• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 105 Translation!

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    We see Beyazid storming off...his brother Cihangir tries to stop him but to no avail...
    Meanwhile Barbarossa is talking to Mustafa: "You keep your chin up, my Shehzade...there is a good in everything..." Mustafa: "Where is the good in this Kapudan Pasha?! I have once again been thrown out of my father's heaven..." Barabarossa: "If that is the case, then you establish your own heaven..."
    Hurrem is in her room, freshening up and Mihrimah asks her "Where did you disappear to mother? And on such an important day as this..."
    Hurrem: "I had some work to do..."
    Mihrimah: "They say that the decision has been announced...for that reason I worried...were you able to learn anything?"
    Beyazid enters. "Validem! What is going on?! While I am around, how could our Hunkar choose Selim?!"
    Hurrem: "Be calm my lion...come sit and speak..."
    Beyazid: "Why would I sit Validem?! Didn't you hear me?! How could our Hunkar make such a decision!?"
    Mihrimah: "Yes, this is impossible...how?"
    Hurrem: "Silence Mihrimah! Both of you - silence! Has it befallen you to question your father's decision?! If our Hunkar has seen it fit, then there is nothing that can be done about it...we will all obey!"
    Meanwhile Selim enters his room. Canfeda: "Do you have any orders?" Selim: "Send word to Konya Canfeda...Gazanfar agha should start preparations...we are going to Manisa..."
    In Hurrem's room, Beyazid says to his mother: "It is apparent that you are happy with this decision, Validem. Or did you recommend Selim in my place?" Hurrem: "I have nothing to do with this, Beyazid. If our Hunkar sees it fit, the water will stop running. Do you understand me?"

    Beyazid: "I will tell you what I understand Validem...Our Hunkar has once again punished me...on top of this, without me being at fault or having any blame...." He storms off...

    Mihrimah: "Beyazid!"
    Hurrem: "Let him go...he is not in the right condition right now to speak to anyone."
    Mihrimah: "You recommended Selim didn't you?"
    In Suleyman's room, Rustem is speaking to Suleyman "I have instructed that after the preparations our Shehzade will go to Manisa"
    Suleyman: "Keep an eye on Selim Rustem...I do not want him overwhelmed by this load."
    Rustem: "Do not worry...with time naivety goes and he will gain experience..my one eye will always be on him...:

    Lokman arrives and announces Mustafa..
    In Hurrem's room, Mihrimah says to her mother: "I do not believe it..For so long we tried in vain....I thought you were also supporting Beyazid..."
    Hurrem: "Believe me, this is the best Mihrimah...Beyazid's non-chalant , hot-headedness scares me...he needs to grow a little more..."

    Mihrimah: "If you thought like this...then why did you hide this from me? Rustem knows doesn't he?"

    Hurrem: "No...I did not tell either of you...because you would try to prevent it!"

    Mihrimah: "Because it is the only way...It can never be Selim...he is incapable of managing his own Konya Sanjak!"
    Hurrem: "We will all get together and support him"
    Mihrimah: "We could have done the same thing for Beyazid.."
    Hurrem: "Do you not know Mihrimah?! Beyazid is my biggest hope...I wasn't going to send him ahead of his time and hand him over to our enemies..."
    Mihrimah: "Selim is also your son...so you are sacrificing him then...is this what you are saying?"

    Hurrem: "No...my Selim is tame...he has no ambitions...no one will see him as a threat...but Beyazid is this way! He has his father's superior merits of intelligence, and his warrior nature...he is a competitor...at one time those who killed Mehmet would try to kill him too...I can not afford taking such dangers! "
    Mihrimah: "That day you were not here mother...but now you are with us...Rustem is the Grand Vizier...we would protect my brother!"
    Hurrem: "Trust me Mihrimah...with this decision, I not only saved Beyazid, but also Selim's life..."
    Mihrimah: "I think you made a mistake...by wanting to stop Mustafa in his tracks, you have made Beyazid and Selim hostile towards one another!"
    Rustem walks out of the Sultan's room and greets Mustafa who ignores him.

    Rustem: "What is making you grieve this way Shehzadem? Or are you dreaming about Manisa?"
    Mustafa: "Do not speak words bigger than your neck Rustem!  Even an atom of my dreams will burn your eyes and blind you!"
    Lokman arrives to tell Mustafa that Suleyman is waiting for him. (I guess he prevented Mustafa from blinding Rustem :p)
    Suleyman on the terrace feeds the pigeons. We haven't really seen him do such things for a long while...he seems to be really happy for once. "Come Mustafa, welcome"
    Mustafa: "I brought precious stones for you...the aghas should have given them to you.."
    Suleyman: "Yes, I got them...they are magnificent stones...I can't wait to use them..."
    Mustafa: "I am happy to hear that."
    Suleyman: "I told Rustem to prepare...after Friday prayer we will go for hunting...you, your brothers...we will all go together run a little with the horses...shoot some arrows..."
    Mustafa: "I really wish for this Hunkarim...but if you permit me I want to return to my sanjak..."
    Meanwhile, Mahidevran meanwhile is with Gulfem, Rumeysa and Fidan...
    Fidan: "Our Shehzades have gone to see our Hunkar...I have not heard any other word..."
    Gulfem: "God Willing our Shehzade controls his emotions and does not make this situation even worse..."
    Rumeysa: "I had felt this Sultanim...it was obvious bad things would happen...before it gets worse we should leave from here."
    Mahidevran: "Do not call on calamity Hatun! Ours is only a hope...it can even be impossible...it didn't happen so anyway I would have been surprised if it was a good decision for us."
    Gulfem: "I think everyone and Hurrem are surprised by this decision..."

    Fidan: "It is true By God...they wanted Shehzade Beyazid...it seems their calculations didn't hold up."
    Mahidevran: "Nobody can understand Hurrem's calculations Fidan...but you are right...if nothing, at least the throne Sanjak will be left to a short-sighted Shehzade like Selim...this way they will better understand the value of my lion..."
    Suleyman meanwhile speaks to Mustafa: "I thought you were going to stay with us for a while longer..."
    Mustafa: "You know Amasya Sanjak...it cannot be empty for too long Hunkarim...Also, I am thankful to have seen you and my siblings healthy and happy...this much is enough."
    Suleyman: "If that's what you want..." He looks upset.
    Mustafa adds: "If one day you may do me the honour to welcome you to go from Amasya for hunting...It is a tremendous place for hunting."

