• Kosem Sultan Episode 4 Translation

    Safiye is being told that her Vakf activities have been put on hold, the mosque she is having built has been stopped, that Dervish harassed him (in the middle of the night asking the accounts for every single penny he has donated to the Vakf. The man  his name is Yakup, is brought a seat and coffee.  Safiye asks what his reply to Dervish was, to which he replies,  I said no, but he said he will come back and if I do not give him an answer this time – Safiye stops him from speaking. The lying hypocrites, the chests that accuse us falsely,  will burn in hell.  Yakup says, yes but Sultanim, when Dervish returns again, what should I do?  He falls and has trouble breathing.

    Safiye finally says that he will like those loyal to her, or those who are traitors. Yakup says he is loyal, and he will not talk. He is given an antidote, and meets Dervish on the way who then says to Safiye’s henchman that Yakup agha is very troubled,  it’s not easy, and that how sad, in one night all the wealth is gone.  Safiye’s henchman Nasuh replies that as long as they’re heads don’t roll it’s all fine. Dervish tells him, well this is why you must be very grateful Nasuh (that you did not lose your head!) Nasuh responds “ you will call me pasha, as you know I am not the Beylerbey of Aleppo. (Beylerbey is akin to Governor) Dervish says, well then you should have left long ago, why are you still here. Nasuh responds, that yes you may have tried to distance me , but you forgot something, you have now opened the road for me to the Divan.

    Meanwhile Ahmet tells Anastasia she can go back to the harem, but as she passes and hears Alex ask where it is they have come, she recognizes his voice.  Alex is left alone with Ahmet who removes his blindfold and asks what his name is, to which Alex replies alexander and then Ahmet asks him do you know what happened? Alex nods and says yes, I have committed a grave crime, and the punishment is death.  This is what they told me. But I didn’t mean to do it. Ahmet says, but you knew it was the Padishah in front of you and you made me small in front of my subjects.  Ahmet asks for his sword-bearer to bring his sword.

    Dervish is listening to Safiye who says that she has seen many viziers, pashas and aghas come and go.  Some that were lucky died natural deaths, the unlucky ones died by tasting the swords of the Cellats (executioners), that their heads that rolled onto the cold marble were lessons to the others and then she askes what the books of history would write about him?  He replies, his loyaly..his absolute loyalty to the Padishah will be what will be written of him. Safiye respnds that if she had made a collection of the number of times she has heard this saying, she would have been able to build her own complex across from the Suleymanniye! She then offers him a serbet a type of concentrated fruit drink made from a syrup.

    She tells him to come close. Closer.  Then she says you have not had the chance to find happiness, do you not have a family (have you not married)? He says because of matters of the state he has not found time.  She says that a man without a family is like a ship with no rudder (a flat wooden part near the stern used for steering), and wherever the winds take it it will go.  That it is dangerous for someone like him especially. He says why have you called for me, what is the important matter? She says this exactly is the matter. It is very difficult to find someone to suit a well-raised and smart, brave and loyal subject like you.  But I will tell who is the best  (for you)…Fahriye Sultan.

    Meanwhile Anastasia has fallen in love and happy and when she enters the main quarters of the cariyes Cennet kalfa asks her where she has disappeared to, Ana replies she was with Ahmet. Cennet sniffs her and then says, there’s something up with you….or …were you…during the day? And Ana says nothing happened and Cennet says uhuh, it happened! And the girls around Ana start whispering.

    Handan is visitng Ahmet, sees him sweating and then sends for new clothes for him., but Ahmet says he has no need. Handan tells him that safiye called Dervish and that is  not a good sign, hopefully nothing happens to him

    Shahin watches his brother mount the hose to go (presumably to visit Fahriye) but the guards won’t open the door and Mehmet goes to  confront his brother.

    Fahriye meanwhile is worried about Mehmet because she has not heard from him in a while., her servant says well everything is  mess up right now, things are bad so he’s probably busy.

    Dervish is passing and comes across Fahriye who keeps walking.

