• Season 1, Episode 5 Translation!!!

    The first scene shows Suleyman and his army marching in battle.

    Back in Istanbul, Sumbul is telling Nigar that Valide Sultan has said that if a single incident happens in the harem she will be very angry. He tells her she has to keep an eye on the cariyes. Nigar replies they will be careful. She says look at Hurrem "she walks around as if she is Haseki Sultan." Hurrem nods for Sumbul to come upstairs. Sumbul says "Look at how she calls me. Watch how I show her her place!"

    When Sumbul arrives, Hurrem asks: "Suklum agha, What happened? You were going to teach me?" Sumbul: "Ahh, it isn't Suklum! It is Sumbul Agha!" Hurrem: "You made me very sad, Sumbul agha. I want that when Sultan Suleyman comes back, that his Hurrem has learned everything...from Sumbul." Sumbul eyes the little coin purse in her hand and pulls her aside to take it. "Fine. Come after two days, we will talk. Don't get into any trouble with anyone. Go."

    Valide is admiring roses in the garden when Lala Kasim Pasha has come. Valide tells Daye she wishes to be alone with him. Lala: "What an honour to be in your presence." Valide greets him, tells him she is glad he has been left to look after Istanbul and the Palace and then says she wishes to share something with him. He wonders what it could be. She says: "I have a cariye in the harem. She is from Ukraine.

     Her name is Hurrem. She is Muslim. She is beautiful, and well-mannered. I have a proposition in regards to you and Hurrem."

    Meanwhile, King Louis is practicing sword fighting and his messenger arrives to tell him that thousands are arriving. He says let them come, and then says to his sparring partner: "Come on, don't wait, if you pause you die."

    Sumbul teaches Hurrem all the things she needs to know and do. At the end of the lesson, Hurrem says: "I understand. Whatever Valide Sultan says, goes. If she loves me, there will be no death for me. And I have to have a son. Sumbul agha - I wish to write a letter to the Sultan. About my love for him. But my writing is bad. I'll say it, you write." Sumbul: "I am not at the mercy of your wishes. Write it with Nigar Kalfa! Enough, Hurrem Hatun! I have lots to do, I am going!" Hurrem: "Don't go, I have a lot more to ask." Sumbul: "Enough, enough"

    Daye is telling Valide that Hurrem works at her lessons all day, she barely lifts her head from them. She doesn't even make a sound." Valide is pleased. Gulfem arrives and informs Valide that Lala Kasim's son has come from Edirne Palace. Valide tells her to let him come. Then Valide turns to Daye and tells her "Go now and do what I told you." They leave, and a young man approaches Valide.
    Valide: "Welcome Batur Bey. Did Lala Pasha speak to you about the matter?" Batur: "Yes, Valide Sultan."

    Nigar meanwhile writes out Hurrem's letter to the Sultan "My Majesty, my Sultan, Your slave Hurrem Sultan rubs her face in the dirt where your feet stood, out of despair from missing you! Sultan of my happiness. This separation has left my heart burning. It has thrust my soul into  flames. I am left breathless, my Sultan. 

    Then, Ayse enters. Hurrem tells her to leave and not enter without asking. "Foolish Ayse!" She continues with the poem: "Ahhh, add this part too - the liver is burnt, the breast (heart) has been destroyed. Yes...write Nigar Kalfa."

    Nigar: "How are you going to send this letter, Hurrem?" Hurrem: "You write, I will find a way."
    Sumbul enters the kitchen to find out that preparations are being made for a feast. Sumbul asks Seker what is going on, and Seker responds nervously, that Daye arrived a while earlier, and said that there will be guests for dinner. Sumbul wonders for what, but Seker says he has no idea. Sumbul looks worried.

    Daye informs Mahidevran that Valide is preparing a feast. Mahi wonders for whom, and Daye whispers something to her which pleases her greatly, so much that she kisses daye. Then she tells Gulshah to prepare her best kaftan for the event.