    This pleases Suleyman, and he says: "I will come of course." He moves closer and continues: "Mustafam...today's announcement of my decision does not change the truth...no matter where you are you are my son...One day when I die...only our Lord knows who will ascend my throne...he will decide...not I."
    Mustafa becomes aware of his father's loving words and smiles: "So far until today...I did not want anything else but to be your son...and I do not want even from this time forth...May Allah keep you with us." They hug.
    In the harem hall, the cariyes are having their meal. Cecilia makes a face at her food. "What is this?!" Valeria: "It is almond soup...it doesn't taste bad you can try it."
    Cecilia: 'I won't eat it! Go get me water!"
    Dilshah, Selim's gozde arrives. "Bon Appetite girls..." A cariye named Neshe (Joy) "You too Dishah Hatun....what's the news, you are smiling again."
    Dilshah: "Haven't you heard? Shehzade Selim Hazretleri has been appointed to Saruhan Sanjak...we will be going to Manisa soon."
    Neshe: "We have to speak to Sumbul agha...he should choose from us to for the Shehzade's harem...I will give him whatever he wants!"
    Cecilia notices the kalfa...
    On Hurrem's terrace, Selim is with his mother. Hurrem: "Selim...my lion son...When I heard the news, I was so happy that...my Lord keep your way open and your sword sharp!"
    Selim: "But I thought you might be sad..If anything I am sure you had someone else in mind."
    Hurrem: "I told you before too..for me both of you are one and the same...also if what you say is true then not you, but Beyazid would have been chosen..."

    Selim: "What is my loving brother doing? I have not seen him since the Divan..."
    Hurrem: "You worry about what you will do Selim...going to Manisa is important...but more important than that, is to stay there. Let what happened to your brother Mustafa be a lesson to you. No matter what you do not wish to be exiled from there do you?"
    Selim: "I will do whatever is in my power, Validem"
    Hurrem: "You will do what is in your power, and you will come to your senses and you will not do anything against my words"
    Suleyman arrives. "Hurrem"
    Hurrem: "Suleyman (did anyone else notice she tried to do a Hurrem smile here?) "We were just speaking...he is in excitement about what happened, he is so grateful to you that..."
    Selim: "Hunkarim...you have gifted me the world, I will not embarrass you."
    Hunkarim: "I have no doubt in this."
    Back in the harem hall, Cecilia goes over to the kalfa. Cecila: "I have heard something...shehzade Selim will be going somewhere?"
    Canfeda Hatun (the Kalfa): "Why do you ask hatun?! What is it to you?!"
    Cecilia: "I was just curious...He is a sanjak bey...what does this mean?"
    Canfeda: "There are many Ottoman Sanjaks...the smallest one is bigger than your Venice....The Shehzades govern important Sanjaks..."
    Cecilia: "There are more Shehzades?"
    Canfeda: "Of course! Thank God there are three Shehzades..."
    Cecilia: "Which one will become Sultan...is it known?"
    Canfeda: "Whichever one fate smiles upon...But our Shehzade Selim will be one step ahead (by going to Manisa)...because the way to the throne is from there."
    Cecilia: "So Shehzade Selim will become Sultan"
    Canfeda: "How would I know Hatun! go to your place and eat your food, you will be hungry later!"
    Meanwhile, Cihangir is with his brothers Beyazid and Mustafa. Cihangir: " I still do not believe it...while I exist, how could my father pick Selim..." then he laughs and so do his brothers, who realize his joke. (With all his pain and burdens, this shehzade is so sweet and lovable is he not? Okay, don't tell Husband I said that :P)
    Bayezid: "I am certain you would be more successful than him."
    Mustafa: "Do not speak like this of your brother Beyazid...it is a great deal to shoulder for him, we have to get together and support him."
    Bayezid: "My mother says the same thing."
    Mustafa: "Tomorrow you will see me off won't you?"
    Cihangir: "What are you talking about? Where are you going?"
    Mustafa: "I am returning to Amasya  Cihangir... I came for you anyway, and seeing as your ceremony is finished..the path is clear."
    Cihangir: "No, don't go! Soon we will go together for hunting...Tell him Beyazid! You say something too."
    Beyazid: "Cihangir has a point brother...at least just wait for the hunting...after we all return then you can leave."

    Mustafa: "I already spoke to my father...he has permitted me"
    Cihangir: "Why are you going...or?"
    Mustafa: "I simply want to leave that is the only reason."
    Hurrem is with Suleyman in her room, both of them sitting in front of the fire. She says to him: "Beyazid calmly welcomed your decision...he surprises me more and more everyday...my lion is growing...and not just him..Selim, Cihangir...Mihrimah..."
    Suleyman: "They are most fortunate to have a mother like you Hurrem...you give both me and them strength...when you were gone only my Lord and I know what I lived through..."
    Hurrem: "May God not live us through those days again..." Suleyman: "Amin" Hurrem: "I do not remember how many seasons I stayed in that pit..How many springs passed, how many winters...the hardest thing was to be without you...I thought I was never going to see you again..hear your voice again...even the thought of this was a curse for me...I found myself in flames..."
    Suleyman: "That fire burned me Hurrem...It was as if I lost my soul along with you...my joy, my happiness, as if they ripped out my heart and took it from me...and I understood, without you nothing has any value...not the water I drank, nor the fresh air I breathed..."
    Suleyman's poem:  "I thank Allah that I am fortunate enough to be given your love. Your lips that I hold in my hands are like a goblet of your memories to me. Some call your lock of hair sweet basil, some call it musk. Let whoever call it what they wish, but I, Muhibbi, call it my valuable amber hair."
    Mustafa arrives on Barbarossa's ship. Mustafa: "You are immersed once again Kapudan Pasha (in the sea) God knows where you will conquer next!"
    Barbarossa: "My only dream is to conquer Rome my Shehzade...if God allows us, one day we go together and rip out their heart!"
    Mustafa: "We left the palace, Pasham. I am going back to my own heaven." Barbarossa: "I am ashamed in front of you, Shehzadem. I wish I could accompany you to Manisa. Too bad our Hunkar pushed this opportunity away with his hands." Mustafa: "Yes, this decision doesn't only affect my future, but also Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha... Pasham, why do you think Selim was chosen?" Barbarossa says that he was chosen because the Hunkar did not want any noise or fighting to occur. Mustafa says: "The actual fighting is going to start now!"

