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    EPISODE TITLE: The Illegitimate Prince
    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q4zpjaS53I

    Ibrahim says to Kemankes who has just entered: What happened? WHy have you come? Did something happen? 

    Kemankes replies: Sultan Murad Han has died and reunited with his Lord.

    Kemankes: My Sovereign ruler, Your Imperial Majesty, Sultan Ibrahim Han. The entire Ottoman lands belong to you, mighty Padisah. Ibrahim says this is my mother's game right? Like she did with Kasim, she will convince me my sovereign brother is dead and take me from here. Kemankes says why should your mother play a game with you? Your sovereign brother has died,  this is the reality. Ibrahim says: Kemankes, go tell my mother I will never leave here. I do not need the throne or sultanate, thanks to my brother. 

    Haci nods towards Murad's body and then goes to Kosem and says our prince Ibrahim does not believe our Majesty has died. Nothing we said worked. He refuses to leave his room. my Sultana? What shall we do now? 

    Sinan arrives and says Yusuf Pasha, I went to get the Crimean heir but we were too late, Kemankes has killed the prince. Yusuf says there is no importance anymore Sinan pasha, the throne is prince Ibrahim's. Our Majesty has died. 

    Murad's body is brought to Ibrahim. Kemankes says you do not believe me, so see with your own eyes. 

    Kemankes says I had told you it was the truth. Now if you are ready, our Valide Sultana awaits you in the Privy Chamber. Are you well? Ibrahim uses a mirror to check if Murad is breathing, and then takes a look at himself. Then he says to Murad "I wish it didn't end like this, despite everything you did....I wish you to rest in heaven. 

    Ibrhaim says: We can go now.

    Ibrahim enters the Privy Chamber and addresses his mother: My sovereign brother has died, sorry for our loss. Kosem says may God shower him with His Mercy. My son couldn't find peace in this world, hopefully he finds it in the next world. You will find peace in this world Ibrahim. No more fighting, no more fear. The sun will rise for you. The throne is yours.


    Zarife is being removed from the harem. Kosem watching from above says If she had waited, if she hadn't disobeyed me, she would have a bright future. How sad. Haci says True, what shall we do? Kosem says take her to a mansion close to the capitol and let the child be born there. She (and the baby) will not enter the palace. Haci says and what if it is a prince? Kosem says he will not be considered legitimate. His name and existence will not be mentioned in the harem records. 

    Sinan is at Gulby's grave. He says Gulbahar, I want you to know I did whatever I could to take revenge, maybe I wasn't able to get rid of Kosem sultana perhaps, but Sulan Murad - the one who killed you with his own hands - has died. Kemankes arrives. "Sinan Pasha!" Kemankes says the time for taking account has come Sinan pasha, when I was in the dungeons you were smiling, you were courageous, you were so confidant. Sinan says my whole life passed under threat of death, this is what it means to be a spy, you must be brave, unwavering and if necessary willing to die with honour intact. Kemankes says in that case we are the chapter about you dying with honour. Sinan says what I said was true right? This is the reason for your anger. I was right! You are in love with Kosem sultana. But do not forget that no secret remains secret and you, just for this one secret will have to die! Kemankes says I accept. Kosem Sultana sends her regards. 

    Haci goes to Yassef and says Yassef Efendi, Kosem sultana sends her regards to you. 

    Huseyin goes to Yusuf's house. Huseyin says To tell the truth, I thought you ran away long ago. Because running off is in your blood. Yusuf says I served our Majesty faithfully until the very end. If as you say, I was going to run off, I would have done that loooooooong ago. I would have betrayed like you. Huseyin says we are not only tied with loyalty to our Majesty, but also with our imperial household. It is not permitted to even try to end the dynastic line. It cannot be carried out. Now, let us come to the reason for my visit. Kosem Sultana sends her regards. 

    Atike to Ibrahim: Your Majesty *bow*. Do not worry at all my brother. I will always be at your side. Ibrahim says I know Atike, I have no doubt about that anyway. Atike says are you ready? 

    Ibrahim goes to his mother. Kosem says thanks be to my Lord that He has allowed me to see you as Padishah. It was not easy at all to see this day - we were patient, we bore through it all. God Willing the bad things we lived through will be erased from our memories. May your sultanate be free from fear,  Sultanate full of happiness. Ibrahim says God willing, mother. A box is brought and she says your father's ring. It wasn't destined for Kasim I guess, but it is destined for you. God Willing you will be a just ruler like your father Sultan Ahmet Han.

    At the tombs, Kosem tells Ibrahim, I will always be by your side. Never forget that. 

    Ibrahim prepares for his enthronement. Kemankes says your Majesty *bows head*. 
    Announcer: MAKE WAY! Sultan Ibrahim Han Hazretleri!  Ibrahim says Thank you my Lord, that you saw a weak servant of yours like myself as worthy to the throne. In these days of my Sultanate, grant my subjects happiness and to keep us pleased with each other.  Crowd: AMEN! 

    Ibrahim says I am Sultan Ibrahim Han! I promise in the presence of the Almighty Lord -  to be merciful, generous and kind, for the people to find me among them, that I will rule this state with justice, and that I will never allow oppression under any circumstance! 


