• Episode 19 (49) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Recap from last episode: Gulbahar's minions try to assassinate Kosem "Gulbahar sends her regards"  and Farya is being executed and shouts "where is Sultan Murad, I did nothing, let me go, I am pregnant!

    A midwife informs Murad that Farya is pregnant. Murad replies how is this possible when you had said this will never happen? The midwife responds I do not know how it happened, it s a miracle, a gift from our Lord.

    Kemankes visits Kosem and says "My sultana, as soon as I heard the news I hurried here. May you recover, I am so glad you are alright. How could they dare to do such a thing, how could there not have been precautions. Haci says we did, but it seems the girls were trained specifically - the traitors! Kemankes says who were they? How did they get in? Kosem says they are from among the servant girls I sent away from the Imperial Palace. They are the sacrifices of Gulbahar. They got the order from her. Kemankes says what are you saying, my Sultana...isn't Gulby's matter closed? We even opened her grave...Kosem says I was asleep - in my most defenseless moment. Just as she was about to kill me she said "Gulbahar sends her regards" Thank God Kasim was there and I got out alive. He was telling the truth about Gulby being alive. Gulby is alive. I do not know how she did it, but she's alive! Kemankes says if this is what you said then it means Prince Beyazid is in this business too. Kosem says I have no doubt about that. We will catch Gulby and Beyazid will be the one who takes us to her!

    Kasim goes to Beyazid's chamber and asks you haven't slept? Are you waiting news? Beyazid says what news are you talking about? Kasim says the news of Valide Kosem Sultana's death? Beyazid says what is going on Kasim? Is this a new game? I do not get anything you are saying. Kasim says you don't get it? Let me tell you. Your traitorous ambush didn't work. What you wanted didn't happen, my mother lives. Even better, the traitors who attempted the assassination have been captured alive. They will spill everything (they will tell us everything). We will find where Gulby is hiding. She will regret not dying. After your turn will come. And you will pay with your life for what you did just like your mother. Beyazid says enough Kasim! I am sick of your lies and accusations. Get lost! Aghas!

    Murad walks over to Farya. She says before, when your sword was at my neck and you had asked me if  I feared death, do you recall that? I had said not death but what I am afraid of is losing. You had not killed me that day. Your feelings had stopped you. But tonight - you gave up on me tonight. And the thing I feared the most befell me. I lost you. If I am here, and the executioners have not taken my life it is only for one reason and that is my baby. You killed me Murad. Killed me. But I killed you too - I have killed my feelings for you, it is over. You have lost me.

    Murad says  if you are alive, this is because of our Lord. The baby in your belly is a sign from our Lord, maybe everything will calm down, and we might find our happiness again. Farya replies do you really believe what you are saying? Despite all the things (that happened) can we happy once again? I do not know you Murad. Do not know you. It is like you soul has become frozen, and a night fell over and you got lost in the darkness. While fighting against the oppressors and bullies you have become one of them. And if you know me just a little, you must know I will never bow before oppressors, even if it is the man I love. I will never bow!


    Kasim tells Kemankes as they watch Beyazid leaving the palace - He has taken permission to visit the graves. He is going to visit his mother. Kemankes says God willing that is the case, we must find Gulby at once. Kasim says don't let him get out of your sight, I will go to send word to my mother in the old palace.

    In the harem Lalezar says felicitations! The sounds of little sehzades will echo in the imperial palace once again. Farya Sultana is pregnant. The girls wonder how it is possible, if it's some witchcraft. Lalezar says what is it to you, spread sweets and serbet.

    Sanavber says to Narin - she was going to be executed, now she will be the crown on everyone's head (of great value and importance) Narin says this is crazy!

    Madame tells Farya when no one believed it possible, a miracle came to pass. You will be a mother. I think you should forget everything and live happy for that. Farya says how can I forget that day? Madame says Sultan Murad is obviously going through tough times...he has suffered great grief. Instead of giving up on your love, you should try to understand his pains, and try healing the love between you.

    Silahdar wakes up Murad and says you are well? Nothing bad right? Murad says where are you Mustafa? Why do you leave me alone? Are you running away like the rest of them? Silahdar says no never why would I run away, who are you talking about? Murad says I am talking about everyone. My mother, my siblings, everyone fears me. Silahdar says, isn't this what you wanted? Let them fear and obey. They should know that no one has authority but you. Murad says my soul has frozen over, and fell upon me like a dark night. Right? Is this true? And while I fight with the oppressors, I have become one too? Yes Mustafa? Silahdar says God forbid, who dares say such a thing your Majesty. Murad says Farya dares. I was going to strangle her, I wanted her to die, but my Lord didn't allow it. She is pregnant. When I heard I would have a child I forgive her. Maybe she is right, maybe my anger and hatred like an abyss, like a mountain, as I watched her death. Everyone is an enemy to me. Everyone tries to dig my pit.

