• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 104 Translation (Final Season)

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    The episode starts off in Topkapi Palace at night. We hear Ibrahim's voice...
    Ibrahim: "I am somewhere between heaven and hell....everywhere I look there is darkness...I am besieged by endless darkness...I am in between....

    "I am Ibrahim..The guardian of the gate...the loyal servant at the door,  Ibrahim...I am Ibrahim, the one who was executed in 1536, in the month of Ramadan, on a spring night while I was asleep...The fire wraps around my soul...I am burning...I am rebelling against fate...Is this finally the end of my lifetime?"
    Suleyman is asleep in his room...

    Hurrem is on Suleyman's balcony looking out...she recalls her discussion with a creepy woman.

    Hurrem: "What do you see Hatun? Speak! Who will inherit the throne?"
    Creep: "I cannot say this..."
    Hurrem: "Will it be one of my children?"
    Creep: "But I see blood, Sultanim...streams of blood...Such a day shall arrive that - blood shall drip from the domes of this palace!"

    Hurrem: "Whose blood?"
    Hurrem: "Not mine...Hatun! The blood of my enemies shall spill. There will be no forgiveness...there will be no fear! My name is Hurrem and I do not forgive!"

    Ibrahim's voice: "Man's greatest enemy is his own soul (desires). While you are running from victory to victory...it will eat you slowly from the inside. By the time you realize what is happening...it will be too late!"
    "Power is a bloody game! Even if it is your father, it will destroy you!" We see Suleyman asleep and suddenly his face turns into Mustafa's face...
    Mustafa awakens. "Baba..." Mustafa greets Taslicali who has arrived. "This has come for you, my Shehzade" Mustafa: "He is calling me Taslicali...my father is calling me."
    Hurrem is with Sumbul walking. "Sumbul agha is everything ready"
    Sumbul: "Everything is ready Sultanim"
    Hurrem: "Great. I do not want any mishaps....did you ask for Beyazid?"
    Sumbul: "I did Sultanim...He will arrive today God Willing..." They sneak through a hidden door...
    In the Divan...
    Barbarossa arrives. Rustem is sitting and says: "Finally you have arrived Kapudan Pasha! Our eyes searched the roads for you  (meaning "we have missed you"). "
    Barbarossa: "If I had known you wished for me to come this much, I would have showed up long ago."
    Rustem: "I am saying for your health, my Pasha....you are older now...it is not possible to roam the seas as you did before..."
    Barbarossa: "There are enough men to sit around in the Palace...I am better off away..."

    Rustem: "Those were the old days my Pasha...While I am the Grand Vizier, there is no sitting around anymore! Everyone will work with their hearts and souls for the future of this supreme state."
    Barbarossa: "God Willing..."

    Rustem: "But in truth, I am curious...why have you not congratulated me? Or do you feel like I am unworthy of this position?"
    Barbarossa: "Never! After our Hunkar has seen someone worthy, it cannot fall to us to speak of it...as you know I was far away...Once the letter arrived, I wanted to congratulate you. May it be blessed."
    Rustem: "Amin. Amin."

    Barbarossa: "You have been assigned to a very difficult position. It is parable to a shirt of fire. To this date, whoever has worn it, has been roasted and gone."
    In Hurrem's room, Mihrimah asks for her mother. "Where has my mother gone, did she say anything?"
    Cariye: "I do not know Sultanim."
    Mihrimah: "Oh Allah!...Gulbahar don't stand there staring...go find out where my mother is."

    Gulbahar: "As you wish, Sultanim.:
    In the Divan: Barbarossa: "Has our Princes arrived at the Palace?"

    Rustem: "Shehzade Selim has come...the other Shehzades will also arrive safe and sound God Willing."
    Barbarossa: "Ameen. I have heard some rumours...according to them, our Hunkar has assembled this meeting to announce a very important decision."
    Rustem: "As it seems, there will take some time to rid this palace of bugs!"
    Barbarossa: "You were the ones who said these stones are alive, my eminent Pasha....What does this important decision have to do with? Is it about the Throne Sancak? (Manisa)"
    Rustem: "You are right, Kapudan Pasha. Our Hunkar will announced the decision of which Prince will go to Manisa. And do not ask who it will be...because no one knows."
    Barbarossa: "Our Hunkar will make the best decision, because that Sanjak is  important and will count on the experience of our Shehzades."

    Rustem: "So it is obvious you have someone in mind."
    Barbarossa: "There is no need to be a scholar to know which lion is in my heart."

    Rustem: "Absolutely, Kapudan Pasha.....but it is not important what is in your heart...but which lion is in our Hunkar's heart."
    In a secret passage, Hurrem says to Sumbul: "Do not leave caution Sumbul...one of your eyes will be on the Pasha...I want to know every step he takes!" Sumbul: "Do not worry, Sultanim."
    In the Sultan's terrace, an agha (where is Mercan???)  arrives: "Hunkarim...forgive me, I am disturbing you.I just came to ask if you needed anything" Suleyman: "No, you may leave - Lokman (is this what he called him?)...have my children come?" Lokman: "Not yet, Hunkarim...I am also waiting for news..."
    In the market, Matrakci to a merchant: "May it come easy, my Agha."

    Merchant: "Come, please, drink some of our serbet, it is fresh."

    Matrakci: "Thanks...but I have work to do,,,I have to stop at the Palace."
    Merchant: "In that case, if we could trouble you with a task - if you could send word about our condition to our Pasha...."
    Matrakci: "And what is the case of your condition?"
    Merchant two: "What else could befall us?For such a long time there is no war...the Janissaries and soldiers are staying for free...they write up debts on us and we have not a penny in our pockets!"
    Merchant: "I swear there is no room to even write on our books! If you don't believe us, look"
    Matrakci: "Why on earth are you showing me? Tell your problems to the Grand Vizier in person, doesn't he come to the market every week for inspections?!"
    Merhant 2: "Yes he comes, Nasuh Effendi...but how can we say...I swear he will hang us from the ceiling by our feet!"
    Matrakci: "I don;t know about all that, Either you will look for your rights, or you will be content with your situation! Off you go!"
    He starts walking but notices someone strange who disappears in the blink of an eye..he keeps walking...and walking and suddenly the strange man grabs him from behind.

    Matrakci: "Who are you, what do you want from me?!"
    Beyazid: "Either we take your life or your possessions, you choose! Stop struggling you old coot or I will cut your throat right here!"
    Matrakci: "You accursed devil, who are you calling a coot!"
    Beyazid: "Hurry up and take our your money...Stop lingering!"
    Matrakci: "You do not know who I am! You will not get away with this!"
    Bayezid: "But you spoke you coot! Take those pouches out!"
    Matrakci: "Beyazid?....my Shehzade it is you..."

