• Kosem Sultan Episode 29 Translation

    Osman says do not be disrespectful and disloyal to me! What insolence is this! The agha says never, our loyalty to you, our Hunkar, and the House of Osman is real. Our complaint is against the pashas - they are insulting towards us, we are being oppressed! The men shout out. The agha says and then in front of our eyes, our companions heads are hit! Osman says those traitors were executed for desertion (fled the battlefield). The agha says my Hunkar! The real traitors are those with you! Hoca Omer Efendi and Huseyin pasha! They speak lies to you, and make enmity between us!

    Safiye asks Humashah if it is true that Zulfikar betrayed them.

    Kosem thanks Zulfikar saying that if it wasn't for him they could not have done this. Zulfikar says I completed my duty that was left incomplete, that is all. Kosem says now it is Osman's turn - when he returns from the campaign we will dethrone him. Zulfikar says I was on your side against Halime Sultan and Safiye Sultan, because that was the right thing to do. But Sultan Osman is entirely different. He was entrusted to me by Sultan Ahmet, I swore to protect him along with his other children. That is why, my Sultana, change your mind (about this). Give this up or you will find me standing against you.

    The agha continues saying we have been fighting for months, many of our companions drank the nectar of martyrdom. Despite this, there is no victory! Because our Pashas lack foresight, they are recklessly sending us to be cut down by the enemy! Osman says if you are disrespectful and fight without heart, this is what will happen! Your insolence is what is causing us to lose! Another agha chimes in, saying, they are lying to you, everything happened because of the Pashas, winter is coming, let the war be finished, let us return to Capitol! The other agha says the conditions are getting worse! Winter is at our doorstep! What we must do is obvious! Let us return to the Capitol! Also, the one who insults the Janissaries, has them killed needlessly by the enemies, Ohrili (from the city of Ohrid, in modern day Macedonia) Huseyin pasha - we want him to be removed from his post! Osman says you careless! Who are you to tell me what to do?! The agha says we said what we had to say, we will wait until tomorrow. either what we seek will be granted, or everyone will suffer the resulting consequences!

    Humashah says he died because of me, I trusted Zulfikar, I believed him...I made a mistake, forgive me please. Safiye says my beautiful daughter. Do not blame yourself for anything anymore, everything is finished. Finished. My beautiful daughter. Finished...finished. She leaves without saying anything else.

    Outside in the hall, Bulbul says what shall we do now? Shall you return to the palace, those oppressors will kill you. Safiye says go to Kosem and tell her that I am waiting for her. Bulbul says what are you going to do? Safiye says we are going to our home, our home awaits us.

    Safiye arrives at the harem gates and asks for Cennet to be told that Safiye sultan has come.

    Suleyman agha tells Mansur agha good job, keep at it. The guy says watch yourself, know your place, we are doing what we think is right! Suleyman agha says you have misunderstood me, I would never! And scurries off.

    Cennet asks Safiye why she is here, if she has come to visit Sh. Omer again, but Safiye ignores, then she looks around and recalls herself a long time ago in all her magnificence and glory and Elizbeth the cat with her :). Meleksema asks Cennet what is going on, Cennet says I do not know myself.

    Cennet tells Safiye she cannot enter the Valide Sultana room, that they must leave. Safiye recalls the time when this was her room. Then she tells Cennet, Kosem will come soon, let her enter. Agha, have two coffees ready for us.

    One of the pashas tells Osman that the Janissaries behaviour is not acceptable and they must fae punishment. Lala says under the conditions we must be careful. Osman says what does this mean Omer efendi? I should lower my neck for them? I came here to win victory, there is no return to the Capitol until the enemies kneel! Huseyin agha says but the Janissaries do not want to fight, under this condition then...Osman shouts you are the reason for all this! You were insulting them and became the reason for revolt! The pasha says forgive me, I have no fault in this. They were restless (and disobedient) from the outset. Halil pasha says that the Polish King Sigismund has sent word they wish to make peace, if Osman accepts an ambassador will come to discuss the terms.

    Kosem arrives and Cennet says she does not know the purpose but Safiye is waiting for her in the Valide Sultana room.

    Meanwhile, Safiye holds that ring of hers that contains poison that we have seen before, and she opens it. Kosem asks her why have you called me. Safiye says leave us alone with Kosem. The servants leave. Safiye says take a seat Kosem.

    In the hall, Haci sys what is going on Bulbul, who says I do not know, I know as much as you, she wished to speak to (Kosem).