    Meanwhile Kemankes watches "Gulby" and Beyazid. Kasim and Kosem has arrived. Kosem says have they met? Kemankes says yes. Kosem snatches the hood off the woman and sees it isn't Gulby. Beyazid says what are you doing my Sultana, or did Kasim drag you here. The woman you thought is my mother takes care of her grave. Or is that also too much for my mother? Kasim says you are still lying looking straight into my mother's eyes? Kosem tells Kasim to wait in the carriage. Kasim says this will not stay with you, sooner or later it will be exposed!

    Kosem says to Beyazid - I know your mother is alive. Beyazid says this is Kasim's baseless accusations. Kosem says and I also know you know all about everything. And even, that you are part of this business. I am giving you a last chance, if you tell us where your mother is I will spare you. Beyazid says our Sultana has favoured me, will spare my life...who are you? Who are you to spare MY life? Kemankes says my prince! Beyazid says SHUT UP. Is it up to you to warn me?! Huh? I am a prince of the worldly state. I am the Imperial Household. Who are you Kemankes? You are my slave. My slave. And you are too Kosem Sultan. You came as a slave to the palace. Don't forget. Nothing changes just because you are a Valide Sultan. You are not of my blood and you never will be. For this reason, do not dare speak to me like this again. Do not dare accuse me of baseless things again! Kosem says Beyazid, I remember while you were a small prince you had started calling me mother just like my own kids. It made me very happy. I held you to me like my own child. Later you started writing, and you began writing letters to your mother. I will never forget,  the first letter your mother sent back to you you gave up calling me mother. I was very sad. That day I understood that your mother would make you an enemy to me. And what I feared has befallen me now. Without a doubt, your mother will enter this grave. But I do not know if you will be able to see that. Because - you have just died in my eyes.

    Sinan is with Gulbahar. Sinan says I wanted to find out if the ambush our Shehzade Beyazid sent at night. I wanted to know if the angels of death (her two servants) were caught alive or were killed. Gulby says but you couldn't find them alive right? It was a lie right? Sinan says they wanted to make our prince make a mistake (by leading him to you). Gulby says if they were alive, they wouldn't have spoken. Sinan says anyway our prince was careful and he didn't fall into their trap and put them in their own trap. Gulby says I wanted to see Kosem's face when she was at the grave, my son and I are not easy mouthfuls to swallow! Kosem possesses such an arrogance that while she tries swallowing us, she doesn't take into account that we get stuck in her throat!

    Beyazid tells Murad I need to speak to you about Kosem sultana and Shehzade Kasim. Unfortunately they are trying to get you to kill me.

    In the Old Palace, Kosem tells her children Ibrahim and Atike, how nice for you to come visit me. I missed yo. Ibo says we missed you too, hopefully you are well? Kosem says thank God, other than being separated from you, I have no other grief. How is the situation in the palace? Ibo says while you are not present is there any joy left in the palace? Atike says thank God Farya got us to smile a bit, good news mother, she is pregnant. Kosem says oh wow, I thought the doctors said there was no hope. Ibo says no questioning God's wisdom, God willing my to-be-born niece/nephew will return the peace we lost, back to the palace. Ibrahim leaves. Kosem says to Atike - and you my dear, when will you give us good news? Atike says it doesn't seem possible mother - Silahdar mostly doesn't even come home. When he does come he doesn't speak to me, doesn't even look at my face. I do not know what he does or where he is. He blames me for all that happened. Kosem says how dare he?! I will sacrifice him for a single tear drop of yours!

    Farya enters Silahdar's office. She says you prayed for me to die, but no matter what you try it doesn't happen. And this time God didn't want me to die. Silahdar says I have heard, I congratulate you. But, if you think everything will go to normal with this unborn child you are wrong. What happened to Ayse Sultan should be a lesson for you. Farya says did you call me to threaten me?! Silahdar says to warn you...I heard that you have said unpleasant things to our Majesty. Be careful. Stay away from everything that will potentially harm you and the baby. Farya says you compare me to Ayse sultana, do you think I'm that weak and unable? Why should I harm myself when there are enemies here (to do that)?

    Kasim has been summoned by Murad.  Murad says come Kasim come. Kasim says your Majesty I do not know what lies you have been told but - . Murad silences him with his hand. Murad says at one time the aghas found you in the brothel, in an intoxicated condition drunk and high from alcohol and opium is this true? Kasim says true, but I can explain. Murad raises his hand. Murad says and since your condition turned your mind around, you had hallucinated that Gulbahar was alive. Kasim sys it wasn't my imagination, it is reality. If you do not believe me you can ask my mother, she knows the truth because they attacked her last night in the old palace. Murad says what ? What do you say Kasim who attacked? Kasim says two girls attacked her. They tried to kill her, thank God I got there in time. One of the girls mentioned Gulbahar and said that she got the order from Gulbahar and how sad that, Beyazid is in on this matter. Beyazid says like all his words, this one is also a lie. I have nothing to do with this attack and never would. Kasim says then who would try to do it? Beyazid says I am shy to say it but I am not the one involved in a plot. Maybe our Kosem sultana did all this because she was exiled. She wants to lower me in your sight, and make me out to be a traitor  so that you can give my execution order and Kasim should be the eldest prince. Kasim says Oh God save my mind! I will rip out your liver - Murad shouts KASIM YOU ARE IN MY PRESENCE! How dare you? Look at your condition? Brothers...you have made each other enemies. Do you know how harsh your accusations are against each other? Either you are lying Beyazid or you are Kasim. Murad says the truth will certainly get out and then the liar will get their punishment. Until then I do not want any fights or ruckus. Now, to your rooms!

