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    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwEmpT-FkvE

    In a recap, Murad has the janissaries involved in the attempted assassination executed, and then he says "let betrayal come from whoever and wherever it comes, but it will not remain unpunished! Murad's voiceover: I who am the Emperor of the seven regions, Sultan Murad Han, this is my last warning to you, Revan Fortress will fall sooner or later. If you deliver it and seek refuge in my mercy, the sword of my wrath will return to it's sheath." Emirgune's voice: If I am defeated, open the doors, give the key to the city to Sultan Murad." Kemankes announcing: Oh people, Revan is once again Ottoman land! Kosem: The woman was a spy. Sinan: No matter what! You must leave this palace tonight. I think Sultan Murad has long written your death order. 

    Murad's voice reading Yahya Efendi's religious decree:  The family, who loves each other is like one body united....

    Beyazid's voice: "I will accept whatever Sultan Murad's decision is for me. I would rather choose to die in my own palace, my own home, rather than to hide away in enemy lands."

    Murad's voice reading Yahya's decree:  "If one organ becomes diseased, the body fights for it, and in he same way, a person must fight for his families. But there are some situations where there is no way to save an organ, and if you do not then the disease will spread to the whole body, make it decay and destroy everything and kill it. Betrayal and treachery is like a disease to the body's very soul and for this reason, the greatest and swift punishment falls on treason and betrayal. The person who gets together and allies with the enemy and betrays his family, for peace, security and order in the nation, his execution is mandatory."

    Murad and his men are on the road when Murad sees the man from the hut in the forest carving some wood. Murad says what a coincidence is this? The man replies, a coincidence or an appointed meeting? It is obvious that our mighty Lord has wanted us to cross paths. 

    Meanwhile in Topkapi palace, Gulbahar is allowed inside to see her son. "No, my son, Beyazid my son! My son, what did they do to you?! Get up! Wake up Beyazid! My Son, ,wake up! Sad! They killed you! Beyazid my son! Get up my son, come on. BEYAZID MY SON!

    Kosem says condolences, Gulbahar. Gulby says  you give condolences without shame?! Don't you dare act like you are sad! like everything else, this is fake! You killed him, you took my son's life. Haci says my sultana and gets her to get up she grabs the dagger to stab Kosem, Kemankes saves the day and Kosem says do not blame me. You should stab yourself with that dagger. You influenced your son, you became the reason for his destruction. He wanted me to spare you and I have accepted even though I do not want that at all. You will spend the rest of your life in the dungeons. Gulby says you hink you have won? It is true - you won! But know that this dark and dirty victory will not bring you peace. Beyazid is not the only one to have fallen into the grave you have dug - Murad, Kasim and Ibrahim have also fallen, and also all the princes who have yet to be born. Maybe this was your wish! You wish to be rid of everyone! In order to rule everyone and everything, you would even kill your own child! Kosem motions for Gulby to taken away. Gulby leaves shouting Beyazid, my son!

    Emirgune asks Silahdar, who is that man my pasha? Silahdar says I do not know I am seeing him for the first time. Emirgune says strange. Silahdar what is strange? Emirgune says they call you Sultan Murad's right arm. His eyes and ears and I thought you would know everything he does. Emirgune says Sultan Murad is not like your Shah - he is a sea, an ocean. Everyone has secrets...and you? Do you not have secrets that you bear from the past?

    Murad meanwhile speaks to the man in the forest and says you had said that there will be a price for every victory I won, you had said. That I could not spill blood without my own being spilled and you were right. I took Revan but there was a price. A heavy price. The man says God grant our prince heaven. Murad says I had asked you a question. The man says lineage - you had asked whose blood the household would continue with. Murad says and you, you had said the outcome of your fight with the greatest enemy would make that obvious. You wanted me to find him - the one coming in my dreams, the one who wouldn't leave me alone. I found him. The man says and your greatest enemy is once again yourself, and you have long ago lost the fight against him. Murad says and, what will happen now? The man says the outcome for one who loses the fight is obvious - if they do not die then they will go under captivity. And now - you are captive under Sultan Murad, in other words your power. And my Ruler, there is no being saved from that captivity. The truth is that the household will not continue with your line, one of your brothers - despite you - will get on the throne.

    Atike is with Ibrahim, Kasim arrives and Atike asks why he hasn't gotten ready. Kasim says why are you ready? Did you think it would be a special funeral? Atike says it won;t? Kasim says of course not. After all his betrayals, were we going to hold a special funeral? Atike says Kasim, at least don't start with this on this kind of day. He was our brother, at least don't speak behind his back at his death. Have some respect. Kasim says forgive me Atike, but after Beyazid got together with his mother and sent assassins after me - there was not brotherhood left. There is no need to show fake courtesy. Atike Ibrahim are you okay? Ibrahim says There was an agha , he was very restless, this came to mind. And, everything we did wrong, we would go to boxwood tree and hide, we would hide until evening behind the boxwood tree! The aghas couldn't find us! 