    From the tower: Melek says May God help Sultan Ibrahim. Atike says Amen, Melek, Amen. Melek says my sultana, do not forget that in this world, you are our Majesty's only aid. He doesn't have anyone else but you. It is your duty to protect him from danger. Especially from your mother. Atike says where does this come from? Melek says forgive my insolence, but, after thinking about everything, I decided to warn you. Do not allow another brother of yours to be sacrificed for your mother's ambitions. Atike nods.

    Years pass, Ibrahim has grown into a man. 

    The year is 1644. 

    Melek tells the cooks to hurry up in the kitchens. One agha tells a woman to get Turhan's serbet (a syrupy fruit and/or floral drink) ready. 

    Lalezar asks Haci I heard he didn't return alone from Edirne, is that true?  Haci says don't even ask...he found a woman again and has brought her. 

    The tall agha says woman? What woman? Melek says HMPH! And all that was left was you! And you two, if your gossiping is over, get back to work! Hurry up! 

    Suleyman agha says so tell me, what is this matter about a woman? Lalezar says what can it be? Our Ruler has found a girl, and liked her, that's it. Suleyman says oh God, can this be...he finds women on the way and brings them back to the harem in his arms. Lalezar says God grants...but hopefully she won't be like Sevekar Hatun! We cannot stop her mouth, she will eat us soon! 

    Suleyman agha says ugh, now what will I tell our Turhan Sultana! 

    Suleyman agha brings Turhan her serbet, he says my Sultana I have brought your serbet, your most favourite. She says put it over there. Suleyman agha says you look amazing! But something is missing...He gets a pearl necklace and puts it around her neck. Now it is magnificent! Turhan says oh how you know me! He says well I have been serving you since the first day you came to the palace. I should know this much :D 

    *******OMG the old music! THE OLD MUSIC! Who missed this music?! I did!*******

    Turhan's babies arrive. She says Mehmet my prince! Did you eat your food? Mehmet says I ate it mother. What is wrong with my Beyhan? She seems a bit pale. The nanny says nothing, she is fine. Turhan says they should be made ready for the banquet. They exit. Turhan says say what you need to say Suleyman agha. I can tell something is up. Suleyman says our Majesty has returned from Edirne with a woman. 

    In the harem courtyard, Sivekar is joyfully eating away and a girl named Dilasub says there is a banquet prepared for our Majesty Sivekar, if you could have just held your mouth for a bit...if you waited a bit we could all eat together. Sivekar says so I should wait and die of love? And you don't tire that pretty brain of yours with this Dilasub, I will be hungry again at that time! hahaha. 

    Suleyman announces Turhan. Sivekar says help me up! 

    Turhan enters and exits. Sivekar says what is up with her again?!  Her face is selling vinegar again (she's visibly upset). The other girl says I don't know? Sivekar says move move out of the way. And starts eating again. 

    Kosem looks over some documents and then says why has the yearly treasury from Egypt not arrived yet? Haci replies it is because of the weather conditions my sultana. And the enemy corsairs...there is a safety issue. 

    Kosem says we need the money, the Ulefe day (wages day for soldiers) will arrive and we don't want the soldiers against us now. Haci says no need to worry, thanks to the grand vizier Kemankes, our treasury is overflowing. We have already gotten the money needed for Ulefe ready. Kosem says thanks to Kemankes, no matter when I need it, he reaches on time with help. Kosem is told Turhan has arrived.

    Turhan says mother and greets her. Kosem says Turhan, what elegance is this? Turhan says we all pale in comparison to you my Sultana. Kosem says did something upset you? Come sit here. 

    Turhan says our Majesty is coming with a woman. Kosem says oh that matter. Turhan says you know about it? Kosem says my sovereign son has gone to a non-Muslim engagement party and liked the girl who was engaged and insisted to bring her here. And the girl was more than happy of course (she wanted to come with Ibrahim). Turhan says and she was engaged? Kosem says we only found out when her fiance came to the palace! I convinced him with great difficulty. Don't be sad. Do you not know my son? He sometimes loses his way like this, but no matter what the world is one side and you are on an entirely different level. 

    Cinci Hoca is preparing something when Ibrahim enters. Your Majesty welcome, you have brought great honour to my home. Ibrahim says it's been a while, my pains have started again, like someone is nailing a spike into my head! Cinci says ohh let us take care of it at once, your Majesty, no need to worry. Ibrahim nods towards Humasah - this is my favourite, humasah. Cinci starts massaging Ibrahim's forehead and gives him something to drink - drink a little of this, soon nothing of the pain will remain. Humasah says he will be fine right? Cinci says it seems you have not heard my name...Humasah says I have, our Majesty likes you very much, he calls you Cinci Hoca, you speak with the Djinns and get help from them. Cinci says God is great. So our Majesty has taken you into his harem. What to say? May God help you. HUmasah says why did you say that? Cinci says the Imperial palace does not resemble the Edirne palace...it is like a dark forest. It is full of danger, and especially for a fresh new person like you. Humasah says I am not afraid of anything. Cinci says I think you should be afraid and should be cautious because you will have very powerful competitors, those who seek to find a chance to get you, powerful, merciless competitors. Beauty alone does not work, nor does brains. You must be brave. You must be alert every moment. Because in the moment you least know what is going on, you will find yourself in the depths of the Bosphorus! He offers a seat and then says something to himself. 

