• Kosem Sultan Episode 7 Translation

    (This weeks will be two parts, because I have some family responsibilities and have only been able to work on this late at night, I will upload the second part tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.)

    PART 1
    The Palace guards are trying to hold the door and some of them stand ready with canons. The door breaks, we see Alex and also Ana's father.

    Anastasia's monologue; I am Anastasia, my mother's first darling child, my father's one and only, my sibling's dear, my name is the fresh blossom from the almond tree that has seen no storm, the sea with no waves. I was someone else's dream. A shehzade's dream. When does the seed split and settle in the earth? Who says it is the time for it to open? When does a child grow? What makes him grow? Milk? Honey? His sibling's musky smell? His mother and father's aching hearts? I am Anastasia, I saw and found in this old palace, the most painful grief inside the  world's greatest wealth, the darkness inside the sparkling of the most perfect and dazzling gems, the devil's behind the most beautiful faces, and inside the world's most powerful ruler, a pure and mighty heart - deep and clear as the waters. I am Anastasia, the one who hid from even a drop of rain, I am now ready to sacrifice myself. Even one of my hopeless and lifeless days are worth an entire lifetime. I am coming. Farewell childhood, farewell my past. I have opened my wings. I am ready to give my life for love. I am Anastasia, I am going to greet eh sky for the first time. Fire in my veins, stars lit in me eyes - with these I am coming to give birth to myself. I fastened love as my armour to my chest,
    And strapped my innocence on like a sword, I walk atop thorns. I am coming. I am coming to leave my name behind in this world...

    The commotion continues and Dervish tells his men to be ready both the archers and the men with the canons. One of the rioters shouts they lied to us, they tricked us, our Hunkar is dead MARRCH!!! Anastasia appears and tells the rioters to stop and listen to her, then turns to Dervish. Safiye who is watching is shocked, oh my God, is this Mahpeyker? Bulbul, I swear by God, it is her Sultanim, how did she get out there, she must have lost her mind! Handan arrives to watch just as Anastasia is heard shouting down below "I am Sultan Ahmet Han's favourite. I was just with our Hunkar, Our Padishah has not died! He is still alive. He is breathing. Same with Sh. Mustafa!" The rioter says she is lying! Then, a lady (the fortuneteller one) is peeping from the wall. Ana says NO it is not a lie, I swear in God's presence our Hunkar is alive. The rioter says is that why you had disguised a Hadim agha as our Padishah?! Ana: Our Padishah is ill yes, but doctors are with him they are looking for a cure. Today or tomorrow they will find one and our Hunkar will be on his feet again. I believe it. You believe it too. God will Help us! 

    The instigator among the rioters tells the people to attack and that she is lying but no one is moving.He says go, and then he pulls out a gun and shoots her in the chest.

    Safiye tells Handan to open the gates at once so they can leave,otherwise they will all die and who will then protect the state? Halime says that if her son dies she cares not for the state nor for the world. Suddenly Cennet notices something - that Ana is getting up. People say its a miracle and the riot leader says she's a witch and there is chaos again and Ana gets up and says no, there will be no one dying tonight. Go back to your homes, return to your loved ones, those who are waiting for you, to your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, wives...go return to them. Alex recognizes Anastasia. Anastasia continues saying believe me, our Hunkar will get back on his feet and that today is not the time for treason, but the time to pray. I pray and you pray too. The instigator says don't believe it men, I am telling you our Hunkar is dead, this is a game. Ana says no this is not a game and those who take part in this will not find me to deal with them, but their Hunkar. No one should get hurt. She tells them to wait and return to their homes. The instigator keeps shouting but no one listens to him. Handan Thanks God that they are leaving.

    Ana makes her way back inside. Her father has just made his way through the crowd but does not see her.

    Everyone leaves upstairs except for Haci who teases Bulbul asking him if he saw while he was running away, a girl went out and faced. Bulbul says he would but he needed to go for the states sake and adds that did you not punish that poor girl just the day before? 

    Anastasia's father is asked by a guard who he is and what he wants. He tells the guard I am her father I am looking for my daughter, I heard her voice, she is here in the palace.

    Handan asks how she was saved and Ana pulls out the amulet. and Handan says it is the amulet Hudai gave and Bulbul comments it is a miracle from God. Ana asks Golge to take her to Ahmet and passes out. Meanwhile Enzo tells the guard he will give him gold but the guard tells him he must first make sure and then find him later.

    Shahin is dissapointed and wonders who the girl was and how she prevented it and Mehmet asks him what were you waiting for? For the people to burn the palace down and that too, while Fahriye is inside? Shahin remarks how worried he is to lower his neck for women.  Mehmet shouts at him and says you know me, I do not bow my neck to anyone! Shahin tells him to come to his senses, and that Cengiz's blood is in his veins. Mehmet tells him to calm down all he sees is hate, anger in his eyes and he should stop and use his brain. The throne he burns down today how will he get on it tomorrow? Shahin responds saying you wait my brother, you wait for Ulefe day and you shall see how I will get on that throne that day!

