• Kosem Sultan Episode 3 Translation

    Anastasia awakes  and gets up from the bed.
    The head physician has come to see Ahmet. And tells the guards that they must inform Reyhan agha that he must see the Sultan at once.

    Ahmet awakens to find Anastasia is missing so he calls out her name, but Dervish arrives suddenly and telling him there is something he must know.

    Anastasia is in the corridor and enters the trap door.
    Ahmet  meanwhile has exited his room and is in a hurry to get somewhere.

    Anastasia is going through the secret halls and  she opens a door and finds a a lattice where she can see Reyhan agha enter with the physician who has come to see the Sultan.  Reyhan is saying  that if it was poison, it will be obvious very quickly in the beginning, and how can they prove it to Ahmet, and the physician  replies that  if he were to take a spoon now , nothing would happen but in 40 days it would become effective and that the person would die from this poison very slowly, and that Ahmet’s father has died from this poison slowly. Reyhan asks if he is certain and the doctor replies that he gave some of the mediciations to his dog and the dog died after 40 days.  Reyhan agha says who could dare do this? The doctor says I know
    who the traitors are and the Padishah must find out because he is next (his life is in danger).  Reyhan kills the doctor and Ana has closed the door making noise and of course guess who is behind her.

    Ahmet has gone to the tower and sees the Janissaries have marched to the door. Ahmet  asks what they want and Dervish replies if they don’t hand over the ascension gift wage, then they will burn down the palace on their heads.

    Reyhan grabs Anastasia despite her fighting him off and eventually beats her  and she hits her head and falls unconscious.

    The palace doors are not holding well and Ahmet is watching, as the janissaries shout, we want the padishah! Safiye says basically that even if you chain the dog’s neck there is no point,  the one who gives it meat, it will bite him when he doesn’t give meat. 9

    We see Reyhan in his room and the dead doctor and Anastasia at his feet.

    Ahmet says it is time to show the Janissaries their limits /teach them a lesson, and Safiye says  that the one who acts in anger will be the one who will be harmed, and that in this state of affairs, if we do not  deal with them according to palace procedures then they will burn the palace over our heads.  Ahmet says his servants would not dare do such a thing.  Safiye responds then look carefully, do you not see how angry your servants are? They did this in past as well,  did you forget? Your father gave them what they wanted and this is how he saved our lives.  Ahmet says, how could I forget they took two aghas heads  (killed 2 people) Gazanfer and osman agha.  Safiye responds that they even tried to overthrow the Padishah. So, the smart individual learns a lesson from the past – the ascension gift must be handed out immediately.  Ahmet says he wishes it were possible , but the treasury is scattered in different places right now.  Safiye says, well what is my treasury waiting around for? If you wish, I can have it distributed it once., and at that time the soldiers will calm down. Ahmet asks, what do you want in return Sultanim? She says go back on your decision to send me away and I shall open my treasury.

    The door is opened from inside and the Bostanci (palace guards) stand ready, the rioters say we do not want trouble, we want to see the Padishah and get what we are owed. Zulfikar agha tells the Palace guards to lower their swords that the matter will be handled without spilling blood right? And he looks at Ebdi agha the head of the riorters, who replies that ‘if we get what we want, then yes no blood spilling.”  The Palace guards make way and Ebdi says “march, march to the Divan I humayun!

    Meanwhile, Dervish asks Ahmet why he refused Safiye Su;tan’s offer and Ahmet says, what save the Sultanate and honour of the state by lowering my neck? No one can put conditions on me! Dervish says, I recommend that you stay calm and give the best decision.  Ahmet says my decision is obvious – send word to the other divisions, all of the rioters will die by the sword. Dervish says there is no time for that, as they are already agitated to fight, and they cannot take back control of both the Sipahis and Janissaries.

    Handan meanwhile arrives, worried about her son. Safiye says that she had opened her personal treasury for her, but he turned the matter into one of pride and refused it.

