• Kosem, Episode 30, Season Finale Translation

    Please note, I may give characters names like the terrible, the traitor, the horrid,  please don't mind me I  just expect I might get angry at them :)

    Kosem holding the rope that Osman was strangled with and Osman's voice saying:

    "Look at the condition of this world, yesterday morning I was the Padishah of the world, now I am weak. While there was no limit to the land and wealth I owned, now I do not have the power for even a cap worth ten pennies. Have mercy, learn from what happened to me, you will not remain (forever) in their world (either)."


    Mansur the traitor Janissary agha enters Osman's room and someone says Sultan Osman has run away! Meanwhile Zulfikar says my Hunkar let us go through the harem. Humashah says they would have seized there too. Zulfy says let us pray they haven't! Because we have no other way to go!

    Mansur says it will be not that easy! March on!

    Meanwhile, Kosem says to Halime, years ago, you had held my princes captive years ago, and we know how that ended. While there is a way out, turn back from this mistake Halime. I will not spare your life this time.  Halime says if there is anyone to spare lives, that is I. Accept it, you are not in a position to threaten us. Dilruba says there will be those who will prevent my brother taking the throne. Especially the religious scholars and the soldiers. You Kosem, will speak to them. You will convince all of them.

    Zulfikar tells the aghas (and the cariyes) to get inside the harem main hall and lock the doors to the harem hall. Then they continue on and come to the harem exit. Where they see Ali agha.

    Kosem says sh. Mustafa's condition is apparent. Even if I speak with them, they will not accept. Dilruba says they will accept, if you want, they accept anything. Halime says understand already Kosem, you cannot prevent Mustafa taking the throne - however, you can prevent blood from spilling. We want for us to come to an agreement, for everything to be handled in peace. Kosem says years ago we also had an agreement - you had sworn to it. When you put your son on the throne, then you  tried to kill my children and you exiled me. Why should I trust you? Halime says you have no choice Kosem, you are forced to. You have time until tomorrow. If you have wisdom you will do as we say. Kosem says if you harm my princes, I will destroy the world over your heads! Even if Sultan Osman should stay on the throne, I will still not accept (your proposal)! Dilruba says Sultan Osman will not get out from this treason alive. Kosem says you have become more mad than your brother! In which era did anyone ever see the Janissary/subject killing a Padishah of the world?! Dilruba says there is always a first Kosem.

    Zulfikar tells Ali agha's men, aghas, lower your swords, kneel and pledge yourselves to our Hunkar. Ali agha says my Hunkar, I am your subject Ali agha from the Agha Kapisi (The place where the highest ranking members of the Janissary aghas stay) (and by the way, historically, this Ali agha was the one who tried to help Osman) As you know, we have had unpleasant meetings in the past, however, our cause is never against you. You can trust me and my men. May our lives be sacrificed in your cause." They kneel before him. Osman says things have become messy, it is hard to discern who is friend from foe. Humashah asks what they will do. Osman says he will go to the port and take a boat or ship to Bursa there is no other way. Ali agha says this is very dangerous, everything is in the hands of the rebels not even a Caique (A type of small Ottoman boat) can pass safely. Zulfikar says what should we do? We have no time? Where will we go? Ali agha says if you accept, I have a safe place. Mansur the traitor and his men exit but are too late. "They have escaped!" one of them says.

    Dilruba is with her mother and says we must get rid of the shehzades while we have the opportunity, no one will give any regard to a Sultana who has no princes. Halime says do not speak without knowing Dilruba. We do not know what will happen with Sultan Osman, we are forced to make an agreement with Kosem.  Dilruba says then who will stop Kosem after? Do you think she will have mercy on us after she reunites with her princes? Halime says who says she will reunite with her sons? We will be patient, we will wait....Mustafa...oh how much I miss him! It has been years since I last saw him.

    Mansur tells Davut that Osman has escaped. And Davut says what are you saying? How did he escape? Mansur says there are still people who are acknowledge him (as the Sultan), they have successfully helped him escape. Mustafa says send word the naval fleet to bring my ships at once, and we will escape from here at once, we will go far away - Osman will not find us.

    Haci tells Kosem that Ohirli Huseyin pasha and Halil look for the shehzades, but unfortunately up until now there is no sign of them. Kosem says it is the worst to have to sit here hands tied and not be able to do anything! Ayshe says maybe it is time to accept Halime's offer. Kosem says do you think I did not think and consider all this already? But how can I trust them, when have they ever kept their words? Ayshe says then what will happen to my brother?

    Meanwhile, Osman safe and sound for now, says to Humashah, what kind of oppression is this my Sultana? My Janissary subjects have attempted to kill me! They forced me to run away from my palace! Humashah says it is obvious who has done this, it is the work of that Kosem sultan you have called Valide for years.  Zulfikar says Kosem sultan would never try to kill our Hunkar no matter what.