    Safiye takes a drink and then says, "we who are the Sultana of Sultanas, Safiye Sultana. Thank God for giving us a magnificent life that no one else was destined to have. We saw heaven and hell in this palace. We tasted love, and the pain of love. We saw death and betrayal. Thank God that we did not hear regret for anything we did. If others say the opposite - whatever we did, we did for the future of the family. At the end of our life, we fought for this too. For this reason, we wished to put our son Iskender on the throne. But, we were not successful. You took him from our hands and stopped us."

    Cennet says what must they be talking about? Haci says shall we enter?

    Safiye says "We have always set out to the battles we fought with hope, even in defeat, we always had hope. But! You killed our hopes along with our son! I had once told that only the deserving Sultana can wear this ring. It is yours now."  Kosem sees the poison on her lap.

    Kosem calls for help and says she has poisoned herself. Bulbul shouts for doctors. Safiye says you are free now, I am freeing you." Bulbul says no, no my Sultana! Do not look like that aghas! Call the doctors! You will be saved from this my Sultana. No, no my Sultan. You will be saved! She takes her last and drops the ring and her head falls softly onto Bulbul's shoulder.

    Safiye's funeral takes place the next morning and she is buried.

    Kosem goes to her room and looks at the ring, thinking about Safiye.

    Osman is being told of the conditions of the potential peace treaty and the Polish offers. Lala says this is a great opportunity for us. We can return having reached peace back to the Capitol. Osman says they are stretched thin, they will not be able to  last another month's siege, but I, I must accept because of the traitor Janissaries is that right?!.

    Mansur agha is being told the time has come, but Osman is quiet. If he does not accept their conditions? Mansur says then we will be silent and our swords will speak!

    Humashah ignores Zulfikar and leaves her mother's grave. Bulbul is crying and Haci says his condelences, and that Kosem said he can return the palace whenever he wants. Bulbul says half his heart he buried in the ground today, and lost his light, his sun. He does not when he the pain will pass, but he will not return to the palace, he will go to Humashah for a while, as she needs him since she is dealing with this badly, and then afterwards, God knows (where he will go).

    Halime goes to see Kosem and says I did not know you loved Safiye sultan, let us speak of what we are going to do now. Kosem says it was her greatest enemy, she lost her father, her son, her sister because of her, and that she also made Osman her enemy. Halime says despite everything you respect her, she brought you here, and trained you. Kosem says I was in awe of her at one time - her beauty, her lavishness, I was in awe of her intelligence and courage. If she had been on my side, none of this would have happened. Halime says but she was against you, just like Osman. If you want he can never return - his funeral procession will return to the Capitol, all it will take is for you to tell me and I will send word. He killed your son. Do you not want him dead? Do you not want your heart to be cooled for a while (to feel relief) Kosem says he will pay for what he did with the throne, not with his life. Do not you dare to do anything! Anyone attempting on his life, means they are attempting on mine (that is how I will take it and I will be angry).

    The aghas are shouting for Osman, who is announced. He says my aghas, my beys, my warriors, the Polish King Sigismund has accepted the terms of peace. Victory is for the army of Islam! The janissaries shout Long live our Padishah. Osman says winter is ahead of us, Imy heart does not accept having even a single soldier of mine suffer, that is why we are returning to the Capitol having made peace. Also, I am removing Ohirli Huseyin Pasha from grand vizier-ship and am appointing Dilaver pasha in his place. The men shout long live Sultan Osman.

    Lala Omer tells an unhappy Osman that the Janissaries resent him since Sh. Mehmet's execution and that it is all Kosem's fault. Osman says that is why when I return to the Capitol, I will cut their tongues! I need soldiers  who will fight properly for me. Lala says but they will revolt if they hear that and we will not be able to stop them. Osman says I do not know how or when, but the end is near for those traitors. I will change the law and order of the barracks. When we return make a celebration, I am returning with peace anyway, so let friend and foe see.

    We see a room that is walled up and Mustafa is sent food. The servant says my shehzade your food has come. He says Shehzade? I am Padishah :D o.O  I am Padishah. I, am Padishah :D o.O

    Osman is told that there will be a Divan convened. Osman says let us see what they will say about my decisions. Lala says it is obvious they will not be happy. Especially about how you are sending Kosem sultan to exile. Osman says I want to return to the old magnificent days of the state, and I am willing to take and give life to do that.

    Halime tells Kosem, I had told you to get rid of him while we could, now he has returned from war even more powerful and as if it was not enough that he exiled us, he has ordered celebrations, he celebrates our leaving. Kosem says I made my decision, no blood will be spilled. Halime says tomorrow when the guards come to take us away to the ships what will you do? While we are on the way they can dump us in the sea. Kosem says I do not know about you, but I am going nowhere . He will certainly come back from this mistake of his. Halime says so you will throw us into the fire to spare yourself? That is not that easy, if I burn, everyone will!

