• Muhtesem Yuzyil LAST Episode Translation - Episode 139

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    We see a messenger arriving to inform Sokollu of something: "Grand Vizier Hazretleri, felicitations! The  final two fortresses have fallen. Szigetvár is from now on part of the Ottoman lands." Sok: "Thank God. Our Hunkar will be very pleased with this news."

    Sokollu enters the tent and we see him bow and hear his voice saying: "Your wish has been fulfilled Hunkarim." We hear Suleyman's monologue: "What happens to the heart of the son of Adam when he dies? When the blood and the soul pull away what remains? It is conquests that write the glory of a king and in his heart he has more than his victories. My heart is filled from bottom to top with love, friendship, poems and leaves that have been born with divine light. My head is up in the sky with the stars. My roots are dark and know not how to be satiated and deep inside blessed soil. My darkness is from earth. My light is from the skies."

    We see a dead Suleyman...

    There is a flashback of the very first scene of Muhtesem Yuzyil: The year is 1520, the place, Manisa. The messenger: "I am Suleyman agha, the armoury chamberlain, I have brought news to my Shehzade from the Grand Vizier, Piri Mehmet Pasha." The young shehzade Suleyman takes the letter and goes to read it. "After praying the night prayer on September 22, Sultan Selim Han Hazretleri has taken his final ascent to the Almighty, entering heaven (he has died) in his tent in the Corlu encampment. Our Shehzade Suleyman Hazretleri should set out on the way to the Capitol as soon as possible." We see that Ibrahim has realized what has happened and gets the sword and presents it to Suleyman on bowed knee saying: "My Hunkar, Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, the Ottoman dynasty and the entire Ottoman dominion awaits you." Everyone bows before their new Sultan.

    In the present the elder Suleyman is seated as his son Selim wishes him a blessed Eid. Suleyman does not smile at him. Selim: "My Shehzade Murat most likely will not be able to reach the Eid prayers. As you already know, many of the roads have been closed due to snow and flooding." - Suleyman: "As long as he arrives to my palace (eventually, safely) it is fine."

    Sokullu: "Your entourage is awaiting you in the main garden. As you have ordered, we will be going to the Mosque in your complex (Suleymaniye) Suleyman: "Good." Suleyman gets up slowly but has to sit back down out of pain. Selim says: "Hunkarim if you permit, we can pray in the Palace Mosque and then at another time you can visit your Mosque Complex."
    Mihrimah is in her mother's room where she is staying and asks where Selim is. Sumbul responds that he is with the Sultan in his room. Mihrimah: "He thinks he can get away from facing me. He thinks time will heal my pain and hatred. I have waited so many years. Certainly the time will come for me to scream in his face about what he did to Beyazid. " Sumbul: "Sultanim, everyone in the harem is waiting for you to start the Eid festivities. Has Nurbanu come too?" Sumbul: "She must be in her room." Mihrimah: "Her time will come too. She will get my Eid gift to her personally from me." Sumbul: "I swear our late Hurrem Sultan if she had heard the calamities that you are raining down onto this Venetian woman, then she would kiss your forehead."  Mihrimah: "The oppression done to Beyazid is burning my heart. I only have a few memories of him left.." Sumbul: "And the things that were done to his children...especially that little Shehzade of ours - " Mihrimah: "Mehmet was only three years old. He still comes in my dreams."

    There is a flashback showing Defne with a dagger. She tells the aghas that they stand back and that they will not take him from her. She cuts one of the aghas who disputes with her. Nurbanu arrives: "Defne. It is finished already. You lost. Now you must deliver Sh. Mehmet to the aghas." Defne: 'Come, come and try and I will spill your dirty heart out." Nur: "Defne it is finished already. Accept it." Defne tells her: "Nurbanu don't...I beg you stop. If you kill my child, how will you look at your own children in their faces? Will you caress their heads with your bloody hands? Have mercy, you are a mother too." Nur: "True. I am a mother too. This is why I have to do this. For my own children." Defne: "I have one wish from God - to overshadow every happy moment of yours with the grief we lived through." Nur: "Catch that hatun! Break the door!" Canfeda has gone inside. She hugs her son. "They will never take you from me. They will never separate us, alright my son?" She kisses his hand.
    Annoying Nurbanu (I have worse words for her but not appropriate here!) orders guards to be sent to the garden in case they escape. Then she shouts for them to quickly open the door. And finds that Defne has killed herself and her child :'(

    In the present, Nurbanu is being greeted by her daughters for Eid. One of them presents her son Mehmet. Nurbanu says she wishes they gave him another name. The daughter wonders why and Nurbanu replies that "May he have a long fortunate life. His name brings dark memories to me, that is why. Anyway, we need to learn how to live with the darkness of the past.

    Nurbanu: "The three of you have had wonderful marriages. Your husbands, Piyale, Hassan and Sokollu hold very important positions in this state. If you know their value, they will know yours. Do not also forget that you are Sultanas and your husbands are your servants. if they stay loyal then the future will be bright for all of us. The throne and power, it will be worth all of the pain that we had to endure."

    Selim is seen leaving the Sultan's room along with Sokollu. He says to Sokollu that the pain his father is going through looks terrible. Sok: "It is hard to hide from your heart what your eyes see, my Shehzade. Out Hunkar's health is getting worse day by day. It is of benefit to take precaution. Death is a reality that every son of Adam must face. " Selim: "As Grand Vizier, think of our Hunkar's health. Be concerned with his situation (help him) and that is enough. The matter is much too early to think of taking precautions. I have no hurry. Power is waiting for me on a golden platter." 
    In his room, Suleyman is seated with Ferhat standing close by. He recalls the day when his children were much younger.

    Flashback: Suleyman: "Selim, Beyazid, May you have a blessed Eid." His children wish him a blessed Eid in return.

    In the present, Suleyman looks like he wants to stand and he tries but falls. Ferhat tries to help but Suleyman pushes his hand. Ferhat: "Hunkarim, allow me to call the doctors. Your pain is continuing non-stop for days. They can get some medicine ready to decrease your pain! If anything, at least pass Eid day in peace." Suleyman: "I don't want it Ferhat! It means in this world we have more pain to go through. It is impossible to run away from the arrows of Almighty Allah."

    In Bursa, Mahidevran is asleep. She wakes with a start. The doors are opened and Fidan arrives with food. Fidan: 'Are you alright Sultanim?" Mahi: 'I saw a dream." Fidan: 'May it be for the best, God Willing." Mahi: "Sultan Suleyman was leaving the palace and was taking a walk - he had a white kaftan on. Just like what my late son Mustafa wore when he was going to his death - a white kaftan. This is a sign from my Lord - Sultan Suleyman's time has come near." Fidan: "He has gotten very old anyway...he does not leave the palace. Because of the gout he is fallen down." Mahi: "If he was a stone he would have already cracked by now. He ordered the death of yet another of his children. His soul won't let his body get away with this. This is how his soul will exit his body, in pain. Get ready we are going."

