Alexandra is waiting to enter the Sultan's room, but Sumbul is worried because Mahidevran’s servant, Gulshah is standing at the door. Sumbul says we are going back, but Alexandra says “the Sultan is waiting for me, I am going,” But Sumbul says, look Mahidevran Sultan has come! We must go back. Alexandra is angry and storms off and Sumbul gets angry with her insolence, but she just storms off and starts running until the aghas catch her.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is surprised and disappointed that it is not Alexandra who has entered, but he does not show it to Mahidevran, who is so happy to see him.

    Meanwhile, Alexandra is pushed back into the harem and she angrily goes to sit on her bed. Maria asks her what happened and all the girls get up and start making fun of her for being sent back. Alexandra is angry and then Nigar comes and tells them to be silent and go to sleep. They have a pillow fight afterwards.

     Meanwhile, Mahidevran tells the Sultan that she has missed him so much that her heart is coming out of its place. She puts his hand on her heart and tells him to listen. She says that she cannot tell her brain or heart anything...she is like a nervous child...She is happy, but Suleyman looks distracted...Meanwhile, the cariyes and Alexandra have made a mess. Back in the Sultan’s room, Suleyman looks lost in thought. Mahi tells him that Mustafa misses him greatly. She says I tell him that “you are the Sultan, you are ruling the world, you are so busy...but he does not listen to me.” Suleyman gets up and goes to his desk. Mahidevran looks at him troubled by his silence, when she spots a ring on his desk. She picks it up and smiles, Suleyman plucks it out of her hand and tells her that it is not finished...Mahidevran says it is finished, my Hunkar! And it is magnificent! Suleyman replies “ I said it is not finished, Sultanim” and he says there is a lot of work and it is not worthy of her with mistakes...She smiles. He tells her to go to her room and that he will work through the night and she should not leave Mustafa alone. Mahi is troubled by this and notices his change. She says “as you wish” and bows and leaves...he does not even look up at her, until she is leaving.

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim is asleep when an agha comes to wake him and he gets up in a fervour with his dagger in his hand, the Sultan has summoned him so he goes to the Sultan’s room and sees Mahi leaving sadly and he is worried....The Sultan says are you not my Hasoda Basi? he is angry with Ibrahim for why Mahi came instead of Alexandra. The Sultan says he turned around and saw Mahidevran waiting for him. He says whoever dares to put their orders on him (the Sultan), then he will ask the answer from Ibrahim. Then he says you may leave.

    Later in the morning, Valide Sultan sees Mahidvran very happy and comments on her happy face. Mahi thanks her for what she did and Valide Sultan says she does not want to see her sad again. Meanwhile, Ibrahim enters the Sultan’s room and announces Sadrazam (grand vizier) Piri Pasha, who has come to bring bad news that the Mamluks have plotted with the Arab Beys in Syria. Suleyman calls for a Divan meeting. Ibrahim looks nervous about the Sultan’s anger from the night before.

    Meanwhile Alexandra has stayed up all night and the harem is a mess. Nigar finds them this way and yells at them that they must clean up, there is no food for them until night, if it is clean by then the way she wants, then they will get food. Nigar comments to Alexandra that is this what I taught you?

     Later, the cariyes are walking with their buckets and cleaning supplies in hand when the Sultan is announced. He walks by and his eyes hit Alexandra who is not looking at him. He stops, and then pauses and then when he walks away, she looks at him...

    Meanwhile, Valide is asking Daye why the Sultan is late, but then he arrives and is angry and asks to speak with her alone. Everyone clears the room and Suleyman says to Valide that she is his one and only, his Valide, but he will not allow her interference in his private life...and she acts like she does not know and he says that she knows exactly what he is talking about, and that whoever dares to try to rule him, they will get the proper answer. Then he storms out and his mother looks angry. Valide asks for Mahidevran.

    Meanwhile, Mustafa is telling his mother he wishes not to go to his lessons and that he will go see his dad and Mahidevran tries to stop him, but he runs off. Meanwhile, in the Divan all the Pashas have gathered, Ibrahim reads from the report on the revolt with some Arab beys and some Mamluks. One of the pasha’s comments about Ibrahim’s presence in the Divan and Ibrahim overhears. Piri Pasha says that the man in question who is being discussed as a traitor has gotten together with Shah Ismail of Persia. Suleyman says they will be punished...Then Mustafa’s voice comes from outside who wants to see his father and Ibrahim quiets him down and let’s him look from the window. Mustafa sees his father talking and he admires him.

