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    Hurrem lies bloody and unconscious on the floor, Mahi  tells her to open her eyes "I am telling you, open your eyes!!" Gulshah comes and tells Mahi: "Let us go, what did you doSultanim! If she dies?! Let us go, come, let us go!" Mahi: "I wish she would die!" In the hallway behind them, Nigar approaches and hears them, but runs away before they see her... 

    Sumbul is speaking to Daye meanwhile in the harem. "Miscarriage is difficult. Mahi is quite disturbed. Does the Sultan know?" Sumbul: "This morning the head of the Privy Chamber Ibrahim went to inform him." Daye: "We must give word to Valide Sultan as well...I wish you had woken me up and told me last night" Suddenly Nigar arrives "Help me! Disaster, help me!!!"

    Gulshah has meanwhile has pulled Mahi away but Daye, Sum and Nigar see them and hear Mahi saying "May she die!" Daye: "A calamity!" Sumbul: "We are finished! God forgive us! Did she die??!" Daye: "Thank God, no she hasn't died. No one will know of this!"

    Ibrahim meanwhile is telling Suleyman that he is saddened by what happened andSuleyman says he must go to Mahidevran. Then Ibrahim says they can dismiss the Divan, but Suleyman says no, today's Divan can change history...we will see quickly who is our friend and who is our enemy.

    A cariye asks Maria where Hurrem is, and Maria says that she is the guest of the Sultan and the girl asks if Maria is not jealous. Nigar arrives and orders the girls to go to their studies. She informs Sumul when the girls are gone so that he can bring Hurrem without them seeing.

    Hatice is daydreaming of Ibrahim. Thinking of his words when suddenly her mother is calling her and asks her where her mind has wandered to. Hatice says she was simply thinking of Mahi and her baby. Valide says every woman wishes for a child...Daye enters and informs Valide about Mahi's miscarriage then tells her there is also more bad news...Valide says her heart has no room left for more bad news but Daye continues "Hurrem Hatun: she has been beaten..ripped to bits..."

    Suleyman visits Mahi. She quickly says: "Hunkarim I -" but he tells her to be silent. He wipes her tears and tells her not to cry and says that she will give him many more children..." Mahi is surprised because she thought he had found out about Hurrem.Suleyman asks her if Mustafa has been told and then tells her he will tell Mustafa. Then he says: "The Divan is awaiting me..." Kisses her forehead and leaves.

    Sumbul places Hurrem on her bed Nigar says that they must fetch a doctor....that Hurremis not a simple cariye, she is a favourite and they  will get in trouble not Mahi, they will lose their heads. Sumbul says he cannot disobey orders. They cannot tell anyone...just then Hurrem barely speaks out "Suluman...."

    Suleyman is speaking to his Lala Qasim Pasha, (probably his teacher from when he was ashehzade) and says that he will be voicing his opinion in the Divan...Lala is pleased...

    Hatice tries to comfort Mahi and tells her that she should think of her son...and that she is young and Mahi says she really wanted this baby...and after so long, right at the right time she was pregnant and could it ever happen again. Valide arrives and wishes her well...Valide tells Hatice to go and find Mustafa. Everyone leaves and Valide turns to Mahi. "You should be ashamed of what you have done!!"

    In the Divan, everyone awaits the Sultan to say the greeting that he starts with God's name and then they all sit. He states that it is an important day, that Louis has sent the head of their ambassador Behram Cavus, and this calls for war. He commands that there will be war and asks what the Pashas say. The Sheyhul Islam says that it is an insult what the King has done and it is true that war is a perfect response because the King's purpose was to insult. The Lala says that although he always believes that making decisions in haste and anger is a bad idea, but that he knows that Suleyman's wisdom is very high and that this is the right decision. Ibrahim hears all this from behind the walls and is pleased.

