• Season Finale, Episode 30 Trailer 1 Translation

    Kosem: "What era ever saw (as being okay or as happening) that the Janissaries/the subjects kill a Sultan of the World?"

    Dilruba: "Everything has a first Kosem"

    Halime: "You cannot prevent my Mustafa getting on the throne, but you can prevent blood from shedding."

    Kosem: "While there is still a way out, turn back from this mistake, this time I will not spare your life."

    Mansur agha: " Sultan Osman is enemy to the Janissaries."

    Davut: "Strip him, he is not our Sultan anymore."

    Kosem: "From now on, our Padishah is Sultan Mustafa Han Hazretleri."

    Haci: "The measures against the traitors have been taken care of. They will all be punished."

    Janissary: "You are charged with murdering Sultan Osman."

    Dilruba: "I order you, I said stop!"

    Girl: "My Sultana, our Kosem Sultana sends you her greetings."

    Girl: "Our Kosem Sultana sends her greetings.

    Bulbul: "My Sultana, we are ready to present shehzade Murad Han."


    1. The translate is very good. Thanks for the translate. I can not waited to friday to watching. Oh my God this movie is very cool and not have words to describe.

    2. Can't wait, come Thursday on youtube, I'm an American you loves to watch international shows and I'm hooked on to this and yet I'm also Spanish too.