• Kosem Sultan Episode 24 Translation


    Ahmet dreams. When he wakes up he sees Kosem sitting on the balcony looking worried. She recalls telling the witch lady she'll give whatever it takes for Ahmet to recover (the last time he was ill) the lady had said that she would see all those she loves die before her eyes. He goes to her and she asks if he is alright. He asks her what the doctor said to her and she says after hesitating, that the illness has progressed, you only have a couple of weeks. Ahmet responds saying who is the doctor who tells me how long I can live? Only God knows how many days I have left. He was always with me, He always gave me a sign to what will happen. No death (now), I will recover. Kosem says with God's permission we will be rid of this trouble, you will recover. 

    Ahmet prays in his Mosque. He says "my God, I thank you thousands of times for everything you have bestowed upon this humble servant of yours. I have believed and accepted that if you say be, we are, if you say die, we die. My Allah, death is a mirror, if you are of faith, if you are sweet, that is how your death will be. If you are evil, your death will be bad. If you are Yusuf, and beautiful, your death will be beautiful. If you are ugly, the mirror will show you your ugliness. Oh my Allah, make me beautiful like your Yusuf, forgive my sins, make my death painless. I belong to you, and I await to return to you. If this illness takes me to you, then I am willing. You taking my life, death will be sweet."

    Safiye hurriedly prepares to set out and save Iskender. She hopes she is not late. Meanwhile, Humashah tells her servants to go to the ports and get a ship ready, waiting, and set to go at a moment's notice and that Zulfikar is not to find out about it. They leave and Zulfi enters. He says you stayed with your mother last night? She says what did you expect? Did you think we would continue on as if nothing happened? I am losing my brother because of you. Zulfi says do not worry nothing will happen to him. Humashah says these are empty words, do you think Kosem will just sit and do nothing?

    Kosem tells Ahmet he has to eat and drink properly. Ahmet says don't worry whatever you say? Also where is Iskender? Aghas! Call Iskender! Kosem tells the aghas to leave them alone. She then tells Ahmet that she already sent the palace guards to get Iskender...Ahmet says what does this mean, did he do something wrong? Kosem says Ahmet, Iskender is Safiye sultan's son! He is a shehzade. 

    Iskender sleeps and hears knocking...

    Kosem tells Ahmet that she just found out from Zulfikar who told her to find a solution. Ahmet says this is impossible, he's been the closest to me, with me for years! Kosem says I did not believe either at first, but then I investigated, I looked into the harem records, he is the Yahya who was killed at the age of 3. 

    Safiye tells Iskender they must leave at once. He says without you telling me what is going on, I wil go nowhere. 

    Kosem tells Ahmet that Safiye has known for years now, and has hidden it and that her intentions are clear. She is also the one who sent Yasemin to the harem. And that she is probably behind your illness...how do you know she did not poison you like your father (slowly and painfully)

    Safiye tells Iskender that Kosem has found out he about who he is. Iskender says oh that is why she came here. Safiye says how, she came here? Iskender says yes, last night she came here asking me to ask Ahmet for permission and leave the Capitol. Safiye says that this is a game and that they cannot stay here any longer. Iskender says but where can I go? She says I have thought of everything. We will go to the port, Humashah has a ship prepared, we will send you somewhere no one can find you. Hurry up, we do not have much time.

    Guards, Haci and Davut are heading to Iskender's. Davut comments he must have done something really bad for the guards to be sent this way to get him. Haci says I do not know what the reason is. 

    Halime scolds her servant for not being careful with Mustafa's medication. Menekshe responds that it is hard he doesn't take it. Osman is announced. Halime welcomes him and wonders why he is there. Osman says he has to speak to him about Mustafa. 

    Safiye and Iskender start off but the guards arrive from both sides and they are trapped. Safiye says no! stay away!

    Osman tells Halime that when they were walking together, Mustafa threw gold into the fish basin and when he asked him why he did that, he said I am feeding the fish. Osman says it seems his condition is bad. Dilruba scolds him saying what did you expect? He was stuck for years in that cage, fearing being executed. Halime begs Osman not to speak about - Osman quickly says do not worry, I haven't told anyone and I will not say anything to anyone. I simply feel bad for him, we need to do something. Halime says I give him medicine, all he needs is our care and love. He will get better in time. 

