• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 138 Translation

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    We see Suleyman standing over his son's body. He pours water over his son's head. "O Suleyman. Didn't you taste enough pain and grief, and fires that burned, are you going to lose one more of your lives? Will another of your pieces be decreased? You who put your hand into the fire. You burned. You took the soul from your own soul with your own hands. The years the spirits and ghosts did not leave you alone. The questions that you could not answer spun around in your head over and over again. And it tormented your soul like a monster that knew no bounds for its appetite. You tried your best without success to throw that heavy responsibility off your shoulders. O Suleyman. Are you going to put your hand into that fire again and burn it? Will you burn again and lose one more of your lives?" Then we see that he is on his balcony and falls down.

    Beyazid is praying "O Allah, how are we going to escape from this hell?" His sons are seated and he watches them.

    In her palace, Mihrimah is receiving condolences for her husband's death. Suleyman arrives. Suleyman gives his condolences to Mihrimah. She says: "Rustem Pasha's sudden death affected everyone."

    Suleyman is walking with Mihrimah and says: "I want you near me from now on. Get your kids and come to my Palace. There is nothing that is tying you to this palace any longer." Mih: 'This is what I was thinking, at the soonest I will be at your knees very soon by your side." Suleyman feels some pain. He says: "I am fine Mihrimah, I am following the advice of the doctors." Mihrimah: "You have made a condition that Beyazid is to be brought to you alive. I cannot tell you how happy that made me. Husrev Pasha has gone to Persia to bring him back. Beyazid will get your forgiveness is that right?" Suley: "Beyazid has made mistakes after mistake, and did not know where to stop, Mihrimah. Because of him thousands of Muslims died. As if that was not enough, he went to my enemy to seek refuge and has been under his wings for so long." Mih: "You know how regretful Beyazid is and that he had no choice but to seek refuge with Shah Tahmasp. He explained all of this with details in his letters. If he had not crossed the borders, then he would have come face to face Selim and this would have cost many more lives. Please listen to my brother...father..don't we have enough pain. One by one my brothers are gone. My mother's pain is still in our hearts. None of us were able to be free from this affect. Please do not include Beyazid among these pains. If you order Beyazid's execution, then know that you have also ordered mine."

    In Konya, Nurbanu: "What you have done does not make sense. What need was there to go all the way over there? What if somebody recognized you and captured you?" Selim: "There was no possibility of anyone recognizing me. I was wearing a guards plain uniform." Nur: "You are very important for me and this state. You putting yourself needlessly in danger scares me." Selim: "Where did you ascertain that it was needless Nurbanu?" Selim: "It was necessary for me to be there as Lala was negotiating for Beyazid's life."

    Flashback: Lala to Tahmasp: "Of course our Hunkar is wealthy and generous. But Sh. Selim is on par with everyone else in generosity. If you deliver Sh. Beyazid to us, then you will get rewarded in multiples of what you are seeking and you will from now, have created a good relationship with the future Padishah." Tahmasp: "Sultan Suleyman is giving me 1.2 million gold and the Kars Castle, in exchange for Sh. Beyazid. Can sh. Selim give me twice this much? Is he strong enough?" Lala: "Of course. If you deliver the rebellious Sh. Beyazid to us, we will prepare the amount of gold that you are seeking and deliver it to you."

    Nurbanu asks: "How can this be? The gold that the Shah has requested is (the equivalent of) an entire treasury! How can we find it?" Selim: "We will have to Nurbanu, I must. Our Hunkar wants Beyazid alive. Mihrimah is with our Hunkar and will do whatever she can to save Beyazid. And perhaps she will be successful in this. She might affect our Hunkar's decision. I cannot see this (happen). Beyazid cannot under any circumstance go to our Hunkar." There is a knock at the door.

    Gazanfer arrives to inform them that Gracia has come to see them. Nurbanu asks if it is Yessif's aunt and wonders why she could have come and for what purpose?

    In Kazvin, Defne tells Beyazid: "We must leave here immediately." Bey: "If as you say Tahmasp has begun negotiations for my life then he will have taken precautions and surrounded us. There is no exit for us from Kazvin. They will not give us permission." Huseyin: "There is one way to get out from here." Bey: "To kill the Shah?" Huseyin: "You still have thousands of soldiers under your command. We can execute and attack, kill the Shah and run towards Georgia." Lok: "This is very dangerous, even if the Shah dies, the chances are high that we will get caught before we even reach the borders. Then it will be impossible to escape." Bey: "Do you have any other recommendation then? Is there any other way to escape this cage? Tell me soldiers to be ready. Everything must be calculated to the finest details. We'll organize it at an appropriate time. The smallest mistake can mean our downfall." Huseyin: "As you order."

    Gracia to Selim and Nurbanu: "Please forgive me, I came with my hands empty. I would have wanted to bring gifts that suit your majesty. But your invitation was quite sudden." Selim: 'It is not important Signora." Gracia: "I think you must have received the news." Selim: "I haven't been here for sometime. What news are you referring to?" Selim: "Oh God! Rustem Pasha has died." Selim: "Rustem Pasha? Are you certain?" Gracia:" Of course, I heard it on my way here. Constantinople is shaking with Rustem Pasha's sudden death." Nur: "What was the cause of his death Signora?" Gracia: "For a while now he had a stomach illness. Poisonous diarrhea. It is hard to believe isn't it?" Selim: 'We are living with a knife in our backs. At this time this kind of death is not at all unbelievable. God forgive him." Nur: "Ameen. But who has appointed in his place? Semiz Ali Pasha?" Gracia: "I do not know, I think our Ruler has not decided yet." Nur: "We should pray that it is Sokollu Mehmet, because we have not seen any benefit from Semiz Ali till today." Selim: "Don't worry, no one is stupid enough to support a Shehzade who is seeking refuge from the enemy." A large chest of gold is brought. Gracia: "I have brought a portion of the money that you requested from me. But the amount is quite high, I need some time. " Selim: "How much is here?" Gracia: "Five hundred thousand gold." Selim: "I asked for 1.5 million from you." Gracia: "Forgive me Shehzadem, but it is impossible to come up with that much gold suddenly. Time is needed." Selim: "Signora Mendez, I think Sokollu Mehmet Pasha was not able to convey to you the seriousness of this matter. You are now living in peace and tranquility in the Ottoman lands. But it is not clear what will happen tomorrow. The good you do, will return back to you in multiples. Just like the bad." Gracia: "I will do what is in my hands Shehzadem. I promise you, that I will get you the rest of the gold as soon as possible." Selim: "Great."

