• Muhtesem Yuzyil 103 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

    www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil (I couldn't bring myself to put the picture of her face just yet...well because I miss Meryem. So I put this one of her shoe...for all of you to imagine for a moment, that Meryem steps out of that carriage ;))

    Suleyman looks at himself in the mirror. Then we see the family mourning over Hatice and her coffin being carried out...
    Suleyman's monologue:

    "Our deaths are an eternal ceremony. What is His secret? He, is Allah, the One.... As the sunlight enters each house and window in a unique way, it looks as though it is divided. However, if all of the windows in a home are closed, this division will disappear. The grapes on a grapevine can be counted one by one. However, if the grapes are squeezed, the juice that it produces cannot be counted in such a manner. Death is in actuality freedom for the body to leave its shackles and become free with the light of Allah. Do not say bad things about the one who has died, nor call them good; as they have become free of goodness, and badness. Do not see everybody as being bad, and do not say things that you do not witness. Do not do such things, so that people think otherwise of the person. An eye can only see things with clarity only if it looks through a lens of Allah's nur (light). As much as all light belongs to Allah, you should not abruptly call all of it the light of the Just One. The permanent and everlasting nur is Allah's nur. The mortal and fleeting nur is an attribute of the body (human body).

    Oh Allah, the bird has certainly seen your kindness and benevolence, that it flaps its wings out of love for You. That bird must have reached beyond the clouds and past the skies of skies, and must be searching for You constantly. Either grant it a glance from Your mercy, or do not drive it away from Your door due to its insolence."

    In Manisa, Mehmet is walking with his entourage. "Your insistence on going out for some air has done me well, Ilyas. It has been long a time that  I haven't gone out of the palace." Ilyas: 'You are very busy with the state affairs, my Shehzade...for a few days you can get some fresh air." Mehmet: "Other than you, no one thinks about me." Ilyas: "Do not say like this, my Shehzade, our Hunkar and our Mihrimah Sultan think about you." Mehmet: "I wish I could be with them during these difficult times. Especially with our Hunkar. From what Mihrimah says, there is no happiness in his face, he does not meet anyone, does not talk to anyone." Ilyas: "May Allah keep our Hunkar with us." Mehmet: "Ameen." Ilyas: "My Shehzade, if you wish, we can get rid of the guards, that way we can walk in peace."

    In Amasya, Mahidevran has returned and is speaking to Fidan: "Sultanim, thank God you finally came, while you are away managing everything is difficult. Yahya bey has been of much help, thank God, but our Shehzade's condition is worrying everyone. He doesn't meet with the cariye's so they are gossiping..." Mahidevran: "Who dares to gossip?! You get the cariyes into the hall...I will come in a bit." Fidan leaves.

    Mustafa is in his room when his mother arrives. "Mustafa?" They greet each other and he kisses her hand and hugs her and then they sit down. "May her place be in heaven." Mahi: "Ameen. My only consolation is that our Sultana died in happiness, dying after getting revenge for Ibrahim Pasha. Our Hunkar's condition is very bad, they say,  some say the latest incident has even made him crazy" Mustafa: "May Allah save him" Mihrimah: "Mustafa, Mihrimah and Rustem are not ceasing, they are preparing for Mehmet for ascension to the throne. Do not forget that he is closer to the throne than you." Mustafa: "Mother where are you getting these from now?" Mahi: 'This is the truth. God forbid, if you don't take charge of your destiny then this is what will happen. Taslicali has gone to see Hizr Hayrettin. They will come soon. If you do not believe me, you can ask the situation from them."
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is in her Palace with Rustem: "I cannot stay in the harem any longer, Rustem. I cannot bear to see in every place, memories of my mother walking..." Rustem: "Do not leave the harem like this, Sultanim. Otherwise, Shah Sultan and Mahidevran will wrap the harem in their bugs. Moreover, our Hunkar's condition is very bad, the pain of Hatice Sultan's doings and then committing suicide has made his hair grey." Mihrimah: "How could he not be (in such a condition?" Ali agha ran away...we will never find out what happened to my mother." Rustem: "Mihrimah, if there is a tiny bit of hope in you, then take it out and throw it. Our Hurrem Sultan is dead. If you do not accept this, you will not find happiness. Just like our Hunkar." Mihrimah: "I am content with even seeing a single strand of my mother's hair, Rustem - without seeing that, make me believe it!" Rustem: "They say Hizr Hayrettin has gone to Amasya. In a time of upcoming war, this trip is not a good sign." Mihrimah: "Both of them are loyal to our Hunkar, they would never rebel." Rustem: "Never say never Sultanim. It is apparent what has happened to Hurrem Sultan. They murdered her. It is impossible that Hatice Sultan did this alone. She simply took he blame all on herself, to save the others." Mihrimah: "If this is the case, then prove it." Rustem: "There is no point bringing up the past...we must protect Shehzade Mehmet. Especially at the time of war."

    Meanwhile, Hadim is speaking to Suleyman. "News of our Shehzades from their Sancaks is continuous. Thank God, they are all well." Suleyman: "Good.  How is Mehmet?" Hadim: "We are keeping informed and, May God give him a long life, he is ruling his Sancak in the best way possible. In Manisa, everyone is praising him." Suleyman: "Good, good." Hadim: "He is always thinking about you. He wishes to come see you." Suleyman: "With God's permission, I will go and see him one day." There is a knock and Bali Bey enters. Suleyman: "Malkocoglu, is there any news yet from Hatice's agha?" Bali :"I am doing whatever is within my power, however he is nowhere to be found." Suleyman: "In that case, get out at once and I do not want to see you until you find him." Hadim: "Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "You leave too Pasha. Leave me alone." They leave...Suleyman angrily looks after them...