    In the harem everyone is greeting Nurbanu. She turns to Esmahan: "Where is your husband Sokollu Mehmet Pasha? He has still not greeted me for Eid. He is a very important person for us.  Since the very start, he has been 20:33. Nice. He got in return even more than he what he was owed - first you and after the Grand Viziership. How is his health?" Esmahan: "He is healthy." Canfeda tells Nurbanu: "Felicitations Sultanim, Sh. Murat has arrived in Uskudar." Nur: "Thank you Allah! I have not seen my son in two years!"

    Selim is in his own room and he speaks to Sokollu: "I have heard that there are some problems near the borders of Hungary." Sok: "Unfortunately, Shehzadem. Since Maximilian has ascended the throne, our relations with Austria have not been working out. First they were late in sending their tribute, and then they also took over a small city." Selim: "Our Hunkar knows about these right?" Sok: "Of course, in the past, our Hunkar would not accept these things, and would have given the enemy the response they deserve." Selim: "Our Hunkar's condition is known. Let alone war, he cannot even leave the palace. In truth, there is no need for our Hunkar to leave. You can go. As the Grand Vizier you need to strengthen your reputation in the battle field. In this way you will look better in front of the public -" Sok: "You are right, but we have never entered a war without the presence of Sultan Suleyman" Selim: "The rules can change Sokollu."

     Mihrimah has arrived to see her father and Ferhat allows her. Suleyman is on his terrace and Mihrimah arrives and greets him and wishes him a blessed Eid and he responds likewise. Mihrimah: "How are you? Hopefully you have no pain?" Suleyman: "I am good thank God. I saw you and I am feeling better." Mih: "I recall the old Eids, and there was no lack of children's voices. Then the festivities, songs and poems. Everyone would be in enjoyment. Once again we have a half hearted Eid, a lacking one."

    Outside Ferhat speaks to Sumbul: "For long now there is a matter troubling my mind Sumbul agha. Our late Hurrem Sultan had freed you. For years you are free, but you are still here. Why?" Our poor old Sumbul: "I had returned for our Hurrem Sultan at one time, and in truth I had no intention of leaving for Egypt...because this Palace is my house and my home. If I was somewhere else, I would have become a fish out of water. You are also thinking of leaving right? If our Hunkar gave permission you would not stay for one moment." Ferhat: "My love and loyalty for our Hunkar is of course undying. But you are right, this palace is now strangling me. As if the walls are in pain and the doors are screaming. They are all telling me to leave this place. Leave." Sumbul: "Everything started after that night didn't it? Something happened to you after the night that Gulfem hatun died. Nobody even said a single word. It is a great secret. But everyone knows! A scary thing happened that night. If you cannot keep it contained in you, tell me what happened. I am this palace's container of secrets."

    There is a flashback to 1562. Gulfem arrives to the Sultan's room and Ferhat tells her that the Hunkar is in a troubled state. "He has not eaten anything since he recieved word of Sh. Beyazid's death. Even though it was difficult, I was able to make him drink some of the syrup that the doctor's prescribed. God Willing he will sleep peacefully. " Gulfem: "Is our Hunkar really this sad about our Sh. Beyazid's execution? It is hard to believe. I'd be interested in opening up his chest to see if he has a heart." Ferhat: "What kind of talk is that Gulfem Hatun? Of course our Hunkar got sad about it. Our Sh. Beyazid did not deserve this kind of death, it is unfortunate for him, but isn't it obvious our Hunkar has been destroyed by it?" Gulfem: "yes it was probably like that. The head doctor wants to see you Ferhat agha." Ferhat goes away and Gulfem enters the room where Suleyman is asleep. 
    Gulfem, hovering over the Sultan says: "Hunkarim, you are not able to sleep are you? So much that medicine does not work. Anyway it wouldn't be possible. How can a father who kills his children sleep? First you killed Mustafa, then it was the reason for my poor Cihangir's death. Now Beyazid." She moves closer and sits on the bed. "Let anyone say what they want, you killed him. You threw Beyazid into the lap of the enemy. You left him to his brother's mercy. For this reason, do not say you are innocent. Whatever happened to us was all because of you. For the sake of that throne which you can't even sit on. You brought fire to our stove. Look blood is dripping from our domes. She tries to kill him and Ferhat stops her and she dies.

    Ferhat in the present says to Sumbul: 'Forgive me Sumbul agha, I can't describe it to anyone. It is impossible." (so basically he does not tell Sumbul the story)."Sumbul: "Even if your tongue stays quiet like all the other aghas here, your eyes are clear like a book. When I look inside them, I can see what happened and I can see the storms brewing inside."

    Mihrimah and Sumbul return to Hurrem's room and Sumbul pours some water. Sumbul: "How is our Hunkar he is well God Willing." Mih: "How can he be? He has no mood, in the past on the days of Eid this palace was buzzing with excitement. Now we are drowning in grief." The door opens and Selim has arrived.

    Mihrimah: 'So you found the courage to come face me. It has been five years Selim. Exactly five years. I curse you every night before I sleep. Every morning I pray against you. And you? Are you able to sleep with the blood of your brother on your hands?" Selim: "I came here to greet you because of Eid. If you don't want then that is up to you. But I will not allow you to speak to me this way because in front you is the only heir to the Ottoman throne." 

    Mihrimah: "True. I see an heir who was willing to go to the depths . If you want let your throne be even in the sky in my eyes you are just a brother killer." Selim: "Do you think you are a pious person who is as pure as milk? Huh? Do you think I don't know you had a hand in my late brother Mustafa's death? Before you find fault in me, turn around and face your own faults." Selim: "Mihrimah, my beautiful sister. If you remember, my mother had said no one is innocent under this dome. Everyone lives what they deserve. This should be the last Mihrimah. If you ever try to cross the limits again, you will eat a slap from me. And that slap will crush you."

    We see Murat has arrived along with Safiye his gozde (favourite). Safiye: "I really missed this palace." Murat: "Me too. I truly miss my Hunkar and my father and then my siblings."
    Murat arrives to greet his mother in the harem. She welcomes him. She says that she was worried because he was late and he says that he sent news about his condition and that the roads were bad. His sister Esmahan greets him and says "you know how our mother worries." Murat greets his sisters and that he is so happy to see them all. Mihrimah arrives and welcomes Murat "The future of my happiness, shehzades." Murat: "Here is the Sultana of the sun and moon." Mihrimah: "You have become a great brave young man, May Allah protect you from envy. Are you happy with my gifts?" Murat: "You made me so happy Sultanim, this golden threaded kaftan is a testament to your high standards, I wanted you to see it on me." Mihrimah: 'It looks very good on you. But what I am curious about is something else...My other gift to you. Has she made your heart happy?" Nur: "Sultanim? Shehzadem? What gift are you talking about?" Murat: "My favourite Safiye. She has become the sun of my happiness. No matter how much I thank you it is too little Sultanim. It is the time for felicitous news. Safiye Hatun is pregnant. God Willing our happiness will be crowned with a Shehzade." Mihrimah: "How lovely. I congratulate you. God Willing you will soon hold your child in your arms."

