• EPISODE 20 Translation Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Man's voice (the man from the forest in that episode when Murad was lost and stuck in the mud) "You will win great victories. Your name will be remembered along with the great Padisahs. However...every victory will have a price. Without your blood being spilled, you won't spill blood. 

    Beyazid's voice from last episode: "No room for error. The smallest mistake and all our heads will roll." Ferhat "Our lives be sacrificed for your way. With God's permission you will get on the throne."

    Carpet shop-keeper: "I have heard you are looking for this woman"

    Haci: "Gulby will be meeting with someone tonight." 
    Kosem: "Send word to the palace guards, we will attend too." 
    Sanavber: "Send news to the pasha at once, Gulby should not attend the meeting tonight!" 
    Gulby: I am willing to give the farthest part of Amasya to the Persians, my only desire is for my son to get on the throne."
    Persian: "This is our wish too"
    Kosem: "You finally exited your hiding place!"
    Ferhat: Sultan Murad has died. 

    Beyazid: He didn't leave us any other choice.
    Ferhat: The throne is now yours.

    Murad has just witnessed Beyazid trying to have him murdered. 
    Flashback to childhood: Little Bey and Kasim are crying. Little Warrior Murad says Even Ibrahim isn't crying. Be calm. No one can touch you. I will protect you all. 

    Adult Murad's voiceover "I am afraid of being bloody" 
    Osman's voiceover: "I fear becoming a cruel ruler with blood on his hands."
    Murad: ...From being cruel."
    Little Murad's voice: "I am afraid of nothing."
    Adult Murad's voice: "I was young then. But now I understand."

    The flashback is over. 

    Kosem meanwhile watches as Gulby removes her mask. She says "Great, you defeated me. But don't get too happy. Don't, because...it won't last long, you will receive news of your sovereign son's death. Kosem says shut up! I don't believe your lies. Gulbahar says lie or truth you will understand when your son's funeral bier comes back. UGH horrid Sinan arrives and says It is I, don't worry my sultana, I will protect you. Gulbahar says the end of the road has come for you Kosem. Your era and that of your son's has come to a close! Kosem faints.

    There is commotion and Beyazid asks Huseyin, Huseyin pasha, what is the reason for this commotion? Huseyin says my prince, unfortunately, our Majesty has been assassinated. Beyazid says what are you saying?! Or is he --- Beyazid enters the tent. 

    Silahdar is there and there is a body on the ground. Silahdar greets him "my prince" Beyazid says, Silahdar? What happened to our Majesty. He uncovers the face and sees that it isn't Murad. When he looks up he sees "ghost" Murad behind the tent window. 


    Murad says how unfortunate that the closes to me, the ones I trust the most are involved in treachery.  Just as always, they hit me in the spot I least expect...Beyazid says your Majesty...who did it? Do you know?

    Murad nods. The commander of the 38th regiment, Ferhat agha. Beyazid replies...but you, thankfully have taken precautions. Silahdar says for a while now we have suspicions, for this reason we took precautions. Murad says Ferhat has killed this innocent. 

    There is a kerfuffle outside and voices can be heard as members of the Janissary involved have been gathered. Murad tells Beyazid, Ferhat agha and those who allied with him will be punished, just like the low sneaky one who gave them the orders. Beyazid says good wishes for all of us on this horrible incident. 

    Sinan tells Gulbahar I warned you, I warned you not to leave. Gulby says I wanted to be certain of the Persians, I wanted them to see us as trustworthy! What I am really curious about is how did you find out right away and get there in time?! Sinan says sanavber hatun found out from Kosem sultan and as soon as I heard from Idris agha, I set out at once. Anyway, I'm glad I was on time, but my Sultana, I will not allow you to leave this place again, under no circumstance will these doors open again! If something had happened to you? What meaning would the throne have? You still haven't understood - breathing would be torture in a world without you. Gulby says Sinan pasha, I know about your feelings. And for me, they are important! Precious. But our situation is clear: I am the mother of a prince, and I only have one concern - that is my Prince Beyazid. Bury your feelings. Feelings make a person weak. Make them fall to error. Sinan says my Sultana...Gulby says promise me now - whatever happens to me, you will live and you will fight for my son to the last breath. Promise me? Sinan says I promise my sultana. 

    Farya says to Sanavber, tell me whatever you know, is Gulby still alive? Who is this Pasha you spoke of. Speak! Sanavber says I do not get you, why this struggle? For who? Farya says what are you saying? Sanavber says I am saying what will this do for you? When your child is born what will happen? They will take your child from your arms and Sultan Murad will order your execution. Just lik he did with Ayse Sultan. If I were in your shoes, I would not waste anytime and get away from this palace! If not for yourself, at least think of your unborn child. Farya says "does it befall you to advise me?! I am Sultan Murad's wedded wife, and only death will take me out of this palace. Got it? Death!" Farya tells Madame to open the ropes on her feet. Then she says "everyone will see your true face!" 

