• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 122 Translation

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    We see a man studying some papers. Suleyman is walking in the gardens and he notices ants have infested a tree. We see the man again, (an astrologer) flipping through a book and then he realizes there will be an eclipse and says that it will bring calamity (a pre-Islamic superstition in which the Arabs believed that eclipses were bad omens).

    We see Suleyman again who calls for Lokman telling him that if the ants continue this way, the tree will die. Lokman responds that he will inform the gardeners who can put some lime on the tree. Suleyman responds that no, because then the ants will die. Lokman says that they have no choice because the tree will die otherwise. Suleyman says he does not want to kill the innocent ants, so he tells Lokman that they will ask Ebusuud, and he can tell them what they should do.

    (this is a famous story about Suleyman - basically, he finds in his garden a tree infested with ants, the tree is going to die, but he does not want to harm the ants, so he writes to Ebusuud - the point of the story being to emphasize Suleyman's sense of justice)

    Suleyman's letter to Ebusuud about the ants - voice-over: "Hoca Celebi , nobody can dispute your knowledge and wisdom. Whenever I come across a problem, I can always count on your deep understanding to light my way. Now, please share with me some of that wisdom so that my heart can be happy. This morning, while walking in my garden, the condition of one of my trees saddened me greatly. The tree that I personally planted years ago, has been overrun by ants. They have damaged it significantly. My aghas want to throw lime on it to solve this problem. But since the matter has to do with innocent lives, I wanted to consult with you first. What do you say Hoca Celebi. If the ants damage the tree will there be any repercussions to breaking (getting rid of them) the ants?"

    The scene changes to Hurrem who is in her room. Hurrem: "I have never been this close to victory as I am now. I can feel it, just like I got rid of Ibrahim Pasha, I will be rid of Shehzade Mustafa." Sumbul: "Sultanim, you tried many times but you were unsuccessful. And now how can you be this certain?"  Hurrem: 'Because this time I thought very hard about every step that I took - every detail."

    Rustem out on a campaign is with Zal. Rustem: 'Tahmasp will certainly give an answer to the letter. I have no doubt in this. This letter will be our saviour, and the order of execution for Shehzade Mustafa." Zal: "God Willing, my Pasha. An average man can have an opportunity to change history. Just like right now. Although they might be rare, these moments exist. Everything is dependent on you Zal Mahmud. Go with your most trusted men. Take all the paths from Amasya to Persia. And bring that letter coming from the Shah. You be the one who changes everything." Zal: "As you command, my Pasha. I will certainly get that letter."

    Suleyman is enjoying the weather on his terrace when Hurrem arrives. Suleyman: "Hurrem? What happened? What's wrong?" Hurrem: "I have been having bad dreams." Suleyman: "Come sit. Is everything alright?" Hurrem: "Yes it is...I saw you alone in a dark dungeon. Your arms were tied. Like it was a trap. God save me, please Lord." Suleyman: "Don't worry for no reason. No one throw me into a prison, or trap me." Hurrem: "There is nothing more precious to me than you breathing safe and sound. I accept everything. As long as nothing should happen to you." Suleyman: "Time for happiness. We have sat towards the courtyard. You and me. Our bodies are two, our faces are two, our souls is one: You and I. A burden-less happiness, You and I. You and I. Neither you exist nor do I. We became one in love's hands."

    Lokman arrives and Suleyman asks if Ebusuud has said anything and Lokman replies he has sent his greetings, and that he will respond to the letter Suleyman sent at once. Lokman adds that the head astrologer has come and is waiting to see Suleyman because he wants to speak about an important matter.

    We see Zal leaving with his men and Rustem watches as they ride away. A soldiers shouts out to  Rustem: 'What is our situation my Pasha? Our supplies are limited, we have been left hungry! Is this befitting us soldiers?" Rustem: 'Who said that? Whoever said it should show himself, otherwise you all shall be punished!" A soldier comes forward "I said it Pasha, Hazretleri. It is not a lie. You know about our condition." Rustem moves forward: "The war has not started yet and you are complaining about your condition! During war time of course we shall have shortages! If there is a single word again I will have your head!" Soldiers look at each other grumpily.

    Suleyman has accepted the astrologer in his chamber and asks him what the important matter is. The astrologer tells the Sultan that according to his calculations that, soon, the moon will come in between the earth and the sun. Hurrem asks if he hears what he is saying. The Astrologer says that this incident is an omen of the bad future to come. Hurrem asks Suleyman what all this could mean. Suleyman responds that Allah has revealed in Surah ar-Rahman (of the Quran), that the movements of the sun and the moon is calculated by God, and that for certain there must be wisdom behind such an incident. Then Suleyman tells the Astrolger not to let anyone know especially his subject so they do not go into a state of panic, and that he should go and consult with the scholars of Islam to see what they have written about this issue, especially look into Ahmad bin Muhammad ibn Kathir al Farghani's book A Compendium of the Science of the Stars.

    In Manisa, Nurbanu looks at her drawings of the stars. Canfeda is with her. Canfeda: "Can the sun, moon and stars really give you news of the future?" Nurbanu: "If you know how to speak in their language, yes. Nurbanu suddenly notices something. Canfeda: 'What did you see?" Nurbanu: ''there will be an eclipse Canfeda. The day will be dark. I have never witnessed this kind of thing before." Canfeda: "You were just speaking of auspicious things, but these words of yours do not resemble good signs"

    Mihrimah is with her motherm enjoying coffee. Mihrimah: 'When will Tahmasp's responding letter come? Do you know anything about it? Mother? I am asking when a response will come from Persia. Do you not hear me?" Hurrem: "Doesn't Rustem keep you informed?" Mihrimah: "He is always writing of his love and loyalty for me. He does not write about important matters." Hurrem: 'What else could a woman want?! And anyway don't worry, Rustem is looking after that matter." Mihrimah: ""What do you think will happen when our Hunkar thinks that there is something between Shehzade Mustafa and Tahmasp... What will happen?" Hurrem: "The ropes will sever forever. That much is obvious. The rest will be up to our Hunkar's mercy. What would be the prescribed punishment, will be to take his life."