    Safiye cries out for her son as the guards take him. She says he is a prince! He is a prince!!!

    Haci then inspects Iskender's apartment.

    Halime is with her son and asks him why he doesn't take his medication. He says he does. She tells him how Osman visited her and told her about the fish incident. She says don't you notice you make me sad, why are you doing this? He says I don't wish to make you sad. Halime says then stop being stubborn, take your medication and listen, so I can protect you. Now rest for a bit. She leaves, Pinhan then says your mother cannot protect you anymore, Osman will tell Ahmet about you, we must run away at the soonest opportunity! A ship will come get you! 

    Kosem speaks to the doctor and says we have to find a way. the doctor says we have done everything, but, there is a Jewish doctor, he is very experienced in stomach illnesses, let us have him take a look. Kosem says get him at once and no one is to hear about this. 

    Ahmet speaks to Zulfi saying, I heard you were hurt. I heard it was because of Iskender. They tried to silence you from speaking up about him being a prince. Is that right? Humashah, despite knowing this, has hidden it from me. Zulfi says please know she has not ever betrayed you, same as myself. 

    Humashah goes to her mother and asks what is going on. Safiye says they took him, we were too late. They took my shehzade! Humashah asks how. Safiye says we need to do something, Iskender is going to his death...

    Zulfikar tells Kosem we had agreed that we were not going to tell our Hunkar. Kosem says yes but Iskender found out about who he is. I could not allow him to leave while he knew, he is a threat to our Hunkar now. 

    Humashah and Safiye arrive at the palace. Humashah is allowed inside, Safiye has to wait outside. Safiye says go save Iskender!

    Iskender is brought before Ahmet. Davut starts to speak but Ahmet waves him away. Ahmet approaches Iskender and checks his birthmark. 

    Meanwhile Kosem comes across Humashah. Kosem says don't bother, whatever you do is pointless. Humashah says our Hunkar will listen to me. Kosem says after all these years of hiding the truth from him do you think he will listen to you? Humashah says Iskender was going to leave. We were going to send him. Everyone would be happy. Kosem says let's not fool ourselves, there is no world where everyone can be happy and at peace.

    Ahmet says to Iskender: You came through these doors many times, you were always with me, you were the closest, and I find out you were trying to run away with your mother, Safiye sultan. Were you going to get on her side and revolt? Iskender says no, I did not know who I was for years, I have just found out like you. Ahmet says and as soon as you did you tried to run away. Iskender says it is true, but my intention was not to betray you. I did not know what to think or what to do, I simply wanted to leave, to go away. Ahmet says no one can escape the fate that awaits them. No one can. 

    Humashah returns to her mother and says there is no decision yet, Iskender is being held in the Rumeli fortress. Safiye says you haven't spoken to him?! Humashah says Ahmet is not accepting to see me, mother. But I will stay here, you return and await word from me.

    Dilruba meets with Davut, thinking it is about the marriage, but he says don't worry, it is about something else - the Hasodabas (head chamberlain) Iskender is Safiye's son, meaning he is a shehzade.   

    Humashah insists on seeing Ahmet and Ahmet accepts. She says I have done great wrong - I made a mistake hiding it from you, but please understand me - he is my brother. I was afraid, I was afraid for his life. Ahmet says I have great respect and love for you, I always gave you worth and value, how sad, I get this in return. You have done things behind my back - you got together with your mother and wanted to dig a hole for me. Humashah says no, I swear, Zulfikar pasha is my witness, my only intention was for my brother to live. Ahmet tells her to leave. She says please, do not withhold your mercy from me, you know as well that Iskender has no fault in this, he is innocent, he is, as always, loyal to you.

    Safiye asks to see Ahmet at the gates, but the guards tell her it is prohibited. She says then go tell him, I will not leave (until I am seen). 

    Iskender says to Zulfi, so you knew too, but you chose to tell Kosem instead of me. You put my life in danger. Zulfi says I only wanted to take precautions against Safiye - she made an attempt on my life. And Kosem wanted to save you too. Iskender says how strange, I saved Kosem's life so many times but she thinks me being alive is a threat. Mehmet Giray asks what is going on, what Iskender has done. Zulfi says he will stay here for a while. Mehmet is happy, saying great he can be a friend, I have been so bored here. 

