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    The episode starts with prince Ibrahim playing in the snow and then the memories: Kasim, get out, please get out of there, they are coming, we must leave here, get out, hurry up Kasim.

    Older Ibrahim is remembering that snowy night. Kasim saying do not fear Ibrahim,  calm down, don't be afraid. Ibrahim: Please Kasim, they are coming, you must get out of there, they are coming, please Kasim!

    Kosem appears, my son, Ibrahim. He says mother, why have you brought me here, why are you doing this to me? She says I wanted you to remember, because it is as if you have forgotten.

    Kasim! Kasim
    Ibrahim: Mother mother!

    Kosem says now: That day, the executioners came for you too, but I protected you. I became a shield for you.

    Kosem in the flashback: STOP! STOP OR I SHALL TAKE ALL YOUR HEADS!

    Kosem now to Ibrahim: Do you remember? It was right here, do you remember? And you, you are throwing that mother who shielded you with her own life - out of the palace? Is that right!? Just like th others. Like Osman, like Murad.  They had also gotten together with the sowers of discord and booted me from the palace. And what happened? Where are they now? Tell me? Ibrahim says they are dead. Kosem says yes they are dead. Because they lost the armour I had for them. They were separated from my arms, from my wings. I told them, I told them many times, don't trust your subjects, I told them don't get together with trouble makers and go against your mother, I told them and told them but couldn't get them to listen. My son, my Ibrahim, learn. Do not fall to their mistake. Don't take to the wrong paths.

    Ibrahim moves away and says you are doing what you have always done. By scaring me into doing what you want. You are trying to get me to go back on my decision. But this time I won't be tricked by your words. Kosem says what trickery my son? Ibrahim says let us agree on something first, you were not the one who saved me that night, it was my Almighty Lord! He sent a protector, there was an earthquake and I was spared, and it was written in my fate to be on the throne, and I am. I am a Padisah of the world now, and you cannot get anything by scaring me and threatening me. Do not forget that your destiny is tied to me, if something happens to me, the same will happen to you. Your power will be used up and run out. And you will die and disappear along with me - because, you have no other sons left except for me. Face that reality. I do not need you, you need me mother.


    Atike says come Melek, we will go to the markets, we will get some fresh air, walk around, and perhaps we can visit the jeweler.  Melek says our Majesty has exiled our Valide Sultana to Egypt. Atike says: Because of what happened to Zarife and Osman right? Melek replies perhaps he is really upset. Atike says it was obvious this would happen. Mother always thinks she can act on her own whims and fix things but this time it blew up in her face. Melek says this is perhaps an opportunity for our Majesty can be rid of the guardianship of our Valide Sultana. Atike says don't worry Melek, if mother obeys Ibrahim's orders and leaves this palace, she has a shadow she leaves behind her and that shadow will do her bidding. Melek says you mean Turhan sultana? Atike says of course Melek, who else? Melek says if I were in your shoes I would not be so certain, Turhan sultana is quite ambitious, when Kosem sultana leaves it is hard to know if she will continue her loyalty to her (to Kosem). The real question is - has she been actually loyal this whole time? Atike says do you know something? Melek says it is just a feeling my Sultana. I've been in the harem for years now and many girls have passed through my hands (I've looked after so many) and there is something different I can't pinpoint exactly in Turhan. Atike says we shall see. Is mother in the palace right now? Melek says yes my sultana.

    Suleyman agha tells Turhan: Kosem Sultana being exiled from the palace is perfect news! I didn't think it would be so easy. Turhan says it is too early to be happy Suleyman agha, this is Kosem sultana we are talking about, she isn't going to just bow her head and go quietly. She must have already thought of something.

    Suleyman announces Turhan. Sivekar tells Humashah "hey get up woman, are you itching for death?"

    Suleyman agha says what are you doing woman? Humasah says I am eating fruit my agha. Suleyman says haven't you noticed our sultana has entered? Humashah stands up and saying very sweet very nice, do you not want any? Turhan takes a bite and then says Lalezar kalfa, whose orders are to be obeyed after Valide Kosem Sultana's? Lalezar says yours my sultana. Turhan says and the reason? Lal replies because you are the head Haseki sultana. Turhan says and if one of the girls insults me what happens? What is her punishment? Lalezar says if our Valide Sultana ratifies it, then her punishment would be execution. Humasah says execution? What execution? I didn't do anything? Did I insult you? I didn't. Turhan says and what was what you just did woman?! Who are you to not stand up before me when I enter? How dare you? That's an open insult and especially while everyone is witness. Either you apologize at once, or the aghas do what is needed. The decision is yours. Humasah says our Majesty will not allow it, you cannot do anything. Turhan shouts for aghas. Humasah says my sultana, my sultana wait. Forgive me, I am new, I do not know the rules. Turhan replies your ignorance is apparent. I forgive you this one time, but what you did cannot go unpunished. Take her for falaka (whipping the soles of her feet) let her come to her senses after twenty five lashes! Teach this rude girl a good lesson.  The aghas take her away. Humasah says let me go, I am one of Sultan Ibrahim's favorites! Sivekar help me! Let me go.

