• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 124 Translation

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    Little Mehmet is with his teacher who tells him that without a doubt, the Sultan is the delegated power on earth, appointed by God. And that every word out of the Sultan's mouth for a Shehzde is an order. He adds that a shehzade can never go against the decree of the Sultan. Mehmet asks if the Sultan asks for the life of a Shehzade, then still they are not to go against him? And the teacher says that no matter what order the Hunkar gives, every single person has no choice but to accept that. Mehmet asks if his father is also subject to these rules. The teacher nods his head and says that nobody can go against the Hunkar's orders, he decides on life and death. Mahi hears this from behind a door.

    Suleyman mourns his son.

    Mustafa is taken out from the tent. Everyone is sad. Even Rustem makes a face. When his body is laid on the ground, the Janissaries move forward, anger in their eyes. 

    "Hunkarim, you will most likely never get the opportunity to read this letter that I will be carrying on my heart/chest. As I am writing this letter on the off chance that I fall into a fate that I never expect to happen (death at the hands of his father). This is my wish. But if my wish does not happen, and this letter does indeed reach your hands, that would mean that you have executed me. (We see Cihangir running towards the encampment, and Selim trying to stop him. Cihangir yells "Leave me, Selim, leave me!"). Oh Hunkarim, oh my dear father. Since you are reading these sentences, you have cut out your own heart, and I have passed away from this planet of lies. Please know that your hands have been mixed with blood, and know that you have taken an innocent life. But we had actually made promises to each other. I promised you that I would never betray/rebel against you. You promised me that you would not execute me. I kept my promise, father, and I definitely did not rebel against you. I swear on my son Mehmet's life, and I swear on my daughter Nergis Shah's life that I did not betray you! I will not! However, you, you went back on your word. You did the thing that you said you would never do! I am leaving this cruel world in where a father can sacrifice his own son. Instead of living like an oppressor who, for the sake of his good fortune and for the power that the throne brings, has targeted his father's life, I would rather die like someone who was wronged and oppressed. Maybe my name won't be written into the golden pages of history, and nobody will speak of my victories, nor will I have a throne to preside over. Furthermore, people will also write that I was a Shehzade who was a traitor. So be it. Let them write things in that way. Let them hide the truth that Allah knows. One day will come where the stories of the oppressed will also be told... Maybe in a few years, or maybe in hundreds of years, someone might hear about me and speak the truth. And on that day, the rights of the oppressed will be presented to them (the oppressed)."  

    (Notice the not-so-hidden message in the writers put in the letter?)

    Yahya sees Mustafa and cries (oh man this part was sad) and Cihangir arrives shortly after. Selim looks paler than ever and rushes off. Cihangir says "brother! You promised, you wouldn't kill him! Brother! (oh this part had me in tears). Selim throws up in his tent.
    Suleyman finishes the letter, sheds his last tears and then wraps it up and puts it away in his pocket. The father has stopped weeping adn the Sultan is back, angry as ever.

    Mahi, Mihrunissa and Nergishah are watching as little Mehmet symbolically buries the dead bird and asks if it will go in heaven and his mother replies that may everyone go to heaven. Then Nergisshah mentions that it might rain so they should go inside and they leave.

    Cihangir is screaming out "Father!" Lokman and Zal try to stop him. He keeps saying "you lied to me! You took an innocent life. Father! He loved you very much, he loved you more than anybody else." 

    Hurrem is on her terrace and looks worriedly up at Beyazid who looks quite troubled.
    She goes to see him, as he sits in his father's room. She asks him if he is thinking of Mustafa and he says of course what else would he think about. Hurrem asks if he thinks about Cihangir or Selim as much as he does for Mustafa. She says that if something bad happens in the camp, the first to be in danger would be them...that of the Janissaries get the opportunity they will not wait for a moment, they will raise the flag of rebellion. She reminds him of what almost happened to Selim last time in the Janissary barracks. She says that Cihangir is sensitive and prone and he will suffer even if he is troubled mentally or emotionally. She asks if he thinks of these things. Then Beyazid says "so motherhood is such a thing...that other than worrying about children, one becomes blind to all other disasters and troubles. So do you know what brotherhood means? It means to feel love when you look into your brother's eyes and for this you don't need to be born from the same mother even. I am afraid mother...that something will happen to him and I won't even know. I am afraid." 