    Kosem comments to Ahmet that Safiye is going to wait until he sees her. Ahmet says let her wait. Then Kosem asks about Iskender saying are you going to forgive him? Ahmet says Iskender only just found out as well, he looks innocent, and I have never seen a mistake from him till now. He has also saved your life. He is good, trustworthy, loyal. Kosem says this is before he knew he was a prince, I am not sure if he can be trusted any longer. He was escaping with Safiye sultan. Ahmet says he never had anyone of his family killed so far and does not want to do it now either. Kosem says that Iskender can carry the blood of the family, but he cannot be one of the family, he is a threat to our children - he is older and stronger than all of them. If he so chooses and the opportunity arises he won't spare anyone. Think well Ahmet - the decision you make can change the fate of the Dynasty. 

    Ahmet coughs up blood and recalls the first day he finds out he will be crowned Sultan and he does not want the throne saying I didn't get (want) on the throne but it is being thrown on me! 

    Osman tells Meleksema that for years they did not see their uncle, and they forget about him, perhaps because they didn't want to think of him. Mel asks what he did wrong? Osman says traitors used him to dethrone my father and my father chose this solution in order not to have to take his life. Mel says so scary, and will you do the same for your siblings? Osman says I would never do this. I cannot. My heart won't allow it. 

    Kosem tells the new doctor there is no time to lose, he heard what the head doctor has said. The new doctor says he thinks the head doctor was hasty in his diagnosis. and that he will look over his books and get some medication ready and return. Ahmet says to Kosem see? No need to worry. Kosem says I do not want a single day without you. 

    Bulbul tells Safiye that Ahmet will not come she should return and not wait in this cold. He is overcome with emotion and says they have tied my hands, I am unable to help you, please return to your palace. She doesn't listen. 

    Ahmet tells Kosem that he had a dream that he enters their secret palace and there is snow all over and that he sees his throne, thinking it is empty, but when he gets close, he sees her sleeping on his throne, and he touches her face, she opens her eyes and smiles at him, he finds life and then he kisses her and their is light that lit the whole place up and they got lost in each other in the light. Kosem says are we not already like that? Are we not one? He says I believe with all my heart, this is a sign from God that I will not go leaving you. She says God willing, this is my only prayer. 

    Iskender is brought some food.

    Zulfikar finds Humashah resting and asks if she is a bit better. She says how can I be okay, my brother is in between cold walls, waiting for death and my mother is outside the palace doors. I gave you my secret. I trusted you, what did you do? You went and told Kosem. How can I trust you from now on? He says you had once told me your greatest weakness is your mother. There is nothing left that has not befallen you because of her. And she is the reason behind all this! Maybe good will come out of this - I have full faith in our Hunkar's sense of justice. He will spare Iskender. 

    Kosem enters her room tells everyone to get out. Meleki says what will happen to Iskender, Kosem tells her to go to bed, Meleki begs,  please help him, our Hunkar will listen to you, please help. ...how can I sleep? Please.. Kosem says enough! I am already wretched with worry! Our Hunkar is in death's claws and I can't be dealing with your matters of the heart! All of you get out and leave me alone. 

    Outside, Cennet asks Eycan what Kosem meant when she said that, Eycan says it's nothing serious Ahmet has some stomach problems, and Kosem is emotional during this time. 

    Kosem sits with the Quran to pray and Ahmet meanwhile coughs up blood. He recalls Dervish saying to him, let anyone say what they want, do what they want, God takes to account and he has written your fate, no one can change it! Ahmet says and what is God showing me (what signs). Dervish says a magnificent future!

    Safiye has spent the night waiting and Lala arrives saying my Sultana, I thought you were working for Osman's future, but you had other dreams...you have a son, a prince! He leaves and as the doors open, Safiye and Ahmet's eyes meet. She gives up when the doors close and Bulbul shakes his head, but, Ahmet is announced and the doors open.

