• Kosem Episode 29 Trailer

    Safiye: "I had said to you that only Sultanas who deserve it may wear this ring. It is yours now."

    Kosem: "Now it is Sultan Osman's turn. When he returns from the war we shall dethrone him."

    Zulfikar: "Change your mind about this, otherwise you will find me standing against you."

    Osman: "The time has come to change the law and order of the Janissaries! To do this, I am prepared to give and take lives!

    Janissary agha (Mansur) : "In that case, we would be silent! Our swords will speak!"

    Kosem: "No matter what Sultan Osman must not leave the Capitol."

    Osman: "If I don't give them what they want, then what will happen? Will they try to kill me?"

    Mufti Esad Efendi: "If they surround us (I think this is what he said, I can't hear it), then they will get certainly what they want."

    Man: 'The Janissaries are coming!

    Suleyman agha? : "The rebels are coming straight for the Hasoda chamber!

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