    The shaykh of the camp is conducting a funeral prayer for the Shehzade. Cihangir has joined. Rustem wonders how such a thing could be taking place right in the camp (usually someone executed on grounds of treason just have a private burial and no grand prayer like this.)Zal says that the Janissary shaykh did it without orders and no one could stop the Janissaries from it. Rustem asks if the Sultan is still in his tent and Zal says he is and won't let anyone, even his sons enter, and turns them away. Rustem, nervous because he knows things could still turn out ugly (the Janissaries can still rebel)

    The men carry away the coffin and Yahya says his condolences to Cihangir, saying they could not save their Shehzade, but Cihangir is speechless, Ahmet tells him he must go to his tent but Cihangir doesn't hear anyone...he asks where they are taking his brother and Kara replies that he is being taken to Bursa, to the tomb complex where his ancestor Murad is buried. A guard arrives to tell Yahya that Rustem is awaiting him in his tent. Yahya goes off.

    The two Janissaries Hikmet and the other guy are on the side. The other one tells him he did good, he will be rewarded Hikmet asks if he will protected as promised, in case any trouble happens because the Janissaries have grouped together for the funeral...and the other one nods.

    Rustem tells Yahya that he will got o Amasya to inform Mahi and the Shehzade's harem of the sad news. Yahya says he will not go, he will escort the shehzade's funeral procession to Bursa. Rustem says that as per the Sultan's order the family in Amasya is to relocate to Bursa. And that Mustafa's body will await his mother's arrival for her to be present at his burial. Yahya says "Rustem you can't force someone to do your bidding, you poisoned our Hunkar with lies and you put this plague on his head and one day you will answer and those days are close.." Rustem: "Our Hunkar's will is above all of ours Taslicali. As the closest to our Shehzade a big task befalls you...keep the peace...do not allow the rebellion to start." Yahya: "Fear cannot benefit one's appointed time of death." And he leaves.
    Cihangir goes away to his tent. Yahya informs Kara that he will go to Amasya and he will give the news. Kara asks if there is news from Atmaca and Yahya says no, it is obvious they killed him. He asks about the two aghas who were supposed to head the rebellion and Kara says for sure they have killed him. Kara says "I warned you Taslicali, why did you come?" Tas: "So you threw the arrow." Kara: "I wish I could have done more...the traitor among us is that  one - hikmet agha. He threw the aghas and Atmaca to the wolves." Hussain Cavush hears and gets angry.

    Cihangir is weeping in his tent when Selim comes to console him, but Cihangir tells him to get away from him. Selim says what did I do? What is my crime?" Cih: "You knew and you hid it from me...you stopped me from intervening....get out get lost! 

    Hikmet agha goes to his tent and then Hussain along with two others enter. He asks how they can enter without permission. Hussain says "you traitor...our Shehzade was killed because of your treachery...you will answer for this..." they carry him outside. Then he announces to the rest of them that he was killed because of this traitor. Kara and Selim watch as Hussain says that Hikmet got together with Rustem and they had him killed. Zal tells Selim he must go to his tent, then he goes to Rustem tells the guards to be careful to guard the Pasha. Then he tells Rustem that Hikmet has been exposed and when Rustem says they must leave, Zal says he is safer in the tent.

    The Janissaries start kicking the guy who says Rustem did it and they stop him and tell them to stop saying that the man has confessed that he worked with Rustem...and then a man hides his dagger...Hikmet tells them how the other two who were planning the rebellion were killed. Just as he is about to say the name of the other agha he is killed. Kara watches and then goes to inform the Sultan...Hussain says that they will take Rustem's head......

    Suleyman, who has heard the commotion, asks Kara what is happening. Kara says "the Janissaries are very angry, the took the second division agha's life, that they are saying he must have gotten together with Rustem and trapped our Shehzade ." Suleyman: "What trap are they talking about?! Don't they know, I gave the order!" Kara: "Hikmet said with his own mouth that under Rustem's order he had Korkut and Beshir agha killed. We don't know the truth of the matter. But the soldiers are angry. They are the brink of rebellion. They believe our Shehzade who has passed, to be innocent." Suleyman: 'Innocent?! Is that right?!" Kara: "Everyone says that Rustem and, forgive me, Hurrem Sultan have poisoned you with lies and for this reason they want Rustem Pasha's head. Hunkarim, if we don't intervene immediately, the matter will grow and we won't be able to quell it." 