    Cennet enters and tells Kosem that Ali agha has sent word from the barracks that Osman managed to escape from the rebels hands within an inch of his life, and has left the palace. Kosem says where is he now? Cennet says our Hunkar has sought protection within the agha kapisi (The Janissary Aghas quarters).

    Mustafa enters where his mother waits and she notices he doesn't recognize her. Dilruba says I could not tell you, but as the years passed his condition has worsened, he does not recognize any of us. She says no, no never, my Mustafa knows me, my son knows me, he could never forget. She keeps saying it is me, your mother until Mustafa remembers her.

    Osman says to Zulfikar good you are with me, when Kosem enters. Osman says my Sultana what are you doing here? Humashah says with what face do you enter here?! How can you betray our family? How can you be so low? Kosem says I have not betrayed our family, I will never. Do not confuse me with others. Now leave me with our Hunkar. Humashah says never! Osman tells Humashah motions for Humashah to leave.

    Dilruba tells Davut this is not good. God knows where Sultan Osman is, what will we do Davut? He say we will find him..but until then we need to take your mother and brother to the barracks. SHe says what need? They should stay with us. Davut says Mansur agha and the sixty-fifth division have taken care of everything. They will be safer there. What does Kosem say? Dilruba says she will think about it, she has time until tomorrow. My mother does not want to harm the princes for fear of Kosem's wrath, but I do not agree with her. They should all die.

    Mustafa is taken to the barracks. Halime tells him not to worry, no one will harm him here. Mansur greets them and Mustafa smiles. Davut asks if there is news from Osman and Mansur says no, he has disappeared. Halime says do whatever to find him, we must find him before Kosem  does.  At that time, we will be in a stronger position, and she will be forced to accept the deal with us. Mansur says that they need the scholars especially on their side for Mustafa's rule.

    Kosem is with Osman and says do you know why your late brother Mehmed treated you with enmity? Because he believed I loved you more than I loved him. I did not treat my children differently of course, I loved each of them. But I am not going to hide what God knows about me - Mehmet was right, I loved you much more than all of them! Will a mother be an enemy to the one who kills her child? Of course she will, it is her right. But, what will she do should the one who killed her child also be her child? Who should she become enemy to? Who does she take revenge from? How does her heart be cooled? Osman says you....you could weep, but I could not...I could not mourn or cry for him. I could not forgive myself, I did it! I killed my brother. Kosem says I forgave you my son, you must forgive yourself. He says mother.! And they hug. (there must be something in my eye sniff, sniff).

    Lala Omer is paying someone for a boat ride away and asks if it is ready and he says let us go at once. But before that, when  a Janissary says oh Lala Omer, we were looking everywhere for you.

    Davut tells the religious scholars that Mustafa was forcibly removed from the throne and he is now getting what is his right and he wants, starting with Esad Efendi, for all on the religious council to accept him. Esad says this is impossible, a Padishah who is mentally ill , no good came from him, nor can any good come from him! And we have a Padishah currently who we acknowledge - Sultan Osman Han. The other says yes, he is right, Sultan Osman is our Hunkar. Davut the terrible says Sultan Mustafa will get on the throne. This is the best for everyone, and if the scholars should accept this soon, it will be good.

    Osman says I will go first to Bursa, I will renew order in my forefather's city. Kosem says God Willing there will be no need for that. First the Janissaries must be subdued. Then -
    Humashah interrupts and says are not all the Janissaries under your command? Order them, so they can retreat. Kosem says this is a rebellion no one can stop. They have forced people to stay in their homes, not allowing anyone to venture out. Osman says what shall we do then my Sultana, show a way. Kosem says this is the Agha Kapisi, according to the custom, they must protect one who seeks refuge here. Then she says Zulfikar speak to Ali agha to speak to the elders of the Janissary aghas. Zulfikar says I will go with him, I know the elders of the barracks, they are old friends, my companions. Osman nods.

    Akile asks where Osman is. Her father says I wish I knew, the way things are going...is very bad. The soldiers and people's anger is great. I do not know how our Hunkar will get out of this storm.

    Davut the terrible  tells Dilruba that her mother and brother are safe but that they must find Osman and that he still has supporters, especially Esad Efendi. Dilruba says if anythng he is Osman's father in law. And agha tells them that they have caught Omer. Davut says bring him in and says to Omer, Sultan Osman's devil, Omer Efendi, tell me, where is that traitor Padishah. Omer says I have no idea, he was in the palace last I saw, I ran away long before. Davut says I know how to make you speak. Dilruba says don't bother, let him be torn apart by the crowds. Omer says I swear I do not know where he is, but I can find him! I can find him!

    Cennet asks how Osman is and Kosem says he is about more calm since I went to see him. Cennet asks for some soup for Kosem. Koem says we sent Ali agha and Zulfikar to the barracks, hopefully they can be successful, so this turbulence and discord can be done and over with, otherwise I do not know what will happen. Cennet says you have escaped many troubles victorious, I witnessed many of those times, you will bury this trouble as well.