    Mehmet asks if Shahin has prohibited him from going out. Shahin says he does it for his own good. Mehmet asks if he really cares, he should go to the palace and ask our Padishah  Efendi, on my behalf to be suitor to Fahriye Sultan.  Sha says well seeing as you are already calling him “our Padishah Efendi” if you would marry  her, you would become his loyal dog. Mehmet hits him . Shahin hits back, fight happens and Mehmet says I will go, Shahin, I will not give up, the only way you can stop me is to hit me with this arrow (hands him the arrow and bow). Shahin says I have one condition then – no more sneaky letters and secret meetings! Mehmet says well there won’t be any need anyway.  Shahin says promise me, without my permission you will not take a single step. Promise? Mehmet promises and they hug.  Mehmet is finally allowed to go out.

    Ahmet is working on a boat and Mustafa says I want a galley too, what can I do? Ahmet says okay lets  first do it on paper,

    Handan is in Dervish’s office and Handan asks why Safiye had called on him and he replies that she wants him to marry Fahriye. Handan says I am shocked at what she is doing out of desperation. You said absolutely no, right? Her intention is obvious she wants to put trouble between us.  Dervish replies have you no faith in me,  have I ever betrayed you up until now? Handan says no, but -  Dervish cuts her off and says the only person that can say no to Safiye is Ahmet.  Without his order, the marriage cannot take place.  She says, speak to him at once, let this matter come to a close quickly, it has really destroyed my mood. 

    Mustafa says, when I become Sultan I will have many galleys. This worries Ahmet but then Dervish arrives and tells Ahmet he must consult with him. Dervish asks about Ahmet’s hand and Ahmet tells him about Alex , the acemi (recruit) from the barracks he had summoned.

    In the barracks,  Zulfikar tells the recruits  about how there are two ranks, the Efendis (masters) and the subjects and in that they are the Padishah Efendi’s subjects and that this is an unchangeable reality.  That their heads will roll if they forget this even for a moment. Meanwhile little Hasan is saying that he will get Davut because it is his fault Alex died.  Zulfikar tells him to get up and that Alex paid for his own mistake, don’t blame anyone else.  But then Alex enters. How did you not die? Hasan asks. Alex recalls: Ahmet cut the ropes and told him to stand and that they will practice and Alex asked won’t you take my life? Ahmet tells him if he doesn’t put his all into it, he will take his life. Alex says, but it is forbidden, you are the Padishah, and  also, I have never used a  real sword, I am not a Janissary yet. Ahmet tells him to take the sword “I order you.” Then Ahmet takes another and then he says fight me as with as much as you have got, attack me so I can know my strength and also, my limitations.

    In real time, Safiye is meeting with Ahmet. Whoever I had around me, you sent off, is this how you treat your grandmother (your Gread Valide)  Ahmet says, this is what I saw fit. Safiye complains that just the other day she saved him from a tight spot and he says yes but you took a proof of agreement in return!  For the sole sake of staying in the palace you threatened me.  And you put me in a very difficult position in front of my subjects. You should thank God that you are my grandmother and that I respect your age, otherwise the consequences would have been much more severe.  She responds saying that people have put hatred of her in him and that it is obvious who did this. Handan and Dervish.  Ahmet says but I thought you really liked Dervish, so much that you saw him fit to marry your daughter, or is that also a play in your game? Safiye says no, this is a way to make peace between us, something to patch together our relationship. I had no other intention!  Ahmet says, the peace is over, you finished it, and now you may go!

    Meanwhile, Halime is up to something and when her servants asks what those candles are for, Halime says they are my enemies, and we see candles with  names on them and she reads each one, places them in  a box.  Then she swears that when the candles will burn, then bend and deform and then finish and be nothing!  Her servant says, but there is one left (that says Halime), I could not read what it says.  Halime says it is mine, my nefs ( baser self , ego, desires, greed etc.) All these years fighting enemies, a wolf has been born in my heart and I haven’t even noticed! Arrogance became a veil over my eyes and I didn’t see and it sent my sh. Mahmut to his death.  This flame is eternal, it will not be put out until my enemies burn in the same fire.

