• Episode 18 Translation Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Yahya Efendi says my Sultana, while our Majesty is around, is it appropriate for you to be here?
    Kosem says it is Mufti Efendi, the order has been greatly upset. My Sovereign son is making new decisions. For order and stability in the land, it is imperative to take precautions. The outcome of the punishments is very heavy.
    Abaza says you have a point my Sultana. With the disasters befalling them, the people have lived through distressing losses, and with the prohibitions coming in one after the other, their condition has gotten much worse. Yahya says I do not agree with you both - our Majesty is trying to consolidate absolute obedience through these punishments. Sinan says he is right, to re-establish the order that has been ruined it is necessary to have absolute loyalty. Kosem says loyalty cannot be one with executions. If someone is being executed for tobacco, opium, alcohol, then the people's anger will reach us and destroy us all. Abaza says what is your recommendation my Sultana? (Murad enters) Kosem says you will convince my Sovereign son. You will stop the executions. You will put those who do not obey the prohibitions into the dungeons. I cannot bear these harsh and pointless executions any longer! Murad steps forward making himself visible to everyone and looks up at his mother.

    In his chambers, Murad speaks to Abaza, Silahdar and Yahya Efendi. Murad says my mother used my leaving the palace as a chance to rule over my Divan. If I didn't become a witness with my own eyes, I wouldn't have even heard of it. Mehmet pasha? What kind of business is this? Abaza responds saying our Valide Sultana did not at all have any bad intentions. Her magnificence (he is talking about Kosem)  simply stated some of her worries about the prohibitions. She only had some recommendations on how we should handle the matter. Murad says recommendations only - and you guys silently listened eh? Yahya says God forbid, your Majesty, we tried to warn her - I asked her if it was appropriate for her to be there, but your Valide insisted.

    Outside in the hall, Kemankes tells Kosem it would have been good to take precautions. I wish you would have met in another location. Kosem says while there is no peace left in the Capitol and order in the land is ruined - should I have just sat with my hands clasped together? You are witness too, you are aware of the danger. Kemankes says I am aware my Sultana, and this is the reason for my worry, it is difficult to guess what our Majesty will do. I do not even want to think of it but -. Kosem says but what? My sovereign son could order my execution? Is that what you want to say? Kemankes says God forbid. The men exit the room one by one and Silahdar informs Kosem that Murad waits for her in his presence.

    Sinan approaches Beyazid and says I was waiting for you, our Majesty returned...but you...this blood? Bey says it is Kalika's blood. With the order of our Majesty, I killed her. I took her life. Sinan says for what? Did he find out about your mother? Bey replies, he said it was about her pub and not obeying the prohibitions, but the truth of it is something else. I am as sure as I am of my name - when Kasim couldn't prove to his mother about my mother being alive, he must have told (our Majesty) about my relationship (with Kalika). And that is how he wanted to hurt me, and it worked. Sinan says my condolences. Bey says I want to meet with my mother Sinan. Enough of my silence already! I have things to say too now.

    In his chamber, Murad says mother, if you had worries about my prohibitions you could have come to me and said it to my face. There was no need to go behind my back and convene my Divan, and handle/remove my decisions. What happened mother? Have you developed a passion for playing Padisha? Kosem replies - I told you you didn't hear, I warned you, I told you you are on the wrong path. I advised you to obey the laws of old. What did you do? Nothing. You don't care about the laws or my advice. First, you executed the seyhulislam. Then you gave the punishments on punished the people. Someone needed to stop the way things are headed. Murad says mother, instead of apologizing you are justifying your mistakes. I also warned you. I told you not to stick your nose in the affairs of the Sultanate and  religious and legal matters. It hasn't even been a day since I said that to you. Kosem says I did what I needed to. I have governed this state for years properly. I simply provided guidance by giving my advice and showing the way. Murad says, the way? I have left your path mother. This is my path. With all it's good and bad. And just like everyone else, you should have accepted that. Since you will not, then you will deal with the consequences. Kosem says consequences eh? What will you do? Will you kill me like you did the ones who drink coffee and alcohol and smoke tobacco?  This is only punishment you know anyway: Death. Murad says you will go mother - you will leave with the condition that you shall never return again. I am exiling you to the Old Palace.


    Kosem says what do you mean exiling to the Old Palace?! Is this something to be done?! Murad says Mother, no one can dare try to rule my state - even if that person is you. I am the shadow and representative of God on earth. You are the shadow of the shadow. Kosem almost faints and he says mother? She says fine let go! I went through my worst days in that palace! I was left separated from my children, until I got you on the throne! I fought for years for you, for your Sultanate, for you to stay alive. Now you tell me I am shadowing your sultanate?! And you are exiling me to the old palace!? Murad chuckles and says I am passed the age where these words would have an effect on me.You didn't put me, but yourself on the throne mother. You set up your own sultanate and your own order. Many times you crushed and passed over whoever it was that could spoil it, including me. And now you did it again.  You consider me non-existant eh? It is over. Your era is over. I am the emporer. Kosem says I know you are the Emporer. I also know this: what you call Emporer is a two-sided dagger, to wound and be wounded. I will say this to you too, we leave, the state remains.

