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    Episode Title: Four Winged Bird
    Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEe00OO2UMc

    Flashback to when Murad was ten years old.

    Little Murad says so am I the Padisah now? Kosem nods and says do not be afraid. As the regent, I will always be by your side until you grow up and can carry the state on your own shoulders. My son, you are young, and for this reason some people will try to use you, try to influence your mind, and try to turn you against me for their own benefit. Do not listen to those words of the people of discord. They ill pretend to be on your side, but they will dig your pit. Remember, remember what happened to your brother Osman.

    Little Murad says how could I ever forget? Those traitors killed a Padishah of the world! Kosem says trust me, if they had the same chance they would do it again. My son, do not trust anyone. Do not trust anyone except me. We have no one but each other.

    Kosem's voice: My son, my Murad, my lion son, my hope, my dreams, my happiness, my pride, the throne is finally yours!

    Back to the present, Yusuf tells Murad - your Majesty, we are ready. Murad says, great. I do not want any mistakes. Huseyin says your Majesty, you know best of course, but, as a pasha of yours, it is my job to ask once again, are you sure you want to do this? Murad replies I have no doubt. Do what is needed at once.


    Murad enters Mustafa's room and says Uncle? Are you not sick of drawing ships? Mustafa says Do human beings ever tire of their dreams? This is my dream, to have a galley...you are visiting often...is something up? Murad says I have come to get you, uncle. Since you love ships this much, I have come to take you to the ships. Mustafa says I knew the ships would come for me, what shall I do now, grab my kaftan? The ship will wait for me right? It won't go off somewhere? Murad says it will wait, that is your ship, so without getting you it won't go anywhere.

    Haci goes to Kosem. She says tell me Haci. Haci says Halil has sent word and has something to tell about Kemankes. Kosem says did something happen to Kemankes? Haci says I do not know, but Halil pasha is waiting in your charity foundation. Kosem says okay get my carriage ready, let us go to the foundation.

    Mustafa exits the room and looks aound as he walks with Murad. Atike is there in the hall and says uncle? Your Majesty? Where are you going? Mustafa says Murad is taking me to the galley, I will be reunited with freedom. Atike turns to Murad: Brother? Murad says we will go on a small vacation Atike.

    Kosem says to Haci: It wasn't for nothing Murad made Kemankes his grand vizier, it was obvious he sent him to his death. If something happens to Kemankes, if he finds Murad's wrath, what will I do? Haci says God forbid, if something like that had happened, we would have heard a long time ago. Kosem says God willing.

    Atike rushes to Ibrahim and says we must leave here at once! Ibrahim says what happened Atike? She says I do not know but I have a bad feeling, Ibrahim please, we must go, we don't have time to lose! Zarife says my Sultana, the aghas would not allow our prince to leave from here. Atike says so what will do then?

    Meanwhile Mustafa is amazed, he looks at the sky and says I haven't seen the sky in years! Was it always blue like this? Murad says it is your fortune (that it is blue today). The galley is yours uncle, walk on it as much as you want. Mustafa says can I go to the wheel (helm of the ship)? Murad says of course. Mustafa turns around and says eh, won't you be coming? Murad says I won't be coming along uncle, it is your dream did you forget? You are the only one in it. Mustafa says May God be pleased with you Murad, what is that saying again? May your throne be in the skies (may God grant you heaven).

    Huseyin goes to look for Ibrahim but no one is there. He asks the aghas if he has gone to the garden. The aghas say if he had, we would have seen him. He didn't leave his room at all. Huseyin shouts, look everywhere. He finds a tunnel.

    Zarife says Kosem Sultana knew this day would come, when our prince and our Majesty were off on the campaign, she had this tunnel secretly dug. Atike says we have to reach the exit right away! Ibrahim stops and says Atike what will this do? Where will go run to? How long will we hide? Atike says we don't have any other choice, I can't endure my sovereign brother killing you.

    In the foundation, Kosem says how come no one is here? Where is Halil pasha? Haci says my Sultana, I will look around. Sinan arrives and says my Sultana. Kosem says how did you get out? What are you doing here?

    Sinan says when our Majesty realized I was innocent, he took me out of prison. Haci says my Sultana, this is a trap let us get out from here. Yusuf arrives and says my Valide Sultana. Kosem says Yusuf Pasha, explain, what is your intention? Yusuf says we have come on the orders of our Majesty. I am sure you have understood the reason. Haci shouts, a Valide Sultana stands before you! Know your place!

    Meanwhile Mustafa is on the galley and he asks the captain, may I hold the helm?