    The Janissaries are angry at Rustem's tent. Kara goes to them and tells them to listen. Hussain Cavush says without taking Rustem's head they will not disperse. Kara says he repeated exactly as they said to the Hunkar, who has called for the Pasha and will question him personally and punish him (if he is at fault)." Hussain: 'Are we going to accept this?! (yes, you are my friend, because the Sultan pays your salary and you serve the Sultan so you will accept what he says!) Even Kara's voice is barely loud enough to silence them, but they are silenced and finally he says "Aghas! Listen to me. I do not want a single Janissaries nose to bleed even. I swear with my honour that Rustem Pasha will pay for his mistake."

    Hussain tells them to move aside. And says that if this is a game (a trick) then they will take them to account. (I have to say, this Hussain guy (actor) did a really good, convincing acting in his role)
    Kara enters Rusty's tent and tells him to come with him. Rustem asks if he is crazy and that the moment he exits they will cut him to pieces. Kara says that are you going to go against our Hunkar's orders? Rustem realizes the Sultan has called on him, so he agrees to go. The imperial guards try to shield him as the Janissaries shout the equivalent of boo on Rustem.

    The Sultan is furious and Rustem is forced to kneel. He takes out a sword and says that he heard about what Hikmet said that Rustem has killed two of the aghas. Rustem says he did, but he was forced to because otherwise they were about to rebel and they were intending on dethroning the Sultan. Sultan says you are accepting your mistake. He says raise your head. Rustem says "I wanted to protect you Hunkarim, I caught Hikmet agha that was killed just a while ago, I made him confess to everything (the Janissaries were up to) They were planning a rebellion. They were going to revolt before the Shehzade entered your tent and dethrone you...I prevented that..." Suleyman tells his guards to let go. Then he grabs Rusty's throat saying that everyone hates him, and wants his head, and that they say because of him an innocent Shehzade is dead. Rustem says he understands him, his pain, but you are the ruler, and you gave the order, the right order, and never doubt it, Shehzade Mustafa was not innocent, you were forced to do this, you are Sultan of the world, you must be strong and powerful in front of them as you are, because otherwise to keep the peace, and otherwise the future of the Dynasty will fall to danger. Suleyman backs away and tells Rustem that he is firing him from his position, and order him to leave the tent, to go to the Capitol and that after the campaign he will deal with him 'Now get out of my sight!"

    The Janissary tells them that Suleyman has exiled him from the camp and removed him from his position. The guards with difficulty are able to keep them away from him. Kara tells them what they wanted has happened and that he should keep the peace now. Hussain says that now that Rustem isn't Grand Vizier anymore, that he can't stop his men from doing whatever they want with him...Lokman informs Kara that the Sultan awaits him.

    Suleyman tells him that he has let Rustem go, and in his place he appoints him. "May it be for the best." Suleyman is angry and says: "I appointed you as my grand vizier Pasha! Instead of bowing and kissing my hand, what are you standing in front of me like that for?!" Kara bends but does not kiss any hands yet. Hunkarim, you have honoured me, I want to carry out this duty with pride...but..." Suleyman who is getting more and more angry: 'What do you want Pasha?! Are you making conditions?!" Kara: "I would not dare Hunkarim, I just want my life to be placed under your protection...for as long as I am your grand vizier, you will not order my execution. Otherwise I cannot carry out this duty. (huh? I don't get how he thought he could say that? It is like he is begging to get in trouble!) That anger in Suleyman's eyes! 

    Rustem is his tent. Rustem says he is at least thankful for having saved his life. Zal says that the Hunkar is not in a good condition right now and that he is enthusiastic in destroying anyone who comes in front of him right now. Rustem asks how he will exit the camp now. Zal says that he has already made preparations and that at dawn they will leave. Lokman arrives and informs Rustem that Kara Ahmet has been made the Vizier...Rustem says that to calm the waters, first he got rid of him (Rustem) and then appointed Kara...that he suffers the pain (of protecting the Sultan) and someone else gets the pleasure (the reward).

    In Amasya, Yusuf asks if Mehmet wants to play but he shakes his head, he rushes off cause he thinks his father has come :( poor kid....

    But instead it is Taslicali...the little boy does not figure it out. Yusuf is happy too. We see NergisShah telling Mahi that her father has come. Mahi praises God.