    We then see Hurrem and Rustem meeting in the garden, and Rustem says that he wished that he had known about the decision, as he had given Shehzade Beyazid the impression that he would be chosen. Hurrem says: "If he wants to rise to the throne, then he has to be patient." Rustem says that finally the throne sanjak (Manisa) is finally in their hands, and Hurrem responds: "It really worries me that Mustafa left so suddenly like that... Also his closeness to Barbarossa, and the loyalty of the janissaries to him. They won't rebel, they only want to get rid of me. They are closing in on me. Manisa was their last hope, and I took it from them. Now they will attack me with their full strength. But my name is Hurrem, and I won't allow them that chance. Is everything ready?" Rustem: "Yes it is, but I am in favour of waiting..." Hurrem: "We won't wait any longer, there is no better opportunity than this! Nobody will suspect us. And on top of that, he will be defenceless... The arrow has left its bow."

    Two men are seen observing Shehzade Mustafa in the forest, and they are trying to figure out which one of the people in the caravan is the Shehzade. 

    Back in the harem, Cecelia orders Valeria to run an errand for her, and Valeria says that the Kalfa has prohibited such servitude in the harem. Fahriye hatun catches Valeria running the errand, and tells her to accompany the other cariyes to prepare the hamam for Shehzade Selim. Cecelia tells Valeria that she will go in her place.

    Meanwhile Selim and Beyazid are seen talking, and Beyazid asks Selim if he has already started dreaming about the throne. Selim says that it is in fact Beyazid who is caught up in dreams of the throne. Beyazid tells Selim that there is a hunting expedition tomorrow, and tells him to sleep early, because if he wakes up late, his father will get a wrong impression of him. Selim mentions how upset Beyazid must be about this decision, and Beyazid says that he can be sure that he will one day come to Manisa to take his rightful place there. 

    In the hamam, Cecelia makes an excuse that Valeria has a headache and isn't feeling well, so she took her place. Selim walks into the hamam as Cecelia is purposefully signing a tune, and she feigns innocence by saying "Forgive me Shehzadem, if I had known you were here..." He tells her that she may leave. Cecelia thanks Selim for saving her after she had cut her wrists. He tells her to leave and leave him alone. 

    Back in the forest, Atmaca tells Yavuz not to sleep, as they have to keep watch, as none of the other bodyguards' eyes are as sharp as Yavuz's. The air in the scene is slightly tense, and we see an untrustworthy guard looking around.
    Rumeysa is getting her pillows ready in Mustafa's tent. "Aren't you coming to bed."
    Mustafa: "You sleep"
    Rumeysa: "They made you sad didn't they? They broke your heart again..."
    Mustafa: "You worry only about your baby"
    Rumeysa: "My mind is only on him anyway..his future..my Shehzade should be born soon so he can make you smile."

    Mystafa: " If as you say it is a Shehzade...then I will name Mehmet after my brother may God have Mercy on his soul."
    Meanwhile in the harem hall Cecilia is grumpy. Valeria approaches her: "Are you okay?" Cecilia: "He did not even remember me...or he purposely acted that way." Valeria: "There are many women here..which one will he remember..."
    Cecilia: "Are you comparing me with these slaves?!" Valeria: "No, I - "
    Cecilia: "Do not forget that my name is Cecilia...Cecilia Venier- Baffo! In Venice all the men were after me!"
    Valeria: "The whole of Italy spoke of your beauty...but this is Ottoman lands Signora...no one recognizes you here.. they do not know..."
    Cecilia: "Then in that case they shall know me...they will come to know who I am...especially that smug Selim! I will not submit to anyone! (I will not bow before anyone). Seeing as there is no leaving this place...no salvation...then I must go up in the ranks...to the highest rank!" She points up to Hurrem's room...
    Hurrem is in her room when Sumbul presents her with three cariyes. She says they will be sent to his harem, but none of them are the woman she is looking for.  Sumbul: "Sultanim, I will continue to look" Hurrem: "Soon such a storm is coming that the ground will shake! So hold on tight...so that no one can push us from our places!" Sumbul is worried...
    We see an image of a man (atmaca) who gets up and hides and notices some men approaching. He wakes his companion...we see Mustafa's camp, inside his tent, Mustafa is alseep with Rumeysa. Atmaca and his companion go after the men and slit their throats. There is a guard who watches for something and sees someone give a nod and then he shouts that a raid is happening and wakes Mustafa. Mustafa wakes up. Rumeysa prays to God. Atmaca meanwhile is slicing people this way and that along with his companion. He also shoots his axe a little too close to his friend Yavuz ( I would not be his friend anymore lol, couldn't he warn him!) He tells Yavuz to stay behind and rushes off...
    We see Mustafa wake up and he takes Rumeysa by the hand. The guard tells Mustafa to come with him. Mustafa asks who the raiders are and the guard says that there are some men there and that they are coming. Taslicali tells Mustafa not to wait around and then tells the men to rally around Mustafa to protect him. Mustafa: "Take the woman to the carriage." Rumeysa: "No! You come too!"
    Taslicali: "Protect the Shehzade!!!"

    The man with the arrow aims and atmaca rushes fowards as he throws his axe, the arrow has already left the bow. The archer falls, but the arrow is on it's way towards mustafa. Rumeysa throws herself in front of him and gets it in her back. (All of Mustafa's love stories are so short lived). Mustafa calls for doctors and Atmaca rushs over to interrogate the srcher who is dying. When the guards come along with Taslicali, Atmaca rushes off.
    The men drag the man to Mustafa, and he asks if Yahya killed him. Yahya: 'No my Shehzade...when I got to him he was wounded. I saw too people looking but they ran away...It is obvious they wanted to kill him before he spoke."