    Hadim and Bali exit to find Husrev and Matrakci in the hall. Hadim tells him not to bother going in, and that the Sultan does not want to see anyone. Hadim leaves. Bali: "Husrev Pasha, we have to find Ali agha." Husrev: "He has completely disappeared, the traitor. If I find where he is, I will rip out his liver! How could I have known this would happen? Otherwise, I would not have left him under her orders." Matrakci asks if he might have escaped to Bosnia, but Husrev says he doesn't think so, but investigating that would be beneficial. "Thank God our Hunkar believed and accepted my innocence!" Bali: "You keep your spirits up my Pasha, everyone knows you very well. But, for a while, you should stay away from him for a while. And us too (to Matrakci)...because his anger and pain are great."

    In Manisa, Mehmet and Ilyas are now walking alone. Ilyas: "I congratulate you my Shehzade, this time you were able to shake off the guards." Mehmet: "You are like a child, Ilyas...where do these things come from in your mind?" Ilyas: "I see you very worried, if I can make you happy just for a moment, how great!" Mehmet: "Hatice Sultan's passing is very upsetting...why did she kill herself? Do you know anything?" Ilyas: "No, my Shehzade. You said she had tried in the past as well to take her own life." Mehmet: "Yes, but years passed after that, I still don't know what really happened." Ilyas who is looking around says: "May God forgive her sins" Ilyas approaches from behind, Mehmet turns around. "For how long now there has not been even a sound from my brother Mustafa, I have not seen him since I came to my Sancak." Ilyas: "You wrote to him, my Shehzade" Mehmet: "As of late he is behaving with me so angrily, as if I am the reason behind his being sent, even though it was our Hunkar's order. He was taking his anger out on me.' Ilyas moves close again, but the guards arrive. Mehmet: "There is no saving from you guys! Come Ilyas let us go."

    Mahidevran is speaking to Fidan. "I spoke personally, because I do not trust anyone." Fidan: "God Willing there was no one who heard or saw?" Mahi: "No, I gave the necessary instructions. Soon we will get word." Fidan: "This is not that easy Sultanim. Finally this death must not make anyone doubt." Mahi: "My trust in Ilyas is full. He will certainly find a way. Until that day we will wait."

    Mihrimah is in the Palace gardens when Bali arrives "You wished to see me?" Mihrimah: "Yes, I need something from you, as you know the search has ended, no one is now looking for my mother. Everyone has lost hope" Bali: "Sultanim..." Mihrimah: "I know, you think just like them. But I will not accept this. We must find out what happened to her, where she is, what they did to her. And only you can help me." Bali: "We do not any other information about what happened except Ali agha, Sultanim, but we cannot find him." Mihrimah: "The way you found Murat agha, find him too, enough that you don't go back on it ." Rustem sees her and Bali in the distance...

    In Manisa there is a knock on Mustafa's door. Yahya and Barbarossa arrive. "Why have you come Kapudan Pasha? Didn't Taslicali tell you to  stay away from me." Barbarossa: "He did and this is why I came." Mustafa: "Rustem will not let this opportunity escape him. ' Barbarossa: "What harm does a frog's croaking have on clean water?" He tells Mustafa about the Sultan's decision to go to war with Austria.

    After the preparations are complete, the army will go to Budin. France wants help. I will go to Marseilles with my fleet. We will meet Charles V in a great battle. Let us see if the French can uphold their words this time."  Mustafa: "What did he command for me?" Barbarossa: "You will stay in your Sancak. Mehmet will also stay. The campaign will be fruitful God Willing, but it is necessary to be prepared for all sorts of situations." Mustafa: "My mother had spoken" Barbarossa: "My Shehzade, give heed to Mahidevran Sultan's words...a dark cloud has come over the Ottoman Empire. Eyes are not meeting. While the condition is like this, the throne's most powerful heir, for you to be strong and remove this dark cloud, is a must." Mustafa: "What is your recommendation, Pasha? Taking Rustem's life? Or taking the throne?" Barbarossa: "Never. The only thing I want from you - in truth this is what all your loyal and loving soldiers and servants want from you - get on your feet Shehzadem. Show them this mighty empire's master!" Mustafa: "This mighty empire already has a master, Kapudan Pasha. Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri. He has seen it fit for me to live my life in this way, and I am living it." Barbarossa and Taslicali look at each other, both of them troubled for their beloved prince.
    Meanwhile, Bali is speaking to Mihrimah: "I will do whatever is in my power. But you will have to be patient." Mihrimah: "Thank you, I knew I could trust you fully." Rustem arrives:

    "MALKOCOGLU!" Mihrimah: "Rustem, it is good you came, I came across Malkocoglu and we spoke for a bit..." Rustem: "Didn't I tell you to stay away from us?! Why are you always showing yourself in front of me?!" Bali: "Sultanim..." he tries to leave. Rustem: "Answer my question." Bali: "In front of you, is the Hunkar's personal guard! The same way I show you respect, you will respect me." Rustem: "I will not give respect to a drunk womanizer such as yourself!" Bali grabs him to hit him. Mihrimah stops him. "Don't!" Rustem: "These doings of yours will not remain as such, you will see what it means to be a Vizier." He leaves...Mihrimah to Rustem: 'What are you doing?!" Rustem: "He will pay for what he did. Our Hunkar will hear of it." Mihrimah: "If a single word comes out of your mouth to our Hunkar, you will lose me  Rustem...because he is not at fault. I called him." Rustem: "You?" Mihrimah: "Yes, I did...I asked about Ali agha...if he heard anything, I was wondering about this. That is it. And anyway, what else could it be?! This incident will be as if it never happened. I don't want any innocent to get hurt because of me. If in anyway this comes out, and something happens to Bali Bey, I will know it was you."