    The men in the Divan council have gathered. One of them says it is not suitable for a ruler to stay away from the capitol for this long. Another one says thankfully, Kemankes Mustafa pasha is around. The other one says yes, just like that Korpulu Mehmet Pasha, but, how proper is it to have a grand vizier this powerful? God forbid, he acts like a Padisah! 

     Huseyin says while our Majesty has seen it fit this way, it does not befall us to question it. Don't speak on such subjects pointlessly. Kemankes enters and says I open the Divan in the name of the Merciful and Gracious God. Commander of the Navy, I have heard you have heard that Maltese Bandits have attacked the trade ships. Kuprulu says unfortunately, and this matter is not one that could have been dared by one person. They have had help from Venice. Huseyin says it is obvious they have ill intentions, for this reason I have brought the Ventian Bailo, Signor Foscarini. If you permit. Kemankes says he should enter. 

    Kemankes says to him, what is the true nature of the matter Signor, how dare you take the Maltese bandits? Signor says Grand Vizier, what do we have to do with bandits? We would never have connections to them, ever! Kemankes says we have knowledge of your every step! Who are you fooling?! Go tell your Doge that this is the last warning for Venice. From now on if any ship under our flag is attacked, I will blame you and I will consider it an act of war. Signor Foscarini says forgive my insolence my pasha, not you, but our Majesty can decide this! Kemankes says YOU damned man! The Grand Vizier of the nation stands before you! I represent our Majesty's absolute rule. My words are his words! And his words are mine! GET OUT - LEAVE MY PRESENCE! Our Majesty has finally arrived, you all continue. 

    Ibrahim arrives along with Humasah. Kemankes says welcome your Majesty, we worried about you. Are you well? I came to the palace with great difficulty, my head was hurting again.  But thank God I am now able to take a breath. Kemankes says may it pass, your Majesty. There is a banquet organized in your honour in the main gardens, our Sultanas await you there. Ibrahim nods and says great. Kemankes says after the banquet do you wish to grace the Audience hall? As you know the state affairs remain. Ibrahim says you take care of it Kemankes, what is the need for me to be there. I am tired, I need to rest. 

    Ibrahim enters the main gardens to greet his family. Kosem says welcome my son. He says thank you mother. She says you have lost weight? He says I can't eat, my pains worsen.  Ibrahim looks around and then says mother, where is Zarife? My son? Osman? 

    We see Zarife is locked away. Atike arrives to see Osman. Osman says yay, Atike Sultana has come! Atike says my brave prince! Get ready ,we are going. Zarife says and what about what our Kosem sultana will say? Melek says don't be afraid, our Majesty has returned to the palace. Osman says YAY, MY FATHER HAS RETURNED! 

    During the feast, Kosem says to Ibrahim, there are so many women in the harem who await your attention, you just brought Sivekar and now you have brought this one. And the girl was engaged! Ibrahim says she broke off her engagement! And I do not understand why you are this angry! Weren't you the one who said our household needs princes? I am fulfilling your wishes. Kosem says bringing a woman to the harem has rules and regulations. You cannot just bring whoever at any impulse of yours! It is not in keeping with religious laws either. Humasah speaks to Lalezar and says our Majesty's harem is quite crowded!  Lalezar says this is nothing, girl. Humsah says who is the head Haseki then? Sultan Ibrahim's first consort? Lalezar says Turhan Sultana. The mother of Prince Mehmet and Princess Beyhan. In truth though, she is more Kosem sultana's favourite than our Majesty's. She personally  trained and raised her. She is her shadow, everyone fears and shies away from her. Humasah says and who are those then? Lal says that is Dilasub Sultana, the mother of prince Suleyman and if she had been faster, she would have been the head Haseki, she gave birth three months after (Turhan). And the one next to her is Muazzez Sultana. The mother of prince Ahmet. Humasah says and that rather plump woman? Lalezar says and that is a gozde (favourite) of our Majesty's named Sivekar. One day they had said that the plumper a woman is, the more sweet and pleasant she will be and our Majesty ordered for the largest woman to be brought to the capitol. And in the end, Sivekar came along. Humasah says and who is that? Lalezar says that is Zarife Hatun. When our Majesty was a prince, she became pregnant while under prohibition. Our Valide Sultana did not forgive her. And since she wasn't in the palace and didn't give birth to him in the palace, he is not accepted as a prince. 

    Zarife meanwhile tells Ibrahim - when you weren't here, they threw me in the boxwoods. As if I am not one of your favourites. As if my son Osman does not carry royal blood. Turhan sultana: all these games are from her. And she influences our mother. She does not want us. If you see our condition...we are helpless, no one to care about us. Ibrahim shouts TURHAN! Is what I hear true? Did YOU lock Zarife in the boxwoods? Turhan says it was not mine, but our Valide Sultana's decision, but if my opinion is asked, they deserve to be locked up there. There place is not in this palace! But you believe them. You haven't even seen my face and the woman lights up yours! While you should be taking care of Mehmet, you are busy with her son! And what is wrong with this?! Just like Mehmet, Osman is also my son! Turhan says no he is not! Your son and heir is here! Ibrahim says so my heir is here eh? So I should pay attention to Mehmet only? Look how much I will care for him now! Turhan says MY SON MEHMET. SULEYMAN DO SOMETHING! Kosem says IBRAHIM WHAT DID YOU DO?! Ibrahim says mother mother, when Turhan spoke to me, I lost my senses, did not know what I did! Don't know what I am doing!  Kosem turns to Zarife, what did you say to my son!? Zarife says I swear I didn't say anything! Kosem says and she swears on it, GET LOST! Haci says my Sultana? Kosem says what days have befallen us oh Lord! 

