• FINALE! Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    TITLE: The Murdered Mother
    VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrf45ef8Bzc&feature=youtu.be

    Kosem: Innocence....Innocence ...but it was the first thing to be taken from my hands when I got power. How painful it is to remember...oh the grief! They say "the way they died, is the way they are remembered".... Is that really true?  A woman fits into many attributes in life, and she is someone else in every moment. She becomes a child, a woman, a mother and, if she is a beloved, intelligent servant of God, then she can even become a Sultana. I saw and lived through all of those, thank God. I tasted them all. But what capacity shall I be remembered as? What attribute shall describe me? What will they say about me centuries later? An innocent girl who fell in love with Sultan Ahmet, and who was torn away from her name? A powerful, charitable Valide Sultana who gave the imperial house of Osman four princes, kept the tent of the state standing, and kept the bellies of twenty thousand people full in her foundation? Or...a cruel woman, who for the sake of the sultanate went crazy for her own ambition and didn't even spare her own children?

    OMG! How disgusting those girls are! Ripping the pearls off her body!


    Ibrahim shouts ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! For God's sake get me out of here! For God's sake, get me out! Aghas please get me out of here, did you not eat from my hands (did I not pay you), I beg you this is enough, for God's sake get me out of here. This is enough. I cannot bear it. Please, I beg you, get me out of here! I will be your slave, get me out. Is there no subject of mine to hear my voice? No subject to get me out? No one to get me out? Aghas, I paid your wages, please get me out of here. I beg you, I cannot bear it, get me out of here! Please! ENOUGH. pleeeease! I will be your servant, get me out. ENOUGH!

    Atike arrives. IBRAHIM!

    Ibrahim says ATIKE IS THAT YOU?

    Atike responds, it is me, I will get you out of here Ibrahim. you will get out of there. Ibrahim says I knew it Atike, I knew it. God is my witness I knew you would come! Atike says did you think I would leave you?! The aghas will break the door down don't be afraid! Ibrahim says I won't be afraid, let them break it.

    Kosem enters.

    Atike says no no leave him, leaaave him! But the agha helping her is taken away. Kosem says what are you doing here, have you lost your mind? Atike says I am here to do what I have to do. I am going to get Ibrahim out of here. Kosem says according to the agreement you cannot do this, he must stay here. Atike says I didn't make that agreement you did mother. How did you lose your senses and accept this? The one behind these doors is not your enemy, he is your son! Your son! Ibrahim! Kosem says I did it for the sake of order in the land. Atike says that thing you call order in the land, is nothing but love for the sultanate. How sad, your eyes have become bloody, you  no longer can see your own son! Kosem says take her to her room! She is not to get out of there! Atike says you may silence me, but what about your conscience? How will you silence that? How will you quiet its voice? One day Ibrahim will get out of here and sit on the throne you have seized! And then the first thing we will do is give out the decree for you! We will take your life, it will be the very first order of business! Ibrahim shouts Atike, don't go, don't leave me, I beg of you, don't, mother don't do this to me, mother! I swear I will do whatever you want me to do. Please get me out of here. Mother! How can a mother see this fit for her child? Am I not your son? Why do you leave me here? Please mother get me out of here! My brother Murad had not even done this to me! Please mother get me out of here, at least take me to the boxwoods, I am afraid of the darkness here, the daggers are stabbing me, please mother, I beg of you, please! ENOUGH. I will be g you, am I not your son? I will do whatever you say! Please get me out of here...aghas!

    On the streets, some people are gossiping one of them says what a bad business,  dethroning a Sultan alive and putting him in the "grave" - Sultan Ibrahim's cries can be heard past the palace gates!

    People are waiting for Kosem sultan. "Kosem sultana is coming, Why has Sultan Ibrahim been imprisoned?" Kemankes says STAND BACK YOU damned ones! Then he approaches and says my Sultana, the men of the state are here, they await your presence.

    In the harem, the consorts wonder what is going on and speak to Meleki. One of them says "How much longer will this last?" Another says why do they hold sultan Ibrahim? With what right do they do this? Dilasub says sometimes he lost his senses, but he was not like the Sultan Mustafa. Melek says I do not know what I can do. Humasah says and Atike sultana? Melek says she is helpless, she is locked in her room. They don't even allow me to see her. Lalezar enters and says our Valide Sultana awaits you in her room, and you others too. Humashah says why would our Kosem sultana wish to see us? Lalezar says not Kosem, but Turhan sultana. When you go to her room you will know, because I do not know anything.