    At night in Manisa, Mehmet and Ilyas are eating what looks to be what they have hunted. Mehmet talks to Ilyas about his father's decision for him to stay in Manisa. Ilyas asks if Rustem said anything else and Mehmet replies that Rustem said that Mustafa will also not be going and for this reason, it is good for him to stay in Manisa. Ilyas says of course Rustem knows that must be the best for him. Mehmet gets up to go to bed and asks that Ilyas wake him early. When Mehmet goes to his tent, Ilyas creepily watches for a few moments then goes and tells Mehmet's guards that he will go look around the area and that they should not leave the Shehzade.

    In the Palace, Mihrimah is walking down the hall when she comes across Bali Bey. She says: "I am sad about the things that happened today, but she tells him to be rest assured that she will not let any harm come to him and that Rustem will not speak of it to the Hunkar. Bali Bey wishes her a good night, sadly and walks off. She wants to say something but doesn't.
    Meanwhile, Ilyas is walking in the forest in the dark and meets a man who is gives him a wicker box. The man asks what condition Mehmet is and Ilyas says that the medicine he has given has taken effect and that he has made him sleep already, the he tells the man to leave and that no one should see him.

    In the Palace, Afife informs the Sultan about the harem. "Thank God we have no complaints in the harem. Thanks to Mihrimah Sultan who is always of help to me, for this reason you do not need to look behind you." Suleyman: "Good, if there is nothing else, you may leave." Afife bows but then she cautiously steps forward and says : "Hunkarim, without stepping over my limits, I have something important I wish to tell you." Suleyman: 'Speak." Afife: "As you know, from the time you are born I am alone, if I have an atoms weight of right over you, please give an ear to my words. May our Valide, Aisha Hafsa Sultan's soil be plentiful (another one of the many ways to say RIP). She had a very loyal and faithful love for your father, mercy be upon him, Sultan Selim. That day that the news of his death came, I was with her in the old Palace. I saw the grief in her eyes...she did not even want to breathe. Despite this she immediately called for you. In other words, she did what was necessary." She bends before him. "Let this mourning finish already, Hunkarim. With the brightness of your face, brighten us servants up." Suleyman: "If the moon has fallen into darkness, it is necessary to look into true darkness. The source of light. If it has left us and abandoned us, in that case, if you were to light thousands of candles, it would not make a difference." He goes back to reading (or pretends to) and she leaves.

    Ilyas has returned and asks the guards if the prince is asleep and the guards say yes, and he says he will check. He enters Mehmet's tent. He removes the wicker basket from the other side and releases a snake.

    Then, we see someone's vision. The one of Suleyman entering a room and sEeing a baby on his throne. That baby is Mehmet. Then, he frowns and wakes up. It is Suleyman's dream. He prays for Mehmet.

    The snake is on Mehmet's bed. It is crawling over him.

    Meanwhile, Ilyas is telling the guards that Rustem has sent word that while the Sultan is away, there are specific precautions to be taken for Mehmet's safety and that they are to trust no one but him (Ilyas) and they are not to get close to the Mehmet. The guard says not to worry, that not even a hair on Mehmet's head will be harmed. Ilyas is pleased. Some imperial guards arrive and Ilyas asks them why they have come. They say that they must immediately see the Prince. He tells them they can see him tomorrow as he is sleeping. They can sit, he tells them. They refuse, saying the situation is important and they must wake him. Ilyas asks what could be so important. Ilyas enters, pretending to see the snake, and flicks it away, ordering the guards to cut it's head off. Then he asks if Mehmet is okay (as if he cares lol) if the snake bit him or anything. Mehmet asks wat is going on, what snake? and Ilyas says: "Allah saved you, my Shehzade, if the guards didn't come at this time of night randomly, then they would not even new there was a snake. Mehmet asks what the guard is doing and the guard says he had to come and inform him that Cihan hatun is in a terrible state, that she is alright, but the midwife said there is danger for the baby. Mehmet orders that they return. He tells Ilyas that he has a debt on him for saving his life. Ilyas says this is is his duty, and that it was not him, but that the mighty God saved him, if that random news did not come, what would they have done? Mehmet replies that there is a reason and good in everything that happens, Ilyas nods.

    In the Palace, Suleyman goes out to his balcony and greets Bali. "At this time of night, what is the matter, Malkocoglu?" Bali: "There were incidents after incidents and it has been a long time that I have been wanting to go back. After the campaign I would like to go to my hometown if you permit." Suleyman: 'You can go of course, it has been long since you miss your family. You can visit them and then return." Bali: 'Hunkarim, this is not a visit, if you permit, I can take on duties as Akinci Bey (Head of a group of soldiers) there. He says he misses Tuna (Danube river), that a man named Ali, crossed that river three hundred and thirty times to attack the enemies. "They don't call somebody who doesn't cross the Tuna river a few times a year an Akinci Bey. If you permit, let me follow in his footsteps. I will conquer forts and lands. Take Allah's name there." Suleyman: 'It is apparent, you have the intention of leaving us." Bali: " Never, Hunkarim, I am a loyal servant of you, your Dynasty and this empire. Being close to you, is the greatest of honours. But, I don't belong in this palace." Suleyman: "We are going for war soon...we will discuss this at that time."

    In the morning, Mercan announces Suleyman, where the women are awaiting to bid him farewell. Suleyman approaches Shah who says may your sword be sharp, and your way be open, then Mihrimah, who says that she prays for him, He says that the harem is in her trust, and that Gulfem and Afife will always be with her to help and he says not to leave Cihangir alone. She tells him not to be worried, that  other than missing him, they will not have any other sadness or problems God Willing. Gulfem is next wishing him a blessed war. He prays for them to be in God's safe-keeping and he leaves.