    Kosem tells Haci and Eycan to keep their eyes on her.

    Cennet tells Suleyman agha that Safiye is no longer here to protect him, now who will? Suleyman agha says I am the Agha of the Gate of Felicity, I need no one. Cennet says ohhhhhh how many aghas we saw who were not safe. There was Gazanfer Agha for example, who lost is head right in front of the Padishah. God forbid, hopefully your end is not like that.

    Cennet tells the Kosems boys and little Beyazid that Kosem has sent them some gifts. Murat doesn't want the toy sword. He says I do not want anything from her, she forgot us here. Cennet says can that be possible? All she talks about is you. If she hears about this, she will be very sad. Murat says she should not hear of it then and takes the toy.

    Humashah thanks Osman for permission to bury her mother in the tomb of her son Mehmet., Osman says no matter what she did, she was a Valide Sultana, her reputation is my own. Humashah says I heard that you sent Halime and Kosem to exile. Osman says yes, you know what happened at war, if it wasn't for the Janissaries behavior, I would not be here but all the way in Vienna! Humashah says it is unfortunate that Kosem is a big burden on the back of the state. Until we don't rid of her, keeping order will be difficult. Zulfikar arrives and Osman tells them that he doesn't know what happened but he does not approve the divorce, they must stay married. When they both object, each saying it is better for them to divorce, Osman says no, it does not end until I say so. Deal with whatever you have between you because when I am not here, the Capitol is under your care. Humashah says where are you going? He says to the sacred land, the Harem o sherif (Hajj).

    Kosem says that Humahsah is turning Osman more and more against them. Eycan says and she separated from Zulfikar so she is running the harem now. Haci says and according to Cennet, the decision to exile you came from her as well. Kosem says she is trying to get revenge for her mother and brother, but she won't!

    Zulfikar tells Osman that he must warn him about this decision to go to hajj. Osman says his actual plan is to go all the way to Syria and on the way will gather an army loyal only to me. The time has come to change the order of the Janissaries and I will cleanse them of all the traitors. Zulfikar says indeed they have broken many traditions they are supposed to follow, they have brought their own sons into it, some of them grown lazy, opened up coffee houses instead of training. etc. Osman says this is why the order has been broken. I will turn them back around to their old rules and order. Every Janissary will be loyal to me. Humashah says no one, not Kosem or anyone else, no one except our Hunkar's rule will have weight. Zulfikar says this is will be difficult, when they find out. Osman says when they hear I want to go to hajj, they will be busy arguing about that, and in the meantime I will take the treasury, and the shehzades with me to Anatolia.

    The celebrations continue and we see Meleksema sitting with pregnant Akile.

    Kosem meets with the Janissary Ali Agha saying that Osman will distance her from her children by exiling her. Ali agha says do not worry we are not accepting of that. She says be ready, the storm can descend at any time.

    In the Divan, Mufti Esad Efendi says how is this possible (for a padishah to go for hajj)? Osman says there is always a first. And going there has been on my mind for a long time. I want to go give thanks to God for the victory of peace at Hotin. Esad Efendi says but as you know, the Padishahs have been excused from the pilgrimage in order to maintain peace and order in the nation. Leaving like this is not fitting. Huseyin pasha also tells him the same. Osman says he has made his decision. Then he says in my absence, you will be reagent and look after the Capitol and nation. Then he tells the Mufti that they will go to the main gardens where a feast and celebration is prepared, they can talk about it there.

    Osman is told that his son has been killed in an accident in the gardens.

    Osman comforts Meleksema. Cennet says that Omer was in his cradle and that they do not even know how it could have happened. Suleyman agha whispers something in his ear and Osman leaves.

    That night, Halime is scolding Dilruba saying what did you do? How could you do such a thing?! It is Davut's idea right? Dilruba says you wanted us to get rid of Kosem sultan, so we did it. Halime says by killing a little baby shehzade?! Silruba says for Mustafa's future, everything is the price. That is what you said. Halime says you are playing with fire and you will burn everyone!  Dilruba says don't worry mother, Osman will not blame us, he will blame Kosem and take her life.

    Zulfikar tells Osman that the one responsible has been killed and dumped here in order not to speak. Lala says means that it seems that it was not an accident, traitors have attempted to take his life. Osman says who? Kosem sultan's supporters? Lala says I cannot think of anyone else. Zulfikar says forgive me, but Kosem sultan would not kill a prince, especially not a baby.

