• Kosem Episode 18

    Preparing, cutting, sewing - we are shown these little snippets of the making of that gloriously beautiful red kaftan!

    Murat Pasha says that red is the most beautiful hue from amongst the colours of flowers, and also the the colour of the warrior's spilled blood on the battlefield - the colour of death.

    Ahmet is being dressed in it. Murat is speaking saying that only the Padishah may wear a fully red kaftan, because the red kaftan is the mark of a ruler, and also that of death. If our mighty Hunkar enters the Divan with a red kaftan - then that day a traitor will certainly be put to death.  For this reason, if the things you say are true - and if Dervish Pasha is the murderer of our deceased Padishah, then our Sultan wearing that red kaftan will happen soon. Mehmet says don't worry, sooner or later the truth will come out.

    Handan keeps saying she did nothing and Humashah calls for the aghas who enter and Humashah says you are in big trouble, pray nothing happens, hurry and help.

    Kosem is being taken out on a stretcher. Haci goes to see Handan and asks what has she done. Handan says I had no choice, Kosem would tell Ahmet everything, she said I have a witness. I have lost myself Haci agha, we must find that witness at once, before it is too late, we must finish their matter. Haci says I know who it is. She says who it is then, say it! Haci says me, I am the one who would witness for Kosem sultan.

    Dervish is telling Ahmet that the state spending on the campaigns is quite high, there needs to be some precautions etc.

    Humashah arrives to see Ahmet. Meanwhile Cennet rushes to see how Kosem is and asks what happened. The women say they do not know, she has just been brought to them now.

    Handan says I have kept a snake with me, you were going to stab me in my back with a dagger is that right?! Haci says whatever I do, is for your sake, to protect you. Handan says you were going to get together with my enemy, witness against me and this was going to be for my sake?! This is betrayal! Haci says Dervish pasha is a murderer, he cannot be saved and if you continue protecting him, you will also become part of the same calamity. You have an opportunity right now. If we do what Kosem says, no harm will come to you. Handan says I will not hand him over, I will find a way, this matter will be closed and you will be quiet for the sake of all these years. Look at my face! You will be silent!

    Ahmet listens to Dervish's ideas on how to ease the money problems. Ahmet is pleased with his suggestions and praises him. Zulfikar arrives and tells Ahmet Humashah has arrived. Humashah tells Ahmet that she went to see Handan and doesn't know what happened between them (Handan and Kosem) but that she found Kosem on the ground, in her own blood.

    Cennet tells Haci that if anything happens to Kosem, she will turn the harem upside down then asks what happened to Kosem. Haci says he had nothing to do with it. The doctors tell Ahmet that Kosem is alright, but she hit her head or had fallen, it is unknown.

    Zulfikar tells Dervish that he knows that this (Kosem's injury) is because of his dirty secrets. When Dervish asks what secrets? Zulfikar says myself and Kosem, we both know about your secrets from the past. Zulfikar says I know that you poisoned our deceased Padishah. Dervish responds by saying Mehmet Giray has poisoned your minds against me, how can you believe that fools lies? And if you did believe, how dare you accuse me! I hope you have some proof!

    Ahmet asks Haci where his mother is. Handan is begging God for help when her son arrives. Meanwhile, Zulfikar speaks to Dervish and says of course there is evidence but you destroyed it! Dervish says this is all mere lies without proof to back it up! Zulfikar says have you not gotten rid of Reyhan for this very reason?! Is that not true?! Do you not want rid of Mehmet Giray?! Is that not why you are sending him to Crimea?! Admit to your crime! Dervish says you imbecile, who are you to dare to speak to me this way?! I will make you pay the price for this insolence!

    Ahmet rushes through and Halime comments that Ahmet is angry.

    Ahmet asks Handan what happened. Handan says it is not my fault my son, Kosem crossed her limits, she cursed me and tried to attack me, and I merely defended myself.

    Meanwhile, Kosem wakes up and says her head hurts and Haci says I don't know how to say it...Cennet says speak. Haci says Handan knows I am your witness, and she wants me silent. I do not fear her, but if Dervish finds this out, he will want to take my life. Kosem says do not be fear, they have both come to the end of their lines. Haci says no, you promised Handan would not come to any harm. Kosem says I will keep my promise, will you?