    Halime is being informed about what happened by her servant and Halime says she has done what no one else could do, what can we say, except may God bless her. Then Halime asks about the doctor and Menekshe says even if she comes she won't be able to do anything. Then Menekshe says well the people will wait until Ulufe and if Rasha's child had been alive...but Halime cuts her off, who cares about Rasha while Mustafa is here?! (i.e. who the heck is Rasha next to Mustafa!) Let this palace burn, let this dynasty fade who cares!

    The Pasha and Zulfikar are being held captive with the Celalis, the Pasha tells Zulfikar that because of him his life is saved (now that they are caught they wont have to go back to the palace) and that Zulfikar should be smart and think about himself. Rasha is yelling at one of the men saying I am the Sultan's gozde, I carry his child, he will take all your heads. The man tells her to shut up and that he Sultan won't hear her here, she spits and the man is about to strike her, but Kara Sayit stops him. The man comments so are we going to play midwife to the Ottoman household? (do we have to look after a pregnant woman?) Kara tells him we are looking after her for now, later we will see what to do. Then he calls for Zulfikar, who is then brought before the old Kalender leader. He tells him our matter is not with the Janissaries, it is with the sons of Osman. Zulfy responds that the sons of Osman are our heads, our fellows, and that any insult or aggression towards the sons of Osman, the Janissaries will take to be an insult or aggression towards themselves too, so you are on one side, we are on another. Kara says that the Sultan and shehzade are dead. Zulfikar says impossible. The old man says how is it impossible? Are they not God's servants like everything else? Swords don't pierce them, illness doesn't befall them? Kara says they caught the smallpox so sooner or later they will die. The old man says soon a new order will be established, a fair order for everyone, if you want to have less blood shed, then help us.

    Ana awakens in pain and looks at some clothes laid out for her. When she enters the harem Bulbul nods at her, Cennet looks on with admiration.

    Handan is outside Ahmet's chambers and Safiye arrives to ask the doctor how his condition is. The doctor starts to reply but handan interrupts saying since when do you care about our Hunkar's condition? She then sends the doctor away ad turns to Safiye saying, oh I thought this palace was yours, and no one could get you to leave...but you were the first one to try to run off. Safiye tells her she would speak to her of her reasoning as to why but she isn't in her right state of mind. Handan asks her who she thinks she's fooling, I saw you you did not even care for your grandchildren as you care for your cat Elizabeth. Safiye says she shouldn't confuse her with herself and that what should she have done, sat and cried like her? While there was a state and empire to think of upholding? Then she tells Dudu to report to her about Ahmet's condition. Handan tells Dudu after Saf leaves that she is not to tell Safiye anything.

    Meanwhile, we see Ana walking in the halls and Bulbul is retelling the event of the night before in a an epic style, saying that Ana came down like an angel in human form, descending to the face of the earth… "She shone like the sun, and she cleared the eyes of the people, and just then, a traitor shoots a rifle! The girl falls over, and we think she is dead! But then she rises! A miracle from God!" a girl asks well how did she not die, so she died and came back to life really? Cennet says the bullet hit the amulet.
    Bulbul says, well this girl is enchanting that's what it is! Cennet makes fun of him and jokes saying, yeah, I guess all we were missing in this palace was an enchanted girl and now we have one

    Safiye comes across Ana and tells her everyone is very shocked at her courage and that even she did not expect it and that right now they say that you are an angel in the form of a human. Ana says someone had to go out and stop them, and God helped me that I became the one to do it. Safiye says, yes how great, but you gave such a promise to the people that if he does not show up well, then the people will be even more angry then. Ana says well don't worry you will have enough time to escape from the palace if that happens, with your permission I must go see our Hunkar.

    Outside the medicine/fortuneteller lady has arrived and Menekshe tells Nasip agha a guard, to let her in, as she has been called for.

    Ana arrives to see the Sultan and finds Handan in the hall who tells her she must rest, she is wounded. Ana says its not important, Handan thanks her for what she did and that she shall never forget her goodness. Ana says she did whatever she did for Sultan Ahmet. Handan says you truly believe he will get better? Ana says if I really thought so,  if I really thought for a moment that he wouldn't get well, I would die...he is my only hope..if he is here, so am I, if he isn't neither am I.

    Uh oh, Dervish sees Handan for the first time after his confessions to her. She recalls his words and he asks if she is well. She ignores him and walks away, Dervish says to her while she walks away, that Safiye has called for the Pashas and him as well to speak with them. Handan hears this, but walks away.

    Bulbul finds Safiye and tells her that all the Pashas agreed to meet with her. She says this meeting is very important because she doesn't want to live through that kind of thing ever again.