    The pashas are present. One of them shouts “ do not do this aghas, the Padishah gave his word, when the treasury from Egypt arrives, you will get your ascension throne gifts.

    The head of the sipahi rioters says that they are at the end of their patience, they want their rights.  Another pasha says, go back to your barracks, let everything be handled in peace, without blood shed. The head of the janissary rioters says “there is no return! There is no return to our barracks without getting what is our right!”  Another pasha (kapudan pasha) says, aren’t you getting it? There is nothing here yet (no money), what now, are you going to take our lives?”  The sipahi leader says, yes you understood well, many heads will roll in this square, pray that yours is not one of them! The Kapudan pasha says how dare you, you great cuckhold (spineless)! The Janissary rioter turns to the sipahi and says, our fight is not with the pashas, either the Padishah will give us our right, or he will give up the throne!”  They continue marching

    Meanwhile, Dervish tells Ahmet that they must go  turn back and go, if necessary to the Sarayburnu  (there is a way out) and Ahmet says,  what if nexessary? As in should run away? Dervish says there is another way (meaning take Safiye Sultan’s offer) but Ahmet says no, he will not do that.  Then he says, get my throne ready, I will emerge  at the Ayak Divan (the place where traditionally the people’s complaints would be heard by the Sultan.”  Stones are being thrown. Also,  Reyhan agha is preparing to throw Anastasia into the sea.

    Dervish asks Ahmet if he can meet with the rioters first. A worried Ahmet prays to God.

    Reyhan agha throws Anastasia into the water and says “tell your worries to the fish now” Anastasia is able to make a hole in the sack and she rises up, imaging her father saying my love is a miracle for you, do not give up and she reaches her hand forward and is pulled up - Golge has saved her life.

    Dervish exits through the doors and speaks and says it is Sultan Ahmet’s ferman that everyone should hear and know that the ascension gifts are going to be distributed and whoever does not believe in these words,  and continues to rebel should not doubt that there head will certainly be taken.  If they were to accept their error and return back to their barracks, then they will earn their great Padishah’s forgiveness and they will not have any action against them. “ The sipahi leader shouts saying that their patience has grown thin, all they are hearing is “today or tomorrow” and months have passed. “We want our right!”

    Ahmet peeks through a hole at what is going on outside. The Janissary riot leader (for now we’ll call him bad janissary so we don’t confuse him with the others) says the arrow has left the bow and that the Janissaries shall not return until they get their right. Just then, Zulfikar agha shouts saying, “ since when is your word the word of the Janissaries? Do you not know, our padishah Efendi is the head Janissary! Is there anything in our way of life that states we take a sword to our own brother (meaning the Sultan)?”  The soldiers respond, “no there is not!” The bad Janissary says “ someone who withholds and usurps what is rightfully ours is not from us! (Hit) Break down the doors! Either the Padishah will come out, or the Padishah shall go!“

    A religious man enters just then, and shouts “aghas!” (historically, this man was Ahmet’s mentor Sheykh whom he followed)

    The harem girls see Anastasia as Golge has brought her, and Reyhan agha is shocked seeing her.  Cennet calls for them to send word to the female doctor and to get the hospital ready to take her.

    Meanwhile, the religious man walks and people give him way calling him Sheyh Efendi. Aziz Mahmut Hudai. They lower their swords.

    The Sheyh speaks, “ turn and look around you. Did our God create this beautiful world with anger and hate? You must knock on the door with love and with respect….those who obey their Emir (leader), obeys me.  Those who go against their leader, it is as if they have gone against me, said our noble Prophet.  Our Emir, the Padishah has given you a promise, either you heed his word and go back to your barracks, or you go against him and be ruined. Zulfikar says to the Sheyh that  “it is clear that our servitude is to our Padishah, the Janissary are willing to await for the ascension gift, right aghas?” The Janissaries shout agreement.  The Sipahi leader says fine, we are willing as well, but if the promise is not kept then certainly we will be taking account.  They tall sheath their swords and turn away. Ahmet is pleased.