    Kosem meanwhile says to the men present: You have insisted on meeting, I am here now, so speak. Koprulu says you are aware of the matter, the people are very worried after the imprisonment and dethroning of Sultan Ibrahim. Kosem says when he was on the throne they did the same thing, we cannot act on the people's words, Siyavus says I wish it was only the merchants and people...the soldiers are very unhappy, they count on Atike sultana - they could be getting ready for revolt. Kosem says Atike is currently in isolation in her room. If the solders are counting on her, they should not. Kprulu says and what if they/she sets up a new alliance? Kemankes says Koprulu pasha, Siyavush agha what is the meaning of this insistence? Come to the point!

    Kosem says you want that I should trust the words of you, the ones hiding under Turhan's skirts, and execute my son? Is that what you want? And I have lost my trust in you, why should I believe your words? Siyavush says our Imperial Sultana, if you do not believe us, then pay heed to Sofu Mehmet Pasha's words. Sofu says ANatolia is bubbling over like the Capitol...Huseyin says if the fire spreads there, then someone can take advantage of the situation for their own benefit and the matter can grow out of hand into great discord and trouble.  The Janissary agha says and then in that case we cannot know the outcome or how far the events will go. Koprulu says no matter what way we look at it, a very difficult decision awaits you my sultana. Kosem says my decision is final, I will not kill my son. And the execution of a Sultan who has reigned over the sultanate, is impermissible by law. Sofu says but, if we look at the past, there are examples...and we as the scholars have met and discussed the matter, and we even  asked the grand seyh, here you go. He presents the seyh's decree. Kemankes reads it out and it states "is it permissible to execute a ruler who has allowed statesmen and soldiers to take bribes according to both the law of the land and religious text? The answer: Yes it is."

    The consorts have gone to Turhan. Humasah says you have called us Turhan? Suleyman aga says you must call her Valide Sultana, that is what is necessary.  Humasah says have you called us Valide Sultana? Turhan says you have lived in the palace many years and they just couldn't teach you manners. God willing, they will deal with you in the Palace of Tears. Dilasub says how is this possible, how can you do to us - Turhan cuts her off and says what did you think Dilasub? You would continue to stay in this palace? As per the traditions, I have exiled you to the old palace as you are consorts of the previous ruler. Gather your things at once. Muazzez says but we have princes, Dilasub adds, please do not separate us from them. Turhan waves them away. Humasah stays and says Muazzez and Dilasub's boys are at an alright age, but my son Orhan is still a baby, please let him stay with me until he is weaned. Turhan says don't worry, prince Orhan will be looked after in the best way. The wet nurses won't allow him to feel anything lacking. Humasah says I knew you were awful but this is too much. This is oppression, and cruelty. Are you not a mother yourself? instead of feeling pity for me, you are joking around?! Turhan says you may leave.

    Humasah tries to attack Turhan and Suleyman shouts don't or I will kill you!" Humasah says what are you waiting for? If I cannot be with my child, what difference to be dead or alive?! Suleyman says what is your order my sultana? Turhan waves away. Humasah says God willing Ibrahim will get out of that room. You locked him up in that darkness! And you Turhan - you and Kosem sultana will be executed!

    A soldier stops a carriage asks where they are heading, the agha says to Bursa I am a merchant...The soldiers says woman get out. The agha says we are in a hurry, please let us on our way. The soldier says don't interfere, woman get out. What is in those chest? the agha says I sell fabrics, textiles and all that so they have that inside. The soldier says get them down so I can look. Oh so you are a trader really...what is all this then? Cinci takes his disguise off and says my agha, you can have this, let us go on our way. The soldier says so Cinci Huseyin EIfendi, you were going to escape in women's garb eh? And then you try to bribe me without shame?! Did you think I was for sale for a few coins? Cinci says ahhh so it means it wasn't enough...you can have all of those...you can have everything. Please let us go, let me on my way.

    Kosem tells Kemankes I was at this point before too, and I had the same questions before me, and now I find myself at the place I run from. Kemankes says SUltan Murad Han...you still feel weighted down under that incident? Kosem says yes, while I have still not been able to rid myself of that burden (the guilt) how can I carry another one? How can I accept Ibrahim's execution? Oh God help me! Kmeankes says it won't be easy...the condition Ibrahim is in right now is harsh, he is far from what he used to live like, in a dark room, he is living hell in this life. They say his cries of anguish at nights have everyone distraught, no one feels right about it. Kosem says what are you saying Kemankes, so I should allow my son's execution?! Kemankes says I only say for you to end his suffering and your own.  Sultan Ibrahim must get out of that hole - either e is to get back on the throne, or go back to God.

    Turhan's voice: "My father Sultan Ibrahim Han, with the help of some of his aides, is about to cause discord and strife. In order to prevent harm to come to the masses, it has become imperative to send him from this world to the next, for the sake of the nation and faith. Coming to my decree, my father must be removed to quell the fire that has been harming his nation and his people." Mehmet says but I don't want my father to die, let us let him live. Turhan says I didn't want this to turn out this way either, but let us say that fate left us no choice. 