    Selim is being troubled by the memory of his brother's words cursing him. Nurbanu arrives. Nurbanu: "Sh. Murat has come and I don't like the cariye that is with him. Mihrimah Sultan had gifted her to him...no idea what need was that, but the woman has right away become pregnant....Selim? My Shehzade what are you doing. How are you drinking in this Palace?" Selim: "Don't get involved." Nurbanu: "Mihrimah Sultan right? Allah knows what she said that made your heart darken. She is vengeful. Do not listen to her words, she wants to hurt you."

    Selim: "It is true she wanted to hurt me, but she is not without cause (to do so) what she says is true. I am a brother-killer. Nobody has the courage to say it, but it is the truth."
    Sumbul is speaking Mihrimah in the gardens. Sumbul: "I swear 'men dakka dukka' whoever does something bad will have something bad done against them Sultanim!" Then he talks about how happy he was when he saw how Nurbanu reacted when she heard about and saw Safiye." Mihrimah respnds commenting that he must have also noticed how her love and interest in her nephew Murad really upset and troubled Nurbanu, especially when she heard about the gift. Sumbul says: 'i swear she went crazy and then mimicks Nurbanu 'what gift are you talking about?' Sultanim, I swear you should be proud of your intelligence, you made a poor Albanian Safiye into a noble Venetian. She is quite smart." Mihrimah: "No one should know about it Sumbul agha, let Nurbanu think Safiye is from her own blood so she can be afraid." Sumbul: "Sultanim, it would be better if I rip out my eyes than to see Nurbanu as head of the harem or as Valide Sultan." Mih: 'While my mother did not get to be Valide Sultan, do you think it will be left for Nurbanu to be (it)? I trust in Safiye's loyalty. I taught her well. The seeds of enmity that I sowed into her will definitely come to her mind always (with regards to Nurbanu). As you know, I have influence on Murad. Sh. Selim thinks that his brother does not exist and therefore he is without a rival. But in reality his biggest rival will be his own son!" Sumbul: "I am in awe at your intelligence. If I say your mother's soul lives in you it would not be a lie!" Mih: "This is the most precious compliment I have ever heard."

    PART 2

    Mihrimah: "But we must see the reality. The vacuum that she (Hurrem) left behind cannot be filled by anyone in this harem, not by me nor by anyone else." 

    Murad has gone to see his father. "My Sultan father, Eid greetings." Nurbanu: "What is this woman doing here?" Murad: "This is my gozde and she is carrying my child." Murad: "Mother, my gozde is not a foreigner to you." Nur: "What does this mean?" Murad: "She is also Venetian and she is from your family of Baffo." Safiye: "It is true, Sultanim. My old name was Sofia Velucci Baffo. My father is Leonardo Baffo." Murad: "Life is full of coincidences." Nur: "To call this a coincidence would be to be a simpleton! As we know the woman is a gift from Mihrimah Sultan! It is obvious she has specifically picked her for you." Selim: "You have come on a long journey my son. Go to your room and rest. We will catch up later." 

    Mihrimah has her table laid out and Murad and his gozde arrive. Mih: "Coming with your gozde to my table you have honoured me." Murad: "That honour is ours." Mihrimah: "It is obvious your mother is not happy with my gifting Safiye to you." Murad: "My mother does not trust you. The reason is the trouble between you and my father." Mihrimah: "It is not a lie. Between my brothers Selim was not my favourite. We got distanced because of what happened to Beyazid. But you are different Murad. You are my only shehzade, my most beloved. You resemble my brother Beyazid so much" Murad recalls the arrow that he had struck his uncle Beyazid with. Murad: "Please be certain I will work to be worthy of your love for me." Mih: "For those who want to see, the past is a lesson my lion. It is obvious who is enemy who is friend. This palace was witness to the betrayal of brother to brother and a father killing his son. Sh. Selim will ascend the throne without doubt but what awaits us in our future is uncertain. You know the state of your father. He does not raise his head away from drinking. " Murad: "These words that you have said about my Heir father are they not unpleasant?" Mihrimah: "It is obvious that as much as you are a brave shehzade, you are also a good son. You must always give respect to your father like this and always protect him. But we must see the reality. The inner peace he lost in kazvin he is trying to find it is drink. You saw his condition did you not Safiye?" Safiye: "I saw Sultanim...God protect him but he looked ill. It was if our father's soul had been pulled out." Mihrimah: "Unfortunately. This is why my lion, you are the future of this state. You must show yourself worthy." 

    Murad: "I am in Manisa anyway. I am trying to run my Sanjak in the best manner. Our Hunkar is also very pleased (with me)." Mihrimah: "Great. Being close to our Hunkar is necessary. I have a prepared a gift for you to give to him" Murad: 'What is it?" Mihrimah: "It is something that is much better than the gems and horses that Sh Selim has sent to our Hunkar." "Murad: " What is it, I am curious Sultanim?" Giving a Sultan of the world who owns everything like him a gift is difficult. But I picked the most beautiful. It is something that will mirror the power of our Hunkar. You will see." 

    Suleyman is in his room reading from the Qur'an and he recalls Hurrem in a flashback when she says: "As long as you are at the head of our family, no pain will come to any of us." Hurrem: "I made you lose your mood right?" Suleyman: "My eyes don't read in the dark anyway, I will read it later." Hurrem: "If you want I can read it for you. My eyes are still sharp like a hawk's." Suleyman: "Will you become my eyes now?" Hurrem: "Are we not one anyway Suleyman? Our breaths, our hearts, are one right?" Just then Ferhat has arrived: "Hunkarim, Sh. Murad has arrived. He is with Mihrimah Sultan and is awaiting permission to enter your presence." Suleyman allows it and Mihrimah and Murad arrive. Murad greets his grandfather and he comments how big he has gotten. Suleyman: "The day of your circumcision ceremony is still in my mind." Mih: "The years pass so quickly. Our Sh. Murad has grown up." Murad: "Mighty Padishah, I have a request from you. If you permit me, I would like to join the Divan today with you. It will be the greatest treasure for me to get experience from such a great ruler as you by joining your Divan." Suleyman: "If that is your wish, then of course you can." 

    In the Divan, Sokollu is telling Suleyman that the trouble with Austria is still continuing, that the tribute has not been paid yet and that Maximilian has been said to be on the side of peace and that he has sent an ambassador but there is no news about the tribute nor is there any explanation about the land that they took over. Of course, King Maximillian fearful attitude can be explained by the circumstances that have changed. We are now in a different world now, neither is Henry Tudor part of this world, nor is Charles V."

    Murad: "Hunkarim, if you permit, I wish to give you a gift." Suleyman: "It is not suitable now my shehzade, you can present it later." Murad: "Actually it is is specifically suitable for now Hunkarim, right now." Suleyman allows it. Murad nods to the guards. A map is brought forward.

    Murad: "The borders of the Ottoman state, this land that knows no limits is your legacy. I wanted all your servants to look and see. I wanted them to once again recall how powerful a Sultan you are." Suleyman has a flashback: "Do you know why I laid this map down here? I wanted us to put the world under our feet and examine it. We are no longer a Balkan empire. We will be riding our horses all across Europe. Belgrade, Budin, Vienna, Rome, we will stick our swords into the hearts of the enemies. Of course we did not turn our backs towards the East. Our borders will pass Lake Hazar." Piri Pasha: "God Willing with Allah's Help and your might, we can achieve this." Suleyman: "My target is not Shah Ismail, but my target is Charles V, Francois, Henry Tudor, the enemies in the Vatican. Our first goal is Rhodes. The Mediterranean will become an Ottoman Sea. No one will be able to set sail or raise their flags without our permission. We will become their winds and storms."