    Kemankes meanwhile tells Ibrahim in the Divan that "the Maltese corsairs have given Zarife and her son over to the Venetians. Ibrahim says send my order to the Venetian Bailo at once, they should return them to me. Kemankes says I spoke to him but he denies it, the impudent fool, he says they have nothing to do with it. Crazy Huseyin says their intentions are obvious, they wish to use our prince as a hostage against our state. Ibrahim says so in that case we have no other choice but to go to war. My order is to start the preparations for war. Kemankes says great, the time has come to show the Venetians their limits. Koprulu says they even deserved this from the time of your late brother Sultan Murad with their actions of enmity. Ibrahim says true, whoever commits a crime, their punishment is obvious. Just like my mother Kosem sultana. I have exiled her to Egypt, she will soon be on her way. Kemankes says your majesty how can you exile our Valide Sultana? Ibrahim replies - her crime is great! My favourite and my son are in enemy hands because of her. Cinci says your majesty. And then Ibrahim says oh and my Anatolian military judge possesses the knowledge of many scholars, and for this reason, the seyhulislam cannot take decisions without his permission on this matter. Kemankes says your majesty, as your grand vizier, I suggest that you reconsider this decision.  Cinci says perhaps you didn't hear our Majesty's words? He said his decision is final. Ibrahim say my decision is final.

    Kosem speaks with Atike and says are you happy Atike? I am leaving you will be rid of me. Atike says this had nothing to do with me mother, it is his own decision. Kosem says who are you fooling? You got together with that fool Cinci and made my son enemy to me. Atike says mother, as much as you do not want to accept it, he is a king. And like every Padisah, there is a lion sleeping in his soul. On top of this, a wounded lion. If you hurt him, this is what happens. Kosem says and I did it? Atike says when he was still a prince he had said I fear if I should become Padisah one day and my mother should become my enemy - have those days arrived I wonder? Turhan arrives and Atike leaves.

    Kosem says did you hear everything that happened Turhan? Turhan replies unfortunately my sultana, I cannot fathom how our majesty saw a punishment like this to befit you. Kosem says if it was Ibrahim who wanted it, I wouldn't mind so much, but they are whispering into my son's ears. They want to make another son of mine enemy to me. And that Cinci Huseyin was two faced, he smiled at us but went behind our backs. Turhan says God knows I never liked that man. What will happen now my sultana? Will you really leave? Kosem says I will not go, I will not go and let us gather the council, you will come with me. We will brainstorm together and make a decision.

    Everyone is congratulating Cinci when Kemankes grabs his arm. Cinci says what are you doing pasha? Kemankes says what are YOU doing?! Have you lost your senses or are you itching to die? You come before us with a new talent every day? If Kosem sultana is exiled because of you - !Cinci says you are being unjust pasha, I am innocent. Kemankes says innocent? I know you very well, you dog. You would sell your own father for a few coins. Cinci says you have no might behind your words! Of course, you trust Kosem sultana, but I would not be so relaxed if I were you, today has a tomorrow and tomorrow, Kosem sultana will go to Egypt and these words will go around and bring trouble on your head! Kemankes says YOU DISHONORABLE MAN! Who are you to threaten me?! I will cut your tongue! Your tongue! someone steps forward and tries to stop him. Kemankes says what is wrong with you, have you gone to their side? The man says after our Padisah has made a decision it does not befall us to argue about it, for that reason I ...Huseyin interrupts and says that is enough my pasha. Kemankes says to Cinci - no one will go anywhere. But you will, you will go to hell...to the depths of hell!

    Ibrahim speaks with someone named Yusuf who says welcome, you bring me honour. Ibrahim says you know about my favourite and my prince. I have made a decision to war with Venice. Hopefully the pashas will bring them back. Yusuf says God willing, this doing of the enemy is unacceptable. Ibrahim says but...I do not trust anyone. Most are under my mother's command,  no one cares about my favourite or my prince. You are not like that Yusuf are you?You have been by my side since I took the throne, you are loyal to me right? Yusuf says "my life be sacrificed in your way" Ibrahim says " when the time comes, you will set out to war. You will head the army Yusuf, your job will be to save my favourite Zarife and prince Osman from enemy hands and bring them here, to the palace. Yusuf says God willing, I will be worthy of this honour your majesty.

    In the harem, Humasah can barely walk and says leave me to my own pain. Sivekar says I told you Humasah, I told you to watch yourself, be thankful your life was spared! You cannot interfere with that bony Turhan sultana. Humasah says it is not over, in fact she will regret bothering me! Humasah shouts Melek Kalfa! Melek says what is going on? What happened to you? Sivekar says it has to do with Turhan sultana, as soon as she came, she had the poor helpless girl's wings broken - she sent her for falaka (lashing her feet). Humasah says enough silence. I wish to speak to our Majesty. At once! Melek says as you wish my sultana, any other demands you have? Turhan has not punished you for no reason, who knows what kind of impudence you showed. Humasah shouts I wish to see our majesty! Melek says you can't just see our majesty whenever you wish! When it is appropriate I will send word and you can go.