    Hurrem tells Nigar not to stop writing, there is more, but Nigar says that they wrote enough and it's finished. Hurrem: "My tears won't cease, I have become a flood. This separation is worse than death. Yes, write this also." Hurrem thinks Ayse has come again, but it is actually Daye who informs her that Valide has called her to gardens. Hurrem asks if she loves her now and Daye says "Yah, she loves you a lot. She is awed by you." Then she instructs Nigar to help Hurrem get ready. Nigar wonders. Hurrem says to herself. "Valide loves me. Suluman loves me."

    Suleyman meanwhile is looking out at his ships with Ibrahim. Suleyman praises the ships (the thinner ships were Ibrahim's idea), but Ibrahim tells him that it is the Sultan of the great empire that should be praised for his talents. Ibrahim tells him he will be greater than Alexander the Great.

    Hurrem has arrived in the gardens to greet Valide. Valide: "The weather is very nice. .Look at these roses. Hurrem Hatun? Can you please pick some of these roses for me?" Hurrem says: "My Valide, my Sultana! These roses are not as beautiful as you. I will pick them up for you right away!" As Hurrem picks the flowers unknowingly, Batur Bey watches her admiringly. Hurrem suddenly pricks her finger and mumbles to herself that someone has given her the evil eye (the eye of envy or when someone simply admires beauty). Batur worries if she is hurt (he is already in love with her lol). Sumbul chuckles to himself. Valide says it is getting late, and informs Nigar to bring Hurrem to her for dinner. Hurrem is happy. Batur is also happy, for a different reason.

    Hurrem is all dressed up and ready to go to Valide Sultan with the flowers she has picked for her....
    Hatice is writing a letter. Gulfem arrives and Gulfem asks if it is for Ibrahim and Hatice says yes, but how can she get it to him? Gulfem interrupts her thoughts telling her that Valide is waiting for her.
    Ibrahim is also writing a letter: "Sultanim, your eyes are here, by the banks of the Danube River..."
    Everyone has gathered in Valide's room for the dinner party. Hurrem arrives and everyone looks at her. Mahidevran is smiling. Hurrem takes her seat and stares at Hurrem.

    Sueyman suddenly catches Ibrahim writing "You couldn't sleep Pargali?" Ibrahim throws the letter in the fire. This is unsettling to the Sultan. "What are you hiding from me?" Ibrahim: "How would I dare...poems....I am trying to write poems, but it is so bad..that I really did not want you to read them!" Suleyman: "May you live long Pargali! You made me laugh! Just like Hurrem makes me laugh!"

    Valide asks Daye what Batur Bey thought, did he like Hurrem? Daye replies "What does liking me? He died, was finished! (by her beauty)" Hurrem wonders why Gulshah and Mahi are so happy and staring at her. When Daye approaches her, Hurrem asks "What is it? Did I make a mistake? Am I going to be punished?" Daye: "Come don't be afraid" But Hurrem notices Mahi and Gulshah smiling and looking at her and this scares her. Hatice is also wondering what is going on.

    When Hurrem exits "Daye where are we going? I am afraid? Am I going to the prisons?" Daye: "Your time as a slave girl is over. You are free. You are going to Edirne as a bride." Hurrem: "Is Sultan Suleyman waiting for me in Edirne?" Daye: "Valide Sultan is getting you married to Vizier Lala Kasim Pasha's son." Hurrem: "I am going to be Sultan Suleyman's bride? His wife?" Daye: "Are you deaf? I am telling you you will marry Lala Kasim's son, and go to Edirne. Put that into your small brain. And you will be leaving tomorrow from this Palace." Hurrem: "No....no matter what happens, this cannot happen! Never! I am not going from this palace! Sultan Suluman..." Daye: "Don't take Sultan Suleyman's name in your mouth! Valide Sultan made her decision and you will go! It is an order" Hurrem is heartbroken.

    Mahidevran meanwhile tells Gushah: "May God be pleased with Valide Sultan. See how she saved us from this Ukrainian Slave!" Gulshah: "Hopefully nothing bad comes out of this." Mahi: "Speak auspisciously, I wanted to see her face! She's going and when she goes, I hope she rots in hell!" Valide: "Are you entertained Mahidevran?" Mahi: "In your shadow, this is a magnificent night!" Valide: "From now on, our nights and days will be more magnificent" Valide asks Hatice if that is not true and Hatice says as long as her brother returns safely, she doesn't want anything.