    Zulfikar says my conpanions, many of you know me, I opened my eyes in this barracks, was raised here, for many years, I was at the head of the Acemis (the trainees) many of our warriors came from (being raised and trained) in my hands. The elder agha says we know you well my pasha. Where is our Hunkar, what word have you brought us? Zulfikar says the capitol is  in ruins. Know this, this rebellion can no longer bring anyone any good. I have spoken to our Hunkar, he is willing to forget all that has happened. Ali agha says as a gesture of good will, he is willing to grant every Janissary fifty gold coins each. Mansur the horrible says does Sultan Osman think he can trick us with gifts? Can there be a Padishah who runs away from the palace and hides? Zulfikar says MANSUR AGHA, as if it wasn't enough to join the rebels, or being lowly and forcing entry into the Sultan's private quarters - how dare you speak!? Mansur the terrible says there will certainly be a price to pay for making the Janissaries suffer. You have come needlessly, our Padishah is sultan Mustafa. One of the elder aghas says know your place Mansur, while we are speaking you have no right to speak! And does it befall you to speak about who is Padishah? Zulfikar says our Hunkar, Sultan Osman is very sad about everything that happened. Ali agha says and he has accepted and granted our demands, if you have any other petitions to make, those will also be taken into consideration. The head elder says to Zulfikar you can come tomorrow, as you know we have gone through a lot of insults,  we want to first talk among ourselves. Zulfikar says that is fine, think it over, speak with each other, but we can all agree that no one wants a mad Sultan to rule over them. The elder agha says go tell our Hunkar that he should keep his heart light, we certainly do not want anything bad.

    Haci comments that there is no news from Bulbul. Cennet says he has gone after the princes...but God knows the (rebels) might have long done away with him. Haci says sigh, I do not know who to be sad for first. I will go see to my Sultana. Cennet gets a note from Omer saying I know you are mad, I did not do anything wrong, I am waiting for you in the market, do not tell anyone.

    Kilindir is told that Sultan Mustafa has ordered the princes deaths. Kilindir asks if Davut knows about it and he is told yes, he was with him when he gave the order. Bulbul watches horrified from the bushes where he has been for days?!

    Cennet meets Omer and says you scoundrel, how could you do it? Omer says listen to me first. She says why should I listen to you? You left our Hunkar alone an dran away.  He says what should I have done, stayed in the palace and ended up like Dilaver and Suleyman agha? And whatever I did, I did for our Hunkar's own goodness. Where is he? Tell me? Cennet says what goodness is this? He says I have arranged a boat for him to go to Bursa. Cennet says no need, our Kosem sultana has arranged for everything. He says can you trust her? Let us go on our way , (tell me). She says why are you so insistent? Are you trying to get stuff out of me? Speak? Then she notices the men and Dilruba and says you scoundrel you! Dilruba says Cennet, Kosem's loyal servant.

    Kilindir the horrible is planning to light the cabin the princes are being held in on fire.  Beyazid asks Murad, what are they going to do to us brother? Murad says nothing, nothing at all my brother. And then he tries to get himself loose from the rope around his wrists. Bulbul tries to hit Kilindir but another man strikes him on the head and he passes out. Kilindir says where did he come from?! Go check around for any others. Inside the cabin the boys have difficulty breathing, they say will we die brother? and Murad calls out for his mother.

    Kosem hears his cries in her dreams. she wakes with a start, Oh God please protect them!  Ayshe wonders what happened, Kosem tells her she heard Murad's voice asking for help. Ayshe says please do something mother, Ibrahim is too young! Kosem says I will do, don't worry. Go to the girls, they shouldn't be alone.

    Cennet grabs Lala and says you scoundrel dog! What kind of rat are you that you hand over your own wife! Dilruba says when there is death on the line there is nothing someone won't do...no matter what, the the body (being alive) is sweet. If you love your life you will say where Osman is. Cennet says I do not know, but Kosem is as close to you as your breath. She will burn each of you one by one like a fire. Dilruba says don't tire us Cennet. Cennet says ' you can kill me, but you will not get a single word out of me.'

    Akile asks her father if there is any news. Esad Efendi says Osman has sought protection with the Janissary aghas. Akile says she will go see him. He says no, it is terrible out there, and it will do more harm than good. We will wait, Kosem Sultana will find a way.

    Meanwhile, Dilruba says you won;t speak? Cennet says I won't! Dilruba says whatever go get what you deserve.  Cennet goes away and Dilruba shouts people, catch this traitor, she is Hoca Omer Efendi's wife, she is one of the one's who provoked and influenced Sultan Osman, catch her do not let her go without punishment! Poor Cennet!

    Osman awakens from a nightmare where he remembers Mehmet being strangled and saying he hopes that his life and sultanate are ruined. Meleksema gets him water and he tells her that he saw his brother in his dream - that Mehmet cursed him before he died. Meleksema says throw those things from your mind, I am with you, Zulfikar is with you, and Kosem sultana is with you too. Tomorrow a new day will be born and this darkness will find an end.