    Meanwhile, Mahi tells Valide Sultan frantically that she did not do anything wrong, she did not say that Valide had sent her. Valide wonders she must have done something that the Sultan’s eyes were on fire. Mahi says she did say that her son missed him...then she adds that he is not the same..Valide says, yes, exactly, nothing is the same and you have to understand...He is a world Sultan...the Manisa love you guys had, was a dream...and now you will have many competitors...use your brain...

    Meanwhile, everyone cleans the harem and Nigar tells Alexandra to continue cleaning and Alexandra mumbles she will have her revenge...Maria tells her to keep quiet. Back in the Divan, they are talking about  the revolt...Ahmet Pasha (the guy with the black beard) wishes to speak and then talks about King Louis and Piri Pasha replies he hasn’t paid taxes for months..and says let us send an ambassador first, and the Sultan agrees and the Sultan says first diplomacy, then if nothing happens swords...

    Meanwhile, in the Vatican, some cardinals and the Pope are talking about Suleyman having taken the throne. Also about how the Arabs are revolting in different places. The Pope says this is good news since the Ottomans will be busy dealing with these revolts...In Istanbul, Ibrahim is teaching Mustafa how to write letters. Mustafa asks to go play with him, but Ibrahim says he has to learn first, and that he should not make errors in his studies, then Suleyman enters and Mustafa says "Save me, father!" and Ibrahim tells Suleyman that Mustafa says that he will be Sultan one day anyways, so why study? Suleyman explains to his son that he could become Padishah...and then he looks into his sons eyes and then at Ibrahim, he hugs him tight and kisses him....

    Meanwhile, Piri Pasha is signing a letter and hands it to another man to send to King Louis.Later, Mustafa is playing with the Sultan's personal guards and Suleyman tells him "Enough, if you kill my guards who will protect me?" and Mustafa says that he will save him! Suleyman tells Ibrahim to send Mustafa to his mother, he wishes to rest now. Ibrahim asks if he would any guests for the night and he can tell Sumbul to send word...Alexandra is tired and takes a break. Sumbul talks to Daye Hatun telling her how crazy Alexandra is. Daye says what is wrong with her? Mahidevran is Haseki. Sumbul rushes off because he gets called. Daye asks Nigar if the women finished the work and Nigar says they will sleep hungry. Suddenly, Sumbul arrives and says that the Sultan wants Alexandra. Daye tells Nigar to prepare her. Alexandra says that Mahidevran was afraid of her. Afraid that she will take her man away from her. Alex says she will take her away. Maria tells her to be careful what she says, that she is like a Queen. Alex says she will also be a queen. Nigar arrives and informs Alex to get ready. All the girls look at her shocked.

    At night,  Alexandra gets ready and is happy. Nigar explains the rules to her.

    In Valide's room, there is a party and Mahidevran is happy, but watches as Gulfem is talking to Hatice. Gulshah asks about Gulfem, and Mahi tells her that she lost her children...but she is still here. Valide calls Gulfem and Gulfem goes. Mahi looks at her with some annoyance. Valide tells Daye for Suleyman to come too, but Daye tells Valide, and Mahi overhears that Suleyman has called Alexandra...everyone is shocked, and Mahi is sad...Alex prays as she holds the cross, and then leaves to see the Sultan. Sumbul again tells her the rules, tells her not to talk, not to smile...not to do anything unless asked. Nigar tells her to stop being nervous...Suleyman anxiously awaits her in his room and she arrives. She walks to him, then pretends to faint. He asks to call the doctors, she stops him...she tells him not to leave, not to leave her alone, forgive her, she was just very anxious... Mahidevran is pacing in her room, sad and hurt...

    Meanwhile, Hatice is listening to Ibrahim's violin playing and watches him from her balcony...Gulfem arrives and surprises her and she watches with amusement at Hatice and teases her for liking it a lot and is surprised by the look in Hatice's eyes...Later Mahidevran is holding her child as he sleeps and crying.