    Kosem isn't well. Atike asks Haci where the doctors are?! My mother is dying! Haci says they are coming now. Ibrahim says how did this happen? How did she come to this condition? Haci says when we were going to catch Gulbahar, someone came whose face was covered and they attacked us, and in that uproar, Gulby ran away and our Valide SUltana passed out. Atike says Oh my God! What is this I am hearing, is Gulby alive? Haci mMMhhmmm. Kasim says and she isn't alone, Beyazid is conspiring with her. God willing our mother will get on her feet soon otherwise our ends we will all have bad endings. 

    Lalezar sees Farya who says Lalear Kalfa! Look see! What kind of traitor the woman you send to our Majesty has turned out to be! Lal says what are you saying my Sultana? Madame says Gulby hasn't died and Sanavber is her spy! Sanav says they are lying don't believe them! I am not a traitor! Farya says she is the one who lies. Lal tells the doctors to hurry to Kosem as her condition is urgent. Farya says did something happen? Lal says unfortunately, she is unconscious. Sanavber says I can help our Sultana. Faray says shut up! Who knows what new treachery is in your mind! Sanav says all I am thinking about is her health, I do not know what is wrong, but can help her, take me to her.  

    Farya enters. Sanav says what is that you are giving her? Grape syrup? Don't give that to her! She will get worse! Farya says do not believe this woman! I caught her sending news to Gulbahar. Do not trust her. Kasim says Gulbahar? You know? Sanav says I am not at fault, Haci you know! I am always with our Sultana. Allow me to help her. Haci says her illness is apparent, we give her something sweet, it helps. Sanav says no don't! You will kill her! Atike says God protect! The doctor says the woman is right, our Majesty is doing very poorly! Sanav says I know the remedy. Let me help. Kasim says what cure? She says water first! Get these spices and herbs (Cumin, bitter bean herb, and turmeric) ! Atike shouts for the doctors to get those things at once. The doc says they don't have the bitter bean in the palace. Kasim says he will find some. Atike tells her mother to hold on. 

    Murad tells Kemankes _ I had told you to control the Janissary barracks. You? You couldn't see the treachery happening right in your face! Kemankes says your Majesty, I put aghas I trusted in every regimen. They have done it hidden from them. I know this is not an excuse, my negligence is great, and I am accepting of my punishment. Murad says what punishment? Explain, who else is involved. Kemankes says all the aghas are being interrogated. It is apparent that the group of traitors is Ferhat agha and those belonging to his regimen. Silahdar says so in that case it is not a betrayal of the full force? Kemankes says yes it is not. There are some from among them who have tried to run away, before morning we will catch them all and bring them to the camp. Murad orders him to leave and then he says to Silahdar - am I making a mistake? Look at my condition - while I was regretting my suspicions the betrayal came from the nearest to me. From my own blood. Silahdar says your Majesty, thankfully you are safe and sound. And in truth, I would have never suspected Prince Beyazid. 

    Murad in his mind to Beyazid: "Why? Why have you set eyes on my place? After that great fire,  a woman had cried out your name, did her words give you courage? The woman had said I wish it was not you but our prince (Bey) would have been on the throne. Or did your mother poison you? He recalls asking Gulby so you wanted to put Bey on the throne and she denied saying I never! Or...is it because I asked you to take the life of the woman you were in love with? Beyazid had almost begged, but Murad had said do  what is necessary Beyazid! 

    Murad in his mind to Beyazid: You had said you wouldn't. You had said you would never betray me.
    Beyazid in the past to Murad: Know that my heart and mind are closed to the words of discord against you. There is a great bridge between us and anyone who tries to destroy this bridge will be crushed under it. May God be my witness I would never betray you.

    Murad to Beyazid in his mind: Why Beyazid? Why did you set your eyes on my place?

    Atike meanwhile says to Sanav - You are sure you haven;t done anything wrong right? Sanav says I am certain, trust me. Kasim asks she is, Ibrahim says they are giving her water her condition is the same. Kasim says here are the herbs...Sanav says as you order, you guys continue giving her water. 

    Sanavber says I need a dagger. Haci says dagger? What are you going to do with a dagger? Sanav says I need to make a small incision and put the ointment in it. Kasim says give her what she needs. Look at me woman - if my mother does not recover you will not leave this palace alive. 

    Kosem's breathing seems to stabilize...

