• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 105 Trailer!

    Beyazid: "Validem...what is going on? While I exist, how can my father choose Selim?!"
    Hurrem: "Be calm..come"
    Beyazid: "I can't sit, didn't you hear me?!

    Mustafa: "My father has thrown me out of his heaven..."
    Barbarossa: "If that is the case my Shehzade...then you make your own heaven..."
    Selim: "Tell Gazanfar Agha to prepare...we are going to Manisa"
    Cecilia: "Since there is no leaving or being saved from this place...then I must rise...to the highest point"
    Cecilia: "Either give the order for them to take my life, or let me go along with our Shehzade..."
    Hurrem: "In that case, you may go to the Shehzade's palace..."
    Selim: "If you wish, come with me...we will walk through Manisa together"
    Beyazid: "Be certain that I will come to Manisa one day Selim...to come to fill my position as the head of it, God Willing!"
    Hurrem: "It is obvious who is the one behind our enemies...if that person falls...all of them shall fall.."
    Cihangir: "My brother Selim's horse came back without a rider...they are looking for him, but he is not anywhere to be found...Beyazid is also missing...they had gone to do a race."
    Hurrem: "The arrow has left it's place Rustem...there is no return!"


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