    Meanwhile Nurbanu is smiling: "perhaps it might be for the best Canfeda. Who knows, maybe darkness for somebody else can mean brightness for us." The door opens and Selim enters. Canfeda exits. Nurbanu asks Selim if he is alright. Selim: "I don't know Nurbanu, I do not know at all. Sokollu Mehmet Pasha has written a letter. A war to Persia has been announced. We must prepare. Perhaps I might have to go once again as the regent to the Capitol." Nurbanu: "Great news." Selim: "What great news Nurbanu? Did you forget what happened to me last time? I almost about to fall prey to the wrath of the Janissaries." Nur: "Forget those days. Taking advantage of the fact that our Hunkar was ill, they attacked you like dogs without leashes. This time it won't happen. It can't. Our Hunkar has proven his will his strength. They cannot dare anymore." Selim: 'Still, my brother Mustafa's influence on them is certain. While he is alive, whose command will be valid?" Nurbanu: " Selim I saw the stars, luck is on our side. One sun will set, and another sun will rise. And why can't that be you?" Selim: " The stars is that right? How do you know Nurbanu? Maybe that sun is my brother Mustafa. He is the closest to the throne."

    Mustafa is mulling over something, and Atmaca says: 'What Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha wanted have happened." Mustafa:"They are going to a pointless war. How sad." Yahya: "Shehzadem, this might be an opportunity for us. When we left Istanbul, our Hunkar's relationship with you was very good...you might be appointed the regent, or he might call you to accompany him to war." Mustafa: 'That possibility...that possibility is very slim Taslicali... Our Hunkar will not want me near him ever again. He won't trust me again." Atmaca: "Permit and I will go to the Capitol and meet with Reis, who can give me proper information about the matter." Mustafa: "Impossible Atmaca, impossible! Piri Reis intentions are apparent. We cannot connect with him."
    In Kutahya, Beyazid is pacing his room. "Would our Hunkar make me the regent this time? What do you say Lala?" Lala: 'What you say is a bit difficult, my Shehzade. The truth is the truth, you are capable of looking after the state while our Hunkar is away, but you must have accept that Shehzade Selim is one step ahead of being a regent." Beyazid: 'We will bear swords in the field of battle then. Actually, more important than all this is my brother Mustafa's condition. If he also joins the campaign, then I have hope that we might be able to take victory in Persian lands." Lala: "Don't get too happy my Shehzade, he will probably be told to stay in his sanjak." Bey: 'True, he will stay in his sanjak and without any complaint accept his situation. Sometimes I think to myself what I would do if I were in my brother Mustafa's position, you know Lala? If I were thrown from our Hunkar's heaven many times, if I had the love of the people, if the Janissaries looked only to a single word from my mouth..." Lala: "What would you have done my Shehzade?" Bey: "It is obvious I would not be as patient as my brother Mustafa."
    Hurichihan meanwhile is getting some inscriptions inked on her belly. Hurichihan says that whatever she has done, nothing has worked, and asks the lady if this time she might be successful.  The woman says that God Willing this time she will be. Hurichihan pays the woman. Beyazid arrives and she asks if he is upset by what she is doing, but he says that no, that whatever she wants, that will happen and if she wants to continue doing such things, she can. Hurichihan says that she believes that she will one day have his child. He says that she is upsetting herself for no reason since there is no shortage of children in the palace anyway. Hurihchan says that may God give them life, and she loves them but she wants to bring child, a sign of their love in this world. He tells her that the war to Persia has been announced and that he will have to go soon. She says "again we will be separated..."