    Shah tells Mihrimah that she will keep an eye on the Palace and that she will come often to visit. Mihrimah tells her not to bother. Shah asks what this means (Sumbul smiles, beaming with pride) Mihrimah continues: "The only thing common between you and me is our Hunkar, while he is not here, I do not want to see your face or hear your voice." Gulfem tells her that there is no benefit for anyone in arguing...she says they should stand together..Mihrimah responds that she will not hold together with those on whose hands are her mother's blood. Mihrimah then announces to Sumbul and Mercan, that until the Sultan returns, she forbids Shah to come to the palace.

    Shah responds to Mihrimah saying: "Do not speak words bigger than your neck! WIth what right do you prohibit me? Other than our Hunkar, no one can remove me from this Palace." Mihrimah: "I am not like other Sultanas. My name is Mihrimah Sultan. I am Hurrem Sultan's daughter. Not just from the Palace, I can remove you from the Capital. Who would dare to prevent it, let them come out in front of me, and see." Mercan: "Sultanim...according to the rules and rites of the Palace - " Mihrimah: "Shut up! I am not going to learn the rules of the Palace from you! I do not want her in this palace. If you do come to the Palace...starting with Mercan, many heads will roll. The decision is yours." Shah: "I will never forget this rudenss of yours. Never!" She leaves. Mihrimah is not phased...

    Meanwhile in manisa, Mustafa tells Barbarossa that the time to leave has arrived. Barbarossa tells him that first he will go to the Capital. Mahidevran wishes his way to be open and God help him, and his sword to be sharp. Mustafa asks him not to be too trusting of the French, who might leave them stranded to fight the Spanish alone and that he should be careful. Barbarossa says that a day will come when they will go on the seas together and Mahidevran adds that yes, and that he will have many victorious battles along with her son. Mustafa tells them not to speak without knowing what will happen, that these dreams are left in the past, especially for him...because even leaving Amasya is forbidden to him. Barbarossa asks him to come with him and that there is something he wants him to see and after that he can decide whether his dreams are of the past, or right in front of him.


    They go to the terrace where they look below. The Janissaries are standing in line. The head of the unit says:

    "Allah, Allah, there is no god but Allah!
    Many heads have rolled in this square, and nobody asks questions. 
    So be it! So be it!
    Our pain and swords cause harm to our enemies! 
    Our servitude is clearly to Shehzade Mustafa!
    The Threes, the Sevens, the Fourties!
    Sacrificed be we to the Prophet Muhammad!
    The light of all prophets!
    Our generous master!
    Our Sultan is Haji Bektash Veli!
    For strength, let us say 'Hu!'"

    Barbarrossa:" As you can see your destiny is not only important for you...they (he points to the Janissaries) are loyal to you from their hearts. They walk on the same path you walk. You do not have the right to leave them stranded and break their hearts/dreams."
    Mustafa: "My Lions! The brave men of the Army of Islam! You are leaving to go out against our enemies! May Allah help you!" Janissaries: "Ameen!" Mustafa: "You, who are the glorious Ottoman army's most precious soldiers! May Allah give you strength in your wrist and belief in your heart! Thank God that, as a Shehzade, I coudl witness your love and devotion! For me, there could be no bigger honour and pride than this! And may our Hunkar's path be open, his sword sharp!" Janissaries: "Long Live Shehzade Mustafa! May his sword be sharp!"

    In Manisa, Mehmet arrives to see Cihan and asks how she is and she says she is better now that she got to see him. He asks Fahriye what the condition is. Fahriye tells him that she was pretty bad, and they were afraid for her baby, but she is alright now. Mehmet thanks God. Fahriye  tells him that unfortunately, her pregnancy is difficult, so she must take the medicine she is given and rest. Mehmet says that whatever is necessary should be done and for Fahriye not to take her eyes off of Cihan. Cihan says that she is sorry she disturbed him from his outing, and he says that even if his hands had blood, he would come. Meanwhile, Ilyas speaks to Mehmet's lala, telling him that as soon as they got word, they returned and that hopefully the situation is not grave, and Lala says that he has gotten word and that she is alright, but that something bigger has befallen them. Mehmet enters at that moment...Lala tells him that illness has arrived in the locality. When Mehmet asks if it is the plague, Lala says no, but that it is worse - pox. Mehmet asks him to get the head doctor to take care of matters and do whatever is necessary for precautions. Ilyas tells Mehmet that the pox illness is dangerous and that they should take precautions in the palace, and Mehmet responds that he should speak to Fahriye Kalfa and that she will do whatever is necessary and that they should inform him afterwards. Ilyas leaves...

    It is 1543 in Belgrade. Hadim is telling Suleyman that news has come from Barbarossa.

    Hadim Suleyman: "Hunkarim, we have received news of Barbarossa's victories. He has taken control of the Messina and Reggio castles in Italy and had them destroyed, and crossed the straight and is taking shelter in the port of Gaeta."

    Husrev Pasha: "Validon didn't accept calls for surrender, and upon the martyrdom of three of our soldiers, Barbarossa deployed 12,000 soldiers and gained control of the city. He captured a large amount of spoils. He is making his way to Ostia. According to reports, nuns and priests have started to run to the mountains when they heard that Barbarossa is coming."

    Suleyman: "Charles and the Pope should start to shiver now. May Allah keep his path open and keep his sword sharp."

    Hadim Suleyman: "The Bosnian beylerbey, Ulama Pasha has started his attack on the Hungarian lands that were taken by the Austrians. The Rumelia beylerbey Ahmet Pasha has also joined the battle. Two castles have been conquered. The Mohac Bey Kasim also conquered a castle."

    Suleyman: "Pashas, which direction shall we go to next?"

    Rustem: "After Zapolyos death, the Austrians occupied Estergon. If we conquer Estergon, we will deal Ferdinand a heavy blow and will secure Budin. Estergon will become a very important region for us."