    Meanwhile, Handan tells Safiye that it would seem like she wanted to help Ahmet, but in reality she just wanted to make a deal with him in order to stay in the palace, but that it was useless, and soon she will go to the Palace of Tears. Safiye responds saying “oh an astrologer (fortune teller) is here (to tell me what could happen to me) but no one can know what will happen tomorrow.” Handan says : “Well, I am not telling you what could happen, but what will happen! Your era has come to an end…now my era has begun”

    Ahmet meanwhile is frustrated and says to Dervish that the soldiers march on him, rather than doing their duty and marching on revolters  and that their loyalty is nothing. Handan says things happen, but thank God you always have loyal servants like Dervish beside you to support you. Ahmet asks: “Who was that man who came suddenly?” Dervish replies that it is a respected scholar in all of Istanbul, named Aziz Mahmut Hudai.  Ahmet smiles and says God heard my prayers and sent him here…He sent him here to protect me.

    Meanwhile Cennet tells the doctor to make sure she cures her, she is precious and if something happens they’ll be in trouble. Then,  Reyhan agha enters the room.

    Safiye says that Ahmet is as stubborn and proud as a Sultan should be and also very intelligent and in his future, he will be a good ruler. ..as long as he obeys me.

    Dervish tries to kill Anastasia but in that moment Ahmet has entered so Reyhan pretends to fix her pillow and the doctor says the doctors have tried but she still has not awoken. Ahmet asks how this has happened and Dudu says that she does not know, but that Golge  hatun saved her from the water and it is apparent she had wanted to run away. Reyhan adds that an agha who did not know her has tried to punish her by throwing her in the water.  Dervish asks who that could be and Dudu adds that Golge did not see who has thrown her. Ahmet asks how does this happen while a bird cannot fly without Reyhan knowing. Reyhan says while the trouble happened with the soldiers the commotion made everything confusing. Dervish calls for Golge hatun.

    Meanwhile, Safiye is speaking to her pasha who says that  leaving Handan on one side, they must  be wary of Dervish actually because he is the one pitting Ahmet against her.  Safiye says she has neither seen Handans or Dervishes, the only thing she sees is her grandson’s treatment and disrespect of her. She gives a letter to be sent to the Grand Vizier, saying that Ahmet will listen to his words.

    Dervish is interviewing Golge and saying that she saw the man from far away getting away and that she hurried to save her. Ahmet says she will rewarded. Cennet informs Ahmet that Ana is waking up. She asks where she is and he says in the palace and that Golge saved her life. Ahmet asks her who did this to her.  She says she does not remember, I do not know what happened. Ahmet asks how she cannot remember and Dudu suggests it’s probably because of the effect of everything on her. Ahmet says, Nasya, they said you tried to run away and an agha caught you and
    Asks if this is true if she wanted to run away. She asks I do not know if this is true, but I did want to run away.  Ahmet tells everyone to get out. Dervish corners Reyhan agha outside and says I don’t know but is there something that I should I know? Reyhan says no, what could there be? He is relieved when Dervish walks away.

    Ahmet tells Ana he prays before he goes to bed and when he awakes to be able to see the sunrise again.  He keeps one eye always open and one ear on the door., an.d one hand at his dagger  And that for the first time when he was with her, he didn’t have to do these things because she was with him, her breathe her smell…that they were together all night but in the morning she was no longer there. She left. She holds his hand and he says, I find out now that you have run away, you left me and run away.

    Then Ahmet exits and tells Reyhan that she is under his protection if she tries to run away or if something happens to her he will take his head.

    At night Mustafa visits Ahmet and he is kind of scared at first . Are you afraid of me, Ahmet asks, and Mustafa says no, he is afraid of the Celats (executioners). Ahmet tells him not to be afraid it was all a bad dream and now they all woke up and it has all passed.  Then he tells him you are a brave boy.