    Sumbul is scolding the servants not to drop any crumbs. Sumbul says that hopefully with Mihrimah's return the servants will come back to line with her presence. Mihrimah asks what Gulfem has been doing and Sumbul says that she does as much as she can but she only has a certain amount of strength. Humashah brings her bird and Mihrimah says: "Humashah take that bird away and do whatever you want with it, I don't want to see it." Hum: "What harm could come from it? It is a memory of my father's." Mih: "Humashah don't try my patience!" Humashah leaves with the bird.

    Sumbul says: "Do Rustem Pasha's memories trouble you?" Mih: "I don't have the patience to even hear his name anymore. Has our Hunkar not yet appointed a Grand Vizier?" Sumbul responds that according to tradition it should be Semiz Ali but that it is unclear who the Hunkar will choose.

    Nurbanu is asking Selim if he thinks Gracia will bring the gold and he replies that she owes him (Selim) a lot. "First I arranged her to come to the Capitol. Then I saved her from Rustem Pasha. If she does not do what I say, in a single word I will send her away from Ottoman lands. And they won't let her live. She has many enemies outside (outside the empire)." Nurbanu says that if he is not worried about Gracia then what is bothering him? Selim says that Rustem's death is highly suspicious and that they had finally started to get along. Nurbanu responds that Rustem's death is in their favour, because Sokollu is with Selim since the beginning and that the Sultan will appoint him right? Selim says that the next in line is Semiz. Nurbanu says that it is not guaranteed that the Sultan will go according to the customs and Selim says it is true, that he had also once appointed Ibrahim to the position when he wasn't supposed to and Nurbanu says hopefully this time will be the same. Selim says they will wait and see.

    There is a flashback, of when Suleyman names Beyazid when he was born. Then in the present we see that he is asking Sokollu if there is any news about Beyazid. Sokollu responds that Husrev has left quite some time ago and that he will probably arrive at Tahmasp's palace in Kazvin shortly. He adds that hopefully the Shah won't create any problems and will agree to all the terms. Suleyman asks what the latest news is from Selim. Sokollu replies that Selim is waiting for his orders in Konya. Suleyman says: "Great. I am aware of the support and mentorship  that you are giving Sh. Selim. I have been made aware of your great leadership in the Konya valley. If you weren't there things could have been worse. We could have lost Sh. Selim." Sok: "God protect him, thankfully he left that valley safe and sound. I, your humble servant, only am carrying out your orders."

    Tahmasp is reading when his messenger arrives saying that a convoy has arrived from Istanbul and that Husrev Pasha wishes to meet with him. Tahmasp allows him to enter saying "let him in , let us see what Sultan Suleyman has said."

    Husrev enters: "Shah Hazretleri, my intention is to take Sh. Beyazid to the capitol right away. It seems as if this is impossible right now. The Shehzades soldiers are still nearby. You are aware of the conditions in the letter that Rustem Pasha sent to you. If you want to receive the reward you have to abide by those conditions exactly." Tahmasp: "I will carry out the conditions Husrev Pasha, but I have been waiting for an opportune time. Have some patience Husrev Pasha, have some patience."

    The Divan has been assembled. Semiz tells Sokollu: "Our Hunkar must have made up his mind about who will be appointed as Grand Vizier." Sokollu: "Most likely. The continuance of the state is necessary. The position cannot remain empty for long. I wanted to congratulate you, but this does not seem realistic. Your loyalty to Sh. Beyazid is known to our Hunkar." Semiz: "Do not confuse me with yourself, I am loyal first to our Hunkar before anyone else. Also, it does not befall us to pick between the shehzades." Sok: "Oh really? How quickly you forgot how you plotted against Sh. Mustafa with Rustem Pasha. Do not get too excited for no reason."

    The Sultan is announced and once inside, the Sultan congratulates Admiral Piyale Pasha on defeating the Christian forces at Djerba (in Tunisia). Suleyman: "Our enemies no longer have any doubt that our Navy commands the Mediterranean Sea." Semiz: "Hunkarim, after receiving this good news, although I don't want to, but I must inform you of the following. A Venetian fleet attacked the Dratch Port near Albania. The damage is quite significant." Piyale says that the news is correct and that they will take precautions and deal with the enemies immediately. Suleyman asks how are they so daring after the victory at Djerba. Sok: "They are aware that Sh. Beyazid is in Persia. They think what they are doing will benefit them. The remaining factions of Sh. Beyazid's army in Anatolia have started to create small rebellions. It is not easy to decide to go to war at a time like this." Suley: "We will discuss this issue, but as you all know the office of the Grand Vizier has been empty for some time. God have mercy on him, the late Rustem Pasha was very valuable and due to his efforts our treasury is quite full. And the nation is in a state of peace. It is critical for this peace to continue. Now, for this reason, Ali Pasha, I am appointing you Grand Vizier. May it be for the best." Semiz says that it is a great honour and that he prays that he will carry the high seal of the nation in a worthy way.

    Tahmasp is shooting an arrow when his messenger and confidant Marwan says: "My Shah, forgive my curiosity but are you going to fulfill Sultan Suleyman's conditions?" Tahmasp: "It is unknown whether or not Sh. Selim can find the gold that he promised. Until getting word from them, we must keep Sultan Suleyman at bay." Marwan: "If we hand over Sh. Beyazid to Sh. Selim, then Sultan Suleyman will conquer all of our cities once again." Tahmasp: "Sultan Suleyman is far away from his old power Marwan. He has gotten very old. If he was fire then he would only burn a small space. Additionally, he wouldn't decide to go to war with us if we gave over one of his sons to the other." Marwan: "Whatever it is, this decision of yours will decide the fate of the Ottomans." Tahmasp: "There is no difference between Husrev Pasha and his men or Sh. Selim. The rebellious Shehzades fate was written long ago." 