    Bali Bey: "Hunkarim, however, according to reports from our spies, Estergon is strongly being protected by the Italians, Spanish and German soldiers. If the attack lasts long, we can be caught in the rain."

    Suleyman: "Husrev Pasha, how many cannons did you bring?"

    Husrev Pasha: "315 Hunkarim. We can conquer Estergon within 15 days, and then can move towards Belgrade. In this way, we can push the boundaries farther away from Budin. "

    Suleyman: "Husrev Pasha is correct. We are going to Estergon, may Allah help us!"

    The men leave one by one...Outside Rustem calls out to Bali Bey. Matrakci is there as well. "Do not trust yourself too much, do not try to be too esteemed in front of the Sultan, the one called "esteemed" soon became "the killed" (Ibrahim). He goes off, and Bali tries to lash out, but this time it is Matrakci who stops him. "Don't my Bey" Bali: "Shame, in whose hands this mighty empire has been left in." In the morning in Istanbul, and Mirimah is in her mother's room looking for something. She calls Gulbahar and asks why the letters are in such a state, but Gulbahar says she would never and Mihrimah wonders why they are all messed up and someone must have done something. Then Sumbul arrives and asks if Mihrimah will take her meal because it has been prepared and Mihrimah responds "Who cared about food right now?! Rustem's letters are all messed up and one is missing." Sumbul: "How is that possible?! Permit me to take a look."

    Meanwhile Shah is reading a letter. She says: "Nothing really important. Rustem has written a poem, and then reminds her to be wary of me." Milkmaid: "Since our Hunkar has left, not a even a bird flies in the harem. Mercan agha is not even able to enter the harem. He says he is fearful for you." Shah:" Mihrimah is still a child...leave her to amuse herself..." Milkmaid: "Actually it would be enough if you just came to the Palace." Shah: "Should I take advice from you Hatun? You worry about your own work...take this, without anyone seeing you, put it back in it's spot."

    Mihrimah is speaking to Gulbahar and Sumbul: "They are entering my room, going through my personal box and getting my letters and you guys don't even know!" Sumbul: 'It is most certainly one of Shah Sultan's bugs.." Sumbul: "I will immediately question everyone." Mirimah: "There is no need. If we bring it out in the open we will never know who did it." There is a knock and Mihrimah's child is brought to her as she has wanted to see her mother. "Ahh Humasha.... moon faced girl of mine." Mihrimah asks: "Why did you bring her, where is Emine hatun? (the milkmaid)." Cariye: "She left...she had harem work to do..." Mihrimah is suspicious.

    Gulfem and Shah are together. Shah: "For God's sake Gulfem! You came here to talk about Mihrimah? Leave her alone let her do what she wants." Gulfem: 'Don't speak like that Sultanim. She is walking around powerfully like Hurrem in the harem." Shah: "Don't speak of Hurrem...I still feel as if she will return..." Gulfem: "May Allah protect us." Shah then comments that if Rustem could be gone too it would be good and Gulfem says that no one can fool him and Shah says that there is a way, that seeing as Rustem is jealous of even Mihrimah's own shadow, if they can find a way to bring a doubt in Rustem's heart - either they will stress themselves out, or he will suffer the wrath of Mihrimah,

    We see the milkmaid later rushing to put the letter back and Mihrimah catches her. "What are you doing there?" Milkmaid: "I was going to clean up a bit - if you allow, I should to Humasha Sultan." Mihrimah grabs her arm. "My mother Hurrem Sultan had a saying, and you should never forget it - loyalty is more important than anything."

    Meanwhile Seker said he has made Ravani (a kind of cake with syrup) specifically for Mercan, and Mercan remarks if he has poisoned it. Seker looks offended: "Nothing works for you. Would it be so hard to say 'oh may your hands not hurt, it is very nice'...Mercan asks if Seker has gotten the book from the markets. Seker goes off when Sumbul sees Mercan: "OOO Mercan agham, ooo Mercan Pasham...are you comfortable like this, or should I take you to the Sultan's chamber, my Pasha? Huh...he has even made the  Ravanis, God be praised!" Mercan: 'You aren't the only one to eat, ya." Seker takes the book from  Seker. Sumbul says: 'Mercan agha, you can look into the book later, Mihrimah Sultan has sent me, she is inviting Shah Sultan for dinner." Mercan: "All is well, God Willing? Our Sultana had prohibited her from entering the Palace?" Sumbul: "How am I supposed to know? The order is like this. If you aren't going to send the word, then I can send someone else." Mercan: "There is no need, I will go." He leaves. Seker: "Will our Sultana want something specific for dinner then?" Sumbul: "Blldircin (quail), and a bulgur Pilaf." Seker asks how he is going to find that bird at this time? Sumbul says it is what they wants, and then he gets quiet and says that Hurrem Sultan used to love that bird...Seker nods. Sumbul: 'hurry up!!!!" then he grabs the cake Mercan left...
    In Manisa, Cihan arrives to see Mehmet. He asks how she is and she says they are both good. She says she does not want anything but to hold her son. Mehmet says that he is also waiting for that day - and that God Willing he will be as just, fair and strong a father as his own father. She then asks about Ilyas and Mehmet says that he has gone to the markets to take care of some work. He then adds that thank God that the pox illness is waning but he warns her to be careful.

    Ilyas meets with the agha and covers his mouth and hands. He asks if this is the place and the man says yes. He then enters a place where men are ill. He takes some of the pus from one of the person's hands and puts it in a vial.

