previous translations in the beginning so I didnt know that you appreciate Mustafa . Ofcourse you try to be neutral but everyone has his faults... The hadith you mentioned is very right and I try to act upon it but as you mentioned no body is perfect..A week ago, I even discussed it with my sister that we dont know how close a person is to Allah so we shoudnt say anything about anyone..But I m a little confused that can you not even say that that person did wrong because in our history Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq who were traitors in the time of Tipu Sultan are not mentioned in good names.?? I honestly say that I didnt want to say it in a bad way but it turned out to be like this :'( :'( I have heard that if you accept your mistake and apologize its a good thing...I apologize from the depth of my heart and please please forgive me otherwise I'l be always feeling guilty :'( And you dont need to apologize at all because it was your right to express what you felt n I m the one who should apologize...It happens sometime that you maybe even saying the right thing but the way you say can draw people away...I even pray to ALLAH that He makes me a person with good manners because they are very important and I m feeling so bad :'( :'( I want to tell you that I really love Turkey and while on Umrah, I had a very good time with many Turkish people :) You know I typed the whole comment and some interruption occured and I had to retype it might look a little haphazard, sorry :P And I didnt know how to contact you privately :(

      1. Alya, I can see that you are a genuine and caring person, for having apologized to me so nicely and I truly appreciate that :) . I apologize too, for my harsh response, which I did when I was angry and should not have, no matter what. I can really see how sad you are in your comment and this makes me sad too so don't be sad! I truly appreciate this message that you sent and it shows that indeed you are sincere. I am sorry for my short temper, and I thank you for your message. :) :)

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. Dear Crazyturkvids,
        i wish there were words that can show u my thankfulness for what u and your husband are doing. Please continu your wonderful work and your fantastic comments. just focus on people who love and admire u for what you are doing because there are so many many many more of them.......

      2. Thanks my dearest Saba :) This message touched my heart <3

    10. Crazy, dear I'm so sorry for what you are going through! I know you work very hard, and we all have expressed to you our gratitude, which is not enough. I wish we could do more to show you our support. It is absurd what you have to go through for doing such a big effort for all of us. I'm not a very religious person, but I know that God is one an only, and the fairness and gratitude should be same in every religion, the basic things that God want from us are the same in every religion. Since the girl from Pakistan made her self-criticism, (i hope it is sincere) I will say nothing to her, but I just wanted to say to you that you don't need to explain nothing to anybody, we all love you and admire you and and you wonderful job.

      1. Thanks so much Genta! Your comment made me feel very happy! Your support is very much appreciated always <3

    11. I am late to the party having just lately discovered this wonderful series on YouTube. My turkish is ok but sometimes the parts about politics etc is difficult so I look at your translations. Thank you so much for your hard work!

    12. Thanks so much for the translation. I love ur comments too. Don't tire urself with bad comments who just want attention. Well done for your hardwork. Without ur translation I won't be able to watch this whole series. Tqvm again.