    In the morning Zulfikar tells Osman that the elder higher ranking aghas of the Janissaries are not happy at all with this situation and that aside from some lowly ones, the others all listened to his words, and that he does not doubt the elders will pledge themselves once again to him. He says we have prepared the coins you are bestowing on them. Osman says he wishes he had listened to him instead of Omer. He says you warned me many times but I did not listen. I insisted on changing the order of the barracks. I did not know I brought upon myself such a trouble. Zulfikar says there is a good that comes out of every evil - we were able to know find out who was true and who was enemy.

    Huseyin pasha tells Kosem that they are searching everywhere but haven't found the princes, but that it is consoling that there is no news either, meaning no bad news. She replies that it is getting worse as time goes and what will they do, have to bow to Halime ? Huseyin says while Osman is with us, they cannot dare to harm our shehzades. Kosem says I was with him yesterday, he is very remoreseful for what he did, let the past stay in the past, I am now with him. Got to him (to Osman) and protect him with your life! Huseyin says the order and command is our mighty Sultanas. Haci enters and tells her that they found Cennets body - the rebels had beaten her badly 'torn her to shreds'

    Humashah says to Zulfy go auspiciously, return the same ( be safe). I do not have much hope, but hopefully if that Kosem you trust so much is right, then things will settle down. He says I do not know if one day your pain and anger will subside and you will be able to forgive me, but know that I will await that day until my last breath.

    Mansur says time is going against us. Soon Ali agha and Zulfikar will be here and if winds turn to their favour, then everything will be over. Davut says then take the reigns Mansur (i.e. do something to change it)

    Halime asks if they found Osman, Dilruba says no, and that Cennet did not speak but 'she got what she deserved of course' Halime says what does that mean? Dilruba says we threw her to the rebels, when they found out she was Omer's wife, they did not have mercy on her. Halime says do not do things bigger than you! I am trying to have an understanding with Kosem and is this something to be done?! Dilruba says our path with Kosem has separated forever  - when it is known that we killed her sons, she will hate us. Halime says what?!!!! What have you done Dilruba?! Dilruba says I did what was right, Kosem is not a sultana, she is not mother to a prince, let this matter finish and I will personally sell her in the slave market ( what?!?!?!?!?! Dilruba is horrible!) Her mother raises her hand to slap her, instead shouts - KOsem is right, you have lost your mind! Arrogance, anger, pride, ambitions - has it made you this blind!? Sultan Osman is with Kosem! When she hears what you did, she will put Osman back on the throne! Dilruba says she doesn't have to hear about it...let us leave her to think her sons are alive..let us get what she wants and then we will deal with her.

    Haci tells Kosem that Cennet had gotten a letter ( one of the aghas told him) but he does not know who it was from or what it was about.

    Zulfikar and Ali agha arrive and are greeted. Zulfikar says I hope you have made a good decision. The elder agha says we do not know right or wrong, but we met and we made a decision - we accept our Hunkar's promise, for the order of the state - we end the rebellion. Mansur the stupid says do not fall for the trick! Sultan Osman is the enemy of the Janissaries, how can we trust his words? The elder says whose word should we trust then? The crazy Padishah? Mansur says that mad Padishah you call, has sought refuge in our barracks. But Sultan Osman has yet to even face us! Ali agha says our Hunkar is not scared or hiding from anyone, he has sought protection of the aghas kapisi (Head Janissary quarters. And he will never go back on his promises! Mansur says ohhhh so he sought refuge with the aghas eh? Zulfikar says and for this reason, everyone must believe his words - as the Head Janissary (the Janissaries considered the Sultan to be their "head Janissary") he has come to seek protection with his companions! Mansur the stupid says you do not worry, our justice will come from our swords/he will get our justice from our swords. Then both Ali agha and Zulfikar are stabbed and brought down to the ground. Poor Zulfy! As Zulfy falls and takes off his turban, we hear some of his speech he gave in the first episode to the young Janissary recruits " there are two kind of people in this world, the Janissaries and those who are not Janissaries. This is the Janissary barracks! This is your family! Your home, your family, your mother and father - are all within these doors. Your home is now this barracks and your family are your brothers and companions around you! Davut you terrible monster! The elders say what the heck are you doing Mansur agha, how dare you kill our Hunkar's messengers?! This is open betrayal! This is in complete disobedience to the laws of the barracks! Stupid Mansur says the one who broke the laws of the janissary barracks is Sultan Osman do not forget what he did to us! He was always punishing us harshly! Now he suddenly considers us his "companions'? We, the sixty fifth division are with Sultan Mustafa, those with us, come with us, we are going to the Agha Kapisi - go get Sultan Osman's head! (these guys needed one big lion roar from Sultan Suleyman right about now!)

    Halime says to Dilruba...Zulfikar gave years to the barracks...and his end was once again in the barracks. Dilruba, cruel as she is, says do not feel bad for them, they did not feel sorry for my brother, we will not feel sorry for them. Let us be rid of Osman, and no one else can stop us. Halime says we have come on a road of no return...