    Ahmet asks Handan why Kosem would do such a thing. Handan gets angry and says basically it's all about Kosem, I am your mother! Do my words have no value to you? Ahmet says answer my question! Handan says I caught Halime meeting Mustafa and the one who arranged all this was Kosem, I called her to warn her. This is the truth. Ahmet says let her come to her senses, let us see what she will say. Handan says yeah right, she will deny it all and blame me.

    Bulbul asks Humashah how Safiye is. Humashah says she is fine, but I saw in her eyes there are deep wounds, but she is not regretful, she does not accept her mistakes. She blames everyone except herself, just like you. Humashah says I wonder what Kosem says or did that made Humashah behave like that...I want to find out exactly what happened.

    Gurbuz asks Alex where he was all day and that Safiye asked for him. When he enters, she says our Hunkar chose this tower for a reason, so that night and day I can watch the palace and see my old magnificent life and feel more pain. It hurts its true, but it gives me the strength to keep going because every glance of mine gives me the hope of returning. Alex says the only way you can return is for our Hunkar to forgive you, and it doesn't look possible right now, but, we do not know what will happen in the future. She says Iskender, if I ask something of you will you do it? Alex says it depends on what you want.

    Ahmet goes to see Kosem and asks how she is and if there is pain. She says her head hurts. He says can you tell me what happened because my mother says you attacked when she tried to warn you because she found out about Halime visiting Mustafa. Kosem says I was worried about Mustafa was not well, I was afraid he'd become ill, that is why I let his mother visit him once in a while. Ahmet says so my mother was right. Kosem says but that was a matter from before, it had nothing to do with the incident and I never attacked her, would I ever do such a thing? Ahmet says then tell me what was the matter. Kosem says forgive me, but it is important that Handan sultan tell you that. Today or tomorrow, she will finally tell you.

    Cennet tells Kosem she should not have gotten up and kept resting. Kosem says no time to waste. Cennet wonders if they can trust Haci.

    Kosem arrives to see Handan who says why have you come, to threaten me? Kosem tells Handan that the burden of the secrets she carries must be weighing heavy on her because there is no explanation for what she did (i.e. hitting her). Handan tells her not to waste her breath because Ahmet hasn't believed her lies and accusations and she doesn't have a witness anyway. Kosem says I have not told anything to Ahmet, but when I do, Haci will be with me, right Haci? Haci says that is true.

    Safiye meanwhile has been brought Elizabeth and she tells the lady who brings her to be careful and the woman behaves even ruder. Then she says in front of Alex, ugh, all that was left was a cat! Alex warns her not to be disrespectful because no matter what she is dealing with a  Sultana.

    Handan says to Kosem, why have you come then? Say whatever you want! Kosem says I will not be telling Ahmet, you will be telling him about Dervish being the murderer. Handan says you want his death to be at my hands eh? Kosem says yes, this will be your punishment. If you do not tell our Hunkar, then it won't only be that that is exposed, but we shall also say that he is in love with you. Haci says to Handan, please heed what Kosem says, otherwise there is no other way. Let Dervish get what he deserves! Why should you be burnt as well, think of the Dynasty! Handan tells Haci that this betrayal from him is more painful to her than if he had died. Handan tells Kosem I will do what you want, but I need time. Kosem says you have time until tomorrow night.

    Safiye speaks with Alex and thanks him. Alex tells her that according to an agha in the old Palace, Elizabeth was very unhappy without her master. Then he adds that Elizabeth will be staying on the premises and that whenever Safiye wants, she can see her. Safiye asks him where he is from and Alex says I am from Austria. Safiye asks him if he recalls his family. Alex says it has been a long time I do not remember much. Safiye says I came from Venice (note: some sources claim she is Albanian). Then she basically says no matter where we come from, where we go, we remain the same.