    Kemankes tells Kosem, my sultana, that hypocrite called Cinci has taken our majesty under his spell.  Whatever he says, our Majesty does. It seems he (Cinci) wants to have power over the scholars and have his own reign set up. He was up to trouble, but we couldn't see it (ahead of time). Turhan says let us punish him then, what are we waiting for? As you know, the snake's head should be cut when it's still young. Kosem says you are right, but we must send word to the Janissaries, they should give him his punishment. Kemankes says Janissaries? Kosem says the Ulefe council will convene, there is no better opportunity than that. The Janissaries will not drink from the ceremonial soup (i.e. they will revolt).  Huseyin says what is the purpose of this rebellion? Haci says until our Majesty does not give the Janissaries Cinci's head! Huseyin says forgive me my sultana, but this is Cinci - a helpless wretch we are talking about, all we need to do is attack him in his mansion, take his head off and the matter will be finished! What is the need for such an uproar? Kosem replies, the matter is not Cinci - he is a mere puppet, and we do not know who holds the strings. Wherever those strings reach, we must punish appropriately so they do not dare. Kemankes says it is very obvious there is a treachery there. Do not worry my sultana, we will speak to the elders of the barracks and do what is necessary. Turhan says I see it beneficial to be careful. Our majesty's safety is uncertain. What if the matter gets out of hand? Kosem says what shall I do Turhan? Shall I go to Egypt then? Turhan says what if this is what your enemies want? What if they want you to panic and make a mistake? Kosem says do you think I am making a mistake? Turhan says never, you know the best, I am simply thinking of every outcome. I especially learned to think of the worst possibility, from you. Kosem says do not worry I thought of every possibility and have calculated it based on that.

    Cinci meanwhile says to Ibrahim - our pasha cannot bear the responsibilities you have gifted me. Ibrahim says he will get used to it! EVERYONE will get used to it! Another era has begun, my era! Cinci says God willing! For this, we must start our cleansing from the scholars. Then clean out the statesmen, and finally, we must restore order among the soldiers. All your subjects will bow before you.

    Atike enters and Cinci greets her and says with your permission and leaves. Atike says you trust this man too much. Ibrahim says why did you say that? He has always been by my side. He is the one who cures my pains. And he is very intelligent. He understands state business too. Atike says yes, he is very sharp! Good deeds do not tire his brain, he takes help from the djinns they say, it is not a good omen. Ibrahim laughs and says why have you come? Atike says the decision about my mother isn't right. Ibrahim says my prince fell to enemy hands because of her. Should she remain without being punished? Atike say she will not go unpunished of course, but not like this your majesty. She cannot go to Egypt, no one can accept that. You know my mother, she will resist, she will object. It should be an appropriate punishment so she can accept it willingly.

    Turhan in the hall outside the room where Kosem and Kemankes are talking says to Haci - what could our Kosem sultana be speaking about with the pasha? Haci says what else? The details for the showdown that will take place in the Ulefe ceremony. Turhan says that is fine but there is already a rumour - she must be careful. There are many aghas and cariyes in this mansion, if one of them falls to gossip, we won't be able to stop them. Haci says if our Sultana sees something fit, we cannot stop her, but don't worry our Kemankes pasha is very careful, he doesn't let anyone around who he doesn't trust.

    Kemankes meanwhile tells Kosem - do not worry my sultana, Cinci is nothing! Anyone could be behind him. As you know for all these years I am in the position of grand vizier, I have just as many enemies as friends. They try to find opportunities to dig my pit. Kosem says the ones who dig will fall into the pits themselves. Kemankes says I worry about you my sultana, I heard such words that...Kosem says what kind of words? Kemankes says Atike sultana openly threatened me! She said my feelings for you have blinded my eyes. She even said I am your slave in love with you. Kosem says do not take her seriously, she said the same things to me, her real quarrel is with me. Kemankes says this is my fear, the fire of trouble is lit and I am certain that this is where they will strike you from. I do not want you to come to harm or be sad because of me. Before it continues, we must end the rumours. Kosem says how? Kemankes says if you permit, I will wed. If I have a family, all the voices will be quieted. Kosem says if this is your wish then - Kemankes says the matter is not my wishes, it is your safety. If it will put you into harms way, I would be willing to rip out my heart and throw it away. Kosem says let them speak, let them slander, I do not care! But of course it won't continue this way...I also want you to have a happy home. Family is important. God willing you will meet with the wedded happiness and bliss you deserve. Kemankes says you are my happiness in this world, your presence is. I have no other wish but to be at your side.

    Turhan tells her son that Kosem will arrive soon when he asks as they enter Kosem's room and she tells him to sit and play for a while and not create a scene. She searches for the seal and Mehmet says this is very pretty and she says leave it! That's where she finds the seal. "Here it is!"

    Atike chases after her mother. She says I spoke to my sovereign brother and asked him to reconsider his decision to exile you. Haci says so did his majesty allow our sultana to stay in the palace then? Atike says no her exile is still in effect, but it is not part of our traditions or rules to exile to Egypt for this reason I have suggested you go the Florya Gardens and he accepted and you like that place very much. Kosem says thank you Atike, I will never forget this goodness (sarcasm). Atike says I did it for your benefit mother, this is all I could manage to do. But when do you ever like anything? Kosem says "will you two be happy sending your mother off from the palace? I have been in this palace for forty years. My life has passed under this dome, yes maybe I wasn't born here but, this is where my life will end, in my own house and home, and no one can prevent that, no one did you understand?"

    Mehmet tells Turhan I am very bored let us leave! Turhan says what did I say to you? Be quiet!