    Handan arrives to see Halime. Handan tells her that she does not know how it happened, but Safiye has attacked in an unexpected way/place again. I wish we had something close to her who would tell us everything.

    Meanwhile, Anastasia is serving Safiye a drink and then struggles and then Cennet arrives and Safiye says where did you go leaving me in the hands of a child. Cennet says they said to prepare a cariye for the Hunkar and that’s what she was busy with. Ana asks who, which cariye? Cennet tells her to be quiet, then adds,  that she saw Handan just now, in Halime Sultan’s room again.  Safiye remarks that Handan and Halime have come together against her. Safiye tells Ana to get some medicine ready for her, because her head aches. Cennet says she’ll do it. Cennet tells Ana to go to Cennet’s room and get the laundry to take to the laundry-room. Ana asks who the cariye is, is it mahfiruze, but Cennet scolds her to get going.  Meanwhile, Handan is given a chamomile syrup,  a calming drink.  Handan tells Halime about safiye asking Dervish to marry Fahriye. Halime remarks this is exactly something Safiye would do, and Halime says she thought Handan trusted Dervish fully. Handan replies if she didn’t would she entrust her son’s life to him?  Halime says in that case, be rest assured. Dervish is a man of honour, he would not betray you. They sit and  Halime says that Fahriye is good and agreeable though she’s widowed three times and (I can’t hear this next word, but basically that’s what I got from this). Handan says let us talk about what we must do. Halime drinks from the syrup and then says , first we must trust each other, and then getting to the matter,  if he were to become a royal groom , then he would wield great power. He would rapidly become a vizier, he would enter the great Divan and power and wealthy would follow him.  Handan says, and in this way we would become powerful. Halime says, yes, but this power and wealth has made many a man turn his eyes and lose his intelligence (reason). But Dervish would not fall into such a mistake.  He won’t but, we must also not take Fahriye Sultan lightly – as you know the greatest weapon is in her hands, for at the end of the night, he will go into her bed at night.

    Anastasia goes to Cennet’s room and drops stuff and then finds letters. They are the ones she has written and Cennet has lied to her about sending them, and this makes her angry.

    In the laundry room Cennet tells the ladies to wash well because Safiye is not in the mood and they better not make a single error.  Anastasia arrives angry, calling her a liar and says why did you lie, I believed you, you said you had sent them! Cennet says, you shouldn’t have believed me then like an idiot, letters are prohibited here! Prohibited! Ana: there are other prohibitions too, but you do them!  Cennet threates to push her head into boiling water, “if you say a single word, I will burn you and no one will want to look at your face!  Ana says I hate you, hate you! Cennet says “use your brains, how could I have sent those letters? And anyway, what are your troubles to me? Go to hell! Go!”

    Cennet tells the woman to keep washing!

    Anastasia cries and goes to see Ahmet. She tells the guards, I am Nasya, send word to the Sultan, he will see me. The guard says impossible hatun, go back to the harem, it is prohibited! She says, it is not forbidden, the Padishah will be very angry with you!  Just then, Dudu arrives with one of the cariye girls; saying what are you doing here, go back to the harem at once! Ana pretends to turn around but then runs in when the doors open.  Dudu says forgive me, she just came inside in a moment, I could not stop her.  He tells Dudu to leave. Then he says my jasmine flower, Anastasia, what is wrong? What are these? They sit down and she says from the day I came I wrote letters for my family, I gave them to Cennet kalfa, she said she sent them, but she lied,  she did not send them at all. I wanted them to know I was alive, they pray for me, but now, there is no hope. So much time has passed. They probably think I am dead, and that I forgot about them. Ahmet says, do you still want to go back? Ana: With all my heart. She says this is all I want. The only thing I want. Please Ahmet, give permission that I may go.  He pulls his hand away.  I can understand if you wanted letters sent to your family, but you want much more than that.  You want me to send you. You want to run away and be saved from me.  Why did you kiss me Nasya? When I never forced you too? While you were not obliged to? Why? Ana says, I do not know. He says “you may leave” and turns his back.  She is about to leave and then she rushes to the balcony threatening to throw herself down. Ahmet tells her not to do it. But she turns around and throws the letters.  Her voice sayng to her mother and father, mamma papa, you said every night has a day and then goes on to say she is heeding their advice, recalling the sweet memories, and that certainly this darkness will end and for them not to forget her, no matter what. And not to lose hope…