    Cennet arrives in the harem with Ana and Mahfiruze laughs and says why did you save her from the water?  Another girl says, Cennet kalfa how did it happen? They say she ran away? Cennet says she does not remember anything.  Ana goes to Golge and says you saved me. Then she pulls Golge aside and says I remember everything. I was afraid,  I could not say it. Someone will kill me if I saw it. Not only me.  Reyhan agha enters and calls Golge and asks how Ana is and if she remembers anything.  Ana is afraid and says she is very tired.

    Shahin Giray is with Mehmet Giray saying he just saw Reyhan agha asking if they need anything. Shahin replies haha the padishah has so many worries, but he makes sure we are not forgotten to be treated well. Mehmet asks if they are invited to the palace.  Shahin says yes, we will go at an appropriate time, as you know for my delivering  Sh. Mustafa  I have a right to ask for anything.  What do you say, my brother? Are you ready to become the Han of Crimea? Mehmet says, Shahin since you were a child, your dreams were to become the Han of Crimea and now you are telling me it is my turn? To what do I owe this? Are you testing me? Or is there other things in your mind? Shahin says why would I test you, I have no doubt about your loyalty to me. Mehmet says what is greater, more important than the Hanate of Crimea? Shahin says, the world…is bigger than Crimea. Mehmet says the throne you have your eyes on is the Ottomans, it is not a possibility just a fantasy. Shahin says, what makes rulers kings is their dreams, otherwise neither would Alexander would have been  Great, nor Timurlane, nor would Suleyman have been magnificent.

    Meanwhile, Handan tells Dudu she should send a different woman every night, not just Mahfiruze so that at least one of them can give good news (of a child).  Dudu tells her not to worry. Halime then arrives and handan says I have no time, whatever you have to say, hurry and say it. Halime says that you spared my son’s life, you have gifted me the world.  Handan says Our Hunkar is the one who did it, and God willing you will know the value of this.  Halime wants to speak alone with Handan and when Dudu leaves she says “I came for this reason, since my child has been spared, I would like to show my loyalty. Handan says these are huge words for someone who tried running from the palace the other day.  Halime asks if she had done the same thing for her own son, and does she not do the same right now, saving Ahmet from every bad thing.  Handan tells her to spit out what she wants to say. Halime says we have an open enemy…Handan says Safiye Sultan, Halime nods. She says, “ with your power and my intelligence and what I know…no one would be able to stop us.  Im not trying to brag about myself, but this is the truth.“ Handan gets up and says, I won that war a long time ago, Safiye Sultan is exiled; she will be going to the palace of Tears soon. Halime asks her if she believes what she says., and that if Safiye will truly leave.  Halime says, and this is why you need me. If I know Safiye Sultan as well as I do, she will try her best to send you off as hard as you are trying to send her. Handan says,  “ You may leave.”

    Mustafa plays and finds Anastasia and says look Im going to go all the way to Vienna, and Ana says won’t you be afraid? Ana says I wish you could come with me, you can take me to my home. Mustafa says I cant take you, its prohibited.  Halime enters and as she is walking she says look who has become Valide sultan, her servant says stay away,  we got away with our lives with difficulty. Halime says, yes today we survived, but what about tomorrow? I will tell you, the birth of a Shehzade would mean death for my son.  And that means sleep is forbidden for us.

    In the market place, Mehmet Giray is in a room and meets with his love, she says she has very little time because her mother will notice her absence. Mehmet says that he wonders how he will live without seeing her. He gives her a necklace and according to Solomon Efendi the jeweler, it is jewels like  no one else has, just like you. She replies saying that the future has sadness not happiness for them. He says what could be sadder than separation from you. She says, but if our relationship is exposed, we shall lose our lives.  He puts the necklace on her and after a brief moment she says I must go. He says, I was lost in a forest, it was a great forest, I didn’t know where to go…when I would go I would find myself in the same spot, I was goin gin circles, the night enveloped me, like the whole forest was marching against me. She asked how he was saved, he says, Shahin saved me.  I thought the night would never end, that I would never find my way out, but I saw,  I saw that as dark as the night is the sun certainly will rise. She says I am not as strong as you, please stop. He kisses her hand and lets her go.  But Shahin caught him. He says the secret you are hiding has escaped, so it means Fahriye Sultan? He shakes his head.