    Haci meanwhile tells Kosem it is obvious Atike sultana has become an enemy my sultana, or else why should she do this. Kosem says the reason is apparent, she knows I won't go to Egypt. Haci says well at least you will not be far from the capital. Kosem says I will not go, and I will not go to Florya either, Ibrahim will change his mind.

    Kosem finds Turhan waiting and says what are you doing here? Turhan says Mehmet missed you very much and when the aghas said you were returning soon, we said let us wait. Mehmet says I miss you very much. Kosem says me too, Haci set up the table we shall have dinner together - me and my grandson.

    Humasah goes to Ibrahim and he says will you read a book to me? You read and my eyes closed, what do you say? She says sure. He says come. What is wrong with you? Why do you walk this way, do you have pain? She says nothing important I do not want to make you upset by telling you.

    He says who did this? Who did it, I will take their life! Humasah says Turhan sultana.

    Koprulu meanwhile meets with Turhan. He says so they want Cinci's head. But why are we preventing this? Cinci's death benefits us, especially because this will put space between mother and son. Just as we wanted. Turhan says Cinci is an excuse, they wish to teach our majesty a lesson. They want to scare him into listening. If Kosem sultana is successful in killing Cinci, Sultan Ibrahim will never be able to raise his head again and then we can never be rid of Kosem sultana. Koprulu says I get it but Kosem sultana has already given her orders, how will we reach the Janissaries? Turhan says with this. It is a letter with Kosem's seal. Koprulu says if I didn't know I would think Kosem sultana wrote it. Turhan says find your men in the barracks at once, they will have a great task to carry out, everything they must do is written here including the smallest details. Koprulu says as you order my sultana.

    Suleyman agha arrives and says my sultana, the aghas are searching for you. Our Majesty has urgently called for you. Turhan says what is the matter? Suleyman says I do not know.

    Turhan enters Ibrahim's room and says you have called for me. Ibrahim says what do you think you are doing Turhan? How could you have my favourite lashed? Turhan says the rules of the imperial harem are apparent, this woman insulted me, your head consort. Humasah says as I said your majesty, it is slander. I was nothing but respectful. I asked around and everyone is complaining about our sultana here, if anyone tries to come close to you, woe to them. Ibrahim says it is obvious you get your courage from my mother, if you want I can send you there too to the Florya Gardens. You can walk the grounds together and practice together. Turhan says your majesty...

    Ibrahim shouts ENOUGH! I cannot bear to listen to your voice anymore. Just like my mother, you view yourself as higher than everyone and every thing. Do not forget where you came from! You are a slave, a concubine coming from Russian lands. Nothing more than that. Turhan says how do you see these words befitting your consort who has given you two children? Especially with a whore next to you. Ibrahim says you will not learn it is obvious. You two (to the servants) leave those things and get out. GET OUT. Tonight, Turhan will serve us. Turhan says Ibrahim...

    Ibrahim says hurry up! Go on. I SAID MOVE!

    In the barracks a man greets Koprulu and says is all well my pasha? Koprulu says you will tell me if it is good or bad...

    The soldier says oh look at this, a storm will touch down tomorrow! Koprulu says and what a storm! Everything relies on you. You understand your job right? The soldier says I do, just, where is that order our sultana speaks of? Koprulu hands a letter and says but be careful, it is not to start before time. The soldier says of course, and you please send my regards to our Turhan Sultana.

    Suleyman asks if Turhan is okay. She says tell the servant girls to keep their mouths shut. No one is to know what happened in that room tonight. Suleyman says they will keep quiet, but I do not know if Humashah will, she will talk about it as much as she can. Turhan says the woman complained about me and Ibrahim scolded me on her words. And then he made me serve the woman. My dignity was destroyed. Suleyman says do not worry, let us take care of the other matters first, and Humasah's turn will arrive. Turhan says I have no patience left to stay under the same roof with that woman, Suleyman. She is to leave this palace at once, at once!

    Kemankes speaks to the elders in the barracks he says no one will touch their food during the Ulefe assembly. You will ask for Cinci Huseyin's head. One man says - this is very dangerous, since Sultan Murad's time there have been no incidents by the Janissaries during Ulefe. What if we get Sultan Ibrahim against us? Kemankes says the matter won't reach that point, Sultan Ibrahim will not resist, he will hand over Cinci's head. Another man says and my pasha, does Kosem sultana know about this? Kemankes says why would we take this action without Kosem sultana knowing? The order came specifically from her. The man replies - forgive my asking, the matter is important so that is why (I asked). Kemankes nothing to worry about, just do what I ask, peace to you.

    The men start mumbling about it. One man says Kemankes has really brought trouble on us. I won't lie, I can't understand these things, why should Valide Sultana want to go against her own son? And for Cinci? Another man says our Kosem sultana has personally ordered. Did you not hear. The other man (the one working for Koprulu) says but still we should consider our safety, we should get word from Kosem sultana herself just in case. The other man says you are right, send word to her at once.

    Cinci says to the Janissary who has a sword to him have mercy on this poor subject, what are you doing here? Or has Kosem sultana gave my execution order and you have come to take my life. The soldier says shhh, be quiet. Cinci says here, take this. The soldier says Cinci, you have blown and mumbled your way to getting what you want. There is no measure for the wealth and gold you have earned, and you offer me a small bag of coins? Cinci says no there is more, I will give more, I will give everything, spare my life. The soldier says I would, but our grand vizier Kemankes does not pardon or spare, he has given your execution order, and in the Ulefe assembly, we will beat our pots and clamour for your head. Don't be afraid, there is a way to save your head!