    Beyazid tells Defne that he misses Shehzade Mehmet and his daughters and he wishes he could see them again. Defne tells him not to speak like that, that certainly he will see them again and be with them soon and that she believes in this. There is a knock and Lokman arrives and tells him that Husrev Pasha has come by the Hunkar's orders and that he wishes to see him. Lokman asks if he should allow him to enter or to send him away. Beyazid tells Defne to go to his children and then allows Husrev to enter. Husrev arrives and greets him. Beyazid says that finally someone from the Capitol has come. Husrev: "I wish I did not meet you in this condition." Bey: "I did not dream of this either, Sh. Selim and Sokollu Mehmet drove me to this hell. God Willing you have brought good news for me." Hus: "This is dependent on you my shehzade. Our Hunkar orders that you return with me to the Capitol." Bey: "Has an agreement been reached? Do not deny it! I know the Shah has been negotiating with our Shah for months." Husrev: "It is true that they have been negotiating. Only, you are aware of the conditions - you are currently in the Palace of the enemy. Try to look at it from the other perspective please. Our Hunkar wants you safe and sound. I don't know what he will decide, or if he will forgive you. But there is hope. Your Hunkar father is merciful." Bey: "It is no longer clear who is friend who is foe! I do not even know who sent you, Sh. Selim or our Hunkar!" Hus: "I swear to you, our Padishah sent me. My words are all true. If you do not believe me, then hear what I have said from our Hunkar too" he hands over an official letter.

    Suleyman: "O son, O Beyazid Han, you have made me ashamed with what you have done. You have wounded me and cursed me. Did you forget so quickly what caused Shehzade Mustafa to die? Did you not learn any lessons from what we lived through O son? Obey my command. I am ordering you to return with Husrev Pasha. Do not torture me or yourself any longer. Death itself is better than seeking refuge with the enemy. Without thinking of your end, or calculating, just return! Return and ask for forgiveness. Accept that you have sinned. Do it so that you can have a face to come in front of me with."

    Mihrimah is telling Gulfem that if any of the cariyes go against the orders that she should punish them in the way that is prescribed and not to show mercy. "How is our Hunkar?" Gulfem: Unfortunately the same. One day he is alright, the next he is bad. Some days he can't even stand from the pain. That gout has not let him go." Mih: "If he doesn't give an end to the pains in his soul, then his bodily pains will not heal. Impossible. Only when he forgives Sh. Beyazid will he find some peace."  Gulfem: 'God Willing...this is my only wish."
    Suleyman is with his doctor and he asks if there is any benefit and the doctor says he hopes. There is Muhurlu Toprak (a type of cure found on the Island of Lemnos which the Ottomans used for centuries to combat many illnesses). He says that it won't be a cure, but it will reduce the pains. Ferhat asks if he shall prepare the table. Suleyman says that he wishes to invite Mihrimah too.

    Ferhat: "Hunkarim...when the pains of losing Sh. Mustafa and Cihangir were still fresh you took me in your employment. I was by your side in the most difficult days. I am witness of all the things you are going through to ease the pains in your soul as a father. You buried yourself in silence. You stayed without breathing. That sharp pain of losing a child burned your soul. Now it does not befit me to say this, perhaps I am crossing my limits, but the distressing decision you are going to make will drag you once again into the darkness. It will force you to face the same pains again." Suleyman: "You may leave."

    Meanwhile, Lokman says to Beyazid: "Shehzadem, I know you are at a crossroads, but please do not ignore Husrev Pasha's words. Our Hunkar has set a condition for you to be delivered safe and sound, he has personally written a letter. Give this solution a chance, trust him please." Huseyin: "Our late Sh. Mustafa also trusted our Hunkar. We begged him not to go. He chose to trust his father. We know the end of our innocent Shehzade." Huseyin: "This is a trap. Sultan Suleyman will never forgive you." Bey: "What is the condition of my soldiers?" Huseyin: "I have spoken to the division aghas about the attack that we are planning on the Shah. They are preparing. I am investigating the routes from Kazvin to Georgia - we must know which roads are safe." Bey: "Great. We don't have much time since Husrev has come. I want the most to trust our Hunkar, Lokman. How sad that this is very difficult. Our Hunkar has always stood against me. Selim's games have put a veil over his eyes. He always thought of me as the scapegoat."

    PART 2

    Nurbanu is with her daughters and Canfeda is praising them. Then she says: "There is no prevention in front of our Shehzade any longer. The throne is now his right." Nur: "I do not know Canfeda. When I had gone to the Capitol that fortune-teller woman's words are in my head." Flashback creepy fortune teller lady: "Our dynasty will continue from the womb of the lion and the eagle. That Sultana that already gave birth to that shehzade who will get on the throne." Canfeda: "Your worries are baseless, you are the Sultana that the fortune teller was signalling. And the shehzade that will get on the throne is your son Sh. Murat." Nur: "I have to be certain, otherwise sleep is forbidden to me. All other possibilities must be removed!" Selim is in his room and he looks at himself in the mirror and imagines blood on his face. Just then Nurbanu enters and asks if he is well. Nur: "This weight has destroyed all our moods, I can see how uneasy you have become. Nurbanu says: "Sh. Mehmet, Sh. Beyazid's son is still in the Amasya palace right?" Selim: "Where is this question coming from?" Nur: "Shehzade Beyazid's other sons are with him in Persia, even if we are rid of Shehzade Beyazid and his sons in Persia, people on his side can kidnap Shehzade Mehmet and use him against us. We can't ignore this possibility right?" Selim: "Forget this Nurbanu, it is too early. First there is Beyazid whatever happens after that will happen anyway." Nur: "You were the one who told me we need to look at all possibilities. We need to take our precautions before it is too late." Selim: 'Forget this Nurbanu! Do whatever I say!"

    Meanwhile, Suleyman tells Mihrimah: "The presence of you and your children in the palace gives me strength Mihrimah." Mih: "Being under the same dome as you makes me happy also Hunkarim.  When Beyazid comes and the fighting stops then God Willing we will all be together in peace."

    Mihrimah leaves and Sumbul asks what the Sultan was saying and what his view on Beyazid is now. Mihrimah replies that she wish she could know but that her father is a mystery and that he was like this before the death of Mustafa as well and "my mother tried to get him to talk but he did not say a single word." Then, Semiz Ali arrives and Mihrimah congratulates him on his new position and comments that it is not easy to carry the seal of the Viziership. He thanks her and says it is the gift of the Sultan who has decided that he is worthy to carry this responsibility. Mihrimah: "It is good we have met just now, I wanted to speak to you." Semiz: 'As you order Sultanim, is there a problem?" Mih: "It is not something that we can just speak about here, come to the Marble Palace (literally mansion), we will speak there."