    Murad says get ready mother, because tomorrow morning you are leaving. Kosem says I am not going. I am not going anywhere! It is not even a matter for discussion! This palace is MINE! MY ROOTS HERE RUN SO DEEP THAT EVEN YOU CANNOT RIP THEM OUT! Murad: Oh really? AGAS! Kosem says what will you do? Take me forcibly?! Murad nods, YES. If needed with force.


    Kosem is announced in the harem and she walks through angrily and then faints. Haci shouts for doctors, Lalezar says get out of the way, make room! Call a doctor! Haci shouts oh God protect her please!

    Beyazid is in his room, Kasim enters and says so Kalika was executed? God forgive her sins. Did you think your actions would stay unanswered? Huh? Bey says so when you couldn't get revenge from me, you took your anger out on innocent Kalika? Kasim says innocent eh? Do not fool yourself at all. Kalika is as guilty as you at the very least. She got her punishment. And we are just getting started. Your turn will come too. And do not expect mercy from me at that time. Bey says I wish I could be as you are - but my mercy prevented me, I was fair to you. I understand much better now how much of a mistake that really was! Kasim says ahh, you mean that day I saw Gulby right? You are saying you are regretful you didn't kill me, that is what you are hinting at? What kind of liar are you Beyazid? Just know that this won't stay unanswered! Ibrahim enters and tells Kasim that Kosem fainted in the harem and that she has been taken to her room.

    Sinan tells Sinan unfortunate for Kalika, if I say I am not sad it would be a lie. She was a real woman - she sacrificed her life for my prince. May she rest in peace. Sinan says Amen. If you look at this matter, it is actually a chance for us. She says what chance? He replies - With her death I saw a fire in our prince's eyes that we have searched for for a while now. I think our prince is ready to accept his fate for the throne, he wishes to speak to you. Gulby says God willing you are right in your guess, take precautions, and arrange for us to meet some place. I want to see him and hear what he has to say at once. And Kosem? any news? Sinan says she joined the Divan, while she listened from the lattice window Sultan Murad entered and you cannot even imagine his anger. Gulby says today you brought great news to me. In other words, the ambition for power has come between mother and son. Sinan says the winds are in our favour. Gulby says undoubtedly, their fight is the signal for our victory. Murad is a candle, and Kosem is the flame. If the flame is put out, the candle is left without light and this is what will happen.

    Atike says oh thank God! Mother, what happened? You fell and passed out in the courtyard. Ibo says you scared us very much! Kasim says what is making you feel so troubled, you left from our Majesty's presence, I asked but no one told me what happened. Kosem says your sovereign brother doesn't want me here. He has exiled me to the old palace. Ibrahim says what is it you are saying mother?! Impossible! What kind of betrayal is this! You re going nowhere! In will speak to my brother. He cannot do this! Kosem says Ibrahim listen to me, where are you going? don't do something wrong -
    Kasim says I will go handle it.

    In the stables, Murad tells Kemankes you will take my mother to the old palace, you will handle the matter. Kemankes says as you order your Majesty. Forgive my insolence, but I do not know is it right for us to hurry...maybe you want to think about your decision and change it. in the end she is your mother. Murad says I am actually even late in this, my decision is final. Ibrahim enters and says what kind of decision is this? How can you exile our mother? Murad says so you found out. And did you find out the reason? Did she tell you about what she did? Did she tell you she was listening to the Divan from the gilded window? Ibrahim says I didn't know...but no matter what is this decision not too harsh? Murad says Ibrahim my brother, you do not know what it means to be ruler. If you were in my place you would understand what a great mistake mother has committed and maybe you would think me right, and done the same thing. Ibrahim says I would never, I would never  do something like this to a family member! You do not feel pity for any of us, not Kasim, nor Gevherhan! Did you not sacrifice your children for the same reason? The prohibitions and punishments are making things much worse and you do not see that! When you send my mother what will change? Will there be more?  Will you lock us up in the cage like my brother Osman did? Or will you execute us?! Murad says Ibrahim! Watch your words. Kasim comes in between. Your Majesty! BROTHER. Forgive him. When my mother passed out, she was very scared, he doesn't know what he says. Murad leaves.

    Kasim turns to Ibrahim - What are you doing? have you lost your mind Ibrahim?! Ibrahim says I cannot endure it Kasim! Kasim says I know, fine, do you think I am  happy about everything? I know that our Majesty gives our enemies opportunity with the way he acts but don't be sad. No matter what, our mother will find a solution!