    Mehmet asks if his father has gone to Istanbul. Yusuf asks for Atmaca. Mehmet asks Yahya to answer his question. Yahya greets the Sultanas and Mahi, asks where her son is (I have never seen looking as vulnerable as she does right now). Nisa asks him for God's sake to say where he is. Mahi shakes her head. Yahya says: "Our Shehzade has met with the Truth (passed on)." Mehmet's mother falls so he goes to her. Mahi approaches Yahya and asks what they did to her son...and asks where her son is. Yahya shakes his head and " In our Hunkar's tent...he executed him"  She turns around and walks away...(Her grief, as mother, any mother losing their child, I cannot imagine it...how sad it must be...all her hopes she had were only in him....this scene made me cry for her)
    She recalls her saying to her son to be careful because he is the most precious thing to her in this world and if anything happens to him, she cannot live and his response saying that her worry is misplaced, that she will see...

    She goes straight to her room, to a bottle of poison, and doesn't even think about it twice, is about to drink it when her grandchild enters. She puts it away. He hugs her and asks if his father went to heaven and if he will wait for them all there, and why they killed him. What was his fault? His grandmother says  "he did not do anything...he had only one downside...he was a victim to his conscience."

    Rustem enters the palace and is with Sinan and he says that the Sultan has removed him and from now he is no longer grand vizier and Sinan asks how it happened did he learn about everything and Rustem says that it is enough to doubt and that he saved his own life with great difficulty, and that he left the camp at night. He also adds that those who loved the Shehzade will not rest, they might even come to the Capitol and says they must take precautions. Sinan says he will do whatever he can to protect his brother and Hurrem Sultan and that they will not be able to touch a hair on his brother's head while he is there. Rustem says that he should be careful so they don't harm him either.

    PART 2

    Hurrem and Mihrimah are walking down the hall and ask Fahriye why Rustem has come and if he said anything. Fahriye replies that she does not know but that he wanted to see her all of a sudden.
    They enter the room to find Rustem who greets them and Hurrem says that it seems the news is bad and if Shehzade Mustafa has rebelled? Mihrimah asks about her father and brothers. Rustem tells her not to worry, he has brought good news: that Shehzade Mustafa has been executed by the Sultan's orders. They are shocked...Mihrimah is upset and leaves. Hurrem says that she fought for years for this and waited for this moment for years, she goes to sit down, she says that she had not a single night of happiness, and now is he saying everything is over now? If they have won? "Has everything really finished?" Rustem replies that she should not doubt, she has won a big victory, but it is not finished...this game has lit fire all around and that the Sultan has thrown him to the wolves, he is without any choice, that the Janissaries wanted his head. Hurrem says "what were you expecting? Mustafa was their "only hope" and we took that from their hands...we became the reason for his death...a blind fire has lit in their hearts and of course they will try to attack us...they will want to destroy me, you and my shehzades...but now is the time to stand strong...stand like a mountain against them..." 
    Mihrimah collapses near the cariyes, Fatma and Gulfem who rush to find out what happened. They ask her what is wrong, and why she is crying. Beyazid arrives as well and ask her what happened. She holds Beyazid's hand and says "Mustafa..." Bey: "Speak...say what happened to my brother Mustafa." Mih: "He has been executed by our Hunkar's order."
    We see Mahi who asks where her son is and Yahya says that his funeral procession has gone straight to Bursa, that by the Sultan's orders, along with her servants and family, she is to go to Bursa. Mahi curses Suleyman, prays for God to curse him. Nergishah says she will not go anywhere because this is their home. Mahi turns around and says that they will go because wherever her son is, that is where they will be.
    Nisa holds her son who is asleep and cries. 
    Hurrem exits with Rustem and Beyazid calls out "Rustem Pasha...is what I hear true? Has my brother Mustafa been executed?!" Rusty: "It is true my Shehzade...health to you (a condolence)..." Fatma: "You shameless dog! Without feeling embarassed you give condolences!" (ugh sorry guys I can't stand her yelling.....Gulfem I can understand...Fatma I can't deal with, I mean really woman, if you hate her so much, why are you wearing her dress then hmmm? :p) Are you fooling me?! You killed my Mustafa. You killed him. Cruel ones!" Hurrem: 'I understand your anger but we had nothing to do with it...our Hunkar ordered it...who could have stopped him?" Gulfem: 'You did it...you got to him with your lies and accusations. What sin is this...you made a father a killer of his own son" Bey: 'What am I hearing mother? Do not touch me...your hand has my brother's blood" Rustem: "My Shehzade...how can you accuse your mother of such a thing." Bey: "Actually I should be accusing you! You were there. You personally dug his grave didn't you?!" Gulfem: "Are you happy, are you happy? (how come no one cried like this when Mehmet died????? Gulfem? You didn't love Mehmet too? You just had a tear and sad face that is all and you never suspected your dear friend Mahi to have done that!)