    Alexandra asks Suleyman who is playing the violin, and Suleyman tells her it is Ibrahim...and she asks who Ibrahim is.Suleyman and Alex are eating and he tells her Ibrahim is his companion, his head falconer. He talks about him, his loyalty...she says she wishes to be his friend too...and he asks if she is jealous of him and she says yes, and laughs...he laughs with her.In the morning, Alexandra wakes up and looks around the room curiously. She sees a ring on the table and quietly tries to get up but Suleyman calls out to her. She tries to tell him good morning but she accidentally says something like may your morning be donkey.

    Sumbul goes to get the breakfast from Seker asks who the lucky girls and Sumbul tells him to mind his own business and asks about the quail eggs. Maria and the other girls wonder where Alexandra is, and Maria tells the other girl she is with the Sultan and one of the cariyes smiles and says how do you know she hasn't been beheaded? Nigar arrives to tell them to get ready for their lessons and one of the girls asks if Alexandra will come, but Nigar tells her to shut up and get to her own work.Ibrahim arrives at the Sultan's door but realizes that he is still with Alexandra and walks away.

    Mahi is having breakfast with Valide Sultan and Hatice and is obviously upset and when Valide asks her what is wrong she has not even eaten and Mahi begins but Valide tells her that she should get ready because it is Thursday night and she should get ready...Mahi is not consoled.

    Alexandra and Suleyman are laughing. Suleyman tells her he has not laughed in such a way in such a long time. She goes to look at the ring and picks it up, he sees her and asks if she likes it, and that he made it, she says it is very beautiful and she asks which woman will get it. He doesn't answer and smiles. She puts it back and goes to him to the mirror..."Where have you come from? From where?!" She says: "I came from the sea to you...I am yours...these eyes, these lips, this heart, they are yours."

    At night, Mahi is getting ready and Gulshah arrives she asks her where she has been and that she is supposed to get ready tonight. She smiles but sees Gulshahs face looks upset. Gulshah informs her that Alexandra has not even left the Sultan's room and is still with her. Mahi tells the cariyes to leave her and she cries...Meanwhile Alexandra is making Suleyman laugh by imitating the servants. He is amused. Mahi is crying asking how this is possible? Hatice arrives and asks why she is crying, Mahi tells her that look while I am waiting our Hunkar is with the Russian servant in his room! Hatice tells her that her brother is the king and how can they talk of him this way and that she should not worry she is the Haseki, his head woman, and should not behave like the smaller cariyes. She says this, but is sad for her.

    Alexandra continues making the Sultan laugh. He is enthralled and goes over to her telling saying Hurrem. She says Humrem. He repeates Hurrem. She says it correctly and asks what it means. He explains it means the laughing one and that from this point on her name is Hurrem.The next morning, Mahidevran is preparing her son for school. The cariyes see Hurrem enter the harem. They sorround her ask what happened to her. She says she is no longer Alexandra, she is Hurrem and they are to call her Hurrem that Suleyman told her and that Alexandra is dead, and Hurrem is born.

    Mustafa tells Ibrahim that there is no school why? and Ibrahim says that on Fridays they go for prayer and pray to God and that afterwards they will listen to the matters of the people.Suleyman goes out for prayer with his entourage and the people are shouting out their concerns to him and guards accept letters and requests. They praise him as he goes by. The royal guards shout out "Padishah, God is greater than you" (a practice whereby the Sultans requested the guards so that the Sultans would be reminded not to be arrogant and be humbled).

    In the harem, Hurrem speaks to Maria and tells her that the Sultan is very handsome and strong and then Daye enters with Sumbul bringing gifts and telling her that she will have a room. Hurrem tells them her name has changed. A cariye says "yeah she says the Sultan named her that, this Russian slave!" Sumbul tells her that if the Sultan told her, than she is to be called that, and that she is no longer a "slave" she is Hurrem. She is presented with gifts. Her coins fall and the other cariyes look at her jealously. Nigar tells her to get out of her shock and thank Daye which she does.Mahi hears about her name change and is angry, she says to herself: "Hurrem, the snake! The snake!"