    Ibrahim says to Atike well what else can I do? Turhan left me no other choice, and you know her, why are you sticking up for her?  Atike says it is not about Turhan, she is a sultana, and on top of that your head consort! No matter what it is not right for her to serve Humasha. You cannot override the rules. Ibrahim says don't start like my mother! Cinci arrives and Ibrahim says what is wrong Cinci? Ibrahim says there is nothing hidden from  Atike, you can speak in front of her. Cinci says Kemankes has incited the Janissaries against you. They will raise their pots ( a sign of discontent and rebellion) during the Ulefe assembly. Ibrahim says are you sure? Cinci says unfortunately yes. one of the men couldn't hold his tongue and that is how I found out. On top of that, they want my head. Ibrahim says but how can this be? Kemankes is my grand vizier, all the power rests in his hands, why should he do such a thing? Atike says you need to ask mother this...Kemankes would not act like this alone. I am as certain as my name, mother is in on this plan.

    The food is being set up and in the Divan, a pasha tells Ibrahim that the treasury from Egypt has finally arrived. Koprulu says and the one from Syria is also arriving. Ibrahim says great. This will be very helpful in our campaign on Venice. Huseyin Pasha I want a large fleet - the largest! Huseyin says the treasury from Egypt won't be enough for a great fleet. It will be very expensive. Ibrahim says I will give our orders, the lumberjacks will give timber and what are the people around for? They can work at the shipyards. Kemankes says I will take care of it. Hurry up, Prince Osman is in enemy hands! Kemankes says I have given instructions but, we will make it as if we go to war against Malta not Venice - so that they can be caught unprepared. In this way we will cut off the corsairs as well. Ibrahim says great, you have worked so hard and thought of every tiny thing. Woe to someone who is your enemy!

    Cinci says the Ulefe assembly is about to begin. Your subjects are ready and await your presence. Kemankes says it is not necessary for the Padisah to be at the Ulefe assembly. Ibrahim says put my throne at the gate of felicity at once!

    Kosem says hopefully there will be no trouble. Haci says why should there be, our Kemankes pasha has spoken to the elders of the barracks and everything is as planned. Turhan says be rest assured my sultana, Cinci the traitor will pay for what he has done. We will watch his execution today. Atike arrives. Kosem says why have you come? Atike says I have come to see the ceremony if there is no objection. Kosem says no, why should there be, you can watch.

    Ibrahim is announced and makes his way to the throne and makes the motion for the men to begin.
    The announcer shouts "Let the feast begin" (an old way to begin a feast). The men start eating to Kemankes' and Kosem's shock.

    Cinci to Kemankes - this must not have been what you were waiting for, pasha. Kemankes says what are you trying to say? Ibrahim chimes in - he is trying to say he knows what you have been doing behind my back! Catch this traitor!

    From above, Kosem says what  is going on down there, where are they taking Kemankes?! Atike says it is your masterpiece mother, he is sacrificing himself for your sake. Kosem says what is the meaning of this!? Melek says we know about it my sultana, we know what was going through your mind. Atike says "Ibrahim's real disaster is not death - it was getting on the throne. My brother Osman, my uncle Mustafa, me - we are all our mother's sacrifices. She will drag Ibrahim into her swamp one day too, you will understand one day" this is  what my late brother Murad had said and he was right. I was aware of it that day too, but didn't hand over my brother. And I will not hand him over to you either. You will not take another sibling of mine into your swamp!

    Kosem says how is this possible? Haci says someone must have exposed it. A traitor has hit is from behind!

    Kemankes is brought before Ibrahim. You would incite the soldiers and encourage revolt eh? Your intention was to kill Cinci and dethrone me. Kemankes says no, God forbid! it never crossed my mind to dethrone you. Ibrahim says and you deny it! I found everything out. You have even bribed them to overturn their pots (to rebel)! Thank God they are loyal subjects to me and didn't listen to you. Kemankes says I gave bribes? Who said this to you? Ibrahim says this doing of yours has the punishment of death! But I will spare you on one condition. You will tell me the truth. Did my mother want this from you? Did she give the order? Kemankes replies no! Our Kosem sultana has nothing to do with this matter, not from near or from far! She has never found herself in a plot against you. All the fault lies with me.

    Ibrahim says I gave you this honour, I made you my grand vizier. I entrusted my life and belongings to you. The bread you ate was mine, and yet, you stayed by my mother's side. You became her grand vizier. Just like...just like you did to my brother Murad, you have betrayed me. Kemankes says at that time I protected you and the state. Otherwise, the line would end and the nation and state would be destroyed and vanish. Just like right now. That liar and charlatan Cinci, the traitor to faith and nation is dragging you to an abyss for his own benefits.

    Ibrahim replies - I know your real face Kemankes. I know the source of your loyalty. I am removing you. Take him away! Kemankes says you are making a mistake. There is no other choice for you, but your mother! Ibrahim says TAKE HIM AWAY! Kemankes says you have no other choice but your MOTHER!