    Beynem aproaches a man (a poet named Nefi) and says Nefi Efendi!, you haven't been around in so long, when did you come to the Capitol? The man says I just arrived. I thought I would visit a pub and catch up with friends but...Beynem says I guess you dont know about the prohibitions, now alcohol is forbidden too along with the tobacco and coffee...the punishment for drinking alcohol is the same. Nefi says eh so there is no spice to life then! Beynem says don't even ask...in your absence, I was freed and started this pub but then HOP everything is gone now. But I am still grateful my life was spared!

    Murad and Silahdar are in the tower enjoying a meal and some music and Huseyin arrives. He says the poet Nefi has arrived. Murad says call him over. Murad says Nefi you finally returned. Nefi says my blessed Padisah I went from my hometown to Erzerum and thought I should circle the others as well. Murad says come sit there. You have left us deprived of conversation for a while now. Nefi says that deprivation is mine (from not being in your presence). Murad says drink. Nefi says you know me, I might be thirsty, but not from losing my life. I won't drink, I found out it is prohibited. Murad says true, it is prohibited for me too, but when I drink I lift the prohibition and then after I am done, I put it in place again. Nefi says in that case, then if I drink at the same time as you, I am free from any punishment. Murad says yes exactly - but it isn't the drinking of the alcohol which is why I forbid it, it is an excuse for those who do not control their hands (from bad actions), and tongues! Nefi recites a poem by Huseyin's prompting (I will translate the poem afterwards and add it in, I just want to finish the translation in time for you guys, and the poem isn't really important to the story).

    Abaza goes to Kosem and says you ordered for me? Kosem says come Mehmet Pasha. They have said my Sovereign son has left the palace. Where has he gone? Abaza says he has gone to the Galata Tower, he is with Silahdar, enjoying a meal (entertainment). Kosem says just say he is celebrating my exile. Abaza says what will you do my Sultana, are you going tomorrow? Kosem says I am not going. I can't. Abaza says if you do not go, the matter will grow. Without crossing my limits, this is my recommendation to you. You are over us anyway, whether you are in this palace or the old palace, it has no importance where you are. Kosem says yes it does! If I go they will think I lost, that I was brought to my knees. My reputation will be leveled to the ground. This is what my Imperial son wanted anyway right? How sad. I had said I would never live through this kind of thing again...I know he will regret it and say sorry. Abaza says and if he does not? What if he insists on his decision. What will you do then? Kosem says we shall see what will happen tomorrow...

    Silahdar says to Nefi we heard you were going to go to Persian lands from Erzerum?. Nefi says I was going to but trouble befell my head. In the market when someone spoke against you, I couldn't control myself, and scolded him and his Shah. They gabbed me from both my arms, and locked me up as a spy. The interrogations never finished! Murad says what did you say to them? Nefi says what could your subject Nefi say to the Revani governor Emirgune? He had heard that I was a poet, had heard my name before, so he came to the prison, and said, how can this man be a spy does he look like one to you? And he let me go. Murad says so you met him, what kind of person is he? Nefi says Emirgune a  powerful strong commander - a man, with a long neck. Very curious, wealthy and merry man. He would have parties arranged in his mansions and gardens, friendly with poets. And for this reason the people of Revan don't really like him.

    Murad asks and what else? Nefi says: He wondered and asked about you! I told him he (Murad) will come here and you will get to know him when you kiss his robe and beg pardon! Huseyin says ahhh how wonderfully you said. But how did they let you go after these words? Nefi says, well in return they asked me to tell my Majesty something - your Majesty....Murad says: Say it as it is. Nefi says: "when Sultan Murad can get out from behind his mother's skirt, he can come and see who will kiss whose hand! Murad tells Silahdar and Huseyin- gather the Divan tomorrow morning. The time to deal with the Revan matter.

    Madame asks Farya if she found out anything. Farya says I saw Atike. Kosem has been exiled. She is going to the old palace tomorrow morning. Madame says what did she do? Farya says I don't know...this behaviour of Murad's scares me...I don't even see him lately...he sets out every night.

    In the courtyard below, Sanavber is being followed by Ayse's servant and Sanavber says why are you following me? Has Farya sent you to follow me? Narin says you have misunderstood me...in fact, I am her enemy. I was the late Ayse's Kalfa. I had a peaceful life in this palace, until Farya came along. Sanav says what is this to me? Why are you telling me? Narin says I know Farya's eyes are on you, you do not like her, just like me. We can be rid of her together if you want. She has committed a grave mistake. If our Majesty hears of it, it would send her to her death. I cannot do anything but you can. You are a favourite. Sanaver says what mistake? Narin says Sh. Ahmet and Hanzade Sultana died because of her. They are hiding the truth from our Majesty but he should find out.