    Daye tells Hurrem that things will get better. Hurrem says "I will speak to Valide Sultan. I will ask her for forgiveness." The door opens and tells her to get up. Mahi has arrived and tells her "May it be the best for you, Madame Bride." Hurrem: "I will not become a bride! This Palace is mine. I am not going anywhere. I am the Sultan's woman. His lover, loving woman. It is prohibited to touch me! You will die." Mahi: "Daye Hatun, take this bad mannered slave away from me." Hurrem: "I am not a slave! I am Hurrem. Hurrem Sultan!"

    Meanwhile in the camp, Suleyman is instructing his pashas of their tasks. He asks Ahmet Pasha to go from a different route and hat he will catch up with Bali Bey of Bosnia and Mehmet Bey. Ahmet suggests that without waiting they should go to Budin. Suleyman asks the other pasha Mustafa Pasha when the fleet will arrive, and the Pasha says he agrees with Ahmet, since the castle is a lower castle etc. Then Suleyman asks Ibrahim what he thinks. Ibrahim says that  there are some holes in the plans and needs more planning and Suleyman agrees, and calls for some other Pashas to come for discussion. Ahmet is not pleased with this.

    In the Palace, Mahidevran says "Did you see her impudence? I am not going, I am the Sultan's woman..ha! Who are you, and who is a Haseki, Russian Slave! She will go!"
    Hurrem meanwhile is having a fit. "I am not going, I will die, but I won't go. You are with them Ayse! You knew I was going!" Daye arrives. "I won't go!" Daye slaps her. Hurrem: "My death will go to Edirne...I have died! I have died!"

    We see Suleyman and Ibrahim on their horses. "Where is your mind?"
    In the morning in Istanbul, Daye arrives to see Valide who looks worried and has not eaten. "I cannot eat. Tell them to take it all away. I haven't slept all night." Daye asks if it is because of what Hurrem did last night" Valide shakes her head "What did Hurrem do now? Tell me." Daye: "She says she won't go, won't be a bride." Valide: "Tell her to come right away! Shameless!" Maria asks Ayse where Hurrem is. Ayse tells her that she cried all night saying she won't go.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is asking Sumbul to help her, she will be his servant. Sumbul says he can't and she says "I gave you so much money!....Please hide me, help me run away!" He says no "it is done, finished you will go!" Nigar arrives telling Sumbul Valide has called for Hurrem. Sumbul tells her to behave in front of Valide. Then pushes her and forces her to go.

    In the Sultan's camp, Suleyman is going through some books when Ibrahim arrives, telling him that Bali Bey of Bosnia and Husrev Mehmet Bey of Simendra? have arrived.
    Meanwhile, Hurrem kneels before Valide. Valide: "Who are you to stand against my orders? How dare you? Is this how they are teaching you? What I say goes! Do you understand?" Hurrem: "My Sultana, I am innocent." Valide: "Silence! Don't open your mouth! You are guilty of many things! Instead of taking your head, I am sending you as a bride." Hurrem: "I cannot be a bride. That man is a stranger to me. I am a Muslim woman, Sultanim. Harming a Muslim woman..." Valide: "Silence! Do not take our blessed religion in that lying mouth of yours! Daye, take her and get rid of her, I never want to see her! Send her away before nightfall!" Hurrem: "Sultanim, I won't go. I can't...I am pregnant."

