• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 118 Translation


    Selim enters the palace, walks through the harem and greets his mother who watches from the terrace above to her room. Nurbanu is also there and Afife tells her that her room is ready.

    Mustafa is with Atmaca saying that he wrote an answer to his father and although he does not know if it will help, he wrote whatever was in his heart. Atmaca reassures him saying that the Sultan will understand, at the very least, he will understand that Mustafa has no bad intentions. Mustafa is skeptical, but says "God Willing" Taslicali arrives saying that the Gatekeeper Chamberlain of the Capital Cafer agha has arrived. Mustafa wonders why, and if the Sultan has sent him. Taslicali replies that he has said it was about the Campaign to Persia and that if he accepts him in his presence, he would like to discuss the matter. Mustafa says he may enter.

    Meanwhile, Selim is greeting his father and kisses his hand. Suleyman welcomes him and asks if he is well. Selim says that he is well indeed, and that seeing his father and his father having seen him worthy is what gives him happiness. He then thanks his father for bestowing on him the role of Regent. Suleyman asks if he is aware of the value of it, that he is entrusting his throne to him. Selim replies that he will do everything within his power to be worthy of this responsibility and that his father should be certain that he will not embarrass him.

    Back in Amasya, Cafer agha has come before Mustafa. "As you know Shehzade Hazretleri, Our Hunkar has put a great deal of trust, based on Rustem Pasha's recommendation, on Elkas. They are certain that they will return triumphant from the war." Mustafa: "You do not think the same?" Cafer: "My wish is for a huge victory for our Hunkar of course, but this is not looking possible...because Elkas is not as powerful in Persia as he might seem." Mustafa: "If you know something, then speak." Cafer: "He has said that the Turkmen are with him, but how much can we trust someone who has betrayed his own family. How can it be known that he won't leave us hanging?" Atmaca: "What do you think speak?" Cafer: "I do not see any benefit in trying to convince/speak to our Hunkar...But we must stop this campaign before it happens. In truth, we know that you are not in favour of this war either." Mustafa: "Our Hunkar has seen this as a suitable (course of action), so it does not befall anyone to question this decision!" Cafer tries to speak but Mustafa cuts him off, saying: "If you don't have anything else to say, then get out." Cafer: "The days ahead of us are heavy...God Willing this campaign will be for the best...especially for you." Cafer leaves. Mustafa tells Atmaca to follow Cafer because he must be entangled in some plotting or something, he tells Atmaca to find out what his purpose is, and who is in on it with him.

    Mihrimah is walking down the hall of the harem, when she comes across Fatma (who has a mysterious redness about her cheeks that was not there before, and we all know why) Fatma: "Mihrimah...you are unhappy again. Because of Rustem right? You are waiting until the return from the campaign to divorce him..." Mihrimah: "I made the best decision for myself." Fatma: "For your sake, or for the sake of your mother." Mihrimah: "No matter that we are Sultanas...we are not free in our situations and actions..we are forced to act more by our minds than our hearts right?" Fatma: "Love is a powerful feeling...it chooses it's own way Mihrimah...if you try to prevent it, your heart will be ripped to shreds.. or your reason..." When Fatma walks off, Gulbahar asks Mihrimah why she is waiting, and when she will expose Fatma. Mihrimah says everything has its time "Let her enjoy her love...let it grow...let it grow so that when I take it from her, her heart will tearinto pieces."