    Kasim is with Kosem and he says he (Ibo) said bitter words to our Majesty. If I hadn't gotten in between, God knows what will happen! Kosem says you two do not get involved in this matter, it is between us both. Kasim says how can we not? This matter concerns us too as much as it does you. You do not see, Beyazid and Gulby are after something. You leaving would be a great blessing for them! Kosem says I told you this Gulby matter should be closed, why is this coming up again? Kasim says mother, I am as certain as my name, Gulby is alive! You will find out too, and hopefully when you do it won't be too late. Kosem says I see fear in your eyes, and this fear makes you say these words! Kasim says you say this to me, but I see the same in your eyes. You do not trust my brother. You do not know what my brother will do and this not knowing is what is scaring you!  Kosem says look at how you speak! Kasim replies when you were sent from the palace, Osman had killed my brother Mehmet. If you had been here with us, you would not have allowed it at all. What if when you are in the old palace, what befell my brother Mehmet befalls us? Kosem says God forbid! Do not think of such things. I am here by your side. I am not going anywhere! Kasim says if not tomorrow then another day. My brother has it in his head to send you. If I was on the throne would this happen? I would have made you the crown on my head. I wouldn't need for you to say something twice ( I would obey you!). Kosem says do not say these things...be respectful to your brother...do not throw yourself in the fire by saying such things. Kasim says why not mother? When the matter is about the future of the state, why not? Just like the old days we used to live in peace and happiness. Even the thought of it is nice right? He kisses her hand and leaves.

    Murad recalls being at his mother's side she was ill and in the flashback, he says: I was raised in your storms...you took root in my earth. Do not leave me mother. Not now, it is not the time. Do not leave me." Kosem had said: Murad, I will not leave you. You are my earth...my appearance. I cannot go."

    Lalezar tells Kosem - the agas have come, they have been given the order to take you to the old palace. Your carriage is ready. Kosem says those agas will either step aside, or I will have all their heads. Lal says my Sultana you must leave. Kosem says do as I say! Haci grabs her and says Lalezar what is the meaning of this, have you lost your mind?! Lal says I am a subject too, I do not know what to do. My SUltana, I beg you forgive me, this is our Majesty's decree. Kosem tears the document and says go tell my sovereign son, if he wants me to go he can come get me himself!

    Silahdar tells Murad that a pasha will be handling the border from Persian attacks while he awaits your orders. If your decision is final then - . Lalezar enters and says - Your Majesty, I delivered your decree to our Valide Sultana, however, she said she will not leave her room. Murad says tell the aghas to do what is necessary. Kemankes says forgive my insolence your Majesty, but before you order the agas, I wish to meet with your privately. There is something you need to know about.

    Everyone leaves and Murad says speak. Kemankes says as you know, our Kosem Sultana fainted yesterday.  This is the condition for a while now - she is ill. She faints sometimes from lack of strength. Murad says what illness? Kemankes says an illness called diabetes. When I was her chamberlain I found out. I wanted to tell you but she did not allow me to tell you so you wouldn't be sad. Murad says diabetes. Kemankes says it is a deadly illness. And more importantly, stress and grief makes it worse. You know the best of course, but if she goes to the old palace, there alone separated from her children her condition will worsen, God forbid.

    Murad leaves. Silahdar says to Kemankes - what did you say to our Majesty? Kemankes says if I was gonna tell you, there would be no need to meet privately with our Majesty! Silahdar says you are trying pointlessly! Kosem sultan will leave this place. Kemankes says Privy Chamberlain! If your wish is for our Majesty and Kosem Sultan to have a war between them, then know that does not benefit anyone. Not anyone!

    Murad enters Kosem's room and tells everyone to leave him alone with Kosem. Atike says your Majesty, please don't. Kosem says get out. Murad says to Kosem from what I hear you have an illness for a while now? Kosem says who said that to you? Kemankes right? Murad says hiding even this from me...is from your nature too. Don't tell me it is because you didn't want me to be sad. It's because you didn't want to seem weak - even to me. Kosem says if I had seemed weak even once up to today,  I had taken a step back - nothing would remain, not you, not me, not your brothers, not the state nor the imperial household! My son, come on give up this stubbornness. Let me help you with my experience. Murad says the one who gets used to getting help, gets used to taking orders. I will send my personal doctors after you. You will be taken care of in the best way in the old palace. Kosem says I will not go. I told you only my corpse will leave this place. Murad says you will go and by your own will otherwise - Kosem says or else what? What will you do?

    Outside Atike wonders what they are talking about. Just then, Murad exits.