    Anastasia is with Safiye Sultan writing a letter of thanks for a pendant she has been gifted. Anastasia asks in Italian if the letter is going to Maria de Medicci.  Safiye says that her Italian is not bad, and it is clear her family has raised her well.  They go to the terrae and Ana looks at Ahmet but he goes away.  Safiye remarks that Handan sends a different woman every night.  Safiye says, and praise to God, our grandson has taken after his grandfather, he does not send away any Cariye, so soon we shall have a new prince in our palace.  Anastasia says that Ahmet has been mad at her for days. That he doesn’t want her.  Safiye tells her she has a saying, to capture love, it is the nicest outfit, and if she wishes to run, it is the safest boat.

    Meanwhile, Alex is fiddling with the ribbon and the other guy that is from that girl we found on the way, she gave it to you right? Fine, I won’t tell you where they have taken her. Alex wants to know so the guy tells him that the guy was from the palace and they took her to the palace of the Sultan. Alex turns to his little friend and asks him, you know Istanbul, so you know which palace right? He says the biggest palace, the one of the Sultan, can you show me where it is?

    Anastasia is awoken to get ready because Ahmet awaits her. She gets ready but ishe comes across Reyhan agha who says “you will come with me.” She says, but they said the Padishah wants to see me. Reyhan says, but our Padishah is waiting in the tower for you.  She follows him,  and she sees Dervish there. She goes forward even though she afraid.  Then she finds him there, he says I broke your sleep right? He says don’t be afraid I just wanted to see you.  She says, but you are mad at me, I tried to run away, that is how it strated, I won’t lie . He opens the door and shows her the city – this is Istanbul, the other name Constantinople.  If you want we can go out, if you see it, I am certain you will love it.  If you love it, this city will become yours.  This palace will become your home.  And you? Do you love it? You are unhappy, like me. He says,the era has changed. I am the padishah, what you see and do not see  -all are mine.  I am yours too, right? Your property, a slave.  Did I hurt you, was I bad to you. She says, you dnot not understand, you do not make me sad.  You are a good person, and there are many girls here they all want you. What is important is who I want.  She says, you want them, every night one comes to your room, let me go. He says, I just want you Nasya, only you.  You are the moon faced, Padishah of my slaves, you are my precious. They watch the sunrise together.

    Meanwhile, Alex’ little friend Hassan is being bullied to wash a kaftan and he puts it in manure and the bully starts hitting him but Alex arrives and says he is your brother Davut, what did Zulfikar agha say, we are all brother.  Stay away from Hassan. Hassan says to Alex you didn’t have to help me haha, I could have saved myself.

    Meanwhile, a man named Mustafa agha has come, and he says you have to call me Hujja because I went to Hajj pilgrimage. They talk about how Egypt was and Mustafa agha says it is like heaven but I heard things happened here, but anyway, I have returned.

    Handan is speaking to Mustafa agha who says he would have brought the stars for her. And he says I am so happy to see you. Handan tells him how hard it was, the only thing left was the treasury from Egypt and now that has come. Mustafa agha says the treasury has not come.  Handan is worried.

    Ahmet asks why the treasury has not come; they say the pirates threaten the waters. Dervish asks how? Which pirates? Yavuz Ali pasha , the grand vizier, says that in the black sea they are attacking all ships, so we had to send the treasury by road. Ahmet says, how can I deliver my promise to the soldiers who just the other day, were at my door? How will I say no to them? Will they not say I tricked them?