    She exits and then hears a voice behind her. It is nasuh, the man who brought her here saying that he thought she would not last/live long here since she was quite rebellious.  She grabs the torch and says it is your fault I am here, you kidnapped me! Reyhan wonders if she has gone mad.  She says I will kill you one day and you will regret kidnapping me and he replies, no, one day YOU shall thank me and pray for me that I have brought you here, that is if you are intelligent and listen.  Reyhan tells her return to the harem and just then Dervish arrives and Nasuh says that he will be leaving tomorrow so he has come to bid farewell to the Sultan, but dervish says oh he is not going to receive you now, and Nasuh reponds well you’re being arrogant from now, seeing that you might become groom!  He then adds you know what cuts off the necks of damaats in this palace (i.e. it can be dangerous thing too) and Derish says do not worry, I am not as eager to don this (play with this kind of power) as you are (i.e. I am not as eager for power as you are).

    Dervish enters Ahmet’s chambers and tells him he has brought news that Kasim pasha has remained in Bursa, ignoring the order to go to Baghdad and worse, has oppressed the people charging an unlawful tax for himself ( I don’t get how a pasha could do that and not know what his punishment would be haha). Ahmet replies, send soldiers I want his head immediately. Dervish replies that when the send soldiers, he would get word of it and run off, Ahmet asks Dervish what his advice is, and Dervish replies that if he (Kasim pasha) were to find out he had been ordered back to his old job as grand vizier by order of the Sultan, then he’d come with his own two feet. 

    Meanwhile Shahin is writing and Reyhan agha arrives.  Shahin tells him, are you sure Reyhan agha? Are you sure no one knows our secret? Good, send this to the Celali Kara Syed? I want the Kalendars to work together with us.

    Meanwhile, Dervish is with Halime who says if I were in your position, I would accept without thinking. Dervish replies that Handan does not think the same.  Halime says, no one thinks like me. Safiye Sultan knows you won’t accept.  Halime says oh you are going to accept aren’t you? You will run after Safiye like her kitty Elizabeth does, because you know that no matter how long the fight is, in the end, Safiye Sultan will win.  Dervish says that he is a soldier and that the first thing he learned in the barracks was that no one is forever undefeatable. 

    Halime’s servant asks her later if she thinks Dervish will accept safiyes offer. Halime says she does not know, his eyes are bright like fire, but dark like the night – I can swear he has something hidden.  The servant says well, Fahriye must be soo happy when she hears this, after all those old Pashas…

    Then, Safiye  and Handan come across each other with their entourages outside and Hanan remarks how they haven’t seen her since she had locked herself up in her rooms for long and Safiye says she has come to get some fresh air with her grandson. Mustafa says he wants to horseback ride, but Safiye tells him no your teachers are waiting, do not neglect your studies, work hard and grow up well , so that if the Dynasty needs you, you are ready, and Handan says, the Dynasty is not without someone, may God protect our Sultan Ahmet. I heard about your offer to dervish, and you even brought this little snake to get in between us! Anastasia shouts that she is not a snake! The agha shouts for her to shut up and Safiye says if you think that your most trusted man will betray you, and if you think your son  is going to turn his back on all the hatuns that are around him , then you have already lost this fight long ago.  Then the aghas argue, bulbul tells haci agha that he should first be human  then haci as in learn to be a man first.

    Fahriye is in her room and halime arrives, Fah asks for Mustafa, but Halime says she is  with his tutors then comments on Fahriye’s beauty,  hoping she’ll get happiness and says you are lucky, hopefully this marriage will – Fahriye jumps up and says which marriage? What are you saying? Halime says, oh it means you didn’t know, everyone is talking about your nikkah with Dervish. I did not even think you had not heard. Fahriye is upset by this.