    Atike chases after Ibrahim and shouts wait for me Ibrahim, wait! Wait I said, it has passed alright, it has passed. I am here. Ibrahim, I lost my senses Atike, I, I did not know what I did. Would I ever have done such a thing if I knew? Atike says I know,  Ibrahim you wouldn't, I will handle this matter do not worry. His head hurts and she says come and leads him to his room. 

    Turhan says Mehmet, my prince I am with you do not fear, okay? WHERE ARE THE DOCTORS SULEYMAN!? Suleyman says I will call at once! HEAD DOCTOR!

    Ibrahim meanwhile is shaking and Atike gives him something and Kosem enters and shouts IBRAHIM what are you doing? Mehmet is your son! Your own son! How can you throw him like that? What if a part of his body is hurt?! Atike says mother don't push him, he is already very sad about it, and this is Turhan's specialty. She does it on purpose to incite my brother. Kosem says and what did she incite him with? Atike says she said Osman is not his son, why does he love Osman and not Mehmet, she even said that Osman should be kicked out of the palace! What insolence is that?! Kosem says it is true, Osman is not a legitimate prince, and in that way he can't be seen around just like that. That is what Turhan meant. Atike says and how dare she?! No matter who says what, Osman is a prince. And everyone will accept that from now on, starting with you! Right Ibrahim? Ibrahim nods. Kosem says what is the meaning of this? Ibrahim says Osman is my son! Whether you accept this or not, and I will announce this tomorrow. Osman will be the heir apparent. Kosem says this kind of thing is impossible, I will never allow it. Don't bring trouble on our heads again. What will the scholars and people say? They will never accept! Atike says and you, the one who says this? Kosem says you be quiet Atike. I know this is all from you. Atike says mother, Osman is your grandchild. Since you spare him your love, at least let us care for him. 

    Turhan meanwhile asks how her son is. The doctor says thank God he is healthy. God has protected our prince. I gave him medicine to put him to sleep because he wouldn't be able to handle the pain. Suleyman says the wound is deep, it will leave a mark. Turhan says you see don't you Suleyman agha, for that curse Zarife he threw my Mehmet's life in danger. Suleyman says thankfully our prince is well. And what that woman did will not remained unanswered. Turhan says it won't anyway, I will punish her. 

    Kemankes is told that Kosem has arrived. Kemankes says let her in at once. Kemankes says my sultana, you honour (with your presence). Kosem says you have a lot of work once again. Kemankes says I do not complain. They are documents our Majesty needs to ratify. I was going to come to the palace myself too. Are you well? Kosem says Ibrahim did what he wanted...as if it wasn't enough to bring an engaged woman to the palace, he will announce Osman as heir. Kemankes says how can that be? Kosem says he gets courage from Atike. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop him. Tomorrow he will recognize him (as heir). Of course if we do not intervene. Kmeankes says I will speak to him. Kosem says no that won't work. We will get the woman and the child away from the capitol, so they shouldn't bring about more trouble on our heads. Kemankes says are you certain my Sultana? Especially a prince, I do not know if that is a good idea to have him away from the palace. Kosem says we will take precautions wherever he goes, my grandchild will be looked after in the best way of course. Kemankes says I will take care of it. Kosem says I am very afraid Kemankes, what if Ibrahim turns his face away from me like my late Murad did? What if he gives up on me? Kemankes says my sultana, it is not that easy to give up on you. 

    Zarife brings Osman to Ibrahim. Ibrahim says my prince, my lion prince Osman! Ibrahim says Zarife I have made some decisions. From now on no one can lock you up in the boxwoods. You will stay in the harem from now on. Zarife says and our Valide sultana? Ibrahim says neither my mother nor anyone else can interfere with you,  tomorrow, I will announce Osman as my prince. Zarife says finally this day has come, you have gifted me the world, my heart and soul are yours. 

    Atike sees her mother and greets her and then says where are you coming from at this time of night, I am very curious to know. Or are you coming from Kemankes' palace? Kosem says and I would answer to you? Atike says I want to know that oh-so-important matter is that it couldn't wait until morning, anyway there is a rumour going around and you are giving them cause. Kosem says what are you trying to say? Atike says I am talking about the deep love our Pasha has for you! His forbidden feelings. Kosem says and you believed these? Instead of punishing those fools and showing them their place, you accuse me! Atike says I obviously didn't believe this sneaky accusation, and I never will, but I am simply warning you, if this came to my ears, my brother could find out as well, and as you know, even suspicion of this kind of thing can mean death. 