    Gulfem: "The victory is yours now! Go be happy, with your dirty victory." Hurrem: "I am not one to be happy now. I am affected too by this incident." Fatma: "How easily you lie and accept my Mustafa's death. How easily you killed him. You are murders...you killed an innocent man..murderes" (Please Fatma, the same way you didn't flinch when you killed your own husband.) Hurrem: "It is easy to blame me and Rustem...but do not forget I did not order his death! Our Hunkar made the decision. Since you are angry, and since you want to take someone to account, when our Hunkar comes you can take your anger out in front of him!"
    In the markets people are mumbling and Sumbul overhears what they say "They murdered Sh. Mustafa" "The future of the dynasty went with him" "Is our Shehzade's blood going to remain unavenged?" "In that case, let's go take them to account!" "Rustem Pasha was the reason."

    Sumbul talks to his employee who says he can't handle the work in the store alone, Sumbul says he has to go to the palace because if they hear he used to work for Hurrem, they will not look at his tears even and hurt him! He hears a Janissary say: "We should take revenge. Blood for blood. Hurrem the witch and Rustem's head should be given to us!" And then the other one says"First the ones at fault get their head taken, then we must get Shehzade Mustafa's son Mehmet onto the throne." "We shall take to account, all of them!"

    In the palace a prayer has taken place for Mustafa, with a woman reciting Quran. Fatma and Gulfem are lost in sadness and Fatma says that she only had one purpose when she came after years to the palace...to protect him, to help him, and she could not do anything...no matter what she did, what step she took. Gulfem tells her "we were all left without choice...Hurrem, did what she did and in the end suceeded. She put out the sun of our happiness...flowers won't bloom here anymore, birds won't sing, children's happy laughing won't be heard here anymore. This place is now a dark place. Our Shehzade's spirit will roam around this palace and won't leave anyone alone..."

    In Amasya, Mahidevran goes to see Mihrunissa and Nisa tells her that "he had promised me..that he would come back and not leave us...he promised. I told him don't go...the whole land is speaking your love...the mountains, the trees, the birds...say don't go, but he went...he pulled out my heart and left. My soul hurts mother, I cannot even breathe anymore. How can I handle with this?" Mahi: "I know, I know Nisa. You have said you don't want to leave Amasya." Nisa: "I can't I can't leave here" She has a flashback when Mustafa tells her that Amasya is the place of their love, and she tells Mahi she can't leave, if she does it is like she is betraying his love. She says and she does not care at all about the Sultan's order. Mahi says that she is not going for the order of that "cruel man" but to be with her son to do the last duty they have to do for him.
    Rustem and Mihrimah are together and Mihrimah asks if her father was there, when the executioners strangled her brother. Rustem approaches her and says "He was in the tent...the executioners had come secretly...I along with everyone else had no idea about this! Obviously our Hunkar had thought of everything while he was still here (before he left), are you afraid?" Mih: "I did not believe it at all...I did not even think it a possibility...because I know my father. He would even refrain from harming an ant. I said to myself he could not do it, wouldn't  do it...But he did...he killed his own son." Rustem: "This was the order from a king of the world, not from a father." Mih: "Cihangir must have been destroyed...he has grown up with a big burden on his back anyway and now this will be hard for him." Rust: 'We are in trouble now Mihrimah...they will want our heads...they blame us for this." Mih: 'Is it a lie...if I did not take that seal, if you did not write that letter none of this would happen." She cries.

    Sumbul informs Hurrem that there is commotion in the streets. Hurrem says that the important thing is to control everyone to keep peace. Sumbul says that they say "we should take Rustem and Hurrem Sutlan's life, and we should put Mustafa's son, Shehzade Mehmet on the throne...you must just ignore such words" Hurrem: "We should stay strong and ignore such words so we don't get a headache later...Fahriye get me paper, we should keep our Hunkar informed about these incidents...and ask him to keep the peace...because who knows when he will return from this campaign."

    In Amasya, The family of Mustafa are ready to leave. Yahya wishes them farewell and tells Mihrunissa to take care of Yusuf, and she replies that he should not worry, Yusuf is a trust to her from Atmaca. Mahi tells Yahya: "Hakkini helal et (a saying basically meaning, forgive me for any wrong I have done against you... when people part ways they say such things)You were my Mustafa's closest friend."