    Anastasia returns to the harem and the girl who didn’t get to go to the Sultan accuses Ana of doing it purposely, and Ana replies no she did not do it purposely.  The girl grabs her but Dudu arrives and asks what is going on, and she says, this girl prevented me from becoming gozde. And Dudu says you cannot complain, whoever our hunkar sees fit, whoever he wishes to see, we may not question it. That Mahpeykar will be staying upstairs and Cennet says it was obvious , pack up your things and go up.

    Mahfiruze is told she has a roommate now and Dennet says I do not want to see any arguments. Mahfiruze says tell the doctor to check me if I am pregnant or not again, and Cennet makes fun of her saying well ask this one to check for you . Meanwhile, Shaiste looks like she wants revenge. Mahfiruze asks Ana why the Sultan wants her even, if she has done some magic on him and Ana jokingly responds yes, that’s what I did and I am a magician so stay away from me! Shaiste says oh so they brought you her to be with you and mahfiruze says don’t ask, and she dared to stop you at the door and go to the Hunkar’s arms. Isn’t it sad for her? Why did you do such a treacherous thing? Shaiste says what happened, I thought you didn’t want him? What happened? You did this to me  and Ana says, Sultan Ahmet wants me. Mahfiruze locks the door as the other girl gets sissors and she says I will make you regret being born. Ana screams for golge.

    Meanwhile, Ahmet is in the Divan and the new Divan members are present. Later, Giray brothers are congratulating the Sheyh on his post and the sheyh says that what they feared has not happened (inexperienced sultan) and that  the Sultan is smart and courageous.

    Fahriye says she is worried about Mehmet if he should do something crazy if he finds out. Shahin comments that the Dervish is close to the Sultan and that  he keeps only him close and turns his back to all others., that the Dervish must have forgotten where he has come from.  Reyhan says it is hard to say which way Dervish will turn seeing as he may become the groom, by marrying Fahriye sultan this is what is being said all over.  There is a knock at the door and the girl closes the door saying what have I done? We are in trouble! Mahfiruze says, you are in trouble, not me. They  will kill me, Shaieste says and begs please help me, Mahfiruze says don’t get me involved. I saw nothing, I did not hear anything. You deal with it alone.

    Dudu talks to Haci agha and they see the girl all bloodied and shouts at her, may God not curse you! Run Haci! She tells the kalfas to put her in prison. 

    Ahmet meanwhile is brought three reis heads of the Celali rebellions.

    Meanwhile in the barracks they see a man being brought all tied up. Upstairs in the barracks the men talk about how Alex got away after what he did. Then the word is brought that a man with feathers, called Dellis (delidevran, part of the army, forward soldiers from a special unit that look scary and are meant to scare the enemy in battle with their appearance and reputation as being mad men, which they are not) who have brought a man with them, who apparently fled battle.  He says I brought him here otherwise I would have killed him myself. It is a Janissary who  has run from the battlefield. He is scolded that a Janissary gives his life, but does not leave his brothers on the field and run away and he is ordered executed as per the rules of their code.

    Dervish tells Safiye that to become her damat, would be a great honour for him, and he accepts with much happiness, her offer, however, would she accept a groom like him? As this is what he is not certain about. Safiye remarks that it sounds as if he will put some condition on her or something, and that this shows that he is either far braver than the others far more foolish.  He chuckles and tells her what is the thing which stands between brave and stupid, he says that he not only is loyal to the sultan, but is tied to him through brotherly love as well and Safiye says, well hopefully you will shower the same love on my daughter. 

    Meanwhile, Golge arrives in the main quarters of the harem and looks around for Ana, not finding her she is told she is upstairs and she has fallen (is hurt). Golge finds Ana all beaten up and tearful and she begs Golge to help her run away from this place.

    Handan is being told about what happened by Dudu who also adds that the Hunkar must be told, but Handan says no, do not involve him in these stupid small matters, and that she got what she deserved anyway. Dudu says, but our hunkar really cares for her (Ana) if he wants to see her, what shall we do? I cannot hide it, forgive me.  Handan says fine, she’ll take care of it.

    Ahmet meanwhile orders rewards for the heads of the Celali men.