    Atike shouts, Ibrahim why are you standing there, what happened again? Ibrahim says if you re wrong, I mean you only saw my uncle Mustafa with my brother, maybe there's an explanation...maybe the matter has nothing to do with me. Atike says Ibrahim! Uncle Mustafa has been in that room for YEARS. He hasn't been taken out a single day, if my brother took him out of there today, then it means he has given up on everyone. Starting from you! Ibrahim says no, I won't be coming with you. I will return to the boxwood, Atike says no, no you will not go back. We are leaving. Atike says Huseyin pasha? You...how? Huseyin says I found the tunnel..it means you are part of this business too, you were going to kidnap our prince. Atike says NO, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT. Huseyin says my Sultana, we are here on the order of our Majesty. We are forced to obey. Atike says no we are not. This is not a random order. If you do this, the dynastic line will be cut! Is that what you want? Do you want the Imperial House of Osman to end? Don't do it, Huseyin Pasha, don't! Don't do it. Come to your senses! My brother Ibrahim is the ONLY prince (left).  Don't do it.

    Haci turns to Kosem and says forgive the debt of your rights over me, Kosem says you too Haci. For years you have put up with my wrath. Haci says what wrath my Sultana, serving you was an honour for me. I give my rights and my life willingly to you. Yusuf says if the farewell chapter is over, the aghas can get on with what what they need to do. Kosem says On this side of me - Emirgune - the Persian troublemaker. And on this other side, the accursed Jesuit. I am upset over the fact that the task of killing me has been put to you two. Sinan says everyone lives what they deserve, Kosem Sultana. And your rule lasted this long. It is hard to believe, but this is the truth. Your era is over!

    Halil and Kemankes arrive to the rescue.

    Kemankes shouts you DEGENERATE BASTARDS! You traitorous dogs. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU? Who are you to stretch your hand out towards Kosem sultana? Yusuf (I'm sorry but he sounds so whiny here!) says "You are calling trouble on your head Kemankes! We have come here by the order of our Majesty. They will be executed, there is no escape!

    Kemankes says: "You will have to kill me first!" Sinan says "And when Sultan Murad hears of this, what do you think will happen? You trust in Kosem sultana? Don't trust in her! She has no power now! SHE IS A NOTHING! She doesn't have a prince anymore either! Kosem says no, you are lying!

    Yusuf says not a lie, prince Ibrahim has been executed. Kemankes says before I cut your neck get lost! You too (to Sinan!) COME ON! Kosem says I will go to Ibrahim! Kemankes says my Sultana, our Majesty gave the order already, he will have you executed as soon as you step foot in the Palace. Halil says our Pasha is right my Sultana, you must stay here, we will send word to the Janissaries, they will come and surround the place, no one can come close. Kosem says what difference if I am dead or alive, I must go to Ibrahim. Kemankes says in that case I am coming with you. Halil says me too. Haci says my Sultana, I have never left you alone up to this day and I will not leave you alone from now on either, I am coming too.

    Meanwhile, Huseyin is told that Murad is waiting for him. Huseyin enters the Divan room and Murad says did you do it? Did you carry out my orders? Huseyin says as per your decree, prince Ibrahim has been executed. Murad says are you certain he is dead? Huseyin says God give him paradise. Are you alright your Majesty? Shall I call the doctor?

    Yusuf enters and says forgive me for entering without permission, your Majesty but the matter is urgent. Murad says what is up? Yusuf says we could not carry out your orders, they took Kosem Sultana from our grasp. They used force and prevented us. Murad says who? Who could prevent it? Sinan says your grand vizier Kemankes Mustafa pasha. We warned him, but because he is the grand vizier, we didn't have the power to do anything. He attacked with his personal guards and left us without a choice. Yusuf says and he was not alone your Majesty, he came together with that traitor Halil pasha. It seems it is with his talents that he (Kemankes) was able to find us. Murad says it was obvious about Halil, he was always a loyal dog to my mother. But Kemankes! I did not expect such trickery from him! I warned him personally, I told him he would pledge allegiance to me, I trusted him and gave him the position of grand vizier.

    Kosem says open the doors! OPEN THEM I SAID! Murad hears and says open the doors. Kosem shouts MURAD GET OUT! Where is Ibrahim? Did you kill him? Murad says so you came with your own feet here eh? For what purpose? To challenge me? Who will take you from my hands now? The traitors who betray instead of obeying? Really? Kosem says you betrayed. You became the reason for the line to end. You are the one who betrayed. Murad says if you hadn't crossed your limits, none of this would have happened! You started the war between us and I finished it. There will be no prince for you to puppet with your hand. Kosem says you will give me Ibrahim, I want Ibrahim, dead or alive, give me Ibrahim! Murad says you are late mother, my brother Ibrahim was executed. My uncle Mustafa was executed. My condition is obvious, and God knows how much life I have left. It is over mother, we came to the end of the road. After this, the Imperial house of Osman will fade into the past along with me. Kosem says what have you done? What have you done?

    Murad shouts AGHAS!