    Menekshe tells Halime the woman has arrived, who enters the room where Mustafa and Halime are staying. Halime asks her if she has a cure for this illness. The woman responds saying all illnesses have a cure...

    The pashas have gathered to speak with Safiye. The Sheykh is saying he has never heard nor seen such events as those that have transpired and that if something happens to the sons of Osman then who would get on the Throne. Dervish arrives greets the Pashas, the Sheykh. They ask dervish how the Sultan is, who says he is the same. One of the pashas suggests another pasha who has an army with him be recalled but in response he is told there is not that much time. And that if by Ulefe day there is no change, then trouble will brew again and then what? Will they ask for help again from the women? Safiye says if God wills Ahmet and Mustafa to die, then they will have no choice, for the future of their state, they must think of who is the heir to the throne, and my choice is Mehmet Giray.

    Meanwhile, Mehmet and Fahriye are together outside. Mehmet says it's kind of sad what is happening, as Ahmet is very young and sh. Mustafa even younger.

    Shahin arrives telling them that there has been a meeting of the men of the council, the pashas, to decide who will be chosen as a prospect to the throne in case there is no recovery for Ahmet and Mustafa. Fahriye remarks, 'it is obvious who they will choose - Mehmet Giray will get on the throne.'

    Menekshe tells the medicine woman she has to leave right away so she isn't seen. Haci finds them and discovers who the woman is and says oh no, why are you here, have you done some black magic?! Then calls for aghas to get rid of her. Menekshe says but she was just here to join in prayers. Haci says no! Get her out!

    Ana is on the balcony when she hears Handan asking why this woman is in the palace. When she joins them in the hallway we hear Handan asking what the woman has done. Menekshe says the woman brought a cure for Halime and Mustafa. Handan asks what is it is. Mennekshe says it is for the smallpox and that they gave it and then they prayed for the best. Ana asks is it really a cure?Will it help at all? The woman reaches out to her and says it was like a dream that night, a dream I saw along with everyone else. Ana repeats saying tell me about the medicine, will it help? The woman says well only God will know but if you wish, I can make some for our Hunkar. Handan says no and sends her away saying who knows what she will do. The woman whispers to Ana saying find me.

    Dervish reminds Safiye she is not Valide Sultan anymore. Safiye tells him to know his limits, "I am the Valide of the Valides! Safiye Sultan! The grand vizier says yes, well we'll take Handan Sultan's opinion as well too, but let us continue. Sheykh says that there is son of Sokollu, Ibrahim Pasha  (he married a Sultana) and while is around a Giray cannot take the throne. Another Pasha says he is for Mehmet Giray. The Grand Vizier says well, the Mehmet Giray is from royal blood, and then asks Dervish what he thinks and Dervish says I say shame, I say shame. Is it befitting for us to be talking about such things while our Hunkar is still alive? I must leave this council, you all may say whatever you wish, and he exits.

    Safiye tells the rest of them that its not a time to act emotionally, what is important is the continuation of the state, and to continue thinking about this matter, when the time comes they will make a decision.

    We see Ana going up some stairs.

    Then we see Dervish who tells Shahin that the instigator among the rioters was his man and what was his plan, so he could take the throne. Shahin says that he should be careful how he speaks to him, because "I am the heir to the throne." Dervish tells him, um, no, just now in the council of the men of the Divan your name was not brought up, it was your brothers. Safiye and the pashas are supporting your brother. He is now your competitor. What are you going to do? Try and get rid of him too? Shahin says my brother will leave the throne to me basically they will share. Dervish tells him arrogance has made you blind. Which ruler shares power? If they share power, is there any rule?! And he walks away, but stops and says...the day your brother takes the throne, he will give the order for your death.

    Ana finds Bulbul who says the wingless angel has called upon me :) Ana says, I must get out of the palace. Bulbul says youve gotten used to getting out, what happened have the people attacked again? What is going on, why do you want to leave? She says it is a good thing, he must trust her. He says how can I get you out, especially without even knowing where we are going. She says for me. He says I will eat raw chicken for you after what you did that night, but how would I answer to our Sultanas? Don't look at me like that? I can't.

    But he finds himself doing it anyway and we see they have arrived at the fortuneteller ladies house. He is worried, but she tells him to be quiet. The woman comes and says I was waiting for you.

    Meanwhile, Enzo enters his room and then Nasip agha arrives, and he asks him did you find my daughter? you found her, did you speak to her? Nasip says, this task is not as easy as you think, it is impossible for me to meet the cariyes, it is forbidden for me to even look into their eyes. Enzo says please send word to her somehow, I wish to see her. Nasip says, it is not easy as I told you already, we have to make many aghas and kalfa's happy to be able to get to her and when I do get to her, will she believe me, she will be afraid and won't come. Enzo hands him gold and shows him a ring saying this is her mothers, if she sees this ring she will believe you.