    She says my Hunkar Grandson - he says I am listening to you for the last time. There will be no other chance. Safiye says I know that you do not forget the past and for my hiding Iskender, your anger is great - but I could not send my son to death knowingly, right? Ahmet, I am appealing to your conscience Ahmet, Iskender is innocent, he has done nothing wrong, if I am what makes you worried, if you think I have poisoned his mind, please do not take this out on my son. Please forgive him. If you will take a head, take mine. We are willing! Ahmet says are you finished? And then leaves.

    Iskender is feeding pigeons and Mehmet Giray approaches and says the guards say you are a shehzade, is that true? Iskender says I do not know who I am anymore. Mehmet says if we have each other's backs, we can be free, I have men on the outside. They can help us. Iskender says and after? Mehmet says then those who support you, especially the Janissaries - you grew up among them. Then I will gather my support. We will burn the fires of revolt together. You will take the Ottoman throne, I will take the Crimean throne that is my due. Iskender says what throne what rule? I never had these kinds of ambitions or dreams. Mehmet says yesterday yes, but now you are a shehzade, if you want to stay alive, it would be good that you start dreaming of the throne. 

    Ahmet is announced in the Divan and he says before opening, he would like to announce that there will be a wedding for Dilruba sultan's marriage - to - his second Vizier, Davut pasha. 

    The new doctor speaks to Kosem and says I investigated and the matter is not serious as we thought, and I found a medication for curing him, it is quite effective and has cured many people. Kosem thanks God and the doctor. 

    Cennet sits with Lala who says that he heard about Safiye hiding a son for years and then he ask her where her head is. She doesnt say so he says do we have any secrets? Tell me. Cennet says okay but if anyone hears it will be bad so he has to promise not to. He says promise. She says our hunkar is very ill, his condition is bad. As I understand it, he does not have much time left. He says are you sure? She says yes. 

    The doctor tells Ahmet that he has told Kosem that there is medication and she believes it is going to cure him. Ahmet says good, I need her smile. The doctor hands the medication says it will not cure you, but it will ease your pain and keep you on your head. Ahmet says you have treated so many people and this is all you can give me. The doctor says I wish I could do something...Ahmet tells him to go he wants to be alone. He recalls Kosem saying I will be with you every breathe you take, every step you take, I will be with you always, closest to you as you become an even greater ruler. Such a bright future awaits us, as you conquer the world I will raise our children. He says God is my witness, my greatest victory is you! 

    Cennet tells Lala that if Ahmet dies she does not know what will happen. Lala says the right will go to Osman,  and hopefully no trouble will happen and they will take their place next to the new Sultan. Cennet says what trouble? Lala says Kosem sultan, she will want her own son Mehmet on the throne. Cennet says no, she would never she never treats Osman differently than her own children. Lala says yes for now, but you will see...for Kosem sultan will not care for Osman or Mustafa.

    Halil pasha asks Davut what he is doing behind his back. Davut says watch yourself, this is not befitting you. Halil says what did you do that you took Dilruba from me? Davut says our Hunkar say this fit! and watch when you take Dilruba's name, she is now my future wife! They get into a scuffle. 

    Ahmet has to take some of the medication and Kosem arrives saying thank God, Isaac Efendi has found a cure! Ahmet says smile now. She says if you smile, I smile, if you are well, I am well. He says God willing we will be rid of this trouble too. I have decided to wed Dilruba and Davut, I want you to take care of the preparations. Kosem wonders she thought it was Halil. He says Dilruba says they came across each other a few times, and I got it that she had him in her heart. Kosem says I know you, anytime it's about someone's happiness, you do everything (for them). 

    Menekshe announces that Ahmet has announced her wedding to Davut. Dilruba is happy and says thank God! did you hear mother? Halime says what can I say, I hope it is for the best. Dilruba says your worry is misplaced, he is the groom you were searching for. 

    Cennet scolds Meleki saying what are you asking me, how am I supposed to know what will happen to Iskender. Meleki says if only I were to see him...Eycan says he is a shehzade, I don't understand, what do you think will happen to him?! Kosem arrives and announces that Ahmet will recover! Bad days are over, speak to Halime about wedding prep because Ahmet has asked me to take care of it. Also go to the tailor, I will have a special dress made. 