    Mustafa: 'Did he say anything?" Yahya: "He gave a name, a notable merchant of Manisa Kasim Efendi...from what he said, he gave the word." Mustafa goes to Rumeysa who has died...
    In Istanbul, we see Sumbul with new aghas! (are they his minions?) He tells them: "When our Shehzades return, they will go on their ways...seeing this you must take precautions...if anything goes wrong, I swear I will not feel bad I will throw you out the front door!"
    Agha 1: "May they go with glad tidings...I am so tired for days we are scurrying around because of them!"
    Another man arrives and says that a cariye has arrived and says she wishes to see him. Sumbul: "Are you not the woman who tried to kill herself?! How dare you come here...if you are here to say once again that you want to go home I swear I will send you to hell!"
    Cecilia: "No...I came to give you a gift."
    Sumbul: "It is not Eid, Shmeid so what is the reason for it?"
    Cecilia: "I want to leave here."
    Sumbul: "Ahh what did I just say to you?!"
    Cecilia: "No...not like that...I want to go with the Shehzade...with Shehzade Selim.."

    PART 2

    Mihrimah brings Humashah (Mihrimah's daughter) to Hurrem. Mihrimah asks her mother: "What is wrong mother, for days now you are in the throes of worry...the same as Rustem..." 

    Hurrem: "Motherhood has been of benefit to you Mihrimah...you are now overly worried about everything. Did Sumbul speak to you about the issue of the woman?"

    Mihrimah replies yes, that she knows they are looking for a woman for Selim.

    Hurrem adds: "If there is no strong woman behind a man, that man will not be powerful!"

    Mihrimah: "Mother if you are speaking of Selim...if you gather all the women together it will be in vain...he doesn't even listen to you."

    Hurrem: "That is the real issue anyway, since he won't listen to me we need a woman, a woman who goes into his chest (heart) and I must choose such a woman so that later I don't have a headache...we should not fall into the mistakes Valide Sultan, God's mercy on her, had fallen to. At one time she extended her hand in enmity to me...if she had supported me, she would not have lost her son."

    Mihrimah: "What do you think of...I have a lot to learn from you
    ..." They both laugh.

    Meanwhile in the harem corridor, Sumbul continues to speak to Cecilia. (Why is this scene so familiar? Could they not at least try something a bit different!) Anyway, Cecilia shows him the jewel. Sumbul: "How did you hide this!? Didn't they search all over you!" Cecilia: "Everyone has something they have hidden...this is a very precious jewel...the Jewish traders will give you a fortune for this!"

    Cecilia: "I just want one thing in return...you will choose me for the Shehzade's harem."

    Sumbul: "The cariyes want to go to the Shehzade's harem of course...there is nothing wrong with that...but to bribe me for it, is a great crime!"

    Cecilia: "No...it is just a gift...what do you all say around here? "It opened my heart"

    Sumbul: "Well in that case if you say it opened my hear then there is no problem helping you..." Cecilia closes her hand..."When I am chosen then you will receive it." She leaves Sumbul twitching...

    In the day, Ebusuud is with Suleyman in a tent (Suleyman is hunting). Ebusuud: "Forgive me Hunkarim...I did not want to disturb you here, but there is no shortage of state matters" Suleyman: "Your worries are our worries Hoca Celebi...our door is open. What is the problem tell me."

    Ebusuud Efendi: "Unfortunately the Sheikh-ul Islam Fenerizade Muhyiddin Efendi has also entered into this road Hunkarim. If the endowment trusts get cancelled, then many charitable establishments will be forced into abolishment, and the services they provide will no longer occur. They are of the wrong opinion, and it goes against the greater good of the population." 

    Suleyman: "Civizade Efendi had saddened us. As you know, they were making baseless accusations against Mevlana and Muhyiddin Arabi..."

    Ebusuud Efendi: "I had mentioned back then as well, Hunkarim, that those who wish to sow strife and discord in the lands of Islam will not succeed. God willing, the Sheikh-ul Islam will not fall into the same traps."

    Suleyman: "Fenerizade Efendi comes from a family with many generations of Islamic scholars, he given a great service to Islam. I doubt he would fall into these types of errors. However, do not fret, I will personally follow this matter myself."

    Meanwhile, the Shehzades are walking. Selim asks: "Cihangir you know, how much longer will we be staying here?"
    Cihangir: "At the least, for a week we will be here."

    Bayezid: "If you are bored, we can send you back"

    Selim: "I am impatient to go to Manisa, that is why!"

    Bayezid: "You know how to go to Manisa right? Don't get lost..."
    Cihangir laughs "Don't get mad right away, he is just making fun, aren't you brother?"
    Beyazid: "Yes, of course. Hey get on your horse...let us race until ShahinTepe let us see who shall win!"
    Cihangir: "There is no need, we are walking..."
    Selim: "You go ahead..I will save you."
    Beyazid: "If you trust yourself this much, let us put a reward out."
    Cihangir: "Beyazid not now, our father awaits us."
    Selim: "Fine...if you win, I will give you my horse."
    Bayezid: "I don't want the horse you lost with...I want your ring...the ring my father gave you."
    Selim: "And if I win....whatever you want I am ready to give...anyway if I lose, my life will not even be worth anything to me!"
    Selim: "You will apologize to me...you will apologize in front of everyone to me."
    Cihangir: "What apology? What do you want an apology for?"
    Selim: "For always being rude to his older brother Cihangir."
    Beyazid: "Give us the signal!"
    In the harem hall, Fahriye and Sumbul arrives. Cecilia has just finished giving her former servant a dirty look. Fahriye: "Get over here...Our shehades will be returning in a few days...until then the women who are going to the harems will be prepared."
    Sumbul: "The ones who were previously chosen step forward" Sumbul says there is one more left to choose and Cecilia thinks he points at her, but he says "not, you...but you - (he points to Valeria)."
    Cecilia: "You made a big mistake Sumbul agha, that jewel was very expensive."

    Sumbul: "By God I did not leave the money in the hand."
    Cecilia rushes off to check where the jewel is...only to find it is not in its hiding place...
    Valeria had stolen it while Cecilia was asleep and gave it to Sumbul. Who twitchingly admired it...