    Everyone re-enters the room and Kasim says mother? What happened what did our Majesty say? Kosem says your brother has made his decision. There is no benefit in objecting, and my going will be better for all of you. Haci tell the men to put my personal belongings in the carriage. OMG Haci looks like he's about to faint too :O

    Kosem is leaving. Her children kiss her hands and she leaves. Beyazid watches from the corner.

    Kosem finds Kemankes outside. She says why did you tell our Majesty about my illness. Kemankes says I thought he would find out about it and show mercy and change his decision. Kosem says it's okay it isn't important - I hadn't told him so he wouldn't get sad, and he wasn't sad anyway, so there is no matter. What to say? My fate is to go to the old palace.

    (OMG the music from the good old days of MY :D)

     Abaza is told that the Armenian Patriarch Kevork Efendi has come. Abaza says let him enter. Abaza says is everything alright Patriarch Efendi? Is there some matter regarding the Armenian congregation? The Patriarch says my pasha, as you know we celebrate the resurrection of  Jesus, but we cannot come to agreement with the Greek congregation - we cannot agree on what day it falls on. Abaza say why have you come to me? the Patriarch says we want for the Imperial Divan to decide. We are accepting of all the decisions of the Divan. Abaza says the Church of Jerusalem decides this matter no? The Patriarch says the answer from Jerusalem, will be against what we believe. If you could relay our troubles to Kosem Sultana. She has always helped us with our problems. Abaza says our Kosem sultana has much trouble to deal with at this time. She cannot spare time. The Patriarch says the matter is important, the enmity between the two parties will grow...Abaza says the Divan is busy. I will send word at an appropriate time.

    Silahdar sees the Patriarch and says I haven't seen you in a long time, what is up? He replies, we couldn't agree on Easter day with the Greeks, and we wanted the Imperial Divan to handle the matter, but Abaza didn't listen. Silahdar says maybe you didn't catch his attention - ahem - he doesn't do anything without something in return. The Patriarch says we will do as we can thank you for your recommendation. Huseyin says I wish you didn't interfere...if it gets to Abaza's ears, he won't take it lightly. SIlahdar says the day is near when the veil is lifted from his (true) face. Don't stop from keeping your eyes on him Huseyin.

    Beyazid and Sinan meet with Gulby. She says my prince, if you hadn't saved me, I would have been under the soil now. He says I was able to save you, but Kalika...I couldn't...I had to take her life with my own hands. Gulby says I heard, I am sad. What kind of oppressor is Sultan Murad. Bey says that sword will come on my neck too mother. I know it. As the eldest prince, I didn't have any dreams for the throne. I did not make any mistakes. But he always saw me as a threat. You were right mother. I was born into this war. When my brother gets stronger, I get one step closer to death. She says now you understood me. Did you see why I have worked for years to save you from them? Beyazid says I will not leave my fate in their hands mother. I am ready to do whatever is necessary for the throne. But I want you to agree on something - you will not take a single step without my knowledge. Gulby says Sultan Murad does not realize but what was keeping him on his feet was Kosem Sultan. If we are rid of her, the rest is easy. Sinan says this is the perfect time. Sultan Murad has not forgiven his mother for attending the Divan - she is on her way to the old palace, without protection. She is all alone. Gulby says the cries of the innocent sooner or later reach their destination. So Kosem is exiled to the old palace? Good. She will never return to the palace SInan pasha. That palace will become her grave!

    Kosem arrives. Halil asks how could our Majesty make such a decision, I can't wrap my mind around it. Kosem says it is a sign that history repeats itself. I had said I would never return to the Palace of Tears, I had spoken too soon. And it wasn't my enemies but my son who sent me here...that is what hurts the most. Haci says forgive my curiosity but, you said you would never come here, what did our Majesty say that made you change your mind?

    Flashback - Kosem says "I will not go, no matter what! I said what I did - my corpse will leave this place" He says, you will go. Or else. She says or else what? He says if you do not obey my orders and do not go, I will lock up my brothers and I swear with God as my witness I will do it!

    Back in the present Kosem says to Haci - basically I had to do this for my children. Halil says do not be sad, my Sultana. Do not forget, you always return more powerful than before and I believe that that will happen again. She says God willing.

    Kosem enters the palace and looks around her room in tears.

    Murad tells his Divan council - I had given you a promise when I had taken over the reigns of the Sultanate and throne, that I would restart the era of conquest.  The time has come to make good on the promise. We will reconquer Revan, which at one time was conquered by my forefathers, and through the Persians and the failure pashas has been lost. Kemankes says God willing your majesty, Shah Safi always attacks our lands and sends his spies into the Capitol. The time has come to show him his place! Abaza says the Persians are like bandits, they flee form the battlefield then re-attack with their army later. It is not easy to hold onto Revan. Sinan says he is right, we went many times in twelve years but we were not successful. Murad says I wasn't at the lead then, but this time I will personally lead the army. Get ready when preparations are complete we set out. Yahya prays for his victory.