    PART 2

    Ahmet enters the jewellery master and asks for a set of earrings that is special, something with no comparison and he says it will take a few weeks. Ahmet says you have two weeks, it should be done by my sister's wedding. The master says but how will that be possible?Ahmet says that is your matter - show your full talent - do not embarrass  me. 

    Dilruba's wedding is being announced and that the people are invited for feasting and celebration. Ahmet and Zulfi make the rounds in the market. They take a seat and Zulfi says winter is coming and that they say it will be cold, and why not do this wedding in the spring. Ahmet says there is no other spring for me, it won't happen. Zulfi says no you will see many springs God willing. Ahmet's expression is enough for Zulfi to understand something is wrong. 

    Lala tels Osman that after the wedding he should focus even more on his lessons and to be prepared because they know not what tomorrow will bring...that he has at an age his father got on the throne. Osman says what is going on, where is this coming from suddenly? Lala says you will go for sanjak, it is not an easy matter. 

    Ahmet has told Zulfi about his illness. Zulfi says how? But this illness where has it come from? What do the doctors say, is there no hope at all? Ahmet says we always keep hope in our Lord, but we must think of all possibilities and act while keeping those in mind. I have no one I can trust, you are the only one left. Kosem and my children are entrusted to you. Do not leave their side, do not let enmity come between you. Zulfi says this should not happen, you are too young! Ahmet says how can we escape Allah's arrows? What befalls us is to trust in him and pray. I ask one more thing of you. Zulfi says order me Hunkarim, order me. Ahmet says I have made a decision about Iskender. 

    Kosem asks Mehmet her son how Osman and his relationship, that she doesn't hear anything from them, Mehmet says because we do not speak much, anyway it won't be needed, Osman says he is going to go for Sanjak...it seems he has told you about it. Kosem says he has, but it is early, the time will come both of you will go. Not now. 

    Dilruba speaks to her bother telling him she will visit him often. Mustafa says he will await her and then wishes her happiness in her marriage.  Their mother arrives to tell Dilruba her marriage ceremony has taken place. Meanwhile, Pinhan tells Mustafa that he should prepare because tonight the ship will come to take him

    Dilruba is congratulated by her brother Ahmet who says my precious sister, the time has come. I hope I have not ever made you sad or hurt your feelings. Dilruba says never, I am happy because of you. He gives her a necklace as a gift. She says may God not take you from us. 

    Iskender is being taken and he asks where they are going. A guard tells him that they are going to the palace, that Ahmet wishes to see him. Mehmet Giray calls out after him, they will execute you shehzade Iskender, you should have listened to me while there was still time.

    Dilruba and Davut are together and he says finally we are together. She says we have wed twice, do no ever forget that. You promised me twice. He says if this is a dream, I pray to God to never wake me. She says this is not a dream, I am reality itself. This is our last winter, our spring will come soon.

    Iskender is brought to the palace and comes face to face with Zulfikar. He greets him and Zulfi says you wait (to the guards) and enters with Zulfikar. 

    Ahmet says I am thinking since I found out. I have finally made a decision. I have believed and accepted that you have no fault in this matter. I have spared your life. Iskender kisses his robes and says you have bestowed this on me with your big heart. Ahmet says but it is impossible for you to stay any longer in the Capitol. It is my order - I have appointed Iskender to the governorship of Mora. He will go at once and you (Zulf) will escort him there. Iskender says as you wish my Hunkar, I will not disappoint your trust in me, I will always remain loyal to you. Ahmet says this is the only thing I wanted from you - loyalty!

    Osman admires the royal horses and Meleksema says you really love horses don't you? Osman says they say that heaven is found between the two ears of a horse. Horses make me happy. She says and me? He says your place is different, you are the star of my happiness. He sees a beautiful grey horse and a black horse and asks who they are, and the stable hand says they are brought especially for the Sultan's stable. He says look Meleksema, how beautiful their colours are!