    Valide is telling Mahi: "Thank God no one saw this shameful (thing)! You are the Haseki! Mother to the Shehzade! This is Topkapi Palace! The most ignorant fool would not have done such a thing!" Mahi: "I was grieving! To give the news of losing my child - to share the pain of this - I was going...while I was going to our Hunkar she came in front of me!"Valide: "And if she did, so what is it to you?! You just walk away!" Mahidevran makes up the next part: "I was doing that - but the things shouted out to me! I couldn't hold myself."Valide says: "What did she say??" Mahi: "She said she would exile me from this Palace as well as Valide Sultan. I will get rid of you and your son! This palace will be mine! I will send you to the old Palace!" Valide cuts her off: "Enough! My Suleyman will not hear about this issue!"

    Meanwhile Nigar asks Daye and Sumbul what will happen if Hurrem dies. Sumbul says that they should inform Ibrahim about it but Daye says that no one will find out and no one will enter.

    Suleyman is telling the Divan to take great precautions in preparing for battle and adds that "Even if our enemies are the size of an aunt, never underestimate them - think of them as a lion, and only then can we achieve victory."

    In the Castle of Louis of Hungary, Louis is saying that he will crush Suleyman and his army "like aunts and that he won't be able to leave his Palace out of fear, so how will he ever face Europe" The advisor tells Louis that the Vatican was not happy that Louis sent the Ottoman messenger's head and Louis says that the Vatican should leave running his monarchy to him, and that they should worry about heaven and hell and if they don't want, they should forget about him entering heaven.

    The women and Mustafa are looking down at the Janissaries and Mustafa says he wishes to also have a sword like they have taken theirs. Valide explains to him that his father has taken the decision to go to war and Mustafa says he wants to go too. Hatice watches Ibrahim and he looks at her, then nods...

    Seker is busy scolding his cooks and Sumbul arrives and asks for soup and also some raw meat. Seker asks what he wants with raw meat and Sumbul jokes that he will feed it to the cats and dogs.

    Meanwhile, a doctor is looking at Hurrem's injuries. Daye asks if it will heal and the doctor says it will, but it will take long. Daye sees Sumbul with food and tells him that Hurrem is no condition to eat and they wonder what he is doing with raw meat. She says that they will put the raw meat for a day, then asks what they will do when the Hunkar asks for her?Gulshah enters and Daye tells her to leave, but Gulshah says she has come to ask aboutHurrem's condition. Daye says don't you know? She has been beat up! Pray and forget what you have seen.

    Maria meanwhile asks Nigar where Hurrem is that she is dying from worry and Nigar tells her she does need to answer to her. Maria sees Gushah exiting Hurrem's room and runs up. Daye tells her she can't go in. Daye tells her that she has a fever that's all and if Maria can't keep quiet, Nigar should punish her.

    Suleyman is outside and Ibrahim is telling him that the canons are ready and wheneverSuleyman wishes they can go see. Hatice and Mustafa arrive and Mustafa runs to his father telling him he will go to war too. Hatice and Ibrahim eye each other. Mustafa asks if his mother is crying because of Suleyman's leaving for battle. Suleyman says let us go talk man to man for a while.

    Gulshah tells Mahi that she saw from the corner that Hurrem looks dead. Mahi says "I wish she had died! I wish she had died!"

    Mustafa asks his father: "So my sibling isn't coming anymore?" Suleyman: "You didn't want him so he got angry. He changed his mind. And let him not come. My son (Mustafa) is the world to me."

    Hatice asks when he will go and Ibrahim says when the preparations are ready and soon. She prays for Ibrahim and he says that her prayers and her eyes will guide him on dark nights....

    Seker is scolding a vendor in the market that he will exile him and then another vendor who recognizes Seker approaches and says there is word that the Sultan has fallen head over heels for a Russian slave. Seker says: "And if he did, so what is to you!" Matrakcisays that the harem issues are private and that more importantly, (he raises his voice here) that the Sultan has announced to go for battle. Everyone is pleased.

    The ambassador is in his office and is informed that Suleyman has decided to go to battle and the ambassador says he was waiting for this to happen anyway, and that they should send word to the
    Vatican and Budin Palace.

    Daye speaks to Valide and she tells her to close the terrace doors, and that Hatice might be out on the terrace and that recently, she sees Hatice is absent minded and that I don't want her to wither away on the terraces and rooms of this palace...we need to find her a suitable groom. Young, mannered, a Pasha with a good future. I don't know who. I will speak to my aslan."