    Mihrimah is in her palace when Cihangir arrives. He says: 'Since you returned from Amasya, we have not spoken. Did the relationship between you and my brother Mustafa go back to normal?" Mihrimah: "How many more times should I say it? Everything is fine between us, there is no more animosity. And why this interrogation?" Cihangir: 'I do not know Mihrimah, everyone in the palace is tense. All of a sudden, their is hasty decision for war. Rustem Pasha set out on his way. I have barely seen my father, and my mother is as rest assured as she never was before! You are hiding from me. I feel it, there are things that are being hidden from me." Mihrimah: 'I don't know where you are getting all this from." Cihangir: "Whatever is happening, God Willing it has nothing to do with my brother Mustafa. If something happens to him, I will hold you, my mother and Rustem Pasha accountable." Mihrimah: "I wish you loved us as much as you love him" Cihangir: "Everyone wonders the reason. Why am I so fond of him. I thought of this a lot too. There are lots of reason, but I will tell you the most importance. I forget that I am a hunchback when I am with him. Because he never looks at me like that. He never once made me feel that I had any flaws. I wish you all could have looked at me through his eyes."
    Fatma is with Melek and says that nothing has worked out for her since coming to the Palace, and that now she will become the wife of a man she does not know and does not love. Melek says that it is the Hunkar's wisdom and there must be some good in it, and that everyone is talking about how good it is that she got engaged to Ahmet Pasha, that he is brave and a warrior. Fatma remarks that if those words had any value or made a difference, Rustem would not have become the grand vizier. She asks if Ahmet Pasha can challenge Hurrem's men? I she on Mustafa's side? She says tell me of that! Melek says she does not know, but she adds that everyone who has seen him, says he is strong.
    Hurrem is walking with Fahriye and says: "I do not know if it is good like this or bad, I am alone in the Palace." Hurrem: 'If it was up to me, I would never leave your side, Sultanim." Hurrem: "Nobody can fill the void of Afife, except you. Sumbul is not here. Who else can I trust? Has Fatma Sultan met with Kara Ahmet Pasha? Do you know anything about it? They are going to meet tomorrow, Sultanim." Hurrem: "I am amazed at the Pasha's courage. As you know, Fatma Sultan is a deep ocean. She swallowed whoever she took." They giggle.
     In the Divan, Suleyman asks if there is any news from Rustem. Sokollu says that he has created a base at Aksaray, he is preparing for the next stage. Suleyman  says that God Willing they will win this time, and that Tahmasp won't "find a whole to hide in" Suleyman calls out to Ahmet Pasha: "what do you think about this war?" Kara: "It will be difficult. There are impassable mountains on one side. Your vizier Mehmet Pasha is speaking quite confidently about this campaign. But I am unfortunately not of the same opinion. It is unknown if we can gain a definitive victory." Suleyman: "They have not called you Kara Ahmet (Kara = dark) for no reason. It is obvious you live up to your name. I always need leaders like you who don't shy away from telling the truth.
    Outside the Divan a man by the name of Haydar Pasha calls out to Kara Ahmet, who asks if there is an issue. Haydar: 'There is word from Rumeli Kazasker." Kara: "Has he accepted to meet?" Haydar nods and says "he is waiting for you in the villa."
    Fatma enters the harem hall and smiles and then comes across Hurrem: "Hopefully everything is going as planned with your fiance Ahmet Pasha. In the very least this is your right...you had so many difficulties...first Mustafa pasha. Then Elkas Mirza. God Willing you will find happiness this time. Fatma: "Those who look for trouble, will find it. Since I am looking for love...actually you should be careful. You are always looking for trouble. For this reason your head can never be rid of it's pains." Hurrem: "Big heads have big pains of course. I am saying it very sincerely, I pray that your marriage will finally happen this time so that you can reach your union (happiness). Because if you lose this husband too, then you will not be known as the joyful Sultana, but the grieving Sultana." Fatma: "I will marry the Pasha of course, be certain that my friends will be friends and my enemies will be enemies." Hurrem: 'So then in that case, we should start calling you the Grieving Sultana from now." Melek rushes over and tells Fatma that Ahmet Pasha has sent word that a very important matter of the state has come up and his apologies, but he won't be able to attend.Fatma rolls her eyes.
    Kara Ahmet goes to see a man who says he is happy about his (Kara Ahmet's) presence in the Divan. He tells him that this state needs such pashas as him. He asks him if he is ready to be one with Shehzade Mustafa's friends and to struggle for Mustafa's cause. Kara responds he is, and that may he sacrifice his life for the Shehzade's way. The man says that in the near future, all the friends of the Shehzade will come together to meet, that at the meeting, there will be the most powerful aghas, reis' and beys and that they are fortunate to have him (Kara) among them."
    In the war camps somewhere we see a janissary has been found dead. The soldiers see it and wonder who dared to do it. They talk among themselves that Rustem has done it. They say that Rustem will pay for what he has done.
    Lokman informs Suleyman that Ahmet Pasha has arrived. He enters and Suleyman asks him if he has any news. Ahmet says that the investigation that they have been running for the past few months has finally come to an end and that unfortunately, the Rumeli Kazasker Bey (the man we saw in the previous scene) has been in a secret alliance and that it is obvious he is in a high position (among the secret group). Suleyman tells him to report what the Rumeli guy said. Kara: "He described them as the friends of Shehzade Mustafa. That soon there would be a secret meeting and he wanted me to be present as well." Suleyman: 'Shehzade Mustafa's freinds is that right?! Does my Shehzade know about this? Is he giving these traitors the order to act as a nation within a nation." Kara: "It is not possible to say for sure Hunkarim, if he heard about this, he would have stopped it immediately. You are going to be sure, you are going to find out if he knows about them or not Pasha! You may leave now!"
    The group of soldiers have gone to Rustem's tent. A Janissary agha asks what is going on. One of the soldiers tells him that one of them (named Tufan) has been killed and that it is obvious who has done it. That it was Rustem. The agha asks what proof they have? One of them replies that there is no need for proof, that everyone heard Rustem threatening the man the other day. Another soldier says that they are hungry and as if that wasn't enough, he kills one of them. They will not accept this, they chant. Another one says that it is enough, that he even brought his own brother (Sinan) into the state. Another one says that the Sultan is not around, and it is as if he won't join the battle. Another one says that if Mustafa were the Sultan that Rustem would not even be a harem agha. They start marching forward. The agha tells them to stop and that it would mean open revolt, and that all of them will lose their heads if that happens. They don't listen, so the agha tells them that a lot of lives will be lost if they behave this way, and that he will go talk to Rustem and if he doesn't listen, then they shall take him to account. The agha goes inside Rustem's tent.
    Agha: 'Everything is going as planned my Pasha." Rustem: 'Good." There is a flashback  and the agha says that he personally took Tufan agha's life and that the soldiers are holding him (Rustem) accountable. The agha continues to tell him how they mentioned Shehzade Mustafa, saying that they would not go through this all if Mustafa was around. Rustem: "This is exactly what I wanted, you have done well." The agha tells Rustem that they should be careful however, because if it gets any worse, he won't be able to control them.
    The agha exits again and tells the men that he met with Rustem, and that Rustem has said that he will investigate and find the one who killed Tufan and will personally take that person's head. One of soldiers says" how is that possible my agha? Who else could have done such a  traitorous thing. Rustem Pasha did it!" The agha: "Is there any one of you that has witnessed the death of Tufan agha? There are thousands of men here, how do you know one of them didn't do it? Rustem Pasha wants good for you. He is going to increase your daily rations and will also ensure that your salary is paid on time. Instead of praying, you are still crying out! " When he leaves, the soldiers mumble among themselves, saying that the agha must be Rustem's minion. They disperse.