    Cinci is brought before Huseyin. He says Huseyin pasha, I have asked about you so many times, but I guess today is the day (to ask you) - so forgive my curiosity but why do they call you "crazy" especially since you are such an intelligent man. Huseyin says they don't call me that for my mind, but because of my courage and my - strength. Cinci says leave that, I have a fresh offer to make you - there is gold and my real treasure is buried...if you could see it! But don't, you can have all of it. Just let me go please. Huseyin says come my pasha come! Cinci says KEMANKES! Huseyin says Cinci has a most generous offer! If I let him live, he will tell me where his secret treasure is! Cinci says Kemankes pasha, it will suffice you both, it is not just hundreds, but thousands! Precious jewels, that which the eye hasn't seen! Kemankes says YOU ACCURSED MAN! You have bled the nation dry (stolen and used bribes)  for years! Who do you offer wealth to? You are still talking about gold, the shameless! Cinci says but...have mercy our religion says mer- 

    Kemankes shouts - so religion comes to your mind now?! You have caused discord between mother and son, and oppressed the people! Cinci says you can help Huseyin pasha! Huseyin says you threatened people using "religion" Kemankes says you sold position and power with money. You dealt in bribes. The most important, you made Sultan Ibrahim stray from the way and you dragged him to disaster. Cinci says please forgiveness! Keamnkes says now is the time for punishment - Kosem sultana sends her regards!

    Haci tells Kosem that Turhan has come if she wants he can send her away. Kosem says no let her in. Turhan enters and Kosem says if you have come for Ibrahim - your men Koprulu and Siyavush weren't enough so are you here to make my head hurt? Turhan says my sovereign son - along with the grand seyh has ordered the execution of Sultan Ibrahim. Kosem says who ordered it? You or him? Turhan replies, you are witness to everything that happened. If not today, tomorrow revolt will break out and Sultan Ibrahim will take the throne and then what will happen? I will tell you - he will kill us all, you, me and your innocent grandchild Mehmet. Mother, I know what a hard decision it is, especially for a mother. But you are also the state at the same time! You must make your decision by this attribute of yours: As the regent of the sultanate. Kosem tells her to get out. 

    Kosem goes to get some air on her terrace. She recalls Ibrahim saying let me go, mother. Today or tomorrow what difference does it make? What do you want from me? To live in fear of executioners? Or to lose my mind like my afflicted uncle Mustafa? Kosem says God forbid! Ibrahim says let me go please. Kosem says look at me, LOOK INTO MY EYES! I promise you, I swear I will not allow this. I will sacrifice my life but I won't give you to the executioners! 

    Ibrahim is rocking back and forth and the doors open and he sees his mother. She says it is me, my son. He says mother, you? She says do not be afraid you will be free. This suffering will end. He says I knew it mother, I swear I knew it. I knew you would save me! I swear I knew you wouldn't put me in the grave. 

    Then he sees the executioners. He says "oh I - oh how naive I am right? You will take me from this tomb to my real grave aren't you? The mother who put her life to save mine, will you take my life? By giving up on me you have prepared your own end mother! God willing you will not see a good end, may your end be worse than mine!" He says to the guards "Don't come close, don't touch me, with what power will you murder me, you oppressors! Huh?!" Siyavush says do it! Get it over with! Ibrahim shouts "you cannot, I will not allow you, I will not let you go, I will kill you, let go you cannot kill me - mother! MOTHER! MOTHER! You cannot kill me. There is a GOD! You cannot kill me! God willing you will not see a good end, my only prayer to God - is to make your end worse than mine!"

    Atike wakes up in shock. Her servant says are you alright? She says I am fine, don't worry. Her servant says here drink some water. Atike says thank you. The servant calls for aghas to call a doctor but Melek comes and says GET OUT OF MY WAY! Atike says what happened? Melek says my Atike sultana, unfortunately, your brother Sultan Ibrahim has been executed. 

    Siyavush goes to see Turhan and says your majesty, Valide sultana, finally the imperial nation has been rid of having two heads (i.e. Ibrahim is dead). Turhan says God have mercy on him. Turhan says Amen! Koprulu says Amen...but we are not yet rid of two heads - we have the elder Valide Kosem sultana and then the younger Turhan Sultana. Turhan says yes, we are now head to head with Kosem sultana. But we will not be hasty, we will be patient, we will dig her pit with the nails on our fingers!
    Kosem is in her room and Atike enters and says Kosem sultana you have won, in the end what you wanted happened, the sultanate is yours. Power, strength, it is all yours. Of course, you sacrificed how many princes and sultans for your cause? You have sacrificed all of my brothers for your love for the throne! Know that that throne is bloody. You are mistaken if you think you will be at peace on it. Sooner or later it will strangle you too. I am leaving, and I am taking Kaya with me. I will never return again. Maybe my Lord is punishing you like this...as they say, all tyrants die alone. 