    Turhan comes across Zarife and says what are you doing woman?! Who took you out from the boxwood apartments? How did you come here?! Zarife says you would do well to get used to it. We will see each other often from now on. Sultan Ibrahim has had a room prepared for me and my prince. From now on, we will stay in the harem. Turhan says In the harem? Zarife says with God's permission tomorrow prince Osman will be announced the heir apparent and then I will take my place as head consort by his side. Turhan says don't bother fantasizing, our Valide Sultana would never allow this. Zarife says your reign is over Turhan! From now on my era begins. As the eldest prince, my son will get on the throne. And then your fate as well as your son's will rest between my two lips. 

    Kemankes goes to Ibrahim. Your Majesty, these are the decisions made in the Divan today. Ibrahim stamps and then says what is this Venetian matter? Kemankes says not that important, a diplomatic matter which we will take care of in the shortest possible time. I have heard that you will be presenting prince Osman? Ibrahim says has my mother sent you Kemankes? Don't waste your breath needlessly, my decision is final. Kemo says forgive me your majesty, but you are too late and it wont be appropriate. Ibrahim says what can't be appropriate? Osman is my son! And he will certainly get his rights! Kemo says he has reached four years of age your Majesty. If you announce a child who is not even mentioned in the harem records as your prince, no one will believe it. Ibrahim says how dare they? Those who do not believe it, you can take their heads. Kemankes replies, your Majesty, the matter is the noble house of Osman. No one must doubt his lineage. Otherwise the order of things will be broken and we are forced to follow the rules. Ibrahim says the rules eh? My mother has obeyed which rules of this nation? She is not a regent, but she makes all the decisions. She even rules you! So it means the rules can be broken then can't they? Great. 

    Kosem goes to see Mehmet. She says how is my Mehmet? Turhan says he is well but he will carry the wound for the rest of his life. He will never forget what his sovereign father did to him. His anger, the loveless look, he will always feel lacking on one hand. Kosem says would he (Ibrahim) ever not love him? Mehmet is his child, he is already very regretful anyway. Turhan says is that way Zarife has returned to the palace and on top of that he has announced Osman as his heir? They sit and Kosem says you were also at fault Turhan, as if you didn't know my son's nature you pushed him hard. Turhan says because it pains me! You see it too? On the one hand Zarife, on the other Sivekar and now Humasah has shown up! Who all am I dealing with?! Kosem says you and me both, I keep myself quiet and patient to keep my innocent son happy but my patience is wearing thin already! I will first deal with that Zarife and then the others. Turhan says how will that happen my Valide?  Zarife will become head consort. Kosem says do not be sad, take care of your prince, I will handle the rest. 

    Zarife is with her son. My brave, courageous prince, today is our day. We will no longer live hiding in the corner of the palace. Everyone will bow before us. Haci arrives and calls her hatun and Zarife says you will call me Sultana, Zarife Sultana. Haci says my sultana, our Majesty will present our prince before the Janissary barracks, and I will be the one to escort you both, the carriage is ready, let's go. Zarife says let us go my prince, your imperial father and your subjects await us. 

    Zarife is brought to a ship instead. Haci says why have we come here, where is our Majesty? Haci says our Majesty is waiting for you in Uskudar. Zarife says you had said in the barracks, so why would we go to Uskudar...Kosem sultana has sent you. You have set a trap for us! LET GO OF MY SON. Kemankes awaits. She says where are you taking my son? Kemankes says don't worry, he won't be killed, would Kosem sultana ever kill her own grandchild? You will be going to Egypt, you will stay there from now on. Zarife says no, we are not going anywhere. Let go of me! No. Please Kemankes pasha, don't send us away. Suleyman says my Sultana, thankfully we buried this trouble too. The ship is on it's way out. Koprulu says I am not so certain my Sultana, if our Majesty finds out, he can bring them back. Turhan says what do you suggest? Koprulu says I have something in mind, but it can be dangerous. She says what could be more dangerous than if they were to return? Do what is needed.  Zarife and her son are to never return. 

    Ibrahim arrives and asks why they are emptying out the room. Lalezar says your Majesty, our Valide Sultana will explain to you. Kosem tells everyone to leave them alone. Ibrahim says where is Zarife and Osman, in the boxwoods? Kosem says no, I sent them away from the capitol. Ibrahim says what did you do? How can you do this without asking me? I did whatever you wanted all this time, I left the harem and nation in your hands, but this time you have crossed your limits. Kosem says do not worry, they will be taken care of. Osman will be raised in the best way. Ibrahim says oh great, God be pleased with you, might as well have left them on the street? Kosem says be sensible Ibrahim, four months after you got on the throne this child was born in another palace secretly, and he should stay that way. Ibrahim says and  what will happen? Will they attack my palace and take my life? Kosem says yes, they will...they will take your life. How fast you forgot what they did to your brother! Ibrahim says I haven't forgotten, everything is in my mind as if it was yesterday. Kosem says then in that case you will listen to me. whatever I do, I do to protect you. If they doubt our lineage even once, we will have neither power nor sultanate remaining.  This dome will be destroyed and we will be crushed under it. Starting with you. 