    Handan tells Dervish that Haci has betrayed. Dervish says that everyone is against us, Zulfikar also knows and threatened me with it. Handan says Kosem wants me to expose you or she will expose that you love me, I accepted to buy some time, but I will not do it. I will never betray you. Dervish says thanks but the sins are my own - if someone is to pay - it should be me. I will go and admit everything to our Hunkar. Handan says no, never! Dervish says I will do anything to keep you from harm. She says I know, I know you will do it without a moment's thought. But then what? We should trust these scoundrels? Who is to say they will keep their words? Dervish says that is true, then there is only one way left, we must silence everyone who knows the secret.

    Kosem wakes up sick and vomiting, she asks for a bowl and Meleki is sent for doctors. Haci is being chased. Mehmet Giray is given the letter he must take to Crimea. Zulfikar is told Ahmet has gone with Dervish in plainclothes to the market and then he is told that his meal is ready.

    Dervish and Ahmet go through the market and Ahmet expresses how he needed to get out like this. Dervish says we can also go soon to the architect about your Mosque plans.

    Haci is caught. Mehmet Giray is shot with an arrow. Menekshe sees when Haci is being taken away and escapes to tell Halime.

    Zulfikar finds out Humashah has come to see him and starts fixing his hair in the reflection of the spoon and then suddenly wonders what he is doing and says "what am I doing!?" He welcomes Humashah who says she wanted to give word that she wishes to visit her mother, but it seems it is a bad time. Zulfikar says no, don't worry - but then he starts choking.

    Cennet asks kosem what she has eaten and and to drink and then says they have poisoned the water! Poisoned you!

    Humashah rushes to Zulfikar and then calls for aghas who advise doctors be called but she says there is no time and says the poison must be forced out of his body or he will die. She gathers the ashes and asks for water and tells them to hurry up and pass the water, call aghas etc. She says hold Zulfikar, hold on! please hold on!

    Meanwhile Ahmet visits a textile merchant and is pleased with what he sees, when he asks how work goes, the man says the merchants are worried, Dervish is a big trouble for them. The people are unhappy. He grabs everything from them (in the form of taxes).

    The doctors arrive and are told Kosem is poisoned.

    Humashah asks for the funnel but no one has come yet so she uses paper and pours the ash and water mixture into his mouth repeatedly.

    Halime has come to see Kosem and says it is urgent. Cennet tells them kosem has been poisoned. Halime says it is obvious timing - Haci has been taken.

    We see Haci who has been brought before Handan. She says I wanted to speak to you for the last time,  for the sake of the many years together.

    The merchants tell each other hide the money, hide it so Dervish doesn't see. One of them tells Ahmet that Dervish is rumoured taking bribe after bribe. Ahmet asks what "Sultan Ahmet says" The men say our Sultan has been attacked from four corners he probably has no idea, maybe if the people come to his doors shouting for justice he will find out and then they add if anyone is to save them it is Kosem Sultan - they heard her doings - she is called the angel with human face. He says she used her own wealth and gave it to Hudai to distribute. The guy then comments, my Bey you have no idea of all the goings on in the world!

    Kosem is examined.

    Haci tells Handan to stop please. Handan says whatever Dervish did was to protect him. Haci says how can you trust him? He could one day kill Ahmet. Handan says it is obvious Haci, you have gone to Kosem's side long ago. Then she gives the order to the aghas. Haci says, let me pray two rakats (parts) of prayer, then you can take my life.

    Menekshe asks what they are going to do and Halime says what is necessary! (save Haci).

    Kosem is told she is pregnant.

    Cennet finds Humasha who tells her that he has been poisoned, she has done everything she could but - just then he throws it all up.

    PART 2

    Ahmet returns to the palace asking Dervish what the merchant issues are and Dervish says I have not taken a single coin for myself, all the money has been put in the treasury. Murat pasha arrives and says that the Austrian delegation is insisting on their conditions. Dervish expresses his annoyance. Murat says I have done everything I can, maybe you should speak to them, let's see if you can change their minds! Ahmet says enough, come with me.

    Two men approach Bulbul saying Nasuh has sent them. They ask what their job is. Bulbul says don't ask me questions, just do whatever I say.

