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    Episode Title: The Reign of Sable
    Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZXvrLLmkeY&t=4547s

    1648, Filurya Pavilion:

    Haci tells Sultana, you have a visitor. Kosem replies who is it? Turhan says, It is I, my Valide.

    Turhan: I wanted to come meet and speak with you before, to explain everything...but...

    Kosem: But you didn't dare to speak did you? Yes, you stabbed me in my back.  What to do? Everyone's personality is different. If a person's soul is evil and dirty, no matter how much you teach that person, they will come out and turn like this one day. When she is hungry, then like a dog she bites her master's hand. Turhan: You are still angry with me. You hate me. And you are right to be, but no matter what I do, I do to protect my son prince Mehmet. Kosem says: From who? From me? He is my grandson! Turhan says not from you my sultana, but from that deaf and blind thing called sultanate. As you know many brothers and sons were killed for it's sake. I didn't want my son to be one of those. I though that if you were to step aside...

    Kosem: What did you think? That you could take my place? Did you think you could fill my shoes? It didn't work did it? You couldn't succeed. And just like you couldn't succeed, you also ruined everything! Turhan says the curse of youth has caused me trouble too, mother. And that is where I got my insolence from. If you could know how regretful I am! My family is doing poorly, order is ruined, the enemy has closed off the Marmara straight, they block ships from entering the capitol, the people are close to starvation, on top of this our Majesty has no clue about all this happening. Because his mind is taken up with Sable fur. So much so that he wants sable from everyone. And on top of this, he will wed that woman named Humasah.

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim is with Humasah, he says Humasah, my sunshine, my moon, my Padisah, you finally gave me a child. my Orhan. Humasah says I am afraid Ibrahim. He says why are you afraid. She says I am afraid for my son. I heard such things, and you were the one who told me most of it. And what if our child lives his life in fear waiting for executioners? Ibrahim says "you are worrying for no reason, soon I will have the entire palace covered in fur, not just my room. Just like the palace the Shah in the story you told me had built! The one where death couldn't get into! And we, we shall be safe along with our prince."  Humasah replies, God willing your majesty."

    Back to Kosem and Turhan. Kosem says and if you are unhappy with your situation, why do you come to me? Go to the grand vizier Ahmet pasha and tell him your concerns. Haci says or to Cinci Huseyin Efendi. Turhan says they are each worse than the other. Their only concerns are to fill their coffers. Especially that Cinci. There is nothing he won't do for money.

    We see a man telling Cinci - you will not find a better suitor for the position of Karaman judge, if you see my appointment fitting, I will never make you regret it. Cinci says Karaman position is large, a difficult task, can you carry this burden? The man says of course Huseyin Efendi, I can carry it. He opens a box of gold coins. Cinci says great...you actually convinced me, the job is yours.

    Kosem tells Turhan: I already know a great deal about all that you are telling me, tell me why you have come. Turhan replies: The following week there will be celebrations for the wedding, and Atike sultana wishes for you to be present. Kosem says while there are so many aghas and kalfas in the palace, Atike has sent you with the invitation? Turhan says I specifically asked her if I could be the one to come, because I have something important to speak to you about. I have an offer for you. Some words have come to my ears, that a great revolt will occur and that Sultan Ibrahim will be dethroned, of course by your order. Kosem says I would say the intelligence your received is solid but even the fools know this. The storm is nigh, yes. Haci adds: No one knows when, how and in what way.

    Turhan says in my opinion this is the only way. If you permit, I wish to work with you, and form an alliance. Kosem replies and why should I ally myself with you? Turhan says for the prevention of blood shed my sultana, just as you know, even if you have loyal subjects, I do too. And if you add to that that I am the mother of the heir apparent, then what you want can easily come to pass. Kosem says I accept your offer. I will agree to alliance with you, but I have certain conditions. First of all, not a hair on my sovereign son's head will be harmed, that is condition number one and number two is that I will announce myself as the regent since I am the grandmother Valide. I will rule. Turhan says of course this can be discussed and a middle ground found... Kosem says there is no discussion. I am going to get my grandson Mehmet on the throne anyway, with or without you. Turhan says in that case, all the best with our alliance, I accept your conditions. With your permission...Kosem says did are you sure you didn't forget anything, Turhan? Haci motions and Turhan goes to kiss Kosem's robe.


    A painting is brought before Ibrahim. Cinci says "your favourite Zarife and Osman have gone off the way of truth and have converted to Christianity." Another man says and the enemy has made their painting and even worse...Ibrahim shouts what could be worse than this?! Huseyin says they have put our prince in the monastery, he will pass through the training for Pope. Another man says God knows what kind of threats they threatened them with that you favourite and your prince have accepted such an insult. Ibrahim asks rhetorically - and could it be possible any other way?!