    Beyazid: "You get so angry if someone calls you a coot! But you still have your strength and power Praise God!"
    Matrakci: "My Shehzade what are you doing...May Allah protect you, but what if I had unknowingly harmed you somehow..."
    Beyazid: "Do not underestimate me Matrakci...after all, I learned how to fight from you."

    Hurrem arrives at the Sultan's room where the agha informs her that Suleyman is not seeing anyone...Hurrem tells him to tell Suleyman she has come...then she says:" Sumbul, you go to the tailors and check if Cihangir's clothes are complete and if so, take them to him. He should wear it immediately." Sumbul: "As you wish, Sultanim."
    Meanwhile, in the market. Beyazid: "I had some work in the markets, Nasuh Efendi...seeing as you are going to the Palace...let us go together."
    Matrakci: "As you wish...but our Hunkar would not want you walking around like this...he is not happy with the disguise..."
    Bayezid: "My father won't see us anyway....You know Nasuh Efendi, why has our Hunkar called us?"

    Matrakci: "It is obvious...for Shehzade Cihangir's ceremony."

    Beyazid: "But there were more important incidents than this...but he did not call any one of us...Since my brother Mustafa is also coming, the matter must be important!"
    Matrakci: "I do not know, my Shehzade...may it be for the best God Willing."?

    Beyazid: "Amin...how is my father...is he healthy? They have said that he does not see people aside from you and Ebusuud Efendi."
    Matrakci: "I have had the honour to chat with him yes, but after that incident...he has reatreated...but he is doing very well thank God, and has his strength and health."
    Beyazid: "Great...Has he spoken at all about the matter of the Sancak?"
    Suleyman is with Hurrem in front of the mirror. Hurrem: "You do not worry Suleyman...for the comfort of my lions whatever was necessary has been done..." Suleyman: "Mustafa and Mahidevran are arriving as well, the preparations for them has also been made right?"

    Hurrem: "Of course! Thankfully our Lord showed us this day as well. Our family will be one again..."
    Suleyman: "How is Cihangir? Have you spoken to him?"
    Hurrem: "Yes. Last night I was with him...he tries not to make it obvious, but he is very nervous...I think he also has fears..."
    Suleyman looks troubled like never before. "There are no words to describe the feeling and burning in my heart that day I learned of his illness...As if the world burnt over me...Such a load after four of my shehzades...was such a burden for me...for once...for once in my life I came to a point of ungratefulness....how could I have fallen into such a sin?!" Hurrem: "You never told me about all this..." Suleyman: "How could I tell you Hurrem? It is a source of shame even to think such a thing...let alone admit it...I thought to myself, a Sultan's son cannot be like this...I didn't accept it...this is why I tried to have him treated...even if the remedies hurt my child..." Hurrem: "No Suleyman...do not dare blame yourself...your love was keeping Cihangir standing...you never treated him any differently than any of your other kids."
    Suleyman: " He was not the one who was ill Hurrem...his hunch (bump) is on my back...as soon as I realized that I changed my mind...I loved him the way he was...and very much! But despite this, my Lord did not forgive me...and punished me by taking my Mehmet from me..." Hurrem: "No Suleyman...If our Lord is punishing someone...be certain that it is not you Suleyman! It is not you!!!!"
    Selim is in his room with a "guest" and a real huge mess everywhere. Gulbahar her servant, informs her of her mother's whereabouts, that she is with Suleyman and Mihrimah asks where she was before, bu Gulbahar says she doesn't know. Mihrimah scolds her: "How can you not know! It is like she disappeared, but you said she didn't leave the Palace!" Gulbahar: "I questioned everyone Sultanim...but no one saw her..."
    The hatun at the door tells Mihrimah that her brother is with someone, but Mihrimah goes in anyway, very annoyed at her brother. She tells the cariyes to clean up "Good morning my brother" Selim tells her to leave him alone." Mihrimah: "This is not your sanjak...it is our father's palace and there are rules to follow...it shouldn't get to his ears (this situation of yours)" Selim: "You tell everything anyway my sister...and you add more on top of it (you make up stuff)." Mihrimah: "You are wrong, my brother...we are trying to cover it up...get up and wear your clothes...I am waiting for you outside."

    Selim asks if everyone else has come. Mihrimah says that Beyazid has not arrived yet and Selim responds "At least I am on time..." Mihrimah says: "And so what if you came? If I hadn't woken you you would have slept till night!"
    Meanwhile, Cihangir is showing Sumbul his calligraphy. Sumbul tells him it is beautiful but that he must try on the clothes so the tailors can fix it up. Cihangir asks if he has to wear all of the stuff, and Sumbul laughs and says he has made him laugh after a long time! And that yes, he must as his mother had it made specially for him. Sumbul comments how nice it looks on him and Cihangir says he is not a good liar...then Cihangir looks at himself in the mirror and is sad..."No matter what I wear...no clothing can be a miracle for me" :( :(
    We see Mustafa and his entourage arriving at a place where there are thousands of janissaries. He is forced to pause and Yahya goes to see what the Janissary head will say. They assume the worst (perhaps they are here to harm Mustafa?)
    Mahidevran wonders why they have stopped. Fidan is freaking out as well as the girl (Rumeysa?). Mahi tells her to stop fretting because it will be bad for the baby.