    In Hurrem's room, Gulfem, Afife, Mihrimah, Humashah and Hurrem are together.
    Gulfem: "I recieved a letter yesterday...Beyhan Sultan sent a special greeting to you." Afife: "She honoured me...is she well God Willing?"
    Gulfem: "She is healthy...She has gone to see Fatma Sultan in Antakya (Antioch)."
    Hurrem: "She must go of course...the siblings are in some difficult times..."
    Mihrimah: "What difficult times mother?"
    Hurrem: "A hearing has been called because there are troubles between Fatma Sultan and her husband Mustafa Pasha."
    Gulfem: "Praise be to God Sultanim...your eyes do not run from anything."
    Mihrimah: "I am worried now...what is the problem?"
    Gulfem: "Nothing critical Sultanim...their relationship is recovering..there is no problem."
    Sumbul arrives worried and Hurrem says they should all continue without her she will return in a bit...
    In the harem hall...
    Valeria approaches Cecila "Signora"  Cecilia: "I congratulate you Valeria...you are going to the Shehzades harem..."
    Val: "I was very surprised...I wish you could go also."
    Cecilia: "The stars are not shining on me Valeria...perhaps they are angry with me...I have been away from looking at the sky for a long time...I wish I could look at the sky tonight."

    Valeria: "Speak to the Kalfa, perhaps she will allow you."
    Cecilia: "No...I do not want them to know...go get me a pen and paper"
    Valeria: "I cannot"
    Cecilia: "Are you opposing me?"
    Valeria: "Forgive me...but I am now a Shehzade's gozde...I cannot serve you...anyway it is forbidden...they will be angry."
    We see Rustem pacing his office when Hurrem arrives. "Sumbul tells me that Mustafa is alive...he didn't even bleed a drop of blood!"
    Rustem: "Unfortunately there is ill news..."
    Hurrem: "I thought there was no way for him to be saved from this...because you have been working on this for months, is that not right?!"
    Rustem: "All the men I sent were found dead in the forest....it is not apparent how they died or who killed them..."
    Hurrem: "What does this mean?  the Shehzade's soldiers?"
    Rustem: "No...there was a raid in the morning...everyone was asleep...only the archer was alright....and he hit the Shehzade's gozde instead of Mustafa...she was pregnant"

    Hurrem: "Hiaaaaa! Is that why you said he was the best of the Ottoman archers?!"
    Rustem: "According to the head of the imperial guard the man was captured wounded"

    Hurrem: "Do they have him now?!"
    Rustem: "He said somethings, then died."
    Hurrem: "I am curioius, what did he say?!"
    Rustem: "He said that a notable merchant Kasim Efendi of Amasya gave the order."
    Meanwhile Ebusuud is with Suleyman. "I do not know if the decision you made was right or wrong Hunkarim...the important thing is for there to be good in it..."

    Suleyman: "Can there be any good in a wrong decision?"
    Ebusuud: "Goodness is not in right or wrong but in the outcome...the important thing is that your conscious is at peace...for example, hiding a criminal in your house, keeping him from the law, is wrong, but saving someone who begs for help is also a good deed and this is when your conscience comes in...whatever gives you peace of conscience and mind, that is for the best..."

    Suleyman: "You did well by coming Ebusuud Efendi...with your knowledge and insight you are holding a light to my way."
    Cihangir comes along with guards..."Hunkarim"

    Suleyman: "Cihangir what is this condition of yours?!"
    Cihangir: "Selim's horse came back alone Hunkarim...we are looking but he is nowhere...Beyazid is also lost...they were racing."
    Suleyman: "Get my horse at once!"

    Meanwhile, Selim, all alone on a road looks for Beyazid, or anyone: "Beyazid! Aghas!!" Three men approach.
    Selim: "I am looking for Davud Pasha...if you show me the way I will reward you."
    Man: "Reward? Do not bother...we ourselves know the reward..." They start fighting him and beat Selim, they are going to stab him, when Beyazid arrives and starts killing them one by one.
    Meanwhile in Rustem's office.
    Rustem: "It is a miracle that the Shehzade is alive...it is apparent someone is protecting him...on top of this without the Shehzade knowing about it."

    Hurrem: "What does this mean?"
    Rustem: "They don't even know who killed our men"
    Hurrem: "How do we know the Head of the Imperial guard did not send you false word"
    Rustem: "No...I have full faith in him...also he will be the one to save us from this mess...we must get to that merchant before the Shehzade does."
    Hurrem: " Rustem Pasha...if this incident gets out in the open...everyone's head will roll, including yours! For this reason do whatever you must prevent it! Do you understand me?"
    Hurrem: "Who could these men be (protecting the Shehzade)?"
    Rustem: "One person comes to mind...Hizr Hayreddin Pasha"

    In Mustafa's room in Amasya. Mustafa stands up and goes over to his sword...
    Mahidevran is with Taslicali: "Could Hurrem have done it?"
    Taslicali: "we have to think of every possibility Sultanim...only when we get the merchant will we know everything."
    Mahidevran: "If you find him alive of course."
    Taslicali: "We will see...we sent word to Hizr Hayreddin Pasha...the reality behind this matter will come out in the open!"
    Mahidevran: "They took my grandchild from me...without being born they killed him (okay no offense to all the Mahidevran fans, but urm...didn't you try that with Hurrem when she was pregnant?! Before Mehmet was born and you killed Mehmet!) If the arrow had hit my son...I would have lost him too! How could you be so careless...I have put him in your trust!"
    Taslicali: "The only time I leave him is when I sleep (what about you when you use the bathroom lol, okay sorry guys!) but from now on, sleep is forbidden to me too."
    She enters her sons room and sees that her son is sad.
    Mahidevran: "Mustafam...for days you have beaten yourself up...sleep, rest for a while..gather your strength."
    Mustafa: "What number death is this Validem? How many more will they take from me?"
    Mahi: "Our Lord willing, you will have many more Shehzades."

    Mustafa: "Why Validem? In order to take them away from me again?"