    There is a knock and Ibrahim is told Yusuf has come back from Crete. Ibrahim says what news have yo brought? Yusuf says the largest fortress in Crete is now ours but the enemy is refusing to give up Candia, for this reason the siege is taking a while, but it will eventually be given up and I will hand over the keys to you, our most precious majesty. Ibrahim says what are these? Yusuf says I brought them from Crete, they are a humble gift from me. Ibrahim says why did I make you my commander? Why did I send you? Your real task was to bring Osman and my favourite back to me! And you were unsuccessful. My prince and my favourite converted because of you! And instead of bringing them, you brought me these marble columns?! What shall I do with these? Yusuf says your majesty, the meaning of these is very valuable, it is a sign of victory, it is a sign of my service to you. Ibrahim says he calls it service! HAH! Is this what you call service! And you didn't kill the ones in the fortress and bring back their wealth! Yusuf says we made a peaceful agreement, how could I break it, and of course, it is not right to kill the enemy who pleads for mercy! Ibrahim shouts instead of begging for forgiveness, he continues to try to justify himself. Ibrahim shouts go back to Crete and don't return until you've conquered it. Yusuf says your majesty, forgive me, but it is no the right season for the seas. Cinci the idiot says in place of begging for forgiveness, you also raise your head to your padisah! Ibrahim orders him to be taken. Yusuf says is this befitting of me? If I had brought these columns to your mighty fore-father Sultan Suleyman, he would have appreciated it! And you want to kill me! Ibrahim says to the guards why are you all waiting, did you not hear my order?! Strangle him at once! Yusuf says your majesty, I did not make any mistakes or errors I swear, you are doing injustice!

    Ibrahim goes over and says I never noticed before, what nice cheeks he has, like apples. Oh this is unfortunate. I should not have killed him. He suddenly notices everyone is watching and he exits.

     Kemankes meets with Kosem and asks are you well? She says I am fine. He says I have heard that Turhan came to visit you. Kosem says she heard about the preparations for rebellion and she wishes to work together to dethrone my son. Kemankes says as you said she is a dangerous woman, by allying herself with you, she has secured her life. And what did you say in return? I am sure you answered her well. Kosem says I accepted her offer. Kemankes says when we don't need her, why did you accept? Kosem says it is obvious she won't stand still, seeing as she came here to ask to join me, it means she has thought of everything and taken precautions and since I am not in the palace, she also has people who have turned their face to her. I didn't want her causing us trouble while we prepare the rebellion. Kemankes says and if she accepted this, then Turhan did not only do it because she is forced to, but also because she has some secret account to settle, she must want to act after the rebellion. Kosem says and would I allow that? When my grandson gets on the throne, I will have her killed. She will get what she deserves. Haci arrives and says your carriage is ready my sultana. Kosem says I haven't gone to the palace in years. Why should I lie? I miss it. Kemo says you will certainty return to the palace and then no one will exile you ever again. She says we will return together, soon everyone will know you are alive, you will no longer have to hide, and as always, you will be at my side. The very closest at my side.

    Turhan speaks with Koprulu. She says in other words, Kosem sultana has lost nothing of her arrogance. She continues to think of herself as the only source of power. Koprulu says and she wouldn't be wrong. The Janissaries are in her hands, and she knows very well that without the aid of the soldiers, this fight cannot be a victorious one. Another man says it is because of Sahin and Bektash aghas of the Janissary elders, if we get rid of them both then we can take control of the barracks. Turhan says not yet, the most important thing right now is for Kosem sultana to not see me as a threat. Let her think I have lowered my neck to her. Of course I have my own plans...

    Ibrahim finds Atike waiting for him. He says Atike what are you doing here? Who is this? Atike replies - an agha named Eyyup from among the soldiers, one whom I trust and who is loyal to me. What he has to say is important. Huseyin Efendi - leave us alone. Ibrahim says no, whatever you have to say, say it in front of Cinci, I have nothing I hide from him. Eyyup says according to the intelligence I received there is a rebellion being prepared against you. Atike adds and it is Kosem sultana who gave the orders! Ibrahim says what Atike? Are you saying my mother has given the orders? She doesn't have any other sons left but me, I am her only hope. Impossible! Eyyup says your majesty, how could I ever accuse our Valide Sultana without being certain? The news is absolute. Ibrahim says so is that so...so she gave up on me, so she's up to her old tricks.

    Atike shouts, Ibrahim where are you off to? He says to go and speak with mother. To ask her how could she dare to do such a thing. Atike replies, no Ibrahim, don't do such a thing. if mother finds out you know about the rebellion things will get worse. We should take precautions so that she is unsuccessful. Cinci says your Majesty, our sultana is right, the only way to turn the tide is to keep quiet. Keeping quiet and acting before her (before Kosem).

    Humasah is being dressed for the wedding celebrations. Melek enters and tells her "your marriage has been done, Humasah says oh God, thank you! Finally. Wait a moment! This is for you (to Melek), for bringing the good news. Melek says thank you, you are very generous.

    Celebrations are underway in the harem, Humasah enters and takes a seat. The other consorts gossip about it. One says she was a smart woman...she got herself married! The other says and dowry was hundreds of thousands of gold! Sivekar says oh curse her marriage...prancing around decked out with her strings. Shall she become the String Haseki over us?! HA! Shhh...girls...she will strangle us with those strings, I swear! Humasah says to Turhan, will you not congratulate me? Turhan says finally your work paid off, I congratulate you. You've used our majesty's weaknesses very well. Humasah says you consider everyone a hypocrite like yourself. But I love our majesty with all my heart, and I got my rewards in the end. Turhan says you think you won a victory but do not forget, in this palace, that very moment you think you will not fall, you will fall and the moment you think you cannot die, you will die.