    Suleyman meanwhile recalls telling Hurrem that she is heaven's gift to him and then she says she wishes to be Muslim....he smiles and when Ibrahim enters the room, he is pulled from his memory. Ibrahim came and asks if he needs anything. Suleyman says "yes, I do." I wish for you to find love and happiness. To find heaven of your own. I am very happy. I have Hurrem. Do you know what she said to me last night? That she wishes to believe in what I believe in. She said she wants to be Muslim. Love did this for her. Oh Love...how magnificent you are! Oh Love, don't leave us." Then he smiles at Ibrahim.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is having nightmares about her family being murdered and her trip to Istanbul and then she dreams of her first time with Suleyman and then he time he gave her the emerald ring. Then she dreams of Mahidevran beating her.

    In the morning Suleyman speaks to the Kaptan i derya (Captain of the Sea /Admiral) asking him if the fleet is ready and the Admiral says yes, and that he is waiting to submit the fleet to the Sultan. Suleyman is pleased and notices Matrakci standing and asks how long he has been there and Matrakci tells him he was awake all night and trying to figure out the best way to transport the horses and he shows his drawings and says he will find a solution. Suleyman turns to Ahmet Pasha and tells him that Ibrahim has been preparing thin ships (they go faster) and lets see how they are.  Ahmet snidely makes fun of it and asks what the ships should be named and  Suleyman realizes this as being rude and says he doesn't care what it is being called , and is annoyed and goes off with Ibrahim andAhmet mumbles Suleyman defends "a convert" and that he is not defending his Vizier (i.e.Ahmet).

    The cariyes in the harem hall are having their meals and gossiping about what might have happened to Hurrem. Maria is upset by their talk and goes to Ayse and asks if she has seen her and Ayse says she hasn't as they have even moved her from her room.

    Hurrem wakes up and with difficulty gets up and steadies herself enough to walk to the mirror where she looks at her face and is horrified by what she sees. She cries and calls out to her mother. "Mother, what they did with your daughter. Father! What that snake of a woman did to me. She killed me. I will kill her! Suleyman! will not look at me anymore!"Daye and Sumbul find her having a fit and they try to calm her, but Hurrem lies down and calls out "Allah" and then calms down and Sumbul says "Oh she has become Muslim..."

    Suleyman is looking out at the fleet and is pleased by what he sees. The Admiral tells him that the fact that the ships are thin means they will have increased maneuverability. The oars will give us twice the amount of power. Suleyman tells him that he shouldn't think that he hasn't taken Matrakci's ideas seriously. The Danube river will be lifting much of our weight. Ahmet mumbles to Ibrahim: "Ibrahim, we should tell the Admiral to make you captain of these ships..." Ibrahim: "Whatever is needed for the Ottoman State, I will do with pleasure. Rank is not important to me, may my life be sacrificed for this nation!"

    At night, Suleyman is being dressed in his night clothes. Sumbul arrives because Ibrahim has called him "Bring Hurrem hatum right away, our Hunkar has called for her" Sumbulpauses and says okay...He rushes off. Hurrem doesn't eat what Daye is trying to feed her.Sumbul rushes and says that calamity has fallen and that Suleyman has called for her. Daye wonders what they can say and Hurrem says I know what you can say.

    Suleyman is working on his jewellery when Ibrahim enters telling him that Sumbul has sent word that Hurrem wishes not to come. That she doesn't want to. Suleyman says "What insolence! I command her to come right away!"

    Mahi is in her room and has waited for Gulshah and tells her to go find out what is happening.

    Sumbul returns to Ibrahim telling him that Hurrem is saying she is not coming. Suleymanis furious when he hears this from his room. Ibrahim is telling at Sumbul, when Suleymanrushes out. Ibrahim says "Tell me, what have you been hiding" Sumbul runs away.

    Suleyman arrives in the harem and sees that Hurrem is not there. He goes up to her room.Hurrem is there and he says "How can you refuse?" She says her face has died and is not worthy of him. He gets angry and forces her to lift her head. She says "Don't look. Hurremhas died!" When he sees her face he is shocked.