    Mahi: "My Lion...do not rebel...your Lord is always with you and on your side"
    Mustafa: "Today maybe...but tomorrow maybe not...maybe not." Mahidevran is troubled by his words...
    We see Suleyman riding his horse (I love horses so that horse is stunningly beautiful and magnificent!)
    Selim and Beyazid are walking. Beyazid: "It is not my fault you fell off your horse...ultimately I won." Selim: "If I didn't fall you would have trouble winning!" Selim pulls of the ring and tries to give it to him. But Beyazid walks away; "When you don't fall off your horse and I win against you, then I will take it." Selim: "Beyazid!" Beyazid: "I don't want it, didn't you hear me?! Selim: "I don't want to have anybody's loan...and especially from you? NEVER!"
    Beyazid: "What is a mere ring brother? Now you have a debt on me because I saved your life!" They hear horses and freak out, but it is just their father, who looks angry and relieved at the same time. Suleyman: "Selim, Beyazid." Beyazid: "Don't worry Hunkarim, it is nothing, he only injured his leg."
    Suleyman: "What did you do? Or did you argue again? I have told you how many times to be respectful to your brother."
    Suleyman: "Are you hurt?" Selim: "It is nothing important...
    Suleyman: "Your mother told me you are older now, mature..but I can see that you have not progressed at all!"
    Beyazid: "Hunkarim, I did nothing wrong...Tell him Selim...tell him what happened."
    Selim: "I am tired...I want to rest."
    Beyazid: "He fell of his horse and lost his way...when I found him there were bandits on him, if I hadn't arrived and helped, they would have killed him...I saved him!"
    Suleyman: "SILENCE!!!!! Selim is this true?" Selim: "It is true that bandits stopped me...but I had finished the job when Beyazid arrived."
    Beyazid: "So is that why you were lying on your hands and feet in fear, shaking?!"
    The cariyes are studying  and Cecilia is rolling up a peice of paper. The instructor tells her to hurry up and leave.
    In the camp, the princes are having a meal with their father. Beyazid is silent...
    Cihangir: "Before you sleep we will put some ointment on it...you should be fine in a few days..."
    Selim: "You carry those with you?"
    Cihangir: "Because I know you both...I brought them with me."
    Suleyman: "You also join us in the hunt tomorrow"

    Cihangir: "Forgive me Hunkarim...in this condition of mine I will just be a burden on you..."

    Suleyman: "What burden Cihangir?? Which father will see his son as a burden? If you are talking about the burden on your back...well everyone has faults..some carry it on their backs, some in their hearts...some in their souls.."

    Beyazid: "Our Hunkar has a point, Cihangir...I wish everyone's flaws were obvious to the eye like yours...in that case in this world there would be no lies...there would be no hypocrisy!"
    Meanwhile Cecilia is outside drawing a picture and looking at the sky. I don't know how she got outside but...Afife calls for her and the aghas bring her. She asks what the paper is, what she is doing at this time of night outside. "I was looking at the stars..." Afife: "Why?" Cecilia: " The stars have a language, they tell us something..." Afife: "I am sure..take this hatun away and lock her somewhere she will be accounted for in the morning!"

    Cecilia: "Tell our Sultana something...I saw Hurrem Sultan in the stars...tell her...Afife hatun!"
    Afife is wondering what is going on...
    At the camp, Selim leaves and so does Cihangir. Suleyman: "I do not know what happened between you and Selim...but he is saying one thing and you are saying another. And this makes me sad, this means one of you is lying to me."
    Beyazid: "When you choose to talk to me, it means you think I am the one lying do you not?"
    Suleyman: "Let us say the fault is Selims...and what about you Beyazid? You do not have any faults? I see their is a deep anger and envy against your brother inside you...at every turn you take pleasure from torturing him."
    Beyazid: "Hunkarim, I"
    Suleyman: "When you force a person to make mistakes...when you leave them with no other choice...then you are part of that mistake as well!"
    Beyazid: "Well in that case Hunkarim...people also are a part of my mistakes..."
    Suleyman: "First, you play your part...step back...step back so that those people can see their own faults! You may leave!"
    In Selim's tent. Beyazid: "Selim"
    Selim: "Leave me alone."
    Beyazid: "It is not to fight, I came to apologize to you."
    Selim: "Did my father want this from you?"
    Beyazid: "No...I wanted to myself...I did not know you wanted to hide this embarrassing incident from my father...in my outrage I disclosed what happened, forgive me for that."
    Selim: "I do not care what you think. I did the right thing."
    Beyazid: "Which right thin?! Without feeling shy, or feeling bad...looking straight into my eye and lying?!"
    Selim: "And what about you huh? There is nothing you did not do to try to get my father's attention! I am sure you sent those guys to me...you wanted to humiliate me...it was a game!"

    Beyazid: "Even if that was true...this does not change the truth Selim..it doesn't change the truth that you are a coward!"
    In the prison...aghas have come to take Cecilia...

    Cecilia: "Where are you talking me?!"
    In Hurrem's room..Hurrem looks at the drawing....Afife brings Cecilia: "Sultanim"

    Hurrem: "First you came in front of me and asked me to send you home...next you tried to kill yourself..now they find you on the roof..what is your purpose hatun?!"
    Cecilia: "I came in front you, cause I wanted to go home. I tried to kill myself, cause I wanted to die and I stood on the roof cause I was looking for my fate."
    Hurrem: 'Are you looking for your fate in the stars?"
    Cec: "No,...Sultanim...my fate is found between your hands and lips..."
    Hurrem: "What does that mean?"
    Afife: "She was talking like this last night too, saying she found Hurrem Sultan in the stars! It is obvious she has lost her mind."
    Hurrem: 'Since you saw me...tell me then"
    Cecilia: "Your heart has a fire. It has reached the skies and the stars...it will never cease. It will burn you. You might even get hurt...but...every single think you dreamed of will come true."
    Cecilia: "I also saw myself in those flames Sultanim...my own fate..."
    Hurrem: "What is that?"

    Cec: "You extended your hand to me...and we ascended to the sky...I  Prince Selim's heaven."
    Hurrem: "Selim?"
    Cec: "I want to go with Shehzade Selim...the stars are pointing to this..."
    Hurrem: "Now I understood your words...did you hear Afife hatun hmm? what she wants.." Afife: "I will show her...when I take her to the slave market she will come to her senses."
    Hurrem stops her. "I will forgive you for the last time. But if I hear one more time anything from you, you will find yourself in the slave market."
    Meanwhile Mustafa is in his room lying down and Yahya tells him that they have found where the merchant is and Yahya tells him to stay in the palace he will get him, but Mustafa doesn't listen and rushes off.

