• Historical Letter from Yavuz Sultan Selim to Shah Ismail

    Here is a historical letter from Yavuz Sultan Selim I (Yavuz means stern) to Shah Ismail of Persia, which we have translated:

    "I had informed you of the things I am going to do to you from a few months in advance so that you may prepare yourself to stand against me, so that you do not end up saying that you were hunted unawares or say that you were not able to prepare. 

    I have not seen any action or movement from your side, despite the fact that I have openly been preparing and moving my forces openly, I have even come to the peak of Erzincan Mountain. 

    You are hiding in such a way that your presence or absence cannot be ascertained from one another. Whereas those who are on the path of the sword, shield themselves from calamities, and those who have fallen in love with being brave should not fear the arrow or the spear. 

    Only a person who does not become pale when kissing his sword may embrace the bride of government/nation. It would be a mistake to refer to someone who finds comfort in the shadows as a man. It is not suitable for one who is afraid of death to gird a sword or mount a horse. 

    If you are hiding due to the swelling numbers of my army, I have left behind forty thousand of my warriors behind, between Kayseri and Sivas. I don't think anyone can be so generous towards their enemy. As such, if you even have an ounce of honour, come and face me."

    Look out for more historical translations coming soon!

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