    Signor Foscarini is told that Koprulu Mehmet Pasha has come. Foscarini greets him and says you have honoured us with your presence, welcome, to what do I owe this visit? If it is about the Malta matter...Koprulu says today a ship left the port, a very important treasure is on it. Hopefully your Malta friends will not cut off their way. Foscarini says I told you once, we have nothing to do with the bandits! Koprulu says You think I think you to be a played fool, you are wrong. I said what I had to say. The rest is left to you. Signor says and what is the treasure on the ship? 

    Cinci comes across Kosem in the corridor, he says our Majesty called for me. He sent word that his head hurts again. That he will announce an important decision? Hopefully it is nothing bad? Kosem says there was about to be an apocalypse but we prevented it with great difficulty. My son was going to announce Osman as his legitimate son. Cinci asks and how did you prevent it? She says I sent Zarife and Osman to Egypt. Cinci says so that is what our Majesty is saddened about. As you know he loved his child very much. Kosem says whatever befell us happened because of this love of his, it was a danger for that child to even be walking around the palace. I would lose sleep every night worrying that someone would find out. Just as we are rid of them now,  I worry he will bring them back. Huseyin Efendi - speak with him, he listens to you. Let him give this matter up. Cinci says do not worry, I will speak to our Majesty and calm him down. 

    Ibrahim says "hurry, this pain will kill me!" Cinci says these are all from sadness, all of it! Here you are. Ibrahim says  did you hear all that they did to me Cinci? Cinci says I heard. Valide Sultana has sent Zarife and your son Osman to Egypt. Ibrahim says to Egypt? Cinci says you did not know? Ibrahim says so not far means Egypt! That is in another part of the world, what will they do there, there condition will be bad there! God spare my mind! Cinci says  It is not something to be done, I do not understand how our Sultana could do such a thing. Ibrahim says do you not know my mother, she does what she wants, no one can prevent her, she makes all the decisions away! Great, she does it for my good. A rebellion would have broken out, my subjects would try to kill me... 

    Cinci says and you believed this your Majesty?! Ibrahim says and is she lying? Cinci says not a lie, I never dare, but she exaggerated. I know who gives her these ideas...Kemankes Mustafa Pasa! He turns our Sultana's mind, he wishes to take the reigns in his hands, wants to rule the nation himself, arrogance has blinded his eyes, and God forgive me - he sees himself equal to you! Ibrahim says what? He thinks himself Padisah? Cinci says everyone complains of him! But you are the Padisah! You are the only ruler of the Ottoman lands. If you wish, everything can be possible. Ibrahim says it can't happen...nothing can happen! They even kidnapped my son from me.  Cinci says give an order and that is all, give an order for them to bring them back. Ibrahim says you speak the truth, I am the Padisah, they must do whatever I say. You are the only one who understands my condition, you are a remedy for my soul, from now on you will always be by my side. Cinci says of course, I ask for nothing else from you. But, of course all eyes are on me, there are those who are displeased with me coming and going from the palace. Maybe if I had a proper position, it would stop them, and I would always be by your side. 

    In the harem, the girls are gossiping. They are saying Kosem Sultana has exiled Zarife and her son to Egypt, and last night she was challenging Turhan sultana! Sivekar says to Humasah look at the emaciated (stick thin) sultana up there, she ate Zerife Hatun's head now she goes about proudly around the harem. Humasah says Turhan sultana did that? Sivekar says of course! What did you think? Who knows what she told our Valide sultana that the woman was exiled from the palace. If they make the sweets, it would be forbidden to eat it HA HAHAHAHAHA . Shhhh, look at me...you should protect yourself, blondie. 

    Kosem says Kaya as the days go by you are getting more and more beautiful. God protect you.  Kaya says if you permit, I would like to visit my father's grave tomorrow.  Kosem nods, of course. I will come with you. Kaya says I miss him so much, he comes in my dreams some nights. Kosem says I miss him very much too, very much! May he rest in heaven. Atike arrives and says Kaya go to your room. Kosem says what's up now that has you irritated? Atike says you know the reason very well. How could you do this? Why did you send a small child to the corner of the world? Kosem says you push your brother to error in the place of leading him to the right way. And I am ensuring that he comes back from that mistake. Atike says perhaps the greatest mistake is you.Your presence. I hope we can come back from that mistake as well.  

    In the Divan, Korulu tells Kemankes that Pope Urban has died, another Pope has been chosen and that as soon as he took his position, he has called to meet with European rulers in order to put an end to their infighting. Kemankes says the enemies fight between each other must continue. If it is over, they will turn on us, we cannot permit a new crusader alliance. Ibrahim is announced suddenly He calls out Commander of the Seas, Huseyin pasha! Stop the ship going to Egypt. Bring Zarife and prince Osman back. Huseyin says of course, the captains will take care of it at once. 

    Ibrahim continues, Kemankes Mustafa Pasha, today, I will attend the Divan, because I have made important decisions. Kemankes says is all well? Ibrahim says I have appointed Huseyin as the Haci Sultani (a close spiritual advisor). A man says but he has not graduated from the religious school...for him to have this kind of scholarly rank is not appropriate. Ibrahim says is that the case? Fine. Then, in that case...I appoint Huseyin Efendi changed my mind about appointing him Haci Sultani. What was your position? The other man says I am your subject, the Anatolian military judge Samizade. Ibrahim says great! Great. In that case I remove you and put Cinci Hoca in your place! May it be for the best. Another pasha says of course, of course you know the best but... Ibrahim says if you wish I can appoint him to your position? Huseyin you are still here! HURRY AND BRING my prince to me! 