    Boring Nefi speaks to Huseyin says so what was that thing they (Janissaries) sing? "Head is naked (or cut), Chest is burned, Sword is soaked in blood! Many heads roll on these grounds! No one to take to account! So be it, So be it! " Let us see what else our eyes will see. Huseyin says the one who dares to raise his head will have his head cut of course.

    In the barracks. Beyazid watches as the Janissary subjects who were part of his plan are awaiting their punishment. Murad is announced. 

    Murad says: This traitor and his regimen are from the same traces of that terrible 65th regimen that murdered my late brother Sultan Osman. They tried to kill me last night, but they were not successful. Ferhat agha, you who are the head of this plot, you are the hand that held the dagger, tell me, who did you get the order from? Ferhat says Sultan Murad, so you are wondering who I got the order from eh? I will tell you. I got my order from the oppressed. From the ones who were crushed from your cruelty. I got it from them! I was not successful. But someone will come, someone will certainly come, do what we could not and end your cruelty! Ferhat is executed, well um crushed with the mace and then the rest are put to the sword. Murad says BETRAYAL, NO MATTER WHO IS IT COMES FROM OR WHERE, LET IT COME, BUT IT DOES NOT GO UNPUNISHED! 

    The Janissaries shout SO BE IT. SO BE IT. 

    Song: Head is naked (or cut), Chest is burned, Sword is soaked in blood! SO BE IT. Our wrath is our sword, death to the enemies! HU!

    Nefi is somehow (it's a miracle) at a loss for words, so he just repeats the Janissary chant. Head is naked (or cut), Chest is burned, Sword is soaked in blood! SO BE IT. Our wrath is our sword, death to the enemies! HU!

    Yahya Efendi says it is a distressing incident, during a campaign in place of fighting with the enemies, they bite the hand that feeds them! The ingrates! 

    Murad says Seyhulislam Efendi, I want a religious decree from you. Yahya says about what? Murad says there was a man living on a farm, and he was living there with a father. There was nothing that could get in between these two brothers. But one day, the brother lost the road. And went to the swamp of betrayal. He got together with the enemies and tried to take the farm. Because the owner of the farmer took precautions, he got ahead of the degenerates. And all that was left were the two brothers face to face. Now the question: What should happen to this traitor brother according to the law? Yahya Efendi says did our Prince....eh, If you permit, I would like to think on this matter, and then as you order, give my word through a religious legal decree. 

    Idris speaks to Sanavber and says we waited so long, we were so close, while we were about to reach our goals, you ruined everything (by saving Kosem). Sanav says listen to me. If Kosem sultana had died, we would not be able to be saved. Farya followed me. She heard our conversation. First she locked me in a room, then she took me to Lalezar. Idris says and so to save yourself, you helped Kosem. Sanav says it worked. Idris says and Farya? She's started to become trouble for us, what will happen to her? Sanav says don't worry I will deal with her, I will give her something and everyone will think she miscarried and died because of that. We cannot meet for a while, not with me and not with Sinan. All eyes will be on us. 

    Haci tells Kasim, they call this illness diabetes. When our Sultana would fall ill we would give her something sweet and she'd be okay, but this time I don't know what happened. Kasim says why didn't you tell us before, why didn't we know? Haci replies she prevented us, she didn't want you to be sad. 

    Farya tells Atike, believe me. I personally witnessed her speaking to that agha. Atike says she was struggling to save our mother, if that was the case, why should she help? Farya how do you know she helped? We don't know what she did yet...and mother hasn't recovered yet. 

    Kosem opens her eyes. Ibrahim says she's awake, our mother has wakened. Kasim says our Lord has accepted our prayers. Atike says oh thank God! Mother, thank God. 

    In the camp, Huseyin shouts READY! FIRE! Canons are fired at Revan castle. Then he shouts for the canons to be loaded again. He turns to Murad and says we are firing for days now, Murad says the canon fire will continue. Kemankes says the diggers are digging with both arms, if it continues the capture of the castle is not far away, but if Emirgune doesn't give up, then the fight will continue and if the winter hits early, it will make our task more difficult. Murad says hopefully Emirgune will not persist in fighting a battle he cannot win. Canon fire continues with Huseyin's shouts of "Ready! Fire!"

    Emirgune tells Abbas, you see don't you? They cut off our water supply, and our provisions are depleting day by day. I do not know how much more we can bear it. Abbas says Sah Safi will send aid to us. Emirgune says do you still wait for help from him? He doesn't care about us, get it already. He has left us to our fate. Emirgune is told that Murad has sent an ambassador to see him. It is Nef'i. Emirgune says has Sultan Murad appointed you as ambassador? Nef'i says you sent "ambassadors" and he sent a poet to you. Emirgune says great. While you were here the canon fire could have stopped for a bit. SO you don't get wasted coming and going (so you don't die). Nef'i says: Your words are worth praise, especially as you are going to death- our Majesty sent this to you. 