    Davut says to Huseyin we have come to get Sultan Osman, get out of our way. Huseyin says is this something done? Our Padishah has sought refuge with you! It is on you to be real men (and honour it!). Do not allow this insult for our Padishah! They stab the men and Humashah says oh God please help us as she watches the men enter the door. She rushes to Osman and says we have to get out at once, but Davut enters the room with his traitors. He calls him Osman Celebi (this title often used to refer to in older eras, as prince, but no longer in use - later came to be used for a gentleman/or kind of like mister, used for people of nobility etc. here, is is used as an insult. To call a Padishah like they would call anyone else, mister) Osman says you cursed man, who are you to call a Padishah 'celebi'?! Mansur the horrible, says your Sultanate is over Osman Celebi! We are taking you to the barracks you will pledge allegiance to Sultan Mustafa! Humashah says stay back you traitorous dog! (CLAP) First your heads, then that of your mad Mustafa's need to be hit! Davut motions to Mansur who grabs Humashah and Meleksema and the guards grab Osman and take him away. Humashah says you traitorous dogs! Osman says am I not your Padishah? Let me go! Humashah says let go, traitorous dogs! We will cut all your heads off! You scoundrel dogs!

    People shout at Osman and Davut says strip this one! He is not our Sultan anymore! Osman says aghas stop, what are you doing? I am your Padishah!

    (people shout let him get his punishment, the traitor, get him,) We hear Osman says stop you fools. Stop. Osman says you killed an innocent! He was always trying to guide me, had I listened to him, this would not have happened! Davut says take this one. (He doesn't even use him, he says this ugh!)

    The people are terrible to Osman, I can't describe it, they pelt everything they can get their hands on at him, yell, shout, torture him poor kid, he's just a kid! Davut motions to one of them, who grabs a mule and we hear shouts "don't show mercy!" and they tie up Osman's hands wrists and put him on the mule. Poor Osman is thoroughly traumatized.

    One of the Janissary aghas informs Kosem about what happened int he barracks and says it is the doing of the sixty fifth division, and there was nothing we could do to intervene and help - unfortunately, they murdered Zulfikar and Ali agha. Haci says may they be in heaven. Then the man says the situation is very bad, they found out Osman's location - they got him out from the agha kapisi and on the way, tortured him with all forms of insults and are going to take him to pledge allegiance in the barracks to Sh. Mustafa.

    Osman's is being tormented with insults and things thrown at him. Kilindir crushes his legs and says Osman Celebi this is what happens when you mess with the Janissaries. Osman says am I not your Padishah? What is this you are doing to me/punishing me with?

    Akile is about to run to Osman but Humashah stops her saying you can't go the people have gone wild, we can't know what they will do. Akile says how can they dare to do this, let us go save him! Humashah says Akile, we will do what is needed of course. Go back to your father's place and protect your son. Go now!

    Kosem enters the barracks and sees Zulfikar's body. She sees Halime and Dilruba.

    The people are terrible. Osman asks for water. He is close to passing out. Kilindir says "get water for the poor wretch" but of course he doesn't let Osman drink it. And the stupid crowd laughs. Osman says you cruel, disbelievers! You see some water as too much eh? Sure you do not fear me, but do you not fear God at all?! My poor Osman :'(

    Kosem says I have heard you have ordered to bring Osman, and he has been taken from the agha kapisi, while being insulted in every way! Halime says everyone gets what they deserve. Kosem says the everyone you speak of is member of the House of Osman! A Padishah of the world! You have opened such a path that when the subjects do the same to your own child what will you say?! Dulruba says was not my brother Padishah as well, you had him ordered locked up without batting an eyelash! Kosem says I have always been merciful, he has never been oppressed in anyway! I am seeing I have made a mistake! I should have killed you all that day! Halime says mercy eh? who are you to have mercy on a padishah , your arrogance have sent everyone to calamity. Dilruba says you threw the first rock, you wanted to Osman off the throne. Halime says if you want Osman and your other sons to live, you will go at once and speak to the religious council - they will pledge to Mustafa at once. Dilruba says what are you thinking about still? Accept  already!

    Poor Osman is brought inside, taken off the mule and he looks around him at his disloyal, traitorous subjects. Kosem hears from above and shouts Osmaannn! She rushes down get out, what have you done to your Hunkar! He is your Hunkar! What have you done to your Hunkar!?

    He says mother, everything is over...She says nothing is finished, my men will protect you. Until it is over, you will stay here, I will protect you okay? Osman says mother, mother. She says you need to stand tall. Stand up my Osman. She says to the trusted agha, take your Hunkar to the Orta Mosque, he will be safe there, no one can touch him there. Come now Osman, Osman then sees Zulfikar and Ali agha. Kosem shouts stay with him personally. Kosem shouts NO ONE will touch your Hunkar!!! Humashah arrives tries to get in , agha says you cannot go hatun. Esad Efendi says are you alright? She says how can I be okay? Do you not see they have destroyed the world on us?

    Poor Osman is taken inside the Mosque, and the agha says we will bring food and water for you, you rest.