    Suleyman is pleased. Suleyman: "You have made me very happy with your gift. Ask what your heart desires from me." Murad: "I do not want anything but to kiss your blessed hand." Suleyman stands up and says to Murad: "Come with me I want to show you something."
    He takes him to a library. Suleyman: "A Sultanate is not just made up of things you see on a map of course. If you consider those endless plains, mountains, seas and cities as one single body, then the soul and blood of that body is hidden in these record books. Hundreds of years worth of work. Customs, laws, agreements and scholarly writings...those borders that you see are made up of the minds and actions of myself and the nine Padishahs that came before me."

    Once they exit, Selim arrives. Selim: "Hunkarim, I heard Sh. Murad joined in your Divan. If I knew, I would want to be with you too."

    Suleyman walks away without saying anything. Selim holds Murad back. Selim: "What are you trying to do my son? What business did you have in the Divan?" Murad: "I wanted to benefit from our Hunkar's experiences and see what lies in store for me in the future." Selim: "I sacrificed everything - including peaceful sleep and clear soul and even myself for your future." Murad: "I am aware of everything my Sultan father. I know the truth. I know everythign you went through, and I am writing it down in a corner of a my mind so that I can avoid it."

    Suleyman is returning to his room followed by his ministers. He tells Sokollu: "Everyone should hear and know that there is no alcohol to be drunk on these lands! You will quickly shut down any establishment that prepares it. You will destroy the pubs  - " Sokollu: "Did something happen to upset you Hunkarim? Or has there been some complaint?"  Suleyman: "There is no need for there to be a complaint Sokollu! It has been on my mind for sometime, do what I order!" Sokollu: "As you command Hunkarim, but this will not be taken well by the non-Muslims and Franks living here and it will not be beneficial in terms of the economy" Suleyman: "Alcohol is not permitted in our religion Sokollu! I can personally see the damage it causes. Do what is needed!" 

    Nurbanu tells Canfeda: "Did I not tell you that not a bird will fly in respect to my shehzade Murad without me hearing of it?! Where did this Safiye woman come from?" Canfeda: "Mihrimah Sultan discovered her. For years she was in her service. Last year she gifted her to Sh. Murad's harem." Nur: "She chose this hatun on purpose. Ir order to take revenge on Sh. Beyazid" Canfeda: "Be patient Sultanim, the throne will soon be Sh. Selim's. Then you will declare your victory. And this will cut Mihrimah Sultan's prosperity. She will stop going against you." Nur: "Mihrimah Sultan is not the one occupying my mind, it is Safiye Hatun." Canfeda: "The one you call Safiye is just a young, inexperienced cariye.  What can she do against you?" There is a knock and Gazanfer arrives informing her that Safiye has arrived to see her. 

    Safiye enters and says: "I have been waiting impatiently for days to enter into your presence. I have heard your name so much in Venice that I was so curious about you. And now, being your Shehzade's favourite is a great honour for me." Nur: "I don't care who you were in the past or where you came from. This is an Ottoman palace, we are Ottoman women. Sh. Murad is precious to me. His happiness is my happiness. The important thing is loyalty (HA!) God willing you will prove your loyalty to me in the shortest possible time. If you don't, not you, but someone else will raise the child in your womb."  Safiye: 'There is one way to prove my loyalty to you and that is to make our Shehzade happy and to give him a son. Shehzade Murad has a great love for me, just like the love Shehzade Selim has for you."
    Everyone is in the main gardens saying their farewells. Suleyman watches from the balcony above. Mihrimah catches his eye. He turns back. Suleyman's actual poem from history (he has penned this himself as Muhibbi): "

    There is nothing more trustworthy for the people than the state...
    There is nothing that gives a person happiness more than a breath of fresh air...

    This thing that they call "Sultanate" is nothing more than a worldly struggle...
    There is nothing that gives a person happiness and fortune more than unity...

    Do not approach circles of merriment and drinking, as their consequences are evil...
    If you are searching for an eternal comrade, seek out loyalty...

    In the likeness of an hour glass, as the grains of sand rain down in your life endlessly...
    As the glass spins, and time dwindles away, as if only one hour has passed...

    If you would like to obtain tranquility, oh Muhibbî, then purify yourself...
    There is nothing that gives a person more serenity in this world than to withdraw (from it)..."

    Ferhat is with Suleyman in a carriage: "As your pain passed you stood right on your feet, but the doctors are worried. You must rest." Suleyman gives him the look of silence and he stops. Outside is the market and Suleyman watches. 

    Later we see he is walking through the markets (of course he is disguised." Vendors call out for people to buy things. One man calls out to Suleyman to look at an apple. Suleyman: 'I hope it tastes good?" Vendor: "You can't find any better in Istanbul...should I give you some?" He starts weighing. Suleyman watches carefully. Vendor: "Do not worry Father Bey, we do not have any deception, for I do not want to have to be put before the judge. I am not pining after my own death."

    Suleyman: "How does the business go?" Vendor: "Oh do not even ask...nor should I say...the Janissaries do not have any more money. They are barely getting by with three months worth of salary. We are selling based on how much people can afford. The people's debt has increased. There is no Padishah above us who would go out to war." Other vendor: "As if that is not enough, he has also placed prohibition on the pubs! Before he troubles us for that, he should go collect his drunkard son! Sultan Suleyman is joking with us, joking! He took the lives of our radiant Mustafa and our brave Beyazid and has left the state in the hands of a drunkard." Ferhat: "Woe! How dare you speak like this of our Padishah?!" Ferhat: "Nobody has the right to speak like this!" Man 2: "This is what everyone is saying! Sultan Suleyman's energy has gone and he has very little left. Forget war he cannot even go out for prayer. The one who does these things will find justice. They say, that he can't even use the washroom" (This part is just ridiculous! I'm sorry but after everything this man is known for, just because he was ill we have to suddenly say it is because it is a punishment?! sorry TIMS I don't like what you did here!)

    Suleyman gets angry "You profane fool! Do you know whose eyes you look into and say such things?! I am Sultan Suleyman Han. Now say what you had to while looking into my eyes. Say it! How many wars did I do, how many of them did I win, do you not know?!" Ferhat: "Hunkarim, we must return to the palace quickly." 

    Mahidevran meanwhile comments to Fidan: "Look well, look at the Padishah of the world's face. No crown, no throne, no Sultanat...just a father who killed his son."

    Selim is recalling his brother words about how he and his children going to meet God together and only bowing to him.

    Nurbanu: "We must choose cariyes right away and send them to Manisa, to Sh. Murat's palace. Hopefully our Shehzade will give his heart to one of them. And we must be rid of Safiye Hatun soon." Gazanfer: "What do you mean hopefully, should I ?" Gaz: "Clearly, Safiye Hatun is different, she is not an average cariye, if she was, then Mihrimah Sultan would not have sent her. It's also not that difficult to see that she is a fighter. You saw how quickly she has taken Sh. Murad into her palm." 