    Halil says does your husband not see who we are dealing with? (ie. Kosem). Dilruba says I do not get why are you so worried. Everything is taken care of there is no danger. Halime says my real worry is Kosem, how will you fool her? She will know it was us and go against us! Dilruba says she is done with us ever since Safiye and her son have been rid of. We must look to our own way now. Kosem enters saying you did it right? You killed a little shehzade.

    Lala says it was decided today that Kosem will be exiled, and then the shehzade was killed, is this a coincidence. Zulfikar says if we think like that, well Halime sultan was also exiled.  Lala says maybe they got together. They are the ones who benefit most from this, Especially Kosem sultan. Zulfikar says this is a heavy accusation. Let me investigate. Osman says no need, I will take care of it.

    Halime says you think we are the mother of all evil. We have no hand in this. And why should we do it? Kosem says maybe to throw the blame on me? Dilruba says leave her to think what she wants. We do not have to explain. Kosem says of course not, but now you will be on your own and I will not let you get away with what you did.

    Murad isn't falling asleep, he sits there with his wooden sword and stands ready. Osman goes to visit his little brothers at night, and says Murad, have you not slept? What is in you hand? Murad shows him the wooden sword. Osman says are you afraid of me? Murad says I do not fear anything. Osman says I am afraid. I am afraid of becoming a tyrant king with bloody hands. Murad says have you not become that anyway?  Osman leaves. Murad is left in tears :(

    Kosem stares at the picture of her and Ahmet :'(

    In the morning Osman and the guards arrive to find Janissaries in front of the old palace. Osman says what are you doing here? Ali agha says we do not agree with Kosem sultan being exiled. Osman says who are you to prevent me, let alone not agree?! Kosem exits and says I heard about the incident, and gives her condolences. Osman says what insolence is this, you have the janissaries with you and then come in front of me and give condolences. Kosem says no, I would never dare. We can speak inside. He says we have nothing to speak about! Obey my orders at once and leave the capitol.

    During the prayers being done for the deceased prince, Meleksema says Cennet if it was Kosem who killed my son I will take her life with my own hands. Cennet says that is not possible she would never. Suleyman agha tells Cennet that Akile is giving birth now.

    Kosem tells Osman who is turning you like this. Are they placing fake proof before you? Osman says had I had proof I would have taken your life right here. Kosem says if you hate me that much, take my life now, don't waste time. But know this, despite you killing my child, I did not bring to mind even for a moment to harm you. Osman says I look around me and everyone has their swords. They look for a chance to dethrone me. And you, had you really wanted me to believe you, you would have left the Capitol long ago. Kosem says you don't get it, if I leave, that is when the sun will rise for the traitors! Osman says don't worry, all the traitors will be punished. Everyone. Kosem says Osman if I have even a little right over you, take this decision to exile me back. Osman says I wish you had asked me this before having Janissaries behind you.

    Cennet tells Osman that Akile has given birth to twins, a shehzade and a sultana. Osman says I lost my son yesterday, today my Lord gave me two children. Akile says I hope our children will help you forget the pain of losing our little shehzade. Meleksema is watching.

    In the barracks, Davut says the Janissaries were at the Old palace, Mansur agha says not from us, no one from the sixty fifth battalion was there. We are not working for Kosem. Davut says we will have a good understanding with you . Mansur wonders what. Davut says Sultan Osman's reign will be short, Sultan Mustafa's sultanate will be better for all of us. Mansur says the mad Padishah? Davut says Halime sultan will be regent and I will be involved in state matters. At that time the Janissaries will get the value they deserve.

    Osman tells Lala that his patience is thinning, and at the soonest he will set out to gather his army. Lala says what about the princes? Osman says sh. Mustafa and my brothers will come with me. Lala says there is a way to solve this matter once and for all. To execute all of them. Osman says the nex time you mention it again I will take your head! I swore an oath to God, I will never kill another brother of mine.

    May 18, 1622.

    Davut says to Mansur that Sultan Osman is leaving, and is taking the treasury with him and that he has no doubt about his intentions, that Hajj is a pretense, he is going to gather an army. Mansur says what army?! Davut says he has sent secret orders to beys in Anatolia, and that he will raise a great army from the Sekbans.  Davut says his intention is obvious he wants to put out you, the Janissary corps and what's more, there are rumours he wants to move the Ottoman capitol to Egypt! (historically, it was rumoured he wanted to move the capitol to Anatolia.). You need to intervene at once. Mansur says Sultan Osman will know who he is dealing with. Davut says the time has come to light the fire of revolt.