    Meanwhile, the punishment for leaving the field is being carried out in the barracks meydan.  The man says I ran away, and I’d run away again – the pashas are lying to you and are treacherous. We are in trouble. Zulfikar says no, the fight is in our favour, Sinan pasha sent three of their heads today! The guy says, and you believed it! Those men don’t even have anything to do with it, the pashas are lying (and they are in on it) and the Celalis are coming….they are coming in a terrible way!

    Handan arrives, Dervish tells her her son is resting, she says she will come again, but that she wants to know of his response to Safiye Sultan when he gives it, and that she is curious what way he will word his refusal to her. Dervish says he gave his response and Handan is relieved thinking he said no, and says what did she do? Did she go mad with anger? He replies, I will marry Fahriye Sultan. This is the right thing to do. She is dumbfounded. Who is this right for? You or for us? Sad. You stuck a knife in our back the moment you got the chance! He replies, that everyone’s eyes are on him, he has so many enemies, they all look with hatred at him, if he becomes groom of the family, he will be able to put those looks to rest and protect the Sultan better this way. Handan is not impressed. How will you do this (protect the Sultan) while being with Fahriye sultan and who knows how- enjoying yourselves in who knows what palace!?

    Then Haci arrives and asks if everything is okay in the harem. Then he says Zulfikar from the barracks has sent this letter secretly, says its very important.

    At night, Ahmet arrives secretly to the barracks. He sees the head propped up and asks Zulfikar how he knows he was telling the truth? Zulfi says well he was going to death so why would he lie? Zulfikar says they can take a few men and try to see the truth with their own eyes. Ahmet says no, you are need here, and besides, there are traitors amongst us. In my palace! Around me! Closest to me! Perhaps I look into their faces every day! They enter the barracks and Alex looks down wondering what is going on. Ahmet notices him.

    Shahin meanwhile tells an agha that he is leaving the Capitol for a while and the agha asks if the palace knows (he is a guard) and Shahin pays him some coins sayng and they won’t find out. And then he notices Mehmet grumpy in the corner and says, here is one more reason to the hate the sons of Osman (Ottomans), anyway I had just gone there to show you that. Why, did you think I would give up? Shahin says no, but I wanted you to see something:  That we have no other friends except our own shadows.

    Safiye speaks to Fahriye saying for so long now you are unhappy after all the sadness you have lived through, you are most worthy of some happiness.  Fahriye says, but mother – Safiye interrupts saying Dervish agha – his future is brght. He is brave and he will make you happy I have no doubt. Fah says she will not be happy, I even hear from it from Halime…before this too you chose my husbands…the first time I was only sixteen…and he died on my wedding night in my bed. The other was removed from his duties and I divorced him.  And the other was killed in front of my eyes. When these things happened did you ever think of my happiness? Safiye tells her to come to her senses, she is Safiye Sultan’s daughter, and only the stupid seek happiness in their spouses! If they are smart, they marry for what a person brings to the table.

    Mehmet says to shahin that Sultan Ahmet is not their enemy and that he should not be burderned with the mistakes of his fathers and grandfathers and that he has not harmed them in anyway. Then Shahin says yes, but then why are we still being kept here? Why are there guards? We can do whatever we want, but minus one thing – we cannot go without permission, we cannot send letters without permission, cannot carry weapons without permission, of course unless he bribe aghas secretly.  Is this how friends are? Mehmet asks what can they do then? They are powerful, we are not. Shahin says that if he wants Fahriye the only thing he can do is fight.  Fight while they are weak.

    Golge arrives to see the Sultan, but she is told she cannot. Haci asks what she wants, and then suddenly Ahmet arrives. Gogle says something and Ahmet asks what is she trying to say.

    Then Ahmet has come to the harem.  He enters the harem angrily.  He goes to Ana’s rooms and finds her there she says go,  leave me alone. She is crying and he says it is me, she turns around and he sees her face. Don’t look at me, she says. Do not, Please go, do not look at me. He wipes her tears and kisses her wounds. He asks who has done this.