    Kosem meets Iskender in the hall. He says our Hunkar has made a decision about me, he has spared my life and I am appointed governor of Mora. I had told you that night I would leave the Capitol but you prevented me and exposed me, you wanted me dead. Why my Sultana? Why did you do this? Kosem says (I did it) because you hid that you had found out about the truth. I thought you must be planning something secret/had a secret intention with your mother. Iskender says   
    I have never betrayed our Hunkar, and I never will. But that was not the reason right? It was because you wanted revenge from Safiye sultan - to avenge your sister! Had Ahmet taken my life, you would have been even with her. Kosem says I did what was needed for my Hunkar and the Ottoman dynasty because I have not even an atoms worth of trust in your mother! Iskender says you no longer have a head chamberlain standing before you, but a shehzade. know your place! I am the dynasty you speak of!

    Mehmet arrives and Osman says look our Hunkar's new horses. Mehmet says very beautiful. I just spoke to my mother about your sanjak matter - I say don't set high hopes, mother has not even spoken to our Hunkar. Osman says she promised she will speak to him today tomorrow. Mehmet says she just said that to keep you quiet, because she told me it is impossible, because he wont send you. 

    Halime enters Mustafa's rooms and asks what he is doing alone and says come let us go there are celebrations in the harem. Mus says I am reading I won't go. She says did you take your medication You didn't did you...why do you do this? Pinhan tells him not to drink it because she wants to put him to sleep but he has to go (on the ship). Mus says I dont want it mother, it makes me sleepy...Halime says you will drink it if you do not want our Hunkar to find out (about your madness). She leaves and he spits it out as soon as she is gone. Pinhan tells him has done the right thing. 

    Humashah is with her mother. Iskender is entering the hall towards the room as well. Humashah tells her mother she will fall ill she neither eats nor drinks. Just then Iskender enters. Safiye says my son, my prince, how did you get out? Iskender says with our Hunkar's order. He forgave me. Humashah says God accepted our prayers. Iskender says I do not have much time, I have come to bid farewell, our Hunkar did not see it fit for me to stay here, I am appointed to Mora governorship. I must leave at once. Safiye says so he exiled you? He is once again separating you from your family. Humashah says at lease we know you will be alive. Do not worry, we shall find a way soon to bring my brother back. Safiye says when you were near we missed you, how will we handle you being far away? At least embrace me once! Let us take your smell to keep in memory while you are absent. 

    Zulfikar waits in the hall when the doors open Humashah is surprised to see him. Iskender says that he will escort him there, they will be going together. Safiye says so I have to entrust the wolf to the lamb then? Zulfikar says while you were not even aware of Iskender, I raised him and took care of him, he was raised in my hands. Safiye says you will call him shehzadem, he is my son, you will respect him. Zulfikar says shall we go now my shehzade?

    Kosem enters Ahmet's chamber and he calls out to her but she looks unhappy. She says you have forgiven Iskender, I heard. And Safiye is celebrating, she will do whatever she can to put her son on the throne and that day Iskender will betray. Ahmet says that will not happen. Kosem says how do you know? If he goes and betrays while he is governor? He is now a threat to you. I am not saying kill him, just keep him here in the Capitol so you can keep an eye on him. Iskender is not as innocent as you think, he has long betrayed you - maybe not for your power or throne but he has set his eyes on your most precious thing in existence (precious being). Ahmet says I know 
    and he recalls Haci saying I did as you ordered and went to Iskender's home and found this amongst his other belongings. It is apparent that he has wrong feelings towards our Sultana, but be certain our Sultana is innocent, she does not even know about this matter. 

    Kosem says I swear on my children, I have no fault in this! Ahmet comforts her saying I would doubt myself before you. And when it comes to Iskender, he will pay for his disloyalty and betrayal to me. 

    Zulfikar orders the mean to take a rest stop. Iskender says that day our Hunkar called me to him, I thought everything was over. But I was wrong, he has as always, shown his sense of justice to me. Zulfi says yes this is the second time, once when you were acemi and now when you are a shehzade...when I think of everything, I am still shocked. Iskender says a lot has changed, but one thing has not - my loyalty to our Hunkar. Zulfi says I know Iskender, if I have hurt you during these recent incidents, please forgive me. Iskender says what forgiveness, you can never hurt me. Iskender then sees a grave and says this grave was dug for me right? Zulfikar motions to the guards who surround him. Iskender says so our Hunkar has ordered for my execution right? Zulfikar says kneel down Iskender and then he says Shehzade Iskender Hazretleri, you are being executed by order of Sultan Ahmet. 