    Kosem confronts two Janissary aghas - what did you do?! Didn't I order that no one was to eat from the food?! How can you desert Kemankes pasha? He is walking to his death because of you! One of the men says my sultana, wasn't this your wish? That is what you said in your letter? Kosem says what orders and letter? I didn't write any letter shmetter! The one man says my sultana, the palace guard cafer agha brought your letter.  You have written that Kemankes was acting alone and that you are not accepting of it. Kosem says I did not write this letter! The man says but your signatu-

    Kosem says fine! Then she says to Haci someone has betrayed us. Find that guard for me.

    Kemankes is being taken away and Cinci says seeing as you needed help from the soldiers to get rid of me, it means I have really scared you. Kemankes says vultures like you can only exit when they smell blood. When the eagle is around, the vulture dares not attack because he knows he will be hunted. Cinci chuckles and says - let us see who is the hunter and who the hunted? You will go to the fate you wanted for me, that string will go around your neck, Kemankes says -  you carcass dog, if I were you, I would not even close my eyes at night. It is not known when or from where death comes, suddenly you stop breathing! A guard says go on aghas take him away.

    The solder who met with Kosem tells Turhan I gave the palace guards name to Kosem sultana. They will have gone after him. Koprulu says the agha is long in the Bosphorus, they won't find any proof. Don't worry my sultana this matter will not touch you. Turhan says great. You have done a great job Koprulu. You too, Siyavus Agha, you will get your reward. Because of you, we have hit Kosem sultana with a big attack, she lost her greatest strength. Koprulu says I do not think Valide Sultana will give up on the pasha so quickly. She may convince our Majesty to forgive him. Turhan says it is too late. There is no saving for Kemankes.

    Kemankes is locked up in the boxwoods. Kemankes says what is going on, are you going to execute me in the boxwoods? The man says "no, my pasha I came to this position because of you. You have always protected us. I am loyal to you and our kosem sultana. Huseyin pasha awaits you at the Saraglio Point. Kemankes says and what will happen to you?" The man says "do not worry about us, may our lives be sacrificed for your sake. Hurry now, before anyone comes climb down."

    Atike is with Ibo and says Ibrahim, drink this come on. Ibrahim, come. Ibrahim says "what if the soldiers had listened to Kemankes? What if there was a revolt? It wouldn't stop at just Cinci, they would want my life too! They would dethrone me like my late brother Osman and kill me"Atike says it has passed Ibrahim, the soldiers have shown their loyalty to you, and Kemankes got what he deserved, he can no longer do anything to you. Ibrahim says years ago when he got me from the executioners I thought he did it for me, but he did it for my mother! For her sultanate to continue. This is kemankes' greatest sin - that he is not loyal to me but is loyal to my mother. I was going to spare his life, I swear I was going to if he had told me the truth about my mother. But he didn't, he protected her again. Atike says he wouldn't, he would take the pain so mother wont have to. Ibrahim says of course he won't...he has a relationship with mother right? Atike says how do you know? I heard it, I heard it that day when Emirgune came to get me. I didn't believe it at first, I said it wasn't true, but it is true right? They have a relationship between them? Atike says no this is not a relationship. Do not doubt my mother, the pasha has set up fantasies on his own. Ibrahim says the The traitor! And he shouts at me that it is for the safety of the nation! But my mother is in his eyes!

    Cinci enters and says DISASTER! Kemankes has escaped while being taken to be executed. Ibrahim says how could you not prevent this Cinci! Cinci says the head guard says he has escaped from their hands, but he is lying. They did not carry out your orders, they protected him.

    Haci goes to Kosem and says  I spoke with the aghas, Kemankes has left safely. Huseyin will put him somewhere safe. Kosem says did you find that guard the janissary was talking about? Haci shakes his head, it is like he has disappeared. Kosem says they have dumped him somewhere after killing him. Ufffff Haci! Who is this snake we've been carrying in our bosoms? Who is the one who used my seal? Haci says my sultana, could it not been  Atike? Kosem says I thought of that, but who could she have learned from about the Ulefe interventions?

    Ibrahim enters. Where is kemo mother? Where have you hidden him? Tell me.  Kosem says I just heard, I have nothing to do with it, I do not know. Ibrahim says who are you fooling? That child you lied to all the time is not standing before you! I know you have hidden the pasha, how can you protect a traitor who has betrayed me and the nation? Kosem says how quickly you forgot all that Kemankes has done for you! He put his life in danger for your sake! Is this the return he gets? Ibo says not for me, he did it for you. It is obvious why. We both know. Maybe his feelings are not one sided. Kosem says I refuse to even answer this disgusting accusation. Let him run off to wherever, I will find him and take his life!

    Turhan paces, Suleyman enters and she says is it over, was Kemo killed? Suleyman says no, don't know how but, he managed to escape from the guards grasp. Turhan says Kosem did it. The whole palace works for her. While she is around, who would listen to Ibo's orders. Suleyman says the guards were given orders and he is being looked for everywhere. Turhan says who knows what hole they hid the pasha in. They will never find him. Suleyman says what are you thinking/what will you do? Turhan says leave me alone Suleyman aga, I need to think.

     A guard tells Ibo that they are searching for Kemo and have found no clues. Ibo says yes how can he run off with his hands and feet tied? I want the heads of whoever was responsible for this!  And tomorrow, Kemankes will come before me, did you hear me?! "AHHH MY HEAD, THE PAIN IN MY HEAD CINCI! IT'S BETTER IF THEY TAKE MY HEAD!"