    Rustem is in his tent writing a letter: "Powerful, King of the world, Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, you do not know how much I wanted to write that everything was going well as planned. How sad that this is impossible. The Janissaries are unhappy. They are revolting. I am sad to have to say it, but this is because of their loyalty to Shehzade Mustafa. They do not let Shehzade Mustafa's name off their tongues. It will be the best for everyone if you, mighty Sultan could come and head the army." He hands the letter over and says that it would be best to get it to the Capitol as soon as possible.
    Meanwhile Suleyman asks when the eclipse will take place, but the astrologer does not know, but he says that it will be very soon. Suleyman asks what will happen if he can guess. The astrologer says that earthquakes, floods, drought, and also other calamities that don't come to mind. He is told to leave and Suleyman is worried. There is a knock and Lokman enters telling him that Ebu Suud has sent a response.
    EbuSuud: " You, our mighty padishah, who shies away even from hurting a single ant - you have once again with this question of yours proven that there is no room in your heart for arrogance. Question: "If the ants damage the tree will there be any repercussions to breaking the ants?" Answer: "Tomorrow in the Court of God, the ants will seek out their rights from Suleyman" (ie. don't kill them). Loman asks "What is your order Hunkarim, should we put the lime?" Suleyman: 'let them live...this is what Hoca Celebi has seen fit.
    In Amasya, everyone has gathered to eat. Mihrunissa: "Shehzade Mehmet's teacher is very happy." Mehmet: "I don't wan to study, I want to go outside. I want to be a man!" Nergis Shah: 'You are a man anyway, my lovely brother." Mehmet: "Yusuf jokes with me like everyone else that without sunnet (circumcision) I won't be a man..." Mahi: "I will teach Yusuf a lesson, you don't listen to him." Mehmet: "But don't get mad at him..." Mustafa: "Since you want your sunnet, then what you want shall happen." Mehmet: "Yay!" Mihrunissa: "Isn't he too young yet?" Mahi: 'No, he isn't...I have been thinking about it for a while. The sunnet time has arrived for my lion" (Mahi looks so much better when she smiles) Mustafa: "Then the preparations should begin." Mahi: 'You don't worry about it, I will personally take care of it." Mehmet: "I should inform Yusuf." Nergis Shah: "Sit Mehmet. Eat first, then you can go." But Mehmet runs away. Mihrunissa: 'He doesn't listen!"
    The meeting has taken place. Ahmet is introduced to Piri, who welcomes him saying that they are stronger now with him on board.

    We see Mustafa sitting outside in his palace garden as he watches his son playing wooden swords with Yusuf. He smiles and Yahya says that other than Cihangir, no one is left in the Capitol to give them information and that there is no word. Atmaca asks if he permits, he can go find out all the news and keep him informed. Little Mehmet runs towards Mustafa and tells him that Yusuf is making fun of him saying that soon they will all go hunting but that Mehmet won't be going. Atmaca says he will go deal with it, but Mustafa stops him saying there is no need and he tells his son that it is dangerous for him to go, but when the time comes he will take him of course. Mehmet insists that he wants to go. Mustafa says he has to obey what his father tells him, and the aghas take him away. Mustafa tells Atmaca to prepare and go to the Capitol, find out what is happening.

    Meanwhile in Piri's cabin where the meeting is taking place, Piri comments that Mustafa is the future of the empire and that their biggest wish is for him to get on the throne, and that this is the only way to be rid of the likes of Rustem et al. who are enemies of the state.

    Kara Ahmet says that Mustafa must be very happy with this help from them. Piri says that it is actually the opposite and that Mustafa is not very happy about it. Our Shehzade is not getting involved with our alliance." Ahmet: "There is also a benefit for him not being involved."Piri: "When the time comes you shall also be entrusted with tough tasks Ahmet Pasha, you will be our eyes and ears in the Divan." 
    Suleyman is on his terrace and we see Kara Ahmet and Sokollu behind him. Sully: "So it means it is Piri Reis. Are you certain Ahmet Pasha?" Kara, (whose voice is sooo deep, and doesn't he share this trait with Husrev too?) says: "If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it, Hunkarim, but this is the truth." Sokollu: "It is not always possible to see people's real face, Hunkarim." Sully: 'Does Mustafa know about this?" Kara: "Unfortunately, Hunkarim. He knows, but according to Piri Reis, our Shehzade was opposed to him. He did not act alongside them." Suleyman: "Am I supposed to comfort myself with this?! Piri Reis' punishment for what he has done is obvious. Piri Reis will be executed!"
    In the morning, annoyed Suleyman looks from under his eye as Piri enters the room, who says in his soft voice "Mighty King, you have asked for me?" Suleyman (the calm before the storm) says calmly: "Close, Reis." And Piri literally steps like what, two steps? Sully: "Until today your service has always earned my recognition." Piri: "You honour me, Hunkarim" Suleyman: 'But it is not fitting for an experienced Reis like yourself to stay in the Capitol. With your knowledge you must expand our horizons. As you know, on the Basra waters, the Portugese are showing their presence. They need a Reis liek you to stop them. That is why I am appointing you as the Captain of India. Piri: 'I am honoured, Hunkarim. But you know my age. I do not want to embarrassed in front of you after not being able to do my best." Sully: "I have no doubt you will be successful. Prepare at once and get on your way. You may leave."
    Sokollu is in his room when Hurrem arrives. Hurrem: "What is happening? Our Hunkar should have executed Piri." Sokollu: "Be calm Sultanim...this was our Hunkar's intention, but I prevented it." Hurrem: "What does this mean?" Sokollu has a flashback and recalls when Suleyman had said Piri Reis should be executed and that Sokollu told him that since Piri was a much loved scholar, the people would not take his execution too well and that this would also get to Mustafa's ears and that on the eve of war, this was a dangerous decision. Suleyman asks what his recommendation is, and Sokollu replies that Piri should be sent far from the Capitol and that in this way, the alliance will be without a head, and that including all the rest of those pashas and beys in the alliance should be sent to various far sanjaks and then after the war they can be punished. He adds to Hurrem that this way is much better, because why should they risk meaningless problems. "Trust me" he adds. Hurrem: "I am in awe of your intelligence and foresight. Your presence gives our power strength!" Sokollu: "In your grace Sultanim, adn in this vein, a letter has come from Rustem Pasha, and is being given to the Sultan."
    We hear Rustem's voice again in his letter : "The Janissaries are unhappy. They are revolting. I am sad to have to say it, but this is because of their loyalty to Shehzade Mustafa. They do not let Shehzade Mustafa's name off their tongues." Suleyman is very grumpy. Hurrem arrives. He tells her to come and sit. She does. Hurrem: 'From what I hear, there has been some trouble in the army." Suleyman: "From where did you learn this?" Hurrem: "A letter came to Mihrimah. She was very worried and sad. How can the Janissaries go against your chosen vizier?" Suleyman: "This is Rustem Pasha's fault. He has so much experience! It should not be accepted that he stands so weak in front of the Janissaries' behaviour!" Hurrem: "But the Janissaries have made it a habit to be in a state of revolt. But actually, we have to see who they get their courage from."
    Fatma, who is wearing Hurrem's dress I think, meets Kara for the first time. She almost wants to giggle. She says: "Oh Allah! I was expecting a simple and ugly man, because they had told me your nickname was Kara." Kara: "That is the reference to the darkness in my eyes Sultanim. Seeing my courage in the field of battle, they saw this name fit for me." They eye each other. Fatma: "How lovely. Finally we got to meet." Kara: "Forgive me, the state matters have really made me busy. I could not come earlier." Fatma: "I accepted to marry you because of our Hunkar's wish Pasha. Otherwise marrying for yet another time did not even cross my mind." Kara: "So in that case, I should not break our Hunkar's hopes, and that of yours." Fatma: 'It is obvious our Hunkar values you a great deal. He wants you next to him. What shall we say? May it be for the best." Kara: 'Ameen." She smiles as she catches him staring. Fatma: 'If you have nothing else to say then, I must return to the palace." Kara: "No. I mean, yes. What I mean, is...forgive me..seeing you like this in front of me has made me forget all my words." She clearly like sthis. "Be careful so your mind does not wander."When she meets Melek she praises him "his body, his stature...but he isn't able to put two words together and talk to me" she keeps looking back at him.
    In Amasya, Mahi says to Mustafa as they walk: "When Sultan Selim's anger would bubble up, it was not known what would happen. Our Hunkar's biggest fear was to resemble him. It is difficult to say if this fear of his will materialize. But what is apparent is that he is like his father - a warrior, brave and proud. And you have only taken after our Hunkar's better traits. God took the pride and ruthlessness away from you and in place put loyalty and humility in it's place. Mehmet is also like you. He does not want to be away from you for even a moment." Mustafa: "I understand what you are saying...you want me to take him hunting with me." Mahil: "After the sunnet, he won't be able to get up from bed for a long time, since there is an opportunity, and he has really wished for it, let's not break his heart. He is inside. You have in your hands to make him very happy. As early as he can go for hunting, it will be that much better for him."