    Meanwhile Safiye Sultan has arrived to speak to some pashas, among them the grand vizier.  She says he has been loyal and he can ask for whatever he wants. He says he is holding the treasury for a while, and whenever she chooses he will have it sent for.  The other pasha tells her there are loyal soldiers to her, and that even if the Sultan is late in payment, she has power over the soldiers, to stop them from causing real trouble. She tells them to be careful, because they will go through fire tomorrow but she will decide who burns and who doesn’t.

    Meanwhile Mustafa pasha says that the grand vizier didn’t listen when he suggested they bring along the treasury, and Dervish says it means the vizier is still loyal to Safiye Sultan just like all the other pashas. Ahmet asks about the letter Mustafa agha sent about the murder of his father and the agha says yes he was fine and all of a sudden was ill, and Ahmet comments that they should find the doctor because they haven’t heard from him for a while now. Handan says Ahmet has to worry about tomorrow because the soldiers won’t get what they want, and how will they control them? Dervish replies  that he can visit the janissary barracks and can take some precautions. Ahmet says he will go with him, he needs a breather first.

    Dervish says to Handan he can see how worried she is, she says prevent Ahmet from going to the barracks, and that from all four corners dangers are coming. Dervish says do not worry,  whoever tries will have to answer to me. She says, his strength has always given her courage.

    Halime notices about Dervish and says look at Dervish who has taken both Sultan and his mother under his sway.

    Ahmet goes to the solders barracks and they are sorry they did not prepare for his arrival they did not know he would come so suddenly, but Ahmet says I purposely came without word, the matter I wish to speak of with you is grave.

    Alex notices that the ribbon is gone and he goes crazy looking for it and then he thinks Davut has gotten it. He goes looking for him.  Davut is smiling and he has the ribbon.

    Meanwhile, Dervish says that the treasury has not come yet, and that it will come soon, and there are pirates in the black sea so for safety sake they had to reroute it for that reason and that the time has come to show their loyalty. They say they will be loyal. Meanwhile, they heal Alex telling Davut he will kill him and they start fighting in the middle of the Meydan. Alex is thrown off Davut and Zulfikar tells him to behave the Sultan is here. Ahmet says, open the sand pit I want to practice fight with the acemi. Ana sees Cennet says my name is Cennet, not Cinnet, meaning Paradise, and Ana says yes, paradise like you.  Ana says I have a letter for my parents here send this as well. Cennet says oh you think me a messenger pigeion, but she takes it. Reyhan arrives looking all creepy.

    The pit is opened and Alex is warned, be careful and know who you are against, do not lose your manners. The fighting starts and  Alex keeps falling down, but Alex sees the ribbon and then things change and he pushes the Sultan to the ground,  Ahmet slaps him. Zulfikar says forgive him, he doesn’t know the rules; he will be punished according to rules. He is taken to the kitchens and says I forgot it was the padishah in front of me. He is taken the punishment place and made to slide down into a cellar.

    Ahmet arrive sin the palace and informed about the doctor and that he has disappeared. Ahmet says , that means he was the traitor, but Safiye’s agha  Nasuh, says but  the last they heard of him, he had come to the palace to see you. Ahmet realizes that someone has killed him off. Dervish tells Nasuh to mind his own business and go back to Safiye, when he asks why they are looking for the doctor. Nasuh tells him to watch out.

    Mehmet finds Shahin in the pub and he says please lets talk finally. Shahin says  I have been thinking for days, but can’t get it. I have put my life in danger to protect you for years but you throw that away on a woman. Mehmet says, she is not just any women. Shahin says, yes that is obvious, she is a Sultana, and especially the daughter of someone who hates us (safiye). Mehmet says I know who she is, but the feelings I have for her in my heart and her feelings for me.

    Fahriye says to her servant, oh it is as if he has found a solution. Her servant jokingly says, well he’s not kidnapping you is he? Fahriye says oh, how I wish we could be far from this palace and the rules,  somewhere where life is just the two of us, I would go with him without thinking.