    Humashah asks her mother why she is still troubled, that Iskender has been saved and she should be happy now. Safiye says while he is away from me, happiness is prohibited for me. I have a bad feeling, if we could only find out that our son is safe and sound...

    Iskender says his last prayers/testimony of faith and says my pasha, be rest assured, if there is any rights you owe me/have hurt me/anything you have done against me, I forgive you and settle all accounts. and I wish that you should forgive me any rights I owe you and settle all accounts with me as well. Zulfikar touches his shoulder and says, you are forgiven. (the literal translation is difficult to translate into English, but Hakkini helal et is like when someone says please forgive me if I have done anything wrong to you, or not given you your rightful due, can be said anytime, often said when some matter is conducted, if someone wrongs someone, if someone is going away, or dying etc. It is quite a lovely tradition in my opinion). Anyway, then, Zulfikar "strangles" him. Then he checks for his pulse. pats his head and then asks Behram agha to bury him properly and leaves. 

    Mustafa packs somethings and Pinhan "tells" him now is the time, we have to go. Mustafa says let's go. 

    Osman asks Kosem if she has spoken to Ahmet, she says she has not had the possibility because they are going through tough times. Osman says I am not a child mother, I am aware that you are dawdling (on this matter). Kosem says what kind of words are those?! He says is it a lie? you told Mehmet I am not going. If you wont speak to our Hunkar, I will speak to him. Kosem says as your mother I want the best for you, when the times comes you will go of course, but it is early yet. 

    Mustafa meanwhile calls for the aghas and says gather my books and then beats them up and goes out. 

    Safiye takes her coffee and is about to drink when Bulbul says our Shehzade has been saved. Safiye says but they separated our child from us, but at least we know now that he is alive - what is that? Bulbul says Haci gave it to him and Ahmet has sent it. Safiye says open it let us see what our Hunkar has sent to us! It is Iskender's clothing and the inscribed shirt. She cries, they killed my son, they killed my son! Bulbul they killed my son! He says no don't! 

    Zulfikar enters his palace. Humashah asks why he has returned and was he not taking Iskender to his sanjak? What is this condition of yours, she asks. Speak Zulfikar, what is the matter? Zulfikar says Humashah Iskender...She asks what? speak what has happened to Iskender?! What HAPPENED TO MY BROTHER?! He says with our Hunkar's order, he has been executed. She says what? How? I thought he was forgiven?! No, you are lying! you are lying...until I see it with my own eyes I will not believe it. He says I saw it with my own eyes. You are lying she says. YOU ARE LYING, YOU ARE LYING! 

    Mustafa has climbed onto the roof somehow. Kosem and Ahmet are eating and she says there is something she has wanted to speak to him about that he has grown, and he wants to go to sanjak. Ahmet says there is no hurry, when the times comes they will go. Kosem says I agree, but with this matter he has gotten into a new argument with Mehmet. What will I do with them? They find excuses to fight. Ahmet says I will speak to them. Kosem says I have no hope, I fear it will get worse, and they will become true enemies. If one takes the throne what will they do? order executions...Have you thought of this matter? Ahmet says do you think I have had time to think about this? A decision from you is enough - the eldest should take the throne, and not kill his brothers, the others wait their turns. Does it have to be sons that take the throne? They are all from the same father same blood. Ahmet says we do not know about these things, we cannot interfere. Our Lord chooses who gets on the throne and hopefully on that day my children like me will not kill their brothers. 

    Pinhan tells Mustafa to take one step and he will be free. 

    Halime sees what has happened and she says they must find him before trouble befalls them. Ahmet is informed by Haci that Mustafa was found on the roof. We were afraid he might hurt himself, he does not look well. Ahmet asks where he is, if he is well. Haci says we did not know what to do, so we brought him here. Mustafa begs the aghas to leave him. Then he says why have you brought me here, he knocks the door, I must leave, the ship is waiting, I will go! Ahmet has to slap him out of it. Mustafa snaps out of it and says brother, help me! He hugs his brother and cries. 

    Humashah (whoa, she does a great job in this scene!) enters harried from crying and reaches out to her mother, who pulls away from her. DO not mourn for your brother. You are the reason for this. He died because of you. Because you told that traitor, your husband, I lost my child! 