    There is a crowd waiting for Murad's return. One man says after so many years, a Padisah has gone to war and has come out victorious. The other man says true, but in that uproar, Prince Beyazid was executed and Sultan Murad is rid of his greatest competitor. The other says yes he is rid of him, but it's not as if Prince Beyazid was innocent! He committed treason. The other man says how do we know? What if it's a lie what is being said? 

    Murad re-enters the city and makes his way to his palace through the streets. People shout Long Live our Padisah! May his sword be sharp! May he always be victorious.

    Haci and Kosem are on the terrace. Kosem says my sovereign son is returning in pomp and glory. He returns victorious. Haci says he will be present soon...er, my sultana, if you had returned to the old palace before his arrival, it would be better. If he sees you here, he thinks you went against his orders. God forbid...our princes Kasim and Ibrahim...if he locks them up again, as he threatened to do - what will we do? Kasim has overheard and says mother? So this is why you agreed to go to the old palace? He threatened to lock us up? Kosem says he simply wanted to scare me, otherwise he had no intention like that. Kasim says how? He has already thought of everything, he is ready to give up on us...hurry mother, we need to hurry. Let us quickly put in place whatever necessary to quicken my sultanate. Kosem says SHHH. Silence. And do not even let it cross your mind. These things aren't anything that happens today or tomorrow like that. Kasim says I do not understand your hesitation. What happened? Did you give up on your decision? Kasim says today is your sovereign brother's day. He has returned victorious from war. The field is his! God forbid if we make a wrong decision, it will be our calamity. Now you will bear your sword of patience and wait. Kasim says fine. So if he wants you to go to the old palace?

    Murad has come to the Palace gates. Kemankes says welcome, you have brought delight, your victory at Revan has drowned all your subjects in joy, your Majesty. Especially - your taking of Tebriz was a most perfect victory! I heard that no stone was left unturned. Murad says God willing we shall put the flag in more places. Kemankes says God willing. Our Valide Sultana, our Sultanas, and our princes are all waiting your presence. Murad says so it means our Valide Sultana is here. Great. Dilaver pasha congratulates Murad. Sinan says your Majesty, our messengers have taken news of your victory to the four corners of the earth. Kings have sent you letters of congratulations one by one. 

    Murad is announced. Kosem says welcome my sovereign son. You have made all of us proud with your victory. May your steps be blessed. Murad says thank you mother, I didn't expect to see you here. Kosem says in your absence, for everyone's safety, I though it would be better if I were in the Imperial Palace. Now that you have returned, I can go back. Murad says no need. As Valide Sultana, your place is right here. Murad turns to Kasim who says you finally returned safe and sound. May your victory be for the best. Murad says God willing. Atike says I prayed every day for your quick return. May God keep you always victorious. He asks where is Ibrahim? Atike says Ibrahim really wished to see you and be here, but he is not well, he wasn't really able to stay standing. He greets Kaya and says my pretty sultana, how you have grown! Farya says welcome, Murad says my princes! When I was praying for a prince from my Lord, He granted me two. 

    Kasim goes to Ibrahim and asks what are you doing? Why didn't you come to greet him? Our Majesty asked about you. Atike had to make up a lie about you being sick. Ibrahim says let the devil see him. Kasim says shhh, the walls have ears! Ibrahim says What did the Conqueror of Revan do? Did he decide about our mother? Kasim says what we feared hasn't happened. Our mother will stay with us. So at least for tonight, we can sleep peacefully. My brother doesn't want our mother as a shadow, and we are at the mouth of the canon. Especially you. Since you are the eldest prince. Do you remember you had said this to Beyazid? Did you think our mother's presence can stop our brother? On the contrary, when he looks at her, he will see the fire (desire) for power in her eyes and he will take it out on us, mostly on you. For this reason my brother, there is no peace for us anymore. 

    Murad is with his mother. He says "you sent a letter to the army camp, to Kemankes, it passed into my hands. You wrote that Gulby had escaped and that Beyazid was going to march on the palace with an army, and you also wrote that Kasim should go the throne. Kosem says when I understood Beyazid's intentions I wrote that as a precaution. And what should I have done Murad? Should I have just let everything happen and you weren't believing me. Murad says "and you threw earth on me (buried me) and chose an heir to my throne. Kosem says my son, I am the Valide Sultana, no matter what, I am forced to do whatever is needed to be done. So I should have just left it so the throne could be left to traitor to the state, Beyazid? Murad says that is true...and not just one traitor...Sanavber turned out to be a Persian spy. Kosem says Farya handled her. She died taking her secrets with her. Before she died, she spoke of a Pasha. Of course, we couldn't figure out who. And Gulby hasn't spoken yet. Murad says Gulbahar still hasn't been executed? Kosem says it was Beyazid's last wish, he asked for us not to touch his mother, let her live. I didn't accept but they brought a letter - a letter Beyazid wrote to his mother. When I read that I couldn't help it. She gives the letter to the Murad.