    The grand vizier, Ahmet pasha, tells Ibrahim - forgive me your majesty, but I do not understand how our Kosem sultana can do this. God forbid if the fire of rebellion grows, it can burn everyone. Ibrahim says this is what hurts me anyway. Mother has decided to dethrone my just like she did with my brothers Osman and Murad. I guess she hasn't learned anything from the past. She thinks she can control the rebellion, this is how crazy she has gotten! Cinci says for this reason pasha, we must get ahead of the rebellion and cut it off. The pasha asks how? Atike replies: Tonight, you will have a feast in your palace and invite the elders of the barracks. None of them will see the next day, you will have them all killed. The pasha says your majesty? Ibrahim says you heard, there orders are my orders. I do not want any error! Ibrahim is informed that Kosem has entered the palace.

    In the hall, Kosem arrives. Haci announces her arrival. Make way, her highness, Valide Kosem sultana!  She enters and Humasah says welcome, you bring blessings. Haci presents a gift. Humasah says thank you. Kosem replies, may it be for the best. Humasah says this is my son, Orhan, your grandchild. Kosem says may you be fortunate in life, my prince. Kosem says and how is your room? Is it comfortable? Humasah says it wasn't my idea mother, our majesty saw it fitting. Kosem says what to say? My sovereign son's heart is quite carefree.

    Everyone is seated.

    Sivekar comments to the other consorts - have you seen Kosem sultana's earrings? They are so expensive that they cost two hundred thousand coins! One of the consorts says and what's it to you how much it costs, didn't you get a beating once for this reason? Sivekar says shhh, don't remind me. Kosem sultana beat me so much, I couldn't eat for three months!

    Kosem meanwhile remarks, there is no evidence of the rules and traditions how sad. Turhan says unfortunately...the feet have even becomes heads. Kosem says this is why the imperial harem cannot be left empty, we will fix everything.

    Meanwhile, Melek comments to Lalezar: It is strange that Kosem sultana and Turhan are speaking. Lalezar says it is the custom that during weddings and funerals, all fights are set aside so don't look for something behind it. Melek says like we don't know Kosem sultana....soon the smell will get out (of what is going on).

    In the barracks an elder says and what has the grand vizier written? The other Janissary says Ahmet pasha has invited us to his palace for a feast. The elders says this while the soldiers are off fighting in Crete, the people are starving from famine, and Sultan Ibrahim has gotten caught up in his wedding spending loads of money! God help us! Another one says Thank God that Kosem sultana is at our lead, Bektash agha, she is the hope for us and the people. Hopefully she returns and fixes these problems! The other man with the letter who works for Koprulu (Siyavush) says God willing but  what will we do tonight? Are we going to attend the invite? Bektash says do we have any other choice? The grand vizier has invited us, we must go but we must take precautions as we do not know what these types of people are up to.

    Atike says I am glad you came and didn't make me sad. God willing our wedding will be for the best. Kosem says what good Atike? We have the spending for the campaign and then the famine...this wedding will only take us to disaster. As if this spending wasn't enough, the treasury of Egypt has been given to her. Ibrahim says why do you say this mother? My late father also held a wedding for you too. Kosem says and who he compares me with! Ibrahim says of course no one can hold your place,  I have a gift for you. He brings the painting of Osman and Zarife to her. Do you recognize them? My prince Osman and Zarife - and the enemy has locked up my son in a monastery and will turn him into a Pope. No matter how much you will be saddned by this, it will be too little. Kosem says take this away I don't want to see it! Ibrahim says yes, take it, in fact burn it! They are both dead to me, and in fact you are the one who killed them! Kosem says we should leave the past in the past so it isn't used against us! And what you need to do is obvious - deny that Osman is your child. Ibrahim says you wanted this to be like this from the start anyway! What happened mother (as she gets up)? Won't you eat your food? Kosem says I am full with your words of poison, thank you.

    Sivekar jumps forward and says are you in pain, your majesty? I can have some ointment made at once and massage your head for you if you wish. Ibrahim says my Sivekar. What would I do without you? I can never repay you. Sivekar says no need to repay, what repayment? But if you insist, I have something to ask for on this happy day, but don't know how to ask...Ibrahim says what is that, tell me?

    Kosem enters a small room where she is staying. She says look at the condition I have fallen into! They saw this room befitting me! I am living like a refugee in my own palace! Haci says do not make yourself sad my sultana, soon everything will be like it was before. Lalezar enters and says my sultana. Kosem says speak Lalezar. Lal says I do not know how to say it. Haci says say it like it is. Lalezar says your earrings...our majesty has ordered for your earrings to be given to Sivekar. Kosem says do you hear what is coming out of your mouth?! These earrings are a keepsake from my Ahmet! Didn't you tell that to Ibrahim!? Lal says I did,  but you know our majesty's nature.

    Lalezar enters with earrings for Sivekar who says ohhhh look at the beauty of these. At one time, mother had beat me for trying them on! And now the tides have turned. Lalezar says hopefully you will be worthy of the earrings our majesty took from our Valide sultana and gave to you. Sivekar says beautiful on me, right? hahaha"

    Ibrahim is presented with a fur by a pasha named Mehmet. He says where did this fur come from? The pasha says it is a humble gift. Then he adds, it is hard to find sable in the Capitol. There is no more left...I have heard that some of the scholars are statesmen consider it difficult to buy the sables. Cinci says our majesty's order is very clear. If they cannot pay with fur, then they can pay in cash. Ibrahim says there is a shipment of sable coming from Russian lands. It will soon arrive in the capitol and the shortage will end. The pasha says I do not see the grand vizier Ahmet pasha here, I thought I would see him? Ibrahim starts to say well he's got a feast and the janissaries - But Cinco starts pretend choking. Ibrahim says what is up Cinci? Cinci says stuck in my throat, Ibrahim says drink water.  The pasha says it is obvious there is a matter and Cinci does not wish me to know about it. He says if I know about it, perhaps I could help.