    Cinci says let us try this your majesty. Ibo says it is not working, nothing you are trying is working CInci. Cinci says I do not know why, it usually works. Ibrahim says GET OUT, aghas, call Sivekar to me! She can cure my pain!

    Sivekar is busy counting coins when Lal enters and she shouts AHHH! LALEZAR KALFA HOW DO YOU ENTER MY ROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION?!  Lal says oh wow, I swear the imperial treasury doesn't have this much coins! Sivekar says don't exaggerate. While the head consort swims in gold, did my few coins catch your eyes? Although I am the one who deserves all the gold! Lalezar says and why is that? Sivekar says I am the only woman in this harem who makes our majesty smile and forget his woes. I make him more happy than anyone else does but I have no value. Lal says good, then get ready because our majesty is calling for you, he is in pain and Cinci's potions didn't work. Sivekar says I told you they wouldn't, I am his cure. Get out, I will get ready at once and come! Lal says good, don't make our Majesty wait.

    Turhan asks Kosem who could it be who betrayed you? Kosem says someone who is very smart, has left no clues behind. But eventually, they will expose themselves. And I will make them regret at that time, I will make it worse than death for them! Turhan says at least you made it on time and Kemankes was spared the rope. Our majesty has sent guards to the city, they look for the pasha everywhere. Hopefully, he has left the Capitol. Kosem says not yet, he is in a safe place, they cannot find him. Turhan says good, if you need anything, I can be the go between ( I can go see him), don't trust anyone else to because as you know they will even have you followed. Kosem says you are right, Kemankes will be off tomorrow, but there is something I need to give him before he leaves. Kosem gives a ring with a seal - it will open all doors for him. Turhan says do not worry, I will personally deliver it to him.

    Huseyin goes to Kemankes and says I have got the ship ready, it will leave tomorrow. Kemankes says it bothers me to run like a traitor like this. Huseyin says you will have to deal with this for a while, and then when our sultana speaks to our majesty and his angered has calmed,  you can return. Kemankes says he has doubted me once. And that Cinci fool used the opportunity and son and mother will fall out.  Huseyin says his turn will come. I will be his executioner. Kemo say I am not going anywhere Huseyin. Let them all think I left. Including our sultana. I will stay in the capitol. Huseyin says don't you will throw yourself and all of us in danger, including Kosem sultana. Be rest assured, I am here, I will always be by our sultana's side.

    Sivekar massages Ibrahim's head and he says: there are no hands like yours my Sivekar...my sweet pastry. You are a cure for my soul and my body. You have quelled my pains, ask of me what you wish! Sivekar says what can I ask for but you? I want to look beautiful in your eyes, take your mind away. Ibrahim says you do anyway. Do you doubt it? Sivekar says no but...your consorts...they wear a different dress every day. wear jewels, they shine like the sun in the harem. I pale in comparison. I worry that I am not worthy of you. He says you wear them too, doll yourself up, and anyway, which of them as this flirtatious air about them? She says I will deck myself out but with what money? I have nothing left, I wanted to do good deeds, and they fooled me. And I am not a mother of the prince, they said. Ibrahim says have what you wish for my sweet! If you want to do good deeds, I am giving the tribute tax from Syria to you!  Spend as your heart desires, do not be worried. She says oh your majesty...did I hear right?! But will not our Valide sultana be mad...Ibrahim says no one can interfere, especially not my mother!

    Turhan wishs to see Ibrahim and the agha says he is with his harem. She says who is with him, Humasah? Agha says Sivekar. Turhan enters and says get out woman and leave us alone. Ibrahim says what insolence is this Turhan!? How can you enter my room without permission?! She says we must speak on an important matter. Very important. He says speak. She says it is state secret. Sivekar says Turhan must not want me to hear what she has to say, in truth, I am curious what this secret is. SHe is motioned to leave.

    Ibrahim says it better be important otherwise - Turhan says I found out where Kemankes is hiding. Ibo says and where is he? Turhan says I will tell you, but I have a condition, Humasah is to leave this palace. Ibrahim says come to your senses Turhan. No one can put conditions on me. And I don't take it especially from you. Turhan says I know you have no value in my words, you made me serve her like a servant! Ibo says you are trying my patience. After what you did to Zarife and my son, if you are still here, it is for the sake of my children. Otherwise you would have long -

    Turhan says what would you do? Kill me? You already have. Every day you have hated me and ignored me, you have killed me. I cannot bear it any longer. While Kemo lives, your sultanate is in danger. The decision is yours. If you want me to tell you where he is, you will send Humasah away from this palace.

    The girls in the bath ask Humasah - so is it true, Turhan served you? Humasah nods, and says she has learned not to mess with me. Turhan arrives. Humasah says I told you I don't resemble Zarife hatun. No one can look down on me or bother me. I won't allow it. Turhan says it is obvious you do not resemble Zarife, she was far more intelligent. Unfortunately, your ends will be the same. Humasah says what does this mean? Turhan says you are leaving this palace tomorrow. Humasah says don't dream, Sultan Ibrahim will not at all allow you to send me away. Turhan says our majesty is sending you. He personally made the decision. Hum says you are lying, why should he do that suddenly? Turhan says do not worry, you can return to your fiance and after having kids, forget your days here.