    Selim is in his room when Nurbanu arrives and takes a seat next to him. Nur: "You are wrecking yourself, what will happen after all this drink? Especially while our Hunkar has prohibited it?! If you don't think of yourself, think of your children!" Selim: "Our Hunkar, the Sultan of the seven regions, my father, do you know why he sent me here? To punish me. To torture me. Because this was Beyazid's palace. He entered this door (Nurbanu at least have some sensitivity to the man's feelings! It was his brother!) He sat on this sofa and hugged his children. His shadow was here." Nurbanu: "You are wrong Selim. Our Hunkar does not know you ordered Sh. Beyazid's execution. Sh. Beyazid tried to run away and had to be executed. That was the news he got. Why would he want to take it out on you?" Selim: "He knows Nurbanu. Our Hunkar knows. He knows of my crime and sins. He wants me to keep the pain of Beyazid's death in my heart." Nurbanu: "Years have passed Selim. You can't change anything now. You did what you had to do. If he had not died, you would have. For all these years did we fight for no reason? So that we could mourn in a corner? What did you expect to happen? To ascend to the throne in the midst of roses and musk?" He finally quiets her (thank you Selim!). She leaves. 

    Suleyman is in his room and there is a knock at the door. Ferhat tells him that as he ordered he has brought the Suleymanname which was made by Matrakci. Suleyman looks at it. Ferhat says there is also the poet Arif's Suleymanname as well.

    Suleyman tells them they may leave. He recalls his old conquests, his old glory :'( We can hear Ibrahim's voice: "From this point on, our Hunkar Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, has decreed that he will not join every Divan meeting except those that he chooses." Then we hear fireworks. Suleyman goes out to his balcony with great difficulty. He recalls an old scene with Ibrahim when he says: "You see Ibrahim, we are getting near our dreams step by step. After wars and death and attacks we are here. We have reached this night." Ibrahim: "What is to come will be greater, more magnificent, Hunkarim. You are going to be even greater than Alexander the Great. You are the great Alexander of our time." Suleyman: "Only you and I believed in this dream. What shall fate hold for us?" 

    In the present Suleyman limps to his sofa on the terrace and sees that everything is plain everything is different, there are no fireworks. 

    In the morning Sumbul is telling Mihrimah that he had never heard of such a thing and the vendor that was insulting Suleyman had to be removed forcibly from Suleyman's grasp. Mihrimah: "It is obvious that they drove him mad from all the insults " Just then there is someone in the bushes. It is Mahidevran, Sumbul shouts for the aghas but Mihrimah tells them it is alright. Mihrimah: Mahidevran sultan..." Mahi: 'As you see there is no legacy of me being a Sultana left...Mihrimah! The years have taken many things from you as well. Grief and pain has drawn lines on your face. You have learned how a human's heart can burn." Mih: "We have gone through very great pains. I lost my mother. Then Rustem Pasha, and my brothers." Mih: "We both know the thing that really destroyed your heart was Beyazid...he was the apple, the treasure of your eye." Mih: "You are right. He was the biggest pain (his loss) for me." Mahi: "People feel the pain of the hearts that they broke when their heart is broken right?" Mahi: "You lost an innocent life, now we can understand each other. Don't you wish there was justice in this world? Then the Sultanate would not have been left to Selim." Mihrimah: 'This was fate." Mahi: "Fate? Our Lord has given humanity intelligence, and the right to choose...all the calamities that befell us, there is only one explanation for it. Your father. Sultan Suleyman. Did we not all live the life he chose for us? Shehzade Selim...that Selim that no one loves, has written me a letter. On the day he gets on his throne he will give me an allowance. How strange right? The sins of the father are paid by the children." Mihrimah: "He must have felt bad for you." Mahi: "Would the one who does not have mercy for his brother have mercy for me? He resembles his mother. He is cleaning his conscience. Still may God be pleased with him. Unlike his father. I saw him in the market. How sad. This is how the Lord gives punishment." Mihrimah: "Actually the one who is pitiful and miserable is you. With these words of yours this means you are also proving that you deserved everything that happened to you too up until today. Now, leave this palace! Don't come again!" 

    Fidan: "This was your home at one point Sultanim, now they won't even take you into the door." 

    Suleyman is in the Divan: "Mehmet Pasha, get ready at once we are going to war to march on the enemy." Sok: "As you order my mighty Padishah. God Willing we will teach the enemy a lesson and return with good news for you Hunkarim" Suley: "Mehmet Pasha, I will personally head my army....Pasha, go at once with the Akinci (forward forces) and go to Erdel (part of modern day Romania). When our army reaches you will join us with your forces." And then to Sokollu, Suleyman says: "Immediately send word to all the Beys in that direction and tell them to prepare their subdivisions and also tell the judges to prepare as well. They should take precautions with regards to all of the roads and bridges on that path."
    Suleyman: "Our war be blessed." 

    Suleyman's monolgue as we see the preparations for war, and Suleyman being measured for his war clothes: "I am Suleyman. the conqueror of Belgrade, Rhodes, Budin, Baghdad, Mohac, and the rest of the world. Suleyman. I am the one who challenges death with my sword in my hand. I spent years of my life plunging my flag into the hearts of the enemy, spreading Allah's name on this earth, and working to establish order and peace in the world, I, the Sultan of the seven regions, Suleyman. In all these years I have seen so much victory and death, when the blood of my soldiers fell onto the ground, it was as if I lost part of my life. I shed my tears for them. I was never defeated by my ego. I never fell prey to the animals of Satan, which are arrogance, jealousy and pride. And now I am once again going out to spread fear in the hearts of my enemies and to give spread peace to my friends and to remind them who I am. Everyone will once again see my life that I have given up for this position. They will see and say that Sultan Suleyman still has not died."

    PART 3

    Sokollu has left the Divan and a pasha calls out to him: "I do not want to say but our Hunkar is near his last breath, and his feet are disturbing him, a campaign like this can end with a calamity. God forbid, we could lose our ruler and the war. What is the need for him to join?" Sokollu: "The meaning is very clear my Pasha, our Hunkar wants to show that his rule and power still exist, but it is not clear whether his health will give permit him to do this."

    Suleyman's feet are pretty horrible. The doctor: "Hunkarim, your condition is very sensitive. In this state, it is not at all suitable for you to go to war. For God's sake Hunkarim, please revisit your decision." Sully: "That is impossible head doctor." Doc: "Hunkarim, please listen to me, I beg you do not go out for this campaign. If you leave the Palace, then Allah forbid, you will not be able to return." Doc: 'These wounds and this terrible illness on your feet will destroy your body." Suleyman: "What do you think you are? Is it up to you to know how long a person's life will last? You prepare my medicines that will lighten the pain that is all." Doc: "Hunkarim." Suley: "If you say a single word more, I will take your head."