    There is a part going on Galata tower, and it seems many statesmen are invited there (why weren't we invited sheeesh!)

    Nafi is reciting poetry. ( I will translate the poetry later on request, because it's very long and it's pretty boring lol it doesn't have anything to do with the story) Basically, his poetry is blasphemous. Murad asks Yahya Efendi, what do you think of Nefi's poetry? Yahya Efendi says: "now amongs the people who have a voice, is there a poet like Nef'i. His words are like the seven Kasida poems hanging from the Kaba - but he is ImrulKeyis the poet from the time of ignorance (preIslam) and he is a non-believer."

    Nefi replies saying, Mufti Efendi called me an unbeliever. Let's say  I call him a Muslim. Today or tomorrow, as we head to the day of judgment we will both be declared liars. Murad says your words might be satirical, but still, you need to be careful, because the pain that a nightingale goes through is beautiful.

    Ferhat agha tells Kemankes - our Majesty has heard finally our voice. He has made the best decision for setting out to war. The time has come. Kemankes says increase practice, I will check on the preparations personally, when the time comes our Majesty will come personally to inspect the soldiers. I do not want  a single mistake. Ferhat says as you order. Then an agha comes and tells Ferhat that Sinan has come and is waiting upstairs.

     Ferhat tells Sinan welcome. Sinan says upon hearing the news of war, the soldiers are happy. Get ready, it is time for you to show your loyalty to Prince Beyazid. This is a gift from our prince and he will send more. As long as when the time comes you take your place beside our by our Prince's side. Ferhat says Kemankes is watching over us, and whoever raised their heads against Sultan Murad, they ended up losing their heads. While this is the situation, how will we deal with Sultan Murad? Sinan says be patient, we will handle him during the war, he won't return from the war. And you will do this.

    Murad tells Yahya Efendi,  Nef'i is caught up in the respect that we show poets. He insulted you in front of everyone. Tell me Yahya Efendi, what punishment should I give him? Yahya says let your pardon be his punishment. He is a poet, at one time, he was a master. He has been a fool, he will come later and ask forgiveness. Forgiveness is the charity of the soul. Hazret Ali said: Do not cease from pardoning , and do not hurry to punish. Murad says but I did not forgive my mother. Yahya says I heard your order. Murad says it seems you are not happy with my decision either? Yahya says Kosem sultan's trying to govern state affairs is undoubtedly a great mistake. But, it is not nice to turn your face away from your mother. Do not forget, a ruler gets his power from his father's blood and his mother's nature (essence). Murad says this is the exact reason why my mother feels that everything comes from her and she is capable of all things. She thinks the power keeping the sultanate afoot, is from her. But my power comes from my own blood and courage, not from anyone else.

    Haci tells Kosem, Abaza has sent news that our Majesty has made some decisions in the Divan today - he will set out to war with the Persians. Kosem says he wants to he's casting a shadow on my exile -  he thinks he will win a victory.  What dreams and hopes I had for him - we would rule the word hand in hand. My son has let go of my hand. Haci says my SUltana, our Majesty cannot do it without you, you will see, when his anger subsides he will come here personally to take you back to the palace. Kosem says I will certainly return to the palace. But, will the rule be the same one or not (will Murad be the one on the throne or someone else).

    In the old palace, the girls receive a letter from Gulby - "my girls, you think I am died, but I have not died. Thanks to my prince, I am alive. No one but you and him knows about this. And they shouldn't know. While Kosem sultan thinks she is rid of me, I will dig her pit!"

    Murad is out on the water on a Kayik (boat). Murad asks what he is drinking. Murad says let us drink some too. The man says no you cannot. There is alcohol in it! It is harsh! You won't be able to handle it and you will get us both in trouble. Murad says hand it over! It won't even touch me! The man says alrighty, here you go! Silahdar asks what his name is. The man says I am Mustafa, but everyone calls me Drunkard Mustafa. Because I am always walking around intoxicated. Murad says you are living up to your nickname! But, have you not heard about the Padisah's prohibitions? Mustafa says if it is it is on land, we are on a boat! And how will Sultan Murad see us here?! Murad says and if I am Sultan Murad? And the man beside me is Silahdar Mustafa? How would you be spared then?! The man says oh God spare me! I'll throw you over right now. Look here, he's taken two sips and he imgines he is Padishah, God forbid if he drinks more he will say he has made the earth too, God forgive me! Silahdar says your Majesty, order me and I'll take your life. Silahdar says ohhhhhh you are not joking? Oh your Majesty forgive me. Drunkard Mustafa made spoke rudely, spare me. Murad chuckles and says Drunkard Mustafa, you are a fatherly man, and you seem like you have a sharp mind, drink, but when no one else can see. If I see, I will take your head. The man says oh God be pleased with you your Majesty. Murad says row the paddles to the Sarayburnu (Seraglio Point). The man says at once!