    Mihrunissa is talking to her son: "Don't hope in vain, you cannot go hunting. Plus we have to make lots of preparations for your Sunnet ceremony." (doesn't Mihrunissa look much better in this hair style?) She reminds her son to bow as his father enters. Mustafa says he has heard about his desire to go. Mehmet says he is so bored, all he does is study, study! Mustafa: 'Speak to your mother, if she is accepting, I permit you to come with me" Mehmet: "Yay!!!"
    Mihrunissa: "Where did this suddenly come from? I see bad dreams. I don't want anything bad to befall him/you." Mus: "I put my heart into the path where disaster passes through. I untied the knots that were tying my heart down just so that I could chase you. Today the wind brought your beautiful smell to me, and I have given it my heart to thank it.."
    Hurrem is in her room with Mihrimah when Cihangir enters unannounced: 'Mother!" Hurrem: "Cihangir how do you enter my room without permission?" Cihangir: "A letter has come from Rustem about the trouble in the army. Rustem Pasha is once again blaming my brother. He is showing his target. Whatever you know, tell me." Mih: "Don't intervene Cihangir." Cih: 'Actually, you don't interfere Mihrimah! I asked my mother." Hurrem: "As you constantly send your brother Mustafa letters and act as his spy, you are now coming to me and holding me to account? I know everything, what you are mixed up in. Do not blame Rustem Pasha. If the Janissaries are in a state of unrest, and if the cause of it is your brother, then of course he will report this" Cih: "I also heard that certain Pashas and Beys in the recent times have been appointed far away from the Capitol. There are things, and this is all I know. " Hurrem: 'Go to your room Cihangir. It isn't good to know everything. It is better this way." Cih: "How sad mother, that what is best for you, is not best for me" look at that way he looks at her! You would think he hates his mother. Hurrem: 'Get yourself together Mihrimah. It is not the time to lose yourself. Do not regret the steps you took. There is a wild animal inside every human being. That animal tells us when we should run and when we should attack. I always listen to it. I have no choice, because that is what allows me to stay alive and to protect you, my children. If not today, tomorrow, you will understand me...even Cihangir will."
    Fatma is sitting (who sits like that when they are alone?) and Melek arrives, she is followed by two aghas carrying a large chest. Melek tells her Ahmet Pasha has sent it. Fatma: 'Could he not find a bigger one? Open let us see...let's see what Ahmet Pasha has sent" Melek passes her a pouch which is full of uncut jewels. There is a cloth. Fatma: 'Couldn't he have had a necklace made? a dress sewn?" She hands her a book. Fatma: "An empty diary. I do not know what to do with this Ahmet Pasha, I don't know." Then Melek finds a letter and hands it over. Fatma opens the letter: "I am uncut diamonds, unsewn silk, and an unwritten dairy. You can transform me into any shape of your desire, with your beaty and happiness. I am prepared to be your servant, slave and love" Fatma smiles despite herself saying that he is a skilled man.
    Hurrem watches the ants climbing the tree. Suleyman arrives. She says the ants have really overrun the tree, Suleyman responds that they were going to put lime, but he did not allow them to, that he asked Ebusuud if it is permissible and that Ebusuud responded saying that "Tomorrow in the Court of God, the ants will seek out their rights from Suleyman"  . Hurrem asks: 'And the tree? Is the tree going to one day ask of the ants why it was destroyed? Or from those who allowed it? Suleyman, there are some accusations...probably they are just rumours, but I think you should know about it. Tahmasp's sister Begum Sultan secretly went to Amasya. They say there was a relationship between her and Shehzade Mustafa." Suleyman: "They specifically spread these types of rumours during war time. Do not believe them, they are trying to make my child look bad, okay but could Tahmasp have tried to do this? " Suleyman: 'Tahmasp has always done every kind of insolent thing, but my son is not like this. He will never ally himself with my enemies, I will destroy anyone who tries to bring him harm."
    Atmaca goes to see Reis, but sees the cabin is locked.
    A man rushes on his horse and Zal is with his men watching. The man next to him tells him that this is the man bringing the response from Tahmasp. They go to face the man. (Why does Zal look like a younger Saruman from the Lord of the Rings movies here???) The order is given, the man is hit, and the letter is withdrawn from his pouch.
    Atmaca asks the Rumeli Kasasker what is going on, and he says that the Sultan has sent Piri Reis as the captain of India? and he has been sent away from the Capitol. Atmaca wonders where this has come from all of a sudden and the man responds that everything has probably been exposed, the man continues and says that not just him, but all the men in that alliance have been appointed far from the capitol, except one person. He says except Kara Ahmet Pasha. And that the day after they accepted him in their company, this happened. "He came to us as a friend, found out who we were and then told it all to our Hunkar." Atmaca: "And you?" Man: "I have been let go from my position. I have been exiled to Sarejvo. Basically there is nobody left to carry the flag." At: "What is going on? If the Hunkar had found out heads would have rolled. Blood would be spilled. His doubt would have been enough (for this punishment)." Man: 'Clearly he did not want any trouble during war time. Moreover, if this had been revealed in the open, then the reputation of the dynasty would be at stake." 