    Outside, Sumbul says: "Forgive my curiosity but what are you going to talk about to Ali Pasha, is it about Sh. Beyazid?" Mih: "You could say that. For all these years I stayed with Rustem primarily because of his position and the power he held. This is why my mother was against our separation. Now that power is in Ali Pasha's possession. I need to be close to him for my brother's sake." Sumbul: "Only for your brother's sake?" Mih: "I have heard many stories Sumbul. I have always tried to take lessons from them. Do you remember Hatice Sultan my aunt? She married the Grand Vizier and had a certain amount of power, same with Fatma Sultan." Sumbul: "But their ends were not so good." Mih: "It is in my nature to always be close to where the power is and to have sway. You warned Zal Mahmud adequately right Sumbul? Did you put it in his head that if a single word escapes about Rustem's death what will happen to him?" Sumbul: "I did, do not worry."

    In Kazvin, Defne says to Beyazid: "As much as I try to escape it and try to silence the voices in my head I am unable to. On the one hand I think to myself what if this is our last day, our last evening together? I am afraid Beyazid." Bey: "Don't be afraid. Every winter has a spring. Our spring will come too." Defne: "Are you certain you did the right thing by not going with Husrev Pasha?" Bey: "There are not only mountains and seas between me and our Hunkar, Defne, there is a deep cliff. If I knew that I could reach him, I would not stay for another second and I would leave from this place. I would have kissed his robe and hand." Defne: "What happens if you face him? Do you believe he will forgive you?" Bey: "I do not know. I really don't. If today I am referred to as a rebellious shehzade who seeks help from the enemy, the reason for this is the unjust decisions of my father." Def: "Be rest assured Beyazid, if no one knows, we know, our Lord knows you are innocent. You do not deserve those unfitting things they say about you. If you had been a traitorous Shehzade, you would have gotten together with the Shah and marched on our Hunkar. But you did not. It did not go through your mind." Bey: "He never cared how I felt or what I thought. According to him I was just a rebellious Shehzade that had to be brought in line. And now he has gotten a decree for my death. He didn't even give me an atoms worth of the love that he showed to Mehmet, Mihrimah, Cihangir and Mustafa. Why, I do not know. But he never trusted me. He never loved me."

    He recalls when he asked his father long ago why Selim was going to the campaign and why not him. That he is not a child and he can succeed and then asks if his father does not trust him. His father responds: "Beyazid, my warrior Shehzade, you are not a child of course. You are a young man that is why are staying here. Do you think it is right for all the Shehzades to go off for war? If everyone goes to war, who will protect the Capitol?" Bey: "My mother says the same. If that is the case, then Selim should stay instead. Why am I always staying?" Suley: "Don't ask that from me, ask from yourself...think about where you made a mistake?"

    Suleyman is re-reading Beyazid's letter: 

    "O my father, the Sultan of the entire world, Sultan Suleyman,
    The hue of my soul, soul within my soul, my father.

    Would you sacrifice your Beyazid, my beloved father?
    I am innocent, Allah Knows, my prosperous Sultan, my father."

    Mihrimah meets with Semiz Ali. They greet each other and he says that he was very curious and wants to know the reason for her invitation. Mihrimah says: "we have been going through difficult days very difficult days. My brother Selim is closer than ever before to the throne through various tricks. Apart from you, every other vizier is on his side. Only you are left." Semiz: "Sh. Beyazid is the future of this state. I can't leave him alone like the others." Mih: "Your courage should be congratulated. But as long as you continue with this attitude, the supporters of Sh. Selim will try to go against you and make you slip. To strengthen your position it would be prudent to create a lasting bond with the dynasty. We can support each other." Semiz: "Sultanim, my loyalty to you is limitless, I would be honoured to be in your service." Mih: "Hearing this has made me very happy." Semiz: "But, I am of the opinion that I can go toe to toe with Sh. Selim's supporters by myself. No other way would be appropriate. If there is no order you have, with your permission..." He leaves.

    In Konya, Nurbanu tells Selim that eventually the girls will reach the age of marriage and that they must start thinking of appropriate suitors. Selim says: 'Each of my daughters is a treasure. My future son in laws must be worthy for these treasures." Nur: "Marriage will benefit us and our future son in laws. It is a two sided agreement. We must pair people who we want as your supporters on the way to the throne with our daughters, because some names come to my mind." Selim: 'When the time comes I will pick the most suitable of course." Gazanfer arrives and tells them that Sokollu has sent a letter. Selim reads it and Nurbanu asks what he has written and if he has been appointed Grand Vizier and Selim rolls up the letter and says no, that the Hunkar has appointed Semiz Ali. Nurbanu asks if Sokollu will act out of line and Selim says that no he does not think so, he will do the opposite for he is a patient man. "He knows that when my time comes, he will get what he deserves, I have no doubt that he will look out for our best interests." Nur: "Sokollu will certainly receive the rewards for his patience. Permit me Shehzadem, I have somethings to take care of in the harem."

    Beyazid's son Abdullah says "I will go to the garden." Orhan: "Sit down. Our father does not want us going outside. This is not our palace, it is dangerous outside." Abdullah: "If you are so scared you can stay here." Orhan: "Abdullah, Mahmud! Come back inside! I told you to stay here!" Just then Beyazid arrives: "What is going on! Orhan!" Orhan: 'Forgive me." Bey: "Have my sons started to bicker already?! Is this how you will behave as older brother?!" Abdullah: "My brother had no fault. I wanted to go outside, that is why he got angry." Beyazid smiles and goes to his children. "Good for you, always be like this. Don't take as an example the things that happened between Sh. Selim and myself. Hazret Ali has said "the best of people is the one who is able to be good to his brother and the worst of people is the one who is not. Do not let go of each others hands and do not let go of each other. Promise me." They promise him.

    Nurbanu meets with Gazanfer: "Gazanfer send this to the capitol with our most trusted messenger. It should go to Sokollu Mehmet Pasha. Do not let Sh Selim know about this." Gazanfer: "Forgive me, but I hope secretive things like this do not get us in trouble later.' Nur: "Don't worry. This letter is critical for the future of our Shehzade."

    The letter: "Honourable Mehmet Pasha, we have received your letter. We were under the impression that you would be chosen as Grand Vizier because it was your right. Be certain that the days are near where you will receive what you deserve. To come straight to the matter at hand, Sh. Beyazid and his sons will soon be out of our way. But, we must think of a solution for Sh. Mehmet who is still in Amasya. I am certain that an experienced Pasha like you will do what is necessary. Sh. Selim's gozde (favourite) Nurbanu Sultan."