    Kosem recalls Safiye's words: We are always forced to think of the future. Sultanas like us do not have time to mourn - it is such a thing, that for the sake of the future of the mighty empire, if necessary, we can even give up on our own children! Then she remembers a younger version of herself, when she was Anastasia: I will not be a sultana like that. I don't want it! I will be conscientious!"
    Kosem imagines her younger self Anastasia who says: Do you remember that day? Kosem replies: Anastasia? Anastasia: Come with me. 

    She takes Kosem to the room full of her belongings, as well a picture of Ahmet (who else got tears here?) 

    Anastasia says: Upon his last breath, you gave him a promise. He entrusted the princes, his children to you. Is this how you took care of that which was entrusted to you? Osman, Mehmet, Beyazid, Kasim, Murad! And now, Ibrahim!" Kosem says: "I did not want it to turn out this way." Anastasia says: "True, you only wanted to protect them. This was the only way - for you to become powerful. But that thing you call power, has ruined their lives...killed them! " Kosem says "What do you know Anastasia? What do you know? While you were tasting the sweetness of spring season with Ahmet, I fought with storms! I was alone in the most difficult times of my life! No was by my side!" Anastasia says: "You didn't have to be alone, you could have embraced your children.  You could have walked along with them. But you, you chose wrong. You loved the poison of power and power poisoned you. That poison poisoned you and made your eyes blind. And you were left neither with your conscience, nor your mercy nor your innocence!" Kosem: "Innocence..." Anastasia: Your real power, your armour your weapon was this - you were the apple of your mother's eye! Your father's one and only, your sister's soul. You were an almond tree, with fresh flowers that had seen no storm! A calm sea with no waves, and now? Now you are a tyrant. You became a murderer." Kosem: "No...I didn't become one...I didn't..." Anastasia: "Yes you have...you have become a murderer of your own child!" Kosem says SILENCE!" Anastasia repeats "a murderer of your own child" Kosem says silence, silence and hits someone. 

    Haci enters says my sultana? What have you done, did that servant upset you? Kosem says she is not a servant girl, she is Anastasia! Kosem says she called me murderer of my child, a murderer. Haci says my sultana, keep your senses about you, who else do we have but you? Do not scare us...see this is one of your servant girls. My sultana you have seen a hallucination. Kosem says have I killed Ibrahim? I have become a murderer of my own child! Woe is me! 


    Mehmet has grown a bit. Turhan enters, Koprulu says he will go to his very first Divan assembly. Turhan says she is so proud of him. She says you didn't forget what I said right? Mehmet says yes, I memorized it. I repeated it to Koprulu. Turhan says repeat it to me too so I can hear it. Mehmet says "I remove Valide Kosem sultana from her position as regent, in her place, I am ......Valide Turhan Sultana...Turhan says : I appoint. My son, Mehmet, there will be people who will be against this decision of yours. Especially your grandmother. She will want to scare you into retracting on your decision. Do not show weakness, do not take a step back, our future depends on this, did you understand? Mehmet nods. She says God protect you, go don't be late. 

    In the harem, Kosem is announced "Make way! Her Imperial majesty, The Great Valide Kosem Sultana!"

    In the Divan, Mehmet says before I begin the assembly, I wish everyone to hear I have made a decision. An important one. Kosem is announced: "Destur! The Great Valide, the Regent of the Sultanate, her imperial majesty, Kosem Sulana!"  

    Kosem enters, and Mehmet kisses her hand and greets her. She says you may return to your room. He replies but I haven't stated my decision yet...er...as you wish. He leaves. Kosem takes her place. Siyavush says my sultana, how can you enter our ruler's Divan and sit on his throne? This is as if you are denying his rule. Koprulu says and before everything else, it is an shout against our rules. What you have done is not acceptable under any circumstance." Kosem replies I am not one to learn the rites of the conduct from you. You forget who rules this nation. You have lost your way, you have fallen to error and negligence. Who are you to assemble the Divan without my knowledge to end my regency? 

    Huseyin says is this correct pasha?! Is this the decision our majesty was to announce?! Kosem says why are you all silent? Was this not your intention? You would end my regency first, then ask for a decree for my execution, is that not right? Hmph, how sad! You have fallen to the desire of wanting to kill me again! I saw four eras! I have driven the sultanate all these years. The nation will neither be mended nor destroyed with my death. Huseyin says they would not dare my sultana. Kosem says they would try, but they do not have enough srength. 