    Meanwhile, Fahriye is having some trouble getting the cariyes to focus on their tasks because they are wondering about the princes! Afife tells them to their classroom for learning the arts (calligraphy, music, etc.) and when they hear that Selim will arrive, she warns them that they should not so much as raise their heads... The girls of course don't listen and stare and giggle and Selim notices this. He asks where his mother is and Afife says in her room. Mihrimah arrives and asks Afife why Beyazid has not arrived. Afife says she has sent the gate keeper to investigate. Mihrimah tells her she wants to be informed when he does come. Afife yells at the cariyes saying there will be no dinner for them for their insolence.
    Meanwhile, Selim greets his mother telling her that she is always the coolness of his eyes for him. He says he is tired from the trip and sleepy and Hurrem replies that she is certain that is the case. She asks if he has met with his father, but Selim replies that no, he wants to meet all of them at once. Then he asks "What is going on Validem? Why did you call me? Is it to bid farewell to Beyazid to Manisa?"
    Hurrem says: "Where are you getting these words from? It is for Cihangir's ceremony, also Manisa is also your right as well, maybe you might be chosen, you never know." Selim: "I am happy with my Sanjak...and anyhow our Hunkar must have already made a decision right?" Valide: "I do not have any information about our Hunkar's decision...I do not even know if he has made one yet...my only desire is to see one of my children on the throne...because I do not have any doubt that any one of them will be worthy of the responsibility..." Selim: "But maybe my brother Mustafa will be chosen...he has been called too."  Hurrem: "If Shehzade Mustafa had been worthy of the position, he would be there right now...Manisa is not a place for the unsuccessful. It is the path to the throne!"
    The Janissary has said something to Taslicali and he goes to Mustafa who approaches. The Janissary head says that it is a honour to see him in Istanbul. Fidan meanwhile tells Mahi that the Janissaries have come to meet Mustafa. Mahi is proud. The Janissary tells Mustafa the Janissaries wish to accompany Mustafa on his way. Mustafa says he would be honoured.
    When they walk away, Mustafa tells Yahya that this is not a good thing and that hopefully the Sultan does not hear about it. Yahya asks why he agreed then, and Mustafa says "Thousands of them came just out love for me....How could I break there hearts..."
    The cariyes are going about in the harem when one of them spots Beyazid on the balcony above walking towards Hurrem's room. She shouts out to the others, and they all come giggling...Beyazid is a bit more reserved than his brother and ignores them. Sumbul makes faces at them haha:)
    Beyazid goes to greet his mother. "Beyazid, my brave/courageous Shehzadem! Where have you been?! I worried a lot about you!" Beyazid: "I had something to do at the Market...get you a present" Mihrimah: "You went to the same Jewish Jeweller right?" Beyazid: "Don't worry my sister, I also got something for you! - mother I got this specially made for you. It is one of a kind in this world, nothing like it,  just like you!" Selim: "Count on you to bring an undesirable jewel such as this as a gift!" Beyazid: "Welcome to you to Selim!" They laugh and hug. Mihrimah: "I am curious, where is my gift then?" Beyazid: "I wanted to bring it...but Sumbul agha (he imitates him0 "Aman my Shehzade! you cannot bring that inside!!!" Mihrimah: "What? Or could it be -" Beyazid: "Yes! That time you came to Kutahya (his sanjak) that  colt/filly (less than three years old horse) that you loved - it is yours now!" She hugs him and he spins her around and they all have a good laugh.
    Later that night, In the harem an agha announces Mahi's arrival. Gulfem greets her and says she is so happy to see her once again. Mahi greets Afife too and asks if she can go to the baths to wash up and then she wishes to sleep. Gulfem eyes the new Rumeysa (haha) and comments about the new baby. Mahi says she hopes it will be a boy. Mahi asks "How is Valide Sultan?" Gulfem says "Don't ask...she doesn't let anyone open their eyes...if you can even take a breath, it is amazing!"
    Mihrimah meanwhile is with Rustem and says: "If you know something, and you are keeping it secret from me..." Rustem: "Believe me, there is nothing to hide...I think our Hunkar is still thinking about it...maybe he will choose Shehzade Mustafa." Mihrimah: "Somehow it has to be that Beyazid goes to Manisa...no one else...especially Mustafa? Never!" Rustem: "I cannot forget what the women around him did to my mother" Rustem: "This is the hope we all have Mihrimah. We have done all that is in our power. But be rest assured. It is impossible for Shehzade Mustafa to go to the throne Sanjak!" Mihrimah: "How can you be this certain?! He was chosen first....no! Nothing bad should happen to my brother Mustafa! " Rustem: "Never! Who could dare?! It would never even cross my mind." Mihrimah: "And it won't because whoever tries to harm him, will find me in their way." Rustem: "Mihrimah...my sun and moon, my love, do not worry. I will never allow anything to happen that will make you sad." There is a knock on the door and Aziz has arrived at an inopportune time ;) He tells him that Mustafa has arrived and then says there is something else....that thousands of Janissaries met him and came with him...Rustem asks if he is sure...
    Gulfem meanwhile tells Mahi that she did the right thing...she does not need to ask Hurrem for permission to come.. Mahi replies that she worries on the one hand, for no incident to happen...as it is obvious that Hurrem is looking for an excuse to have her son exiled...Gulfem says that it is true that her silence is not a good sign!

    Mahi responds that yes, and that she is certain "she is the devil himself now...we threw her in the fire and she didn't burn, we threw her in the water she did not drown, we cut out her liver and she still managed to come back...if only my son could go safely back to Manisa Sanjak (saruhan Sanjak)ve." Gulfem: "This is the hope we all have."
    Meanwhile, the princes are waiting outside the Sultan's room. Cihangir: "Do I have to wear those clothes?They were really not comfortable at all." Beyazid: "You will wear them of course, Cihangir. Tomorrow is an important day for you...all eyes will be on you." Cihangir: "I am accustomed to that anyway...all eyes are always on me..." Mustafa arrives. Cihangir says he thought he would not come. Mustafa says "Of course I would, even if I had blood on both my hands I would come!" They all greet each other. The Agha (Lokman) invites them to enter.
    Hurrem is with Mihrimah and asks how dare Mahi has come. "breathing the same air as her is poison for me...Poor Mehmet must be turning in his grave." Mihrimah: "I wish we could have proven what she did!" Hurrem: "Even if we proved it...what would happen? They took my soul from me...they ripped out my heart...They used my absence as an opportunity...and I could not protect my child!!!" Mihrimah: "Validem, I promise you, these persecutors will drown in their own spilled blood!" Hurrem: "This is the one thing I want, Mihrimah." There is a knock on the door and. Sumbul enters, telling Hurrem that Rustem wishes to meet with her.
    Meanwhile, the princes have entered the Sultan's room and stand in a line in front of him. Suleyman looks at each one of them. Mustafa approaches him first, kissing his hand and Suleyman greets him and asks how he is. Mustafa: "I am under the same room as you and my brothers, there can bet he no better happiness for me." Selim greets him and says that he is honored to see him and be at his feet." Beyazid's turn is next, and Suleyman says "your mother was very worried about you." Beyazid tells his father that he got a present for his mother and that "seeing you is like as if the world has been given to me to be mine." Suleyman smiles and motions for Cihangir, tells him he is very excited for  his ceremony. Cihangir says: "They exaggerate..my only concern is wearing those clothes!" Suleyman is happy. He says: "God Willing you have brought good news from your Sanjacks. Selim tells him that there is no problems when someone as his father is there to overlook them all. Mustafa comments that as it is a sanjak of course there are some problems and matters needing resolving, but that the support he receives from his father is always keeping him strong and what also helps is being conscious of his duties towards God as well. San is pleased, he turns to Beyazid, who tells that "I am trying my very best to be a worthy son to you Hunkarim" Suleyman: "My shehzades...seeing you like this all together has made me very happy..."
    Meanwhile, Hurrem arrives to speak to Rustem in his office. Hurrem: "God Willing it is not bad news that you bring." Rustem: "The Janissary Agha had met Shehzade Mustafa, along with thousands of soldiers." Hurrem: "What was his intention? Are they intending to rebel?" Rustem: "No. If you recall, I had warned that agha not to do such things...so it is obvious he is trying to come out in the open against us..." Hurrem: "Which agha is this?" Rustem: "Ali agha, Sultanim. I will take the necessary action at once...because he has broken the rules with what he has done...after that, I will replace him with a loyal Janissary. " Hurrem:" If you resign Ali agha for this reason, you will find all of the Janissaries against you. Leave them alone." Rustem: "But if someone openly declares their enmity against us this way, we must not keep silent, Sultanim! They will just get stronger!"
    Hurrem: "We will stay silent, Rustem! We must swim carefully in these waters! I will not destroy everything just for a Janissary agha!" Rustem: "We do not know what will happen tomorrow...maybe Sehzade Mustafa will go to the throne Sanjak..." Hurrem: "Mustafa has one place he will go Rustem.. and that is to hell!"
    Preparations are being made for Cihangir's ceremony and Mustafa is speaking to Barbarossa, who says that when Mustafa has some time, he would like to discuss somethings with him. Mustafa asks if there is a problem and Barbarossa replies that: "I think the current situation requires some consultation..." he is referring to Rustem. Barbarossa: "The Pasha's arrogance is not waning...we have to be careful..." Mustafa: "Be rest assured...his reign will not last very long!"