    Mihrimah later asks the doctor how this is possible and how her father could do something like this. Doc: "I warned him Sultanim, I openly stated it. I told him if he goes, he will not return God forbid. But my words are worthless to him." Sok: 'Sultanim, perhaps you can make our Hunkar change his mind. The matter is about life and death." Mih: 'I don't think so. The recent dirty rumours that have been going around about my father is known to everyone. They have not left any words unsaid, the ungrateful people!" Sok: "Still, you need to speak with him Sultanim. You cannot watch him go to his death." Sumbul: "I swear our Pasha Hazretleri is right, please speak to our Hunkar and make him change his mind about this."

    Suleyman is looking at his maps and planning strategies when Mihrimah arrives. Suleyman: "My Mihrimah has especially come. Right? Don't waste your breath, my decision is final." Mih: "Of course the power I have is not enough to change the mind of a king, especially that of Sultan Suleyman. But I beg you, please re-think your decision one more time." Suley: "Come sit here." Suley: 'My Mihrimah, my beautiful daughter, until today whatever I did whatever decision I made was for the happiness and peace of the Muslims, the Dynasty and the future of the nation of Osman. This war is the same. The enemies are not sitting still. My people want me at the head of my soldiers." Mihrimah: 'What if the Pashas went ahead, if you join them later? There have been instances where you joined at a later date." Suleyman: "Impossible, Mihrimah. This campaign is different. This is my last war. My sultanate which began with conquests will end with conquest." Mih: "May Allah never take you away from us! Father dear, please think again. You will travel all that way, it may take months or years, this campaign is a cliff whose end is not sight. My late mother entrusted you to me. How will I account for it in the next world? " Suley: "My moon and sun, my radiant faced daughter. Where did you get that your mother would be against this war? If she was alive, she would know my feelings and thoughts about this and would have supported me in this matter."

    There is a flashback of Hurrem when she says: "The whole world is underneath your feet. The fate of nations are between your lips. The future in your blessed hands. Who has been granted this level of power?" Suley: "No one is everlasting on this earth, our end is known. One day death will come knocking on my door too and I will pass away like everyone else. No human is eternal." Hurrem: "Even if you die, your shadow will always be on this earth Suleyman. Hundreds of thousands of years will pass and humans will talk about your glory, your power and your legacy. If this is immortality then what is?" Mih: "You will go no matter what you will go right?" Suleyman: "What falls upon you is to send me away in happiness not with tears."

    We see Suleyman in the gardens. Monologue: "This garden is your garden Suleyman. The heaven on earth that you see in this world is your dream. This is the spring of lovers. O soul. This love is like rain. We are like leaves and flowers. When it rains on us we will find life. I have never seen anyone in this world who does not have wings from head to toe. Everyone is flying according to their own desires. Everyone is excited, everyone is on fire. Everyone is lying in ambush. Everyone is looking for a reason to love."

    We see Suleyman as he walks down the hallway of the harem and recalls Hurrem's first calling out to him "Sultan Suleyman!" He sees Sumbul standing there with tears in his eyes.
    Later in his room, Suleyman is telling someone "this is the late Matrakci Nasuh Efendi's work of art. He has written down all of the important wars, ceremonies and events that have taken place throughout my life. God Willing this opus of his will be remembered for generations along with his name. And this is what the poet Arifi has written and what you have illustrated. But the last pages of these books are still empty. You and your team of experts are going to fill those pages with my last campaign that I will be victorious in. You will do it so that years later and even hundreds of years later, those who take this book into their hands can know and see this mighty state's power." Man: "You have given my team an unparalleled honour. May Allah keep your way open and your sword sharp." Sully: "God Willing."

    In the harem, a cariye says to Sumbul that "today is the big day Sumbul agham, all of Istanbul is holding their breath, waiting on the streets!" Sumbul: "In the past our Hunkar would stay very limited amount of days in the palace...one of our eyes would see him, the other would not. On days like this, we would make preparations before hand." Cariye: "It is written for us, to be able to see Sultan Suleyman go on campaign. God Willing he will come back safe and sound." Sumbul: "What are you doing waiting here?! Get on with your work!"
    We see Suleyman taking his medicine and his face is being covered in a red powder, his beard being combed. He stands up. And then he is being dressed in his finery.

    "I am Suleyman. 
    The son of Sultan Selim Han. 
    Born of Hafsah Valide Sultan. 
    The Tenth Hunkar of the Ottoman State. 
    The ruler of the Safavids, the Egyptian Mamluks, Syria, Palestine, the dominion of Hijaz, the Spice and Silk Roads, the seas, the deserts, the only master of the Ottoman dominions that were inherited by me."

    He recalls his men standing before him bowing when he was a much younger Sultan.

    "I, am Suleyman. 
    I ride my horses from the East to the West. 
    I have sworn to take the flag of my horses to the western most point of the world. 
    For the tranquility of my subjects, for justice, I am sworn. 
    I have sworn to bring justice and peace to every piece of soil that my foot steps on."

    We see a flashback of one of Suleyman's first departures on campaign. Now, Suleyman once again is departing with his entourage.

    Venetian ambassador: "Doge excellency, when Sultan Suleyman announced that he lead his army, nobody believed it. There were rumours that the old and tired Padishah would not be able to stand up once again. Only, the Great Turk has surprised everyone."

    Everyone is shouting praise and throwing roses at my magnificent Padishah :')

    Venetian ambassador: "When everybody was waiting for his funeral. He, as if he was in the spring of his youth, with a procession worthy of his name, left his palace along with his army. Constantinople was witness to one of it's old and magnificent days! The people had filled the streets. With is white beard and white kaftan, everyone was talking about how he resembled a minaret of light. People bid the Great Turk with great excitement onto his campaign."

    We see the Venetian ambassador continue his letter to the Doge: " Throughout his forty six year reign, in the East and the West, he conquers every piece of land that he desires. He is the nightmare of his enemies. Sultan Suleyman once again has proven that he is king of the kings in this world. You must be prepared and prepare our allies as well. Close the doors of our cities, prepare your soldiers. Pray. Magnificent Suleyman is marching to the heart of Europe."

    Suleyman's army stops behind him, my Padishah is in pain. His hands are red and inflamed. Ferhat arrives. "Are you well?" Suleyman steadies himself. The doctor arrives and he says: "Not now Doctor, there is still a long war ahead of us...the time for that will come." He growls like an ill lion and the doctor has no choice but to accept.

    In Kutahya, Selim has recieved word of the Sultan's departure and Nurbanu comments that it is impossible for him to return and that she never expected this from him. Selim corrects her and says: "The opposite Nurbanu. this is what to be expected of Sultan Suleyman, my father. A Padishah who made the world bend on their knees and conquered limitless lands will go to his death not with sadness or cries, but will go towards it in merriment." Nur: "I have not seen the most glorious years of Sultan Suleyman. The blood that I saw became bitter tears. The end of this war is unclear. I don't want it but there may be a bitter loss at the end." Selim: "God forbid."

    Mihrimah meanwhile, thinking of her father, says: "I do not know how many campaigns I waited longing for my father's return. He will not return this time, Sumbul. He won't return. Maybe I will never see him again." Sumbul prays for the Sultan's life and then adds: "You keep your heart light Sultanim, for a long time, I have not seen our Hunkar happy like this. I swear he had such a departure that, glory be to God!" Mih: "This is the only reassurance for me. Let us pray Sumbul: our Lord destined such a magnificent life for our Hunkar, may He also bestow him with the chance to see his last campaign through." Sumbul: 'Ameen!"