    BAM (slams her staff)

    "I AM THE GREAT VALIDE KOSEM SULTANA. NO ONE CAN ORDER ME. Not these carcass crows, nor that Kosem sultana who keeps them! Now each of you go tell that small Valide - she should not pick up these pointless dreams so that her son should not become motherless! Alright leave now!

    Suleyman agha tells Turhan - Kosem sultana has prohibited me and other aghas loyal to you from entering the harem at night. Suleyman says we are not allowed to exit the agha dormitory at night. Turhan says why? Suleyman agha says sarcastically - she saw it fit. Turhan says if she wants to get you out from under foot, it means the condition is suspicious. I warn you suleyman agha, keep your eyes open, warn everyone to take precautions. My son - why have you come, shouldn't you be in the assembly? Mehmet says I was, but just as I was about to breach the subject, my grandmother arrived and sent me off. Suleyman says she must have found out. Turhan says this is why she has handled the aghas, she will want to get rid of me at the first opportunity. Suleyman agha says don't worry my sultana, you will be protected in the best way. She tried before, she didn't succeed. Once again she won't be able to. 

    Dilashub arrives to see Kosem. Kosem tells her sit. Have you got to spend time with your son? Dilashub says yes, God be pleased with you my sultana, if nothing, at least I get to see his face sometimes. Kosem says good, thank God all my grandchildren are with me, my Ahmet, Suleyman and Mehmet. I wish my Orhan was here too, but before he turned one, God took him to His heaven. Dilashub says Humashah hasn't been able to recover, she is inconsolable since that day. Kosem says of course, the pain of losing a child is something else...God give my grandchildren long lives. Dilashub says Amen. Kosem says there is something of this in your hands Dilashub - if you pledge yourself to me, and be by my side, you will never leave your child's side. Who knows, maybe you will see his sultanate. Dilashub says don't have any doubts about me my sultana, I will always be loyal to you. I will never disobey.

    Kemo and little Suleyman are playing. Little Suleyman says protect yourself Kemankes! Kemo says ah you wounded me! Kosem says my brave grandson, go to your tutor, don't miss your lessons. Kemo and Kosem are alone now. Kemo says Haci has told me everything. Turhan has really crossed her limits. Kosem says yes, she poisons my grandchild against me every moment she can! Kemankes hesitates. Kemankes says will you dethrone Sultan Mehmet and put prince suleyman in his place for this reason? Kosem says Turhan has not left any other choice to me. She will take away my regency first, then strangle everyone including me. This will be the end for the princes too. Kemankes says I am aware of the situation, but prince mehmet is still a child of nine years. How can we make him carry the burden of his mother's sins? Kosem says I tried everything to be rid of Turhan, but nothing worked, and I can't leave it up to luck now.  Kemankes says my sultana, but Sultan Mehmet is your grandchild, an innocent child. Kosem says I am the one who gave up on my children for the sake of the lofty empire. I gave up on Murad and Ibrahim, so would I not give up on my grandchildren? One will go another will come. Kemo says we are working together for years now my sultana, we have passed through many fights, and many deaths, I never hesitated even once, I was always on your side. But I cannot carry the curse for this...and I ask of you not to do the same. Kosem says my decision is final. Do as I say. Kemankes says my decision is final too, I cannot carry out your order. I no longer exist. Kosem says go, you go to, and turn your back on me. I have no need for anyone! 

    At night, Lalezar has some milk prepared. The cook says lalezar kalfa, please don't...he is just a child...I swear I will burn in hell for it. Lalezar says this is what our Kosem sultana ordered...we can't do anything. Hurry up. Melek enters. Lalezar says hurry haven't you finished preparing. Melek arrives and says Lalezar have you gotten mixed up in kitchen business again? Lalezar says our Majesty's milk, you know he doesn't sleep without drinking it - let me take it at once. Melek says I have work with you Lalezar! Here woman go take this milk. Lal says what is up? Melek says you will tell me, what is going on?

    Mehmet says to Haci, I am sleepy, and bored doing this, but grandmother says I cannot sleep without completing this. Haci says this is the last one. The servant girl says I have brought our majesty's milk. Haci says alright put it here, you may leave. Kosem watches from above. 

    Turhan is being prepared for bed and Melek tells her hurry up, Kosem sultana will poison our majesty! 