    Kasim goes to Ibrahim and tells the servants to leave. Ibrahim says what is wrong? What is this condition? Kasim says Beyazid is making plans and attacking our mother and at the same time he tries to get on top by going first and complaining to our Majesty about me. Ibrahim says Kasim, just give up on going after Beyazid. Kasim says Ibrahim, I am telling you he complained. I am coming from our Majesty just now, he accused mother of playing games and wanting him dead to have me as the eldest prince. Ibrahim is shocked. Beyazid??? Kasim says I told you from the start, he has betrayal in his soul. He will not stop. They will continue attacking. Ibrahim, we are the mouth of the canon, we need to be careful, we need to defend ourselves. Did you understand me? Ibrahim nods.

    Beyazid meets Sanavber. He says Sinan spoke of you and says I can trust you. Sanav says do not doubt it. Beyazid says I can no longer meet with him you will arrange our communication, wait for word from me. Sanav says I am ready for your orders.

    Murad speaks to Silahdar and Huseyin. Silahdar says so it means Gulby is alive. Murad says if it is up to Beyazid, they are falsely accusing him. Murad says I want you to take extra precautions. Send more guards to the old palace, let them investigate the situation. Sigh, on the one hand Kasim and on the other Beyazid. I do not know who which one I should listen to. I do know one thing and that is that one of them is lying and abusing my trust. Silahdar says how sad there is one more who is abusing your trust - Abaza Mehmet Pasha. I had told you about the accusations against him and I've had my eye on him for a while now. Huseyin says he has fallen in the argument between the Armenian and Greek congregations about what day Easter falls on. Murad says and? Silahdar says in order to get Mehmet pasha (abaza) on their side, the Armenian Patriarch Kevork Efendi has asked his support and even, offered him a bribe. Murad says and did he take it? Huseyin says unfortunately. I was personally investigating the matter and I saw with my own eyes that he took the chest (the bribe).

    Halil pasha tells Kosem: forgive my surprise, not for the life of me could I have thought it possible for our prince to be part of such a plot. Kosem says same here. She has gotten her son to partner in her own betrayal. I will have no peace until I crush that snake's head. Whatever stone she is under, whatever forest she is hiding in, you will bring her before me. Halil says do not worry, I have sent word everywhere, and, there is a talented artist who can draw people's faces and I have had them draw Gulbahar's portrait and if we hand it out among the people maybe we can find some clues. Kosem says great, you have thought of a great idea, make more of them and hand out coins to everyone and tell them that there is more where that came from - I will give  ten thousand gold coins as reward to the one who finds Gulbahar.

    Gulbahar meets with the Persian man. The man says when Sinan pasha said you wished to meet with me I was surprised, I had thought you were dead. Gulbahar says "let death be far from me, we needed to take this precaution for my prince's safety. Kosem sultana is looking for a chance to take my prince's life, this is why I have called for you." The Persian says forgive me but what does this have to do with us? Gulby replies as you know, Sultan Murad has made the decision to go to war in the East. This will be his last destination. He won't be alive long enough to capture Revan Citadel.  The Persian says an assassination will be set up on Sultan Murad, did I understand correctly? Gulby says he will get what he deserves and as the eldest prince, my prince Beyazid will take the throne he deserves. But Kosem sultana will use all her people to try to prevent it. If your Shah Safi tries to help us, everything will change and the winds will turn to our favour. The Persian says the Sons of Osman always left us halfway, why should we trust you now? Gulby says because Sultan Murad is going to march on the Persians and the only way to stop that is through me. The Persian says we will certainly not turn our hand away from Prince Beyazid's outstretched hand of friendship, but how can we be of help? Gulby says we will need gold in order for my  Prince to get on the throne in an amicable way. The soldiers need money.

    Kasim goes to his mother who welcomes him. He says I have not come pleased, mother. I wish we had told my brother everything as it was, now we are both under suspicion. Kosem says wait be calm, tell me everything bit by bit. Kasim says last night I went to my Sovereign brother.  Beyazid was there and as if what he  has done isn't enough, he openly complained about us - that we have played games, that I want him to fall from grace so that I can become the next heir in line.  Kosem says what did your sovereign brother say? Kasim replies, nothing. He said he will investigate the matter. Kosem says this is exactly why I didn't want you to meet with him before. His hatred for me prevents him from seeing the truth. And you give up complaining (to Murad) This is our matter, and we will do what is necessary. Kasim says so what will we do? Will what he does stay with him (go answered)? Kosem says when the seed of suspicion is planted in a person's heart, then it sprouts and turns green without that person knowing and suddenly he looks and it has spread everywhere!And we will do the same thing, we will plant the seeds of suspicion.