    Ahmet asks Mustafa what is wrong. Halime enters just then. Mustafa answers I am afraid, I am afraid you will send the executioners. Ahmet says I swore I wouldn't remember? Mustafa says your promise doesn't abate it - I cannot sleep, I see shadows, I heard noises, they come to get me every night, and they will come again, let me go, please let me go. Ahmet is overcome and says forgive me my brother. What have I done to you! Forgive me my brother! What have I done to you...forgive me!

    Ahmet is with his two sons and says this enmity between you makes me very sad. Brother's love is the world's most previous thing, the future is only Known to God, you must always be just to your friend and foe. Because, once you cross justice, you cannot find it again. Use your mercy, quell your anger, it is like a fire, it will eat everything around you. You should turn your backs to your enemy, your faces to each other. Protect and help each other. Osman says do not worry my Hunkar, your words will always be in my ears. Mehmet says me too. Osman says I was enchanted by that horse, we saw them being brought yesterday. Ahmet says not mine, I have brought it specially for you. I know your love for horses. It is a delicate, sensitive and horse, if you understand it's soul, it will become your life companion, it will never leave you. Osman says thank you, this gift is very precious to me! I am in awe of it's colour! I have even thought of his name!  (i couldn't hear it guys sorry). Ahmet says good, and the black one is for you Mehmet, it is powerful and rebellious and only a shehzade like you can have mastery over it! 

    Humashah and Zulfikar sit speechless and not touching their meal, just then, Safiye enters. She says take me to my son, Iskender's grave. 

    Ahmet has given gifts to all his children. Kosem says they love the gifts you gave them! Ahmet says now it is your turn - come with me. He takes one last glance at his children and they exit. 

    At Iskender's grave, Safiye and Humashah pray. Safiye mumbles a curse after praying for God to give Ahmet a painful death soon. 

    Meanwhile, Kosem and Ahmet's marriage is taking place, the representatives and witnesses take part in their roles. Kosem enters and wonders what is going on. Ahmet says I have freed you. You are free now. She says what does this mean? He says this is our marriage. Yours and mine. She says Ahmet you have given me the world! Her gift is brought and he shows her the earrings which she puts on. He says, my love, my Sultana. The most precious treasure of mine in this world. 

    Kosem is being prepared. There is a poem Ahmet recites (but it is not in modern Turkish, it is Ottoman I cannot translate it and my husband doesn't have time right now).

    Ahmet has a fit later on in the night and passes out on the floor. Kosem finds him on the floor and is thankful he is alive, asks if he is okay, and says I will call doctors. He says take me to our garden...our secret garden. The place I first met you, first kissed you. The moment I saw you, I started really breathing. He says he wants to meet his end there. She says what words are these, you will recover, Isaac Efendi found a cure! He says take me to our garden. She does. We hear their first meeting when he asked her how she got there, and she said I was forcibly brought, the sultan eats small girl's hearts! And he had told her, don't worry while I am here no one can harm you, Anastasia. 

    Back to the present, Ahmet falls and rests his head on her lap. He says everything started in this garden...but it won't end here, this is not an ending. I will be in the faces of the children you gave me and in your heart. Do not be sad and do not mourn. I have lived a great life because of you. She says don't say that, you will recover! He says the only thing makes me sad, is that our dreams will not come to be. But you are still here, you can do all that we left half finished. She says without you those dreams have no meaning! My wings will break when you are not here, my soul will crumble, I cannot do anything without you. He says you will do it, I know. You are not only my Kosem, you are everyone's Kosem. You are our guide, our light. I entrust my shehzades, my sultanas and my state to you. 

    THE END. 

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    3. Thank you. I suspect somehow Iskender isn't really dead. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking! I will miss Ahmed and Ekin Kok.

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      2. I agree with your comment about Beren. She does not have a range of emotions or expressions so is kind of "flat". However, I have been knocked out by the skill of some of the other actors. Ekin Kok as Ahmed, little Mustafa, Safiye, Halime, Haci, Bilbul and Dervish. Can't recall the names of the actors who play these roles.

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      I think there is no more love on this series. No innocence anymore but there is a power, thirty of throne, and other bad.

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