    At night, Kosem wakes and Haci says oh thank God you woke up. Atike says are you well? Kosem says I had promised my Ahmet that I would protect the dynasty, the state, I couldn't do it. I couldn't protect and I couldn't keep my promise. Everything fell out of my hands and left..Atike says do not be sad, God willing we will throw off these days too.

    Murad asks Huseyin, is Ibrahim's body in the palace still? Huseyin say no it is not your Majesty. He was secretly buried in the graveyard of Hagia Sophia. Yusuf says what is the reason for this hurry? Huseyin says the situation is not good, the people could revolt, I thought it best to bury him before any uproar starts. But, your Majesty, if I made a mistake, forgive me. Murad says you thought good, you may leave. Yusuf says your Majesty, Yassef will come soon to examine you. You must rest. After the incidents on one hand, and the illness on the other, you have really lost your strength. Murad says Yusuf, the weak one is destroyed and disappears Yusuf, the one who is powerful and strong stays on their feet, and this is the nature of blood. This is why my uncle and my brother are gone, they were weak and they do not possess the characteristics befitting a ruler. Do you know what would happen if either of them got on the throne? The line would end eventually anyway, but they would also destroy the state along with them! Yusuf says you have thought the right way your Majesty of course, the state is more important than anything else. Forgive me, but I am wondering about what will happen to Kosem sultana. If you wish, we can finish the job we left half-done. Murad says she was a step away from the throne, now she is farther than ever from it, living with this reality is better lesson for her than her death.

    Kosem finds Ibrahim alive. She says my son! You are alive! Atike says we left the boxwoods just on time mother, but Huseyin pasha found the tunnel, he caught us, but I begged him, I said don't do it. Melek says and thank God our Pasha had a conscience, he didn't harm our prince. Kosem says you have gifted me the world Atike. Thank God you are alive (To Ibrahim). Ibrahim says "How many times they take me from the hands of the angels of death, what will happen next time? Can I be this lucky? Or is this the end?" Kosem says don't speak like this. Ibrahim says I am tired mother, I am sick of running and hiding. I have no strength left. Kosem says you will be patient. What is that saying? - The road to heaven is paved with hell. And we are living through hell right now. But it will certainly pass, our hearts will cool down. And we will reach our heaven in this world. Ibrahim says God willing mother. Kosem suddenly asks Atike, what happened to Kemankes and Halil pasha?

    Sinan visits the dungeons and says Kemankes pasha I thought you a smart man. From a random Janissary you became the grand vizier! But you ruined it, anyway I don't blame you, you thought just like everyone else that Kosem would win. Who knows what she promised you. Kemankes says don't confuse me with yourself Sinan, my honour and loyalty are not for sale. At the end of my life, I did not take part in anything I don't believe in and consider to be right. And I won't. Sinan says just like Halil pasha right? Both of you sought refuge behind the skirts of Kosem sultana instead of being loyal to our Majesty. Kemankes says hey cursed one, I will rip out your liver. Halil says look who speaks of loyalty. You serve the Jesuit orders for years. And from the very beginning you were trying to destroy the dynasty! Sinan says I simply used the Jesuits, just like I used the Persians. There was only one person I was loyal to and that was Gulbahar sultana. Actually, I can really understand you two. I know very well what it means to take action based on your feelings rather than your brain.

    Kemankes says you traitor to religion and land! Do not be pleased thinking you are saved today! Someone will surely take that dirty life of yours! Sinan says if I were you, I wouldn't waste my last night on hypothetical situations. Halil says last night? Sinan says did you think Kosem sultana would save you? In that case, bad news! Our majesty has given your execution orders, tomorrow your necks will be stricken as a lesson to others. And do not doubt, I will send Kosem sultana to join you. I will PERSONALLY take the life of your secret love! Kemankes says you DEVIL, I will take your life, I will cut your throat!

    Zarife says the doctor said I should warm up milk for you, it will be good. Ibrahim says nothing can be a remedy for me, didn't you see? We were saved because Huseyin had mercy on us. Zarife says why do you cloud your mind by thinking like this? We are here now, we are saved. That is what is important.

    Zarife almost passed out, and she says sorry, I will pick those up right away, Ibrahim responds forget that, are you alright? Sit here. She says I am alright, its nothing, I got dizzy.

    Sinan is with Yusuf asks how Murad is. Yusuf says the pain is worsened, the medicine doesn't work. We have nothing else we can do except praying. Where are you coming from? SInan says I delivered the news of their pending executions to Kemankes and Halil. Yusuf says I understand Halil pasha for helping Kosem but it is hard to understand why Kemankes would do this. He is at the highest position. He is the grand vizier. Sinan says  our Pasha loves Kosem sultana. For this reason, he doesn't care for position or benefit, or even his life. And I am certain the Valide Sultana herself has given him this courage. Yusuf says what are you saying?! Sinan says I am speaking the truth. Only of reality.