    Gulshah tells Mahidevran that Suleyman has gone to Hurrem's room!

    Suleyman tells Hurrem she must tell him who did it, he will sacrifice them for her tears and take their life. She hesitates then says "Mm...Ma...Mahi..." and he says "Mahidevran?" He gets up in anger and calls for Daye to take Hurrem to his room and call the doctors and he will look after her.

    Mahi is pacing her room "Now she will act all innocent and pitiful! Whatever she says she is lying!" Suleyman arrives and everyone exits. He looks at Mahidevran and says "Who are you? You are not my Mahidevran Sultan. Speak. How did such a devil enter your body? I see this as you having attacked me. I do not even want to see your shadow. I do not want to hear your voice. What have you done to us? Mahidevran: You have killed us." Then he leaves.

    Maria sees Hurrem being taken away and is worried and asks who did it and Sumbul says nothing, she fell in the bath.

    Suleyman goes to his mother and his mother asks what is wrong and he says that you know exactly what happened and says his problem is Mahidevran. That Mustafa will stay with him and Mahihdevran will be sent away to the old Palace, he doesn't even want to see her face. Valide says how can he think this and that it is not right according to traditions and custom.  Suleyman says that if he went by the rules, she would be executed for this behaviour but he pardons her from that. He says that she will undergo her punishment and that this is all he came to say to her. Valide is stunned.

    Hurrem meanwhile is in the Sultan's room now. He goes to her and asks if she has any pain, she responds that all pain has left since he has come now. He goes to her and tells her all of it will pass and that she should not be sad. He says no one will even touch a hair on her head from now on. She says he is her cure. That without him, there is curse and pain and beating. He tells her he will watch over her and heal her rose face.

    Mahidevran is crying in her room and Mustafa hugs her.

    Suleyman meanwhile watches over Hurrem. Ibrahim enters to inform the Sultan that the head doctor has arrived, Suleyman tells him that she is sleeping so if they need they will calling. Suleyman then tells him to send  the doctor away and to come to the terrace.

    There, Suleyman waits for Ibrahim who returns. "She was so scared, and had undergone so much pain that no matter how much I held her, she was still shaking. How didMahidevran do such a thing?" Ibrahim: "Love makes a person lose their mind sometimes, and do unlucky things...Hunkarim. Makes us do lots of things." Suleyman: "Every time I look at Mahidevran, I see Hurrem's poor beat up face. Let her go from this palace, I wish to never see her." Ibrahim: "Is she going to be leaving?" Suleyman: "You call it love,Pargali? Does love do this to someone make them blind this way? Does it destroy the person that the love is for?  I do not want this kind of love. I want the kind of love that is loyal." Just then, Hurrem calls out his name. He goes to her. Ibrahim is worried...

    Suleyman tells her he has come and she falls asleep again.
    We see time pass...Mahidevran goes about her days and Hurrem is tended to in the Sultan's room by doctors and Nigar. Suleyman continues preparing for battle with his viziers. One night Hurrem stands up and goes to look through the door to find Suleyman in Ibrahim's office looking over war preparations.
    Finally the day comes when Hurrem is all better. She goes to the harem and Maria runs to greet her asking how she is and Hurrem says that the Sultan made her better and that night and day he waited on her. Maria is surprised that her Turkish is much better andHurrem says that Suleyman was like a teacher for her. Maria tells Hurrem that Mahidevrancries all the time that she miscarried and that the Sultan is very angry with her and that he yelled at her for doing what she did to you.

    Mahidevran is complaining to Valide that night and day the Sultan is with Hurrem and that she has no more strength to bear this. Valide tells her that she should be happy and thankful that she is still in the Palace, because Suleyman wanted to exile her. Then she advises that she waits for some time to pass and his anger to cool. Valide says "what a calamity I have saved you from! Be thankful, pray and be patient and look after your child." Mahi: "That woman has done witchcraft over our Hunkar. she is a snake. She will harm all of us." Valide tells her to stop and says go look after your son, you have fallen into your own grief and forgotten about him! Do not be negligent in your motherly duties.