     He says: "Sultanim...actually you forgive me...forgive me...I could not protect him, I could not prevent him..." Mahi: "Our fate was meant to be this away." She bids one last farewell to the palace she shared with her beloved son who is gone now :(
    Taslicali Yahya watches as the carriages move away...
    Inside, Mihrunissa, her son, Nergishah and Mahi hear noises and sees that the people of Amasya shout "Long live Shehzade Mehmet!' This makes them smile.

    Yahya's poem: "Help! Help! Part of this world has been ruined! The executioners of lives have taken Mustafa Han. The sweet taste of love has been spoiled. They have wedged a massive pain between greatness and the Family of Osman (Ottoman Dynasty). They removed from this world a great man... Fate has changed the life of this era... The false accusations of the liar and their secret chirps have caused us to shed tears and have lit the fire of separation. This brother of ours did not kill anyone, but was rather strangled and the truth has now been dispersed. I greatly wish that my eyes did not witness this adventure... I wish I had not seen this life flow away..." 
    Hurrem has arrived to see her son Beyazid, and asks Sokollu how her son is. Sokollu says : "He is very angry...the loss of Sh. Mustafa has put a deep sadness in his heart. He has put it in his head to go to Bursa to join the burial. Please prevent this Sultanim...this is very dangerous."
    Nurbanu reads a letter from Selim: "What was awaited, happened Nurbanu...our Hunkar gave the order for Shehzade Mustafa's death. I can feel myself one step closer to the throne...my most powerful competitor no longer exists. I am calm about that it is true, but can I say I am happy? I do not have the answer to this. The answer even I cannot find because these days the voice of my conscience is suppressing all else and I do not hear anything but it."

    Canfeda arrives and tells Nurbanu that she has brought milk so she can drink some and rest and it will help with her sleeplessness. Nurbanu says nothing will help. Canfeda asks why she is in such a state, should she not be happy? and Nurbanu says that it is not her hands... she is thinking of Sh. Mustafa's death. Nur: "I have been thinking of the way he died, Allah protect us. Nobody deserves this kind of death"
    Hurrem tells Beyazid: 'Where did this going to Beyazid now? The people are angry...even giving them a spark is enough to light things on fire...I do not allow it. You are not to go out." Bey: "I did not ask for your permission, mother. Leave it! At least let me live my pain and do my last duties for my brother!" Hurrem: "I only did what I knew what was right...what I knew I had to do! I am not the one who killed him! Do not look for the one who is at fault under this roof! The thing that took him to his death was his own ambitions!" Bey: 'Leave me alone!"
    Lokman presents Hurrem's letter for Suleyman. Who takes it and tells Lokman to leave. He opens it: "The sun of my happiness Sultanim, I do not have a single word to describe your pain. But, I do know that you did the most right thing. A Shehzade was into revolt should not get your forgiveness. He was a bad seed that you took out and threw away. Know one can blame you. Hunkarim, the life of my soul! While writing to you I did not want to bother you with these things, but, you need to know of some incidents...unfortunately we are on the edge here in the Capitol. Those who wish to cause discord are surrounding the city. I am afraid it will turn into rebellion. I heard there are even traitors who wish to put Sh. Mustafa's son Mehmet on the throne. Evil intentioned traitors can use the Shehzade for their own means. If you do not take precautions quickly, things might get out of hand. The only day I will be happy is when I am united with you again. Your servant, your cariye, Hurrem."
    Mahi has arrived to where Mustafa's body is. (this part was difficult to watch). Mahi touches her son's face and then says "Mustafa, my lion...my innocent, sinless dear...how they killed you! How did they take your life? My son...get up...stand up...your place is not there....this is not your place..what shall I do without you? Who else do I have but you?" Beyazid arrives. Mahi: "Come now open your eyes my Mustafa! Open your eyes!" she screams....
    Zal in the camp, tells Ibrahim Pasha that the HUnkar has appointed him as guard of Istanbul and he has also given him another important task and he will go to Bursa. (It is not clear in the show about Mehmet they show him with his teacher in the carriage later. He is going to be taken to be hidden away somewhere).
    Mahi sees Beyazid and hits him "What are you doing here...with what face did you come here...you your mother...what else do you want?" Bey: "Sultanim...my soul is in pain too Sultanim...the life of my soul left..if I knew I would not have allowed him to go." Mahi: "You are at failt too! He entrusted you with hiding his secrets! Now you come and tell me you are sinless!" Bey: "I swear by Allah I had no fault...my pain is as true as yours." Mahi: 'You are Hurrem's son. You will bear the plague of this sin on your shoulders for as long as you live!"