    Osman says mother why are we here, I wish to return to the palace. Zerife says don't worry we will return. There is canon fire and she says come with me quick Osman we must hide. The bandits enter and say search every place! Find jewels, gold whatever is of worth. Hurry! The bandits find them hiding and Zerife says what do you want from us, who are you? The man says come with me. ake them! Zerife says we are members of the Ottoman household! He is a prince! Ottoman prince! The man says Ottoman prince eh? The real treasure was here. Signor Foscarini did not send us here for no reason. 

    Atike says This is horrible, what my mother is doing is tyranny, she is doing what she did to my brother Murad to Ibrahim now...she will make him her enemy too. Melek says what did you expect my sultana. A person cannot give up their nature. And unfortunately our Kosem sultana, is dragging us to another disaster. Atike says I know Melek, I want to stop her too, but I do not know what I can do. Melek says do what she does my Sultana. As you know, she gets her power from our Majesty, she makes orders in his name. So why shouldn't he listen to you, he trusts you very much, and trust me, this is the only way to protect your brother. Atike nods. 

    Ibrahim is with Kemankes on the terrace. Kemankes says forgive me but how can you appoint someone who is not a scholar to the position of military judge.  If you had asked me first, we could have discussed. Ibrahim says why Kemo, can I not make a decision without asking you? Am I not the Padisah? My orders are to be carried out without question is that nor right? Kemankes says as your grand vizier it is my duty to advise you and that person named Cinci Hoca cannot carry out the responsibilities of that position. On top of that, it means taking the scholars against you, which puts your sultanate in danger. Is this what you want your Majesty. Atike enters and says your cariyes have gotten your bath ready, you may go to relax. Ibrahim says my business is over anyway. Atike says to Kemankes, you stay Kemankes, I heard what you were just saying now. Who are you? Who are you to speak to our Padisah this way? Who gives you this courage? My mother? Kemankes says I am our Majesty's minister of state , we were consulting on state matters. Atike says is this how you were consulting? By troubling our Padisah and forgetting your place, and limits and forgetting that you are a subject?! Kemankes says God forbid. Atike says your actual Padisah is my mother that is why! Your feelings for her have blinded you. She has made you her slave in love. Kemankes says what are you saying my sultana, can that even be possible? Atike says that is exactly what I am saying Kemankes, it is impossible! From now on act suitably, with the smallest of errors, our Majesty will find out about everything. And then neither your name nor your body will remain. You will perish. You may leave. 

    Ibrahim is in his room when Cinci Huseyin is announced. Cinci says I could not wait until morning forgive me, but, I wish to give you a humble gift. Ibrahim says what is this? Cinci says a sable fur...it is not worthy of you, but if you accept, you will make this subject of yours very lucky. Ibrahim says great. Cinci says you have gifted from your mighty heart by making me your military judge in Anatolia. Ibrahim says you wanted a position from me, I gave it. Cinci says I did not want it for myself, I wanted it for you. To be close to you. From now on, I am with you in the Divan. Ibrahim says you may exit. 

    Haci is outside, and Cinci says is everything good? Haci says you will say if it is good or bad, Cinci! 

    Cinci says Valide Sultana, you called for me, hve I made a mistake without meaning to? Kosem says I remember the day you came to the palace, you were living in a small, dirty place. Just because you cured my son, I gifted you a great mansion. I did what you wanted. I gave you a life. And what did you do in place of pledging yourself to me? You plant discord and went after position. Cinci says it is not like that at all my Sultana, our Majesty granted me, and gave me the position of military judge. I am as shocked as you. Kosem says and he lies while looking at my face! Just like I raised you to the sky, I know how to throw you back down to the ground! Why would he give you that job without you asking for it? Cinci says you are doing me wrong my Sutlana, how could I get our Padisah to do something? You are confusing me with someone else. Kosem says who is that? Cinci says Kemankes pasha, he is the one who gets the Padisah to do as he wishes. Forgive me, but he doesn't stop speaking about it behind your back. Kosem says and what does he say? Cinci says he says that the entire burden of the noble state is on his back, that he doesn't look at what you or our Majesty says and that he makes the decisions alone for the nation. He has gotten so arrogant he considers himself the padisah! Kosem says KNOW YOUR PLACE! That person you are accusing is a loyal and faithful vizier of this state. I forbid you from speaking about him, otherwise I will throw that tongue to the dogs! GET OUT! GET! 

    Ibrahim has come to see Mehmet. He says I have come to see my son. Is he asleep? Turhan says he shouldn't wake up now, we put him to sleep with great difficulty, he has pain. Ibrahim says who are you protecting from who? He is my son! Turhan says is that why you threw your son? Ibrahim says you were the reason! As usual, you infuriated me. Turhan says what did I say thought? I said Mehmet is your son too, why do you not love him. Is that my mistake? Why don't you want me? What mistake did I do without knowing that I am being punished for it? Ibrahim says is it possible for you to do anything without thinking? You think of everything one by one and consult with my mother and then act. Have you spoken about Zarife. Did you give my mother the idea? Did you have my son sent off? Turhan says you shouldn't ask me, you should ask your mother. Of course, if you have the courage. Ibrahim says in place of being by my side, you shelter behind my mother's skirt, become her shadow, and whatever she says you do and then you dare to come before me and speak of courage! Zarife has it and you don't, that woman was with me in my most difficult moments! She was imprisoned for life and never bowed her neck! She didn't choose power. And you? You are a coward who pledged herself to my mother that is it. 