    In the Sultan's camp, Bali Bey arrives along with Husrev Bey and they express their opinion that in the sea all the men are willing to to give their lives for him, but it will be easier if they wait for the canons. Husrev bey informs Suleyman that there will be a wedding party in the castle from what he has heard form his sources when he came this way. Suleyman is pleased as this provides an opportunity. Husrev Bey asks if the Sultan will join there, and Suleyman responds of course!
    Meanwhile, Valide: "If you are lying about being pregnant so you don't go, do you know what I will do to you?" Hurrem: "I know, Sultanim. I am not lying. I am pregnant. Sultan Suluman's male child" Valide: "Silence! Daye take her to her room. Does anyone know?" Hurrem: "No one knows," Valide: "Oh really? Why would you hide such "good" news?" Hurrem: "It is dangerous. They said don't say it until the baby is bigger. Or something will happen." Valide: "We will see what will happen to you"
    Valide asks Daye if she could be telling the truth. Daye says that she waits all kind of games....Valide wonders what will she tell Lala Pasha if it is true? His son is waiting! Insolence!'

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim tells Suleyman that Ahmet Pasha has taken a castle, and Suleyman is pleased. Meanwhile, Loius tells his advisor Andre to smile, that Suleyman is far away and that at night there is a wedding to go to, and that they should enjoy for a while. Andre is not convinced, but is silent.

    Maria knocks on Hurrem's door and asks her what Valude Sultan did. Hurrem: "She said be quiet. You will be a bride. I said impossible. I said I am pregnant." Maria cries out in shock. Hurrem: "There is no baby. I lied." Maria: "When they find out, they will kill you!" Hurrem: "I will run away. Hide me." Maria: "I can't, it's impossible." Hurrem: "It will have to be possible.I have to run away!" Then Maria has to go because Nigar has come.

    Seker asks when Sumbul will go, if Hurrem will get married in the Palace. Sumbul says she will go away, with a bag of belongings and then get married in Edirne. Seker says that no, Valide Sultan won't send her like that, if anything, she was really adored by the Sultan.  Seker says and when the Sultan comes, he will ask and then what? Sumbul says, no he won't ask! Valide will say she is gone! Daye arrives and wonders where Sumbul has been all this time, and that she knew he was stuffing his face, when Seker tries to stick up for him, Daye dismisses him saying that she didn't ask him. Daye informs Sumbul that Hurrem says she is pregnant. She tells Sumbul to question her secretly as he is close to her now, hoping Hurrem will spill her secret to him.

    Meanwhile, Lala's son is going crazy with impatience, and his father tells him not to worry, that Hurrem hatun is probably just getting ready and she will soon arrive, he tells his son he will take his wife and go to Edirne soon , not to worry.

    Sumbul enters Hurrem's room and asks how she is. He asks why she is shaking, she should be happy, since she is pregnant, there will be no more problems. She says she is afraid. He asks from who? She says she is afraid of Mahidevran. That she will kill her. Sumbul scares her and tells her that actually she should be afraid of lying. Then he makes up a story about a slave girl who lied about being pregnant and then when the doctor found out, they threw her into the sea. He asks her if she is telling the truth "Are you pregnant?"

    Meanwhile, Hatice asks if her brother is fine, she says don't worry I had a good dream where he caught a big fish and showed it to me. Hatice says this is a good sign. Mahi and her son arrive. Valide asks if Mustafa's lessons have finished. Then Hatice takes him out to the balcony. Mahi asks if Valide saw all the commotion Hurrem caused just not to leave. Valide says that she called her and the thing she said...Mahi says I wish you wouldn't have listened to that impudent girl! Valide says she says she is pregnant. Mahi says "Lies. She is lying. She cannot be."

    Suleyman meanwhile is looking out at the boats and saying that as if they are going for a matrak game, and Suleyman says war is like a game as well.

    Hatice looks out over the sea wondering about Ibrahim when Gulfem arrives and Hatice thinks she has brought word about Ibrahim, but Gulfem says I was talking about Mustafa and his sword play, not Ibrahim. Hatice tells her to be quiet, she doesn't want Valide to hear!

    Meanwhile, Daye tells Valide that Hurrem is adamant, despite Sumbul's tricks to try to get the truth out of her, even by scaring her. Mahi says "Liar. Snake Liar!" Valide asks Daye to bring the doctor quietly at night to check her, that no one should see her. And that Lala Pasha must be told he has to wait till tomorrow.