    That same pasha, Mehmet, goes to meet Kosem. She says what could be the matter that it couldn't wait until morning? Mehmet says I have gained some intelligence from our majesty...you have been exposed. Kosem says who has exposed? Turhan? Mehmet says a soldier has found it... and Ibrahim has taken precautions, he has had the grand vizier invite all the barracks elders to his palace for a feast, it is a trap of course. They will kill them all. Kosem says we must interfere at once. You have a done a great deed, hopefully this will change everything. Haci send word to Huseyin pasha, the time has come.

    Ibrahim is pacing in his room when an agha comes and says that his grand vizier Ahmet has arrived. Ibrahim says what did you do, did you take care of the elders? Ahmet pasha says they figured it out that I had poisoned the food. I got away somehow. Ibrahim says how could they have known! This is impossible! Ahmet says I am not sure who he serves but a man by the named of Kucu Mehmet came and warned them. Ibrahim remembers the conversation with Ahmet. Ibrahim says Sofu! It was Sofu Mehmet's agha! I will cut that man's head! Ahmet says what shall I do? The Janissary will not leave me alive. Permit me to escape to save my life! Melek enters and says forgive me I am disturbing you at this time for night. Ibrahim says do not, do not disturb me, now it is not the time, come later! Melek says the matter is important, there is something you must see.

    Huseyin goes to Kemankes who says what is up? Is all well? Huseyin says no it is not, Sultan Ibrahim tried to have the elders of the barracks poisoned. Kemankes says did it - Huseyin says no thank God, we received news of it in time and took precautions. But Kosem sultana is very upset about this matter. Kemankes says so the time to come out in the open has come. Kemankes says remember, no one is to touch that accursed Cinci, I will be the one who will rip out his liver! Huseyin says when our duty is usually to protect our nation and imperial household from the enemy, look at who we are fallen to protecting it from! Kemo says soon Huseyin...soon our Kosem sultana will be regent once again and God willing, we will re-establish order in the land. Huseyin says God willing.

    Ibrahim meanwhile goes to Sivekar. Who has done this to you my Sivekar. Who? Melek says the servants found her dead already your majesty. We couldn't understand what happened. Ibrahim says how can this happen?! She was just fine before when we were in the harem courtyard together! What happened doctor! The doctor replies, I think she has stomach illness. Melek says she did not stop eating the entire celebration. Perhaps something she ate caused her illness. Ibrahim notices all the jewels and coins and says the unbeliever! She used to swear she has no money for food at night! THIS IS ALL MY WEALTH! Then he notices their confused faces and drops the coins and leaves.

    Lalezar meanwhile enters Kosem's room and says my sultana, your earrings. Kosem says were they cleaned well? Lalezar says yes my sultana, they were cleaned very well. You can wear them safely. Kosem says good. Sivekar did not know where she would get "full" Haci says the others will have their turn too my sultana. Those other insolent ones who do not know their limits.

    Sofu Mehmet Pasha enters Ibrahim's room. You dog! With what face do you come before me?! Do you think I do not know you are the spy of the janissaries? Sofu says I did what was deemed appropriate by the law. And I have come here as a messenger from the Janissaries. They have announced me as the grand vizier in Ahmet's place. Ibrahim says so it means you have chosen the janissaries side so you could become grand vizier eh? Ibrahim says let this chaos be done with and I will show you your lesson! Sofu says it is in your hands to finish this chaos, your majesty. The Janissaries - with consultation with the scholars - ask for Ahmet pasha's head. If you do not give it, then rebellion will break out and matters will get far worse. Ibrahim says and what will they do? Will they dethrone me? Huh? You degenerate fool! You dare to threaten me after betraying me?! *Ottoman slap* x 2.

    Cinci says your majesty wait, don't. What are you doing? Ibo says did you not hear what he said Cinci? He has openly threatened me! What should I have done? Just pretended what he did didn't happen? Cinci says your majesty, after last night's incident the Janissaries won't stop before getting what they want. God forbid if the rebellion grows and reaches the imperial palace then none of us will be safe! We have no choice but to hand Ahmet pasha over. Ibrahim says (to Sofu) go tell the Janissaries that I have removed Ahmet from his position. I accept you as my grand vizier, but I cannot give Ahmet pasha because he has disappeared, I don't know where he is.

    Cinci follows Sofu out into the hall and says Mehmet pasha, you better not forget that it was because of me you became grand vizier, if it wasn't for me, you would have been killed in there. Kosem enters and says do not worry I didn't forget what you did. Cinci says what did I do my sultana? Have I done some mistake? Kosem says SILENCE. And he dares to ask!  You influenced my sovereign son, turned him against the people and me. If Ibrahim is in this condition, you are the reason for it! Cinci says never my sultana, what does it mean to make enmity?! On the contrary, if you knew how much I tried to convince our majesty to forgive you.  Our majesty is always in need of your experience. Especially during these days, you are the only one who can save us. Kosem says oh what fear for your life makes you do...are you not too late to kiss my robes? Did you think the janissaries would leave you be after asking for Ahmet pasha? They will go after you too, and at that time, even your demons won't be able to save you.