    Meanwhile, Lokman has come to Beyazid and tells him "the time has come, Huseyin has gone to prepare the troops, today is the day where we will be attacking the Shah." Bey: "May Allah not disgrace us and I hope everything will go as we planned." Defne: "We won't leave Sh. Mehmet alone right? What about Ayse Sultan and my sister?" Bey: "When we go to Georgia, Huseyin Cavus will go to Amasya and bring all of them to us." Defne: "I miss them. I am burning with longing for them." Bey: "Me too."

    Suleyman is on his terrace reading and Sokollu arrives and Suleyman says: "Tell me Sokollu. What is so important?" Sok: "Hunkarim, we have broken the riots that have been taking place in Anatolia by those who are supporting Sh. Beyazid. But, small skirmishes are still going on. My real worry is that they will use Sh. Mehmet to cause a huge uprising. We must think of a solution. There is a precaution in my mind, if you permit, we can look into it at once."

    Huseyin arrives at a place where he sees the men are killed. Beyazid is washing up and afterwards he says: "I know Lokman, you are uneasy because I did not go back to the Capitol with Husrev Pasha." Lokman: "I won't lie, I am uneasy it is true. But if I was far away I would be worried sick about you. This way is better. May I be sacrificed in your way." There is a loud knock and Huseyin arrives: 'Shehzadem, calamity! Shah Tahmasp has dispersed all of your soldiers to various parts of Persia. The ones that didn't obey were put to the sword and were hung on trees." Bey: "May Allah curse this!" Huseyin: "The Shah stated that your armies presence was putting a strain on the treasury." Beyazid: "This is an excuse. Either he learned about the attack that was going to happen, or he wants to strengthen his hand in the negations with Husrev Pasha. He is basically saying that he can use me anyway he wants. How many of my soldiers remain." Huseyin: "Only the attachment that you have in this palace. And under these conditions, attacking the Shah is impossible." Bey: "We will go from here, and at once!" Huseyin: "As you order." Lokman: "How can we evade the Shah's men?" Bey: "We will find a way Lokman!Send word to Defne Sultan, to prepare my shehzades. We will wait for darkness and then we will leave this cursed place immediately." 

    At night in Konya, Selim is looking at his mother's ring. Nurbanu arrives. She sees the ring in his hands. He puts it away and asks what happened. Nurbanu says: "Sh. Murat has sent a letter." Selim: "Is everything going alright?" Nur: "Yes, he just wants to know if there is any news from Kazvin. He is also waiting for good news." Selim: 'Soon he will receive the good news God Willing."

    There is a flashback of Hurrem looking up at Suleyman and Selim and Beyazid approaches his mother and gets sad when he sees Selim on the terrace. She says: "Let whoever say or do what they want, I don't care. You are my son. The son who deserves the throne the most. From now on, till my last breath, I am on your side."

    Beyazid to Defne: "It is written in our fate to retreat to save our lives." Defne: "Your mother told you that no matter what the most important thing was for you to stay alive don't forget that, we are running away from a calamity." Bey: "Wasn't the biggest calamity my mother's death anyway? After that betrayal." Lokman speaks to Huseyin who says: 'The bodyguards are waiting at the back. The Shah's lookouts are few in number, we need to first get passed them. Horses are waiting for us at the river. Hopefully we will reach there."

    They go out and guards sorround them. Marwan: 'Sh. Beyazid Hazretleri. I hope you did not have the intention of leaving here without letting us know. Especially since our Shah has prepared a special feast for you. Swords are drawn. Marwan: "I swear to you, your life as well as those of your sons are under the protection of our Shah." Beyazid orders the swords to be lowered. Marwan: "Follow me."

    Gulfem is pouring the Sultan some sherbet. Gulfem: "Allah Willing the new ointment of the doctor is helping. Permit, after the food let me take a look at it. Did you not like it (the juice) I can bring you a different one right away?" Suleyman: "They all taste the same Gulfem. Take it away." Gulfem: "It has been fifty years since I came here and met you. If there is any meaning to this half century, then I have a few words to say to you." Suleyman: "Yes of course there is, speak." Gulfem: "Sh. Beyazid practically grew up in my hands. After losing my own child, I always looked at every child as my own. Especially Sh. Mustafa, and Beyazid too. Since he was a child, he was rebellious. But he is good intentioned and does not hold grudges. He does not hold bad thoughts in his heart. What he has done is not acceptable obviously. He deserves punishment, but not death Hunkarim. Not at all. Anyway can there be a greater punishment for Sh. Beyazid than to be in Persia? I am certain this is the thing that hurts him the most. Hunkarim, I beg you, let your mercy guide your decision, not your position as a ruler." 

    Marwan, followed by Beyazid and his entourage, stops and tells Beyazid: "Your guards will stay here. Only you, your gozde and your sons are invited to the feast." Beyazid: "Lokman agha, Huseyin Cavus and my personal bodyguards will come with me." Marwan: "As you wish. My Shehzade, your weapons." They hand over their weapons and enter one by one.

    Shah Tahmasp welcomes them one by one. Then he says that he is honoured to host them. They take their seats and Tahmasp starts eating. Tahmasp: "I am really very sorry for dispersing your soldiers, because their numbers were quite high. It was an unnecessary weight on my treasury." Beyazid: "There is no inexperienced Shehzade in front of you. I know the things you are doing behind my back and about the negotiations. The situation I have fallen in is embarrassing enough. Do not insult me more by looking into my eyes and lying to me at your own table." Tahmasp: "Since this is your wish. Of course. I will be honest with you. There is news from Istanbul, but you must have heard already." Bey: "I don't know what you are talking about." Tahmasp: "Rustem Pasha has gone to the next world. They say that his death was caused by poisonous diarrhea. It is suspect whether or not it is the truth. What do you say?" Bey: "God forgive his sins. It seems he got the death he deserved. Felicitations to the warrior who took his life." Tahmasp: "Sh. Hazretleri, we pride ourselves in our hospitality, but, you did not even eat a bite." Bey: "Come to the point  Shah Hazretleri, why did you call us here? Or has there been an agreement? When will you hand us over?"  Tahmasp: "Sh. Beyazid, it is clear how brave and outspoken you are. Everyone talks about how brave you are on the battlefield. I wish that you had accepted my request and we had fought together against Sultan Suleyman. Huseyin and Lokman and the guards are killed. Beyazid holds the Shah, but one of Tahmasp's guards has his child. Shah: "Don't act rashly. Otherwise everyone will die. Your wife, your children, I will kill them right in front of your eyes."

    Beyazid has to let go and surrender. He is hit on the head. 