    Ibrahim wakes up hearing footsteps and voices.

    He sees the fur and recalls Humasah's words - the Sultan of Mihriban made a palace for his beloved Hayal sultana, and he covered the walls and floors in sable fur. He believed that the sable fur would protect from death.

    Kemankes is caught and Cinci says did you think you could escape  our Padisah's wrath? Even Kosem sultana cannot save you this time.

    Atike goes to Ibrahim and says I think you are going to bid kemo goodbye. Kosem says I warned you  not to speak about this matter!  Atike says I was coming to tell you not to bother, he has been caught where he was hiding.

    Cinci shouts out - O people, the grand vizier Kemankes pasha has been found guilty of inciting the soldiers to rebellion against the Padisah. This traitor to faith and nation will be executed by the order of Sultan Ibrahim Han in the Valide Kosem Sultana Foundation. People shout oh he sees himself as king, betrayed, this is the end for a traitor. Other people say no, he is loyal, how can you see this fit for him. No! No! He is not guilty!

    Ibrahim is getting ready and Kosem enters. He says I was waiting for you. Kosem says I am trying to turn you back from a grave error and you do not listen, you still want to execute Kemankes! Ibo says you are the one who helped him escape from the palace and now you want to prevent it? He is a traitor, he plotted a rebellion against his master. Kosem says my son you are merciful, listen to your conscience, don't do it. Don't make the enemy happy, they want Kemankes to be executed so that you will fall weak without strength. Ibrahim says Kemo will be punished and you will watch it, this is your punishment.

    Melek wonders what all those chests are. An agha says they are for Sivekar, she has been awarded the tax tribute from the Syrian governorship from now on. Lalezar says oh God spare my brains! This is not okay! The entire province of Syria! our Valide sultana will be very angry. Melek says she has bigger problems, I don't think she has time to worry about Sivekar. Lal says don't worry Melek, our Kosem can reach it all thank God.

    Kemankes is brought to the foundation. Ibrahim says do you remember you told me about how you became the best archer in Ottoman lands. But, people cannot escape their arrows meant for them. Sooner or later it comes and pierces their heart. Kemankes says I am ready and accepting of my fate. I accept it with my good and my bad. Ibrahim says you are not regretful? Kemankes says I am not. I have done nothing to be ashamed of, God is my Witness. Ibrahim says take him away.

    Kemankes is taken to the front of the foundation.

    Ibrahim says now it is your turn mother, you will go at once to the Florya gardens, there is no return to the palace. Your belongings will go after you. Kosem says do not forget today, you did not lose your grand vizier, you lost your mother today.

    Turhan turns to Kosem - I wasn't able to give this to the pasha. God grant him heaven. Kosem says Amen. Turhan says do not be sad, I will give you daily news of the palace, and our Majesty will understand he has made a mistake eventually. Kosem says I know everything Turhan. I know you are that you are the traitor among us, that you stole my seal, that you exposed where Kemankes was hiding. Since you have chosen enmity towards me, you will see what enmity is.

    Suleyman tells Turhan it is not good at all that Kosem sultana found out about you being behind everything. She will take you to account for it. Turhan says she would find out sooner or later anyway. What is going on here?

    Humasah says to some aghas put this chest here, and the other there. Turhan says what are you doing here?! Humasah says as you know our Valide sultana is exiled. And now I will be staying in this palace. Turhan says IMPOSSIBLE! Humasah says it is possible, if our majesty wishes it is. He wanted me to move in here. Turhan says Melek hatun, what stupidity is this?! Melek says she tells the truth, our majesty personally ordered me.

    Turhan enters Ibrahim's roomand shouts Ibrahim we had a deal, Humasah was to leave, and not only did you not send her away but you moved her into Valide Sultana's room! Ibrahim says did you really think I would send her? She is the apple of my eye, I will not let her go anywhere. In fact, I will marry her. Turhan says what?! How can you marry her? How can you marry a two-day woman! Ibrahim says she can be trusted more than you...right, until yesterday you were mother's most trusted servant. You betrayed her for your own fortune. My mother who protected you, loved you, did so much for you - you betrayed her. And you would show loyalty to me?

    Turhan says Ibrahim...I  -

    He says you may leave.

    In the garden Kosem comes across a figure. It is Kemankes. He greets her, she says finally you are safe and sound standing before me. He says because of you, my sultana, once again you have saved me from death. She says when I found out Turhan had betrayed, I purposely told your hiding place to her. This was the only way to save you. Huseyin pasha brought another person in your place. Sooner or later they would find you, I wanted them to know you as being dead, this is the only way they would give up searching for you. Kemankes says the aghas told me  what I am wondering is why did she betray you? how did you understand Turhan was a traitor? Kosem says she used my seal secretly...I didn't know at first. I didn't even doubt her when the Janissary aghas showed me the letter. Until I remembered that moment.

    Flashback to Turhan saying her son missed Kosem and aghas told them Kosem would return soon, so she waited (and she sees a bit of the wax on Mehmet's sleeve.

    Kosem continues - I didn't guess at all that Turhan could betray me. Kemankes says I am no longer grand vizier, difficult days await us. Kosem says we will be specifically careful with Turhan. There stands before us a toothed enemy. An enemy I raised with my own hands.

    THE END.

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