    The letter says O the subject of Tahmasp Emirgune! I, who am the Emporer of the Seven Seas, am warning you for the last time. Revan castle will fall sooner or later. That day everyone who wields a sword - their heads will cut. And your women and children will be held as captives. If you deliver yourself at once and seek refuge in my mercy, then my sword of wrath shall be sheathed back to it's scabbard. 

    Emirgune says go tell your Sah, I will deliver my castle, I won't persist. But, I have one condition. 

    Farya tells Kosem, Mother, please don't believe her. I am saying she is Gulby's spy ,no one believes me. I saw her speaking last night.  She was sending news to a pasha to save Gulbahar. Kosem says who is that Pasha? Farya says she didn't say his name. But she is here, she can tell you. Sanav says I swear this is slander, she wants to get rid of me like she did Ayse. When she looking for something, and when she heard Gulbahar is alive, she found that thing (to use against me). Farya says who are you? How do you speak like this to me? Kosem says Farya enough. And to Sanav - watch your words. Sanavber says she has been threatening me for a long time now. That is why. And if I am a traitor, why would I help you? Farya says to save herself, can it not be possible? Kosem says how did you know about my illness. How did you provide healing when the doctors couldn't? Sanavber says my grandmother had the same illness. I noticed similar symptims in you. Especially, forgive me, when you were exiled. When you fainted, Haci gave you something sweet. I understood then. Farya says if you don't believe me, find Idris. Lalezar says she knows of Idris agha. Sanav says I'm glad I have witness. Farya says what kind of liar are you? I saw with my own eyes. Kosem says enough, I can't deal with this now. Go to your room. They leave. Kosem says our problems are many, and now this Sanavber has become a problem. We lost Gulbahar from our hands. If what Gulbahar says is true? If my son doesn't return from war...Haci says God forbid...don't listen to her. I think her purpose is to upset you. 

    Sinan arrives to see Gulby who says what happened did you find out? Did Kosem die? Sinan says she is still alive. Gulby says ahhh! Didn't they say she would certainly die?! What kind of stupidity is this? I told you, if we climb down using Persian ropes (if we use their help) this is what will happen! Sinan says the strange part is I cannot reach Sanavber or Idris, if they have been exposed, and they speak they could give my name. (Please Gulby stop screaming, your hurting my ears ;) ) Gulby says UGH, every plot of ours is going wrong! Kosem will send word now! She will tell her son she saw me! And this time she has witnesses! If Kosem's writing gets to the army camp, Beyazid's life will be put in danger! Sinan says let us pray they have killed Murad.  Gulby says so we leave our job to chance? Sinan says I will put my men in every station on the road to the camp, we won't allow her letters to get through. 

    Halil is telling Kosem - the men with the covered faces it seemed like they had news that we would be there. This gives some weight to what Farya says. But, the girl (Sanavber) cured you. Kosem says I do not know who to believe. Farya is also her enemy, and threatens her. Halil says one is lying. Kosem says time will expose which one is telling the truth. Kosem says Halil take this (the letter) give your most trusted messenger to go to the army, it should go to Kemankes. No one else should get it in their hands. 

    Nef'i returns to the camp and tells Murad that Emirgune agrees to hand over the castle, but with one condition. Kemankes says shameless devil! Who is he to dare put conditions on Padishah of the world. As if it wasn't enough that he came pretending to be ambassador, and now this. Huseyin says your majesty allow me so I can get his head personally. Murad says let us hear his request. Nef'i says Emirgune wants to have a sword duel with you. Silahdar says What? Look at his insolence! Murad asks what is his intention? Nef'i says he wishes Revan to be left in his care, he wants to rule a Beylik free from both Persian and Ottoman oversight. Murad says so he is challenging me, then let us accept. Silahdar says forgive me, but this is a trap. He wishes to attempt on your life, since he couldn't win in battle. Beyazid says he has a point, how can you trust the enemy? Murad (in his head, oh the irony) Emirgune is obvious. His intention is apparent. He doesn't hide his enmity. If it is a Persian trick behind this, well then I know how to deal with that too. God protect us from those who pretend to make us smile, but dig our pits at the same time. Tell Emirgune to come, let this finish before more blood is spilled.

    Sneaky Idris is sticking a note in the wall when two aghas and Haci find him. Haci says catch him. Idris tries to swallow the note but Haci has it taken out and says where did you think you were running to Idris? You have come to the end of the road. Haci reads all these years we've had a snake with us! 