    Huseyin goes to Kosem. He says you asked for me? She says come Huseyin pasha. You can ask of me whatever you wish. I owe you a debt of life. Even more. You have changed the fate of the state. Huseyin says my sultana, all I ask is for your pardon, for I was in foolishness. Atike sultana opened my eyes. Now I understand better. If I had carried out our majesty's orders, the state would be destroyed, and we would all be crushed under it. Kosem says I am pleased with you, May God be too. Prince Ibrahim will get on the throne, and you will take your place with us. Huseyin says I pray to God to protect the state and dynasty. I do not care for any personal benefit. Kosem says they say that the execution order has been given for Kemankes and Halil. Huseyin says yes, unfortunately there is no way out. Kosem replies, those two do not mind dying for our cause, but I want them to live. We will save them. soldiers will help us. Huseyin says the Janissaries? Kosem says you know that part of the barracks is loyal to me. Go there, speak to the elders, explain the situation. Only they can stop the executions.

    Yassef gives Murad Opium gum, and says "this will help with the pain." Murad says "I did what you said.  I don't drink, and Emir Celebi's remedy does nothing." Yassef says "forgive me, but there is nothing we can do except ease your pain. Murad says so you are telling me to be prepared for the eternal darkness of death? Yassef says no, there is no giving up hope in God of course. We shall pray. Murad says "I am aware of the reality of the situation, Azrael is getting closer step by step. I know that no sword works against him"

    Kemo and Halil are brought before the Divan to be executed. Kemankes smiles at Sinan and Yusuf. Inside, we see that Kosem is with Haci and Huseyin. Huseyin says he has spoken to the Janissary elders she sent him to, and that they will come intervene.

    Yahya Efendi enters Murad's chambers. He says I am listening Yahya Efendi, what is the matter? Yahya says the rumour is that Sultan Mustafa and Prince Ibrahim have been executed. For this reason I wish to see Prince Ibrahim so that I may quiet the murmurs of the people. Murad says how dare you? How can you ask questions like this of me? Who are you? Years before people wanted to make sure the princes were alive and Ahizade Efendi without being ashamed acted as guarantee for me, do you wish to do the same? Yahya says I only wanted to know the truth. Murad says if that is the case you ask me what is the truth.  My brother and uncle have been executed. Yahya says what did you do, your majesty?! Murad says I used my rights as per the old laws! No one other than me can decide about the outcome of the princes! And I don't have to explain to anyone. Yahya says you have forgotten something very important your majesty, the rule for fratricide was ONLY and ONLY for the sake of stability and peace in the land! Even if you are the Padisah, you cannot make a decision that ends the royal household! If you do, it cannot be carried out. Because it orders destruction! Murad says you are too late Mufti Efendi. Before an accident comes from my hand, get out!

    Halil tells Kemankes so this is the end...forgive me my debts to you, Kemankes says and you forgive me too. Kosem steps forward and says why haven't the Janissaries arrived, Huseyin says I do not understand, they should have come long before. Halil is killed and Kosem sees Kemankes and rushes over. Haci says don't my sultana, please I beg you.

    Kosem shouts STOP. I do not permit this. Yusuf says forgive me but you do not have the power to intervene. Kosem says am I to answer to you. Move your guards aside! Kemankes says my Sultana permit the aghas to carry out the order. It is an honour to die in your cause. Kosem says no, I do not allow this. Yusuf says forgive my curiosity but when our mighty padishah has ordered it, how can you prevent it? The Janissaries arrive. Huseyin opens the doors and lets them in. Kosem says this is how I will prevent it, Persian snake.

    Yusuf goes to Murad and says Halil has been executed as you ordered. When it came time for Kemankes' turn, Kosem sultana arrived, she was watching from the Audience Hall, and prevented the execution. Murad says what does that mean? What use were you and the guards for then? Yusuf says the Janissaries came, barged the door and the worst, we were betrayed again. Huseyin Pasha, he opened the doors, it means he is on their side. And that means, he has lied to us from the start. I do not believe he executed prince Ibrahim, maybe he helped him escape, the traitor! And has hidden him somewhere. Murad recalls the old man in the woods saying "The line will not continue with you, one of your brothers will get on the throne. Despite you, they will get on the throne."

     Kosem enters Murad's room and says the time has come to speak to you Murad. Get out and leave us alone. Yusuf says I am not going anywhere, because leaving you alone with our Majesty is very dangerous. Kosem says you ill-bred curse! Do you think what you did will go unanswered? This is the reason you have this courage. Murad passes out.