    The sneaky agha speaks to Sanaber and says our majesty has made the decision to head to Revan. Your real task starts now. we need to know of every decision he makes and every step he takes. Sanav says Farya doesn't let me go, I haven't seen our Majesty's face for a long time now. The aga says do whatever you need to, find  a way to get into the privy chamber.

    Farya asks Sanav what she spoke of with that aga. Sanav lies and says I asked about our majesty. He has not returned to the palace. Farya says forget our Majesty, even thinking of him is prohibited. Kosem sultan is not around to protect you any longer. Sanav replies are you threatening me? Farya says I do not trust you at all. I am watching you. Whatever you are hiding I will get it out. Sanav says do not confuse yourself with me. I do not have anything to hide from our Majesty. Farya says what am I hiding? Lalezar says sanav, our Majesty has returned and has asked for you.

    Farya says Lalezar, our Majesty didn't call her, you are sending her. Didn't I tell you no other woman is to go into the chamber but me? Lal says but this is my job, you know our Majesty has no prince. Not just Sanavber but I must send other women as well.

    Sanavber enters Murad's room.

    Farya says to Madame - it was like she was playing with me, looking right into my eyes, she sent that woman to the privy chamber. They are doing it to hurt me. They find every chance to step on my wounds. Madame says do not make yourself sad, and if they send the whole harem to the privy chamber what use is it, our Majesty does not see anyone but you. Do not worry. Farya says I cannot give Murad a child - Madame says are you okay? I will call the doctor at once.

    Sanavber meanwhile reads a document on Murad's desk and puts it back.

    In the market, a man comments - Sultan Murad sent Kosem sultana to the old palace. Another man says, he did not even pity his own mother. First man says they say he is going to war with the Persians. The other says God willing he goes so his fist can fall upon the enemies for a bit.

    The agha tells Gulby I wish you had listened to Sinan pasha and didn't get out on the streets. If someone sees you what will I answer? Gulby says if SInan asks you, you can say I ordered you. Gulby meets with her minion girls. One says we were so happy to receive your letter. Gulby says she wasn't planning on dying before her son gets on the throne. Now my son is on the throne, we will attack with greater force now. The girl says 'we are ready to do anything, our lives sacrificed to you. " Gulby says Kosem has been exiled to the old palace. Can you reach her? The girl says she has taken us in her service, we can enter her room easily. Gulby says good. This will make our task easier. Because tonight, you will finish off Kosem sultan!

    Beyazid is with Sinan who says he visited the barracks and the janisssaries who are on their side are not happy with the way things are going. He says they are tired of Sultan Murad's oppression and they want you on the throne. Beyazid says well how can we trust them? As you know the Janissaries are loyal to Kosem and Kemankes. Sinan says there is greater support for you than you think. The people, soldiers, statesmen, they are all willing to give their lives in your way. When you set out for war, we will take action. You will return from the war as the Ottoman Emporer. Beyazid says I do not know when we came to this point, when me and my brother parted ways. Otherwise we were brotherly. Sinan says when he left from under your mother's wings and decided to become Padishah. That is when you guys fell apart. Power is like this. no one remains beside you, neither friend nor family. You stand alone. Either you become oppressor or just. Your brother chose cruelty. But you will become a just ruler.

    Lalezar brings the baby and says your Majesty, forgive me but Kaya Sultana is very distressed. She was like this many days before too, and when Sanavber held her she calmed down that is why I brought her. Sanavber says okay Lalezar Kalfa I will take care of the rest. Sanavber says she needs a mother's arms your majesty. The wetnurses and kalfas no matter how much love they show it won't matter. They can't replace the place of a mother. We think they do not know anything, but they feel. She feels the absence of her mother and siblings. That is why she is unhappy. My unlucky sultana. Murad says continue to show care for her. Sanav says don't worry your majesty, I won't leave her alone. Farya sultana shows concern over her too. She feels herself guilty. If she knew this would happen would she ever say it? Murad says what? What would she say? What are you saying? Sanavber says forgive me, but - Farya sultan went to her room and told Ayse she was going to be executed. That is why Ayse killed her children.

    Sanavber tells the aga I was with our Majesty all night. I read a secret decree. He has ordered a pasha to make peace with Emirgune. The agha says he just made a decision for war, there is something sneaky in this? She says yes of course, during the meetings, they will have Emirgune killed. The agha says good you found this out. We must inform the Persian shah this at once so he can take precautions. You return to the harem now.