    Handan is on the terrace and Dervish arrives and tells her do not turn your face from me. After all these troubles and grief, please do not trouble yourself with my feelings.
     She says she wishes she never heard what he said that day, she would go more peaceful to her grave, that forget expressing his feelings, even letting it cross his mind is a sin, the worst crime..if someone hears how will she explain, won't they wonder at my letting you even dare? she says what did I do to make you think the wrong way? He says you did nothing. Nothing. It is mine. This secret will go with me to my grave. no one will come to know, or hear or see it. She says how will I forget it though? On one side your feelings for me, but that you said you poisoned the Sultan! How can I forget that? Haci agha arrives and she asks him how he came without permission. Haci tells her that Safiye met with the pashas today and from what he hears they spoke of one of the Giray brothers for the throne. Dervish says that is what he came to tell her also. She says, oh those old vultures! My son still breathes! She looks inside the window at her son.

    Ana tells the woman she wants the same thing she did for Mustafa, for Ahmet. The woman says you will do it not me. Ana asks what the cure is. The woman holds out a walnut and says the illness itself is the cure, and what will you give in return, everything has a price. Ana says whatever you want, we shall gave. Gold, jewels. Bulbul says yeah, we didn't come empty handed, but I'll just tell you know that if it's in that walnut, then you can become the wealthiest witch woman ever. The woman says this is magic. If you do not give a part of your heart, blood, soul...then it won't work. Ana says I have my life to give to my Sultan. The woman says, I saw you that night I know you have it in you. Ana asks what can she do? The woman says, your life you will walk on these hot coals. You will become witness to the death of all those who you love and who love you. She asks Ana are you willing? Ana says yes, and the woman says maybe you didn't hear me...if you use this magic then everyone who you love will die in front of your eyes. You will hold mourning everyone.

    Fahriye has come to see Safiye and tells her before any kind of trouble brews again, they must announce Mehmet as heir and to be wary of Shahin, as he won't give up the throne and that she fears she will harm Mehmet. Safiye tells her to just take care of Mehmet and Shahin cannot do anything, I won't let him. She sends her daughter away.

    Shahin goes to see the Sheykh who wonders why he has come at night. Shahin says as you know the decision is nigh, your thoughts are important since you will be the one who gives the decree so who you support - The shaykh interrupts him and says I already stated my opinion,  my choice is Sokolluzade Ibrahim Pasha. Shahin tells him that will he entrust the throne to a soldier guard? To someone from the Devshirme? The Sheykhs says I said what I wanted to say. You won't go against Safiye Sultan because she Shahin tells him Safiye Sultan won't be part of the new order. Shaykh says how can this be when she is getting his brother ready to marry her daughter? Shahin says, not my brother - support me. If you do, the other pashas will follow suit.

    Safiye nods and Bulbul and the servants go away, but then she calls out to Bulbul. She says, look what is left in our hands...a son who hates his Valide, hyenas, snakes. She expresses how she sacrificed everything, happiness, love, her heart, her son, her shehzade for this palace..if he had been alive she wouldn't have to go through all this. She cries and Bulbul says, you saved our shehzade from being killed. That day 19 casketts left this palace...no one knew one of them was empty. We were successful that day but afterwards....Safiye says I thought he would return, that I would be with him again...that our shehzade would one day..no the throne. Bulbul says we tried but we couldn't do anything about fate...death went and found our unlucky Shehzade.

    Alex is lost in thought and his freinds come and ask if he is still thinking about the woman, the Padishah's favourite. Alex says no, I am thinking about my family...my mother...but I was so small back then, I cannot remember anything. The only thing I have left from my real family is this shirt. His little friend tells him its a talisman shirt, embroidered with prayers on it, that it protects the wearer from harm and that his family must very wealthy to have afforded it. Alex tells him to read it, but he says I cannot, whoever made it can only read it.

    Bulbul brings a box which he opens for Safiye and she pulls out among other things a little kaftan and holds it close to her and smells it saying my son, my child.

    Handan is trying to go inside the room, but Haci is not letting her. Dudu tells Ana when she comes that the fever has gone very high. Ana tells her that the Sultan will not die, that she brought the cure from the fortuneteller/witch lady. Handan says no what if there is poison in there and Ana says well, he is going to die anyway if we do nothing. So this is our only choice.  The doors are opened and the doctors take the "cure" to Ahmet, while Handan and Ana watch.

    Anastasia looks at the palm of her hand where there is a cut and recalls agreeing to the woman who cuts her hand and then rubs it inside the walnut.

    Time passes...

    Cennet enters Safiye's room and tells her the time has come. It is Ulefe Day. The janissaries have gathered. Everyone is getting ready nervously. Dervish flips a table with anger. Halime prays for her son.

    Safiye meets with the Pashas the doors open and Mehmet Giray, Ibrahim Pasha and also Shahin Giray enter the room. Safiye asks him how dare he enters without permission. The sheykh says that he has called him, because all the contenders are invited. When he is asked who has nominated Shahin, the sheykh says I have, and so have the rest of the Pashas. The others nod.