    Kemankes tells Murad that the grand vizier is waiting in the Diyarbakir barracks with ten thousand soldiers and the Janissaries are continuing preparations and they are impatient for war. Murad says great let us see Emirgun delivers himself over to us. Sinan says I do not think he will deliver himself over, he is a prince from the Safavid household and I doubt he will turn his back on his family. Murad says and I don't have any intention of turning back without a fight. If necessary, I will rip out his liver and take his life. Anything else important? Abaza says your Majesty, the Armenian Patriarch Kevork Effendi came to the Divan, they have fallen to argument with with the Greek Church and wish the Divan to decide about Easter day. Silahdar says this matter came to my ears as well. The Greek congregation wishes for the Jerusalem Church to decide about the matter, but the Armenian congregation won't agree and so both sides are blaming each other. Murad asks Abaza - and did you make a decision? Who was right in this matter? Abaza says your majesty, because they disagree, enmity has developed between the two sides and for this reason, the Jerusalem Church will not decide fairly and for this reason, and in my opinion the Istanbul Patriarchy was right. Murad says and to obtain this opinion how much of a bribe did you take from the Armenians? Abaza says your majesty I would never take bribes, I could never! Murad shouts for aghas who bring the Patriarch. Murad says Patriarch Efendi, is it true you gave Abaza Mehmet pasha a bribe? The Patriarch says it is true. Murad says you who are a man of faith, what is the meaning of dealing in bribery? Cut his neck!

    Murad says the Patriarch has admitted your crimes. You are still going to deny it? Abaza says I did but it was not bribery, I did not take it into my own treasury, it was all donated to the poor and needy. Murad says so you did good deeds with the bribe you took? How can you lie to me? And what did you do to the bribes you took in Bosnia? Did you donate that as well? What did you do to the money you confiscated from the merchants and traders? Did you give that to the charities as well? Abaza says please your Majesty don't these are all false accusations. These are all coming from Silahdar's imagination. They are all his lies! He blames me for his father losing his wealth! That is why he says these lies. We have the complaints from the Bosnian people with us, and I found out about the court proceedings between you and my father, the Pasha you put in your place while away has admitted in his letter that you personally ordered him to do it. As if this wasn't enough, you had also given a bribe to the judge so that all this wouldn't come to light (be exposed).

    Murad says Mehmet Pasha, a trickster who stretches his hand out to that which is forbidden has no place in my Divan. I am removing you from your position as Kubbe Vizier. Lock him in a room I will decide his fate later. Abaza says your Majesty don't. I didn't take bribes. When the traitor Janissaries knocked on the door and murdered your late brother Osman, I alone was fighting for his cause for years. I fought with my life for the honour of the Imperial household. I fought for years, is this what I get in return? Murad says you traitor to religion and state! Does the honour of the household fall to you? Abaza shouts Your Majesty, is this what I get in return? These are lies, I did not take bribes!

    Kosem is in the gardens with Kasim and says Mehmet Pasha what is going on here, where are they taking you? Abaza says our Majesty has found out about my agreement with the Armenians. He has executed Kevork Efendi, and I was removed on the basis of taking bribes. He has decided I am to be locked up until he decides my fate. Kosem says how did he find this out? Who told him? Abaza says Silahdar. It is obvious he has set a trap. Kosem says I will speak to our Majesty and handle the matter you keep calm. Take him. Kosem remarks to Kasim and this was all that was left.

    Murad tells his pashas the outcome for Mehmet pasha should be a lesson to you. Anyone who turns back on his oath of loyalty to me, and works behind my back, this will be his end. Murad says Crazy Huseyin I have removed you from my head stableman. Huseyin says have forgive me, have I done something wrong without knowing? Murad says the opposite, your service and loyalty is worthy of praise. For this reason, I have appointed you my Grand Admiral! May it be for the best. Huseyin says I pray I will not disappoint you. Murad says and the opening made by Abaza's removal is given to Silahdar (Mustafa) my Chamberlain. You are my third Vizier from now on. Silahdar says you have granted with your generous heart. My greatest wish and desire is to be worthy of this honour. Murad says everyone should hear and know that, Mustafa pasha will represent my will, and he will be my eyes and ears in the Divan.

    Gulby's portrait is being shown to a man who is asked: have you seen this woman? The man replies who is this? The aga says whoever it is, it doesn't concern you, just tlel me if have you seen her or not? The man says no I haven't but give me the picture I can ask my friends. The aga says if you find anything tell Halil pasha. You will be rewarded if something comes of it. She has a bounty on her head for 10,000 gold! The man says wow! 10,000 gold eh? It means she is important! I will send word if I find anything out.

    Kosem goes to see Murad and says so it means from now on to be seen by you I need to wait at your door. When did we come to this condition my son? Murad says if you've come about Abaza Mehmet Pasha don't bother. Kosem replies Mehmet pasha is a loyal valuable pasha to the state for years now. And for the sake of the memory of your late brother Osman it means you should not execute him. He helped me a lot in those days. Murad says that shouldn't mean I look the other way for his every action. Besides, you have other reasons why you defend the pasha - the pashas loyalty to you is obvious and the donations he makes to your charity. Kosem says that charity feeds twenty thousand people every day! So what if he gives in charity? Murad says a person cannot do good deeds by sinning! That pasha has gotten his wealth through tyranny and bribery. And how unfortunate that you defend such a person. Kosem says you do not see do you Murad? They are trying to get us to become enemies to each other, they want to separate me from you, me being far away from you, harms you. Wake up! Wake up the enemies are digging your pit, wake up. Murad says who wants to dig this pit? Gulbahar sultan? Do you really expect me to believe this?