    Mehmet says yay finally it's done. Haci says bed time, drink your milk and off to bed. Turhan says have you drank from it? Mehmet says I didn't what is going on?! She says oh thank God! Where is she?! Where is she! Get out, where are you! All of you will pay for this! Kosem says for what will I pay? Turhan says is this how dark your heart has become? Enough to poison your grandchild!? Kosem says silent you will scare my grandson! What is going on, what kind of game are you playing with us again?! Haci says shamelessness! How dare you accuse our sultana of such a dirty slander?! Turhan says oh yes? Then drink it so we can see?Kosem spills it out. Turhan says Atike had once said it - she said the one who doesn't pity her own child, won't pity yours. She was right. You have nothing of your mercy or your conscience left! How sad! From now on my son will stay with me. And you will never see him. If you dare again, I will become such a storm, I will not rest before crushing you! Kosem says you are with me for this many years, sat at my table, entered my council, have you learned nothing?! That storm you will cause, cannot put out a single candle of mine! 

    Turhan goes to Suleyman and says suleyman agha, bring palace guards to the privy chamber, not a single bird will fly without my knowledge. Suleyman agha says I made arrangements, whatever is needed will be done for our majesty's safety and extra precautions will be in place in the harem. Turhan says no need, until assured safety, I will stay with my son in the privy chamber. Suleyman agha says you have thought well my sultana, and Kosem has been exposed, she will not dare try it again. Turhan says for this very reason she will try again. There are no other paths before her: Either she will kill us or she will die. Gather the council, before she acts, we should take our precautions. 

    Haci brings Lalezar. Haci says my sultana, Uveys efendi (the cook) heard while she was telling Melek hatun. Kosem says did you tell her Lal? I would never have guessed you would betray me, not in a million years! Lal says and it would have never crossed my mind that you would kill a small child. Which conscience could quell that? And what would you get in your hands? Kosem says my princes Suleyman and Ahmet could live! Now because of you, they will march to death. You gave Turhan what she wanted on a gold platter! Lalezar says Turhan has done many wrong things, but her eyes have not spun enough for her to kill a small innocent child. Haci shouts COME TO YOUR SENSES AND SPEAK WITH MANNERS! Kosem says enough Haci, like every traitor, she has found her sheath...Lalezar says do you not see what trouble your ambitions cause? Everyone you loved, all those standing next to you you have lost all of them! Your sons and daughters, either they died, or do not want to see your face! Accept already, give up, your era is over. Haci says take her and execute her and then throw her in the Bosporus. Lal says I will die at ease with my conscience and you? Kosem shouts TAKE HER AWAY!

    Kosem meet with her men, she says  Turhan is trying to remove me from regency and kill me. She is trying everything to achieve this. Afterwards, she will write a decree for the princes lives. This will break the spirits and trust of the people and the soldiers. We must dethrone Sultan Mehmet for the safety of the people and ourselves. Bektas agha, gather men loyal to me and march to the Square, before morning prayer, you will march on the palace. Kuscu Mehmet will open the gates. Bektas says Turhan sultana hides our majesty like her own eyes. Her armed men surround the palace. Huseyin says we can take them. Kosem says you will, along with Kuscu, secure the harem, aid the Janissaries. And Huseyin pasha, the most difficult part befalls you, you will seize Sultah Mehmet. Huseyin says the orders are our imperial sultana's. I will contact Kemankes pasha too, he will get ready. Kosem says there is no Kemo, he has made his choice, our paths have separated now. Bektas says will we lock Sultan Mehmet in the boxwoods? Kosem says no, after what happened with Sultan Ibrahim, I do not want another revolt to erupt. Sultan Mehmet and his mother Turhan Sultan must be executed! 

    Huseyin goes to Kemo and says Turhan sultana has found out about the matter with the poison. Kemo says how? Huseyin says someone betrayed. And now they have secured Sultan Mehmet in the privy chamber. Kemo says if that was all it would be good, but Turhan sultana has gathered the statesmen and scholars, the punishment for trying to kill the Padisah is obvious - they will ask for Valide Sultana's execution. Huseyin says we will not allow it Mustafa! Kosem sultana gave the order. The Janissaries will open the harem doors. Turhan and them will be put to the sword. And tomorrow morning, Prince Suleyman will get on the throne. Kemankes says I tried to warn her, I tried to stop her, nothing worked. After Sultan Ibrahim's execution, it is like her soul withdrawn...she became someone else. Huseyin says whatever happened, happened. If we do not intervene, blood will be spilled. Turhan sultana will not let Kosem sultana or the princes alive! 

    Turhan is with Koprulu and Siyavush. Siya says it is crazy, how did Kosem sultana dare to do this? Koprulu says she lot her patience, by attacking our majesty, she has hastened her own end. Turhan says she is aware of reality now - her era is over. Tonight the Janissaries will attack the palace. Siya says how is this possible, are you certain? She nods at suleyman who allows Kuscu mehmet enter, she says tell them what you told me. Kuscu says Kosem gathered her assembly, she has made an agreement with the barracks aghas, they will come at night and kill our sultan and sultana. Koprulu says how do we know you are telling us the truth? You have served Kosem sultana for years. And if this is a trap?! Kuscu says the one who will fall into the trap tonight will be Kosem sultana, I will ensure it. For my father's blood! She will finally get what she deserves. Turhan say I have trusted Kuscu, you do too, now let us speak of what precautions to take. Siya says if we work first, and execute princes suleyman and ahmet, then the matter will be taken care of at it's root. Turhan says get that possibility out of your mind. If I kill innocent children, what difference will there be between her and myself? While I am alive, no prince will be killed. 

