• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 104 Trailer ENGLISH TRANSLATION!

    Source: http://www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    VIDEO LINK: http://www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil/fragmanlar/sayfa/1/muhtesem-yuzyil-18-eylul-carsamba-20-00da-sta

    "This garden, is your garden, Suleiman. This heaven that you are experiencing are your dreams come true. This is the spring of those who are in love. Oh my life, this love is like the rain, and we are like the leaves and flowers. When the rain falls on us, we gain life and become alive. I have never seen anybody in this world who is completely free of darkness. 

    Everybody is flying in the direction of their desires. Everybody is excited and everybody is fiery, and everybody is waiting to ambush (one another). Everybody is searching for a reason to love... To love, and to kill... Just like me... 

    Whatever happens, this is your burden to carry, Suleyman, it is your decision to make. Never forget, people will always reap what they sow in this world. Power is your heaven, Suleyman, and it is also your hell!"


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    1. i like your version and this version also..

      This garden is your garden, Suleiman.
      This "Paradise" which you see on earth - it is (only) your dream.
      This is (fleeting temporaty) Spring of those in love.
      Oh Soul, This (Godly) Love (light)- is just like a rain.
      And we are like leaves and flowers.
      While This Rain refreshes us, we come to life.
      All who I saw on this earth, flitter, as if on wings.
      All flit in "heaven" of their (foolish) desires, all fervent, all fiery, all trapped (by their own foolishness and shortsightedness).
      All are looking for an excuse to love.
      To love and (excuse) to kill..
      Just like I...
      In any event, this power, is (only!) yours, Suleiman.
      (Only )Your decision. Don’t forget.
      In This world, everyone reaps what they sown.
      Your power - is your Paradise, Suleiman.
      And... it is your Gehenna.



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