    Mmeanwhile, Safiye is  with Halime who says I am very happy, Fahriye will be smiling finally.  Safiye says so you are now friendly with handan and she says, well it is important to be nice to the Valide. Safiye says, you have made me smile so may God make you smile.  This is a gift to you, it is a stone which is superstitiously believed to ward off the evil eye and when the time comes you can put it on the Hunkar’s newborn son.  Maybe then, Sh. Mustafa can be saved from  fate, that awaits him.

    The door to the dungeon is opened and Golge is there, she is dragged
    , she shouts out that Mahfiruze is also guilty but Mahfiruze says no, I was down here, everyone is witness.  Sheista is brought and she says I am sorry, I listend to Satan. Ahmet takes Ana’s hand and goes towards the girl on the floor and says to Ana the command is yours , if you wish she will be thrown back to the dungeon, if you wish she will be expelled from the palace, if you wish I will take her life right here.  The girls are waiting nervously in the harem, especially mahfiruze who knows she might get in trouble too.

    Bulbul says Cennet you couldn’t control these girls and the girl was under her care! She replies I have too much work, look after our sultana or babysit the little girl! Then golge arrives and Shiesta  is with her.

    Ahmet asks her Ana why she forgave her, after all the bad she did to her, while she could take revenge on her. She says that she looks very ugly and scary and he shouldn’t look at her. He says that when he saw her he knew she  is very beautiful and that she just showed the greatness of her heart.  She says it was not Shiesta’s fault the things that happened to her. He says is it me? My fault all these things happen to you.  Ana says my father says that fate is  fate, no matter how much you run away, you cannot run from fate. He says, our fate is tied Nasya, nothing is coincidental. She says, I do not know about that.

    She goes to the harem and everyone is in awe, she won’t hide her face. Cennet is proud of her J 

    She enters her room and finds Golge there, who nods. She says you will help me to run away?!

    Ahmet meanwhile has summoned the aghas haci and reyhan. He says are you not my eyes and ears in the harem Reyhan agha? I left my favourite in your protection. I said that if something happened to her, I would take it out on you right!? He begs saying but I didn’t, and lies and says Cennet and Bulbul stopped him from helping and Ahmet says if Golge hadn’t told him he would not have even heard! Then he says haci agha how dare you be quiet about it! Reyhan says that he wanted to tell, but Valide sultan had ordered Haci agha to tell them all to keep silent! Ahmet asks if it is true, and Haci says she didn’t want you concerned with such matters. Ahmet is furious and is going to his mother.

    Handan is wondering what is going on and he says you told them to hide what happened to Nasya and she said why would I hide it, I waited to see you and tell you. Ahmet says I know you do not like her - only because she was Safiye sultan’s gift to me.  You had thrown her in the dungeon before too. Who knows what other torture you have put her through. But this is the last time. Anastasia is my most precious treasure! The whole world is one thing, she is another! Everyone should know this and take their steps accordingly! Haci says he has not done anything, but it is Reyhan’s fault, he threw them in harm to save himself and Reyhan says how could I lie to the Sultan, I saved my life with difficulty? Handan tells them to leave her alone.

    Time passes little Mustafa plays with his  paper boat while Fahriye watches and Dervish arrives. He says I have never spoken to you, after the discussion of marriage for preparations – she cuts him off and says I want nothing! Our engagement, and marriage, when they will take place and how, where our palace will be, I do not care about any of them!  Then Mustafa says, but my boat is left in the water….she says well make another , look at what I’ve got ready for you. He notices she is upset. Her servant comes and gives her a letter. She hurriedly opens it and Mehmet has written a poem saying is a butterfly able to escape the fire? The sercant says please do not! Fahriye says I must see him if for the last time.  She drops the letter and and hands her money saying give these to the aghas at the gates for their silence.  Mustafa says she is beautiful she says to him, you return to your moms room I have some work to do. He looks at the letter…

    Halime’s daughter asks her mother when she will get married and her mother says it is too early, and when the time comes hopefully our Lord will allow us to see it. Mustafa is playing with a boat and his sister says he’ll dirty the water then takes out the paper boat and Halime notices there is writing on it.  She tells her daughter to go to her brother and reads the letter and calls her servant saying no one believes me, our Fahriye sultan has a secret lover, and it is our enemy Shahin’s brother Mehmet Giray.