    Maria asks Hurrem to tel the truth to save herself. Hurrem says "It's true, there is no baby. But there is love, I am in love with Suleyman. If Suleyman is not here, then I won't go to Edirne. I will die if another man touches me!!" Maria: "You really fell in love didn't you? How sad for you!" Hurrem: "Maria. Hide me. Don't let them come!" Maria says she will try something, and for her to leave. But it is too late. They are coming, and "they will kill me!"
    Sumbul informs Lala Pasha that tomorrow morning they will send Hurrem, as it is too late now. Lala Pasha says don't worry, my son will be with us one more night!"
    Hurrem says: "I will kill myself, don't come close!" Daye: "Don't Hurrem my child. Come give that to me. Hurrem says: "I won't give it! Dont come! Leave!" Nigar: "Give that to me, Hurrem Hatun, come let me fix your hand...give it to me" Hurrem lets go and hugs Nigar and cries. Daye says the doctor will come check at night. Hurrem says "No! The baby will die!" Daye says: "Enough Hurrem! Stop acting like a child/as if we are playing with a child! Nigar don't leave her alone" Nigar takes her to sit and stop the bleeding in her hand.

    Meanwhile, Louis and several others are a wedding party in a Castle, everyone unaware that Suleyman is outside with his army. Lady Victoria and her husband the Count Ariel arrive and are seated. Louis says that it is a small wedding, but when the Ottomans are defeated he will make a big ceremony for them in Budin Palace. He toasts the new couple and the party continues. Ibrahim arrives to tell Suleyman that the wedding party is there and Suleyman is pleased.
    Hurrem tells herself not to be scared as they lead her to the doctor...
    Back at the wedding party, Louis removes Victoria's veil and presents her with a gift and calls her beauty magnificent. Then takes his seat. Suleyman asks Ibrahim if he is ready as the entertainment is about to begin. He then shouts out the command.
    Louis tells Victoria and her husband to have lots of children. Outside a guard sees flying arrows and rushes off. The canons are fired. War has begun and the wedding party is taken by surprise. Louis is told he must escape right away. As the Ottoman artillery pounds the castle walls, Louis and the part escape.

    Hurrem meanwhile is very afraid when the doctor arrives. She is forced on the bed and the woman examines her. Mahidevran nervously paces her room waiting for news. Hurrem says "In the name of Allah." and asks God for help. Then she says come Suleyman, save your love.
    Meanwhile, the Castle has fallen quickly and the Ottomans enter the room where the wedding feast was taking place. Suleyman asks where Louis is, and a Janissary says that they are looking for him. Suleyman says he can't run away. Ibrahim goes looking through a passageway and we see Louis and a guard, the guard fights a janissary. Ibrahim comes across Victoria's husband and strikes him, but as he gets up to hurt Ibrahim, Suleyman kills him. Victoria sees her dead husband and rushes to him. Louis manages to escape. Ibrahim is yelling at the Janissaries and Suleyman arrives, realizing Louis has gotten away, and Ibrahim confirms this.
    Meanwhile the doctor has finished with Hurrem and Hurrem stands up. Daye asks what has happened, and everyone prepares for Hurrem to have lied. But the doctor says that she is pregnant. They are all shocked. Hurrem is happy and so is Nigar. Hurrem says "I am not a liar. Thank God!" Daye is speechless.

    Valide and Mahi are waiting when the door opens. Daye: "She has told the truth, Sultanim. She is pregnant." Mahi faints.

    Hurrem meanwhile is thanking God and is really happy. "My son" she says.
    Ibrahim says he is happy that Allah gave him the honour of being alongside him with this victory. They are going to Belgrade. Suleyman prays to God with his army. "Oh Lord, you accepted our prayers, make me sacrificed for the sake of all the Muslim's but do not let a single Muslim be treated unjustly by the unbelievers. Make us victorious on the campaign we are about to embark today!"
    Hurrem asks if Ayse has told all of them if Hurrem is pregnant. Maria tells her to be quiet, the lie will come out in the open. Hurrem replies: "May the liars be blinded! I am no longer Hurrem hatun! Hurrem Sultan. I am going to be the mother of a prince! I will not go anywhere! I will give birth in this palace to my son!" A cariye: "Pray that it happens that way, Hurrem, and for God to save you from the bad eyes."