    Shahin tells Mehmet, do not say Amen to something impossible, the rules for the Ottoman family are obvious. While the matter is still fresh, give up on it. Mehmet says  were you not the one speaking of dreams? Well this is my dream and is as impossible as yours is.  The rules are between the Padishah’s lips..if he wishes anything can happen..right? Shahin is giggling. You have lost your mind. You are going to go ask the Padishah for a Sultana?!  Mehmet replies, not I Shahin…you will ask for her for me. You caught Sh. Mustafa and delivered him.  He will do whatever iin return, he had promised. Shahin says for a woman you will give up  on the throne of Crimea?!  Mehmet says, you don’t get it, I will give up my life for her. Shahin asks what are you waiting for, that I ask and padishah will give her?  Mehmet says, that is my only hope, to be with her it is my only hope.  Do it for me Shahin.

    Halime is walking with Mustafa agha, and says if I were you I would have stayed in Egypt in happiness as you know there is no happiness under this domes. Halime has come to visit Dervish and she says your type is out at night , but I see you are so busy you stay here, she says that I am amazed at how much Shahin giray is trusted. Dervish says yes you may say that because he is the one who caught you. She says well why did he catch me? How did he benefit from it?  Have you thought of that at all?  Dervish says, yes, lots of reasons, like sitting on the Crimean throne. As you know, our Hunkar chooses who will be the Han of Crimea.  Halime says, but I looked in those eyes (Shahin), you will not know the thoughts he has. If I were you I would find the money to distribute tomorrow (for the soldiers).  That the soldiers even wnaited this long is a miracle, as you know, they smell weakness before any one else.

    Ahmet is bathing and Ana arrives and he says stay with me tonight so  tonight I feel I am not alone in the world.  She asks what the stone is, he says it is the stone that was the first insult thrown in my face. I will hide it, otherwise humans forget…they forget what befalls them. Ana says, how sad I don’t have a stone, but I will not forget what they did to me. Ana says I saw you with Mahfiruze tonight. Ahmet says when you become Padishah I assumed you would free, but it is not like this, and this is one of the rules, that I must prove that the line of dynasty comes from me. Ana asks if he is afraid, and he says what fear, I am the Padishah, I am not afraid of anything. Ana says Ahmet, you have lots of burdens, don’t carry this as well (the stone).  In three, she says and they throw it in the water.

    In the morning, people have gathered for Ulefe day – morning prayers prayed in Aya sofya , greet the pashas and the Janissaries and men are fed and then are paid their four month wages. Cennet tells her iif they eat, all is well, f they do not put their spoons in the food to eat, then everyone knows they are unhappy and it is the sign of revolt.

    Safiye is also watching.

    Ahmet arrives for the event and Dervish says I beg you, please rethink your decision, Ahmet says I am the padishah I will not lower myself to anyone.  Ahmet is announced and takes his seat.  He says to them, my servants prior to starting everyone should know because I do not have the ascension money in hand, it will not be distributed today, but know that soon it will be here and you will have it.

    Hanan is late to watch and she is worried. Ahmet waits and then looks at Dervish. Safiye says to Handan, in order to exile me you have thrown your son in the fire.

    Dervish announces that they move forward to eat, but they do not and the sipahi says you promised us that we would get our right, but now you say its not here again! We want our right! They move forward and the sultan’s two guards move forward and even Ahmet has his sword ready.  “You traitors” he says, take all their heads! “ Zulfikar tries to stop his men but they join in so he goes through to protect the sultan, and Dervish pulls Ahmet back.

    Handan says “Sultanim, he is your grandson, the future of the Dynasty, do something, tell them to stop. Safiye says,  may he have a long life. Then she approaches Ahmet.  She says, Hunkarim, I think the time has come time for consultation. Meanwhile outside Zulfikar helps the Bostanci guards hold the men back. Kasim pasa arrives and Zulfikar tells them to calm down their ascension money is here to be distributed. The Sipahi says but you said there was no money? Did you all hear? They played with us! The announcement is made that the money is not from the royal treasury but from Safiye sultan’s personal wealth.  They shout, long live Safiye Sultan! Meanwhile, Ahmet signs the document saying that for 2,000,000 and that the document is a guarantee Safiye Sultan can stay in the palace. Ahmet puts his seal on it. Safiye says, even if it is late, everything is okay. She leaves, and Ahmet is angry says, she got what she wanted! Dervish says let her relish in her joy, but tomorrow she will awaken to a different day tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, the aghas are happy and drunk in the pub and one of them says we did a good work! The other one says yes, but how sad the Ottoman throne is left to such a padishah. The sipahi says after safiye sultan who cares about the padishah anyway? And Dervish overheard everything.