    Kosem enters and Ibrahim says I am paying for my mistakes towards you right? You do these things to teach me a lesson right? You killed Sivekar too, because of taking your earrings. Kosem says what earrings Ibrahim?! The Janissaries are revolting and about to fall upon the palace and you're still worrying about women! Ibrahim says then why did you kill her? Kosem says sit here. Ibrahim, when you got on the throne, you made a promise. You said you would rule the nation with justice and stand tall against oppression. Then you fell into luxury and pleasure and forgot your promises. You allowed for bribery to flourish by those around you. You gave over the treasury to women in your harem. And if that isn't enough you took the people's wealth from them just to cover the palace in sable! Ibrahim says no mother I swear no! This is not just your average fur! This fur is like armour, it protects me from the shadows and death! Kosem says oh for this reason you...Ibrahim says yes! There is even a story about it! Didn't you know? The ruler of Mihriban covered his palace in furs and this is how he escaped the executioners, no one could kill him. Kosem says my son, I protected you. If you  didn't listen to the snakes around you and didn't separate me from you, I would protect you. You cannot get aid from sable fur, but you have, just like your brother Murad -

    Ibrahim pulls away and says we betrayed you right? None of us were worthy of you right? Ibrahim says I am sick anyway, I am of weak nature, the people have even called me crazy. My brother Murad was a cruel oppressor right? And my brother Osman was a headstrong traitor right? And what are you mother? an angel or the devil himself! Kosem shouts IBRAHIM! You did off when them, and now it is my turn right? You will kill me too right? Kosem says No. Even if you forgot your promise, I did not forget mine. What had I said to you? I would sacrifice my own life, but would protect yours. God is my witness I will keep my promise. A hair on your head will not be harmed. He starts saying leave, leave! She says FINE. fine. She exits.

    Huseyin brings Ahmet pasha to Kemankes. Ahmet begs Huseyin for forgiveness. Kemankes says NO FORGIVENESS! Did you spare members of the public who begged for mercy? Ahmet says what how is this possible Kemankes?! You didn't die!? Kemo says no I haven't died, Ahmet pasha and until I don't take the lives of traitors like you, I won't! Ahmet says I warned our majesty many times, many times! But there is no convincing him! Were you ever able to? Kemankes says fool! Do you consider yourself the same as me? You were the one who abused our majesty's condition t your advantage. You took away even the people's last morsel of food! Was the suffering you meted out on people going to stay unanswered?! Huseyin says the tides turn and the time for taking revenge comes around. Kemankes says Huseyin pasha take this fool to the Janissaries. Ahmet pasha says please my pasha don't, the Janissaries are thirsting for my life, they will tear me apart! Kemo says Ahmet pasha, until a person doesn't get what they have done to others, they don't find death. Ahmet begs but is taken off. Kemo says the time has come to speak to the elders - Ahmet is a weak person, a nobody, if we wish to the fight - we must get a check.

    In the barracks, the elders ask Sofu why he has come alone, and whether Ibrahim has not delivered his "precious" (Ahmet). Sofu says as you wished, he has removed Ahmet pasha and appointed me in his place as grand vizier, but after the incident last night, Ahmet pasha has run away. Sultan Ibrahim does know where he is.  One of the elders says does Sultan Ibrahim play with us? He is hiding himself. Syavush says perhaps Sultan Ibrahim has not taken our request seriously, Sofu pasha, go tell our Majesty properly again, and don't return until you know where that fool is hiding. Sofu says I am not going before him again, there was no insult left that I didn't hear and I was slapped too. You can keep the seal and also the position. The Janissaries say there is no going back on the cause! Don't worry, your life is under our protection. Oh Ahmet pasha has come!

    Huseyin brings Ahmet and says my companions, I have brought Ahmet pasha the traitor from the hole he was hiding in, his life and wealth are yours. Take him! Siyavush says you degenerate! While you should have been advising Sultan Ibrahim correctly, you really made him stray. You left all law and order, and the land came to this condition! Ahmet says please aghas, please I simply carried out our majesty's orders, don't do it!

    Little Mehmet goes to Turhan and says did you see my shot? Turhan says it was perfect! Good job my lion! Atike arrives and says which deer could escape the claws of this lion?! My Mehmet. My Beyhan! They greet her. She says you two continue playing some more. She sits with Turhan. Turhan says my sultana is what I hear true? The Janissaries have raised their cauldrons in rebellion, they say it has reached our gates? Atike says pretending like you don't know, you are in on this matter right? Or have you allied with my mother?! Turhan says what alliance? Atike says don't play me for a fool! For my mother to want to remove Ibrahim and put your son in place means that you must have come to an agreement. Turhan says I can assure you I have no idea. Also, it has been a long time and Kosem sultana has removed me form her favour. Atike says in that case, you will stay by my brother's side for the protection of his sultanate. Turhan says why? When was our majesty ever on my side for me to be on his? Atike says this time it is different Turhan, but Mehmet's future you need to go against my mother. Turhan says I think of my son's future more than anyone else's and perhaps this the best thing for his future. Atike says you have long chosen your side! How sad...do not think this treason will only hurt Ibrahim, Mehmet is too small, he cannot carry the burden of the throne, the rebels won't let him off the hook either, he will be destroyed as well. Turhan get your senses together, do not trust my mother, if she doesn't pity her own child, will she pity yours?