    Murad's voice: It means that being a ruler in this world, is to be alone. The aghas, pashas, girls in my harem, they all circle me just so they can reap the benefits. In the crowd, you cannot find a single breathe of fresh air. I am alone. Until, hearing that sound (the music). Teen Murad listening to a kid playing. The kid stops playing. Teenage Murad says How beautifully you play, what is your name? The kid says my name is Musa, in the Enderun (Palace school) they call me Musa Celebi. Murad says Musa Melek Celebi, my friend in this life, my companion on the road. We were inseparable friends. We read books, wrote poetry together. Oh my friend who was like the sun. The leaves in the gardens pale in comparison to you. Come my friend, the world without you is nothing but dust. This world is empty without you. We practiced sword fighting dreaming about all the battles I would win. We wanted to be strong, we wanted to be prepared for that day. I, was going to rule the state, and he would have been my grand vizier, always at my side.

    Musa stops playing his violin. Murad asks why did you stop? Musa says your Majesty, I am carrying such a burden in my chest, that I am ashamed to tell you. I feel bad hiding this secret from you. Murad says tell me, what is that secret of yours? Musa says in the Enderun a while ago, Kosem sultana called on me. My tutors had suggested me to her. She wanted me to meet you. My job was to keep you away from state matters. Murad says what are you saying? Murad says you have honoured me more than I deserve. You considered me your friend, you shared your goals and dreams with me. As I got to know you, my respect and awe for you grew. The promise I gave Kosem Sultana had no weight anymore after that. Because I saw what a strong and powerful padisah you could be. I should have told you this long ago, but I was afraid, I was afraid of losing you. Please forgive me, do not spare your pardon on this helpless subject of yours.

    Murad's voice: "I forgave him, because I did not doubt his loyalty, I was sure of it, but what he said to me that day opened a deep wound in my heart, it is still open, still bleeding. I began doubting my mother. "

    Teen Murad goes to Kosem. She says Murad, good you came, there is a document you must sign. I appointed some beys in the Eastern borders. Murad says I came to speak to you about this. For years you have ruled the state, any amount of thanks I give you, would be too little. Kosem says this is my duty as regent. Murad says but I am now grown.  I will go the Divan today. Because, the time for me to take the reigns of the sultanate has come. I will take the burden off your shoulders. Kosem says My Murad, my lion, so it means you are grown and want the reigns of the sultanate, do I not want this? Of course I do! To watch you rule the world on your throne...but it is not easy, ruling the world is harder than the world itself. If you are not strong enough, you will be crushed under it. But,  you have this power.

    Murad's voice "I thought my mother would yell and get mad, but instead she smiled and welcome me into her arms, she helped me. This is how I entered my first Divan. I was going to carry the responsibilities of a padisah. I believed it. I knew I could it. I made great decisions. Nothing was going to be like it was before. Until, I saw her eyes from the gilded cage above. How naive I was! My mother was simply tried to please me (without giving me any real power). I could not do anything I wanted. None of the orders I gave were carried out. That day I realized that it wasn't I who was on the throne, but my mother. And that was when I swore to myself that no matter what, I would change that. But, the price was heavy.  Whenever I raised my head, they hurt me. And by hurting those closest to me. They took Musa from me that day. When I thought he had ran away to save his life. They had caught him, and my mother had personally handed him over to the traitorous dogs. The oppressors murdered him. On that day, I lost my Musa and was left with my Pharaoh alone - my mother!

    Murad chokes in his sleep and wakes up to find Kosem standing over him. He says tell me the truth. Is Ibrahim alive? Huseyin pasha has gone to your side too. He lied to me, didn't execute him. Kosem says you had said to me "you are a disease that has entered the state, and to remove you from our body, I will do whatever is necessary. I will destroy the dynasty, but won't leave the state to you." Kosem says how could you hate me enough to destroy the dynasty which has ruled the state for centuries? Thank God you didn't succeed. It is true, Ibrahim is alive. Murad syas why is he alive mother? To sign the documents without reading them? To live through the same pains and have his life turned to hell? To make death come from the most beloved and most trusted place - from his own mother. Why does he live mother? Kosem says whatever you did, you did to yourself. You became a slave to your fears and weakness and then you wanted to take your pain out on all of us, starting with me. If Kasim is dead, Ibrahim is hurt and you are in this condition, yes my role is big. But I did everything for you. I did it to protect you from dangers you couldn't see. Murad says you were part of that danger I could not guess or see. My love for you ruined me. All this time, I've been dragged towards an abyss, and now we will all be dragged into it together. I will find Ibrahim. The line will end. After me, one of the Crimean princes of the Crimean Khanate will take my throne. Kosem says you cannot do this. You do not have enough strength for that. I will never allow it. Never.