    At night, Mihrmah awaits Shah in her mother's room. She greets her. Mihrimah: "Good evening Sultanim, welcome." Shah: "I though you did not want to see me in this palace?" Mihrimah: "Somethings happened that changed my thinking. For example, your behaviour...you did not make thisa matter of pride and stayed away from the p alace, and for this I thank you." Shah: "There are those who say I did not come from fear." Mihrimah: "There is never a shortage of gossip in the harem...I know why you did not come. I am still a child in your eyes. That is why you did not take me seriously." Shah: "I did not want meaningless mistakes, Mihrimah" Mihrimah: "A great courtesy." Mihrimah: "I had special food prepared for you. If you wish, we shouldn't let it get cold."
    Shah and Mihrimah sit down. They start eating and then Mihrimah says asked for this specific food because it was her mother's favourite dishes...that she really loved Bildircin (quail). "Do not be afraid Sultanim, if I were to poison you, I wouldn't do it in my own room."

    Meanwhile Mercan arrives in the harem and Sumbul stops him "No one can trust your words...what happened to our agreement, you have one side of the golden path (hall to the harem), I have the other...." Mercan asks to see Shah and Sumbul tells him it is late that the meal has begun and once they are done and leave, then he can see her. Mercan insists saying that he wants to see her and Sumbul says no and that Mihrimah has ordered that no one may enter. Mercan sees the aghas guarding the door above.

    Shah and Mihrimah continue their meal then Mihrimah says: "I called it my own room...but this room has only one owner. That is my mother.  I still don't understand...a powerful, intelligent, magnificent woman like her - this should not have been her ending." Shah: "I am not one to hide from you...as great as Hurrem's sins were, that is how much I disliked her...but you are right, she deserves better." Mihrimah: "Most nights, Cihangir cries himself to sleep...everyday he tells us he dreamt of her the night before...he believes she will return! Forgive me Sultanim...I did not want to ruin your mood over these things I spoke of...because there is a more important issue which will snatch your happy mood away from you." Shah asks what it is. Mihrimah nods towards Gulbahar who brings in the milkmaid. "Come closer Emine Hatun...come close - you know Emine hatun do you not? She told me that you snuck her into my palace the day my daughter was born. She was a spy for you."
    Mercan meanwhile finds Gulfem. Mercan informs her that Shah is with Mihrimah and that no one will let him see her, but that she will be able to go. Gulfem asks why Shah came in the first place and Mercan says that he will tell her but they must hurry.

    Mihrimah meanwhile asks Gulbahar to come and she has a letter in her hands Mihrimah says: "I have written this letter to our Hunkar. Inside, is everything about what this woman has informed me of" Shah replies: "You cannot prove this - It is me against this woman's words" Mihrimah: "You forget me Sultanim. Or you think I am weak. This letter will go with my seal, along with this women's words are my accusations." Shah: "You will accuse is that right?" Mihrimah: "This is not called accusation it is obvious guilt. And a guilt that has been carrying on for years...We cannot know what happened...for example...you putting Nigar into our Palace. Afterwards, fixing a trap for my mother, not only by Hatice Sultan, but with your help." Shah: "I did not have anything to do with that! It is a plain lie." Mihrimah: "In the existing situation, will our Hunkar believe you or me?" Shah: 'What do you want from me, Mihrimah?" Mihrimah: "Finally the question I have been waiting for. Do not worry, I will be merciful towards you. If nothing else, we are from the same blood. I only want one thing from you: At the latest, tomorrow morning you will leave the Capital. You will go and never return again. " Shah: "If you say it, this will be what will happen anyways , at the most, I will be exiled. Why should I accept this." Mihrimah: "You are a proud Sultana...I believe you will want to leave the Palace in reputable manner."  Shah: "Everyone said you were like Hurrem. But you are even more than just being like her - you have become her." Mihrimah smiles proudly: "I am honoured by this."  Mihrimah: "I actually have one more thing that I want from you. All the money that you have made over these past few years, you will donate to the Hurrem Sultan Vakf (Charity Foundation). Shah leaves...

    Gulfem and Mercan arrive they ask what happened but Shah just walks off...
    Sumbul goes to Mihrimah's room. Sumbul asks her what has happened and if Shah accepted and Mihrimah says that she probably will and if she were in her shoes she would...Then Mihrimah asks them to throw the milkmaid Emine into the sea, when Emine cries out for forgiveness...Mihrimah says "there is no forgiveness woman...for my name is Mihrimah and I do not forgive..."
    In Manisa, Mehmet is practicing with his word with a Janissary and then Ilyas comes and Mehmet asks why he came late and he says that one of his falcons got lost and he had to get it back. Ilyas wishes to practice with Mehmet so he gets a sword...

    Mahidevran looks at the mirror that Gabriela had given her. When it falls when she gets up she is worried it has broken and Mustafa comments about how precious that mirror is to her. Mahidevran tells him about it being a protection for a person and those who are beloved to that person, as long as a person doesn't sins...if the person does sin, then the mirror will break and the door of evil will become wide open." Mustafa remarks as if he thinks it is silly and she says she believes in such things. Mustafa says he wishes to kiss her hand and she prays for him, when Fidan enters....
    Mehmet meanwhile continues to practice with Ilyas and then Ilyas cuts him...he asks if he is alright and wonders how he could be so stupid but Mehmet says it is just a surface wound and that he wishes to continue. Ilyas looks worried and tells Mehmet they should go back to his room and calls for a doctor...Mehmet finally accepts.

    Fidan says that Ilyas sent word that the work will be done soon. Mahidevran asks if he has written how he will do it and Fidan passes a note to her. She reads it and says "I told you, Ilyas is smart. He has found a way and no one will be suspicious." Fidan asks what if Ilyas betrays them...and Mahi replies that she should stop worrying her, and that she trust Ilyas completely and that for the sake of her son's future, he would give his life.

    In Shah's palace, her possessions are being packed...Mercan arrives and looks around in disbelief. Then he finds Shah in her room sitting staring at her boxes...he greets her, and she says that she did not want to leave without bidding him farewell. "Farewell?" he asks and asks what she is saying, where she will go? Shah: "If Merkez Efendi gives permission, I will join the dervishes and live there from now on. I am making a lodge outside of their dervish home. I sent word to Esmahan, from her father's she will come join me. " Mercan is shocked.