    Nigar shows Hurrem her room and Hurrem is overjoyed. Nigar tells her that she is like a child! and to be smart and behave as an adult and the important thing is to stay in this room and that she will have many competitors and that they will try to entrap her and trick her and Hurrem says "come dance!" and Nigar smiles despite herself.Mustafa is playing swords with a cariye and Ibrahim arrives with the box of requests and wishes from the commoners. Ibrahim tells him some of the complaints also about the janissaries wanting to go out to war. Suleyman says a big war will need big preparations and that this means Rodus, which will require big ships and big cannons....he comments that both his great grandfather Fatih Mehmet and his father Selim had wanted to conquer it, but could not.

    Mahi meanwhile is with Hatice and Valide telling them that her son is with the Sultan and Valide tells her she will not frown, she will behave as a mother of a prince and that she does not want to see a sad Haseki. Valide says she will have an entertainment party at night and that she will want everyone smiling there... Mahi says of course and excuses herself to go check on Mustafa and Hatice says she will go with her.

    Mustafa is outside and Suleyman tells Ibrahim that the music he played was beautiful the night before and that Hurrem liked it a lot too and Ibrahim wonders and Suleyman tells him she is no longer Alexandra, but Hurrem, intoxicating, the laughing one...Ibrahim compliments him on his choice and then he says that she has awoken the poet in him (Muhibbi). Then they recite a poem together and Suleyman asks him how he recalls that, laughing. Mustafa meanwhile has play thrown the guard who asks for mercy and then the Sultan starts playing with his son. Mahi and Hatice arrive. Hatice asks if Mustafa made him tired and Ibrahim says no he hasn't and Mahi looks at Suleyman unsmiling and upset and tells Mustafa that it is late and that they shouldn't busy the Hunkar and Suleyman tells them to leave. Mahi looks back angrily and Suleyman notices.

    At the entertainment party in the harem, Hurrem looks below to find Maria dancing and she tells her to come, but Hurrem doesn't want to, she watches as Valide enters and Hatice, Gulfem and finally Mahi who looks up at her. She asks Gulshah want she is doing up there as if she owns the place. Gulshah makes fun of her and Mahidevran looks at Valide and asks Gulshah to call her down.Suleyman and Ibrahim are looking at a map and Suleyman talks about Rodus and conquering it. Meanwhile, the party continues. Hurrem has now come down and is sitting, and can feel Mahi's gaze on her from behind. Mahi calls out to her in front of everyone Alexandra, I heard you dance very well, now dance for us. Valide is annoyed, but says "come dance" so Hurrem goes to Valide Sultan and dances and Mahi looks at her up and down. Everyone is intrigued by the red head, despite themselves. Valide is pleased. Mahi says "Good job, Alexandra, you are good at entertaining. Alexandra!" Hurrem: "Hurrem." Mahi: 'What did you say?" Hurrem: "My name is Hurrem. Sultan Suleyman wants it this way." Mahi: "Don't misbehave!" Hurrem: "You are the one who misbehaves!" Valide: "Take this insolent one to the prison! I should not see her!" Hurrem: "Leave me, I am Hurrem!" The party continues.

    Hurrem is taken to the dungeons where she is thrown into a cell. She tells them to come back but no one hears her. She is alone. She hits the wall and falls in despair. She tells herself not to be afraid, that she is Hurrem.Meanwhile, Mahi is happy and Gulshah tells her about the rats in the dungeon and Mahi smiles. Hurrem meanwhile recalls her parents being killed in front of her eyes...and all the trouble she endured when she came. She looks at her sorroundings and cries.

    In the bazaars, Ibrahim is walking around and questions people how their businesses are doing and they are all happy with Sultan Suleyman and his rule. Then Ibrahim asks who the man on the roof is and they tell him it is Matrakci and they call him down and Ibrahim greets him and asks why they call him Matrakci, and that he gets money from the Matrak game and he says that he wishes to play the Matrak with him and Matrakci notices Ibrahim's clothes are expensive.