    Kosem says I know, believing it is difficult, but that snake named Gulby is alive. The other night she sent two girls to my room, they tried to kill me! Kasim saved me. "You might have otherwise been praying my funeral prayer today" Murad says how do I know you haven't plotted this in order to make Kasim the eldest prince, and to return to the palace. You have no proof. Kosem says how sad. Very sad. Even my enemies did not say what you said to me. Murad says return to the old palace mother and without permission do not return here again. Kosem says "I will go, I will truly go. You will not see my face again. There will be no hint of me. There won't even a tomb to mark my grave, but can you rip me out from here (your heart)?Listen to me the last time...I am telling you for the last time. I swear upon all my children that the arrow has left the bow and it is coming straight towards you! Beyazid is not that innocent pure brother of yours any longer! He is covered in lust for power! And he will do everything and anything for this!

    Kosem sees Silahdar in the hall and says congratulations on your new position Mustafa Pasha. You got what you wanted.  You influenced by son and have removed Mehmet pasha (abaza) from your path. Silahdar says I only did my job. No matter who it is that overshadows our Majesty, they will eventually get their punishment. Kosem smiles and says so you are saying even if you are Valide Sultana it is of no use is that right? Silahdar says God forbid! God forbid three times! Kosem says since you have just reached the peak of the mountain you haven't taken to account somethings, this mountain has snow, thunder, and the winter is frightfully cold. And spring is nowhere near. When you want to get down, you won't be able to. The only way down is to fall and this is what happened to many. Silahdar says whatever is written in my fate, that is what will be. Kosem says exactly. And as my son in law, I want the best for your of course. For Atike's happiness. But we can't really say she is happy right? You are not doing your husbandly duties (Hahaha). Silahdar says this is a personal matter between us, I am embarrassed to speak of it with you. (hahahaha he looked down). Kosem says you are wedded to a member of the Imperial Household. Everything between you is a matter of state. You are not only her husband, you are also her slave at the same time. Your job is to make her happy. If I see her sad again, I will divorce you and if you lose her, you will lose everything and you will have no power left. You will disappear.

    Beyazid practicing swordsmanship in the garden and Murad arrives. Beyazid says forgive me your Majesty, I didn't see you arrive. I got a bit carried away while practicing. Murad takes the other man's sword and wipes the sweat (LOL, so would I ew germs ;) ) Murad tells Beyazid come before me, let me see your power and strike. We will go together to the campaign. Beyazid says only me? What about Kasim? Ibrahim? Murad says only you will be coming along Beyazid. Let us see now...strike with all your strength. Murad says war requires courage, attention and most important. manhood (whoah no match for Murad). Murad says the moment you hesitate, is the moment your breath is cut off, you must always know who you are fighting. Murad has his back turned when Beyazid runs forward, but it's no use and Murad grabs him by his arm and twists it. Murad says how many years are between us Beyazid? Beyazid says six months. Murad says so not even a year! Manifestation of fate! Just because I was born six months before you, I got on the throne. You could have been in my place. Beyazid says this is the order of things, and besides I do not have any complaints. I am happy under your wings. Murad says "we are going to war, nothing is certain. Maybe my Lord will destine me to drink from the elixir of martyrdom. And then you will get on the throne." Beyazid says God protect you your Majesty. Murad says Amen my brother.

    There's some sort of random poets gathering or something in Galata tower and Nef'i is there too. One man says fine, the alcohol and opium, but how is smoking tobacco a sin? "What is the point of this much effort for a harmless smoke? The real thing is to put out the cries of the oppressed." Nef'i says you are right gentlemen, in my absence the colours of the Capitol have faded. There is no opium, no coffee, no alcohol, no smoking. What do I know about this type of life...there is nothing...there is nothing. Another man says our Sultan Murad allows you into his gatherings, he values you, maybe you could speak to him, relate the people's complaints to him, maybe he would end these bans. Nef'i says if I had that power would I be a poet? I would be a ruler. Our Padishah saw this fit, it doesn't not befall us to question it. Then he recites a poem.

    Silahdar asks Murad as they walk the streets,  forgive my curiosity your Majesty, have you decided about Abaza? Murad says my mother is right to be honest Mustafa. Abaza Mehmet Pasha fought for the blood of a Padisah. Silahdar says true, but, that of a Padishah's after another Padishah had taken power (Mustafa) and he betrayed your uncle. Even if his cause was right, someone who betrays a Padisah will betray other Padisahs too. Murad finds Bekri Mustafa drinking. He says your Majesty! Murad says Bekri Mustafa what are you doing here at this time of night? Bekri says I was with friends, they left, I am trying to find the way to my house...Silahdar says you are looking for your way home? Murad says reach out your hand, what are you hiding. Bekri says God forbid, can anything be hidden from you? Murad says reach out....other hand? Both hands Mustafa! Walk towards me! Bekri says please don't...you will get me to break the jug. Murad (losing his smile) says Bekri, I had told you if I saw you drinking again, I would take your head, did I say that or not. Walk! The jug breaks. Murad says come with me.