    The Janissary elder says we are not okay with anything that has happened, and whoever was behind it all, will certainly get their punishment. Esad says this is open tyranny! The sin of this is on everyone (who took part!) Davut says we cannot figure out who did it either, myself and Mansur tried our best to stop it. Stupid Mansur says true, the people were very angry, we could not prevent them. Halil says you low born ones, who do you think you are fooling! Kosem says what has happened has happened. We need to see what happens from now on. For the sake of the stability of the state, we need to have the new padishah enthronement ceremony. Esad says new? Kosem says from now on Sultan Mustafa Han is our new padishah, whatever the traditions are, they should be followed.

    Humashah goes to Kosem and Meleksema asks what they will do with Osman, you promised to protect him. Kosem says be at ease, they cannot harm him further. Humashah asks for Zulfikar, where is he? Kosem motions and Humashah sees his body being carried out.

    In the barracks, Mustafa is brought out. Halime says be calm my son, they are your subjects. Musafa is smiling ear to ear.

    Poor Osman finally gets water. He can hear the shouts of long live Sultan Mustafa...

    Halime raises her hand and says let everyone know that our Hunkar has appointed Davut pasha as grand vizier. Davut, may your new duty be for the best. Mustafa climbs and says my lions, my brave soldiers! If you want me, I want you too! Mother - give the coins hurry! Davut says get down my Hunkar. Mustafa says mother if you don't they will kill us. Davut says get down! He says mother they will kill us. She says come with me, no one will kill you they are all your subjects!

    One of them says all that was missing was a mad Padishah! Mansur's equally terrible friend says shut up! He is not mad, he is has reached enlightenment (he is a mystic).

    Davut says what is going on, are we going to give medicine? sit with our hands tied? We need to do something, it can't continue like this. Dilruba says you deal with Osman. We need to get rid of him before Kosem finds out about her children so that there can be no one left but my brother.

    Kosem prays to God. Oh Creator of the heavens and earth, the Master of wealth, sultanate and all that exists, my Lord who is Most Mighty, protect my sons. Do not let me feel the pain of losing a child again.

    Humashah bids her deceased husband farewell. She says I have forgiven you Zulfikar. Find happiness. She forgives him of everything. Hicran kalfa says we need to take him now my Sultana.

    There is a call to prayer and they wonder for which funeral. The elder says have they killed Sultan Osman?! There is commotion and Davut says what is going on? The elder says whose prayer call is this? We have accepted Sultan Mustafa but not an attack on Sultan Osman's life! We do not accept that any harm should come to him! Davut says aghas you must be in shock becauseof the incidents...today is Friday..it is Friday call to prayer. Sh. Osman is fine inside (the barracks Mosque). They shout, show him to us! Davut says Haseki Mehmet, get our Shehzade out so they can see.

    Haci gets out and shows Kosem the place where her sons were being kept. She rushes inside.

    Poor Osman is brought out and Davut says you saw him, he is fine. Shehzade Osman is alive. Suddenly, Mustafa enters, saying long live Sultan Osman! Aghas? Where are my boats? At least bring a sword, or a caique! Mother? mother!

    Osman says aghas, see what Padishah you have put to lead you. This will become the reason for the collapse of the state, and be what extinguishes your corps! You would not stop regretting until judgment day for this! Turn back from this mistake! Mansur says we do not accept you as Padishah. The elder says, but we do not accept his murder! The rest of the aghas agree, they do not want Osman killed. Osman says if you do not want to kill me, let me be locked up in Sultan Mustafa's room! If I have been harsh with you unknowingly, forgive me! Look at my condition! Yesterday morning I was Padishah of the world! Now I am left weak! While there was no limit to the land and wealth I owned, now I do not have the power for even a cap worth ten pennies. Which subjects of a Padishah have betrayed a Padishah this way?!"

    Mansur says no forgiveness Osman celebi, this is the outcome for someone who does this to us."

    Aww Haseki Mehmet agha hands his cap to Osman saying it is clean, put it on your blessed head, may it not remain naked. :'(

    Osman says to the rest of them "Have mercy, learn from what happened to me, you will not remain in this world (forever) either."

    Kosem collapses and Haci says my Sultana I know it is hard, but you have another son, you need to get on your feet..otherwise the traitors will kill him too. Sultanim, first we should save Osman, then the traitors turn will come. Halime, Dilruba, Davut we will take revenge from each of them.
    For Sultan Osman sake, you must get on your feet.

    Davut enters the Mosque with his minions ready to kill Osman. Davut says Osman Celebi you are in my hands now. Osman says you scoundrel Davut! Aghas don't come near me. Stay away! Stay away!

    Akile says what will happen to our Hunkar they won't kill him right? He says I do not know, I am not sure of anything now. All we can do is pray. Humashah has come says I have come to take the prince - we will all go - in order to be safe. Esad says you are right,  we cannot know what these traitors will do.