    Osman tells Meleksem and Akile that he will set out to Uskudar, then the princes will come to join him, set out together. That they (akile and Melek.) will take a ship to Bursa and join and they will go continue together. Meleksema says why are we going like escapees. Akile says you know best but I have a bad feeling. I hope the end of this is not a bad outcome. Osman says don't worry I think of the safety of all of you. We will endure some trouble first, but our future is bright.

    Kosem is being told by Halil that Osman is making a terrible mistake by going to Anatolia to gather an army from the Sekbans. Kosem says what he trying to do? Halil says to take control of absolute power, he is trying to be rid of all of us. He has taken the treasury with him. I do not doubt that he will take the princes with him. Kosem says this is the fault of all the traitors around. This does not just spell trouble for Osman, but pushes the mighty state into disaster. We cannot be at peace until we kill them all.

    Kosem hands a list of men: Lala omer efendi, the GV Dilaver pasha, the agha of gate of felicity, Suleyman agha, Nishanci Ahmet pasha, Defterdar baki pasha , as well as the Sekban bas, Nasuh agha
    Kosem says I want all their heads. Ali agha, the greatest task befalls the Janissaries. First go get a fetva for the executions of these men. After,  that someone must go and ensure Osman does not leave the palace.

    Humashah tells the men around that they must protect Osman at the cost of their life. And to not forget what you have lost for his sake. Zulfikar says the people are not happy about Osman leaving for hajj. God forbid if they find the truth, it will get worse. Lala says we must or else if he does not go then blood will be spilled. Humashah agrees saying the Janissaries take swords out on Osman whenever they can, and anyway the arrow has left the bow. Osman arrives. She wishes him a safe trip. Zulfikar says that all the preparations are complete, the army has been gathered in Anatolia. Osman says good, then says the shehzades are under Lala's care to escort to Uskudar.

    Mansur agha says that Sultan Osman has lied to them, that he has made Hajj an excuse and is going to Anatolia to raise his own army. That he wishes to be rid of the Janissaries. Are we going to let this happen? The men shout out their discontent. Ali agha says my men listen! What Mansur agha says is true, but our Hunkar is not at fault. Then he says starting with Lala omer Efendi and Dilaver pasha, for the safety of our barracks we must be rid of these traitors. Of course afterwards our Hunkar will change his mind. The men say let us go get the traitors heads. Ali agha says first, we must go to the Sheyhul Islam, we must first get a Fetva. Davut tells Kilindir agha that no one can stop them now, not even Kosem sultan and to get ready because now our era is starting.

    Zulfikar tells Osman that they are ready with one thousand Janissaries and two thousand Cavalry. They are headed by aghas who are loyal to you. Osman says I am glad you are around.

    The Janissaries say let us go, let us go to Esad Efendi. Then they start destroying things. Ali agha says stop it what are you doing? But Mansur agha says we are not going ceremonially! (He has been ordered by Davut obviously)

    Mufti Esad Efendi admires his grandchildren Mustafa and Zeynep. Then he asks what is wrong. Akile says our Hunkar is going to Uskudar I have come to bid you farewell. We will go with him. Esad says I warned him many times, you are not going anywhere. She says my place is with him and my children too. Esad Efendi sees the commotion outside.

    He says how dare you enter my house without permission! Mansur agha says the matter is important, while we were not even happy for Sultan Osman to go for Hajj, instead he has gone to go and  gather an army. Ali agha says the people are around him are turning him against the Janissaries. Mansur says the ones who cause trouble and discord and disunity, we want a fetva for their execution.

    Lala Omer sees what is going on and quickly pulls his hood over his head.

    Osman says Lala should have already brought the shehzades by now. And Dilaver is not around. Osman is told by Dilaver that when the Janissaries found out he has gone to Uskudar, they attacked his (Dilaver's) palace. And he got away within an inch of his life. They have destroyed homes and stalls in the market, the condition is bad.

    Lala arrives and Cennet says what happened? He says disaster! The traitors attacked our villa (and neighbourhood), they want my head. Cennet says I told you do not take Kosem against you. Omer says I am telling you they will take my head! Go speak with Kosem sultan. The end of this matter will be bad.

    The city is being ransacked because of stupid Davut's men. Osman sees what is going on. Dilaver says the Janissaries found out about the new army. Osman says who exposed it, no one else knew but us. Zulfikar says there are spies everywhere it would get out. Dilaver says another thing you must know, Esad Efendi has given fetva for myself, Suleyman agha and Omer Efendi. Zulfikar says we must return. If we do not take precautions this revolt will grow.

    We hear shouts of help! Help! amid the chaos.