    Kosem prunes the roses in the garden with Haci. She says Haci, the Jasmins, have you planted them there. Haci says God's wisdom, they have grown there on their own. You loved them very much...the late Sultan Ahmet had them planted in every corner of your secret garden. Kosem says after Ahmet, they all died and I didn't plant anymore. Because the scent reminded me of loved ones, my family, my home, my beloved. I thought if I didn't smell it my missing them would fade. I thought I could forget them all. Haci says can a human ever forget who they love? Is that possible? Kosem says no, they cannot. I wanted the end of my life be different, free from separation and death, I wanted a rose garden scent but it didn't happen...

    Kemankes arrives. My sultana? She says if you have come to make me go back on my decision then you are too late. He says not to change your mind, but to be by your side. I am accepting of everything that comes from you my sultana, your wrath, your favour...may it all be on my head. She says you said you are no longer on my path? He says "I understood that you are my road, you are my destination. Years ago, the ropes of fate tied me to you so much so that only death can separate me from you." 

    Kemankes' voice: The ground she steps on, is the very joy of my soul! Anyway it is because the grass has taken something from the step she has imprinted on it, that it has become a rose, jasmine! O my Sultana! The place you plant your feet, gives you fruits, and when the flowers and grass are dried up, how can the ground lift its face? Look at the things growing on the ground and all around. They are, like us, in madly and crazed by love with some power. The merry and the downcast, the good the bad, all circulates around you. Because O my Sultana, the sun of your face does not hide in the skies, not take shelter in the soul or the world. When this is the case, then the thing that is most shocking is that it came and sought shelter in my heart! In me! It chose my heart as it's home! (how beautiful is this guysssss?!)

     Nightfall: Bektash says what are we waiting for my pasha. Kemankes says we await Haci's signal. When everything is ready, a light will be lit in the tower of justice. And that is when we will step into action. Haci enters and says we have moved prince Suleyman and Dilasub sultana upstairs (in Kosem's room). They will be safer near you. Kosem says great. Come Haci, she motions for him to sit next to her. She says "how many nights like this we spent in anxiety with you. How many times we fought death back to our hearts from our mouths."Haci says "a life is not enough to remember all of the times, my sultana. But thankfully, we saw the son reborn, due to you." Kosem says: "DId you never tire? DId you never think to leave at all?" Haci says "when I came to the palace, I heard your name. The small Greek girl Nasya. They said you were a wild wolf when they tried to hold you down. The fire has not died in your eyes, just like that very first days. And that fire makes us - myself- and the servants around you, like moths attracted to a flame. Kosem says your presence gives me strength. Haci says the time has come my sultana. 

    Haci exits and says to the two men, I am going to light it, you go wait by the harem gates, when the Janissaries enter, you will escort the them. Beshir control the harem. Beshir says Turhan's people are unawares. Haci says everyone be careful, one mistake can be our end. Kuscu says do not worry, everything will go as planned. Haci says okay, go now, may we be victorious. 

    When Haci enters the tower, Turhan is there. She says so the time has come?! Haci says I do not get what you imply? Turhan says don't waste your breath. Are you not all full of blood? How many more sultans will you take from their thrones and their lives? Haci says you threw the first stone! You started the war. Our Valide sultana loved you like her own daughter. She trusted you more than anyone and what did you do? You betrayed her. Turhan says I did not betray. Just like Kosem did years ago, I am protecting the state and the household. Now you have a chance, come to my side or, die with Kosem sultana. Haci says he would rather die. 

    Kemankes says the light should have been lit long ago! Huseyin says no don't do anything, it will put our sultana at risk. Kemo says I cannot wait, if Turhan has found out, then Kosem is in danger, and I cannot leave her alone. Huseyin says I will come too then, I will no leave you alone with those wolves. Kemo says we need to find a way in. Huseyin says remember the tunnel we helped you escape from? We can get in form there. Kemo says great, and Bektash agha, we will go in, you bring the Janissaries to the harem door. Bektash says as you command.