    Atike is with Silahdar. She says Months passed with me saying to myself, today, tomorrow you will return. I was very worried and you did not respond to my letters properly. Silahdar As says you know, we were at war. I didn't get a chance. Emirgune arrives and says we have a saying there - "either someone dies on the way to Istanbul, dies in Istanbul, or dies from missing Istanbul! It is magnificent here! I am in a world of dreams!" Silahdar says they have not even done it justice by saying that. This is a prince of Pesia, Emirgune. And this is my wife, Atike Sultana. Emirgune says I am honoured to meet you my Sultana. Silahdar says when he delivered Revan fortress he won our Sultan's favour and they have taken him into our Majesty's service. Atike says they say old friends can't be enemies...can old enemies be friends then? Emirgune says my Pasha, your wife is as sharp as the joke she just made. How fortunate you are. Silahdar says it is a long road, the Pearl Mansion is ready for you, aghas escort him. Atike says what was all that just now, wasn't what you did a little rude of you? You were needlessly jealous. Silahdar says you have mistaken the situation, the matter is something else. Atike says oh really? What is it then? Why did you act towards him with enmity? Silahdar says he had was fighting us just the other day and now he is by our Majesty's side and this does not make me happy at all. Atike says oh...and like a fool what I imagined it to be. You will never love me like you loved her? Silahdar says it is not the time to speak of these things. Atike says I wish there was a way for you to forget the past, and rid of her ghost. When Atike leaves, Silahdar mumbles, I wish. 

    Kemankes tells Murad, you have asked about Gulbahar, she is in the Romelia fortress. If you wish I can bring her to your presence at once. Murad says why did you hide it? Did my mother wish it. Kemankes says forgive me, I. Murad says "Stop Beyazid and let's get Kasim on the throne" what is the reason for her trusting you with this? While there are all these pashas waiting, why would mother send you a letter? Kemankes says since I am the Janissary commander, she thought I could control the soldiers and as you know, for a long time I was her steward. She knows me well and trust me. Murad says "if I had died, and left this world, you - you would have carried out my mother's orders? Against one prince you would take another prince's side? Especially since Beyazid was the eldest prince? Kemankes says a prince who betrayed his Ruler, who even attempted to kill him, is a traitor. And I would never take sides with him under any circumstance! Murad says this was the response I expected from you. You did not prove me wrong. One who betrays the ruler, no matter who it is, a prince or a Sultana - you will not be on their side, you will be against them. According to my mother, Gulbahar sultana had some connections to a pasha. Who do you think it is? Kemankes says there were many pashas who are in and around the capitol. I investigated all the ones remaining in office and those who have retired. But, I could not find anything yet. 

    In Rumelia Fort, Gulbahar caresses a lock of Beyazid's hair. She recalls telling him she carries it everywhere with her. And every morning she would smell it and think about how he looks all grown up. Now you are all grown up like a lion. He recalls him saying to her "Those days are all passed, forget it now".

    Murad holds one of his babies and calls him Selim. He says he has gotten his name from my late forefather, Selim I, and my Suleyman, from Sultan Suleyman Han. And I pray to God they both have wonderful magnificent futures like their forefathers. Farya says Selim and Suleyman (smiles), from now on they are my most precious. Murad, in your absence Sanavber attacked me, she tried to kill me. I got her in the end. Murad says you have protected yourself and the babies. I told you, these babies are a gift for us from our Lord...a sign that good days await us. Farya says when you were on campaign, they all attacked me with words saying that you would return and as soon as I gave birth you would execute me. I won't lie, I believed it. Sometimes when I am sleeping, I can't breathe. Murad says I told you what I had to say - no need to fear me, my promise is lasting. You should only worry about our children. We are now a family. Our only worry is to protect them and raise them. 