    Ana says she does not to run away today, just to see the way out. Golge takes her through corridors and tunnels and they come across a door. She asks how it will open, Golge says she cannot, it has to be opened from the other side, there is some rustling and it is Shieste. Anastasia asks her what she is doing here. She says I know you want to run away, but don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I ow my life to you. Let me help you!

    Zulfikar tells Alex he will not to go the market, because he is sent for to go to the palace by the Hunkar and that from now on he is close to the Sultan and that hopefully he will not only do this for his own future but also for the future of the Janissaries.

    Meanwhile Kasim pasha has been brought and  the Sultan is listening to their mumblings. Ahmet says get this traitor, Kasum says but how, you are going back on your word! Ahmet says you went back on your oaths and betrayed, so now I am going back on my order to reinstate you.

    Kasim pasha is executed and then Ahmet appoints another pasha in his place and also replaces Sinan pasha (the one who had sent the three Celali heads in a box).  Then he appoints Dervish as the Admiral of the army.

     Halime says to Handan, well now that Dervish is in the Divan because of his new appointment as Admiral, then there is no need for him to marry Fahriye, Handan says how can we prevent it? Halime says leave that to me.  We see Halime’s servant sneaking away to put the letter from Mehmet Giray to Fahriye on a desk.

    Meanwhile, Halime congratulates Dervish and also adds that if he also becomes the groom of the household by marrying Fhariye  no one will be able to stand against him, that he will rule the state. Dervish says, only the sultan rules the state, I am merely a loyal servant. Halime says yes, but I am saying that power is dangerous – every rank, every position will make you closer to wealth and power – but also bring you closer to death!

    Her servant tells Halime that she is wondering about Fahriyes face – she has no clue about the letter and she has gone to meet her lover. Halime says it will be the last meeting because in a moment, Mehmet’s head will roll and Shahin Giray will learn what it means to lose a brother.

    Dervish finds the letter on his desk, and is shocked.

    Meanwhile, an old man walks asks for water from Shahin, who gives it to him but the man is a trap and they attack Shahin. And realizes it is the Celalis who have captured him, before he is knocked out. When he comes too, he is in their tent, and Kara Sayit says I told you we would meet again.  Shahin says take me to your leader. Kara says, as you order son of Han. The leader says oh you are shocked? We don’t have masters and subjects, we don’t have kissing of robes and bowing.  We are equal. But if you wish to kiss my robe, go ahead.

    Fahriye is going to meet Mehmet and he hurries her in and he says he thought he would never see her again and she says she thought the same and she lost hope, he says you are here now, I am here too, and forget the rest. While we have not given up on each other no one can not take away our happiness, then just Dervish walks in.

    Halime is burning candles and talking to her son about his path to the throne.

    Shahin tells the leader of Celali that they should become one and march on the Capitol they laugh at him saying yeah we’re ready. Then, Shahin names some powerful people he has orderly contacted and who have agreed to help them. The leader says that if they march on the Capitol all the army will gather around the sultan. Shahin says if they find a padishah to gather around. Shahin says, leave them to me. If we agree to work together, both of them (ahmet and Mustafa) will be dealt with. The leader says, now lets come to the real question: what is your benefit from this? Shahin says, I will get on the throne! They all start laughing.

    Ana looks at her face and her chopped off hair and Cennet arrives and gives her a bundle and says what are you waiting for open it and then mumbles and leaes. Anastasia looks at herself then opens the bundle. And finds her favourite flowers – Jasmine and she smiles.

    Alex waits for the Sultan in the secret room and Ana has gone there to meet Ahmet only to find Alex there! She rushes to him and wonders! Then we see ahmet walking down the corridor! Alex asks what they did to her. Ana says that she has come back from death so many times.  He says he wanted to find her but they said it was impossible, he thought he would never see her again. She says, well you see me now, I am here, alive. There is little time left, I will run away go from here, then she notices the ribbon on his arm. You will help me! You will open the door from the other side! Ahmet comes and sees them talking.

    THE END.

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