    A large box is brought to the harem. Sumbul announces that the Sultan has sent gifts. There are clothes and jewels. All the girls are in awe. Hurrem takes Maria and says let us go and see what we have.
    Suleyman recalls his son Mustafa saying it is his room and Suleyman answering him lovingly that it is his room too. Ibrahim enters and tells Suleyman that they can go look at the canons. Suleyman tells him they are going to create two baces, for the East inUskudar, and for the West, in another place called Daud Pasha Sahara. "Our enemies will go crazy"

    In the Budin Palace, Louis is enjoying grapes with a girl, when his advisor comes and tells Louis that the Ottoman has prepared for war and Louis says they can think about it, but they cannot do it. "And if they do come, I will teach them such a lesson, they will not be able to escape even. Go Andre...go away now."
    Maria asks Hurrem what being Muslim means. Hurrem tells her the tenets of the faith, believing in one God, in the Prophet Muhammad. Then she hands Maria some gifts and tells her that she is her one and only friend. Maria is happy. Hurrem tells her that this Palace will soon be hers, the cariyes will bow to her too and that she will make Maria herDaye Kadin. Daye overhears all this and is troubled.

    Suleyman is looking at the canon and the men assemble the parts. Suleyman puts gold inside and hands some to Matrakci as well. We see his Tugra, (signature) on the side of the canon.

    Hurrem is packing away her old things when she comes across her cross and puts it in with her other old things in a box. She goes to see Suleyman but Ibrahim exits. She smiles and says she wishes to see the Sultan. Ibrahim is annoyed and tells her he is busy. But Suleyman has heard her voice from inside the room and asks if Hurrem has come. Ibrahim is not pleased. Hurrem says "See? He heard me." Suleyman exits to see her and takes her hand and excuses Ibrahim to leave. This annoys Ibrahim.

    Hatice is doing some needlework, and her mother enters. "Hatice my beautiful daughter, are you alright? Come beside me...with all the harem issues, it is has been too long we have not spoken. You are young....the time has come to think of your happiness...you are young, beautiful, your life cannot be spent here...I wish to see you happy, with my future grandchildren. " Hatice says she has to go to Mustafa now, he is waiting. Valide tells her to think about what she has said. Daye enters and tells Valide about what she has heard, saying that Hurrem has gotten all this love to her head and is now saying she will become this and that. Valide says that this is what happens when you treat a slave this way. Then she says "Do not worry, by the time Suleyman returns back to the Palace (after the war is over) he will not find her here!"

    Suleyman is showing Hurrem which path they will take from the Danube and on until the place of war. She asks if he is not afraid of death. War, blood and lots of people will die and many families will be killed. He says not to worry her beautiful head about such thoughts. She says: "In this world, apart from you I have no one. No family. I have no friend. If you do not come back to me, I will die." He says: "Pray. Pray for me."

    Mustafa is praying to God and asks God to forgive him that he said he didn't want a sibling, and that he wants him now, and he will love his siblings forever, and he wants his mother to stop being sad. Mahidevran asks him if he is not sleepy and he says only if she comes too and she hugs her child and tells him they will go sleep together.

    Ibrahim comes to the Sultan's door and sees that Hurrem is still there so he goes away angry.
    Hurrem tells Suleyman not to leave. Suleyman says that he has work to do. Hurrem tells him to stay because alone he has to she is not well. He says he has to go. She asks "Do you like working with me, or with Ibrahim?" He smiles and asks if she is jealous. And she says "Yes! He gets to see my Sultan more than me."

    In the morning, Suleyman goes to the Divan. The Grand Vizier is telling Suleyman that "Ferhat Pasha has moved from Syria to Kayseri (a province in Anatolia). He is holding part of the army there to prevent any threats coming from Persia, from Shah Ismail. The Egyptian, Diyarbekir and Syrian Sanjak Beys are keeping the region under control. Instructions have been given to judges and beys in the region as well. Roads and bridges have been repaired. Thirty thousand camels have been rounded together from Anatolia. Large and small game have been purchased from villagers." Ahmet Pasha says: "Hunkarim, fifteen thousand soldiers are ready from Rumelia. They will be joining us in Edirne." Suleyman: "Ferhat Pasha should join us in Rumelia. Ahmet Pasha, you go make sure that the army is prepared in Edirne." Suleyman: "Lala Qasim Pasha, while we are away, the State is under your protection." Lala: "That you chose me for this noble task, is a great honour for me. You will not need to look behind you...May your path be open and your conquest be a blessed one!"