    In a place called Zemun, close to Belgrade, Suleyman's army has set up camp. Suleyman has had a chance to finally be seated when Sokollu arrives: "Hunkarim, the Prince of Belgrade, Zápolya, is waiting to be admitted into your presence." Suleyman allows it. Zápolya arrives and greets him. There is a flashback when this Zápolya, Sigismund Zápolya, son of John Zápolya, was just a baby and Suleyman appointed him on the throne, and decreed his protection of him (the baby prince's life) and his ruler-ship. (ahh I just saw Mehmet in the corner :D )

    Prince Sigismund Zápolya: "I pray in thanks for you and my fortune every day mighty Padishah. If it was not for you, I would not be here right now. My every breath is indebted to you, mighty emperor. Emperor of emperors.  Like the great Alexander, your name will never be forgotten, I am honoured to rub my face on the place where you have put your feet." Suleyman: "My beloved child Sigismund, when I saw you last you were a little baby in your mother's arms. Now you are a brave young Prince. My shadow  will be on you always. Our reason for coming here is to show Maximillian his place. Our first target is Szigetvár fortress. With God's permission, we shall be successful. What I want from you is to regain our land and castles that Austria has taken in Erdel." Prince Sigismund Zápolya: " As you order my Padishah." Suleyman: "May God give you good fortune and keep your sword sharp."

    When he leaves. Sokollu speaks: "I have gotten unpleasant news about the Beylerbey of Budin, Aslan Pasha,  he has taken a Christian and circumcised him and then made him dance in front of everyone at a party in that state. He has also been collecting additional unlawful taxes from the people under his control. If that is not enough, without your permission, he has also taken Alatto Castle from the Austrians." Suleyman: "Bring that fool at once! I am going to show him the punishment for oppressing the innocent. You may leave."

    Meanwhile Murad has gone to see his mother and Safiye is with him. Nur: "Your mother is awaiting you impatiently." Murad: "When you invited me, I was worried. God Willing everything is fine." Nur: "It is, your father will tell you everything. She does not greet Safiye."

    Murad greets his father and then says: "My mother said you have things to tell me. Is it about our Hunkar? His condition was not good" Selim: "Sokollu has written that our Hunkar's condition is getting worse. In reality the doctors have warned our Hunkar. They had told him if he went to the campaign he would not return." Murad: "Who can stop Sultan Suleyman Han? God Willing he will return safe and sound." Selim: "God Willing." Nur: "Death is God's Order, of course His Decree will come to pass. There is no escape from this. Even if you are Sultan Suleyman it is useless." Selim: 'With God's permission, if not today, tomorrow the throne will be mine. We must prepare. Our era is about to begin."

    In the camp, the Bey of Budin Aslan Pasha has been brought on his knees. Sokollu announces him. Aslan Pasha: "The mighty Sultan of the seven regions, why did you want me caught and brought to your presence (like this)? What mistake have I done?" Suleyman: "Mistake?! Your sins are plenty! You have oppressed the people and have done things from your own accord. You have abused one of my Christian subjects by forcibly circumcising him and made him dance in front of others, is it true?" Aslan Pasha: "Slander, Hunkarim! I swear by God, it is a slander! My enemies are playing me because I did not succumb to them!" Suleyman: "Is it also slander that you have taken additional taxes, and without my permission, you have attacked the castles of the enemy?" Aslan: "Hunkarim I -" Suleyman: "You insolent fool! You bandit! Why are you still talking?!?! There is no explanation for your doings! I entrusted this land to you under my laws of justice to represent me! Not for you to go against the rules and oppress people!" Aslan: "I took some strict precautions. But just for the Christians -" Suleyman: "Who are you to separate my subjects from each other?! Take him!" Aslan begs but Suleyman ignores him. Aslan asks for forgiveness and pity, but he is executed by the order of the Sultan.

    Suleyman is in quite some pain and Ferhat helps him and calls for the doctor. He is brought with difficulty to his throne where he collapses. The doctor arrives and Suleyman asks for medicine. Everyone is troubled by this sight. He is given medicine as he growls like a wounded lion. He calls for Sokollu and tells him: "Go at once at the head of the army and without Szigetvár falling there is no peace for me." Sokollu: "As you order Hunkarim."
    Suleyman takes more medication.

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is with Sumbul and reminices: "When I was a small girl, I recall the springs and storms my mother went through in this harem, but when she saw our Hunkar, it was as if you could see stars in her eyes... And our Hunkar would look at her as if his heart was melting." Sumbul: "I swear Sultanim, I am witness to every moment, a person would sacrifice their life for this kind of love. Do not think that our Hunkar will only be known for his campaigns, we might not live to see it, but our Hunkar and Hurrem Sultan's love will be spoken about in the future." Mihrimah: Let us go to Edirne Sumbul. The empty and noiseless palace stings me inside. " Sumbul: "What will happen about Selim and Nurbanu?" Mihrimah: "First I leave them to (face) God, and then to their son and their daughter in law! They won, Sumbul. My brother, who was like a mountain, is now gone. Selim has won. We have lost."

    There are festivities in Selim's palace. Nur: "I am dreaming of horses entering the garden and the good news reaching us. When you get on the throne, after years my eyes will be able to have a restful sleep. That night we will celebrate our future in the Has Oda (Sultan's chamber). Now my time to be the Sultana of Sultanas has come. When I first came to the Palace, the stars told me. After Hurrem Sultan, my star would shine. Just like this ring"

    Suleyman watches as in the distance, Szigetvár is being hit. Sokollu: "Our canons have been hitting since the call to morning prayer, as you know, Szigetvár is surrounded by four trenches. And your Janissaries are attacking at every opportunity. Even from now we have done great damage to the enemy." Suley:"Speak to me of victory. When will the forts fall? Sokollu: "God Willing we will be successful soon." Suleyman stands up and limps away as Ferhat follows behind.

    In Kutahya, Nurbanu admires her ring (that she stole from a dead woman) Gazanfer tells her it suits her very well. Safiye arrives and says: "You ordered for me." Nur: "You make my shehzade Murad happy it seems. only,  this is not enough. For example myself - in order to reach this level of power, I put my life on the line. After Sh. Selim, Sh. Murad's time will begin and if our Lord permits, I will be Valide Sultan." Safiye: "That blessed position that was not fated for our Hurrem Sultan, God Willing will be fated for you." Nur: "You must have heard about Hurrem Sultan from Mihrimah Sultan  of course. She chose me. I am going on her path. The eras changed, and my time came." Safiye: "I completely believe you will surpass Hurrem Sultan. And then the tables will turn and your successor will surpass you one day. And that ring of power on your finger will change hands. " There is a knock and Murad has called for Safiye and she says "with our permission Sultanim, I must take care of the Shehzade." Gazanfer: "Your war is not over yet Sultanim. It is just starting. If there is anything harder than getting to the top, it is to keep staying there."