    Cihangir is in his room when a note is brought to him. He opens it and reads it. Then, we see Atmaca waiting to meet with Cihangir. Cihangir: 'What business do you have here?" Atmaca: 'I came to learn about the situation. I am glad I came, otherwise we would have been unwares about everything that has happened. Those who are loyal to the path of Shehzade Mustafa have unfortunately been discovered, all the beys, Pashas and men. They have all been ordered to leave the Capitol." Cihangir: "I knew about this order of appointment (sending away) I was not sure if it had to do with my brother. Now after what you have said, I am sure about the truth. My borhter Mustafa is the target Atmaca. Rustem Pasha has also written about the army being in a state of unrest. According to him the Janissaries are gaining confidence to revolt through him." Atmaca: 'They are trying to get into our Hunkar's head. They are working to make him enemy to our Shehzade" Cih: "I cannot write to my brother anymore, my mother knows about every letter I send away. But I will do what I can." Atmaca: "You have taken into your target the person you love the most in your life: your mother. For justice, for the way that you know to be right, you have done this. You have the heart and mind of a mighty king." Cihangir: 'Will you be here for a while?" Atmaca nods: "I am after what else I can learn - you can find me in the Galata neighbourhood "
    Night arrives and Zal is on a ship and says the he has come to see the Admiral Sinan Pasha. Zal enters and they greet each other and then Zal says that the letter they have been waiting for is finally in their hands. He hands it over. Sinan Pasha takes it and smiles and then tells him he has done a great thing and asks if he has sent word to his brother Rustem. Zal nods.
    Hurrem is with Mihrimah in her palace. Hurrem: "Our Hunkar is still not of the decision to go to war. If he doesn't go, whatever we have planned will fall into water (fail). And the letter has not even come." Mihrimah: "If you want I will go to Tahmasp (sarcasm)." Hurrem: "No one forced you to do this Mihrimah. Did you forget? You went by your own wish to your brother's palace. Anyway I didn't ask too much of you. Make Rustem the excuse. Tell our Hunkar that you are worried about Rustem." The door opens and Gulbahar says that Sinan has come. Hurrem asks Mihrimah what does Sinan Pasha have to do coming here and if he visits like this often and Mihrimah responds in shock what she is talking about, and that probably he has brought some news about Rustem. Sinan Pasha arrives and says that when he heard the aghas said she (Hurrem) was here, he came. Sinan says it is good news and says the letter she was waiting has come. Hurrem says that Sokollu should take the letter to the Sultan and when Sinan says that he can take the letter to the Sultan, but Hurrem says no that it has to be the Hunkar's most trusted person who presents the letter.
    In the forest, Mustafa is with his hunting part, and his adorable boy. He motions for him to be silent as they watch a deer. Mehmet: "very beautiful"
    Hurrem enters the Sultan's chamber where have I seen that robe of hers before help hatuns, is it a recycled piece from somewhere??!???!)  Hurrem: "Suleyman, I thought we could drink coffee together." The drink is brought and she serves it. Sully: "You had said that a Persian princess had gone to Amasya and that Mustafa had some type of relationship with this sultana." Hurrem: 'Did you find something out about it?" Sully: "There is no news about it, and whoever came out with this gossip, I shall punish them with my own hands." Hurrem: 'I hope it is like that, I do not want to even think of otherwise."
    We go back to Mustafa and his son and his hunting party. Mehmet: 'You are going to hit it (the deer) aren't you?" He watches as his father moves closer to the deer.
    Suleyman says "mmm, it smells so lovely." Hurrem: "Bon Appetite." Hurrem: 'What decision have you made for the campaign? I come from being with Mihrimah. She is very worried. Humashah also. They are worried about Rustem Pasha, how he is, what he is going through. He needs to be helped" Sully: "I thought you don't want me to go to war." Hurrem: 'I don't. But these recent incidents are not good signs, I am afraid Suleyman. If as the Pasha says, their is a threat of revolt, our condition will be worse off." Sully: 'Who dares to revolt? Especially while I am alive, who would dare." Hurrem: 'May Allah keep you with us, of course while you are around no one has the power, but who can protect themselves from a wily snake." There is a knock (what a coinkidink (coincidence! I think not! sorry lol!) Lokman says that Mehmet Pasha has come and says it is very important. Sully: "Couldn't this wait? what is so important, could it not wait?" Sokollu: "I do not think you were awaiting this"
    Mustafa goes in for the kill. The irony guys! Is he the innocent deer in the forest??!  Mustafa looks back and sees that his son is not around and Mehmet is not there. He shouts out for Taslicali and asks if Mehmet is with them. Yahya says he was with Mustafa. "No he was not! He's gone! How can you leave him alone! Find him now! If something happens to him, you will not escape my wrath! You included Taslicali!" They look around for him.
    Suleyman: "What is this?" as he takes the letter. Sokollu: "I just got it.  From Gafar Bey. It has been intercepted near the borders with Persia."  Suleyman looks at the seal. Hurrem eyes Sokollu. Sok: "I have checked and the seal is real Hunkarim. It is Shah Tahmasp's."
    Suleyman smiles, (a little creepily). Hurrem watches his reaction. Tahmasp's letter: "Shehzade Sultan Mustafa Hazretleri...First of all I would like to tell you how happy your letter has made me. I also received the news that Sultan Suleyman is preparing for war in my lands. Under these conditions, it would not be wise to push away your hand of friendship. I am with you in your righteous endevour until the end!As it is your greatest wish, it is also mine, to see Sultan Suleyman deposed from his throne. But I do not agree that Sultan Suleyman should be exiled to Demtokia. As long as Sultan Suleyman lives he is a threat to us. You can trust in my friendship Shehzade Hazretleri. I fully accept from my heart to support you with the requested amount of support (men). I ask Allah for your success. - Shah Tahmasp." Suleyman looks like the his world turned upside down.
    Hurrem has the letter and reads it. Suleyman: 'Get out! Get out!" Outside, Hurrem says: "The Shah has written even more than we thought he would." Sok: 'I told you Sultanim."
    Meanwhile, Suleyman is really having a tough time. He slams stuff and breaks it. He re-reads the letter.
    Meanwhile, his son totally unaware, is busy in his own worry, having lost his son. Honestly, how did the kid get so far??
    Suleyman goes disguised to the streets. Suleyman the man with so many woes, walking as if he doesn't know where he is going. Just walking. We see Selim I, saying: "Sultan Beyazid's time is up, before he reaches Demotika (Didymoteicho) make sure this issue is taken care of." Then we see him call out to his son Suleyman. Young Suleyman: 'How can you do this Hunkarim? Sultan Beyazid Han is your father. My grandfather. How can you kill him?" Selim: "My lion, Suleyman. I am not longer his son, I am the king. The power is in my hand now. Do not forget, power does not accept a shadow." Sully: 'But you had made an agreement. He would go to Demotika.." Selim: "How do we know he won't raise an army and return? He lost, and those who lose have one thing in their hearts - revenge." Sully: "father -" Selim stops him "When the time comes, the young lion kills the older one. This is the nature of the universe." (btw, there is no consensus on Selim having killed his father, just that he sent him away and that he "died" on the way there so it is left up to our imagination, I mean scriptwriters' imaginations....) "Power can only find peace in this way."
    We see the much older Sully walking, dust all around him, the mules and horses being led by, people minding their everyday lives...