    Emirgune has arrived to see Kosem. My Sultana, he says. She turns around. and he can't stop staring hahaha. She says so you are the famous Emirgune whom my son has brought with him. Emirgune says yes I am. Forgive my shock, but when they said Kosem Sultana, I had imagined someone else...how do I say it...your youth and beauty are bedazzling like a diamond! Kosem says I look for loyalty in my subjects not flattery. Emirgune says you will be certain of my loyalty in time. Kosem says you are a Persian belonging to the Safavid house to me. How can I be certain. How will you convince me. Emirgune says just as I have convinced Sultan Murad, that is how I will convince you too. Kosem chuckles and says Sultan Murad had also brought Sanavber to the palace, and then it became apparent that she was a spy sent from your side! How sad. Her outcome was very bad. What I mean, is if you even hold a bird in your mouth, I will never forget you are a Persian. You should not forget Sanavber's end, so that your end is not the same. 

    Murad goes to see Ibrahim. He says Ibrahim? They said you were unwell but I see you are fine. What is that you are drinking? Ibrahim says alcohol. Would you like some too brother? Murad says HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME THIS WAY! Ibrahim says "God forbid! please forgive me your Majesty, spare my life! Or that is what you want! For me to beg! I broke your rules, now send the executioners to me! Let them strangle me, or take my life yourself. It's better than waiting every night for death!" Murad says you could not accept Beyazid's death, you are still under pressure from that. It is not easy, I understand your pain and grief. Ibrahim! That prince you are grieving and sad for, tried to get on my throne and kill me! He would have killed you, Kasim, and our mother. A Padisah cannot shut his eyes to betrayal. If he does, he is not Padisah. Ibrahim says then I will not become, I will not become Padisah if this is what it means to be one, I do not want to be one under any situation. Murad says as if I wanted it! 

    Murad reads part of Beyazid's letter to Gulabahar "Whatever Sultan Murad's decree is, I will accept that willingly. Rather than living in enemy lands, I would rather die in my own home, my own palace, I know your only wish was for me to stay alive, not to give up, to keep fighting. But, I have been born in such a cruel time mother, that I did not have enough strength. Because I couldn't become as cruel as them. And I could never be." 

    Sinan goes to visit Gulbahar. She says Sinan how did you come here? He says he has come on the ruse of visiting the fortress for check up. But he doesn't have much time. Gulbahar says why did you come anyway? Beyazid is no longer. Nothing has any meaning anymore. The war is over. Sinan says it is not over, it will continue until we get revenge. From Kosem Sultana and Sultan Murad. They will be punished. Maybe on that day, you will get some smidgen of peace. Gulbahar says "it is true I wish to rip out their livers, if I were to drink their blood it would still not cool my heart. I have lost my happiness. It has gone under the earth along with my hope." Sinan says I will get you out of here, I cannot have you staying here. She says forget me, my Pasha, if you can, change my son's grave. He is a prince, he needs to be buried alongside his father. 

    In his Divan, Murad tells his architect Koca Kasim agha - you will build a mansion on the Imperial Palace grounds... in memory of the Rivan victory. It will be dazzling but elegant. I have faith in you, show us your talent. Kasim says as you order, I will show you my plans. Sinan says your Majesty, in your absence our Kosem Sultana has gotten the new charity building underway - the people are very happy. Murad says what? Sinan says she has ordered a charity complex to be built in Uskudar, and in order to provide rent revenue for the chairty and for trade, she is having a caravansaray set up. Building has begun in the area of Mahmud Pasha Mosque. 

    Kosem asks how is Ibrahim? I do not like his condition as of late. Lalezar says  the doctors are taking care of him, are giving him medication to calm him down. Atike says I wanted to talk to you about this mother, I visited him. last night he drank wine and my sovereign brother saw him like that and Ibrahim said unbecoming things to him. Thank God our Majesty overlooked it. Kosem says Oh God please protect my son's mind. His condition is not well. Atike says let us hope the medicine works, otherwise I do not know what will happen. I am very scared. What if his condition turns into that of my uncle Mustafa'? Kosem says speak auspiciously Atike! We will all together save Ibrahim from this condition. 

    Kosem is brought the babies and Kosem says oh my sovereign son has give them his victorious forefather's names - I hope their fortunes are as lovely as their faces. Kosem says to Atike - twins understand each other's pain and become a comfort for each other. Stay by your brother's side.  

    In the barracks. a man by the name of Cafer says we haven't seen you around for a while Kemankes agha. Kemankes says and is there is a problem? Cafer says what else? You disappointed us. Instead of intervening for our rights as head of the army, you have watched our brother's being executed. Kemankes says if you are talking about Ferhat agha and the thirty eight regiment, then their faults are obvious - they betrayed. Cafer says fine, Ferhat and the men who followed him, what about the others? Why did the whole regiment need to die for it? Some were innocent. They got their share of Sultan Murad's wrath. Kemankes says for the first time in years, the Janissaries have gone to war, returned victorious with bounty! Instead of being thankful for the spoils of war, you are complaining! One of the men says and if it isn't certain if we will be alive for tomorrow, what should we do with the spoils? Don't get me wrong, we have nothing against you, you are a companion of ours trained along with us. Cafer says that is why we came to you, you might understand us. The going isn't good. We are not happy, if you tell our Kosem sultana, if you send our troubles to her. Kemankes nods and waves them away. 