    PART 3

    Later we see they have been thrown into the dungeons. Beyazid wakes up and shouts for his sons. Then he hears Abdullah. He asks if they are alright, if his brothers are there too. Abdullah: 'I am fine father, I am here with them." Bey: "Where is Orhan and Mahmut." Orhan: "They killed everyone father, Lokman and Huseyin." Bey: "Defne? Defne Sultan?" Orhan: "I do not know, they took her away." Abdullah: "Are they going to kill us too?" Bey: "No. We are the members of a dynasty that rules the world. They can't kill us my lion. It is impossible my lion. We will certainly leave this place." :'(

    Tahmasp is with Husrev Pasha: "As Sultan Suleyman ordered, we dispersed Sh. Beyazid's men." Shah is presented with  a chest. "Four hundred thousand gold. You will get the rest when Sh. Beyazid arrives in the Capitol and the Kars Castle will be handed over to your forces." Tahmasp: "Who said that I accepted these conditions, Husrev Pasha?" Husrev: "What does this mean?" Tahmasp: "The conditions have changed, Pasha. If you want Sh. Beyazid, I want twice the amount of what you proposed as well as Baghdad. If you don't accept then forget the Shehzade." Husrev: "Shah Hazretleri, our Hunkar will see these words of yours as havign broken your word. Do not fight with fire." Tahmasp: "Fool! In front  of you is the ruler of Persia! I do not go back on my word! I will have the final word!" Husrev: "I will write to our Hunkar and ask him. However, our Padishah might end up saying that he will come and hand Baghdad over to you (threat)." Tahmasp walks over and says: "Those days have passed already. Sultan Suleyman is in no condition to even get on his horse!"

    Beyazid is in his dungeon pacing like a caged lion. Husrev has come to see him and is able to once he peeks through one of the doors. "My Shehzade, I am very sad. My intention was to come and take you and your sons away from here, but..." Bey: "Where is Defne Sultan?"

    He recalls when he is sending Defne away. Defne: "Husrev Pasha, I beg you do not send me away from here." Husrev: "Sultanim, please do not be stubborn, you do not have a choice. Go to Amasya, to your child. I will do whatever is in my power to take our Shehzade back to the Capitol."

    We are back in the present and he has told Beyazid where she is and says "I also sent guards along with her. She will reach Amasya in a safe manner." Bey: "Whose order was it (about the rebels being dispersed)? Our Hunkar?" Husrev: "Our Hunkar just wants you and your children. There was no chance to show any mercy for the rebels around you." Bey: "Then why are here? Why are we imprisoned?" Husrev: "Shah Tahmasp has not stayed loyal to our agreement. He has made new demands from our Hunkar. I wrote to the Capitol. I am sure we will come to a swift conclusion." Husrev: "Shehzadem, they will certainly release you from here, please do not lose hope and try to stay strong. I know you do not trust in Sultan Suleyman's justice, if you had, you would neither be here, nor would your sons. And perhaps you have reasons to think like this, but, I personally believe that our Hunkar has mercy in his heart for you."

    There is a flashback of the time when he showed distrust in front of his father and Suleyman took Beyazid's cup and drank it and became angry. Suleyman: "If I wanted to kill you would I do it on my own table? Beyazid?!" Beyazid: "Forgive my insolence, but when I think of how you killed my late brother and Pargali Ibrahim" Suleyman then grabs him and says: "So it seems as though your intention is to go on the same path as your rebellious brother, although that should have been a lesson for you! There is only place where that path leads Beyazid. Death! Is that what you want?!"

    We see Selim with Nurbanu and he says: 'When my late mother was trying to fix the rift between Beyazid and I she had said that peace was possible. Since that day I have been asking myself, despite the sword of power swinging above our heads is peace possible." Nurbanu: "Shehzadem, your late mother was acting with the feelings of trying to save her children. Unfortunately those words are empty. You were born into a ruthless war." There is a knock and Gazanfer arrives telling them that Gracia has come.

    Defne has arrived in Amasya and greets Gulshen kalfa and when she is asked where Lokman is she tells the kalfa that he has been killed. "After that, Huseyin Cavus. They were all killed Gulshen Kalfa." Gulshen asks about the shehzades and Defne says that they have been imprisoned and that she does not know what will happen. "I came here to get Sh. Mehmet, this place is not safe for him. Whatever you want to say, say it later, first I need to see my shehzade, my Sultana, and my sister and  where are they?"

    Gracia is meeting with Selim and says: "You can't imagine how much difficulty I have gone through the past few days. I met with friends that I have not seen in a long time. I knocked on all doors." Nur: "Did you find the gold or not? You will not disappoint us hopefully." Gracia waves her hand and the chests are brought." Gracia: "Exactly one million gold (who had to count that poor person lol). I had already brought a portion beforehand. You did not think that the good that you have shown me was going to go unreturned." Selim: "You have accomplished amazing work, when the day comes and I am the ruler, you will recieve multiples in reward."

    Defne goes and finds her sister and Beyazid's daughter. Ana: "We were worried about you" Ayshe: "Where are my father and my brothers? Did Abdullah come?" Defne: "They will come later, but they are fine. Where is Sh. Mehmet, is he with you?" Ayshe: "Mehmet left." Defne: "How? Where?" Ayshe: "I don't know." Gulshen: "I tried to tell you. They came from the Capitol and they took our Shehzade to Bursa." Defne: "How?! How could you close your eyes to this? How did you hand over my son?"

    Sokollu tells Suleyman: "Messengers have arrived from Kazvin, the news from Husrev Pasha is not good at all. Shah Tahmasp has gone back on the agreement. As you yourself are reading, he has made additional requests. If that is not enough, he has closed Sh. Beyazid and his shehzades in the prison." Suleyman: "Where does Tahmasp the traitor find this courage?! What does this fool think he is?!" Sok: "It is obvious he has crossed his limits." Suley: "Assemble the council at once!"

    In the Divan, Suleyman is saying: "Tahmasp's errors have passed his height (i.e. he has crossed the limit in errors). Ali Pasha! Write a response to Husrev Pasha at once and tell him that I do not accept a single one of Tahmasp's demands. Tahmasp is to deliver my shehzades to me at once!" Semiz: "As you wish, but what if he does not accept the conditions then what do we do?" Suleyman: 'Then I will personally go and destroy his palace over his head! If this is the last thing I need to do, then so be it." Sok: "Forgive me Hunkarim, but under the circumstances, it would not be to the benefit of the future of the state." Suley: "What are you saying Sokollu?! Do you want me to accept his requests unconditionally." Sok: 'No, never, it is unacceptable under any circumstances, but the damage caused by a war right now would be quite heavy. If we continue the negot-" Suleyman: "Negotiations are finished! Tahmasp will either hand over my son and my grandchildren to me or I will smash the world over his head. You may leave!"