    Huseyin meets with the elders. A man by the name of Shahin says with Ahmet's death, the janissaries anger has quieted down a bit. Siyavush says our cause is something else...Sultan Ibrahim is the reason for these oppressors. While he remains on the throne, our anger cannot subside. Husyein says this is Kosem sultana's order is for this reason - it isn't probably that Sultan Ibrahim will listen to reasonable advice, so the time has come for prince Mehmet to take the throne. Bektash agha, the janissaries shouldn't be divided, the task is great. Bektash says do not worry, we have no intentions of retreat. At nightfall we shall gather in the square. Huseyin says great, may we achieve victory!

    Kemankes steps out when they leave and says we can't let the Janissaries get out of hand, we must be wary, hopefully the matter doesn't get out of hand. Huseyin says we are watching them. What will you do? Kemo says soon I will fall upon them!

    Cinci says to Ibrahim, I wish you did not send Ahmet away to run away. Now when the traitors do not find him, they will attack the palace. Ibrahim says what do you want Cinci? A subject of mine who seeks refuge with me, I should hand him over? What should I have done if they wanted you? Cinci says you have done the best thing as usual, your majesty. If you hand me over  - who would protect you? A guard tells Ibrahim that the Janissaries executed Ahmet pasha and then threw his body to the public and then gave them money to tear him up. Cinci says Oh God! Ibrahim says okay they are not afraid of me, do they not fear God at least? They have torn the man up into pieces! The guard continues and says they are not calmed after this, they are gathering in the square. Things are not going well you majesty. Ibrahim says of course, they will come here to the palace to take my life! Guard! You will gather all the guards, hunters and axemen, they will all be armed and ready, you will get cannons too. No one is to enter the palace. No one is to enter!

    Kosem and Turhan are together. Kosem says tonight they will gather in the square, and then they will march to the palace after. Turhan says mother, the prince who will get on the throne tomorrow is my son, and yet I do not know anything about all this. No one gives me information. Before appointing grand vizier Sofu I wish we had discussed it. Kosem says who are you for me to consult with you? Turhan says we have made an alliance, I am part of this plot. According to our agreement - Kosem says what agreement Turhan? I gave you my conditions and you accepted them and I spared your life that is all. Turhan says you lied to me from the beginning, you will kill me as soon as you get the chance. But you promised...if you don't keep your promise...Kosem says yes, if I don't keep my promise what will you do? Turhan says whatever is needed to protect my prince and myself! Kosem says do your best, if you have the courage, I am here.

    Turhan speaks to Suleyman agha and says Kosem sultan has showed her real face, she will be rid of me as soon as my son gets on the throne. Suleyman says God protect you my sultana. Turhan says she has such an arrogance that she cannot see what is under her nose, and that is what will be her end!

    Ibrahim is watching over his son Mehmet and he recalls Murad's words: I didn't want this Ibrahim, God is my witness...mother betrayed me. Kasim too. If I hadn't killed him he would have killed me.  The greatest disaster for myself, my brother Osman and my uncle Mustafa was my mother's ambitions. Turhan enters the room. Ibrahim says she threatened my brother Murad using us, his brothers. And me? They use my son. I had thought my brother Murad was a bloody oppressor, but he was only protecting himself. Turhan says don't please Ibrahim, do not harm him. Ibrahim says one move....one move and do you say it will rid me of my fears? Turhan says Mehmet is your son. He has no fault, don't do it. Ibrahim says true, all the fault lies with you, you are in this plot, you get together with my mother to dig my pit. Is this how you will get revenge from me? Turhan says I have nothing to do with it? Please don't harm Mehmet, please Ibrahim? Mehmet wakes up. Ibrahim imagine sees shadows and again and runs off. Turhan says my son I am with you, don't be afraid.

    Ibrahim recalls the moment Kasim was killed when he begged him to get out, and cried out "they are coming, Kasim, let us go hide, you must hide, they are coming"

    Ibahim hears footsteps and imagines Kemankes in the hall. He says GOD FORGIVE, OH GOD! Kemankes ?! Kemo says you killed me unjustly, I was innocent. I protected you for years. Ibrahim says I did not do it on purpose. When Cinci spoke, it made my angry otherwise would I ever kill you. Kemo keeps saying repeating I am innocent, you killed me for no reason! Then he sees the harem girls and says what is going on here, will you kill me in my own palace? Then he sees Kemankes again and says I will not allow it, I will never allow it. Then Atike arrives and says are you okay Ibrahim, get up! Ibrahim says don't come! I saw him, I saw Kemankes, he was here! Atike says no, you have imagined it, he is dead! Ibrahim says no I saw him! Atike says Humashah accompany him to his room. Ibrahim says I swear I saw him! Melek shouts for the girls to get back inside.

    Humasah takes Ibrahim back to his room and tucks him in. He says Humasah I saw Kemankes, do you also not believe me? She says whatever you say, that is what I believe your majesty. Ibrahim says "this is the end I know it. I know I will not be saved from death again." Humasah says in this room, with all these furs, no one can touch you did you forget? Ibrahim  says Humshah you won't leave me alone will you? She says never, I will never leave you alone.

    The girls in the harem are afraid and Melek says GIRLS, AS YOU CAN SEE OUR MAJESTY IS STILL OKAY, QUIT YER WAILING. One of the girls says but didn't you see, our majesty has lost his senses, so who will protect us?! Atike says KNOW YOUR LIMITS, how can you speak about our majesty this way SLAP! Take her away for punishment. Dilasub says my sultana, they say the janissary want our majesty...what if they hurt our princes? Atike says the guards are at the gates, if a revolt takes place, they will quell it. We will bury this trouble by holding hands together! Melek says to Atike, if things get chaotic what shall we do? Atike says I don't know Melek, I do not know...I will try my best to prevent my mother.