    Sanavber is unsuccessful in poisoning or strangling Farya.

    Haci says this traitor was caught trying to send information. Farya was right. Kosem says read it. Haci reads: Farya heard our conversation with Sanavber. We were close to being exposed. Her eyes are on us. From now on meeting face to face will be dangerous. 

    Kosem to sneaky Idris - so you are Gulby's dog too! Who else? A pasha is among you. Who is that or else I will make you suffer far worse than death. Haci shouts catch him! Stupid Idris throws himself off the balcony. 

    Atike, Lalezar and Madame go to Farya are you alright they shout?Madame shouts for doctors. Farya says my baby! Lalezar checks Sanavber's pulse.

    In the camp, Yahya goes to Murad's tent and says I have written a religious legal decree on the matter you asked about it earlier. 

     Murad's voice-over: The family, who loves each other is like one body united. The person and it's organs. If one organ becomes diseased, the body fights for it, and in he same way, a person must fight for his organs. But there are some situations where there is no way to save an organ, and if you do not then the disease will spread to the whole body, make it decay and destroy everything and kill it. Betrayal and treachery is like a disease to the body's very soul and for this reason, the greatest and swift punishment falls on treason and betrayal. The person who gets together and allies with the enemy and betrays his family, for peace, security and order in the nation, his execution is mandatory. 

    Yahya says, The Noble Koran is like a map showing the way to the children of Adam. And this is why, God has given every subject of his the right to choose (free will). The subject decides which path he will take. Murad looks out at Beyazid who looks back at him.  

    Farya asks the midwife, is my baby alright? She replies don't worry, everything is going smoothly, your baby is doing very well. Madame says thank God my Sultana, don't be scared it has passed. Kosem arrives and says my well wishes. Atike says Farya and the baby are fine but I do not get how Sanavber could such a thing...Farya says the woman is a spy Atike.  I said it, but no one believed me, especially you mother. You even let that snake into our Majesty's arms. Atike says Farya! it is obvious you are still under stress from the incident. Farya says that woman tried to kill me tonight, who knows what else she did. Mother, maybe she is the one who made you sick. Kosem says after you spoke, I was suspicious, we had Idris followed, and caught him sending information. You were right, yes. The girl was a spy. Farya says finally. Did you know who the pasha was? Kosem says no he killed himself before we could get him to talk..and Sanavber has died. There is nothing left in our hands (as a way) to catch Gulbahar. 

    Back in Revan:

    Emirgune greets Murad.
    Murad says: When I see you, you come before me in a different form - last time you will an ambassador, now you are a sahzade (prince). Emirgune says faces can mislead people. What is important is that which is the heart (or their core) and that can only be seen by a discerning eye like your own. Murad says if a pigeon challenges an eagle, then it is necessary to think about how courageous, strategic and foolish that pigeon is. God Willing behind this bravery is not some trickery. Emirgune says I am only here to protect the children and women who my soldiers who have been slain have left behind. To die with honour or to kill with honour. Murad says if you are as powerful as your tongue, how great. Now we shall be quiet and our swords will speak. 

    Murad ends up striking Emirgune's sword out of his hand. Then Abbas tries to toss a dagger but misses and Murad shouts Emir! Is this your intention?! Emirgune kills his kneeling man and then bows before Murad. Sultan Murad, I swear I had nothing to do with this treachery. I did not give this kind of order to him. Silahdar says do not believe this traitor they openly attempted on your life! Emirgune says "I am not asking for forgiveness but for you to take my life. I lost this war and as per my promise, Revan is yours and so is my life.

    Flashback to when Emirgune had told his men: If I lose, you will give the keys to Sultan Murad. There will be no bloodshed. 

    Murad says stand up. I believe you and accept it. I do not want to see a brave, honourable commander like you standing against me, but by my side. Forget your past. You are no longer the Shah's subject but mine. 

    Huseyin tells Beyazid that Murad is waiting for him. Beyazid says what is up? Huseyin says I do not know. 

    Beyazid goes to Murad and says you called for me? Are we going somewhere? Murad says not us, you are going. You will return to the Capitol. You will take this important letter to my mother Kosem Sultana. Beyazid says as you order. Murad says and Kemankes will accompany you.And with God's permission, we will march to Tebriz. Beyazid says I would have wanted to be there with you, God willing, I can go with you to Baghdad. 

    OMG Murad is saying goodbye :'( 

    Three months later:

    Kemankes and Beyazid have returned. Kemankes says O PEOPLE! Our Ruler Sultan Murad Han, has gotten victory - Revan is once again part of the Ottoman territory! Our Ruler is marching to Tebriz at the head of our army. People shout Murad's praise. Long live our Emporer, May he always be victorious!  Beyazid sees his mother. 