    In the barracks, Kemankes tells Husyein our Sultana is in danger, I will not stay here hiding behind the Janissaries like this with my hands tied. Huseyin says this is the best until the tide calms down! Kosem sultana has thrown herself into the fire to protect you! Kemankes says it must doomsday or something, there is no other explanation for all we are living through right now. Huseyin says our Kosem Sultana will protect herself, but if something happens to her, you will take care of what she has entrusted (to us). Kemo says what is that? Huseyin says Prince Ibrahim. He is alive, he is hidden in the Imperial palace away from eyes. Kemankes says did Sultan Murad lie to us? Huseyin says no, he thinks he is dead like you did. Our majesty gave me the order to execute him. I didn't do it, I couldn't do it. For the sake of the future of the Imperial house of Osman, I broke the vow of loyalty. I betrayed our Majesty. Kemankes says do not regret...you have saved our Majesty from a great sin with what you did.

    Zarife tells Ibrahim that she heard from the aghas at the door that Murad is doing very poorly (very ill). They do not know if he will see the next day. Ibrahim says he was like this before too, but then he came and killed Kasim. This is my brother's magic - he beat death, he will do it again. Don't have hopeless fantasies. Zarife goes to Ibrahim and says my prince, I do not have any other dream but you, our Majesty's death will change everything. Especially for you. Your imprisonment will end. You will become Padisah of the world. And...me and my child will always be by your side. Ibrahim says you are pregnant?! She says God Willing I will give you a son. Everyone will see that the line will continue with you. Ibrahim says a prince cannot have a child! It is forbidden! What will we do!? This time our Majesty will not leave me alive, and he will kill you. Zarife says if he finds us here he won't leave us alive anyway! Ibrahim says he might have forgiven me...now it is impossible. What did you do woman?! Zarife says my prince oh my! Aghas! Send word to Haci at once!

    Yusuf tells Murad, you promised you would never drink again, what are you doing your Majesty? Murad  says "stay Yusuf. Don't give hope on me. No matter how hard it is to accept, I am dying" Yusuf says do not give up, giving up doesn't suit you. Murad says your doubts turned out to be true, Ibrahim hasn't died, they are hiding him. Huseyin has also betrayed me and gone over to my mother's side. Yusuf says that is how subjects are...they do not come from a dynastic line like we do. They go wherever the wind blows. But, do not worry, they will all get their due. Huseyin along with Kemankes have sought refuge in the Janissary barracks. Permit us to attack with the guards. Arrest both of them and bring them before you.  Murad says the time will come for all of them. But first, find Ibrahim. Look under every stone and do not return without finding him. Yusuf says as you order your Majesty.

    In the barracks, Kemankes asks Kosem why did you throw yourself into danger for me? If something had happened to you? Kosem says for years you are throwing yourself in danger for my sake and for my children. Let me do at least this much Kemankes. Kemankes says Thank God Prince Ibrahim lives. Kosem says but we won't always be this lucky. Murad knows Ibrahim is alive, he is looking for him everywhere. Kemankes says I do not understand what our Majesty wants to do. What will he gain to kill our prince? Who will he leave the throne to? Yusuf pasha?! Kosem says God forbid! He has brought the heir of the Crimean Khanate who is in Edirne. He will leave the throne to him. Kemankes says this doesn't make sense, no one, not the people or the army would accept this. God forbid, such a tumultuous era would begin that, the ending will be destruction. Kosem says this is what he wants. He wants to destroy everything as he leaves. Kemankes, find that Crimean prince and do what is needed, let us not waste time. Kemankes says do not worry my Sultana.

    Haci asks how Ibrahim is doing. The doctor says The medicine we gave him has put him to sleep. He will be fine in the morning. Haci says he wasn't like this for some time, why did this happen again? What happened? The doctor says it is obvious they were distraught. Forgive my curiosity my agha, but they had said our Prince was executed. Haci says that is how you will know it. Don't you dare let it slip otherwise, Kosem Sultana will strangle you herself. The doctor says would I tell anyone. Haci says go now, if you are needed, I will bring you back. Zarife says why did you call the doctor, what if he exposes us? Haci says and what should I have done woman? Hmm? Let our prince die? And anyway he won't speak, he is loyal to us. Now tell me, what did you do that our prince fell into this condition? Zarife says what could I have done?  Haci says is that right? You have done something...I will find out and at that time you won't be free from me. So it's better if you tell me yourself.

    Murad goes to Atike. He says you know where Ibrahim is right Atike? Where did mother hide him, tell me. Atike - tell me. Atike says what do you think? I should put my brother in the grave myself? Murad says you think you are saving Ibrahim but don't you see? His only disaster is getting on the throne, not dying! Osman, Mustafa, me...do you see it? Our greatest disaster was my mother's ambitions. We are all sacrifices of my mother's ambitions! And she will drag Ibrahim into her swamp as well, don't do this...Speak Atike! ATIKE! SPEAK! WHERE IS IBRAHIM!?  The doors open and Kaya enters and says Father what happened, why are you screaming? Murad says nothing my princess, don't fear, I am always by your side, even if I am not, I will always watch over you.

     Atike tells Madame to rush after Murad. Madame shouts for the doctor.