    She leaves and Beyazid goes towards his dead brother's body...
    Kara has come to see Cihangir in his tent, but the guard returns saying he does not want to see anyone. He moves forward and tells him that his condition is not good...and that he does not eat a single morsel, does not sleep and if it continues he will fall ill. 
    Cihangir is in his room looking at the ring Mustafa gave him. "This is for you, a small keepsake from me."
    Mustafa is laid to rest, the men pray and then Beyazid starts throwing the dirt.
    In the marketplace, Sumbul peeks around with caution and then Yakub tells him the situation is bad. Sumbul asks what is going on and Yakub says that " the situation is not good...it will be difficult to control the people..they want Rustem's head...they say they will throw Hurrem Sultan into the water...Constantinople will burn in flames...what should we do?" Sumbul: 'let us close up and stay closed for a while until things calm down. People! We are closing." Man: 'Why? we haven't finished our coffee." Sumbul: "Come on...coffee is on us, we don't take money anyway!" Janissary: "You...Are you not Sumbul agha...Hurrem Sultan's pincers (claws)! You lie! I recognize you...are the Russian witch and Rustem happy? Those two murders will pay with their lives!" Everyone starts shouting...
    In Bursa, Beyazid is with Lala saying that he does not want to return to the capitol, he just wants to stay and pray over the grave of his brother for days and days. Lala says that he is the regent and his duty is important and it was not right for him to come here anyway. Beyazid says that he thought long why the Sultan appointed him...and he found the answer...that he did not want him in the camp, because he woudl have prevented him from taking Mustafa's life and he wanted me to stay here so he appointed me. Lala says he should think about from now, because the war continues...only the sides change and it is only him and Selim. Bey says that this is not the time right now...and allow him to grieve. Lala says that grieving is for forty days and after then, life continues...
    In Bursa, Fidan arrives telling Mahi that Hadim Ibrahim Pasha has come. Mihrunissa asks why and Fidan says she does not know.

    In the markets, the Janissay says let us start with him (sumbul) is he not Hurrem's dog. Sumbul tells them to come to their senses, he isn't even in the palace anymore and they start destroying his things....Poor Sumbul's cafe and hard work goes to waste...
    Hadim Ibrahim greets Mahi and tells him: "The loss of our Shehzade has made us all very sad. May Allah have mercy on his soul." Mahi: 'have you come all this way to give condolences?" Ibrahim:"I have come with the Sultan's order...he has appointed the Palace at Gemlik for you. I will accompany you there." Nisa: 'Where did this come from?" Ibrahim: "Gemlik is more secure and more comfortable...and closer to the Capitol. Our Hunkar has thought of your peace and comfort " Mahi: "Go tell you king that even if he takes us to his own palace it won't make a difference anymore. We have no peace or happiness in this world anymore, just like he never had." Ibrahim: "I am under orders Sultanim...I have to carry out his orders soon, prepare, I will come tomorrow again." Nisa: 'This doesn't sound good Sultanim...what does all this mean?" Mahi: "The want to keep an eye on us...until the waters die down."
    Rustem is with Sokollu and Sinan. Sinan: "As you guessed my Pasha,  the public has rebelled." Rustem: 'And the Janissaries?" Sokollu: "their numbers at the Capitol are low as many of them are the war, but they are in the front rows and encouraging everyone to rebel." Rustem: "Take precautions at once Sokollu." Sokollu: "I will do whatever I can, but for a while there is benefit in you not being seen out in the open. I even advise you to leave the Capitol." Rustem: 'Do what I say that will be enough." Rustem says to Sinan that he does not trust Sokollu who might try to get rid of him, and for him to stay and not let anyone to get close to his palace. Sinan tells him not to worry.
    Rustem finds Mihrimah and Humashah getting ready so he asks where they are going and Mihrimah says they are going to see her mother, but then Rustem tells them they won't be going anywhere because rebellion has happened and they will come to take his head.
    Fidan tells Mahi that Hadim Ibrahim will return the next day and what shall they do? Nisa says that the things in her mind are scaring her...what if they come after Mehmet? and Mahi responds that if they wanted to do that they would have already taken him or killed him right in front of their eyes here. Nisa says she has no faith left in anyone, and Mahi replies that that much is obvious. Fidan says they have no choice but to go to the Gemlik Palace, otherwise they will take them there by force...
    Lokman informs Selim that the Sultan awaits him, but warns him to watch his words because the Sultan is quite sensitive at the moment.  Selim enters his father's tent and says he did not want to bother him, but the matter is serious, that Cihangir is not well at all and that he tried to speak to him as his brother but he does not listen. Suleyman asks what is wrong with him. Selim says for days he hasn't eaten or even had anything to drink and he is getting weaker and it cannot continue this way. 
    Rustem is with Mihrimah in the cellar of their palace an Mihrimah says they should have gotten away when they had time, now they are stuck, and is this not what the rioters wanted anyway. Rustem responds that she should not worry, because Sinan is present and the extra imperial guards will also protect against the pillagers/looters. Mihrimah asks what will happen if they are able to enter inside and Rustem tells her not to worry and that he is here and he will nto allow anyone to harm her or their daughter.