    Farya enters Murad's room. She says finally...I came many times but you were not here. He says that day - the day my children died...you went into Ayse's room and told her her punishment was not exile but execution? Farya says I - Did Silahdar say it? Murad says so Silahdar knew too? As usual I am the last to find out! What should I do to you? You tell me. WHat should I do to the one who is the reason my children died. Farya says Murad, I did not know this would happen. I fell to my anger. I wanted to hurt Ayse's feelings. I did not even guess Ayse would harm her own children! Murad says I took everyone against me for your sake. I have risked my life many times for you. I even forgave your betrayal. ANd in return, you have condemned me to live through the pain of losing my children! Murad says do you think I wasn't hurting? Do you think I didn't feel the pain of this sin?  I - would I ever want to be the reason of such a thing?! She was a mother! Who would have thought she would kill her own children! Murad says go to your room Farya. She says please hear me out. He says I do not even want to hear your voice again.

    In Kosem's complex, Halil welcomes the Patriarch and says Mehmet (Abaza) pasha awaits you, welcome. Huseyin is watching.

    Abaza says come Kevork Efendi. The Patriarch says thank you for agreeing to see me again. Abaza says I was busy then, I did not hear the matter completely. Now tell me what exactly it is that you want. The Patriarch says all we want is to request you to convey our position on the matter of Easter Day to our Padisah Efendi. That is only thing we want pasha. Abaza says great. In this matter the Armenian congregation is correct anyway, so in the Divan I will take your side. Halil calls for the aghas to take the chest away.

    Farya approaches Narin. She says what do you want from me?! Madame says you told Sultan Murad didn't you?! Narin says what are you talking about what did I say? Farya says you told Sultan Murad that I spoke to Ayse, right?! Narin says someone else told, I swear I didn't. Farya says only two people knew. And they wouldn't say it. There is only person left. You said it right? You wanted to get revenge right? Speak! Narin says fine, I'll tell. It was Sanavber. I said it in passing, but she told him for sure. Madame says don't! Sanavber is a favourite of his, you cannot touch her, if he hears...Farya says let him hear about it... I have nothing to lose.

    Murad enters Silahdar's room and he says your Majesty, I hope something bad hasn't happened? Murad says Farya was the reason for my children's death and you knew this. How could you hide it. Silahdar says I had to hide it, especially for you. After all the events you went through I didn't want to make you sad with this. Murad says and only you knew about the execution how did she find out? Silahdar says I am not sure, she probably came to my office and found the order. I can't think of any other way. Murad says and you had no idea of it, is that right?

    Huseyin enters after Murad exits and tells Silahdar that he followed Mehmet pasha (Abaza) and that he was given a bribe and saw it with his own eyes. Silahdar says keep this between us, when the time comes we will deal with him.

    Farya pushes Sanavber and says WHO ARE YOU? What do you think you are? How dare you complain about me to Sultan Murad? Did you think it would go unanswered?! Sanavber says instead of being ashamed you are taking me to account?! Farya says shut up, I will kill you! She almost faints and Madame says are you okay? Farya says do not think that you are spared. I will make you suffer for this! Sanav says what will you do? Will you do to me what you did to Ayse? Madame calls for help and says I am afraid something will happen to you, come lets go. Help girls! Lalezar tells Sanavber what are you doing? Do you not know how to speak to a Sultana?! What did you do that drove her crazy?! Everyone back to your own business!"

    Murad recalls Sanav's words 'Farya went to her room and told Ayse that she was going to be executed." Then he recalls Farya saying I did not know this would happen." And then Sanav "This is why Ayse killed her kids"  Farya: "I wanted to hurt her feelings!"

    Murad calls for the agas.

    An agha enters Farya's room and says our Majesty is calling for you.

    Meanwile, we hear Gulby's voice: It is time for you to show me the loyalty you have for me. We will take everything back that we have lost." The girls enter a room and drop something in it and take daggers in their hands and kill some agas.

    Farya is taken before executioners.  She says our Majesty called me, where is our Majesty? Murad watches from inside the Audience Hall.

    Gulbahar's minions meanwhile go to stab Kosem. The girl says "Gulbahar sends her greetings!"

    Farya says let go, I didn't do anything, Where is Sultan Murad, Sultan Murad! Leave me, I did nothing!"

    Kosem battles with the girl who tries to stab her.

    Kasim enters and kills the girls. OMG! KASIM SAVIOUR KASIM! He says mother, are you alright, are you hurt?

    Farya cries "I am pregnant, I am pregnant!"

    Kosem, confused says Gulbahar is alive...Gulbahar is alive! Kasim says we will find her mother, we will find her and punish her. We will punish her and Beyazid! Kosem says "my prince, you saved my life! If it weren't for you I would die!" Kasim says God forbid, let us tell my brother so he can take precautions." Kosem says we cannot trust Murad. Not Murad nor Beyazid. Did you understand me? Especially Beyazid. We must get rid of Beyazid at once. The era will change and you will get on the throne!

    THE END.

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