    Cennet tells Humashah that revolt has broken out. The Janissaries are out for blood. Humashah tells Bulbul to tell the guards to take precautions. Then she says come with me Meleksema. Cennet tells Suleyman agha if I were you I would not be so calm. The rebels want your head too. Suleyman says what do they want from me. She says when you do things bigger than your neck this is what happens. We need to go get the shehzades out. Omer Efendi is waiting. They will go to be with our Hunkar.

    Kosem is told that the janissaries are disobeying the orders of the Janissary aghas and are destroying the city, especially the sixty fifth battalion. Especially from the Kosem says warn the aghas, the revolt will NOT go to the palace! Anyone who disobeys this will pay with their life. She asks about her sons, and is told that Osman hadn't taken them with him. We sent word to our men in the palace, if necessary (if they are in danger) they will take them out).

    Cennet beats Suleyman agha until he's knocked out. Then she calls for the aghas saying hurry come and save the princes. She says you will be hidden in these so that you can be taken to the old palace to be with your mother. Murad doesn't want to go inside the basket and Cennet says don't resist, if someone sees us they will bring trouble upon us. Bulbul says what are you doing, have you lost your mind?! Cennet says I will kill you if you prevent me, we have to do this to save our princes.

    Zulfikar says ou shehzades didn't arrive yet, it looks impossible for them to be brought in this trouble. We should go back now. A guard tells him they saw his horse (the one Ahmet gifted him) has been killed. They found it in blood. Whoever did had stabbed the horse with daggers. Osman says how?! Who?! The guard says we could not find out who. Osman says go bring whoever did it to me!

    Osman says that was a keepsake from my father. What happened to our aghas are trusted?! Zulfikar says it could not have been from us, it must have been someone from the outside. We cannot stay here any longer it is dangerous. Osman says we won't. We will return to the palace. I will take whoever did this to account !

    Bulbul has disguised the princes and has taken them out. We see them waiting for Cennet , he says where were you? Look at the trouble you have thrust on us! Cennet says if she had not taken the princes out they could have been in danger. She says I need to send word to Kosem, Bulbul says be careful if the people find out you are Omer's wife, they will even rip your teeth out!

    Murad says why is there a rebellion? Bulbul says I will tell you, long story, but right now we must be careful so the rebels don't hear.

    Osman arrives. Lala says finally you arrived, they are crying for my head. Osman says be calm, I am not giving up anyone to them. Zulfikar says send word to the guards the rebels are not to enter at any cost. Suleyman agha tells Osman that Cennet helped the shehzades escape. Osman says I left them to your care Omer Efendi! Omer says the rebels were after me, I did not think Cennet would betray us. Osman says go bring them, check the old palace! Kosem has ordered this! Go bring them (and her I think) wherever they are hiding!

    Kosem says how can there be no word, my sons should have been here by now. Cennet tells her they are safe, she was afraid for their safety and got them out. Haci says why did you not inform us, or wait for news from us! Kosem says where are they?! Cennet says the rebels blocked all the roads, and that since it was dangerous to bring them to this palace, she had to take them to Kosem's soup kitchen. They are with Bulbul.  Kosem tells Haci to get her carriage ready.

    The princes wait with Bulbul but the rebels can be heard outside. Bulbul says do not be afraid wait. Everyone is running about. Bulbul tells the boys to hurry up as they go through a small exit.

    Bulbul pretends to be sleeping,

    Osman finds Meleksema and Humashah says thank God you returned safely. He asks where Akile is. Humashah says she had gone to see her father, but hasn't returned yet and now I am worried too. Osman says could something have happened to them? Zulfikar says don't worry, I will send an agha. Humashah says I sent an agha of mine who won't attract attention.

    Osman grabs Meleksema by the hand and goes into the room. Zulfikar tells Humashah to go to her palace before the rebels enter here. She says my real palace is here. This is my home. The subjects have betrayed my family. I am not going to go hide leaving my house and family on this kind of day. Kosem sultan will not get what she wants.

    The men shout for Osman in the square. Mansur, who I really want to slap right now, is saying that Osman has has returned to the Capitol but it is not enough. If Osman does not deliver Omer, and the others they will even destroy the palace. Davut is in the crowd. Mufti Esad Efendi stands up saying come to your senses people, this cannot be. I will go and explain to our Sultan in the right manner lawfully. Mansur says our Hunkar does not follow the law, he has left no way for us, we will get what we want! Esad Efendi says you do not even trust me? I will personally speak to him, and deliver your complaints. Mansur says fine as you say. If he does not accept, then we will come to him with swords. Until then no stone left un-turned.

    Osman watches as his city burns. Kosem enters the soup kitchen only to find out her sons are gone. Cennet says what happened here? Haci says it is clear the rebels came. Cennet says do not bring bad thoughts to mind, Bulbul is with them, he won't leave them. Kosem says look everywhere, find my princes.