    Kaya says to Atike, "will my father go too? Will he die as well?"

    Yassef asks the doctor who attended to Ibrahim where he has been all this time. Especially while Murad is dying. The doctor says one of the firemen/axe-men has fallen ill, I went to examine him. Yassef says and Haci came to get you and you left together, what is going on? Since when does Haci come personally for that? The doc replies, well, how should I know? Maybe a friend of his. Yassef says who is this man then? Let me examine him as well. The doc says what is all this questioning? I had something important to do and I returned? What are you doing?!  Yassef finds Ibrahims medicines and the gold. He says aren't these prince Ibrahim's medications? You went to him didn't you!  Don't deny it, I know he is alive. They have hidden him. A man arrives and says Head doctor, our Majesty has collapsed, you must come. Yassef tells the other doc, get in front of me! You will answer to our Majesty for this. The doc says I am not at fault, they forced me! Yassef says then you will tell me where are they keeping the prince?

    Haci tells Kosem - and she is pregnant,s he admitted it herself and she has been fooling everyone all this time. She hasn't been taking the meds the midwife gave her. Kosem smacks her and then says and who are you to go against my orders? And on top of that after my many warnings! So you were going to become the reason for my son's destruction on purpose! Zarife says the opposite, I was only thinking of the future for you and our Prince Ibrahim, this baby in my womb is not just my hope, but also yours. Haci says KNOW YOUR PLACE WOMAN! How can you speak like this in front of our Sultana? Kosem says wait, let us see what dreams this small brain has set up. Zarife says they say our Majesty doesn't have much longer, and God willing our prince Ibrahim will get on the throne. And then me, for being pregnant...

    Kosem says so that is what you imagined eh? You will bear Ibrahim a son and then when he gets on the throne, you will be Ibrahim's Haseki (First Consort), but did you think you would be able to see that?! Take her! GET HER OUT OF MY SIGHT. Zarife says please don't my sultana! Haci says my sultana, do not worry, we can abort the child and execute the woman without anyone's knowledge. Kosem says no, lock her up somewhere out of sight....the woman is right, Murad is bent on drying up the dynastic line. He is looking for Ibrahim everywhere. If something happens to him, this baby is our only hope.

    Murad asks for something to stop the pain. Then he turns to Sinan and Yusuf, why are you still here? Why aren't you looking for the prince? Murad says you will personally go and make sure he is executed, I do not trust anyone else. Yassef steps forward and says I wished to speak to you about this matter - Adam Efendi knows where Ibrahim is. Murad says where is he? Sinan says speak man, where did you see our Prince? Murad shouts SPEAK! Adam says Haci came to me, took me to a secret room, I could not understand at first, but when I went in, I saw prince Ibrahim, he was doing very poorly, could barely breathe. That is why they called me. Murad says my mother hid him in the palace like she is  making a joke! Yusuf says they wanted to put him somewhere he no ne would think to check. Murad says Yusuf you will bring Ibrahim here, he will be executed before my eyes. Sinan, you will bring the Crimean Hanzade to the palace. I do not want any mistakes,  or I will take your lives! They both say as you wish your Majesty.

    Ibrahim wakes up and Yusuf is there. Ibrahim says stay away from me! Yusuf says it is our Majesty's orders. Atike arrives and shouts GET OUT of the way! you will not take him anywhere, I will not allow it! Ibrahim cries Atike, help me! They are taking me to your Majesty, he will kill me. Atike says alright Ibrahim, don;t worry I am here. Atike says YUSUF pasha, I warned you! But you didn't stop planting discord and trouble! Don't think these doings of yours will remain unanswered, you will pay one by one for everything you did! Yusuf says I am simply carrying out Sultan Murad's orders. It will be good if you do the same thing. Otherwise you will take your share of our Majesty's wrath. Madame says how dare you speak to a Sultana this way? Since our Majesty has ordered, show the decree? Yusuf says what decree Melek hatun! Did you not know our prince is being searched for?

    Melek says whatever may be, how do I know our Majesty sent you? Atike grabs a dagger and says GO TELL HIM, I WILL NOT HAND OVER MY BROTHER! Yusuf says you are going against your brother now, but your mother? Can you protect our prince against her? Atike says what are you trying to say? Yusuf says if she gives up on one of her sons, she will give up on the other. How do you know she won't order prince Ibrahim's death one day? If the rules allowed it, she would put herself on the throne. Because this is impossible, she searches for a puppet to string along. And afterwards, She will rule this state together along with her precious Kemankes. Who knows, maybe she can leave the throne to him. Madame says you have really crossed your limits Yusuf pasha! How can you speak about your Valide Sultana this way?! Yusuf says I am wondering for a while now, why would Kosem Sultana protect Kemankes this way? Why does she separate him from all her other subjects? Everything came to my mind, but not this. But they have a secret relationship between them. They are in love with each other. Atike says you impudent man, are you itching for your death? How dare you throw this kind of dirty accusation? Yusuf says just to save Kemankes, she got the Janissaries involved, she challenged our Majesty, and the truth came before us like a massive elephant standing in our midst! Of course you may still not want to see the truth. But I want you to know this - it isn't Murad who wishes to destroy the state and the dynasty, it is Kosem sultana! And she has to be stopped. Atike shouts for Ibrahim and tells them to stop, but they don't listen.