    The Janissaries and people gather and wait.  Safiye meanwhile tells the pashas they cannot bring Shahin into it. The Sheykh says that the decision has been made, and Shahin is the heir to the throne. Safiye angrily leaves.

    Meanwhile, Anastasia is on the balcony and goes to see Ahmet, who wakes up and she runs to tell his mother that her son has awoken. Dudu is told to go tell everyone. Bulbul comments I told you, I told you this girl is an angel in human form! Haci says you are right. Bulbul says I am telling you mark my words, while this girl is here, the dynasty is protected! They hug and then go back to their bickering.

    Handan goes to see her son and embraces him. Meanwhile, mustafa wakes his mother by touching her face and she is delighted to see he is alive.

    Safiye is informed that Ahmet...she thinks oh no has he died. But she is told he is cured. Fahriye says are you sure? Are you sure it's not a trick from Handan and Dervish? Safiye tells her to shut up, today is a happy day for our family! We will take our place by our Padishah's side.

    Everyone waits with bated breath to see if the Sultan will appear from the doors. Shahin meanwhile tells Mehmet, soon these doors will open and I will be announced heir. This happy day has come. Mehmet says you call this a happy day, you will get on the throne by going against me. Shahin says I am sorry but Safiye sultan didn't leave any other option, to save my life I had to do this. The doors open and the pashas and Mehmet and Shahin exit. Shahin's face is full of excitement and arrogance. Look at his walk, his smile, his chest puffed out all happy and then suddenly, the Sultan is announced and his world crashes down and he somehow makes it back to his place in line with the rest of the statesmen. Ahmet arrives, the throne is brought, and he takes his seat. Poor Shahin's face in the sunlight, he looks so confused ;)

    Hudai Efendi prays for Ahmet and everyone bows. Dervish announces Ahmet's decree I who am the Padishah of the seven seas, Sultan Ahmet Han, am recovered. God granted me cure and on this happy day, I will not take any life. I am pardoning everyone who took part in the incidents that occured while I was ill. The homes and businesses that suffered any damages, will be repaid. The prisoners who were caught during that incident, will be released, and their debts shall be paid from my treasury. Everyone chants, long live our Padishah.

    Meanwhile Anastasia is walking in the harem (is it or do I hear circus music here? :o  ) She speaks to the girls and says, I had promised that day, and thank God our Sultan Ahmet has recovered and is on his feet. Shehzade Mustafa too. There is no more rioting, or tears, or fears, or death. Today is a day to be happy and smile! Bulbul tells the girls, "I told you, what did I tell you? Like an angel ascending on the face of the earth, as if this isnt enough - she cured our Ahmet with her own hands. I swear she rose like a sun over our Palace. Like a sun. She brightened our eyes with her light! And she did what no one else dared...she saved our dynasty and even us! And! She saved each one of us from trouble. She became the crown on our heads. She became our Kosem! She showed us the way like a Kosem. O our Kosem! May you....may you live long!  Live long! Kosem! Kosem! (oh the faces of the Sultanas!)

    Anas voice: They gave me many names. But I did not put on any of those names (none of those names fit me.) I chose my own name. I am Kosem. I am coming.

    Ahmet walks into the sun on his terrace.

    1:18:27 - end of part one. This is where I paused in the youtube video.

    PART 2

    Ana says my name is like a star, when I lost my way it will be guide...I was a seed, I become a sprout (or bud)...my name will echo in the four corners of the glove, love is what brought me hear, what keeps me alive is love, my home is this ancient palace. My innocence is my greatest strength. I am Kosem...

    Ahmet says Anastasia, oh how I have longed (for) you...Anastasia no more, no more Hatice or Mahpeyker, my name is Kosem. Ahmet asks her  do you know what it means? She replies, Bulbul agha told me, the one who shows the way, the one who walks ahead, the leader..Ahmet says true...and at the same time, without fault, like your beautiful face.

    Ahmet is telling Kosem about how he heard about all the things that happened while he was ill from his mother and Dervish and about the miracle (of the amulet and the bullet) She says that the amulet is a miracle of God, that He is who protected her and him. Ahmet says he will find whoever is responsible for the shooting. And that no one will dare try it again. "Kosem. my Kosem. My heart has not chosen you for no reason. No ruler is as fortunate as I am." Kosem says, this is my fortune too, my Hunkar." He says, if you are with me in the dark days, you will be with me in the bright and happy days in the future. She says, when you were ill I saw so many things that...it was as if the world crumbled and a new world was born. He says everything has passed. We shall forget. She says yes, but there will always be fear. The fear of losing who you love. He says nothing will happen to me. No one will harm us, I will get revenge from the scavenger crows that encircled us, one by one.