    Safiye meanwhile doesn't like the bath water that is poured out for her saying it is cold and asks for hot water. The servant mocks her saying would you like me to bring milk for you wash yourself in? Safiye tells her to do what she says. The servant says do you still think of yourself as a Sultana? That era is over. Safiye calls her impudent and then beats her up.

    Selahettin Efendi arrives and Bulbul asks which one is the lost prince. Selahettin says he has not arrived yet, but then notices Alex enter and points to him. Bulbul is in disbelief and says are you sure it is Iskender? Selah. says yes I am certain, he's the one who brought the shirt and he has the mark on his back. Bulbul says Oh my God! He has been right before our very eyes and we never noticed! He looks like our Sultana actually.

    Safiye is strangling the servant saying what do you think you are. Gurbuz intervenes. Safiye shouts, get out!

    Selahettin is about to get up to speak to Alex and bulbul stops him, then asks if anyone else knows. then he tells the two men standing there to escort Selahettin Efendi out (poor man has no idea.)

    Kosem wonders where Cennet is and then Cennet arrives who informs her that not only is Haci missing, but Zulfi has been poisoned.

    Meanwhile, Ahmet tells Murat that he should send word to the delegates that they agree to the terms. Murat is pleased and adds then we can go get the Celalis. Dervish speaks up and asks Ahmet for permission to speak to the delegates instead to try and convince them. Ahmet says no, it is enough, the time has come to gather all our strength. Dervish says then let us ensure they will keep their word on their side and to pay the amount agreed to pay. Ahmet is then told that Zulfikar has been poisoned.

    Cennet is telling Kosem about Humashah saving Zulfikar's life and Kosem wonders what Humashah was doing there to begin with. Cennet says she does not know.

    Kosem comes across Handan and says Haci is missing, they say he has been killed and Zulfikar has been poisoned. Handan says I heard, Mehmet Giray has also been killed by someone. Kosem says you have silenced everyone, but how will you silence me? Handan says my son will be having dinner with me tonight, you should come as well and say whatever you want to say to him, but just now that no one listens to your poisonous lies. Kosem says you and Dervish will not get away with this, Ahmet will take you to account.  Handan says yes he will, but not from us, he will assume it is Safiye sultan. I think you should be careful...do not be Safiye's last sacrifice...

    Humashah tells Ahmet that she had come to ask Zulfikar about taking her to visit her mother and that he was eating...and it is probably the case that someone put poison in his fruit drink and then she says that when he fell she intervened. Ahmet asks Dervish how this can happen! Dervish says he will investigate at once and whoever did it will pay for it.

    Handan goes to her room to cry and asks God to forgive her.

    Cennet tells Kosem to give up because it is dangerous and Kosem says so that they can get away with it? Just then Menekshe arrives and says that Halime is waiting for her and it is important that she comes at once.

    Alex sees that Selahettin Efendi is dead. A man tells him no one knows what happened but that this is how he was found by a neighbour. Alex says I was going to meet him but when he didn't arrive...the man says it is God's will, we do not know when it knocks at our door.

    Ahmet asks Dervish what is going on since both Mehmet Giray and Zulfi have been attacked at the same time. Dervish says Safiye sultan, who else could it be? he says that both Zulfi and Mehmet Giray have prevented her from achieving her goals.

    Kosem finds Haci who says "Halime sultan found me in the last moment" Kosem thanks Halime saying you have saved us from big trouble! halime says she hopes it will benefit and Kosem says it will.

    Ahmet asks why Handan has called him. She says I called you to say we must be one together. I called Kosem too, to end the trouble between us, but she has not come. Ahmet says but Kosem did not accept your version of the story (when she hit kosem), she says you would be able to say what it was about. Handan says of course she would deny everything. Just then Kosem arrives. Handan says we were waiting for you, finally you came. Kosem says sorry I was busy with my princes.

    Bulbul is talking to himself saying he wishes he could give the good news to his Sultana. Humashah sneaks up on him and says what news? He quickly says nothing, just that her enemies are now fighting amongst themselves. Humashah says today Zulfikar almost died. Hopefully he recovers. Bulbul says I heard, but forgive me, I wish you had left him so he could have got what he deserved. As you know he worked with Kosem against Safiye sultan. Humashah says Zulfikar is a loyal man of Ahmet, he is only doing his job. Today he mentioned Dervish's name when he was poisoned, perhaps he was behind it. Bulbul says soon we shall find out.