    Kosem goes to Murad's room. She asks Yassef how Murad is. Yassef says it is not good at all, he is close to losing consciousness. I am trying to ease his pain. She nods him away and goes to Murad.

    Yusuf finds Kemankes. Kemankes says Emirgune, finally we meet face to face again, if you wish to leave here alive, let our prince go at once. Yusuf says instead of threatening me, think of how you will escape here. You have come to your deaths. Catch them! But Huseyin and Kemo get rid of them all. Yusuf leaves. Atike tells Ibrahim not to worry, the danger has passed. Huseyin says hopefully you are well my prince, do not worry, you can return to your room, we will be guarding it. Madame says no, they know where the room is they will come again. Kemankes says impossible, the soldiers, the statesmen, the scholars they are all siding with us. And the harem too. Kosem sultana has intervened in the situation.

    Kosem is with Murad, He says the time has come....you asked me what the reason for this anger was. She says do not think of these things now. Murad says I could never get you to hear me. I could not be a ruler in your eyes. There was no one in this world more precious than you to me. Kosem says my son, maybe I didn't show it but I was always by your side. There is nothing in the words I said out of anger. You were a ruler in my eyes of course! Not just my eyes but the eyes of everyone in the world! Despite your young age, despite everyone, despite me, you made everyone kneel before you. What no one could do, you did! You made the rebels vomit blood. You crushed rebellion. You restarted the age of conquest! You took Revan, and opened Baghdad! The treasury is overflowing because of you. My son! Be rest-assured. Don't leave with your eyes open. You have left a strong and wealthy state behind you. Your subjects will pray for you.

    Murad's voice: When I was a child, we would go together to the main garden. do you remember? You would only take me with you. While you would prune the roses, I would watch you in utter awe. The roses and flowers paled next to you. You were more beautiful than the weather, the water, even the sun. For me, you were like an angel who swept down to earth in human form from the sky. If no one else could see it, or know, I could see your wings. You embraced and held me trough the storms, and the snow.

    Kosem's voice: Did you ever wonder I took only you with me to the gardens? Why didn't I take your other brothers, only you? Because you were different, you had something different. You had a spirit that belonged to me too, courageous, powerful. A spirit that bowed to nothing, didn't accept anything! This was what tied us together, but also separated us. Murad I loved you very much. More than anyone, I loved you. Did you hear me? I love you very much!

    Murad's voice: Oh the Ruler of our bodies! The one who grants us happiness and tests us with sorrow. Oh beloved presence who is Merciful on us, and gifts us with joy. My Lord, the one who gives us the power of sight. The sight which can see beauty. Sometimes, I ran after beauty, and then I fell barefoot...

    Murad's voice:
    O helpless one, how long will you run barefoot on thorns?
    In the next world, We opened up gates of the Rose Gardens for you.
    That Rose Garden which We have opened up for you, is such a garden that the leaves on the trees there are alive. They speak to each other! Know this well, everything is alive. A garden without life doesn't please a human. It won't give "life" to life. What a strange river life is!  Sometimes it is water, sometimes it is blood, other times wine, and sometimes milk. Sometimes, it gives apples, other times pumpkins. And yet other times it is poison, other times thankfulness. Sometimes pain, sometimes the remedy. Sometimes it is thorns, other times roses. Sometimes it becomes vinegar, other times wine. Prophet Adam was removed from heaven because of a snake (The devil in the from of a snake). And you? People in this world who are in the shapes of snakes are in a pile of scorpions. You live alongside them. Where is your escape? Where is your salvation?

    O Sultan Murad, you are a four winged bird! If you want you can fly to the skies! Where did you come from? Did you ever wonder about that? To go to the other side, when it's your in your hands to be able to ascend to the skies, you have caught yourself up in climbing the ladder up to your home's roof! Don't think that your life is going to end in death. Your body will die, but your reality - your soul, that which is entrusted to you from God, does not die. You have been made in the traits of Truth.

    God has no end, and no limits!

    Murad's voice: I am, the Sultan of Sultans. The Han of Hans. The Padishah of the world, The Conqueror of Baghdad. Sultan Murad Han. My entire life is like the poetic dream of a Sultan who reigned over the turbulent circumstances of this world. My body will die, but the real me - my soul -that which you can find within you - which is a trust from God - does not die!

    THE END.

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