    Mihrimah is leaving. She says to Sumbul: "I wish you could come with me." Sumbul: 'But the harem would be in trouble without my presence. There has to be someone to put the cariyes in line. " Mihrimah: "I entrust you to God's protection Sumbul" Sumbul: "You too Sultanim, write to me, keep me informed of your situation." She hugs him. She looks back at her home and goes off with her children, leaving poor old Sumbul in tears.

    The palace is empty of the people he had most dear to him, and Sumbul is alone. Next to him lies the book that Hurrem left him. Flashback: Hurrem: "This, my life, whatever befell me, what I lived through, I wrote it here. Everything there is about me, known and unknown, whatever there is, is written in these pages." In the present, we see Sumbul open the book and look at it with tears falling down his face. Hurrem's voice: "My soul is in these rooms, these chambers, these halls, this garden, these walls hold my tears, my beloved, my love, my voice, songs, laughter, hidden tears and outright cries...seasons shall pass and even years. Stars will extinguish in the sky. What they call life is a blink of an eye. My eyes opened and closed. The thing called life is a day. It was seen and it was lost. Everything I had was love, and my life was this palace."

    We see Sumbul walking through the empty halls and harem...he recalls voices of the past. Laughter, conversation, announcements, like the one when Valide Sultan had coins given out for the birth of Mehmet. Mustafa and his grandmother's voice. Suleyman's voice. Hurrem calling him Suklum and his reminding her it is Sumbul! Then her laughter. His shouting at the cariyes. Then he looks up at the balcony and bows to where Hurrem was crowned. He looks around and recalls Hurrem's voice "this morning my Hunkar freed me!" then him shouting "At attention! Haseki Hurrem Sultan!" Then all the voices mixed together echoing until they are gone as he closes the door.  An era has ended. :'(

    In the camp of Suleyman. He is not well at all.  When he tries to get up he cannot. He is shaking. Medicine to relieve his pain is given to him to drink and he drinks it with a shaking hand. Again he tries to get up. He uses his cane and Ferhat helps him. It is difficult and he is in in a great deal of pain.  His army outside awaits and Suleyman is announced. He walks forward and looks out. He gives his cane to Ferhat and walks without assistance in front of his army. He approaches Sokollu: 'What is the condition Sokollu?" Sok: "Hunkarim, Szigetvár is standing firm and their leaders are showing quite a bit of resistance in handing over the castle. Under these conditions - " Suleyman: "Pasha you speak (sorry I can't catch his name): "Our Grand Vizier Mehmet Pasha has a point Hunkarim" Suleyman asks Hassan agha. Hassan agha: "Unfortunately, winter is upon us. Maybe the best is to withdraw to Belgrade. We will make our preparations until next spring and then  we can attack them with a greater, more effective force. " Suleyman: "There is no other spring ahead of us. Up to today I have fought countless times. With the Help of Allah, the strength of my wrist and the blood of my soldiers. I won tens of victories with my heart and soul. I knew when to stop when the wind wasn't blowing in my favour, but this time is different. Szigetvár is important for me. Szigetvár is not just an average fortress in the hands of the enemy. Szigetvár is my hope."

    Suleyman, my magnificent Padishah goes to face his men: "My lions! My brave warriors who lift their swords in the name of Allah and who breathe the same air that our Prophet Muhammad breathed! For the last time, you shall say Besmele (in the Name of Allah) and march on the enemy! With Allah's permission this day is our day! Our Almighty Lord, our prayers and the wind are supporting us! Victory and heaven has been written for us! I believe, before the day is born, Szigetvár will fall to our hands! Do not let me down my lions!" They draw swords and chant: "Long live our Padishah!" 

    We see horses ride towards Kutahya.

    We see Suleyman entering his tent. He falls.

    Then, we see the letter has arrived in Kutahya.

    Suleyman is lying on the floor.... Everyone around him has tears in their eyes. :'(

    Gazanfer has brought the news to Selim. News that he is now the Padishah. Everyone bows in allegiance. That thing which he has been fighting for unwillingly at first, then willingly has finally come to him.

    We see Mahidevran and candle beside her burns out and she knows in her heart what has happened.

    The scene cuts to Szigetvár. In the camp, the Qur'an is being recited and the men pray for the soul of their Sultan. Suleyman's belongings are laid out.

    Ibrahim's voice: "Hunkarim, the time has come." My Padishah: "Ibrahim?" He breathes his last.

    We see Suleyman, and his monologue:

    "I am Suleyman.
    The son of Sultan Selim Han.
    Born from Valide Ayshe Hafsa Sultan.
    The tenth Padishah of the Ottoman Dynasty.
    Ruler of this world, the one who brought the East and the West to its knees. Coming from the soil, and returning again to it, I am he - Suleyman.
    My friend's voice is calling me.
    What happens to the heart of the son of Adam when he dies?
    When blood and the soul is taken out, what is left behind?
    Your mind is not sufficient enough to understand this.
    Only the heart knows the truth.
    This is a great
    feast and reunion.
    It is the magnificent prayer granted to very few servants (of God).
    The skies are above me, in between my branches is a cool breeze.
    My roots run deep.
    I, am Suleyman.
    No crown nor throne, I only take love and friendship with me.
    I am now going to wake.
    The son of man should be aware of this. They should know and remember:
    The Sultanate has finished.
    Gone is the sadness of the roses.
    Completed is this dream.
    Rulership does not remain, and neither does the crown.
    As I came with empty hands to this world, I am leaving it empty handed.
    What remains behind is only a handful of soil.
    Everyone should know that a Suleyman passed through this world.
    The humble servant of the Lord of Truth, Suleyman."
    He sees a white horse in the distance, free, unbridled, prancing around. And looks with his blue eyes into the sunset.

    Note from TIMS at the end of the video: "We would like to thank our magnificent viewers who have not left our side from the day that we started on this path."

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        Mehmet actually died of illness and she never tried to poison Hurrem like shown in the series.
        This was all made up by the producers to dramatize the events.
        And I believe Mahidevran would've died in peace. She had no worries left when she died. Unlike Hurrem and Suleman.
        Everything is clear and out there in the actual history. The more I read about it, the more I like Mahidevran.
        All she did at point was she got physical with Hurrem, and her jealousy was reasonable, she lost the love of her life. She never got involved in politics unlike Hurrem, she was in peace and lived for her only surviving son Mustafa. For the record Mahidevran bore 4 kids of Suleman, who were not mentoned in the series, which proves that several other things potrayed in the series (like Mahidevran killing Mehmet) could've been also wrong. Peace.

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      Mehmet actually died of illness and she never tried to poson Hurrem like shown in the series.
      This was all made up by the producers to dramatize the events.
      And I believe Mahidevran would've died in peace. She had no worries left when she died. Unlike Hurrem and Suleman.
      Everything is clear and out there in the actual history. The more I read about it, the more I like Mahidevran.
      All she did at point was she got physical with Hurrem, and her jealousy was reasonable, she lost the love of her life. She never got involved in politics unlike Hurrem, she was in peace and lived for her only surviving son Mustafa. For the record Mahidevran bore 4 kids of Suleman, who were not mentoned in the series, which proces that several other things potrayed in the series (like Mahidevran killing Mehmet) could've been also wrong. Peace.

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    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

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      Tarik e sultanat book. (The History of Sultanate Book)

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