    Mustafa finally hears his son and rushes forward seeing his son stuck in  quick sand. Mustafa goes after him.
    Suleyman's monologue: "How long will the ground be drenched with tears? When shall the sky start to burn with the affect of my sighs? O the reward of an honorable life: death. how far are you from me? In every corner this life of mine that has passed amongst treachery, will my life also end in this way? Will my son dictate my end just like my grandfather's end was dictated by his son? O piece of my soul! When did you become a traitor? And when you did, since when did you give a hand to my enemy? Which dark night are you awaiting to stab me in the back with a dagger? Last night, in the middle of the night, a turbulent wave escaped my home. It bubbled up. Unexpectedly, Beautiful Yusuf fell into the well. (from the story of Yusuf) The flood that stemmed from Yusuf's cheek (tears) came and took away my harvest. From my heart a burning sigh emerged and the straw of my patience burned and whisked away. " The eclipse happens. Mustafa sees it, Suleyman sees it. They are frightened (thank God we know what they are now otherwise I think we would kinda be like ummmm? too) Hurrem and Mihrimah see the eclipse. Basically everyone does, including Sumbul.
    Mustafa's men find him and they get a rope to pull them out.
    Suleyman writes a letter, rolls it up, seals it. Stares at it. He hands it to Lokman saying that the letter is for Ebusuud Efendi.
    Lokman goes off with his letter (he has been getting quite some screen time lately hasn't he?)
    Mustafa returns home with his son and is greeted by his mother and wife.