    Guards take up their positions around the Gate of Felicity and in the hallways leading to the Privy chamber. Ibrahim exits wearing sable. He asks one of the guards, what is your name? The man says I am your subject, Hassan, head of the palace guards. Ibrahim says have you placed men at the gates? Hassan says do not worry your majesty, we have taken all the precautions, we will not allow anyone to pass under any circumstance. Ibrahim says great, great, my brave men, my lions. Take these, take these he says - handing the man some gold. Shhh, there is more than this. I will give you all of it. All of it. Just be loyal to me, protect me. If my mother tries to sway your minds, do not fall into her trap. The guard says your majesty, we are loyally tied to you, we will protect you with our lives. Ibrahim says good, my lion, my brave one. Now go send news to Cinci to bring my medicine. Go along my lions.

    In the streets, people mumble that Cinci's end has come. A Janissary says we must find that traitor Cinci.

    In the barracks, an elder says Kara Celebizade Efendi, knowing you the scholars, are on our side, gives us strength. The scholar says the scholars have been the ones most hurt by Sultan Ibrahim's doings - especially with what Cinci has done - he has sold positions with bribes and has really broken justice.

    Shahin enters and Bektash says what news have you brought from the palace? Shahin says the news we received has turned out to be true - Sultan Ibrahim has armed his guards, huntsmen and firebrigade/axemen with weapons and they have even set up canons. They are ready to fight. Siyavush says since they want a fight, let it be. Shahin! Send word to the Janissaries to arm themselves! Bektash says no wait, we will handle this matter without shedding blood Siyavush. Siyavush says how? Bektash says since we cannot go in, we will send word to the palace, that they should send prince Mehmet here to the barracks.  We will do his enthronement here, in the barracks.

    Cinci meanwhile says he had to disguise himself so no one would recognize him to his servant and that the guard would take his head if they found him. Then he says to himself oh what condition you have fallen to!? Then he says to his servant, there will be apocalypse in the capitol, we must leave at once! Did you gather the belongings, the jewels and gems, get whatever is expensive but light to carry. The servant says what will happen to our Padisah? What if he needs you? Cinci says when there are so many guards will I be able to save him? Sultan Ibrahim will save his own life but I would become wretched...God forbid I would be torn into pieces like Ahmet pasha. The servant says God forbid, and CInci says God forbid! Now come on carry these!

    Kosem says when has an enthronement ever be done in the barracks? It is unheard of! Haci says the Janissaries don't want to enter they want to do this without shedding blood. Kosem says Would that happen while I am around, do they not trust me at all? She comes across the head palace guard. She says the Janissaries will come for the enthronement. You will tell your men that they will not use their weapons, will not light the canons. They are coming for peace. I do not want any incidents. The guard says  do not worry, no one will act without getting orders from you. Kosem says great. Send a man to find Bektash agha in the barracks and I want a guarantee the Janissaries won't light the fire (won't start fighting). The guards says as you comman. Kosem says oh if we can pass through this day without any trouble! Haci says God willing.

    Humasah shouts for the aghas and says where is Cinci haven't you found him yet? The agha says my sultana, Cinci is gone, he has disappeared. Ibrahim says look at the hypocrite...when things turned difficult he ran away! Atike enters. Ibrahim says everyone is leaving me one by one. Cinci has ran off. Atike says what were you expecting Ibrahim? That traitor's personality was obvious from the start anyway! I warned you not to trust him. Humashah says hopefully he dies in some corner. Atike says now not the time to think of Cinci...the palace guards have opened the doors, the traitors are entering the palace. Ibrahim says how is this possible, the head guard gave me his words that he is loyal to me. Atike says and he lied. Humasah you will not exit this room. Ibrahim says Atike don't leave me! Atike says I will return, I am going to get trusted aghas so we can get you out of there. I promise. He says do not try pointlessly. I am a padisah. When my brother Osman tried to leave, they found him. God forbid, they will throw me to the public. Atike says no, do not bring these things to mind, I will speak to mother. we will get you out of here, they will not touch you Ibrahim. I promise. Humasah says come your majesty.

    Kosem goes to the tower and says to Turhan who she finds standing there, why have you come? Turhan says I don't think you expected me to watch this from afar my sultana? Kosem says do not worry I don't expect anything from you. And if I were in you shoes, I would go seek refuge in a corner rather than watch the rebellion. Turhan says and you know very well that it is not in my nature to go hide in a corner. Whatever is to happen, I will watch it personally.

    The guards end up firing which surprises Kosem but not Turhan. Kosem says what is going on, why have they shot? Turhan? Turhan says accept that you took me lightly, and this will be a costly loss for you. As usual your arrogance has blinded you. Kosem says HOW DARE YOU do such a thing? How could use the soldier's anger this way? You do not realize you have thrown yourself into the fire too! Turhan says I was already in the fire, I know your intention is to kill me after my son gets on the throne, now it is impossible. Kosem says do not get up to deeds that are bigger than your neck Turhan, the regret will be that much bigger as well.