    Maria asks for Sumbul and she tells him she wishes to be Muslim and he tells her to enter.

    Mahi prays for Hurrem to miscarry. "I would have been rid of her! But now she's pregnant. May God make the baby fall!" Gulshah says she hopes she dies. Mahi says " I wish she would die so this torture would end." Gulshah gives her some medicine telling her too much will kill her. Mahi gets ideas and tells her she wants to keep the medicine so Mustafa doesn't accidentally play with it.

    Suleyman goes through the fields and sees the children playing, and says that they have no cares in the world! They are just kids, laughing playing etc. Ibrahim says he must miss Mustafa and Suleyman says he misses Mustafa and Hurrem so much that when he thinks of them, his insides shake. Suleyman tells Ibrahim to find a companion because lonliness is sad thing. Ibrahim says he is happy to be his loyal servant and that is enough. Suleyman says you reminded me of those poems you wrote...so who is the lucky girl you were writing them for? Ibrahim is silent...

    Hatice visits Mahi and asks if she is okay. Mahi says she is fine, it is fate. Mahi tells her that she should go from the palace and find happiness. Hatice says that Valide said the same thing and that they have someone in mind, does Mahi know who she is. Mahi asks if she has someone in mind, but Hatice says no. Mahi says that Valide will find someone good for her.
    Valide wonders what she should say to Lala. Daye says can't we just tell the truth? Valide says, "and say what? hurrem is pregnant, so I will give you another girl?! And destroy the value of my word???? Have you lost your mind?" Daye says she didn't think about it. Valide says that they should say she is ill...and then they will think of something. Daye asks what will happen to Hurrem??
    Meanwhile, Hurrem goes to see Sumbul, and she says she is hungry. She says my baby is hungry for quail pilaf. Sumul says ask someone else! Hurrem reminds him it is Sultan Suleyman's baby who wants. Nigar tells Hurrem Valide is waiting for her. Hurrem tells Sumbul "the quail don't forget!"
    Gulfem meanwhile tells Hatice that the messenger is waiting to send the letter. Gulfem asks if she wrote about Hurrem hatun's news. Hatice says that she did yes. Mahidevran is calm and it worries her she might do something crazy.

    Suleyman tells his men that the Belgrade Palace is a difficult one, and that until it isn't taken he won't be at rest.

    Hurrem asks Nigar if Valide has called her again for more punishment and torture. Nigar tells her to be polite and nothing bad will happen. Mahi appears and looks at Hurrem.

    Seker meanwhile has made the food Hurrem has asked for. He comments "Oh today she asked for quail, tomorrow she will ask for elephant! Hmph!" Sumbul reminds him it is the Sultan's child and he should just do his job. Seker asks why he is so happy, if she gives him gold? Sumbul says what is it to him? Should he expose those people in the market who deal with him??? Seker quickly changes the subject.

    Hurrem bows to Valide and asks for forgiveness. Valide tells her she has called her to tell her there will be no more mistakes. Pregnant women in this Palace follow the rules. Hurrem says Nigar has taught her. Valide tells her she should not get into trouble with other cariyes. She should not let the baby come to harm. It is not her child, it is the Ottoman empire's child. Valide asks Nigar to have sweets distributed for Hurrem.

    The harem is quiet as they all wonder why the sweets and juice. Nigar says it is for Hurrem. Maria tells them to pray for her, and not gossip, it is a sin. Hurrem mumbles "Suleyman, I will die for you!"
    Mahi is putting Mustafa to sleep when Gulshah arrives asking why she looks mad. Gulshah tells her that Valide had sweets distributed on her behalf, and that Valide Sultan has called you. Mahi says she is calling me to be quiet? Or to accept my fate?

    The women are holding a prayer for the Sultan. Suleyman is about to face battle. Hatice cries for her brother and more so, for Ibrahim.

    Ibrahim says the canons have hit the castle walls. Suleyman orders to begin "Now, my lions! Don't let them sleep! They will cry out for death! Show them! Now my lions!"

    THE END.


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