    In Amasya, Defne is crying for her son and the Kalfa enters and tells her to drink something that will calm her and Defne says: "If I live or die what difference does it make?" Gulshen: 'Dont say like that, perhaps they truly took Sh. Mehmet to Bursa as a precaution." Defne: "Do you really believe what you have said? Shehzade Mustafa's son Mehmet was taken like this to Bursa right? Oh my unlcuky son! " Gulshen: "Do not lose your hope, your son still lives and needs you very much."

    Sumbul is with Mihrimah and tells her that the Sultan passed out when the got the bad news and the doctors were with him. Mihrimah comments about what a state they have all come to, her brother's situation, her father's illness.

    Suleyman is inside being treated by the doctor. He is in a lot of pain and he throws the ointment : "This cursed medicine does not help my pain!" Doc: "If you permit, Hunkarim, you can drink a little bit of the Afyon syrup (opium syrup)."" Suley: "You will give me the poison that took my son Cihangir to his death?! Get out of my sight!"

    Mihrimah then arrives and he shouts how dare she come without permission and to get out. Mih: "When I heard my brother was thrown in prison I ..." He says: "While I am in this condition you are talking to me about that, GET OUT! All of you get out, leave me ALONE!" 
    Everyone leaves him alone.

    Defne is with Beyazid's daughter and sister, and we hear Beyazid's monologue:

    "What should I do if my breathing stops during this long period of waiting...?
    There isn't an atom's worth of excitement left in my heart for this world...
    Oh my soul, send away the pain, be patient...
    The prison inside my body is getting older and worn out...
    I can start to hear the noise of the bell ringing from the resting station on the caravan of death..."

    Selim arrives on his horse and sees Lala who says: "Have you brought the gold?" Selim: "It has been counted many times, you will personally hand it over to the Shah." Lala: "As you order." Selim: "Mustafa Pasha, with Allah's Permission and your hard work we are at the end of the road. Your efforts and my victory are formidable." Mustafa: "This makes me so happy - I did whatever was beneficial for this nation."

    There is a flashback where Beyazid enters the harem for the first time and all the girls are swooning and Sumbul has to tell them to go away and stop fangirling.

    Beyazid goes to greet his mother who hugs him.

    The scene cuts to the present and Beyazid's sons  and Beyzid in the prisons of Kazvin. He hears his son's voice. "Father will they take us? Will we always stay here?" Bey: "They will come certainly, this is a test. For all of us. And we will come out of this test successful." Orhan: "Why did it take so long?" Bey: "I know it is not easy. If we are not strong we won't succeed." Beyazid moves closer to the wall. "Don't you guys know the story of the Prophet Noah?" The youngest: "Tell us father dear." Bey: "A long time ago, the world was full of oppression, blood, injustice etc. People had left the word of God and stopped worshipping him. Even if Prophet Noah was showing everyone the right path, no one was listening to him. They accused of him being a liar. Upon this, Allah, Most High, Said that he would destroy humanity. Of course there was an exception. He ordered Prophet Noah to build an Ark and ordered him to take one male and female of each species, and ordered him and his wife, and sons and those who believed to board it (the Ark). Prophet Noah carried out Allah's Orders and built a massive ship. He boarded the Ark with thousands of animals and his family. And then an endless, non-stop torrential rain began. It was as if the sky was torn and the rain would not stop falling. The ground broke and water was everywhere. There was a flood everywhere. The oceans rose up so high that even the highest mountains were left far beneath them. Everyone and everything else (who didn't get on the Ark) was drowned." There are footsteps and someone has come. Beyazid asks who he is. "I am Husrev Pasha's head sergeant Ali agha. I have come to take you. We are returning to the Capitol."
    The shehzades are released and father hugs his sons :'(

    "I told you these dark days would end!" he tells his sons "I told you would return to the Capitol! That day has come."

    Ali agha: "We must leave at once."
    Beyazids son asks as they leave Tahmasp's palace: "Father dear, if we reach the Capitol will our Hunkar forgive you?"

    Beyazid's monolgue:

    "You are a guest in this home O my heart. 
    Do not smile with what you hoped for, but rather with what you find, Rumi has said.
    Whatever the owner of the house dictates, that is what shall happen.
    Do not rebel against anyone, nor get sad."

    Ali agha motions for them to go. They move forward.

    He recalls his talk with his father long ago when he seeks forgiveness from him:
    Beyazid: "Hunkarim, forgive me...I have once again disappointed you. Since I was born, I was always in the shadow of my brothers. I always tried to prove myself.  But I always mess things up." Suleyman: 'You think you are always in the shadow of your brothers." Bey: "Your first son was my brother Mustafa: Brave, intelligent. Then, my brother Mehmet: he was your precious one, so much so that you put a throne on his tomb. And my brother Selim, whom you saw fit for the Manisa Sanjak." Suleyman: 'Like your brothers, you are also a part of me Beyazid. So much so that if it was not for your burning anger, you are the one who resembles me the most out of all them. You are not an orphan (who has raised himself)! I am the one who prepared your soil and planted your seed! Just as how as a father I take pride in your successes, I must also take responsibility for your mistakes, it means that perhaps I have not taught you well, or taught you wrong. Maybe I did not say it.... (he lifts his face) .. and...perhaps I have not made you feel that you are a part of my soul." Bey: "Forgive me father!!!"
    Meanwhile Tahmasp is waiting and Marwan announces that Husrev has come. Husrev: "Shah Hazretleri, the answer I was waiting from the Capitol has come. Sultan Suleyman is not accepting your requests you made. You have no choice but to hand over Sh. Beyazid to me. If you are insistent, you will be the cause of a great war." Shah: "I will not deliver Sh. Beyazid to you. I cannot, because this is not possible."