    Nef'i is reciting audacious poetry, Murad arrives. Everyone rises then sits. Murad says who are you satirizing again Nef'i? Nef'i says there is a son of Adam, which one is it? Silahdar says he has written a compilation. Murad says really? Nef-i says yes it is called Siham i Kaza (The Arrows of Misfortunte).  The pasha is speaking of that. Murad says I am curious, send it to me too so I can take a look. Nef'i says I am honoured. Murad says Nef'i see this man? He is talented, they call him Bekri Mustafa. Bekri says what do I know of satire? God forbid, forgive me please in your presence I mention this, but, when I drink a jug of wine then there is no better poet than me. Murad says get a jug of alcohol for Bekri. Nef'i says they say that those who drink alcohol in this world will be punished painfully for it in hell (it will be painfully drawn from their noses). Bekri says and how nice you say it, then I will get full and then be able to drink some more "

    In the barracks, Sinan tells Ferhat agha that the situation has changed, Sultan Murad is taking our prince with him, and I need you to personally arrange his safety. Ferhat says be rest assured I will do what needed, but when Sultan Murad is handled, then the barracks need to all give support as one united body - but with Kemankes as our leader that is not really possible. Sinan says we will arrange enough money to distribute to the Janissaries, but if something goes awry, then you must take precautions ahead of time so that you can get our prince out of the army camp safe and sound. Ferhat says don't worry...er, my pasha, I have heard rumours about Gulbahar sultana. They say she is alive? Is it true? Sinan says these are Kosem's lies, she wishes to poison our Majesty and set our Prince's head on fire, (oh so now he's your majesty eh?) but they will fall into the very holes they dug!

    Kosem tells Kemankes - Abaza's outcome will be known tomorrow. Speak to my sovereign son Kemankes because whatever matter I warn him about, he does the exact opposite! Kemankes says I will do what I can, but...I do not think he will pardon him. The accusations over him are heavy ones. All of it came from Silahdar. Finally he got his wishes - he got entrance into the Divan. Kosem says I thought he would be a companion to my son, a friend, but instead of helping, he does more harm! On one side it is him, on the other Beyazid, on the other Farya! The snakes surrounded him and made him think I am his enemy. And my son does not see this reality! Kemankes says they say when the heart becomes blind, then eyesight doesn't have any use. Kosem says I have no hope left. A person must see reality and do what is needed. Kemankes says my Sultana it is obvious you have something in mind. Do you not trust me? Kosem says loyalty is the most difficult to find quality on this earth, and also the most valuable because the son of Adam is like the sun and orbits around power. When power leaves you, the closest to you will be the first to turn their backs on you. Thank God I have friends who have sipped form the elixir of loyalty, just like you. Before my son destroys the Imperial Household of Osman along with himself, then for the sake of the state, the throne and the sultanate need to change.

    Abaza lies awake in bed when Silahdar and the  executioners arrive. Silahdar says you thought you could seek refuge behind Kosem Sultana's skirts, but, the end of the road has come for you Abaza. Abaza says you think you are getting revenge for your father right? How sad. You put your personal matters before state affairs. And this is exactly why one day your outcome will be much worse than this. Silahdar says this is the price not for my father but for the poor innocents you oppressed. Abaza says the crime for this is on your neck.

    Farya sees Murad in her room just sitting there. She says Murad? He says I blamed you for the death of my children, but the real fault was mine. Gevherhan, Ayse, my children...I am the one at fault for their deaths. This is why I left. I tried to get away from reality. Farya says that day does not leave my mind,the day we found you in the swamp with mud. All you had left uncovered in mud were your eyes...eyes that did not look at me, did not see me. I am afraid of you Murad. I am afraid. Murad says do not be afraid, I will not harm a hair on your head. Not now, not after our child is born and not ever. I will protect you more than myself. I am going to war soon. I do not know when I will return. When I return I want to see you here, Farya. With our baby in your arms. Until then, as the mother of my unborn child, as my wedded wife, I am entrusting the harem to you.

    Atike is in her room when Silahdar arrives. He says my Sultana? You complained to me to Valide Sultana? Is this what you wanted? Everything will be alright because we are husband and wife? If it makes me forget the past, I accept. Atike says you cannot behave this way with me, do not forget a Sultana stands before you! Silahdar says otherwise what will you do? Will you divorce me? Your mother threatened me like this...I will divorce you, if you lose my daughter you will lose everything, you will have no power left, you will fade and be gone, she said. Will I fade and be gone Atike? Do I care do you think? Can you do this? Can you divorce me? Tell me. Come on. Three words are all you need. Come on say it. Say I divorce you, divorce you, divorce you. Come on say it Atike?

    Murad is on the balcony and recalls the words of the fortune teller in the forest who says "you will win great victories...so much that your name will be mentioned along with the great Padisahs. Only, every victory will have a price...you won't be able to spill blood without yours being spilled.

