• Historical Letter from Hürrem Sultan Sultan Süleyman

    Snippets of a historical letter from Hürrem Sultan to Kanunî Sultan Süleyman:

    "I am praying until morning to be reunited with you. I am begging Allah with the loudest cry I have to be able to touch your lips, that burn me up inside, again.I know you are in war in Allah's Name right now. You are on the path to win victories and to exalt the holy war. I wish for your success. However my greatest wish is to be reunited with you. You are the only cure for my grieving, sorrowful heart." 'The people of the palace and your sons send you many greetings of peace (Selam). In your letter you have asked me if I am upset or not with one of your Viziers. If you listen to me just once about this issue you will learn the truth. I also send greetings of peace to your Pasha, your servant. Please also send my greetings of peace to your son Mustafa, who has also joined you in the campaign. I pray that you find peace in this world and the hereafter." "My lofty Sultan. After I put my head on the ground and kiss the soil which your blessed feet stepped on, my nation's sun and wealth Sultanim, if you ask about me, your servant who has caught on fire from the zeal of missing you, I am like one whose liver (in this case more meaning heart) has been broiled, whose chest has been ruined, whose eyes are filled with tears, who cannot anymore distinguish between night and day, who has fallen into the sea of yearning, desperate, mad with your love, in a worse situation than Ferhat and Mejnun, this passionate love of yours, your slave, is burning because I have been separated from you. Like a nightingale, whose sighs and cries for help do not cease, I am in such a state due to being away from you, I would pray to Allah to not afflict this pain even upon your enemies."

    Look out for more historical translations coming soon!

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    2. How inspirational, I wish we had love like that in our world. How sad to see it has disappeared over time.