    In the camp of the Celali rebels, Shahin has sent word to the leader that Ahmet and Mustafa have recovered and Kara says, I had told you not to believe Shahin Giray's words.  The messenger continues saying that Shahin still wants them (the rebels) to come to attack without the soldiers being able to group together. The leader says that they won't be trusting his words and act on them when it comes to this matter and orders Kara Seyit to gather everything and pack as they will be retreating. Kara says yes, but at least we have the Padishah's favourite (gozde) to use as leverage.  We see Rasha being kept in the tent. Zulfikar tries to shred the ropes tying his hands against the cage.

    Janissaries enter a place and Dervish is there, he calls for the Giray brothers. The doors are opened and the swords are drawn. Shahin shouts for Mehmet but there are too many men...he asks what they are doing and that he is Shahin Giray, a son of Han.

    Fahriye has come to see her mother saying that Ahmet has called for Divan and Dervish has gone to get Mehmet and Shahin from the Rumeli Fort. Safiye responds by saying, so instead of thinking about our fate, you are still thinking about Mehmet Giray?! Fahriye asks if her mother will help. Safiye tells her I have won whatever I  set my eyes on, but the only thing is your love which I could not win. Whatever I have done, I have done for your good, but you have gotten mixed up in unthinkable sins.  Fahriye says, whatever you have done, you have done for yourself, for the sake of your power. The plague of my sins are on your shoulders! Safiye responds, I am first your mother! Before that, I am a Sultana! Go to your room and prepare for the consequences of your sins! Fahriye says, you get ready too mother, because your sins are at the very least, just as great as mine!

    Outside, the Pashas wait for the Divan to commence. They express their hope that Ahmet has mercy on them the way he did with the people.  They argue amongs themselves about who was wrong, and blame each other. Ahmet is announced and he immediately faces the instigator and tells him that he was the head of the problem. The instigator says well we thought you were dead, how were we supposed to know you were alive. Ahmet says that night my favourite (gozde) Kosem Hatun came out before you and stopped everyone from making a mistake, except one person. You. The guy says he didn't know and Ahmet says, you shot my favourite with the gun! He reaches for his sword. The man says please forgive me Hunkarim. But Ahmet doesn't stop.

    Handan speaks to Safiye as they watch from the tower above telling her that she will have no peace in the palace anymore, no happiness. Safiye replies that if she had been after peace and happiness she would have died already, because "we Sultanas, are only at peace when we are in our graves." Handan tells her then you need to be at peace immediately, it would be the best for all of us. Safiye says, we saw many deaths Handan, we gave up a thousand lives not one. No one has brought me on my back and won't be doing so either.

    Ahmet scolds the Grand Vizier for his partaking in the trouble ( trying to find an heir while Ahmet was alive) and is sending him to the Hungarian border with part of the army and that when he is finished there and returns, Ahmet will decide about his fate then. He then tells the other three they are no longer allowed in the Divan and they are removed from their positions. Then he turns to the Sheykh and says that you are the one who disappointed me because you I put you as the Sheykh ul Islam and he could have just said Ahmet had not died yet and put an end to all the vulturous activities. The Sheykh says he did what he could, but the people had revolted and he acted for the sake of the state. Ahmet responds that there is Almighty, eternal God, and how dare you find an heir while I was still alive (and that God's will of whether I was dying or living, was not yet clear to you) He is also removed of duty, and Ahmet names another Sheykh to take his place.

    Meanwhile Shahin and Mehmet are kneeling before Dervish. Who is playing with them and says oh sorry for making you guys wait...Mehmet tells him to stop the teasing and to just take their heads already (execute them quickly). Shahin says, don't bother my brother. Dervish slaps him and says if it was up to me, I would have taken your heads long ago, but our Hunkar has ordered you to be thrown into the dungeons. in the Yedikule prison (A prison literally named "The Seven Towers). Mehmet says he'd rather die then live like a rat in the prison, so he asks Dervish to take his life now. Dervish says your time in Rumeli fortress living like an ambassador envoy is over, and now your time to rot in Yedikule has begun!

    The two Girays are taken away. Shahin says he will get out and pull out Dervish's liver. Dervish says, we shall see who pulls out livers.

    Halime is in her rooms with Mustafa and she puts something that seems like animal blood,  on her son and says thank God, he accepted our sacrifice? Then she asks her son what he'd like, chestnuts, or marzipan or hazelnuts, walnuts - whatever he wants. He sits down. When Menekshe her servant mentions how Kosem saved them, Halime tells her, that woman has something about her, her future is bright, keep an eye on her. Her daughter remarks that Kosem does not leave Safiye's skirts (as in she is her puppet).  Halime tells her that in this palace, loyalty has value and for now Kosem stays under Safiye's wings, but in the future only God knows.

    Handan is thanking Hudai and he says you, Dervish and that lovely girl. Then he prays for Ahmet to always have loyal subjects. Kosem arrives to thank Hudai and shows him the amulet saying that it saved her, his prayers and faith saved her and she wishes something from him, but doesn't know if he will accept.