    Sinan is in the hall when Hurrem arrives, and tells her that everyone is safe and then he adds that the people outside are increasing in numbers and the extra imperial guards are on their way, but that he doubts they will be of any use. Hurrem answers she saw and that she was forced to walk from behind the main path to get here. She adds that she will take them to the Palace along with her, but Sinan says that it would be best if she permits they go somewhere else, since the trouble can spread to the main Palace as well. 
    She greets Mihrimah and her grandchild and Rustem asks why she left the palace at such a time, and what if something had happend to her? Hurrem responds that she couldn't wait there in this kind of situation. Mihrimah says do you see mother what has befallen us? They are going to take all our lives they have gone crazy! Hurrem tells her to calm down and for sure they will be saved. Rustem asks what she has in mind and Hurrem responds that Sinan pasha has ordered the Palace at Uskudar to be prepared and that they will hide there for a while. Sinan says that no one will think of them being hidden there. Rustem says that the real issue is how to leave the palace anyway, sicne they have sorrounded and are at the door. Hurrem responds that at night the crowd will disperse and even if it doesn't entirely disperse it will wane and then they can go from the back garden gates, while no one is aware and they can all secretly leave. Sinan adds that an Imperial boat will be waiting at Sarayburnu and they will all together cross over to Uskudar.
    Suleyman exits his tent to go see Cihangir, and does not find him there, the guard says he was asleep, Suleyman yells and says find him!

    In Bursa, Mahi and her entourage are about to board the carriages. Hadim tells Nisa tha Mehmet is to take a different carriage and that it is as per the tradition. 
    Meanwhile, Suleyman searches for Cihangir "My son...cihangir!" 
    Mehmet is with his teacher and Ibrahim.
    Someone points out Cihangir who looks terrible in a corner, he says "stay away from me...you lied to me...you also included me in your sin...that day not only my brother, but you have died to me as well. My father died." Suleyman: "It's cold , you will get sick...come we will talk in the camp" Cih: "That is what you said about my brother...that you would talk...you called him to you...you said you talk...you would listen...but it was a lie...you ahd already given your order long ago. You  left on the campaign with the intention of killing him! I had begged you. I begged you. I asked if you would kill my brother, you said you would not!" Sully: "Enough already! Get up!" Cih: 'What will you do huh? You will kill me too? Kill me..I am not afraid of death. Kill me! Because you are not my father anymore...you are not." 
    Mahi meanwhile says she ordered a tomb to be made for her Shehzade, and that if needed she will give all her allowance...let all those who loved him to come and pray for him. Nisa respond that prayers are not enough they must take revenge if they love him because that is her only wish now. The carriage stops and Yusuf wonders why they stopped They get out and the driver says the wheel has broken and Nisa says tell them to stop, but no one answers she tuns after the carriage.
    Mehmet says to Ibrahim "Where is my mother's carriage?" His teacher tells him not to worry. They will come. Mehmet says then we should wait. His teacher says please sit down my Shehzade. Mehmet: "Ibrahim  Pasha I order you. Stop the carriage." Ibrahim: "Forgive me my Shehzade...but I got my order from our Hunkar. You will not see your mother from now on." 
    In Istanbul, Hurrem is crying for the first time after Mustafa's death. She remembers her conversation with Mustafa: "All these, the things between us, I did not want any of it...I never had the choice to choose. Fate has played a game with us, even if we wanted we could not come together. You are one side, me on another and unfortunately, safety for one of us, means disaster for the other. How sad right? You and me Mustafa...we could have not fight only on one condition...I wish you were my son...we would not fight against each other in this bloody war." She bites her hand at what she has done.
    Suleyman is in tent and he sees little Mustafa smiling at him...

    THE END.
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