• Historical Letter from Fatma Sultan to her father Yavuz Sultan Selim

    note: this is NOT a painting of Fatma Sultan

    Fatma Sultan complains to her father about her husband (Antalya Sanjak Bey Mustafa Pasha) whom she wants to divorce. Her husband was later punished because there were several complaints from the people of Antalya about him) :

    "Vallahi, billahi and tallahi (An oath taken in the name of Allah), my prosperous Sultan father, I have no inner peace... 

    If you do not believe me, you may ask the Qadi (judge) of Antalya. 

    I am in a situation where I have much to endure from him (her husband); the Qadi is well aware... My prosperous Sultan, the crown of my forehead, my happiness and my sun, my Sultan. I am destitute and tearful and have been left in the hands of this rogue as his captive; I am helpless and my terrible situation would not fit onto the lines of this page... 

    For the sake of Allah and His messenger (Prophet Muhammad), please save me from this sorrow and undesirable wind (referring to her husband). 

    I will definitely meet my destruction, my prosperous Padishah... Vallahi billahi, for the sake of the soil under the feet of you, my Sultan, if a single word that I have uttered is a lie, then here is my head, and here is your sword (may my head be sacrificed). My prosperous Padishah, may my blood be spilled willingly. The imperial edict belongs to my Sultan..."

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