• Season 2 MYK The Conqueror of Baghdad Murad IV First teaser translation

    Voice: There are always traitors inside the state and the sultanate. Some have allied with the enemies for personal gain, some to share in power, some to bring the downfall of the state, and have betrayed the State. Undoubtedly, power gives birth to Pharoahs, however, do not forget that with every Pharoah that is born, a Moses is also born at the same time. The issue at hand is this, which one will you become?

    Murad: I am the Padishah of the seven regions, the Caliph of this world, Sultan Murad Khan. I make an oath in front of Exalted Allah and in front of you, my servants, that I will once again start up the epoch of conquest, I will put an end to strong-armed men, defeatism, as well as bribery and will once again establish tranquility in the lands, and will lead this nation with justice and spread the flag of Islam by fighting all of the forces on this earth.

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