    Ibrahim meanwhile says "they will kill me, they will kill me, they all betrayed me anyway, they will take my life, I swear, they will. They will take my life!" Humasah shouts IBRAHIM LOOK AT ME! No one will harm you, did you hear me? Who dares to kill a padisah of the world? You just stay calm, I am here, I am with you. Okay? Be calm. He hyperventilates and says Humashah, I cannot breath. She says breathe, Ibrahim, breathe. Be calm, breathe.

    The soldiers say they have betrayed us! They have fired on us! They had given us guarantee! Since they have attacked us, then they will account, they will come to the standing Divan (in front of the gate of felicity with the Sultan present). March on men! We want assembly, we want assembly! Melek tells the girls to quiet their crying. Kosem enters the hall and Atike says mother what are you doing? How can you allow the matter to come this far? Kosem says Atike, I'm troubled as it is, I can't be bothered with you now. Atike says mother, the traitors have called for an assembly with the Sultan! Do something, stop them...you won't give Ibrahim to them right? Nothing will happen to my brother right? Mother, he is your only son...

    The men keep shouting "we want a standing assembly!" Kosem is announced. She steps out before them. You want a standing assembly?! I AM HERE before you. Siyavush says Valide sultana, you promised us that there would be no firing, that we would come to no harm but it is obvious why you have called us here. To kill us. Kosem says actually the real trap was set for me. My most loyal men were just murdered! While I should take you to account, you are demanding an explanation from me?! And you, how dare you show teeth to your Valide Sultana?! Siyavush says we have no other loyalty except to our faith and nation. Our Padishah is not suitable, because of this order has been destroyed. Scholar says the Bosporus is under blockade, there is bribery and the soldiers are unhappy, we do not want Sulan Ibrahim as our ruler! Kosem says my sovereign son's negligence and mistakes are apparent! The scholar says the dagger has hit the bone already (things are long past fixing) Sultan Ibrahim's execution is obligatory according to law. And you will be exiled, this is what we want! A voice is heard and it is Kemankes. He says you degenerates, do you hear what comes from you mouths?!
     Kemankes enters with his basibozuks and says WHO ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU TO WISH TO MURDER A PADISAH?! As you can see I am safe and sound standing before you, and I stand loyally with Kosem sultana. Her noble personage has intervened for the sake of nation and for the safety of the dynastic household. Whoever does not obey, will pay with his life! Siyavush the idiot says with what power do you tell us what to do?! Are you still grand vizier? We said what we had to, blood for blood! Kemankes says blood for blood, life for life! Turhan says do not come to the game, Kosem sultana is u to hidden games again, while we thought Kemankes was dead, she had him hidden and now they want to rule the state together again like old times. Are you willing for this?! The right way is obvious - my prince Mehmet should get on the throne, and Kosem sultana should go to the old palace as per the traditions! Kosem turns to Turhan - do you think that you can put your son on the throne and be rid of me? Where is your prince right now? Where is he right now? Turhan says in his room...where else? What did you do? Kosem smiles. GOT YA THERE TURHAN!

    Haci is with Mehmet.

    Later, Kemankes is present, and the statesmen are signing a document. Kemankes says and with this alliance, Kosem sultana, the Grand Valide, has been appointed as regent of the Sultanate. Kosem says since peace is restored, I will go get Mehmet. Kemankes pasha you should accompany my sovereign son so that no harm comes to him.

    Koprully and Turhan exchange grump glances.

    Ibrahim, Atike and Humasah are waiting.

    Kemankes enters and Ibrahim jumps up God is GREAT! I told you! I told you Kemo is alive, none of you belived me! Kemankes says your majesty, we have come to take you, because the throne is now prince Mehmet's. Ibrahim says what is this you traitors! Have I not appointed each one of you and now you see this fit for me? Am I not your ruler? What kind of nasty business is this?! The scholar says you are no longer the ruler. You spent your time in pleasure and heedlessness. You left  the nation to those who usurped and took bribes, and spent the treasury of the people. Atike says you dog, your sovereign stands before you! Ibrahim says to Siyavush, you traitor, who did you swear allegiance to, who did you take your wages from? Atike says what will you do, no you cannot take him, Kemankesh! Kemankes says my sultana, do not worry, nothing bad will happen to him, he will be locked in a room as per the rules. Atike shouts for Ibrahim. Ibrahim says Kemankes - will you make that boy that is the size of a hand a Padisah? Do you think he is fitting? Is he lawfully allowed to take the sultanate? Since you removed me from my throne, you should have made yourself Padisah! Atike says I will come too, I will see with my own eyes that you will do nothing to my brother. Ibrahim says do you see Atike? Do you see what they are doing to me? Atike says do not worry my brother, I will get you out of there! I will get you out. Humasah says wait your majesty, wait, let me - and she says here take this. She gives him his fur.

    Mehmet is eating candy and playing with a toy sword when Kosem enters. She says my lion grandson, the throne is yours. Come with me. She says I promise you I will always be by your side. He says promise? She says promise!

    Ibrahim is taken away and enters the cage where Mustafa had to stay (OMG why not the boxwoods, it was less dark :'( )

    Ibrahim says now, this is what was written. The order comes from God...thank God. I was to become head of the nation.

    The doors lock behind him and sealed. He says aghas! Aghas! Am I not your ruler, do not be cruel to me! I am afraid of the darkness, very afraid. Please open the door. Aghas, I am so afraid, do not oppress me, please for God's sake, open the door, please open the door. I am so afraid. Please I am afraid of the dark. I am so scared. Aghas!

    THE END.

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