    Meanwhile, Ebu suud speaks to Rustem: "without overstepping my bounds, I would like to say that I had to warn Sheyulislam, Fenerizade Efendi one more time...but he is not listening...his fatwas are not very appropriate." Rustem: "Don't worry his turn is coming too Ebusuud Efendi...but not yet."
    Meanwhile, Suleyman walks with Cihangir towards where the ceremony will take place. "My Cihangir, today, just like your brothers, you will undergo the sword ceremony. I know how difficult this is for you." Cihangir: "There was never an easy day for me, Hunkarim. This is simply my sword ceremony by name. I am neither going to war, nor to a sanjak.' (  :'(  who else got teary here?)
    Suleyman looks pained by these words, so Cihangir says: "I did not mean to make you sad, forgive me. I am happy under the same dome as you."  He jokes: "Of course, if you send me to Manisa Sanjak, I would not refuse" They both smile. Suleyman presents his son with a ring that has a lions head on it. "This is yours." Cihangir: "You made it for me?" Suleyman: "Of course!" He takes his son's head in his hands: "You are the son of a king. My son. This is reality! Do not ever get this out of your head! Whenever you look at your reflection, remember this."

    Suleyman is announced...
    Selim is sad for his brother and says that how sad that he will never be able to do anything with a sword. Beyazid replies that a state is run not by the sword, but by brains. Selim tells him to face reality and not poison Cihangir with false hopes....because Cihangir could never take the throne.
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah and her mother are looking out at the ceremony from the viewing tower. Afife hatun arrives and Hurrem wonders where she has been. She turns to see Mahi and Gulfem. She says: "What is she doing here?! Did I not say she would not be allowed to come!" Afife says: "How could I prevent it?" Mahidevran doesn't look at Hurrem. Hurrem turns back to look out angrily.


    Cihangir walks over to the table in front of the Sultan. All eyes are on him, and he looks nervous. He starts: "Bismishah Allah, Allah, hu! My way is your way, my arm is your arm, my end is your end! My religion is your religion. My head..." he pauses and everyone looks at him nervously. Suleyman reminds him the words:

    "My way is your way, my life is sacrificed to you, my belongings are sacrificed for your tradition. As the saints say, so does my tongue: I see salt, water, bread! If I ever leave from the straight path, use your sword to cut off my head, I will die gladly! To fight for true blood, to fight for our spiritual guides. Oh Ali! HU!!!"

    Janissaries: "HU!!!"

    Ali Agha: "Oh nation of Muawiya, oh enemies of the followers of Muhammad! You are disbelievers, and we are believers, you are to one side, and we are on the other side!"

    Suleyman: (An ancient Turkish proverb) "If I do not stay true to my word, may my sword enter my body swiftly."

    Cihangir: "Let me cut to pieces by my own sword, let me be plowed like the earth, let me be blown like the soil!

    Suleyman stands up and hands Cihangir the sword, who kisses it (This is the Prophet Muhammad's sword).

    Mahidevran says outloud: "My unlucky shehzade....Allah knows whose burden of sins he is carrying!"
    Hurrem: "If you are looking for a sinner Mahidevran...go and look in the mirror! I thank my Lord that I do not have the dynasty's (royal) blood on my hands!" Hurrem leaves...Gulfem: "What does that mean?" Mahi nervously says "there is no meaning, she simply said it like that."
    At night, Cihangir looks at his ring sadly. His mother enters. "It is time to eat, why are you still here?" Cihangir: "I wanted to be alone for a bit Validem." Hurrem: "My Shehzade! No matter how much I say I am proud of you it is not enough...oh how courageous you were today!"
    Cihangir: "Forgetting the words for the ceremony...his hands dragging by his feet...and you say you are proud of such a prince?...is this a courageous prince?" :'( :'(
    Hurrem: "The courage you speak of...is not to run away from the demons sorrounding you, but courage is to stand in front of them while you are afraid..." Cihangir: "But this does not change reality Validem...I made my father sad today...maybe I humiliated him...and you as well." She touches his face and he kisses her hand.

    Hurrem: "A person can never be embarrassed of his child...especially such a meritorious one such as you! Do not forget what I said to you...first you will throw this burden off your back...you will throw it so that others will not load their burdens on you! She embraces him..."Come now, your father is awaiting you."
    Rustem, Selim and Mustafa are on the Sultan's terrace.

    Rustem: "I am receiving good news from Konya all the time my Shehzade...you have made admirable achievements.
    Selim: "Not everyone thinks like you Rustem Pasha."

    Mustafa: "Of course you will be successful Selim...like my other brothers, I am very proud of you."
    Rustem: "Shehzadem...it has been so long since I have met with you...finally I would like to speak to you about the conditions in Amasya and the borderlands..."

    Mustafa: "Am I going to answer to you!?"

    Rustem: "Never! I...I simply wanted to know if you wanted any help..."

    Mustafa: "It would never be called help, Rustem...it would be called service! Do not forget that the current situation of you being Grand Vizier does not mean it changes anything between us!"
    Suleyman is announced and arrives. Beyazid and Cihangir also arrive. Suleyman is seated and then motions for the rest of them to sit. The princes take their seats. Rustem says: "With your permission I will leave" Suleyman: "Rustem pasha, you stay as well." Mustafa does not like this. A cushion is brought for Rustem. Suleyman: "May our happiness and health continue."  They start eating.
    Rustem: "Hunkarim, thank God that our princes came safe and sound." Suleyman: "Yes! and everyone should get ready I would like to go hunting with my children."
    Beyazid: "That is a great idea Hunkarim...for such a long time now we have not gone hunting together."