    Handan is approached by halime and Handan says you heard about hwat happened, Halime says, you wont believe me but I was saddened and I prayed for our Hunkar. Handan says, I accept your offer; it is time to put our differences aside and act together. Halime says, yes for our children. We will get rid of Safiye sultan from this palace. Then she hands a document over. This is every single person’s name who is loyal to Safiye Sultan.

    Dervish catches the sipahi leader Dervish kill shim saying oh you will insult our Padishah and draw a sword on him, and everything will just go on the same.  And he kills him. And we see the other agha is also dead.

    Meanwhile, Ana goes to Golge in the hama and says that since that day she has thought and wonders why she saved her, she tells her I know of a secret place, but then I couldn’t find my way and then I saw an agha and he killed the head doctor, the agha was Reyhan agha, he is the murderer. I don’t know what to do  help me, and Golge tells her to keep quiet. Ahmet is in his room and  Dervish arrives telling him that he took care of the two aghas who had headed the revolt and if he has any other requests and Ahmet says there was an Acemi in the barracks (Alex) what happened to him? Dervish says he will certainly get his due punishment n the barracks, his future might even be execution. Ahmet says bring him here, I will personally punish him/order it.

    Safiye wakes up and  asks for Cennet but no one is there and she looks and finds no one around , she wonders if it is armeggedon or something, and Cennet says “Sultanim, calamity, they sent every single person away.  Your aghas, your cariyes. Our Hunkar gave the order last night. Every single person has gone.

    Meanwhile, Kasim Pasha has been let go, exiled to Baghdad, and Yavuz Ali (the Grand Vizier) keeps his job, but will go as head of the army to hungary, kept away from the Capitol.  They current Sheyh ul Islam is let go and another man takes his place (the one that is smiling, I think his name is Sunullah).  Safiye hears from Nasuh  and says our nemesis has become the seyh ul Islam! Nasuh informs her of the executions of the agha and sipahi rebel leaders.  Safiye asks how did this happen. Nasuh says everything happened at night, it is Dervish’s and Haci agha’s doing. Nasuh says that her Vakf charitable works are all put on hold the excuse being it is wartime and unnecessary expenditure.  Nasuh says, it is apparent they have cut everything off. Safiye says oh they can only cut off what they see, Thank God I have many things they cannot see. She asks about whats happening with Nasuh, who says he has been appointed The beylerbey of Aleppo (sent away). Safiye is furious.

    Meanwhile, Zulfikar tells Alex to change because he will go. Alex asks where? Oh to death right? And Zulfikar says the Padishah will give the order himself. Davut is mocking him. Alex wants to say goodye to his friends. He hands one of them something and says it is from my family, my really family, you can bury it with me…

    Alex has to go.

    Ana meets Ahmet and he says they said you wanted to see me? She says you are the only one who cals me that, they call me mahpeykar, little girl,  etc. she says, but your name is beautiful.  She says her father gave her the name and that she  is afraid of death. She worried for him, and she looked down from the tower and there were thousands of soldiers and she thought they would kill her. Ahmet says I was afraid too, but not from death, because since I knew myself it was always hanging on my head, but my real fear is dying without living our my dreams…being a powerful ruler, world peace, tasting love, …dying without fulfilling these things.

    Anastasia reaches out to him, she is finally accepting his love.

    Just then, Reyhan agha arrives with blindfolded Alex.

    THE END.

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