    Kemankes says mother we must go. 

    Gulby says to Sinan's servant, Yakup agha: instead of hearing about Sultan Murad's death, we hear of his victory. Since the campaign continues on, why has my son returned to the Capitol? I have a bad feeling. Could Sultan Murad have become suspsicious of something? Yakup says I don't think so, if that was the case, then he wouldn't have sent our prince back here. 

    Nef'i recites one of his poems. Emirgune to Nefi: whenever I hear you, I am captivated. He says to Murad: I have heard many things about you, many probably lies, but I knew about your love for poetry and music. I know you are a great poet too. At an appropriate time I would like to hear your poetry. Murad says what do they say behind my back? Do they say I am an oppressive ruler? Emirgune says despite the harsh words in Nefi's books, when I see your respect for Nef'i I understand it is a lie (what they say about you). 

    Murad starts reading from his book. Basically he says: 'What days the Ottoman state is witnessing, what misfortune, what disaster, what mourning, is there more of an enemy to the state than yourself, you pig?! What should I know of, or think about the master of the Sultanate, the dog..." (SO WEIRD. what a weird poem!)  There is thunder and Murad says the ah, a fitting poetic response to your book "Arrows of Misfortune! Nef'i has sought out his misfortune by his tongue! (i.e. his poetry). Murad says who is this person you call "dog" is it me? Nef'i says God forbid! Never! errrrrr, I wrote it about the late Abaza Mehmet Pasha and um, the trouble he put the people through. Murad replies saying, that man you are satirizing was my third vizier. I see this insult as being thrown at my Divan. From now on, I prohibit you from satire. Nef'i says please don't. I can neither prevent my hand nor my tongue where satire falls from. Murad says you will. You will otherwise I will cut that hand and that tongue. 

    Sinan greets Beyazid and says seeing you have returned early, I hope there is nothing bad happened. Beyazid says no, we returned with good news to the Capitol - Revan has fallen. Announce it at once. Sinan says as you order. I had no doubt that our Majesty would be victorious. This victory will add even more strength to his power. Bey rother says yes. And my brother has sent a letter to Kosem sultana. I need to go to the old palace. Sinan says our Kosem Sultana is here. After our Majesty left, she returned to the palace. 

    Kosem says to Haci and what if what Gulby said is true? What if Beyazid brings news of my son's death? Haci says God forbid my Sultana. Beyazid enters. Kosem says Kemankes, Beyazid why hasn't my son come, has something happened to him? Kemankes says do not worry my Sultana, our Majesty is well. He has won a magnificent victory on his first campaign, Revan is once again Ottoman land. Beyazid says our Majesty has marched on to Tebriz, and he has sent me back here. He has sent this letter to you. Of course, he doesn't know you are in the palace. Kosem says and what should I have done? Left it empty...as you know, there are enemies circling outside. 

    Kosem reads her son's letter: The curtain of truth. I saw among the curtains, that my reality in this world, is to suffer from the betrayal of my family. You were right mother. Shehzade Beyazid has fallen to lusting after power. He has set eyes on my throne, so much that he has allied with my enemies and attempted to kill me. I have gotten a religious legal decree, and upon this order, for the sake of peace and stability in the land, my brother who has betrayed his family, the Imperial household and the state - his execution is approved. 

    Beyazid says my Sultana? Kosem says our Majesty has ordered celebrations upon his victory, in the Capitol. I will take care of it. You have come a long way, you must be tired, return to your room and rest. 

    Beyazid exits the room and finds Kasim and Ibrahim there. Kasim says Beyazid? The winds have calmed quickly. You returned quickly, alone. What happened? Were the conditions out there too harsh for you? Beyazid says looks like nothing has changed while I was gone. Kasim says lots of things have changed. For example, everyone saw how much of a liar you are. And afterwards your mother Gulbahar stepped out in the open. Beyazid says what? You...Kasim says no, no, she got away in the last moment. But sooner or later she will be found. My mother wrote a letter telling our Majesty everything. He will soon learn what kind of games you are playing. In other words, it is over Beyazid. Your end has come, and your mother's end too. 

    Beyazid says Ibrahim? Ibrahim says I loved you most out of all my brothers. You were not like Kasim or my brother Murad. You were merciful. You had a heart full of love. How sad, not even an atom of love is left in it. 