    Mahi is looking in her broken mirror: "Maybe I am the reason...it is my sin and they died for that." Fidan: "Sultanim..." takes the mirror away. (why does Fidan look soooooo much older than everyone!). "This incident has nothing to do with your past...because you are not the cruel oppressor...you were always the oppressed."
    At the hunting camp, Rustem has arrived to see Suleyman: "Have you come to hunt with us?" Rustem: 'Shehzade Mustafa was the target of an attempted assassination by a raid on the way to Amasya" Suleyman: "Did he die?" Rustem: "Thank God, did not even shed a drop of blood" Suleyman: "Who did it? Did you catch them?" Rustem: "The raiders were all dead...unfortunately there is a painful loss...Our Shehzade's gozde along with her unborn child have died...
    Suleyman: "who Rustem? Who dared to attack my son! Speak! Answer me...who!?!"
    Rustem: "It is not clear yet Hunkarim...but the investigation is ongoing...we will determine soon..."
    Suleyman: "If you do not find out! All of the negligent from the measly messenger to to the grand Vizier I will take all your heads!!!!!"
    Mihrimah comes to see her mother. Mihrimah: "Mustafa was almost killed!" Hurrem: "So Rustem told you." Mih: "No, I found out myself." Hurrem: "Oh you are working secretly without me.: Mihrimah: "Actually you are the one keeping secrets...you swore to me that in no way would Mustafa's life in be danger." Hurrem: "I keep my promise Mihrimah,...and no need to anyone...I wouldn't do such a thing."

    Mihrimah: "So then what is this?"

    Hurrem: "Nothing to do with us...perhaps it is a trap...a trap to cast me into doubt and accuse me."

    Mihrimah: "Validem, I am not a child."

    Hurrem: 'Then stop acting like a child! I told you not to trust anyone other than me! And I say to you, it is not about me! Even though I have every right to, because they took my son!"
    There is a fight between Mustafa and some men..and a man says "don't...have mercy on me.." Mustafa: "Who ordered it." Merchant: "They will kill me! Okay I will tell you! Aziz agha...from the palace...Rustem Pasha's man!" Yahya stops Mustafa from killing the merchant, so he just knocks him unconscious."
    Hurrem enters Suleyman's room. She says: "Thank God Mustafa was saved. Who dared to do it? Hopefully they caught him?"
    Suleyman: "Not yet, Hurrem...but certainly it will come out in the open...otherwise many heads will roll"

    Hurrem: "Of course...who dared to attack a Shehzade...but whatever happens, do not make yourself sad over this...he has been saved...could there be a better relief than this?"

    Suleyman: "If the one from his harem didn't step in front, he would have died!"
    In Mustafa's room. Mahidevran asks: "What is going to happen now? Why did you bring that man here, why didn't you kill him there and then?" Mustafa replies: "I want him to tell our Hunkar, what he told us." Mahi: "What did he say?" Mustafa: "You go to your room Validem..you will stay away from this matter now." Mahi: No. It is my problem too...I want to know who tried to kill my son...Hurrem right? She did it!"
    Taslicali: "Sultanim let us go"

    Mahi: "I told you Mustafa...that snake will not stop..she wants to bite you!"
    Mustafa: "Do not worry, I will strike off that snake's head sooner or later..I am willing to rot in hell for that!"
    In the prison...a guard arrives with food for the prisoner who eats up as if he hasn't eaten in days.
    Mihrimah and her brothers are together. Beyazid is impatient. "I want to see my brother!" Mihrimah: "First we must find out what happened Beyazid...and then whoever is going where will go anyway." Selim: "Mihrimah is right..anyways our father will not permit right now." Bayezid: "I didn't ask you your opinion!" Cihangir: "Who did this?" Bayezid: "Whoever did this, I will personally take their head!" Cihangir: "My brother must be really sad...he really wanted that baby."
    Hurrem is speaking to Suleyman: "His siblings are very upset. They want to go see him, but it won't be safe...they must wait." There is a knock and Rustem arrives. "Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "Hunkarim...I have found out who the traitor is who tried to kill our Shehzade. It is the merchant Kasim Efendi."
    Suleyman: "Who is this cursed one?" Rustem: "From Amasya, a very wealthy merchant...there was some critical issue between him and the Shehzade"

    Hurrem: "What does a merchant have to do with a Shehzade?"
    Rustem: "The people of Amasya are sick and tired of him..he does every type of cheating and goes against all of the laws, he is also entering into a trade agreement that goes against our laws with the unbelievers, with the increased complaints about him, the judges have taken all of his belongings." Suleyman: "On top of this he wants to take my son's life is that right?"
    Rustem shows Suleyman information sent by Mustafa's Lala. Rustem: "There are traitors who were killed in attack from Acem (Persia).." Suleyman: "Was the cursed one caught?" Rustem: "It is ongoing...our Shehzade is on his trail personally. I also took necessary measures, especially in the ports...we will catch them today or tomorrow."

    Hurrem: "How dare they!"
    Rustem: "It is obvious he sought help from the Persians...otherwise they would not dare to do this..."
    Suleyman: "Leave Rustem...you too Hurrem...leave me alone now."
    Outside, Hurrem asks Rustem: "What is the situation."

    Rustem: "I do not have all the information Sultanim...I could not find the merchant yet..."
    Hurrem: "What are you saying Pasha...that man is our death order! If he gets into Mustafa's hands..."
    Rustem looks worried...he looks like he knows something.
    In the prison, the guard opens the door, to find that the man has fallen over his food. He has been poisoned. The head guard is ordered to get all the people responsible for the food together for questioning.
    Taslicali: "Shehzadem..we should inform our Hunkar about the situation..even if we can't prove it...our Hunkar will get on this matter."

    Mustafa: "They have taken every precaution and considered every outcome in this incident...but there is one thing they did not think of..I am finally going to speak in a language they can understand!"
    The next day preparations are being made for Selim's cariyes. Cecilia looks annoyed.
    Beyazid said: "Why should I wait for tomorrow...I will head out with Selim."

    Hurrem: "Who said you were leaving tomorrow?"
    Beyazid: "I stayed for a long time anyway...I will come again later."