    Safiye asks Bulbul how much longer she will have to wait to see Ahmet, and why he doesn't accept to see her. Cennet says that she thinks Handan doesn't allow it. Bulbul says that he can let Kosem know and she might help. Safiye says no, there is no need, I do not need the help of a servant girl. Bulbul says she is not a servant girl, she is a leader, Kosem! Cennet says yes my agha, since you gave her that name she has airs now! Safiye says she worries about Fhariye doing something crazy again, and that it is necessary to marry her to Dervish at once. Otherwise, she will always be trouble over our heads. Bulbul says that well it is obvious Fahriye doesn't want Dervish, and after all these incidents, she really doesn't want it AND now she does not obey you anymore.

    Meanwhile, Kosem is converting to Islam. Kosem wonders how quick it was, to just say the words " I bear witness there is only one God, and that Muhmmad is the messenger of God" to be a Muslim. Haci tells her, it is easy to become Muslim, it is a little harder to live the life one. She asks what must she do. Hudai says, you must not trick anyone, steal anyone's property or dignity, you will not eat while your neighbour is hungry, you shall not lie, you will never falsely accuse someone of anything, you will not oppress the weak, you will always be on the side of the oppressed and those who are wronged.

    Ahmet is announced as he walks by the harem girls.

    Ahmet goes to Halime's rooms and hugs his brother. Mustafa tells him he was very scared when he was scared. Then Ahmet hugs Dilruba, who says I am so glad you recovered. Mustafa says please tell my mom to let me go to the garden she says I am still not well. Ahmet says, well she is right, she is worried you will get sick again. Halime says she is so glad to hear he has recovered. Suddenly, mustafa says: "Brother, did you know? I was going to get on the throne! Like, your throne! A biggg one like this! They were making me a kaftan (robe) but then I got sick..." Ahmet realizes what Halime must have been telling her son...

    Haci exits the Sultan's chambers with Haci who tells her that they had all treated her unjustly, because of the fact that she was Safiye's gift (to Ahmet). Kosem says , well since you say you treated me unjustly, then from now on you will not send any other women to the Sultan's room.  Haci says, looked what she is saying, you are terrible woman! (as a joke) then he says, do not worry the Sultan's eyes see no one but you anyway. Kosem says, so is this why there was a new a woman to his room every night? What's her name? Rasha - she was always being sent. Haci tells her that the poor girl got killed anyway, so don't speak ill of her ,she was pregnant. Kosem asks she was pregnant, and Haci says well she was killed on the way to Edirne, where we wanted to secretly send her because she was pregnant.

    Zulfikar is still trying to untie himself and the Pasha with him who he caught, is told by one of the Celali rebels that he will be set free. The Pasha tells Zulfikar, did you hear they will set me free, now think about yourself. Zulfikar says, my loyalty to the Sultan is endless, and that the Sultan had even ordered Zulfikar to kill the pasha if necessary. The pasha says how will you do this? Zulfikar suddenly gets free from the ropes around his hands and says, with my hands! He kills the pasha, as well as a guard and then peeks from a corner and sees Rasha being taken somewhere. He overhears kara telling another man that Rasha is being taken somewhere. Suddenly someone shouts that Zulfikar has escaped. Everyone starts looking and one of them sees him running off, so a bunch of them follow.

    Ahmet is with Hudai and tells him I was looking everywhere for you. Hudai says that every bad has a good in it, and that the incidents that happened with him being sick and the riots, only proved to the people how strong Ahmet really is. Ahmet says: "How wonderfully my great grandfather Suleyman has said it, he said : 'That which you call the Sultanate, is a wordly struggle." Hudai says, the way you dealt with it all, by forgiving them, and paying off the debts of the poor, you showed them order in the world is not done through bloodshed, but by justice, and mercy and conscience. Ahmet then bids farewell to Hudai and tells him that you graced us with your presence in our palace, and one day I wish to visit you in your lodge. Ahmet then calls for Safiye.

    Safiye meanwhile visits her daughter, and tells her that Ahmet is turning her away from his door and that the reason for their condition right now (hers and her daughters) is all Fahriye's fault. Safiye tells her, "now you should know the means to which you may get up from the place you have fallen." Fahriye tells her, I will not marry Dervish mother! Safiye says that she is holding such a secret (for Fahriye, meaning the fact that Fahriye tried to kill Ahmet) that forget the Palace of Tears, but it will send Fahriye to the grave. Safiye says you will marry Dervish Pasha!

    Shahin and his brother are thrown in the dungeons and then Mehmet pretends to help him then hits him and says, here, take your THRONE! And this cell is your chambers! And this whole prison is your palace! Your viziers are the rats! Take your dreams, Shahin! Shahin says that he just went after his dreams, and Mehmet says so were your dreams these walls? Shahin punches him and Mehmet beats him and throws him into the corner. "look at our new palace Shahin!" The guards remove Mehmet and toss him into the opposite cell.

