• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 139 Trailer #2 Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Suleyman: "Mehmet Pasha... Make the preparations immediately, we are going on a campaign."

    Mihrimah: "What if the Pashas took the lead, and you joined them later?"

    Suleyman: "This campaign is different, it will be my last campaign..."

    Unknown: "If you leave the Palace, then you won't be able to return again..."

    Selim: "He is a Padishah who has made the entire world kneel in his presence, and he has conquered an infinite amount of land! He is not going towards his death with cries or distressed, rather he is cheerful."

    Mihrimah: "He won't return this time, Sumbul... Perhaps I will never be able to see him again!"

    Suleyman: "I value Szigetvár very much. Szigetvár is not just a regular/random castle in the hands of the enemy, Szigetvár is my belief, and it is my hope!" 

    Suleyman: "My lions! One last time, I want you to say "Besmele" (In the name of God), and I want you to march towards the enemy!! With Allah's permission, this is our day! Victory and heaven have been written for us!!! I believe that before the day is born, Szigetvár will fall (to our hands)!"

    Suleyman: "Immediately take charge of the army! I will not have peace before Szigetvár is conquered!"

    Sokullu: "As you command, Hunkarim!"

    Pargali Ibrahim: "Felicitations Hunkarim! Szigetvár is now part of the Ottoman territory!"

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