    We see Mihrimah on the terrace when Sumbul arrives. "Sultanim, news came now, and from what has been said, Shah Sultan has packed her belongings. Also, she has gathered one million akce for the Hurrem Sultan Charity. Sultanim, I swear by God, in front of your wit, I am humbled in respect."
    Mercan to Shah: "Why did you accept this?! Why Sultanim? We certainly would have found a solution!" Shah: "It is better this way...I do not have any more strength to fight...also...I am not going to fight against my own blood..." Mercan is saddened. He falls at her feet.

    Mercan: "Since you are leaving, please take me with you..." Shah: "Mercan, you are the only person I count upon in this world. Not for one day have you gone against me. Without complaining, for years you loyally served me...but it is up till here...you will stay here with our Hunkar." Mercan: "No, Sultanim...no...if you ask for my life I will give it. " Mercan as a door keeper you will continue your duty. You will protect our Hunkar..and you won't leave him to the hands of those oppressors." Mercan cries. "This is my last order to you, Mercan." She gets up and pats him on the shoulder and he takes her hand and then she leaves....

    Shah is leaving her palace...what used to be Hatice's palace...and Ibrahim's....she pauses and looks up then continues walking...She takes a last glance at Mercan he cannot take his eyes away from fear she will disappear. And then she does....

    In Manisa, Ilyas arrives to meet Mehmet who is in his room. Fahriye asks what kind of accident this is and then she says whoever it was should be punished and Mehmet says do not worry, they will be punished. Fahriye says may worse come to that person, how could they be so careless...then she says she will go give word to Cihan who is already worried...she leaves. Ilyas comes closer and tells him that he is willing to be punished. Mehmet asks him about the war and tells him to leave this matter..

    Outside, in the hall, Cihan asks Fahriye about Mehmet. Fahriye responds that it is a simple surface wound and he is fine. Cihan asks her to say the truth and Fahriye says she is tellign the truth and to leave Mehmet to rest for a while.

     Ilyas tells Mehmet that "The Hungarian castles that the Austrians took control of have been conquered. The army is moving towards Estergon. Today or tomorrow, that castle will also fall..." Ilyas asks to change the bandage as the wound has bled. Mehmet agrees and says the women see the blood and think it is serious. Ilyas takes the cloth and of course, puts some of the infection into the ointment and on the cloth. Mehmet asks if there is ay news from Barbarossa. Ilyas respnds that the Mediterranean Sea is basically considered Barbarossa's personal sea and that he must have shown the unbelievers their limits. Mehmet is happy to hear this and says that he likes him very much and then he adds that Barbarossa does not love him back however and that this is because he is on Mustafa's side and that especially after the Sancak issue.  Ilyas tells him that he only thinks this. Mehmet tells Ilyas that he is so glad that Ilyas is around, that he always gives him strength.

    Somewhere in Estergon or its sorrounding areas, Suleyman stands with his men looking out at a burning castle. Bali tells him that with God's permission, the Estergon castle has fallen to the flag of Islam.

    Back in Manisa, Mehmet has become gravely ill. He unbuttons and and cannot breathe...
    In the Sultan's tent later, Ebusuud asks Suleyman who has just read a letter if there is bad news and Suleyman says no, and that Mehmet has written and that he is well, and has asks about him (Suleyman). Ebusuud praises Mehmet and prays that God grant them all such good sons. Suleyman says that he doesn't feel like returning and Ebusuud says that they can rest in Edirne and that his children can come and they can all be together for a while and that the Prophet has said that the perfume of the child to the parent is the perfume of heaven. Suleyman is pleased...

    Mehmet is struggling and his face is red he shouts out but no one hears...

    Suleyman says that even if he sees Mehmet as the heir to his throne, this does not mean he loves his other children any less....that each child has a separate nature and he equally loves them all. Ebusuud : ""Children are like the various types of flowers in my garden. One of them will have a beautiful colour, it will be enchanting. The other one will be bright like a rose and will shine brightly to your eyes. Another one might be strong and skillful and will have you in awe. Yet another one might be weak, sick, and may have had one of its branches broken, you will feel bad for it, and will have mercy. Another flower may be terrible, and will try to wreck the rest of your garden, but you will not be able to pick it away and throw it out. And lastly, another one may not be affected by the snow, or the setting of the sun, as long as you give it some water, it will be happy. Essentially, Hunkarim, they all grew up in the same soil and in the same garden. Even if your mind tried to think more about one over the other, your heart will not allow for this, Hunkarim."

    Suleyman comments that for long now he sees that Mehmet is on his throne as a baby sleeping. What is the meaning? Ebusuud says that as he has appointed him as Manisa Sancak bey, he is constantly on his mind and that he thinks that this is a reflection of Suleyman's thoughts that he has made a mistake...Suleyman says this is an old dream...On Mehmet's birthday...Ebusuud says may it be for the best...

    Mehmet is really in bad shape...he climbs out of bed with a lot of trouble and falls to the ground...an agha  rushes to him and calls for help...

    Suleyman is sitting in his tent when Bali arrives. He says: 'If the mighty king permits, the time for separation has come and not to worry about him...Suleyman smiles and Suleyman permits him and Bali Bey kisses his hand...and Suleyman says that he is pleased with him and prays that God be pleased with him too...

    Bali Bey sees Matrakci, and says that sucha  news has come to him that he must quickly work on it...Matrakci asks what it could be...and Bali says there has been word of Ali agha's and  that he will join the men to get that traitor and that he has not informed the Sultan because he did not want him to have hope for no reason...Matrakci asks if he should join and Bali says no that he should stay with the Sultan...