    Menekshe is feeding Zulfikar what looks like medicine and Cennet says what are you doing? Menekshe says she is giving something to bring him to consciousness. Cennet says don't - who knows what magic you are using on him. Menekshe says what magic would that be? Cennet says love potions! Go back, I will continue here. Menekshe mumbles as if I need magic, as she leaves.

    Handan says we are going through trying times, that is why I have called you - I want peace in my harem. Kosem says yes this is my only wish too. There is a knock and Haci enters, Handan is horrified. Kosem then says if you tell Ahmet the truth, then we will all get peace. Ahmet says what is this truth you are speaking of! Explain at once! Kosem says, my Hunkar, there is a scary truth about Dervish pasha that you must know, right my Sultana? Handan says leave me alone with my son, I want him to hear this from me.

    Solomon Efendi is speaking to Dervish saying the villa you have asked me to have built will be completed in a few months, but there is a problem. Dervish says what is it speak? Sol. tells him there is deficit in payments or something similar. He shows the records to Dervish who snorts and then shakes his head.

    Handan meanwhile is telling Ahmet with great difficulty that she knew Ahmet's turn was probably next to be executed after his older brother by his father. Ahmet says so what is the secret Kosem is speaking of? Handan says Dervish - the one who has protected you, loved you like his own child - he has committed a big sin to save your life - he poisoned your father. He had to. Ahmet says what...what are you saying mother? Handan says he had to do it my son... Ahmet is horrified.

    Dervish meanwhile says so...this is why you have complained about me left and right. Sol. Efendi says I am sorry, I am your servant, I have gotten my wealth by your grace,  I only recorded it all in the accounts in case you asked to see it..and he rips up the paper. Dervish says good and then tells him to get out of his sight.

    Kosem goes to her room and Cennet says what happened, if Handan will be punished. Kosem says she had to expose Dervish. Cennet asks if this is all she will get, and if Ahmet will not find out about her relationship with Dervish. Kosem says this much is enough. Ahmet's is already dealing with so much right now.

    Ahmet has gone to Dervish's room where he's already asleep.  He recalls a moment in his childhood where he is hiding behind a tree and Dervish finds him and says I looked everywhere and that his mother will worry, they should return. Ahmet tells Dervish he won't return and shows the broken tesbih (prayer beads) and says it is my father's favourite, he will be angry. Dervish says may I see, and then says do not worry, I can fix these and put it back in it's spot and no one will notice. Ahmet is happy. After the memory, he can't kill Dervish so he leaves. Handan meanwhile is devastated. Haci tries to comfort her.

    We hear Dervish's little speech from when Ahmet was going to see ascension ceremony. (we won't re-translate this right now).

    Kosem goes to see Ahmet in the morning. It is obvious he has not slept. Kosem says to him, I know it is difficult to be okay after knowing that, but it hurts me to see you like this. He asks how long Kosem knew about it. She says I just found out recently. I wanted Handan sultan to say it. Ahmet says but she chose to protect him. This is why she did that to you. Now I understand everything. This is why Zulfi was poisoned, Mehmet was attacked...all of this to hide it. Kosem says I could not say anything because of the incidents, but I hope it will be comforting - I am pregnant. We will have another child, we will be a big family like we have dreamed.

    Dervish is informed that Ahmet has ordered him to go to the Hunting villa.

    Meanwhile Kosem asks Ahmet if he isn't pleased by what he heard? He replies of course I am, you have lightened my soul and heart etc. Kosem says God willing we will have another son. He says or a smiling faced Sultana like you. Then he orders sweets and gold to be distributed in the harem and that everyone should hear about Kosem being pregnant.

    PART 3

    Kosem comes across Alex and she says what has happened to Zulfikar is apparent, we do not know when he will recover. Alex says he was just with him. Kosem says be with Ahmet in his absence,Alex says yes that is why I have come. Kosem says good, please keep your eyes and ears open, our Hunkar is my most precious, my everything, please protect him. Alex says do not worry, may my life be sacrificed in our Hunkar's way. Kosem tells Meliki to look forward and she says he is a very good man, I want to marry him when I grow up - erm, I mean someone like him. Kosem says grow up first.