    The shehzades are hiding and can hear the commotion outside. Kasim says what will we do. Murad says be calm, do not be afraid, while I am around, no one can do anything to you.

    May 19, 1622. Zulfikar tells Osman that Esad Efendi has come to deliver the demands of the rebels. Osman asks where they are and Zulfikar says they are in the square. Osman says where are the Janissaries and cavalry with us, why have they not arrived yet. Zulfikar says they have been sent word, they should reach in time hopefully.

    Mustafa wants water, can't find any and asks what is going on. The servant says I was wondering too, there has been no sound since last night. Mustafa shouts out for water through the little latch.

    Esad Efendi walks up to Osman and whispers that he should not worry as Akile and the babies are in his villa and are safe there. Osman makes a face like step back.

    Osman says since you have come to deliver those rebels demands, what do my subjects want from me? Esad says they want the executions of these men for the sake of order and stability in the state. Osman reads it and says what will happen if I do not give what they want, will they attempt to kill me? Esad Efendi says seeing as the Janissaries have gathered, they will certainly get what they want. My recommendation is before the city is destroyed completely and the revolt grows, do what they ask, otherwise it will be too late. Osman rips the note. Says who dares set conditions on me.  I will break you first, then them! I will not give anyone over to them. Zulfikar agha lock the religious scholars all up in a room in the palace. They will not be able to leave until the crowd is dispersed. Esad Efendi says is this to be done? Osman says and the revolt? Is that something to be done?! And you, my father in law, is it fitting for you to give the rebels a fetva?!

    Eycan tells Kosem that she has not eaten since yesterday she will be weakened. Kosem says how can I eat when I do not know where my children are. Haci arrives telling Kosem that they could not find the princes.

    In the square, mansur agha says Esad Efendi didn't return. March on the palace doors. Ali agha says do not go. The bostanci are armed, I even heard there are canons and muskets (rifles) at the ready. Let us await Esad Efendi. Sultan Osman will accept our requests. Mansur orders someone to go check from the minaret of Hagia Sophia to see if there are indeed guns and canons and they will decide based on that what to do next.

    Bulbul prays for God's help. He asks a man, uncle have you seen four little kids? He has not.

    Kilindir (i could throw my laptop right now) Kilindir finds them.

    Murad says do not come near. Stay away from us. Kilindir says I have come to take you to your mother. Murad says why should I trust you, how would I know you are telling the truth. Kilindir says trust me, your brother Osman's guards are searching everywhere for you. If they find you, you will be killed. So without wasting time, let us go to your mother. Murad takes his hand. UGH. Bulbul sees this.

    The agha says there are no canons no guns, it is a lie.  There are just a few guards. Mansur says see, they are lying to keep us away from the palace , march, the time has come to take what is our right. Mansur says to the public you stay back, if we are to fight the guards, you will be on our toes (you will in the way). Ali agha says to Masrur, you are doing wrong, Kosem sultan's orders are standing, we wait for Esad Efendi, we are not to enter the palace. Mansur says go tell Kosem I do not take orders from women.

    Zulfikar tells Osman the rebels entered the courtyard. Osman says the guards are ready right? Zulfikar says they have taken precaution but they will not be able to last long. Osman asks about the help from the loyal janissaries and cavalry. Zulfikar says no, as the revolt grew it seems they have joined their ranks. Zulfikar says until they get what they want, the rebels won't stop. They will enter the palace. Osman says how will they enter? They will shout that is all. What will they do? They won't kill me will they? Zulfikar says this is different. I have never seen this kind of treason nor heard of it. Their eyes are turned red, we must think of every precaution. Osman says what is your advice? Zulfikar turns to Humashah. She says before the matter turns worse, give them what they want. No one is more valuable than you and our shehzades.

    Omer has heard from the corner.

    The aghas march forward. Davut watches.

    Mansur says lower your swords, our matter is not with you. Do not die needlessly. The loyal guard refuses. But then sees he is outnumbered lowers it and calls his guards off.

    The Janissaries enter.

    Zulfikar pleads with Osman. Osman says what would you have me do? Bow to rebels? Zulfikar says a powerful leader knows when to retreat. Give them what they want now. Let them return to the barracks and the people to their homes. Later, we kill them.

    Kosem prays for her sons safety. There is a knock and Haci says this agha has been sent by Bulbul that an agha named Kilindir has taken the shehzades. Please help. Kosem says Dilruba!