    Rustem: "It would be of benefit if the Friday greeters could join as well...because the people are excited to greet the Shehzades...especially Shehzade Mustafa...the love of the Janissaries for him is obvious...so much that thousands of them came out to meet him..." Suleyman is wondering what this is about...
    Meanwhile in the harem, the girls who probably have not been sleeping because they are thinking about the princes, are gossipping. Dilshah the blond girl says: "Shehzade Selim loves me alot!!! Wherever he goes he takes me with him!"
    Cariye: ""Yeah you say that, but you still haven't given him a child!?"
    Dilshah: "That will happen too...in Konya a single night of ours is not spent separate! I will give him a boy and then I will become a Sultana!"
    Another Cariye: "What a lucky hatun you are! We will fade away not even getting to see a princes face!"
    Dilshah: "God Willing we (herself and Selim) will go together to Manisa....My Shehazde will be the heir to the throne...one day I will come to this palace and be the Haseki Sultan!!!"

    Sumbul has snuck up from behind and suddenly speaks: "Dilshah Hatuuuun! Dilshah: "Sumbul agham..."
    Sumbul: "Come with me...our Hurrem Sultan wishes to see you..."The cariyes giggle as usual...
    Meanwhile back on the Sultan's terrace, Suleyman asks: "What meeting are you talking about...what are you talking about Rustem?"
    Rustem: "Ali agha...gave orders to the Janissaries at his disposal and wanted to pay respects to our Shehzade...to escort him to the Palace...How great...May our Lord also give such a love for the other Shehzades as well..."

    Suleyman: "Mustafa?"
    Mustafa: "It is true Hunkarim...but I did not have any news of such a meeting."
    Selim, smiling: "No one came to meet us"
    Cihangir: "Being the oldest Shehzade will make such a difference will it not, Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "Eat your food..."
    Meanwhile in her room, Hurrem recieves Dilshah. "Sultanim, you wished to see me?" Hurrem: "Come close Hatun."
    Hurrem: "How is my Shehzade Selim? Are you able to make him happy?" Dilshah: " I am doing whatever is in my power"

    Hurrem: "I heard you were saying you will be Haseki Sultan..."

    Dilshah: "Sultanim I - "
    Hurrem raises her hand: "Don't be afraid...my Shehzade's gozde (favourite) will have such dreams of course. And it can happen of course..as long as you do not forget the oath of loyalty to me.." Dilshah: "May my life be sacrificed for you" Hurrem: "Good...you may leave now." She leaves...

    Hurrem turns to Sumbul: " This hatun doesn't even have self respect (goodness) for herself! How can I leave my lions to such women?"
    Sumbul: "Command me, and I shall find some worthy hatuns for our Shehzades.."
    Hurrem: "We still do not know who is going to the throne Sanjak...whichever of my children can go should go...but as long as they should stand up against Mustafa...for this reason we have to have strong and loyal people around them...especially in he bedroom...do not forget...without a strong woman behind them...no man can succeed. And whoever this woman is...we must choose her...she should serve us."

    Sumbul: "I understand Sultanim...I will investigate and find the most appropriate cariyes and bring them in your presence."
    Hurrem motions for him to leave...
    In the morning there are slaves waiting outside the Palace gates...Sumbul comes and says: "Why didn't you tell me earlier, what am I going to do with these women now??" Agha: "Hizr Hayreddin Pasha ordered it to happen this way..."
    Meanwhile a girl named Valeria asks another girl named Cecilia: "Signora are you alright?" Cecilia: "how can I be alright Valeria...where did these barbarians bring us like this?" Valeria: "Didn't you hear them...it is the Sultan's Palace...it is a big place obviously..."

    Cecilia: "May the Palace topple on the Sultan!"  Valeria: "Be silent Signora...they will hear you now."
    Meanwhile, Barbarossa is with Suleyman in his room.
    Barbarossa: "By God's permission this time, there was more blessing in the campaign than I expected...I have brought many gifts back for you and our princes..."
    Suleyman: 'great..."
    Barbarossa: "The unbelievers' coasts were helpless against the might of the Ottomans...Charles and Ferdinand practically begged for peace talks..."

    Suleyman: "Their ambassadors are here too...I have been keeping them waiting for months...they can wait even longer...if Charles wants a treaty, then he will have to show a little more effort!"
    Barbarossa: And also, what is the need for a treaty...whenever you wish, we can go and rip out their livers!"

    Suleyman: "The biggest war has been one without fighting Kapudan Pasha..."

    Barbarossa: "Of course but...there is something else important...as you know for a long time Saruhan Sanjak (Manisa) has been empty...I think it is time to send one of the Shehzades there..."

    Suleyman: "Which Shehzade do you recommend?"
    Barbarossa: "As per the traditions...I see it beneficial to appoint our oldest Shehzade Hunkarim...because the throne Sanjak requires an experienced Shehzade to overtake it"
    Suleyman: "Mustafa..."
    Barbarossa: "Since going to Amasya he is very sad...despite this, without complaint he is working hard with all his heart and soul...he simply wants to be a worthy son to you."
    Suleyman: "I know what he has been doing. Good news is always coming about my lion."

    Barbarossa: "This is actually an oppurtunity Hunkarim..."
    Suleyman: "I understand....if there is nothing else, you may leave now."
    In the corridor of the harem, Fahriye and Sumbul are getting the new cariyes to get in line. Hurrem Sultan is announced. Sumbul tells them not to even look at her. Cecilia does not listen and rushes to Hurrem: "Signora, please, I beg you" Sumbul tries to stop her, but Hurrem lets her speak. "Please send me to my home." Hurrem asks: 'What is your name Hatun?" Cecilia answers "Cecliia Venier Baffo...I am from a noble Venetian family...please help me."
    Hurrem: "Listen to me carefully Cecilia...it is not important who you are, or where you came from...you are the property of this Dynasty know, just as the rest of the cariyes...Forget your home and family...you are now in Sultan Suleyman's palace." Cecilia: 'Signora" Sumbul: "She still says Signora...Sultanim...you will say Sultanim..Fahriye take her away!"
    Meanwhile, outside in the gardens, Beyazid and  Matrakci are doing the Matrak. Matrakci: "You have developed greatly my Shehzade"
    Beyazid: "Are you alright?" Matrakci: "This much is enough for me Shehzadem..."
    Selim arrives..."Nasuh Effendi...I was just asking about you now."

    Matrakci: "Before our Shehzade broke my back I was alright"
    Beyazid: "Want to play with me Selim?"

    Selim: "Later we will play they are getting my horse ready now I am going to go for a ride for a bit"
    Beyazid: "Oh what happened are you scared?"

    Selim: "I guess you forgot about the last time you lost."
    Beyazid: "How many seasons passed...and you are talking about the same thing...come in front of me and show your skills...and Nasuh Efendi can be our referee."
    In the harem main hall, the cariyes are standing. Cecilia is praying "Jesus help me...save me from this hell!"
    Afife arrives: "Canfeda hatun take these women for inspection." The women go.