    Ahmet tells Alex they are setting out for hunting and that he is to accompany. Meanwhile, his personal guard says I have brought the sword you asked for.

    Meanwhile,  Murat tells Mehmet Giray that it is clear the arrow did not pierce the armour. Mehmet says I knew Dervish would attack me so I took my precautions. then he asks what happened to Dervish. Murat says he doesn't know and that if something had happened they would have heard. Mehmet comments that Dervish has fallen into such a pit that the more he flails, the more he will sink, what he has done - there is no pardon for it. Murat tells him that he personally saw Dervish save Ahmet's life in the forest and that he saw how Ahmet worried over him. He adds that Dervish and Ahmet have a father-son bond. Mehmet says do you think he will pardon him? Murat says we shall see.

    Ahmet arrives and meets Dervish who says pardon my curiosity but why have you called me here? Ahmet says I wanted to get out of the palace, thought we could talk, walk, hunt a bit - you have no clue about anything do you? Dervish says forgive me I do not know what you speak of. Ahmet says Kosem is pregnant, we shall have another child. Dervish prays for the baby and says he is very pleased to hear this.

    He says to Dervish do you remember this sword? Years ago you gifted it to me. There is a flashback and a much younger Ahmet says he cannot do it (attack properly when practicing swordsmanship). Dervish gives him a nice fancy sword and then instructs him.

    Back in the present, Ahmet says I have not practiced with you in a long time - what do you say? Like old times? Dervish says it is a great honour and they begin. Ahmet is about to do what he intends but stops and suddenly walks away.

    At night, Humashah visits  the little shehzades and prays for them to grow up to be like their father. Then she says take care of them, as well as the one in your womb, because they are the future of this dynasty. The meal has been set out and the babies are taken away. Humashah asks where she came from? Cefalonya? Kosem nods and says so much time has passed...it was like a dream... I did not know what tears were, it was always spring there...I was the one and only of my mom, my father;s princess. My father died in my arms, by the order of your mother, Safiye sultan. Then with my Hunkar's permission, I sent a letter  - but my mother did not live long. My sister is the only one left, I wanted to bring her to me, but I could not find her.  I actually want a daughter this time, a Sultana with an angel face like my own sister. Humashah says whatever is for the best, may it be that.

    In the hunting camp, Ahmet says you look happy Alex. Alex says I am near the Padishah what else could I want in life? My Hunkar, let me go get some more fire wood. Dervish says you are sad because of Zulfikar and what happened to Mehmet Giray right? Ahmet says I cannot believe all the things going on around me. I do not know when this storm will pass. Dervish says if there is no winter, will spring have any value? One day winter will pass and spring will come for you.

    Handan's servant brings her something to keep her warm, but she refuses and asks where Ahmet is. Her servant says Ahmet has gone hunting and Dervish is with him. Handan says oh is that right? Then when she is alone she mumbles, my son has taken Dervish to take his life...

    Ahmet meanwhile asks Dervish, do you think I am a just ruler? Dervish says no doubt you are. Ahmet says I have tried to follow my fore fathers - but in some ways I have tried to do the opposite in regards to somethings especially some of the things my father did. I am still trying. I will never kill my sons or my brother. That night my brother was killed I thought my turn was coming. Dervish says our Lord freed you from this fate thank God. Ahmet asks him what if my father had come to my door (to take my life) what would you have done? Dervish says I would have tried to prevent him. Ahmet says my father was a Padishah dervish! If he said something was to be, it was to be obeyed, how would you prevent it? Dervish says it is true what you say, but I would have given up my life for your sake - this is the greatest honour for me. Ahmet says why Dervish? Why would you go against a Sultan's orders for a Shehzade? Where is your loyalty? Dervish says I am not only tied to you with loyalty, but also with love. Love is more powerful than loyalty. Ahmet says so then...if one day if you love one of my sons more than me...and that love to them clouds your loyalty to me? Dervish says no one knows the future, but I ask only one thing from my Lord - to die as a loyal servant to you.