    Murad sets off to war - whoa look at him!

    Kosem says to Kasim, our Majesty has executed another friend of ours God forgive his soul. Kasim says amen...and Beyazid went too. My sovereign brother didn't believe me, it means he believed him. Kosem says no, the opposite. It means my words have him suspicious.It was dangerous for Beyazid to stay here. Kasim says then he can betray my brother during war then, remove him from the throne. Kosem says God forbid, but if what you say happens then the one closest to the Capitol gets on the throne..in other words - you!

    Gulby says Oh Sinan Pasha, nasty scents are reaching my nose! (bahahaha the way she said that LOL) She says why is Sultan Murad taking Beyazid to war with him? God forbid what if he does something to my prince? Sinan says do not be afraid my Sultana, Ferhat agha will be our Prince's shadow, trust me, he will return safe and sound from the campaign. Gulby says and Kosem? Any news from her? Sinan says she will certainly return to the palace now that SUltan Murad has left for war. I sent news to Sanavber, she will do what is necessary. Gulby says now that Beyazid isn't in the Capitol, there is no way for her to catch me. I am sick of this place, I wish to get out and walk around. Sinan says impossible, Kosem sultana has your likeness drawn and distributed it and offered a 10000 gold bounty for news about you. Gulby says so she has put a death warrant on me eh? Sinan says this matter is not a joke, we need to be careful, Please do not step outside unless necessary. Have a little patience soon you will attain your goals.

    Kosem is announced in the harem by Haci and Lalezar says welcome my Sulana, finally you have returned. Kosem says while my sovereign son is not here, the palace cannot be left empty, for our princes safety I need to be here. Farya says my Valide? You are welcome, bt our Majesty has an absolute order that you are forbidden from entering. Kosem says and who will prevent me? You? Hah! Farya says before leaving, our Majesty entrusted the harem to me. Kosem says do what you need to. You will not find a single person under this dome who will obey your orders. I am the only reason for everyone's presence here. And that includes you as well. Did you get me? And don't trust in that baby in your belly. Sanavber meets with Idris agha and says I was able to come just now. Farya is watching me. Agha says Sinan has sent word, this time your task is important. But not right away, first we have to wait for Sultan Murad to get far away from the Capitol. Otherwise when he gets news about his mother he would return. Wait news from me and when the time comes I will tell you.

    In the charity Halil is approached by the man and is told he has brought news from Gulbahar. The man says i heard you are looking for this woman she  comes to my store often and then meets with someone. I do not know who they are and don't interfere, they give money and then leave. Halil says when was the last time she came there? The man says It's been some time. She meets with a man. Halil says will they come again, did they say to you? The man says I do not know but, before they come, they send news beforehand. Halil says great. So next time before they come, you will let us know. The man says certainly...seeing as you are personally looking for her...it is an important person. Seems like she is worth even more than 10000 gold. Halil says you arrange us to get the women, and the rest is easy.


    Kemankes enters Murad's tent and says the Persian Shah has sent a letter. Silahdar reads it outloud: Sultan Murad Han, I have heard that you have are marching to the East for war, and set your eyes on lands that I have won by my sword. You have used your energy and time pointlessly for this endevour - just like your forefathers, you will not be able to seize Persia. If you want, you may raze Revan to the ground! Burn, pillage, kill everyone if you want, do not think this victory will be lasting. In the end, the land will return to it's real owner. My advice to you - return back to your Capitol. Because neither do I care about the Revan Citadel, nor do I care about Emirgune."

    Murad says, Shah Safi has fled even Revan Citadel. Huseyin says as we have guessed, the assassination of Emirgune was unsuccessful because the pashas we sent were killed on the way there.

     Meanwhile, Ferhat agha tells Beyazid - I will personally protect you. The Janissaries will always be alert, whatever is needed for your safety - they will do. Beyazid says great. Do not forget, there is no room for error. The smallest mistake and all our heads will roll. Ferhat says "may my life be sacrificed in your way my prince! but do not worry, Sultan Murad's oppression will end tonight, and with God's permission, you will get on the throne. And we do not doubt you will rule with justice. Beyazid says God willing Ferhat agha.

    Persian riders are seen riding over to the camp. Huseyin says the Persian ambassadors have arrived. Kemankes says let them come. One of them says we have come on the order of the Revan heir, Mirza Tahmasp Quli Khan (Emirgune/Emirgan), and we wish to be enter the presence of Sultan Murad. Kemankes says not so easily, you will wait. We thought the Emir ran off? So it means he is here. Did he send you to beg forgiveness. The Persian says our Emir will never run off, and he certainly doesn't fear anyone. He does not ask pardon. Kemankes says did you hear that Huseyin? Emirgune doesn't fear anyone. Huseyin says I will see when Sultan Murad's iron comes down on him.

    The shopkeeper who spoke with Halil gets news from Sinan's man who says after the night call to prayer, do not close your shop - because we have business. The man says of course, I will not close it.