    Afife asks Fahriye if she gave word to Hurrem Sultan and Fahriye says yes, they will be taken to a different place for the Shehzades. Afife said anyway no one wants to carry their burden here..." Fahriye smiles. Doesn't she look really nice when she smiles :)
    On the Sultan's terrace, Rustem arrives to see Suleyman. He tells him he got the papers he had asked for. Rustem: "Forgive me, Hunkarim...last night at dinner I hope it did not bother you what I said..." Suleyman: "What matter are you talking about?" Rustem: "The Janissary matter" Suleyman: "I am looking into that Rustem, you may leave..."
    Meanwhile Yahya is speaking to Ali agha. "Where did this come from getting out to meet Shehzade....instead of giving loyalty you are causing trouble."
    Ali agha: "What happened?"
    Yahya: "Our Hunkar found out...he did not say a single thing...this silence is troubling me..."

    Ali Agha: "It is my neck's burden to teach the enemies of our Shehzade a lesson"
    Yahya: "We have to be careful Ali agha...Rustem Pasha in his position has reached a place where it hard to stop him...if we are not careful many heads will roll...in the first opportunity he will come over you...."
    Ali agha: "Let him come..."
    In the main Gardens, the princes are going at each other..But then things start getting crazy and Matrakci tells the princes that it is enough for today...Beyazid says: "Let me teach this one a lesson..." Selim: "Come at me!" Matrakci tries to stop them "That much is enough" Beyazid: "You are witness I won...because later he will deny it." Selim: "What winning is that? You didn't even play the game right..." Beyazid: "You actually understood you lost that is why!"
    Suleyman is on his terrace worrying (he seems to love standing there now doesn't he?) and Mahidevran is announced. "forgive me if I am disturbing you. Nergis Shah has missed you and wanted to see you." Suleyman: "You did well...Nergis Shah..." Nergis Shah: "I have a song to sing for you!" Suleyman listens to her song and smiles...
    Meanwhile, Barbarossa is with Mustafa and Yahya. Barbarossa: "Despite the Janissary incident, our Hunkar really took my recommendation of you warmly. He must be thinking of you for the throne Sanjak." Mustafa: "We don't know he will choose me..." Barbarossa: " It cannot be Shehzade Selim..it is known what he has been up to in Konya. ...He is busy with his own pleasures...He is not in a position to govern the throne Sanjak unfortunately...I love Shehzade Beyazid...he is a mad one, a courageos young man...but he does not have experience...and Shehzade Cihangir...well we all know his condition..."Mustafa: "My poor unlucky brother...like an atlas he carries the world on his back!" Barbarossa: "Yes...becuase of this he will never be able to get on the throne...but with his purity of heart and capabilities he will always be by your side."
    Mustafa: "Maybe this is he biggest freedom Kapudan Pasha...This does not leave him t the mercy of the oppressors."
    Taslicali: "Shehzadem, the time to leave has come..." Barbarossa: 'What is your hurry Taslicali?" Taslicali: " We have to return at once to the Palace...as you know, the palace is not in safe hands."
    Barbarossa: "You are right...it is good to take some precautions..I also warned Ali Agha...he should not just do such actions with such people roaming around...let us pray our Hunkar does not pursue this matter..."
    Suleyman: "What a beautiful song...who taught you this?" Nergis Shah: "My mother...did you like it?" Suleyman: "Very much" Mahidevran: "Hunkarim with your permission we will not bother you any longer.." Suleyman: "Bring Nergis Shah again Mahidevran...do not leave me without this pretty voice."

    Mahidevran: "Of course...we will have one more grandchild God Willing..."

    Suleyman: "Oh yes?"
    Mahidevran: "Mustafa's favourite Rumeysa is pregnant...God Willing we shall have a lion shehzade..." Suleyman: "And healthy" Mahi: "My Shehzade Mustafa came to this world in Manisa...God Willing my grandchild can also come to this world there..."
    Hurrem meanwhile is in her room. Mihrimah: "The other day the Janissaries came to meet him...I do not understand how my father was quiet about it..." Hurrem: "He doesn't have word of it yet perhaps that is why.." Mih: "How could he not? I am sure Rustem told him...he needs to know! Who dares to bring soldiers to the Sultan's palace! Validem, what do you think...who do you think my father will choose? " Hurrem:"The person I support that is who."
    At night, the cariyes are washing up...Cecilia recalls herself in her father's house...she is in the bath and word arrives that her father has come and is waiting for her. Signora gets out of the bath...says: "My father said it was important, I wonder what it could be..." Valeria: "I know what it is Signora...he had ordered to get ready to go to your mother...I think it is probably about that." Cecilia: "Why don't you just say that my loving step mother has plans of getting rid of me...
    Valeria pulls her out of her dream...she says she wants to go home...the kalfa asks what is wrong and that she cannot wash Cecilia, and Valeria says but I did this for her all the time and the Kalfa says that was before, here you wash yourselves! "Don't look at me that way I will break your heads!"
    Rumeysa is with Mustafa : "At the earliest moment I want to hold my Shehzade in my arms Mustafa...I also missed you a lot!" Mustafa: "InshaAllah...may he be born safe and sound." Rumeysa: "You know my feelings are strong...I think he will be a strong, brave shehzade like yourself..May my Lord give him your eyes and your heart...I am so afraid of losing you...!" Mustafa: "Shh..this cannot happen" There is a knock...(it seems people like interrupting haha)
    Mustafa: "Mother, is everything alright? At this time of night?" Mahi: "I couldn't wait until morning...I took Nergis Shah to visit our Hunkar...I hinted about you going again to Manisa.." Mustafa: "What was the need for that mother?" Mahi: "Do not worry my lion...Our Hunkar welcomed me very positively...you will be going to Manisa again you will see!"
    Mustafa is informed that his father wants to see him. It is Lokman (I really think he replaced Mercan guys!)
    The cariyes are getting ready for bed and Cecilia refuses to wear the clothing. The kalfa says "Oh you didn't like it sultanim??! You will wear it and sleep tomorrow is a hard day for you all!" Cecilia recalls her past...
    Her father tells her they will both leave together..that he would not let his most precious possession go alone..that Signor Enzo will wait for them.  Cecilia asks who that is, and if her step mother is trying to marry her off and her father says she will never be forced if she doesn't want...Cecilia says she also didn't want to move but she has to right? She snaps out of her memory and into her reality which is changing her clothes...
    Mustafa is walking towards his father and enters his room, his father is reading. Mustafa: "Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "I am listening to you." Mustafa: " I think...i think you are waiting for an explanation for the soldiers having met me...but I said I did not know about it before hand." Suleyman: "but you did know when you let them accompany you to the palace right?"

    Mustafa: "If I did something by mistake please forgive me..as your son I simply wanted to act appropriately in the face of the loyalty and love (of the janissaries)..."