    Osman shouts and the aghas hear and enter and stand between him and Osman's men. One of them says what are you doing? If anything happens to Sultan Osman, all those soldiers will kill you all. Osman says you traitorous dog! In place of executing you TWICE I pardoned you! I allowed you in my Divan and made you pasha! Is this how you repay me?! Davut says Mustafa has ordered it! Kilindir! Osman says do not leave me alone (to the good aghas) they will kill me. THe agha says do not worry, when things settle, you are once again our Padishah! Halime enters and says why is he still alive? Davut says the aghas prevent it. Halime says do you not know he is a snake. someone who does not have mercy on his brother, will he have mercy on us? Should he leave here alive, he won't let any of us live. Davut. The good aghas say do not force us - if necessary we will spill blood but not deliver our Hunkar to you!

    Halime and Davut return and Dilruba says is it finished did he die? Davut says the Janissaries won't allow and if we do it, things will get worse. Halime says see what you have caused with your actions? Now Kosem will return and put Osman on the throne! Davut says there is no return. We should take Mustafa to the palace and take him out for the ceremony. Dilruba says how, the medicine doesn't even work anymore, he is getting worse. Dilruba says then we will tie him!

    Kosem says they killed them becaue of me, I could not protect them. Haci says it is not your fault, how could you have prevented it. She says I could have gone and gotten them out of that palace before. Now they would be with me safe and sound. The carriage stops, and Bulbul surprises them.

    Mustafa is tied in the carriage and the crazy crowd cheers and they throw coins at them.

    Halime says look Mustafa, your subjects pray for you. They celebrate your ascension. The day is our day my son.

    Bulbul says I am sorry, I could only hide our shehzades. She says are they alive?! He says yes I got there just in time. We see a flashback of him saving them. Kosem hugs him and says God be pleased with you! Where are they now? He says I hid them in a safe house in the market. Haci hugs him, he says enough, haci says it just came from inside me to hug you and I did

    We see Humashah and Akile sneaking away and some men behind them.

    Halime says Mustafa it is over, thank God we completed the ceremony. Dilruba says your name was pronounced in the Mosques. You are now the ruler. Mustafa says get all this off, I don't want it! She says this hurts me more than you, but it won't last, I will get new medicine ready for you, you will recover.

    Bulbul says if it was not for Cennet, who knows what they would have done to our shehzades. Haci says they killed Cennet, she paid for her life for that Omer's crimes.

    Kosem says I will see my shehzades, and then straight to the barracks, so Halime doesn't make use of my absence. Bulbul asks what happened why Osman is there.

    Davut says Sultan Mustafa is the padishah now and he orders Osman to be locked in Yedikule. THE Elder says how do we know his life won;t be in danger there? How can we trust you? Mansur says he's not going to stay in the mosque permanently let us take him to Yedikule and then see the condition and do what is necessary. The elder says from what I hear you even tried to kill him in the Mosque. Davut says I promise, as Grand Vizier. He will not be killed. Moreover, if it makes you feel better, some from yourselves can come along with us.

    Davut says Osman celebi, be thankful our Hunkar had mercy on you. You are going to the Yedikule. Osman says I am not moving until my mother arrives. Davut says she cannot benefit you - she is busy burying your brothers. Osman asks where his mother is, why she has not come. The good Jnissary says I do not know, but do not worry, we will always be with you. Osman is put on carriage and more shouts at him from the people. Davut tells the aghas that they cannot come along with them, and the agha says but we are ordered to escort you! Davut says I am the grand vizier standing in front of you, I have changed my deicsion. We are going alone.

    Meleksema shouts to Osman and tries to run to him.

    Kosem's sons can hear the commotion and they wonder what is, Murad says I do not know, let me check you stay here. He looks out a window and sees everything, horrified. One of janissaries says may worse happen to you Osman celebi, no one can dare to take the rights of the Janissaries, o Sultan Osman there is a God above you! His friend says they are taking him to Yedikule, will they imprison him? they say he will not get out alive

    Humashah has Osman's sons and Akile put on a boat.

    Kosem is reunited with her princes. Murad says mother, I saw our Hunkar brother...they are taking him towards Yedikule, what will they do to him? Will they kill him? Kosem says oh no, we must go at once. She orders Bulbul to take her sons to the old palace. She says Bulbul will stay with you, I need to go to your brother Osman.

    Humashah is with Akile and her sons when the men following her enter. She says do not come close. They take the princes away. Akile shouts give my babies to me!

    Kosem's princes are reunited with their sisters and she asks how they are. Murad says we are well, I protected them, but our Hunkar brother is not well at all. They are taking him to Yedikule. If mother doesn't reach...Bulbul says she will God willing, reach in time. You do not be sad.

    Davut says you have come to the end of your road. Osman says I pray that you do not die before you suffer the torture you have committed (onto others)!

    Kosem recalls feeding little Osman herself. She prays for God to protect him. Go faster! She shouts.

    Davut says kneel Osman celebi. Osman says you accursed one, I who am a Padishah, I shall never bow to a lowly traitor like you! Osman beats down the men one by one...