    Mahi visits Hurrem in the dungoen and tells her to stand. Hurrem ignores her.Ibrahim brings Matrakci to the Sultan and informs him that he is a good artists, mathematician and knows the Matrak. Suleyman says let us see how he plays and Ibrahim uncomfortably tells him he plays for money Suleyman says "Oh you will take money and then tell people about it (or about me)" Matrakci says he will not say anything." Suleyman is pleased and calls for the Matrak equipment.Meanwhile, Mahidevran looks at Hurrem in the dungeon cell and says "If she apologizes you may release her." Hurrem replies: "There is no apology" Mahidevran: "Is there no apology?" Hurrem: "No apology, no fear. My name is Hurrem! The Sultan gave that name to me, on the blessed Thursday! (the night that is special because it is before Friday, Sultan's most favourite would stay with him on those nights and this was what he used to do with Mahidevran so it makes her angry). "Do not even give her water!"

    Back in the gardens, Matrakci and Suleyman are playing Matrak as everyone watches. Suleyman throws him to the ground.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is alone and pacing the cell...night falls and she has fallen in despair thinking of Suleyman she calls out "Where are you Suleyman...where are you?"

    Suleyman is in his room and feels a breeze and the candle flicker as if he has heard a voice being carried with the wind....he asks Sumbul for Hurrem to be prepared and sent to his room. Sumbul asks nervously Hurrem? Suleyman says "The slave girl from Ukraine, Alexandra!" Sumbul: "She...she is in the dungeon for punishment." Suleyman: "What punishment?!Who dared to give her a punishment?!" Sumbul hesitates: 'Valide Sultan gave her it." Suleyman orders him to go and get her out and when he doesn't move, Suleyman shouts!

    Sumbul meets Daye and tells her that he must release Hurrem and goes to do so and when Hurrem tells them to leave her (she thinks she is in more trouble) Sumbul tells her that the Hunkar has saved her!Meanwhile Suleyman scolds Ibrahim asking how he could not know about this, and how this could happen. Ibrahim says that he is prohibited to enter the harem even so how could he know and Suleyman says he will from now on make sure he is informed about everything in the harem, even if a bird takes flight.Sumbul asks them to hurry and clean her up and Ayse asks what happened that she has taken ill and Nigar snaps at her that if she is this curious she can send her there too! They try to wake her from her faint but she doesn't answer and then Suleyman enters and goes to her she cries and he calms her and calls for the doctors, orders her to be fed and looked after.

    In the morning, Gulshah tries to inform Mahidevran but Mahidevran does not want to hear Hurrem's name even so she doesn't know.

    Valide is feeding her grandchild Mustafa who asks what if his father does not come, and Valide says that he never starts his day without greeting her so for sure he will come!

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is in his room at his desk when Ibrahim arrives and informs him that ambassadors await him. Suleyman asks if there is any other news and Ibrahim tells him that Hurrem is getting better. Ibrahim asks if they are going to go to Valide Sultan now and Suleyman says they have more important work now.

    Valide walks back and forth waiting for her son and Mustafa copies her...she notices he is taking a long time and finally Daye arrives and says that there is the matter of the harem treasury and whenever she has time they can go over the documents and Valide tells her they can do it later.

    Daye approaches her and whispers that the Sultan found out about Hurrem, Mustafa asks why they are whispering...Daye tells her that they had no choice but to take her out of the dungeon and Valide says "I understand....now he is punishing his mother for this...see he did not come...for an ill-mannered slave girl look what he is doing to her mother!"

    Ayse and Maria are with Hurrem who is still in bed but sitting up and eating. Ayse tells her that the molasses will make her feel better. Maria wishes to stay with her and that the room is beautiful. She tells to tell her about what happened when the Sultan came to her. Hurrem smiles. Just then, Nigar enters and scolds Maria and tells her to join the other cariyes in cleaning up.Suleyman in his Divan attends to the state matters....ambassadors come and go, brining him costly gifts and greetings from the rulers who sent them...time passes until it is almost sun down...Suleyman enjoys the fresh air on his balcony, then he looks behind and sees Hurrem standing with her head bowed...he lifts her chin and looks at her, removing her veil and covering her eyes with it. He takes her by the hand, blindfolded to the room to his desk. He takes the ring he has made and places it on her finger. Her smile fades as she realizes what is happened. Then he uncovers her eyes and she opens them. The emerald ring on her finger looks up at her....he bends and kisses her hand...

    THE END.


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