    In the Romelia Fortress, Murad has come to pay Gulby a visit. Gulby says Sultan Murad, I heard you returned with pomp and glory. The guards have said you are going to throw banquets to celebrate your victory. But we both know that you do it to quiet your conscience. Returning as a murderer of a brother is hard. Murad says yep, you would have wanted your own son to return as the murder of a brother! Right? Gulbahar says you are worse than a brother. You are also an oppressor. Cruel. So your murder would be from the stroke of justice, not betrayal. Murad says we have things to speak to you about. She says let me guess? You want to know which Pasha I was working with? Why do you care? My son is no longer. And me and that pasha you wonder about are not threats to you. But I cannot say the same about your mother. What she wanted happened. She is rid of Beyazid. And now she has opened the way for Kasim. The throne she has lost is one step closer. Murad calls for agas. Gulby says "what are you gonna do? Kill me? Don't stop at all, I am already dead." Murad says why should I kill you Gulbahar? Death would be a gift for you. You will die...here, and you will suffer with the pain of losing your child in this dungeon because you threw your son in my way. You are the reason for his death and this reality will become hundreds of little candles in your heart, and burn your heart. Believe me, not even one will go out. Gulby says wait, I will tell you who that Pasha is, but I have a request in return. Murad says speak. Gulbahar says Beyazid has been buried like someone who has no one in a random spot. Take him and bury him in his father, Sultan Murad Han's tomb. 

    Ibrahim dreams he has heard footsteps and imagines the executioners have come. 

    Murad grabs his sword and walks to his Divan to Sinan but instead kills the pasha next to Sinan. He says you DEGENERATE DOG! so you have been hiding among us all this time. Murad says Dilaver pasha the traitor to the state and religion, took a role in plotting the attempted assassination against me. Gulbahar has admitted this. Then he tells Silahdar - take prince Beyazid from his burial place to my late father Sultan Ahmed's tomb.

    In the hall, Kemankes has come to see Murad. Silahdar asks whats up. Kemankes says I have come to give news from the barracks to our Majesty. Silahdar says oh I thought you only give news to Kosem Sultana. In the end you are her main man. Kemankes says I know what you are trying to say, but I gave the necessary explanation about the letter to our Majesty. I have no account that needs explanation to you. Silahdar says our Majesty might have accepted what you said out of regard for your past, but I do not have such value for you, Kemankes aga, and don't do work behind his back again, there is no pardon, know it. Kemankes says for this very reason - how quickly you forgot the days you were locked up in the seclusion retreat my pasha. Silahdar says Kemankes, do not forget the third vizier stands before you. Kemankes says I know my pasha, but in place of troubling yourself with me, you should be wary of Emirgune, first he enters our Majesty's circle, now he is staying in the palace. And my pasha, this quick rise in favour reminds me of a certain someone, and you might suddenly glance and he has taken your place. 

    Silahdar enters and says to Murad "Your Majesty, ever since returning from the campaign I do not see you well, our prince's death has saddened everyone, especially you, but this is something else. That person who you saw on the way...did he say something to make you sad? Murad says that wasn't the first time, I saw him before too. When I was "lost" he's the one who found me. We had spoken of the future, he had told me that I would be victorious like my forefathers, but every victory would have a price. And he was right, we won Revan, but I lost Beyazid. Silahdar says if only our prince had lived under your wings...

    Murad says every prince sees the throne has his birth right, Mustafa. This is the nature of being a prince. He is born in that fire, and the fire grows as he grows, it spreads to his mind, his heart, and every part of him. Beyazid burned in this fire. And this fire is the reason for the ambition I see in Kasim's eyes and the fear in Ibrahim's eyes. The fire will one day spread over them as well. Silahdar says but after all the things we have gone through, I do not think anyone will dare to do this. The situation is different now - the one who mislead Beyazid was his mother Gulbahar sultana. Murad says Gulbahar dared but she wasn't successful...and my mother? Think of her past. How many Padisahs did she remove from the throne? This is why I didn't want her to leave. I wanted her to stay here so that she could stay in front of my eyes.  Silahdar says the letter Kosem sultana wrote, as well as what Gulbahar said to you after have obviously made you suspicious. But I do not think at all that Kosem Sultana would do things like this. Murad says I would never have thought that either before, but after all that has happened I do not have any trust left in my mother...especially not after the words of that wise man. He said that the line will not continue with me..that one of my brothers will get on the throne despite me. This is what he said to me. Silahdar says do not listen to that old man, only God knows our future. But if it makes you feel at ease, there is a way to be saved from your suspicions. Murad says what is that way? Silahdar says announce the heir to your throne. In that case no one can even dare to set eyes on what is yours. 

