Merve Boluğur, the actress who will be playing Nurbanu Sultan

    (Thanks to Sultanova Družba for these spoilers)
    1. All of the Shehzades are called to the Palace - they wonder why, some think it is for Cihangir who has a ceremony like Mustafa had with the Janissaries - but others wonder if it is to choose one of the Shehzades for Manisa.

    2. A new cariye tries to kill herself and Selim saves her life. This is going to be Nurbanu.

     (Thanks to Sultanova Družba for these spoilers)
    3. Rumeysa, Mustafa's cariye, is now pregnant! Everyone hopes it will be a boy...

    4. Rustem reads the Sultan's decision, then informs the Shehzades. He informs them that Selim will become the new Sanjak Bey of Manisa!!!


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