    Meanwhile the Ambassador is walking in the market and meets the Jewish merchant. The merchant tells the Ambassador that a large military pavilion has been set up in DaudPasha (a place in Istanbul). And now another one has been set up at Uskudar (another place in Istanbul). Ambassador asks where the campaign will be headed and the merchant replies that who can know, as there is no news coming out of the Palace. Ambassador: "The Sultan is playing games with us!"

    In the next scene, Hurrem is on the balcony when Ibrahim arrives on the next balcony. They look at each other Ibrahim asks: "What happened, is there a problem?" Hurrem: "Yes. There is a problem." Ibrahim: "What is it? Am I your problem?" Hurrem: "You are always with Suleyman. He has no time for me. I think it's enough." Ibrahim: "HurremHatun. I am his servant and slave. His brother, his companion. Did you understand! Get this through your head! I am the head of his privy chamber! Know your place well! HurremHatun!" Hurrem: "You will see my place, snake Ibrahim!"

    At night, Suleyman arrives: "Hurrem, did you wait for me?" Hurrem: "I waited for you, my Sultan. My sleep went away." Suleyman: " Don't cry, Hurrem." Hurrem: "Don't tell me not to cry. You are leaving and I will die." Suleyman: "You will not die. As long as I am alive, you can't die. Don't cry." They embrace and he says: "Finally my eyes can see, my heart loved. If these are crimes, then come and kill me. I used to always ask God for martyrdom. I Thank God that when you glanced at me, you killed me. Who should Muhibbi complain to? Because his tormentor is love!"

    Meanwhile Ibrahim finishes playing the violin and Gulfem arrives and gives him a handkerchief and says that Hatice Sultan has given it to him for safe-keeping and that for certain he must bring it back to her. Ibrahim says: "Send my deepest regards to her and tell her I promise we will return with victory. I will wear it on my heart and it will be a shield for me."

    Suleyman finishes praying and then walks to where the Pashas are waiting. The boy who pours the Sultan water is given a gift.

    The date is 1521, May. Suleyman arrives to bid farewell his family. Valide wishes him victory. Suleyman tells her that after he leaves the Palace, he will lay down the first bricks of his father's tomb and Mosque. After praying there, he will go on his way. Then he he greets others, ignoring Mahidevran and goes to his son. Mustafa says he will cut of the heads of the enemy and present them to his father. Suleyman says "a day will come you will also join me. Do not be negligent in your schooling or your teachers."

    Suleyman leaves the Palace and is followed by his Viziers. The procession walks out of the Topkapi gates, and the people shout "Long live our King! May your way be open! May your swords be sharp!"
    The women along with Mustafa watch the procession from above.

    The Ambassador is sending a letter: "Constantinople has witnessed a war ceremony such as this before. Since morning, the citizens were congratulating his journey towards this campaign. The army is very organized and large in numbers. People are in the streets saying that Sultan Suleyman is coming, and is going to destroy Hungary. He is going to get revenge."

    Suleyman: "I am Suleyman. The son of Sultan Selim Han. Born of Hafsa Valide Sultan. The tenth Sultan of the High Nation of the Ottoman Empire. Safavids, Egyptian Mamluks, The Abbasids, Syria, Palestine, The Hejaz (Arabian Peninsula), The Spice and Silk Roads, the Seas and the Deserts. The sole owner of the inheritance of the Ottoman Estate. I am Suleyman. I have sworn to take my horses from the western most points to the Eastern most points. For justice and for peace for my subjects. I have sworn to bring peace, abundance, and happiness to every piece of soil that my foot steps on!"

    THE END.


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    1. Hi, can you please translate the part where Hatice and Gulfem are talking on the balcony? Where Hatice said she did not want Ibrahim to go...please.