    Lokman keeps walking, and he hands the letter to EbuSuud's servant.
    Mihrimah enters Cihangir's room. She tells him that things are going in the wrong direction and that they are walking on fire. She informs him that Mustafa has written to the Shah of Persia. They are in a secret alliance. Our Hunkar will not forgive such a betrayal. Cihangir asks what she is saying and if she hears what escapes her mouth. She responds that there is a response letter from the Shah and that everything is very open. Cihangir says that it can't be true and that he is aware of all his actions. Mihrimah asks why Mustafa would inform him if he were involved in treachery. Cihangir pulls away from her as if she is a plague and says the she must have done it, that they have set a trap for his brother. He asks for an answer. She tells him she has nothing to do with it. He is angry and says that getting in between a son and father is a big crime and sin and that if his blood is spilt, they will all drown in that blood.
    Hurrem arrives in the harem where Fatma is standing rolling her eyes saying that she must be aware of what is going on. Fatma asks what she is talking about. Hurrem responds that most beloved shehzade Mustafa is in alliance with the Persians, and was planning to attack with the Persian Army to dethrone the Sultan. Fatma asks her who the heck she is to say such words about a Shehzade. Hurrem says that the truth lies in the Hunkar's hands right now (the letter) and that there has been a letter written from Shah Tahmasp to Mustafa and that the alliance is exposed for all to see. She goes away.
    Cihangir wants to see the Sultan and when Lokman tries to say no, of course (cause do they ever listen to no?) Cihangir tells him to just inform his father that he has come.
    Cihangir enters, and finds his father seated, his face in the dark. Cihangir gets to the point, and says that a trap has been set for his brother, that they are trying to finish their job that they left halfway, and that if he remembers the poisoned kaftan and that this letter is just like that. a game. a trap. Suleyman listens but with an odd smile saying if he has anything else to say? Cihangir says my brother is innocent, and that he should not believe the lies. Suleyman sends his son away.
    In Amasya, everyone is gathered around Mehmet and Mahi says that she has invited everyone for his circumcision ceremony, Mihrunissa adds that everyone shall hear that the little Shehzade will be a young man. Mustafa says that yes, since he has gone hunting. Mihrunissa says they were worried when they heard what happened. That sacrifices will be made too. Mustafa says he wished that Mahi had sent word to his father to come. Mahi says he would not have come anyway. Mustafa says that well at least he would know they would be happy if he came. There is a knock and Taslicali arrives looking stern, and whispers in his ear. Mustafa goes to find Atmaca who says: my Shehzade, disaster!
    Later Mustafa is pacing. He says that Hurrem has crossed her limits and that this is what she is after. Yahya says that this is a very harsh accusation and that the Hunkar will porbably not believe it. Atmaca says that they must be prepared for the worst outcome, because "there will be one order: Gopd forbid, execution." Mustafa says he will write a letter to Suleyman telliing him it is a all a game and that he has nothing to do with Tahmasp.
    There is rain, Lokman looks up, and Ebusuud's servant gives him the letter.
    Suleyman is on the terrace. Hurrem watches from below, saying she has never seen him this way. Sumbul says he does not want to alarm her, but that people have been saying they saw the Sultan in disguise. Hurrem says she knows, it is very strange. He does not talk to anyone. Lokman says there are some days where not a single word escapes his lips, as if a bad soul has taken him hostage. There is tunder.
    Lokman enters the palace gates, walks down the corridor, and knocks on the Sultan's door.

    Suleyman is sitting inside. Lokman tells him Ebusuud has sent the letter. Suleyman motions for him to put it on his desk. Lokman does as he is commanded and leaves when the Sultan waves his hand.
    Suleyman touches the letter case. Then we see him opening it slowly. Ebusuud: 'They say that Allah gives snow according to the branch. You, as the Sultan of the seven regions, are standing with your back straight like a massive mountain. Just like there is your summer and spring, then there will also be your autumn and winter. Hunkarim, I have found a solution to the issue you requested me to solve. I pray to my Might Lord that with this solution that your servant Ebusuud has found for you would be able to turn your night into day and your winter into spring. Question: Once there was a successful merchant in Istanbul. When he had to go on a trip, he would leave all of his wealth and family to his favourite son because he trusted his loyalty completely. But this son, as soon as his father left, mustered up the courage to get rid of his family, he decided to take his father's wealth and if possible his life. Now, according to the shariah law what should be done with such a son? Answer: this son who wanted to take his father's strength, wealth, and life...who wanted to harm his family, wife and children, this traitor, for the good of the nation, should be executed." Of course there is thunder.
    THE END.

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    1. Ive always wondered ---how was sultan sulaiman Magnificient ? His wife and aghas were ruling. Sumbul is the greatest of traitors. His wife is a traitor. His son in law was a traitor. The aghas all around him were traitors. They plotted and planned while he wrote love poetry for his wife and worried about termite infested trees. His much talked of jystice was all misplaced. How was he magnificient? He destroyed the future of his kingdom. . . Didnt he know that his drunk son was not worthy?
      I always wondered what the general feeling in Turkey is about him and his treacherous wife. . . Who claimed to love him. . But hurt him the most.

      1. Will Durant said it best: "Nothing fails like success."

      2. Sultan Suleiman was on the right track till he met Hurrem!
        It's true what they say...your partner can make you or break you.

      3. I agree with both of you.

      4. Historically speaking because there is also imagination in this series (halit ergenc has said so himself)so as to fill in the missing links , Sultan Suleiman was a great fighter and a very just ruler. The ottoman empire almost reached Rome..! However, he was a man ...he fell in love with a very smart woman Hurrem who wanted her son to sit on the throne. Remember that was the most important thing at the time..the empire! Suleiman was also a king ...not just a father...in the threat of being killed and losing his kindom he choose power over his own son...Selim was manipulative also! The less capable sehzade. He managed to convince his father that his brother (beyazid) would kill him ..Suleiman did what he thought best.. Mustafa and Mehmet were the most skilled to rule but Mustafa was the rightful heir to that throne. Hurrem wanted him dead so that Mehmet could take his place in the succession. Historically it was never proved that Mahidevran killed Mehmet...supposedly that death drove Hurrem to kill sehzade Mustafa..but bear in mind that Suleiman was a great ruler who also established the first justice system ...he was just weak in Hurrem's presence.

      5. Oh..and as far as your last wondering ..Suleiman is adored in Turkey and Hurrem is called his great Sultana because she did donate a lot of money to the poor and created many selters for them.She was smart enough to give a significant amount of her income to build religious monuments..She was also involved-extremely successfully- in the political scene of the era by becoming friends with the wives of the most important men of her time...

      6. In Turkey,Suleiman is their great ruler ...Hurrem is his great sultana ..she did many donations, charities, -out of her personal income- built religious monuments ...she did help the poor a lot ...with great amounts of money ...

    2. My name is Salma from Pakistan . . I dont know how to get my name in. Just so u know . I always read your brilliant translations. Im not watching the show after Ibrahim Pasha was murdered. I cant bear to now. But i still read whats happening. Ibrahim Pasha didnt deserve what happened to him. Ebusuud is really wrongly guiding him

    3. Trying to enter a name and picture. :-)

    4. Got the name but couldnt put in a profile pic. Sorry

    5. Hey, thank you so much for quick translation.....

      Regards from India

    6. Thank you so much for the translations and the wits!