    Kemankes meanwhile asks Kosem if she is well. She passes the letter to him. After reading it, he says I did not think Prince Beyazid would go this far. Kosem says so Gulbahar spoke the truth, she had said your son will not return from war. Kemankes says you saw her? Kosem says did you not get the letter I sent? I explained everything in it. Kemankes says because I returned early, I didn't get it. Kosem says hopefully it didn't reach my son. I had written that if something happened to him, I would put Kasim on the throne. Kemankes says don't worry, if the aghas didn't find me they would have returned (without giving it to anyone). Kosem says what I feared came upon me. Years ago in the dark, I wrote a decree. I didn't want any prince to die under this dome again. I did not want any mother would to cry for her son again. I thought my breathing was enough to quell this fire. But it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough. Kemankes says my Sultana, you did everything you could for our prince. 

    Kosem says let the celebration in the city begin. Tonight while the city celebrates, we will mourn. 

    Meanwhile Beyazid finds Sinan in the hall. Sinan asks how Murad is still alive. Beyazid says it is obvious he was suspicious. He set a trap. Put a mute agha in his place. Ferhat agha and his regimen were executed. Sinan says was he suspicious of you? Bey replies, I do not know Sinan pasha. But he was acting strange. If he was suspicious wouldn't he have already killed me? Sinan says yes, but...Beyazid says and things are messed up here too. Kosem sultan almost caught my mother? Sinan says yes, we got away in the last minute. Idris and Sanavber were exposed. Thank God they didn't speak. But, Kosem saw Gulby personally. The matter any moment will be Murad finding out. My Prince, the end of this business is bad. While there is still time, you need to leave the Capitol along with your mother. Beyazid says where will I go? I am an Ottoman prince. I cannot disappear suddenly. And do you think they won't find me? Sinan says there are places where Sultan Murad's power does not reach. Bey says what does this mean? Sinan says Shah Safi, is helping you in the war against sultan Murad, since the beginning. And until you gather your power again, he will host you as his guest. Beyazid says the Persian Shah eh? Sinan says I will prepare the boat. Come to the port after the bedtime prayer. You will go to Persia through Crimea. Beyazid says what business were you up to behind my back eh? Who are you to ally with my enemies. Sinan in order to fight against Kosem and Murad you need a large power behind you, my prince. And, it is a passing thing. Beyazid says you want me to run away and seek refuge with my enemies like a coward. Sinan says this isn't running away. You are simply retreating and then you will return anyway when you have gathered your strength. You will return to the throne that is rightfully yours. Please hear me. In my opinion, Sultan Murad has already given an order for your death. No matter what, you are forced to exit the palace tonight. 

    The celebration continues in the streets. Bekri Mustafa is still drinking. A Janissary guard says so you are Bekri what is this? Bekri says it is water. Guard says this is alcohol and you lie without shame. When will you give this up? Is your drinking sweeter than your life? Bekri says in the morning I love my life, in the night, my drink. The guard says there is some allowance due to celebration. You may go.

    Ibrahim is with Kosem he says Beyazid has come to the end...when his mother came out in the open...this time my brother won't forgive him, will have him executed. Are these things Kasim saying true mother? Beyazid has done wrong things, he has lied, protecting his mother has made him make mistakes, but he is our brother no matter what. Kosem says he will be punished, neither of us can prevent that. Ibo says you can mother! Me and my brothers are alive thanks to your removal of the fratricide allowance! If Beyazid is executed, then next, it will be Kasim's turn and then mine! You don't want that for me do you mother? She says God protect you! 

    Beyazid can hear Murad's words again: How unfortunate that the closes to me, the ones I trust the most are involved in treachery. Just as always, they hit me in the spot I least expect how unfortunate that the closes to me, the ones I trust the most are involved in treachery.  Just as always, they hit me in the spot I least expect. God protect us from those who pretend to make us smile, but dig our pits at the same time. Beyazid recalls Sinan's words that he must leave the palace as Murad might have already signed his death warrant. 

    An agha arrives and tells him that Sinan has sent him and that he will be the one to take him out of the palace. Bey says how?The agha says there is a door in the kitchens, I will get you out there. No one will notice, they are celebrating. An agha will take you from Topkapi to Sarayburnu. Then you will get on the boat. There is no time, if you are ready let us go. 

    Sinan says to Gulby, the news is not good. Sultan Murad noticed the trap set for him, Ferhat and his men have been executed. Gulby says curses! Useless men! Sultan Murad doesn't know Beyazid gave the order right? If he knew, he wouldn't send him here. Sinan says I am not sure, but I have a bad feeling. If not today, then tomorrow...Gulby says Oh God, please save my prince! Sinan! Go get my son out of the palace, please go get him out at once. Sinan says don't worry I already arranged it. We will leave the capitol today we will seek refuge with the Shah. Gulby says and did he agree? Sinan says he has to, this is the only way out. 