    We see the carriage moving along. Inside, Beyazid is with his sons. The carriage stops and Ali agha opens the door. Beyazid asks if they will meet Husrev Pasha and steps out of the carriage. He is hit on the back by a guard. Then he is woken where Selim stands with his children. Bey: "Selim? I should have known that both of you were behind this." Lala: "Everyone lives the life that they deserve. This is what you deserve." Beyazid: "May your name be insulted Lala. In the afterlife both my hands will be on your collar." Selim: "I had a hard time realizing it was you in this state of yours." Bey: "If you had an ounce of self-respect you would have been ashamed to look at my face." Selim: "You made a mistake Beyazid. You should have killed me that day. I had told you you were weak like my brother Mustafa and Cihangir. I am powerful. As you can see I am the one left standing." He recalls Selim being on the floor and Beyazid having a sword over him and Selim saying: 'Kill me if this is what you want, but you are not this, you cannot kill your own brother. You resemble Mustafa and Cihangir, you are merciful like them. This is part of your nature." Bey: "This should be last time Selim, if you ever come across me again, I will stab you right in the heart with my sword. Know it!"

    Beyazid: "What are you waiting for Selim? Am I like you to beg and cry for life? Is that what you are waiting for? Take my life hurry up and let this matter finish!" Selim: "I am ready to do everything for the future of my children. And I have." Selim: "And you Beyazid, can you do it? Can you beg and fall at my feet for your children's sake?" Lala: "Shehzadem..." Selim silences him and says: "If you do it, I will hand you over to Husrev Pasha. You can go with your sons to the Capitol." Orhan, Beyazid's brave son shakes his head at his father meaning "Don't beg!"

    Suleyman is reading: "When it comes to the unity (oneness) of the king and loyalty, he should not be afraid of treachery or of being feared.  Because those who choose to hand out a punishment that can teach a lesson are more merciful than those who allow for murders and riots and crimes to be spread through their mercy, as these riots can be a lot more dangerous for the entire population as a whole. Whereas the actions that come from the ruler will only give damage to one person."

    Suleyman hears his son calling him. He imagines a shadow depicting Beyazid being strangled. He goes to the balcony and is in lots of pain and falls over.

    Meanwhile, Beyazid spits at Selim. Selim: "What happened Beyazid? Are you too good to beg forgiveness for your childrens' sake? Are they this worthless to you." Bey: "Do not make promises you cannot keep Selim. Do not say words greater than your neck. We both know that you will not ever hand me over to our Hunkar." Selim: "You are right, I won't. But even if I did, the outcome wouldn't change. Our Hunkar would not ever forgive you. You are a rebellious shehzade who sought refuge with the enemy." Bey: "If that is the case then why did you cut me off the path (to the Capitol)? You are afraid right? You are even afraid of a tiny possibility. Selim, kill me here. But, let them go. They are still just children. Let them go to our Hunkar. Selim! Selim leave them, take me! Selim!" Selim: 'This sin is not mine Beyazid it is yours!" Beyazid: "You treacherous dog! The black sheep of our dynasty! You will find happiness on that throne. Did you hear me?! Even centuries later, they will know you as a drunkard." Bey: "When it comes to us! Death is our ship! Me and my sons we will board that ship and we will face Allah! And we will only bow in front of Him and will seek forgiveness only from Him. Leave me! Leave me!"

    Beyazid and his children are dead. Selim is crying by a tree.

    We then hear the voice of one of his sons: "What happened later father? What happened to Prophet Noah and his children?" Beyazid: "They were the only human beings left remaining on the Earth, as well as the animals on the ship. And our Lord said: "O earth, swallow up your water, and O sky, withhold your rain."" Bey:"Prophet Noah and his children were then able to step back onto the Earth. They got passed the floods and the storms." Son: "Father, we will get the past this storm right?" Bey: "We will. We will my son. We will have a new life. We will recover. We will together stand up once again."

    THE END.

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    1. Gosh what a terrible time, no wonder the Ottoman Dynasty started coming to a end. How they killed the children also "So so bad"
      Well last week of translation, I want to thank you for all your hard work and allowing us (non Turkish" to understand. Thank you again. Sue xxx

    2. Selim and Nurbano are just following Hurrem Sultan's path n no wonder they succeeded because probably in this world, being moral less and character less can probably let you win. Hurrem taught Selim that he should go to every limit to protect himself and his children and should not even let the slightest possibility of loss to remain. She got rid of innocent Shehzade Mehmet and Nurbano and Selim got rid of Beyazid's children. Oh you wicked woman! you killed Mustafa to fulfill your devilish desires but you didnot know that the excuse you made for this heinous crime of protecting your children just backfired. Cihangir died because of your evil plans and so did Beyazid because it is widely believed by Historians that had Mustafa lived, this would not have happened. Allah knows the best. He was of enough high character to give prefer brotherhood over throne but none of Beyazid and Selim would have done that. One of them had to die but Beyazid's death hurts more ofcourse...Only someone like Hurrem could have succeeded her and that is Nurbano, Defne you had no chance.Oh, what type of games of throne are these?? They make me cry everytimee..

      1. I couldn't have said it better myself! The way I see it hurrem did indeed end up takeing that revenge she initial sought by taking away all of Suleiman's family and close ones one by one. I'm glad to see she reaped what she sowed and that karma paid her a visit in the end. Did she think after all those atrocities she commited she would get to the top and live happily ever after. Both her and Suleiman got what they deserved in the end.

      2. The only reason why she had the shehzade killed was to protect her sons' lives. If you had watched the serial then you should have seen her saying it, repeatedly, especially in the later episodes that her sons will be killed if the shehzade comes into power.

        Following is the part from the Ottoman's history that shows her concern was reasonable:

        "One of the biggest challenges for the Ottomans was to impose secular law at the centre of the empire in order to consolidate the position of the sultan at the pinnacle of power. The most extreme example of this was the "law of fratricide(killing of one's brother or sister)" attributed to Sultan Mehmed II, known as the Conqueror after he took Constantinople in 1453.

        The text of this law was brief but terrifying: "Whichever of my sons inherits the sultanate, it behooves (is necessary for) him to kill his brothers in the interest of the world order; most jurists have approved this; let action be taken accordingly."

        It was this fate that made her do it. She had no other way to save her sons. She said that even if the shehzade does not want to kill her sons, the people with him will made him do it(because it was the law).

    3. I am so sad abt beyazid execution,i knew now in the past also everyone was hungry for power,even they dont afraid to murdrer of his own blood for the power,but i liked so much the sultan sulaimay justice in that time,and tnx a lot for such a nice translation,i am a big fan of u..

    4. The dynasty killed, and made no excuses for it, but blamed Hurem for protecting herself. They burned her, tried to poison her, murder her, but she was determined to win. Love her!

    5. Y'all do know this is a soap opera right? Based on historical figures and following some history but motives are lost to us. In our modern world we can't begin to understand what made these people make the choices they did.