    Haci admires his ring or nails, and Safiye arrives and is told that Ahmet awaits him. Haci tells Bulbul to go back. Bulbul says I write all the things you do in my journal and I will take you to account for it all.

    Now we know who is Cennet's man, it is the man helping Enzo (Ana's father). He pulls out the ring Enzo gave him and says, look this is worthy of Sultanas, will you not wear it? Cennet says yeah I will and then I'll be in trouble. Cennet asks him where he got it, or did he steal it? He says, tsk tsk, am I a thief? She says, I don't know. He says,  the padishah's favourite, her father gave it. He tells Cennet about the day he saw Enzo and what he told him. Cennet says how did you believe him. He tells her, why would he lie? Anyway, his name is Enzo. She puts the ring away and tells him to go.

    Safiye is with Ahmet and says she is so grateful he is well. He sarcastically says I heard how sad you were by my illness.  She tells him, well I don't know what you heard, but whatever I did, I did for the state...

    Ahmet interrupts her and says, the state you talk of, is MINE - and while I still breathe, no one, including my Sultanas, cannot choose the heir in my place. They cannot go against my will. Safiye says , everyone tells the incident in a different way, if you listen to my side...Ahmet says he will send her into exile. She says, without knowing, without listening how can you give punishment? He replies, be grateful that you are my grandmother always I would not even think for a moment and have you executed. She says, you might have forgotten because of the incident, however, you had made a promise to me.  She says, I have a document in my hands with your seal, I paid the ascension gifts, and in return you gave permission for me to stay in the palace. Haci bows and Safiye wonders what is going on. He knocks on the door and a chest is brought forward full of coins. Safiye asks about the coins, how he has them, and Ahmet replies that it is from the wealth of the  removed the Pashas from their positions - that through their bribes and other bad deeds they had amassed such great wealth that the treasury is overflowing again. Then he rips the paper and tells her to return to her room and pack her things (to go). Cekilebilirsin (you may leave)!

    Safiye leaves angrily when she hears Handan saying, farewell Sultanim, if you need anyting let us know, as you are aware, the Palace of tears lacks in everything. Safiye says, you have not understood me have you, my name is Safiye Sultan. No one can send me to the palace of tears. Handan tells her she is in a swamp or and the more she thrashes around, the more she will sink. Suddenly Handan catches Dervish and walks away hurriedly.

    Safiye shouts at Cennet to call Mahpeyker at once.

    Handan walks with Haci who says hahaha you should have seen Safiye sultan's face. Then she looks inside and sees Dervish speaking to her son and her face changes. Haci asks why she looks that way, but nods nothing and walks into Ahmet's room saying she wishes to speak to her son alone. Ahmet says, there is nothing hidden from Dervish, you may speak (in front of him). Dervish thinks she is going to tell Ahmet...but instead she says, Safiye may make any excuse not to leave, but we must stay firm, no matter what she does, her leaving is essential! Ahmet tells her do not worry, my decision is final.

    Cennet goes down to call Kosem. Cennet tells her come along. Kosem tells her watch your words, I am not your servant girl. Cennet makes fun of her by bowing and calling her Sultana.

    Handan visits Dervish and says that what he revealed to her on the night of the riots is nothing something to be forgotten, but that she will not expose his sins. He says, these are not your sins, they are mine and I swear you will never hear them again. Handan says I want you to go be far from my son and this palace. How can I know you won't poison my son? This is why you must go. Dervish says, no how can you say this, in all this time have I ever  - she stops him. She says, someone who betrays a Padishah, what is to be said about him? Find an excuse and ask for removal of your duty. I want you gone from the Capital.

    Safiye waits in her room and finally Kosem arrives along with Cennet. She says oh you wished to see me. Safiye says, come Mahpeyker. Kosem says my name is Kosem from now on. Safiye says oh so you chose this name, fine. Kosem. Safiye says, Handan and Dervish have influenced my grandson against me so much that he has decided to exile me. Bulbul says, is this the way the treat Safiye Sultan? Safiye says, my grandson didn't even listen to me, but there is someone he listens to me...Kosem, says what can I do? I brought you here, took you under my wings, did and do everything for you so you could live in the best way. Right? Kosem says, yes. Safiye says we set you apart from everyone else, we loved you and valued you. Hopefully you value me as well? Kosem says, yes, like everyone else, you leave me in awe of you. Safiye says the time has come for you to prove your loyalty and love to me. You will speak to our Hunkar, do what you must, as a woman use all your talents and get him to go back on his decision to exile me. Do you understand? Kosem says, yes I understand. But...there is something you don't understand. I think like our Hunkar. The time for you to go has come. Your place is in the Palace of Tears.

    THE END.

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