    There is a vision again of Suleyman entering a room but this tie it is Mehmet fully grown lying on the throne. Suleyman touches his shoulder, and his chin and shakes him, lifts him and finally he sees that Mehmet is dead no matter how many times he calls his name he does not wake...

    Suleyman wakes from his dream anxiously...Meanwhile, Mehmet is being treated for the disease. Mihrimah has come and asks if he is alright and they do not allow her inside. She yells that she will haev their heads. She is frantic, but Sudoor is opened Sumbul tells her that the illness is contagious, that she cannot enter. She yells until the door is opened and they cover Mehmet's face. He has died. Mihrimah cries "Mehmet, my brother..." then she falls...

    Mahidevran is in her room when Fidan arrives. She lays the mirrior on the table, and it is shaking...Fidan whispers in Mahi's ears and she smiles...then the mirror falls...it is shattered. Mahidevran is horrified.

    Janissaries bring news of Mehmet's death. Suleyman is in his tent talking about having comissioned a mosque and Rustem says he has looked into some proper places and then Suleyman says this is good. A Janissary enters and says a messenger has come from Manisa. The Janissary says he is Mehmet's personal messenger Omer Cavus then he says "Our Shehzade, Shehzade Mehmet Hazretleri has died from the pox illness..."

    Suleyman: "How have these voices become so quiet? I can hear the sound of my heart... This smell... I long to smell a rose... But the smell of blood and gunpowder is burning it away..."
    Suleyman stands at his mirror.... "Soil, trees, birds, don't stay quiet. Tell me I am victorious. Victorious! Yet also say that my face will never smile again... Tell me I am in darkness, and cannot see the truth any longer. What is the truth?  He is One Allah. The sun is no longer above you, Suleyman. If it was, wouldn't it brighten and warm you up? This air you are breathing is not air, otherwise it would give you life and beat your heart. Are you stepping on soil? If so, why does it not pull you down into it? When your soul is going through excruciating pain in this world, why does your body not become one with the soil?"

    A carriage is on the road...Mihrimah is inside with Sumbul and Fahriye. They are all sad. "
    At night in the Palace there is a Qur'an reading. Suleyman: "Didn't you burn for Allah, Suleyman? Didn't you burn and turn into ashes? Didn't the wind hurl your every single atom? Didn't it hurl your ashes all over the place?"

    Suleyman arrives at the palace...followed by Hadim Suleyman...he enters his room along with Hadim Suleyman: "Hunkarim, Shehzade Sultan Mehmet Han's body is in Manisa. Where do you wish from him to buried?" Suleyman: "Bring my lion here. To the Capital bring him."

    Outside Mihrimah arrives in the hall. She asks if Suleyman is inside and Mercan says he does not want to see anyone..

    He sees a vision of Mehmet bowing and smiling and then he is gone :'(
    His balcony's curtains open and he goes out.

    "The darkness of the night, is the light of your darkness, Suleyman. The light of the moon is from the light of you meeting with your love. What type of night is this, that even the skies have become caught up in gazing at my spiritual skies and have become indifferent... Oh my bright faced beauty, oh the Sultan of my life... My love that can even tie up kings. Where are you? Hear my voice, take me beside you. Where did the angel and devil on either of my shoulders go? Please reach me, my Allah, I cannot stop death..."

    Suleyman cries....cries for all that has happened and that his beloved is not there for him to find comfort in...

    In the morning, Rustem finds him asleep on his sofa in the terrace. He wakes him. Suleyman wakes up to see Rustem smiling. "Our High Lord has granted us a miracle, Hunkarim..."
    Outisde in the gardens...the pretend Hurrem has a monologue in her pretend voice: "I am Hurrem.
    She steps out. Malkocoglu sits upright upon his saddle, proud, pristine...looking out at his fans for the last time...

    Suleyman walks down the hall not knowing where he is going, his feet taking him, his heart aflutter...
    "I am Hurrem. I said that I am Hurrem. I am the cariye of Sultan Suleyman, his wedded wife. The mother of five children, Hurrem. I am Hurrem, who are those that saw fit for me this injustice and oppression? If this is a sin, who committed it? My enemies, or my own dark secrets? Is this a test? Is it an opportunity to grow out from my ashes?"

    Pretend Hurrem steps out of the carriage. Sumbul prays to God. Bali looks one last time....a sideways glance...and then rides off...leaving as the brave soldier and hero, that we saw when he first arrived...

    Hurrem's monologue contnues as we see Suleyman rushing to see her...

    "I am Hurrem, as I left the dead air that was darkening my eyes and heart, I regained the love to live once more as I saw the Padishah of my life, Sultan Suleyman. I put aside all of my fears. A wet Hurrem cannot become wet again, a burned Hurrem cannot burn again. I took the flames that are burning in my heart into the palms of my hands. I beat it with my revenge until I turned it into a fist of iron. I drew it like a bow in my anger, and I will now thrust it into the hearts of my enemies... So that they may burn, forever!"

    Suleyman has tears in his eyes as he walks...every step is an eternity...he walks, he reaches out...he is so blind from gried of losing her, that he is happy with however she is...however she looks. "Suleyman?" Then he embraces her. No words can describe how he has missed his beloved.


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    1. Mehmet💖 was my favourite Sehzade. He was kind,goodhearted and wouldn't hurt anyone😢. An innocent boy. + I hate mahidevran after she killed him. And this stupid iljas-what a monster...

      1. I agree I hope Mahi get caught and gets what's coming to her

    2. Suleyman should have banished her into exile from the moment that he learned that she tried to kill Hurrem! Any pre-meditated murderer should never be given a second chance to kill. Once a killer or would be killer, always a killer or would be killer and they belong in rehabilitation chambers for the rest of their life because they cannot be trusted. You may forgive your enemies, but you need to cut them away from your life.