    Suleyman throws Haci on the ground and there are shouts and cries from the girls. The agha says what is going on suleyman agha?  what are you doing? Turhan says it is too late for Haci, but not for you all. If you pledge yourselves with me, your Valide sultana and your Padishah, I will forgive you. Suleyman says Kosem sultana tried to kill our padisah! We have a decree for her! You will hand her over at once. Beshir says no we will not. If you want our Valide sultana, you will have to rip our bodies! Kuscu says then we will! Turhan says do not let listen to their please, no mercy, no pity! 

    Kosem hears noises and says is that the Janissaries? Dilasub says who else can it be? finally, they are coming. Suleyman says I am afraid mother, what is going on? Kosem says do not be afraid my lion, it is nothing. Dilasub go put our prince to bed. Don't leave his side. Aghas! The aghas enter and lock the door. Kosem locks the terrace as well.

    Kemo tells Huseyin to open the doors for the Janissaries and h will check on Kosem. Huseyin says be careful! Do not take action without us. Be in God's care. Kemankes says you too Huseyin. 

    Huseyin opens the gates and sees all the dead  Janissaries with Siyavus who says Admiral, you thought you could enter just like that and dethrone the Sultan? But you have been exposed. Kosem sultana's death order has been signed, Kemankes' as well. But, I like you pasha, I never had any quarrel with you, go on your way, save yourself. I spare you. Huseyin says the life you "spare" I have no need for it!!!! He is taken away.

    Kemo finds Beshir and says Beshir, what happened? He says Kuscu betrayed us, he set a trap, go save our Kosem sultana hurry! Koprulu says Kemankes Mustafa, it was up to here. It is over. Kosem sultana saved you from our hands years ago but, now she cannot. Kemankes dies. 

    Kosem is in her room. Kosem says have they come? Suleyman agha says they have come, come to the courtyard. Kosem says it is Suleyman, do not allow him in! 

    The doors open and Suleyman tells Dilasub so Kosem hid you here? Dilasub says please have mercy, we have no crime, we did whatever Kosem told us to. Suleyman says take them. Dilasub says I did nothing, let me go! Suleyman tells Kuscu, Dilasub and SUleyman are here, did you find Kosem sultana? Kuscu says no, she has disappeared! Suleyman ARGH! Find her at once! Hurry! Kuscu says look everywhere, do not come back without Kosem sultana. 

    Kuscu notices a secret door and finds Kosem. He finds her in the room full of her belongings and sees the hem of her skirt. SHe says Kuscu?! He says you spared me and sent me to Egypt, you thought I would forget the past. That I would forget how you murdered my father! 

    Kosem says there was sneakiness in your blood! How sad, I had mercy on you! Suleyman enters and says this is where you are hiding Kosem sultana. Kosem says MIND YOUR MANNERS, KNOW YOUR PLACE! I AM VALIDE KOSEM SULTANA. LEAVE ME, DO NOT TOUCH ME! LET ME GO! DON'T TOUCH ME. LET ME GO. LET GO SO YOUR LIFE MAY BE SPARED. THE JANISSARIES WILL COME AND THEY WILL TAKE YOUR LIVES. 

    Suleyman says no one will come, because they are all dead. You are all that is left. Kosem shouts "LET ME GO! Let me go! Stupid Suleyman agha says WALK WOMAN! (How dare you!)

    Kosem's voice: Now, in a very long night, I was a candle that had to withstand the wind, all by myself. They didn't know how deep my wounds were. My sorrows that reached every inch of me, my grief. They do not know how every face I saw before me was making my eyes quiver as they they took in the sight! Is peace of loyalty of friendship  like the flowers of spring, that wither and die. or does it stay forever, does it have power? Where is that writer of the heart that burned the candle? Does it write about our conditions (right now) and if it does, who sees it? Who will hear (about our condition). O the one who knows about my heart. Do not hold my mouth, otherwise my heart which is wounded will flood the place with blood. 


    Suleyman asks if she is dead. Kuscu says she is dead. The disgusting girls tear off her pearls. 

    Kosem's voice: "O discord! That causes chaos! GET UP! Douse water on your soul. Grab morsels of your fire with glee. The fire is your son. And, it is thirsty for your blood! Get up! Get up to die again and again! 

    (Stupid girls go AHHHH is the sultana alive? Stupid disgusting girls! She probably clothed and fed them this whole time!)

    Kosem: "The hand of death that reaches out has touched me...it is very cold, my body is cold, my soul and my heart. "O people. I was on the seventh level on earth. Hear me, look at me, know me. I am The Great mother, the Mother of the believers, Master of the Office, The Elder Valide, The Murdered Mother, Kosem Sultana! The refreshing rain is finished. The sweetness of spring. The lights have gone out. I have left, I have left the home of this world that has six doors. No right, no left, no death, no back no forward, no top, no bottom, the doors have closed. Before me, a journey unimaginable."

    THE END! 

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