    Kosem arrives rushing to save Osman.

    Osman struggles and Kosem runs through the prison searching for him.

    Kilindir manages to strangle poor Osman. Kosem is still searching for him. Davut is a monster that is all I can say.

    Kosem sees the bloody handkerchief. You will drown in the blood you spilled Davut! She says.

    Kosem finds her son's body.

    We hear Osman's voice, reciting a poem (that is an actual historical poem written for him by the way) I am trying to translate as much of the poem as I can, to the best of my ability, and  in a way to keep it's rhythm, I hope the grammar ends up acceptable:

    "A mighty glorious Shah,  Shah of the world - they murdered,
    Being a zealous, young lion,  Shah of the world -they murdered."

    Davut presents Osman's ear to Halime and Dilruba.

    The poem continues:

    A brave solider, a Han,  a Shah of the world - they murdered.
    With the name Osman Han,  Shah of the world - they murdered.  
    While having power to rule, overlooked the order of Hakk,
    While prepared to go to Hajj,  Shah of the world - they murdered.  
    My Lungs filled with blood. One - then my grief became ten,
    The people of knowledge wept blood, a Shah of the world - they murdered. 

    Kosem goes to the tomb and Eycan says thanks to Bulbul our princes are safe. God has saved them for us. Haci says the actions have been taken against the traitors...as per your orders, everyone will suffer their punishment.

    Davut says I did what I promised to, I got your brother on the throne. Finally the days we waited for are here. She says I did not doubt you for a moment, I took strength from you in my hardest ways. The things you did for my brother are so precious...he says I only did it for you, I would burn the world for you. They hear noises and aghas enter saying. Davut Pasha, you are accused of murdering Sultan Osman without the order of the Padishah. Get him! Dilruba says wait, I order you, who have you gotten this order from! Who has given this order?! The agha says it is our Hunkar's order. Sultan Mustafa's order!

    Halil says the men and soldiers are ready, one order from her, Mustafa will be removed from the throne and SH. Murad will be put on it. Kosem says the price of that will be heavy - because they murdered Osman for it. The throne has his blood on it, while it is is like this I will not put my Murad on the that throne (i.e. I need to avenge him first).

    Dilruba enters and says help, the Janissaries will kill Davut, they faked a ferman and will kill him, please help! Halime says I wrote it as regent. She says what are you saying? Davut put his life in danger for Mustafa! How can you take him out of your favour. Halime says you know that I did whatever I could to protect him, but it is until now, the accusations upon us are great, if we do not sacrifice someone, we will all go and die. Dilruba says I beg you please, I cannot live without him. Halime says it is too late Dilruba. Too late.

    Davut is taken in the same manner he took Osman, to Yedikule prison.

    Kosem is there and he says what an honour to see you here. She says to him, do you remember this rope? It still has my son's blood on it. You and Dilruba will pay for your crimes. Davut says will you kill me with your own hands? She says Davut celebi, would I ever put my hands near your dirty self?! She orders the loyal agha to kill him slowly, she says I want him to suffer so much that he begs for death. Bye bye Davut!

    Bulbul tells Humashah I wish you would not leave. She says there is no reason for me to stay any longer. I lost all my loved ones. My mother, Iskender, Zulfikar. There is nothing but painful memories for me here. If you wish you come with me. Bulbul says forgive me I cannot. She says you will stay with Kosem right?

    Kosem is being prepared. Bulbul tells her we are ready to present Sh. Murad. He also presents the ring to her. Hurrem's ring. And she puts it on.

    The Janissaries are punishing all those who were involved in the rebellion. Kilindir and Mansur are told that their deaths will not be so easy (as the other men) and that "I have brought Kosem Sultana's greetings to you."

    In Yedikule Davut is being punished in the same way that he treated Osman.

    Lala Omer is being fitted for some clothing when someone enters and says I have brought Kosem's sultana's greetings to you and kills him,

    Dilruba is walking in the harem and a cariye says my Sultana? Kosem Sultan sends her greetings and kills her.

    Kosem walks towards a smiling, handsome little Murad. They walk together.

    Halime is with her son eating when she feels strange. The servant girl brings a tray with the poison on vial on it, and says I have brought Kosem Sultanas greetings. Halime realizes that she has been poisoned. Her son can;t do anything and she dies.

    Kosem tells Murad, the future is ours my lion. Do not be afraid. You cannot be without going through fire, freezing through snow, through the storm, etc. I will always be by your side my Murad.

    The gates are opened and Osman and Kosem walk forward and little Handsome Murad looks down upon his subjects.

    The people shout Long live Kosem Sultan, long live Sultan Murad!

    THE END.

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    4. That episode was very painful , full of sorrow. It reminded the death of sh.Mustafa the son of Sultan Suleiman. On his death seen I felt the pain in my heart but when I imagine death of young sultan osman. Then I realized my heart had become lifeless. Oh the cruel people did not leave Imaam Hussain then how could they leave Sultan osman.

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