    Mihrimah: "It is to no avail Beyazid...the order is from a high place" she motions to Cihangir.
    Beyazid: "Cihangir!"

    Cihangir: "What should I do here when all of you leave? if anything just stay a few days longer...also my mother wants you to stay too."
    Hurrem: "Yes...and there some issues we shall deal with...pertaining to your allowance..."
    Selim enters, greets his mother. "It seems the time to say good bye has come."

    Selim: "I would love for you to visit my sanjak." Hurrem: "I will come at the first opportunity of course! Manisa is a great palace..Mihrimah and Cihangir will accompany me."

    Mihrimah: "Of course I would like to see my beloved brother in his sanjak..." They hug.
    In the harem hall, Valeria goes to Cecilia. "Signora" Cec: "Oh the time has come to leave?" Val: "I am sure Manisa is more beautiful than this place." Cec: "I am sure." Val: "What a coincidence, I dreamt for years of being in your place...now you dream of being in mine." Cec: "If you say a single word, I will strangle you with my hands..."
    Val: "Don't be sad Signora...maybe the stars will help you!"
    Meanwhile Hurrem is telling Selim: "Do not forget my words...you are the heir apparent Shehzade...from this point on all eyes will be on you." Selim: "Especially your eyes..." Hurrem: "Don't you doubt it! I lost a son in that palace...may Allah protect you." They hug.
    Selim: "Validem...our Hunkar is awaiting me." Hurrem: "May your way be open, your sword sharp."

    Beyazid: "May Allah help you my brother because it is a tough job, you will need it" They hug.
    Yavuz and Atmaca are in Bostanci (Imperial guard constumes). Yavuz: "How much longer do we wait?" Atmaca: "You didn't forget what I told you right? Don't ask, don't speak...you will not break the rules and customs."
    Yavuz: "As if we are going to a prison, not a palace." Atmaca: "My Bey Yahya..." Yahya: "Are you Tugrul Cavush?"
    Atmaca: "It is I my Bey..this is for Shehzade Mustafa."
    Mustafa in his room when Yahya arrives to deliver the letter. Mustafa opens it and reads the letter. He asks where the messengers are and Yavuz and Atmaca enter. Mustafa: "Hizr Hayrettin Pasha has written that I can trust you under any circumstance." Atmaca: "He has honoured us. Our greatest honour is to serve you."
    The cariyes cannot stop giggling. Canfeda tells the woman to get into line. The agha checks the list and reads out th e list of names. Selim arrives. Cecilia lifs her head and rushes upstairs, yelling at the agha to open Hurrem's door. She goes in to Hurrem's room while Hurrem is speaking to Mihrimah asking what has happened between Selim and Beyazid to which Mihrimah answers that she does not know, they must have fought. Cecilia rushes to Hurrem's feet. "Please ,Sultanim, listen to me!" Hurrem tells Sumbul to stop. "Hatun, what did I tell you?! One more incident I would send you away." She kisses Hurrem's skirt. "Forgive me, I accept whwatever you order for me...I have no hope but you...I have no other choice our Shehzade Selim is leaving, but they did no choose me..."
    Cec: "Either let me go, or order them to take my life Sultanim." Hurrem: You want to go this badly?" Cec: "more than anything!" Hurrem makes her stand.
    Hurrem: "In that case, I will permit you to go to our Shehzade's harem." Sumbul tries to object.."You may leave Sumbul...you too Afife and Mihrimah, all of you as well (to the servants) leave me alone with Cecilia. "
    Meanwhile Rustem tells Suleyman about how there is a cold wind between Ebusuud and the Sheyhul Islam...Suleyman tells him to visit the Sheyh and see what his side of the story is. Then he asks if there is any news from Mustafa. Rustem: "No Hunkarim..anyway they must have executed the merchant Kasim Efendi." The door opens. Selim enters. "It is time for me to get on my way...please pray for me." Suleyman: "My prayers are with you Selim...May our Lord be with you on your way."
    Back in Hurrem's room. Hurrem goes with Cec to the terrace: "All cariyes want to be the Shehzade's favourite. But you are willing to give your life for this."

    Cec: "as I said...I have no other choice...I saw this fate in the stars..."
    Hurrem: "I like intellegient women...of course if that intellegence serves me..you are also beautiful..and ambitious..this condition of yours reminds me of someone long ago...someone who came a long time ago to this Palace...You will go to Manisa...but I want only one thing in return for this....LOYALTY!"

    Cec: "You should have no doubt in that, Sultanim."
    Hurrem: "I have doubts...but you will remove those one by one...you will not only be my Shehzade's gozde, but also my eyes and eyes there..we will keep in contact always...without question...whatever I say you will do!"
    Cec: "I am honoured to serve you!" Hurrem: "Good...you will be given the necessary infromation on what to do...and God Willing you will not lose that sparkle in your eyes..." Hurrem: "My first gift to you...your name from now on is not Cecilia...but Nurbanu."
    Cec: "Nurbanu?"

    Hurrem: "In our language this means...The woman who Emits Light/The radiant one." Cec: "It is a beautiful name Sultanim...there is one small thing I ask of you...there is someone in the Shehzade's harem...Valeria...I wish her to be removed from there."
    At night, Valeria is angry...the girls are leaving. She looks out and sees Nurbanu who gives her a look. Canfeda: Cecilia what are you waitng for?" Cec: "Nurbanu...my name is Nurbanu..it means the radiant one. Eveyrone will call me this from now on."
    In the morning, Atmaca has arrived at a Mosque and sees a cloaked figure. Atmaca: "I got inside..I am now in the Shehzade's palace." Man: "Great...as you see, our Shehzade has powerful enemies?"
    Atmaca: "Our Shehzade is saving himself from his enemies...I am here to save him from his friends!"
    Man: "We must show Hurrem Sultan and Rustem Pasha that our Shehzade is not without a protector."
    Atmaca: "No need...our Shehzade has sent a fitting reply to them..."
    Hurrem is in her room when she awakens. There is a box on her bed.
    Rustem wakes up to find someone has sent him something (oh noo is it honey?!" Out comes the honey head of Aziz agha!" (we did not see this coming!!!!"
    Hurrem opens her box and sees a live scorpion!
    THE END.


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