    Suleyman: "Mustafa...this love of theirs towards you is making you a little too happy....some loves are powerful...it is the parable of the reigns of a wild horse...if you let him take over once...you can never make it do what you want again...and finally when it wants to, it will throw you off it's back!" Mustafa: "For me on the face of this earth, the greatest most powerful love is your love Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "It is for me the same my son...for me the same..."
    In Rustem's Palace...Selim and Beyazid are having dinner with Rusty and his wife. Beyazid: "I see my mother doing well...she has recovered from before..I had missed this condition of hers (being happy and healthy)." Mihrimah: "We also missed you, but you don't tell us anything...is everything good in your Sanjaks?"

    Selim: "I get word of your walking around all the time"  Beyazid: "Well, we can't all sit in the palace and seek our pelasures Selim...and leave that now...how was it, how I played against you today in the Matrak" Selim: "When will you grow up, I wonder!"
    Rustem: "Shehzadem."
    Selim: "I am going to go rest Rustem..today my body is hurting all over." He eyes a cariye...
    Mihrimah: "Selim is right, Beyazid...grow up a little...do not forget that you will go to the throne Sanjak..."
    Beyazid: "I am just being amicable...ahhh, how many days have passed, when is our Hunkar going to announce his decision? "

    Rustem: "You will have to be patient Shehzadem..in truth, it is impossible for anybody but you to go to Manisa!'

    Beyazid: "I haven't had the chance to speak to my mother...because I really did not want to do this..." Mihrimah: "What happened now? Beyazid?" Beyazid: "I cannot keep the treasury full...I am forced loans sometimes.." Nosey cariye has a eavesdropping problem so Mihrimah tells the cariyes to leave...
    Mihrimah asks how much he needs..and Beyazid says "Five hundred thousand" Mihrimah: "What are you doing Beyazid...there is no accounting for the money I sent you..." Rustem: "Our Shehzade is quite generous...he loves to help the public and the soldiers too, right?" Beyazid: "everybody has a temperament and this is mine Rustem Pasha...if you can speak to our mother...I can deal with the rest..."
    Mihrimah says she will meet with their mother and that no one shoul dknow especially their father and nothing should happen before the announcement of the Manisa decision.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is walking through the hall and comes across Mustafa who has just left his father's room. They face each other. "Sultanim" "Shehzadem, it has been so long right? The last time was at Mehmet's funeral..." Mustafa: "May his place be in heaven" Hurrem: "Ameen. My only consolation is that he is buried in the throne of his father's heart.." Mustafa: "You lost a son and I lost a brother...the pain...I have felt as much as you.." Hurrem: "So is this why you are fluttering to go to Manisa? My mehmet's blood has not even dried in that palace but you find consolation in going there!"
    Mustafa: "Those who sent me by playing games from Manisa, should think about this...maybe this is our Lord's punishment on you...and He took Mehmet away from you..."
    Hurrem: "Do not forget that winning requires a long lifetime..and to lose, a single moment is enough!"
    Selim is in his room when the cariye enters. She bows before him and says "tell me what they said when I left" The woman says: "They didn't let me linger for long...but I heard enough...they said that our Shehzade (Beyazid) is fallen into taking loans..he wants help from Hurrem Sultan.."
    Hurrem is with Suleyman..."What is wrong Suleyman...you are lost in thought again...I just passed Mustafa...or did something happen between you?"
    Suleyman: "No...I spoke with my lion for a little while...it felt good after a long time.."

    Hurrem: "This Janissary issue has reached my ears..That is why I thought you were sad...anyways it is good you are doing okay between yourselves."
    Suleyman: "Yes..Mustafa is now a mature Shehzade...his presence and attitude gives me strength."

    Hurrem: "Is it just him Suleyman..there is Beyazid and Selim and after Cihangir...they are trying to be worthy sons to you.."
    Suleyman: "I have no doubt in that. As a father, I am happy with my four sons....May Allah be pleased with them too" But as a ruler...I cannot settle on simply being a good son (I cannot make my decision simply on that)..."
    Hurrem: "When the matter at hand is a person's own children it is very difficult to make decision is it not? Each one is in his own suspense...they are waiting your decison with bated breath (holding their breath)."

    Suleyman: "What do you say Hurrem...In your opinion who should I send to the throne Sanjak...which Shehzade?"
    We see Cecilia's memories...she is with her father in Enzo's estate...Cecilia: "When my mother sees us, she will be so happy." Her father: "She has missed you..." Cecilia: "And I have missed her...I wish we had gone there without stopping here...I have a bad feeling inside me..."
    Baba: "We had no choice but to come...Enzo is arriving...be pleasant with him..if anything just for my sake."

    Enzo: "Signora Cecilia...you are much more beautiful than how they had described you to me" Suddenly, the door opens and we hear "The Turks! The Turks!!!" Enzo: "Take the women away from here, quick!" Cecilia: "Baba!" Her father: "Quick go from here! Valeria take her!"
    We see Cecilia wake up and she looks at herself in the mirror and brakes it, then takes one of the shards and cuts herself...Valeria wonders why she has woken up ...but then she sees blood..."Help! Is anyone there! The Signora is dying...help! (Of course, here is where they recycled a story we are all too familiar with ehem...) Selim: "What is going on here? Call a doctor at once!"
    In the morning Hurrem wonders what is going on in the harem...She asks Sumbul: "What are they doing there (about Gulfem and Mahi)"
    Sumbul: "Last night there was an incident...I think they are trying to find out what happened about that"
    Hurrem: "What incident...I wasm't informed..." Sumbul: "I was going to tell you now..one of the new cariyes tried to kill herself..but anyway Shehzade Selim saved her." Hurrem: 'Selim?" Sumbul: "He was returning from Mihrimah Sultan's palace and heard the commotion"
    Hurrem: "Who is this women?" Sumbul: "Cecilia...the one who threw herself in front of you...how sad, she was pretty..." Hurrem: 'What is the point of being pretty if you have no brains?"
    In the Palace hospital, Cecilia awakens. Canfeda the Kalfa tells her stop "Wait, wait, I was up all night because of you!" Cecilia: "What happened last night?" Canfeda: "And she asks you cut your wrists!"
    Cecilia: "Why did you save me?" I do not want to live...This place is hell for me."
    Canfeda: "A person makes this place their heaven or their hell...get up and wear this hurry! Did you see Hurrem Sultan? She was like me and you when she came.."
    Cec: "Hurrem Sultan?" Canfeda: "The one you asked to let you go home..her..she is Sultan Suleyman's wedded wife..and gave him five children! When she came she was not at peace at all...oh the tortures she underwent!...The Sultan was so smitted (meftun) with her that..." Cecilia: "What does "Meftun" mean?" Canfeda: "He was in love with her it means..And it was plainly obvious our Hunkar fell in love with her so much, because of this she held everyone to account that was an enemy to her...Now she is a queen..there is no woman in the world more powerful than her...You are also a lucky woman...if our Shehzade didn't come on time, you would have died long ago..." Cec: "Shehzade?" Canfeda: "Your people call him a Prince. Shehzade means Prince. He is one of Sultan Suleyman's sons."
    We see Suleyman has gone to visit Mehmet's dome (a mosque and a burial site for him)...it is being built. He asks for Sinan agha, and Matrakci replies that he is inside, working day and night to complete the Mosque. If he wishes, he will call him. Suleyman says no, he can see him later (of course, because hello, when was the last time we saw the Mimar?!) Suleyman asks Ebusuud to accompany him to Mehmet's tomb to pray for his son...so they go and he and Ebusuud pray at Mehmet's grave. Ebusuud: "May Allah give you a beautiful patience, Hunkarim...and for those that are alive, give them healthy, happy long lives." Suleyman: 'Ameen Hoca Celebi...How are you? It has been long we have not seen each other..."
    Ebusuud: "Thank God...although there is some trouble I am having with the Sheyhul Islam...I would like to discuss with you if you permit when you have time"

    Suleyman: "Of course...Hoca Celebi...as you know I called my sons to the Palace...they are all here."