    Sanavber is up to some weird stuff making something. Farya watches from above and says your eyes are on her right? Madame says I am following her. Farya says whatever she is hiding we need to find out at once. Madame says I am doing what I can but I haven't caught her. Farya says I am getting more and more worried, but for myself, but for my baby. That woman has something untowards about her, and until we find it I cannot be at peace. Madame says don't worry.

    The Persian says to Murad - the governor of Murad -

    Murad says governor? I do not recall appointing a governor like that? The man says he has sent his regards and respect to you, mighty Padishah and he wishes to come to an agreement with you. Murad says no agreement. I will spare Emirgune and his soldier's lives on the condition that they hand over Revan citadel. Otherwise, I will destroy the citadel over their heads. Go tell that to your Emir. The ambassador says the Emir does not wish to shed blood, which is why if you turn back, it will be best for both sides. Murad says hopefully Emirgune is as courageous as you soldier. I have come all this way, I do not intend to go without a fight. The Persian says if you wish to fight then, every Persian soldier will fight to their last blood drop to protect Revan. But, I want you to know that Shah Safi will come soon with a big army. Murad says give him the Shah's letter to read. That Shah you trust so much will not be coming. He has given up on his soldiers, the Citadel, and even Emirgune who is of his own blood! In other words, you are alone. Go and deliver my proposal to Emirgune.

    Murad  to his men : let us see what answer Emirgune will give when he hears my offer. Will he choose to fight or sign treaty. Kemankes says in my opinion he will not give up, but they do not have power to withstand us, sooner or later Revan Citadel will fall.  Silahdar says your Majesty, the greatest of all victories is the one where blood is not spilled. When Emirgune finds out about the situation, Emirgune will find a way to make peace. Nef'i is announced and enters the tent. He says forgive me, I am disturbing. Murad says is something happening? Murad says did Emirgune surrender? Murad says where is this coming from? Nef'i says I just saw him leaving your tent? I thought he surrendered? Silahdar says are you sure you are not mistaken? Were they not messengers? Nef'i says I had told you, your Majesty, that I met him before and even had a conversation with him. I am certain it was him. The blue-eyed one with jewels on his headgear. Murad says so it means Emirgune came before me pretending to be an ambassador? You were right, he is a brave man.

    Sanavber is rubbing some ointment or oil on Kosem's hands. She says this oil will be good for you. Will take away your stress. Kosem says it already is working. Haci enters and says the carpet merchant returned and it seems Gulbahar will meet someone tonight. Kosem says great. Send word to the guards, we will also join.

    Sanav then goes to Idris who says what is going on, why have you come here? Sanavber says you will go at once and tell Sinan that Gulby should not go to meet whoever at night. They have gotten news and will attack. Farya is waiting for her and Madame attacks from behind!

    Sanavber wakes up to find she is tied and she says Farya Sultan? What are you doing? What is going on? Let me go! Farya says I did not trust you from the start, I knew you were up to something and I caught you finally! Sanavber says what? I did nothing! what are you talking about? If Kosem sultana finds out what you are doing to me - Madame says actually think about what will happen if Kosem sultana finds out about what you are up to. Now speak! Who was the pasha you sent news to. Sanav says what pasha? what do I have to do with a pasha? You are falsely accusing me. Farya says we heard everything! You had said Gulby should not go to the meeting tonight. Gulbahar has not died? Sanav says you heard wrong. Who is Gulby? I don't know her. SMACK. Farya says do not lie to me, tell me otherwise you won't exit this room alive. Who did you send news to.

    Gulbahar has already gone to the store and meets with the Persian spy. The Persian says as per our discussion, I have brought a hundred thousand gold. This is a gift from Shah Safi to you and Prince Beyazid. Gulby says great.

    In the camp, Beyazid nervously looks around. Silahdar and Huseyin exit Murad's tent and leave. Ferhat nods at Beyazid and he goes towards the tent. He tells the guards, I wish to see our Majesty. It is urgent. One of the guards replies, our Majesty is resting. Come back in the morning. Ferhat says I cannot wait for tomorrow. It is important. I will speak to him and then leave right away. The guard says then hand over our sword and dagger.

    Beyazid recalls Kalika and Murad telling him "You will punish her personally" and then "do what is needed Beyazid."And Kalika says "I will always love you Beyazid, even after dying."

    Ferhat enters Murad's tent. He says forgive me, I am disturbing this time of night but, there are some important matters I need to discuss with you....Murad's back is turned...

    The Persian says to Gulby - Shah Safi wants the war Sultan Murad started, to end. Gulby says I do not care  about the wars of Sultan Murad or Shah Safi. My only wish is to get my son on the throne. The Persian says this is our wish too. If we succeed, we want Van and it's surroundings back. Gulby says I am ready to give the farther side of Amasya to the Persians. As long as you are on our side. The Persian says do not worry, from now on we are always on your side.

    Gulbahar exits to find Kosem waiting. "You finally exited the hole you were hiding in"

    Ferhat exits the tent and goes to Beyazid and says Sultan Murad has met his Maker. Beyazid says I wish it didn't have to be this way...but he didn't leave us any other choice. Ferhat says be rest-assured, the throne is now yours. Silahdar and Huseyin have been listening the entire time. And Murad has been watching the whole thing through the tent window.

    THE END.

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