    Ibrahim is digging. Kasim says come on brother stop this. Let us go. Kosem arrives, Kasim says help mother, he won't listen on matter what I say. He is digging a "grave" for himself. He is afraid our brother will kill us. Kosem says Ibrahim my son leave that from your hand, return to your room. She says Ibrahim, you are ripping my heart to pieces, don't make me sad! Ibrahim says leave me mother, today tomorrow what is the difference? What do you want from me? To live in fear of executioners? Or to lose my mind like my uncle Mustafa. Kosem says God forbid! Ibrahim says leave me to it. Kosem says look at me, look into my eyes. I swear to you, I will not allow this! I will not allow this. I will sacrifice my life but won't hand you to the executioners. Ibrahim says do not let me go. She says I will not let you go. I will not. 

    In the morning, Silahdar announces saying: "This is the mighty Sultan Murad's imperial decree: The rule of the heir automatically being the eldest and most mature - which was created for the prevention of fratricide, but only ended up causing princes to fall prey to ambitions and enter fight for the throne - has been removed for the sake of the state. From now on, according to our old law and customs, the throne will pass from father to son."

    Kosem is outside and says it was obvious a storm was brewing behind this silence. I had written that Kasim was to get on the throne (in the event of Murad being killed). Halil says while a new prince has just been executed, this decision will make everyone unhappy. Sinan arrives. Kosem says you said the matter was important, what is up? Sinan says you have heard about our Majesty's decision, forgive my insolence, however, the states men are very worried about this decision. Our Majesty wants the line to continue through his own line of course, however they are both still infants, I do not know how right it is to make a decision like this when we do not know what the future holds. Kosem says why do you come with me? You should be giving the statesmen concerns to the Padishah of the state. Is this not your job to do that? To advise him? Sinan says everything is decided behind close doors. Silahdar Pasha does not allow anyone close. It is obvious he has his hands in this decision. It is clear he has his own fancy. Kosem says what is that? Sinan replies to establish his own organization (of power), specifically against you. For this he will not shy from misleading our Majesty. We do not have any fear for you but we worry that prince Kasim and Ibrahim suffering the same fate as prince Beyazid, because this decree has once again opened the road for fratricide. Kosem says when I am standing in the path, who can pass through? That will not happen! I have changed the order, there is no turning back!

    Kasim is told that Kosem is in the gardens. He finds Kosem and says is it true that my sovereign brother has written a decree returning the system from seniority (eldest in line) back to Primogeniture ("from father to son")? Kosem says unfortunately. He keeps making decisions that spell misfortune for his own family. Kasim says how are you so calm. Do you not see the outcome of his actions? As the eldest prince, the throne is my right. Farya is watching so Kosem says come with me! Kosem says while everyone is attacking and waits for us to fall in, do you choose that topic to discuss in public!? Kasim says "this order is the death warrant for Ibrahim and me! What do you wait for our deaths?" Kosem says calm down! Your brother giving this decision doesn't change what holds the dynasty on it's feet! I will go and speak to him and get him to change his mind! Kasim says you still think he cares eh? If my sovereign brother had listened to you it wouldn't have come to this! Don't you see, he has long given up on us! That day he threatened you using us was the day he turned his back on us! Kosem says and then we will take precautions. If necessary I will gather the scholars, the soldiers, the statesmen, whoever, and I will prevent this decree! 

    Ibrahim is with the babies and Atike arrives saying what are you doing here, I looked all over. Ibo says "I came to see my nephews. How strange eh? Their future spells our deaths." Atike says what kind of words are those? That won't happen. Ibo says do you recall the day the executioners came? Atike says how could you remember, you were too young to be aware of anything! Ibo says I do remember it...I saw them as shadows...the executioners came to kill us, we were saved in the last minute. Growing up, I told myself those shadows weren't real, they were just a nightmare, but it was real. Years later, I saw the same nightmare again. The shadows came again. I understood that no matter how much I run, this is our reality. Atike says get those out of your head, this decree has no force. If our brother wished to kill you he would have done it before. Ibo says he didn't have the power to do that before, now he does. I wish we didn't grow up, Bey wouldn't be dead and along with  me and Kasim - we would play as children. And when ever we got in trouble, we'd run and hide behind the boxwood tree. We would hide among its branches and no one could find us there. 