    Ebusuud: "It seems you are once again in the midst of a decision which is making you lose your sleep Hunkarim! Is it about the Sancak issue right?" Suleyman: "I have made up my mind...from now on however my actual thought is...do you think my children are ready for my decision? Are the Ottomans ready for it? My friends and my enemies are they all ready?" Ebusuud is wrorried. "If they are not ready so what is the benefit? In front of your decisions, a mountain will burn and crumble..the wind will rest, and the sea would dry up...

    Ebu Suud: "I really pondered why our Hunkar would give an order like this to place a throne on our beloved Shehzade's coffin. It has never been a trandition of the past, and I asked myself, why?"

    Suleyman: "Were you able to find an answer?

    Ebu Suud: "Some questions have more than one answer. Is it perhaps because your choice for the throne withered away? Or is it because you wanted to give a lesson to your actual candidate for the throne? Did you want to remind him about death? To remind him that on the journey to the throne, there is death at every corner?"


    "I am Suleyman... At the age of sixteen, I was appointed as the heir apparent, and placed as the sanjak bey of Manisa. Yavuz Sultan Selim won his throne by killing his brothers and defeating his father Sultan Beyazid in a valley. His throne was gained through war and blood. That is the time when the poem founds its home... Muhibbi found his pen name. 

    Muhibbi says... Describe your situations in poetry, then perhaps aid will reach you. Oh my heart, if you share your secrets, they will undoubtedly spread... It would be wise to seal your lips, would it not?

    I am Suleyman... I am thankful to my Lord. If there was one more Shehzade, then we too would have been dragged into a rivalry of siblings. I ran and saved myself from that war, let them call me a coward, I care not. I used to look for answers in my mothers eyes, but I wish not for the blood of my sibling to get on me, even if it meant that the entire belongings of the Ottomans were given to him. 

    What about my own sons? Will they too agree to run away from this fight? Will they save themselves from spilling the blood of their siblings? What is the fate that awaits them?"

    Hurrem is in her room and Sumbul arrives: "The Shehzades have been called by our Hunkar's orders..."
    Hurrem: "It seems he will be announcing decision."
    Ibrahim's voice: "Mustafa...Selim...Beyazid...Cihangir...Sultan Suleyman's four lions...They say that children are the reflections of their fathers...Mustafa has unshakeable conscience and justice like his father...Selim has his father's delicate tastes...Beyazid has his unruly nature and his warrior instincts...Cihangir has his father's insight and intelligence...each child has a mark of from their father...either a good trait or a bad one..."
    "No matter how much they were together growing up...on this path of the throne they are all alone...how sad that out of all of them, only one shall ascend the throne...and the first task will be to order the execution of the brothers...of course, if they are still living..."
    "I am Ibrahim...am I the only one who sees his own funeral in the eyes of his Hunkar when he looks in them every day? Am I the only one who sees their death when they look in the Sultan's deep eyes? Is peaceful sleep only forbidden to me? Or is it that in this game of the the throne there will be many more sacrificed"
    The Shehzades are each being told that they are to go to the Divan (we see this happening while Ibrahim's voice over is happening. They stand in the Divan - the princes and Ebusuud and Barbarossa. Rustem arrives with a box in his hand...
    The shehzades wait nervously...we see the Sultan's shadow in the secret window above and he watches...
    Rustem slowly opens the box...Meanwhile, Hurrem and Sumbul are walking and arrive at their secret doorway.. and go through it...

    Rustem every so slowly opens the box. Cihangir seems to be the only one who is smiling and not nervous, because he must think it will never be him...
    Sumbul is leading Hurrem through the secret passage...
    Rustem opens the paper and unravels it...He reads it and looks at Mustafa. Barbarossa nods to Mustafa...Rustem's eyes move elsewhere and then he says: "The King of the seven regions...Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri...To the position of  Saruhan Sancak Bey, has appointed our Shehzade...Selim."  Everyone is shocked. Selim looks up at his father and then at Mustafa. Cihangir is shocked, Beyazid angy...Rustem: "And with this decision of his, Sultan Sueyman Han has appointed Shehzade Selim as heir to the throne..."May it be for the best"
    We see that Hurrem can listen from her secret hideout and she is smiling. She rememebers Suleyman asking her the other night: "What do you say Hurrem...In your opinion who should I send to the throne Sanjak...which Shehzade?" Hurrem: "you know the best, Suleyman...but in my heart...is Shehzade Selim..." Suleyman: "My decision is in this box, Hurrem and you will find out when everyone else does." Hurrem smiles now as she realizes something..(are you guys thinking what I am thinking??? Write in the comments on facebook!)

    THE END.


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    1. What are the guys thinking? What are you thinking /crazy?And thanks for translating...it's like old times!!!

      1. Selim looks a lot like his mother (at least her coloring) and he seems more balanced than Beyazid. He has not lost the great amount of money that Beyazid has, and has a more controlled temper; however, Mustafa really loves his father and family. I don't think Mustafa would have killed any of his brothers, but I don't think I can say the same about Beyazid and Selim. The way it looks that these two will probably try to kill each other off. It seems that Mustafa should have the throne, yet, he made bad decisions in the past and it appears that Selim was the best choice, but he was jealous of Beyazid when they were young and damaged Beyazid's sword so that he could lose, so he is not trustworthy as a kinsman. It's too bad because Cihangir would have made a great King. What a pity!

    2. i don't know but i'm missing meryem uzerli.. i don't know what's the reason behind that why she has leaved the serial. The other pretended hurrem doesn't suit at all specially her low pitch voice and it looks there is nothing remain special for watching..

    3. I liked the old Hurrem better too, but we 'll have to get used to the new one :(
      I think meryem left on her own. She is expecting a baby, so she chose to leave the series.

      Ps. many thanks for translating! A fan from Greece :)

    4. Thanks for all these translations :)

    5. Thank you so much for translating!

    6. Thank you so much for the excellent translations!

    7. Why would they replace such a pretty actress with such a homely one?


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