    Dilruba enters and says you have done well Kilindir you will rewarded. Murad says Dilruba send us to our mother at once, or all your heads will roll. Dilruba says your mother's era is over, and your brother Osmans. They will all die, No one will be able to save you anymore.

    The crowd shouts for  the different men they want to execute. Then one of them says from now on Osman has no rule over us. We should dethrone Sultan Osman. We want Sultan Mustafa! Then they shout Long live Sultan Mustafa.

    Lala has joined the crowd and escapes. The men shout march and move forward. Mansur says where is sh. Mustafa? He is told that he is in the room of the heir. They find out they cannot enter as it is blocked off. Mansur says we will find another way.

    Dilruba tells Kilindir that until Kilindir gets word from her, the princes are under their care. Bulbul has followed them.

    Mustafa sees that the ceiling is being broken and a rope is lowered and men are getting down. Mansur looks for him and Mustafa says do not kill me. Mansur says your mother has sent us, we will not harm you. Mustafa says I am thirsty can you give me water? He gives Mustafa water who drinks up. Mansur says we wish to put you on the throne. Mustafa says if you want me, then I want you as well o.O hahaha :D

    Osman says we are stuck here...we don't even know what is happening outside. A guard enters and Osman says where is Lala Omer? The guard says he is not in the palace, he must have run away. Osman says that traitor! I was throwing everyone in danger to save him and he has left me here and run away! Humashah says what did you expect, when the boat sinks the rat escapes first. His loyalty was only until this.

    Zulfikar tells Osman that they have broken the roof, gotten into Mustafa's room and are shouting Sultan Mustafa. Osman says Zulfikar pasha, give the rebels what they want.

    Halil pasha enters Kosem's carriage saying he was worried about her safety. She says leave me, worry about my children. Then she tells him how Kilindir, Dilruba's dog has kidnapped them. Halil says he has bad news too. The revolt has gone bad, they entered the palace and are shouting Sultan Mustafa. It is obvious they will put him on the throne. Kosem says how did everything get out of our hands?! Halil says the sixty fifth division have gotten together with those who hate Osman, they hate Osman so much that I fear for his life. Kosem says no, this won't happen. Go tell everyone. Whoever dares to attempt on Osman's life, will not be saved from Kosem's wrath, and I will strike all their heads!

    A guard enters saying listen. Our Padishah are willing to deliver Suleyman agha and Dilaver agha. Also, he has gone back on his decision to go to Hajj. The people start beating the two.

    Davut watches.

    Mustafa is laughing as he is being raised up on the rope hahahahaha :D

    The rebels say it is not enough, they want Omer too. The agha says he has run away from the palace. One of them says do not believe them, Sultan Osman is protecting him! Just then Mustafa is announced as Sultan by Mansur agha.  Davut bows before him and so do others. Mustafa says Hunkarim? He says Osman? He is the Padishah, if he comes he will kill me. Davut says Sultan Osman can no longer harm you. Davut tells Mansur to go get Osman.

    Mustafa says I am Padishah.

    The guard tells Zulfikar that he was right, they would not stop and they did not, and have even "pledged allegiance" to Mustafa. Zulfikar says get the Caique (a type of boat, ) ready, they will sneak out from behind. But, the guard says they have  drawn all the boats out.

    Halime tells Dilruba that this rebellion scares her and what if the rebels do something to Mustafa. Dilruba says do not worry, Kosem's sons are with us. Her hands are tied. She has no one to put on the throne. The soldiers have no choice but to pledge allegiance to Mustafa. Halime says if I could see my son safe and sound. Dilruba says dont worry, Davut handled everything. My brother will come to this palace, and as a Sultan.

    Kosem enters saying Dilruba you traitor! Where are my princes?! Osman says we gave them what they wanted, why has the rebellion not died down? Zulfikar says we are too late. We are way too late. Humashah says we must leave the palace at once. Zulfikar says but I do not know how we will do that, they have us surrounded from all sides. Humashah says what will we do Zulfikar? He says we will leave, we will find a solution and get out.

    Kosem says who are you to take my children as leverage. Tell me at once where they are! Dilruba says be calm, you will make an agreement with us, if you do that, then you will be reunited with your children. What agreement are you talking about? I will take your lives right here, it needs only my order and you will not get out of this room alive. Dilruba says then you will never see the princes again. Kosem says what do you want? Halime says you will willingly accept my son getting on the throne, or your children will die. The aghas say hurry the Janissaries are coming!

    There is a knock on the door and the agha says that the rebels are marching to the Hasoda Chamber. Osman says do not be afraid we will leave here. Then he gives the order to Zulfikar, the aghas enter. All the man stand ready with swords drawn. Humashah says oh God please protect us.

    THE END.

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