    It is morning and Ahmet has returned with Haci following him into his chambers. He tells Haci to go to the tailors and have them ready the kaftan he ordered for the Divan.

    Dervish gets a trim and shave.

    Haci tells the tailor that Ahmet wants his kaftan. Haci then sees the red and comments saying oh my Lord, this is a red kaftan!

    Meanwhile, Bulbul brings a package for Elizabeth (liver and pigeons). Humashah comments that she eats nothing else right and Bulbul says yes, our sultana's cat does not chase after rats. Then he says I wrote a letter to our Sultana, asking about her health and all that. Who will take you seeing as Zulfy is still in bed rest? Hum answers that the Janissary that guards Safiye. Bulbul says Iskender.

    Haci meets Handan in the hall. She asks if Ahmet has returned. Haci says yes he has, there is a Divan. She says is there word from Dervish? He says he has returned. Handan says oh thank God, my son has forgiven him! Haci says my Sultana...forget Dervish pasha, there is no benefit from him to you..he has come to the end of the road. She says what? He shows the kaftan and says our hunkar wants to wear this when attending the Divan - it is clear he has decided, he has not pardoned Dervish.

    Humashah gives Alex Elizabeth's package and says give it to Gurbuz, it is somethings for Elizabeth from Bulbul. Then she pulls out the letter but reads it first. "Our sultana, our light, our sun, there is a miracle from God  - your son our Shehzade is alive. I have even learned who he is. Your son, our Shehzade - is the one who guards you in your tower - Iskender. Humashah rolls up the letter.

    Ahmet is being dressed in the beautiful red Kaftan. We see that dervish is also looking at himself in the mirror as he prepares for the Divan.

    Haci runs to Handan and says do not prevent - Dervish's outcome is apaprent. She says get out of my way.

    Meanwhile, Humashah goes to see her mother who greets her and they embrace. She says tell me what news have you brought from the palace. Come sit.

    Haci tells Kosem about the red kaftan and that his intentions are obvious. Kosem asks what that means. Cennet says he will execute someone in the Divan. Kosem says Dervish pasha! Haci informs her that Handan knows about it and has gone off probably to try and speak to Dervish and prevent it, probably tell Dervish to run away. Cennet says what shall we do? Kosem says, nothing. After Ahmet has given his order, no matter where he runs it is useless.

    Handan finds Dervish. He greets her and asks if something happened. She says this is my first and last - he says what this means. She says "shhh, listen to me. hear me and know that this burden is very heavy. I couldn't carry it. You...you...you are the sky. You are freedom. I am an eternally caged Sultana. My feelings are a path that has no destination ...they are a bottomless well. And know that, know that I will walk that path until the end. I, will go into that well, enter the tomb until I am forgotten.." An agha informs Dervish it is time to go. She says go now. Go now. He says my sultana.

    Dervish and Ahmet both make their way down to the Divan area. Murat and Dervish greet each other as Ahmet watches him. Dervish hasn't even seen the kaftan yet. Ahmet is announced and enters the hall. Everyone then sees the red kaftan.

    Handan enters the harem making her way to her room.

    Ahmet says Dervish Pasha! The people's complaints have reached my throne! You have taken bribes! you have collected unjustified taxes and left the poor in a difficult state! You have not paid off the cost of the jewelry that you purchased from the Jewish jeweller and you have not paid off your debts. Dervish says all this is slander, I can explain! Ahmet whispers I know everything Dervish. I know about your betrayal." Aghas! The aghas rush foward and grab Dervish who tries to move forward and says my Hunkar! let go of me (to the aghas). Then to Ahmet: I did not betray you, I would never betray you. Ahmet recalls Dervish's last wish last time saying "I want to die by your hands, not the executioners." So as he is about to be strangled, Ahmet grabs his sword (btw, this is said to be the P Prophet's sword passed to down from Sultan to Sultan, it is carried by his guards at all times, everywhere he goes, the sheath is obviously made later) and stabs him right in the heart.  And whispers "you did not just kill my father, but you killed a Padishah!

    The END

    Thank you for your patience :)

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