    Kosem is announced. She says along with the seniority law of eldest and most mature, all princes lives were safe under this dome. Your children too. Don't you know that with this decree of yours, it means the death of one of your children? It means one will get on the throne and kill the other. Sad, sad! My son who used to protect his brothers the other day is now the same son who writes his brother's death warrants. Murad says if your nature is to only see faults, that is all you will see. This is your condition. I did this for my siblings, to save them from the ambitions for the throne. Kosem says your late brother Osman had said the same he said he did it for their well being. First he locked them up, then he killed his brother Mehmet. You saw it with your own eyes. It happened right here in this room. Where did your brother fall? Here, there over there? Murad says MOTHER! Don't try my patience. If Osman did that, you were the reason. Your ambitions that don't know any end. He was afraid you would remove him from the throne. And what he feared came to pass. Kosem says is this why you wrote that decree? Instead of learning from the past, you blame me! Murad replies saying what will happen if I don't learn? Why do you always speak about Osman? Is this a threat? When the time comes will you dethrone me too when I don't listen to you? Are you challenging me? If that is your intention, I am here. If you have enough strength, dethrone me ! But don't forget, the smallest mistake you make, will change yours, Kasim's and Ibrahim's fates. Don't forget that. Kosem leaves.

    Kosem enters her room and grabs Haci's hand. Haci says my Sultana? She says Murad's eyes are filled with blood, he threatened me with my children's lives. If I do not stop him...Haci says God forbid. Kosem says send word to the statesmen, the scholars and the Janissaries they should gather for a meeting tonight. Haci says the situation shouldn't get worse, we should wait a bit no? Kosem says no time to wait! He could kill my sons tonight! 

    Murad is outside and sees Emirgune who says I hope I am not bothering you. Murad says come, I haven't gotten a chance to see you since I was busy with matters of the state. Have you gotten used to it? Emirgune says I am trying, I won't lie, the events are making me dizzy. Murad says I heard you met my mother. At a time I recall Nef'i the poet bringing your letter to me saying "if he (Murad) could get out from hiding behind his mother's skirts, we can see who will kiss whose hand." Emirgune says forgive me, that was before I met you. I saw with my eyes and witnessed with my sword, and how powerful of a ruler you are, and you your Majesty, are the shining star of the era. If we take into account your young age, a magnificent future awaits you. Murad says God willing. You are very interested in music. Tonight you can arrange something for me. Emirgune says of course, but as a Persian prince, I do not know who I can command to do anything to me. You spared me, but you said I could serve you from now on. Murad says I have a position in mind, but, for that you must change your sect. Emirgune says "I will sacrifice even my life for you"

    At night Emirgune tells musicians he has arranged not to make any mistakes. Murad arrives. Emirgune welcomes him. Murad says you have made quite an effort. Emirgune says welcome. Murad takes a seat. Emirgune says It wasn't easy to figure out what you like and dislike. There were things I wanted - but they couldn't do it...God willing they will get used to it. Murad says in time, they will get used to your position. Silahdar says your Majesty, forgive my curiosity, but what position did you see fit for him? Murad says he is no longer Emirgune. His name is Yusuf. He is my head servant. Emirgune says it is the greatest honour for me. The music and dancing starts. 

    Sinan arrives to Farya and says he wanted to see Murad but was told he wasn't in the palace and then he says maybe you could help me, if anything your sons are now heirs to the throne and you are the future Valide Sultana. Sinan says our Kosem sultana has arranged a council meeting she has invited me as well. Farya says huh who are they why are they meeting? Sinan says they are statesmen, it is obvious they will make some important decision. Farya says I will give Murad the news, you should go attend the meeting and find out what goes on it it. 

    In the gardens, Kemankes tells Kosem - the aghas in the barracks cut me off and complain about our majesty all the time they have no hope but you. Kosem says silence them. Kemankes says I will control them, but I do not know how long I can keep up. Kosem says return to the  barracks, do not leave them alone. While the Janissary are on our sides, we cannot fall on our backs. Kemankes says actually while you are at our heads, we cannot fall on our backs my sultana. Let me come with you, so that if anything happens...Kosem says no, you cannot be seen by my side. You must hide yourself. My sovereign son doubts you as it is, and your first mistake, he will take your head. I cannot bear that, I cannot bear losing you too. He says "do not worry, I will always be by your side. If God destines me to die for your cause, know that it will be the best death"  hahaha poor awkward Haci.

    An agha has arrived and says Farya has sent a note for Murad. Emirgune hands it to Murad who reads it. Silahdar says nothing bad God willing? Murad says my son has gathered a council meeting. Silahdar says how did she find out? Murad says when Sinan couldn't find me, he told Farya. Farya wanted to him to attend so that he could find out what she is saying and tell us. It is clear my mother is going to turn the scholars against me. God knows what they will speak about. 