    Humasah tries on the fur and Ibrahim arrives. He says what are you doing here? She says you called for me, you wanted me? He says of course, I forgot. What are you doing with the fur in your hand? She says Sable fur, I love it very much. Soft, warm, the Sultana always has this around her neck! And, there is a fairy tale about this type of fur. And there is a fairy tale about this kind of fur. The ruler of the land of Mihriban - Ahmet Pur - built a palace for Hayal Sultana and he covered the walls of this palace with sable fur. And he covered the walls of that palace in Sable fur. The floors were sable, the cushions, the beds, the slaves, the concubines, everything and everyone was covered in sable fur!! Ibrahim says and why? Humasah says because he believed that sable fur would save them from death, and that if he covered everything in it, then they would be immortal. Ibrahim says immortality is that right?! 

    In the morning, Huseyin goes to Ibrahim who asks what is the situation? Where is my prince? Where is Zarife? Why have you not brought them yet? Huseyin says I came to bring news about this matter, Zarife and our prince were attacked by Maltese pirates, and unfortunately our prince is in their hands.

    Foscarini enters the Divan. Kemankes says You curse! I warned you personally. I told yuo to stop the Maltese corsairs. In place of that, you have asked them to kidnap our Majesty's prince! The Bailo says what are you saying? I do not know about this? What corsairs? What prince? Kemankes says the Venetians have really crossed the line. Foscarini! Either you deliver the prince or we know how to come get him. Foscarini says I do no know what happened, but I can go find out. Kemo says You know what happened very well and I get what you were trying to say. God is my witness, that if our prince isn't returned, I will destroy Venice over your heads. I will destroy it. Did you understand? The Bailo exits. 

    Ibrahim says what is this business Pasha? How could you not prevent it? Who? How? How could they dare to kidnap my prince?! Huseyin says you are right. They attacked them on the way.  We just got word on the way to them. There ships have been troubling us for a while now anyway. Ibrahim says do what you need, you will bring back my prince and Zarife, did you understand me? Huseyin says our messengers have already set out to Venice and Malta, if they do not deliver our prince, they know what will befall them. Haci enters and says I am disturbing you, but there is a document for you to ratify. Ibrahim says so Valide sultana sends a document is that right?! 

     Koprulu speaks to Turhan. My sultana, we are rid of Zarife and her son Osman. It is impossible for them to return. Turhan says this was necessary for the sake of my prince's future. But we are the start of the road, there are many mountains and seas we must cross. For example, Sultan Ibrahim. I do not trust him anymore. He tried to kill my prince, and will do it again. Simply for his hatred of me, he ignores his son. We must protect my son from him. Suleyman says do not worry at all my sultana, we will certainly protect him. Turhan says there is only one way for that - the throne. When the time comes, my son must get on the throne and I must become Valide sultana. Koprulu says dethroning Sultan Ibrahim does not resemble kidnapping a child. Especially while our sultana is around. No matter what she will never give up on her son, because that is the reason for her existence. Turhan says and I won't give up either, and my reason for existence is Mehmet. Koprulu says of course, but this will at the same time be announcing war on Kosem sultana and we will not know what this will bring us. Do not forget, Kosem sultana is a sycamore tree who has seen four reigns. The smallest error of ours and she will crush us like ants. Turhan says everyone thinks I am her shadow, that I seek refuge in her skirts, that I am a coward. But in truth, the only thing I did was get close to my enemy and when the time comes, to kill her with her own weapon. Because I know that if you wish to be the most powerful, you must beat the one who is most powerful! 

    Ibrahim says GET OUT ALL OF YOU! Kosem says you sent documents again? You want met to ratify these? He rips them up. Kosem says my son what is the reason for this anger? He says I will tell you what! The shop you sent off to Egypt with Zarife and Osman has been attacked by corsairs! They have both fallen to enemy hands!  Kosem says how would I know this would happen! I did this to protect you and our household! Ibrahim says you have been saying the same thing for a thousand years! Whenever you open your mouth you say OH I did it to protect my children! LOOK AROUND YOU! Please look around you? Who is left with you? Osman? Mehmet? Beyazid? Kasim? Murad? They are all dead! They were all killed. All my brothers were killed one by one and I am the only one left alive, if you call this living...

    Kosem says don't be unfair...Ibrahim says I am even mincing my words...I didn't believe it at first, I didn't put any merit in it, but, my brother Murad was right. He had said "when you are Padisah you will understand" Your only concern was the sultanate. You can give up on everything, and anything for its sake. Even on your children! Kosem shouts Ibrahim! He says IT IS OVER! FINISHED! From now on, neither you nor your words, have any power. Just as you exiled my prince,  I am exiling you to Egypt! 

    THE END.  

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      Btw please translation for trailer of episode 28
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