    Farya is going into labour. Madame tells her to be calm and breath and calls for the midwife. 

    Emirgune says as you know me and Sah Safi are childhood friends and siblings, he was my Shah and friend, but this betrayal...my heart is wounded. And this isn't the first time. Murad says whenever child of Adam is betrayed he says he won't be fooled again. But when it comes to the ones you love, it is always painful. Emirgune says we lose to our feelings..and they lose to their ambitions. Murad says it is like a sharp sword, when there is a sword in your hand you wish to strike everywhere. 

    Silahdar says he needs to speak with Murad. Emirgune leaves. Silahdar says is it alright for you to be so close to him and trust him. In the end he is a prince of the Safavid household. Murad says and where did you get that I trust him, when even my brother has betrayed. Why did you come? Silahdar says there is news from our Kosem sultana, but not to you, to Kemankes. I got it forcibly from a messenger's hands. 

    Gulby asks Sinan why hasn't my son come yet? Has something gone awry? Sinan says be rest assured, he will come safe and sound. The aghas arrive and Gulby says where is he? Sinan says why hasn't our prince come? The agha says I insisted, but he refused and he told me to give you this. 

    Murad reads Kosem's letter:  Kemankes agha, we caught Gulby, but thanks to the Jesuit order, she has been able to escape. Before she got away, she said my sovereign son will not return from the campaign. If this is true, then Prince Beyazid's intention is to march on the capitol with the army. Do not allow that traitor to do that. If it is God's order (for Murad to die) then, the throne is not to go to the traitor of the state Beyazid, but rather to Prince Kasim. 

    Silahdar says is it bad news? He says so Gulbahar is alive? Murad says my mother long has killed me and considered a successor to my throne. Silahdar says your majesty, for this her to send this letter to Kemankes is very meaningful.

    Beyazid - you called for me?
    Kosem says: Your sovereign brother has made a decision about you. Bey says I understood from your 
    expression that something was up. It means I was feeling right, he will order execution right? The letter I brought to you? IT means I have brought my own execution order with my own hands...Kosem: I did what I could. I put my life in danger for you, if no one knows it, God is witness. But you have committed a grave crime - you attempted to kill your sovereign brother, my son! When did you come to this condition? Your mother turned you against all of us! Forget us, how could you do this to yourself? This betrayal is huge. There is no pardon. Bey: Would you say this to your own children? If this decree had come about Kasim? Or Ibrahim? Would you accept it? Kosem says God forbid. Bey says God Willing your prayers are accepted, we all know all our ends are the same. I have a last request from you, do not harm my mother. Anyway after I am gone, she will have no power. Let her live. Allow her to remain alive. This is my last request. 

    In the hall Ibo asks what the executioners are doing here. Have they come for Beyazid? Tell them to open the door. i am going in Kemankes! Kemankes shouts. It is our Majesty's order! Nothing can come from my hand. Kasim says calm down! There is nothing we can do! Ibrahim rushes to his mother, mother mother, do something, they shouldn't kill Beyazid! Mother please! Kosem: My prince,stop. My prince. Ibrahim: Leave me, move. Beyazid! Beyazid! Brother! 

    Gulbahar meanwhile reads the letter her son has sent her: "Under the dome of the Imperial Palace, as a member of the Imperial House of Osman, many prince Beyazid's have lived. They all most certainly had a story. But from the stories of my Lala's and the accounts that I have read, I know the story of one of them very well. This is the story of the one called the traitor to the state, son of Sultan Suleyman - Prince Beyazid: he who felt compelled to seek refuge with the Persians, and became the cause for all sorts of negotiations and who in the very end, was killed along with his children. I want you to know mother, that I will not share the same fate as him by seeking refuge with the Persians. Whatever Sultan Murad's decree is, I will accept that willingly. Rather than living in enemy lands, I would rather die in my own home, my own palace, I know your only wish was for me to stay alive, not to give up, to keep fighting. But, I have been born in such a cruel time mother, that I did not have enough strength. Because I couldn't become as cruel as them. And I could never be. Let my story end this way."

    Flashback of Murad and Beyazid playing when they were children. Little Murad: Come here Beyzid! I will catch you! Oh this sword is mine now! Beyazid? Get up we are playing, Beyazid? Kasim haha I tricked you! How did I trick you! Murad: I thought you were dead, don't do that ever again! 

    Adult Murad sheds tears remembering this. 

    Gulbahar has come to the palace. She says I have come to see my son! Tell Kosem sultana to let my son go! Tell her to take me and leave my son!

    Ibrahim :'(

    THE END.

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