    Farya tells SInan to tell him what he heard at the meeting. Sinan says Valide Sultana gathered the council to talk about the your decree. She said that your removing the seniority law of eldest and most mature to be a mistake and that she fears your end would be like your late brother Osman. Silahdar says who attended? Sinan says many valuable statesmen, the names are written here. Silahdar says and? Did they agree with her? Sinan says including Yahya Efendi, they were all in agreement with her. Murad says wha else? Sinan says you know best, but I do not think she had bad intentions, it is obvious she is trying to protect you. Murad says no matter what I say to mother, it doesn't work, she isn't giving up in testing my patience. 

    Yahya arrives and finds Sinan exiting. He goes to see Murad. He says forgive me, I came without informing you, but the matter is urgent. Murad says hope all is well. Last night, we were in the council. Everyone gave their opinion about the decision you made. In the end, as scholars, I have come to present our thoughts. Murad says I am listening. Yahya says because our princes are very young, and for the reason that fratricide has been given up, we the scholars have rejected this decision. Murad says and I thought you were on our side. Sad. You like everyone else, have turned your face towards Kosem sultana. Because last night my mother was there. You get your orders from her. Yahya says no, God forbid, I am on the side of justice and right. Do not forget, you stayed alive thanks to the seniority law, and that is how you came to the throne, my recommendation... Murad says no need for your recommendation. You may leave. 

    Kemankes tells Kosem that hopefully the council will help. But I do not think it will change our Majesty's mind. Kosem says it is enough for him to know whose side the scholars are on.  What did Ebusuud Efendi say once? That which is unlawful, cannot become lawful by the Padisah's hand. Kemankes says Yahya has gone before our Majesty, hopefully he was able to convince him. With your permission. He leaves. Kosem says what happened Haci? Why are you agitated? Haci says I am shy to say, but, I do not think it is appropriate for you to be so close to Kemankes. Kosem says he is loyal to me, it is hard to find someone so loyal to serve. Haci says of course, but, I am by your side for years. And you know about my past - I was in the service of late Handan Sultan. I was her friend. I - my Sultana. You know about her relationship with Dervis pasha, Dervis had feelings he shouldn't have had towards a Valide Sultana and was executed for this reason and Handan killed herself. Kosem says what do you want to say? Haci says Kemankes could misunderstand you...he will take himself and you to disaster. As you know, no secret stays hidden forever in this palace. Kosem says HACI, speak with manners. How dare you, what did you see for you say such things, what do you mean? Haci says nothing, I misunderstood. I just thought I'd say it. Kosem says now I'm gonna take out my anger on you...she walks away and mumbles who he compares me too!? (i.e. Handan).

    Murad says to Silahdar, the scholars disagree with my decision, even Yahya is against me on this. Silahdar says you did the right thing. Establishing order is not easy. They will be against you but soon they will be on your side. Here is the place where Valide Sultana is having her complex built. She has chosen a meaningful place. Murad says why? Silahdar says one of the Byzantine Empress had chosen this place as a fortress as a sign of her rule. She was regent for her young son Constantine for many years, but Constantine grew and he realized he wanted to take rule. The Empress didnt want to leave power and she plotted against her son. Constantine was helpless and left Istanbul, but he was caught by his mother's men and under his mother's orders he was blinded with a hot iron, and after a few days he died from his wounds. Murad says how power blinded that empress, she even crushed her own son and passed over. Silahdar says "they say that seven dervises can share a position, but two emperors do not fit in one world. 

    Murad writes something: 

    "My order about my brothers Kasim and Ibrahim..."

    The men come for real this time and Ibrahim says what is going on let me go! Mother! Kasim! Mother!

    Kasim is taken as well. He says "What is going on? Mother! Where are you taking me? Mother!" 

    Murad presses his seal down. 

    Ibrahim help me, let me go, Kasim, I told you they would kill us! Kasim! Mother! Mother! Let me go! Kasim! I told you! Lalezar sees what is going on and rushes off. 

    Lalezar says aghas are taking the princes off. Kosem says where? Lalezar says I was alone I couldn't catch up to follow. Kosem says EYVAH! Murad is killing my children! 

    The doors open and Kosem says where are my PRINCES!? If you killed them, I will destroy this palace over your head. Murad says no one can threaten me with my brothers any more. No one, including you, can ever use them against me. From now on they will stay in the boxwood tree. Kosem says what did you do? Did you lock your brothers up in the cage? 

    Ibrahim shouts: Save me mother, save us, they will kill us! Kasim says Ibrahim come to your senses! Nothing is wrong. Look at me! Look at me. This is the boxwood remember? Remember the place we used to hide when we were little? We are safe, no one can harm us here. We are safe! We are in the boxwood, we are safe! 

    THE END. 

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