    Suleyman is having the marks on his back inspected by the doctor who puts ointment. Suleyman asks what it is, and that he cannot fall asleep at night. The doctor replies that some types of grief and sadness cause this kind of manifestation on the body and it will hopefully pass. Suleyman asks what if it doesn't pass and the doctor replies they have to wait to be able to say for certain what it is. When the doctor leaves, Suleyman tells Afife he is fine and she should not worry. Afife says that she prays night and day for him and that if anything, if they could tell Hurrem so that with her healing hands she could become a source of relief for him. Suleyman says that he told her no one shall know!
    Nurbanu looks at her room and says to Canfeda: "This will be my home Canfeda...the day will come when there is no going back (to Manisa) and I will stay in this magnificent palace." Canfeda: "But still don't forget that everything is fragile. We could not hold up to the things that came upon his in Manisa." Nurbanu: "That issue is closed. Our Shehzade fixed his mistake. Now he knows how difficult it is to obtain the throne." Canfeda: "God Willing Sultanim." Nurbanu: "You unpack my things...I cannot keep Hurrem Sultan waiting."
    Cihangir is with Mihrimah and says: "I won't lie, I don't feel like meeting Selim. I still have not forgotten what happened during that dinner you hosted in your palace. And afterwards he complained about all of us..." Mihrimah: "Those days are in the past Cihangir. No matter what he is your brother...do not fall short in your duty of respecting him as such. Or our mother will be very sad afterwards." Cihangir: "Is that why you went back on your divorce? So our mother won't be sad?" Mihrimah: "I have not changed my decision...when the time comes our paths will separate." Cihangir: "You made a mistake Mihrimah. You should have divorced Rustem. While you had the opportunity you should have done it. Be certain that none of the promises made to you will stick!" Selim: "Mihrimah, you are here. I wondered if Cihangir was ill because e did not meet me." Cih: "You can see brother I am fine. Welcome." Selim: "I do not feel welcome...or are you unhappy hat I have come? It's true you were waiting for Mustafa!" Cihangir: "Mustafa was the one in our Hunkar's heart. But what a lucky Shehzade you are that you get everything you do not deserve! First Manisa Sanjak! Now the Regency!"
    Mihrimah: "Don't start this again...it's not the place or the time!" Selim: "I do not deserve but...a Shehzade who goes behind our Hunkar's back and marries secretly, he deserves it right?" Cihangir: "And you are so innocent? We know all about what you have done in Manisa!" Mihrimah: "Cihangir!"  Cihangir: "Being Regent does not change the truth. The throne being entrusted to you today will tomorrow be given to the rightful throne! And that will never be you!" Selim: "Maybe, and maybe not...at least I have a chance...you do not even have that. Many  campaings will come and go, many victories won, and you will always be here...amidst the walls of this palace! At the command of our mother!" Cihangir leaves. Mihrimah says: "Were you forced to say this ...you know how sensitive he is..." Selim: "He threw the first stone."
    Meanwhile, Nurbanu is with her baby and Hurrem. Hurrem prays for the baby and then the cariye takes the baby away. Hurrem asks Nurbanu how she is and Nurbanu says since she sees her, much better. Hurrem asks how everything is in Manisa and Nurbanu says that everything is going good as Hurrem wants it. Hurrem asks how Selim is, and if he is faithful to his repentance (of alcohol). Nurbanu tells her not to worry and that he has not had a drink for months. Hurrem looks unconvinced
    so Nurbanu says he did slip a couple of times, but he is trying and while the Sultan is here, he will not drink. This satisfies Hurrem, who says that as long as he doesn't get in trouble with the Sultan that is enough.
    Suleyman is in his room looking towards the doors of his balcony. Remembering the words that he read in Mustafa's response: " I understand my faults, and I understand that I have added mistakes to my mistakes and have made you feel ashamed of me. I have shaken the trust you had for me. My soul is feeling very disturbed. As you leave for your campaign, my only wish and desire is to see you off and to rub the dust of your feet onto my face..."

    Lokman arrives and announces Cihangir, and Suleyman accepts to see him. Suleyman asks why his face looks like that. Cihangir: "If you permit, I wish to join you on you campaign." Suleyman: "Come sit....where did this suddenly come from?" Cihangir: "For long I have not stepped foot out of this palace. I am tired of being surrounded by the safe walls of the palace. I could only see my brothers off and watch them go as they went off to their sanjaks and to wars." Suleyman: "What happened...it is obvious something has happened which is troubling you?" Cihangir: "When I was small I thought that when I grew up everything would better, just like my brothers. But it did not happen. The weight (on my back) grew too, so did the pain...sometimes carrying it was so difficult...especially in this palace...Hunkarim, I know...I know I will never be like my brothers. but, just for once I want to feel like they feel...like a Shehzade feels..." Suleyman: "You are a Shehzade...if you have not gone to war to this date, it was only for your age, and for your health." Cihangir: "But now my age is suitable...and my health too..your most precious doctors will go with you, if something happens, they will intervene." Suleyman: "I am going to Persia, CIhangir...it is a very long campaign...it will be difficult. But I will think about it."
    Meanwhile Rustem is speaking to his daughter (hate him or love him, he is so sweet to his daughter, he is convincing as an overly doting, loving father) Rustem: "Your clothes, your tiara, look beautiful on you! I missed you so much." He kisses her. She rushes to her mother and says: "Mommy, Papa came home!" Mihrimah looks grumpy, and then when Humashah is sent away with a cariye (they always send their children away it seems) she says to Rustem: "I told you to give notice before you come." Rustem: "I am not going to ask permission from anyone to see my own daughter." Mihrimah: "We made a deal with you. If you aren't going to obey the terms then say so, I will take measures accordingly." Rustem: "After a few months I will be leaving for war. For a long time you will not see me. If God permits and I return, what will happen is obvious - you will divorce me. And then what Mihrimah? Have you ever thought about that? I will tell you. I will continue my life as the Grand Vizier and you will be a divorced woman. But as per the custom they will marry you off again...there are many pashas and beys that you won't love." Mihrimah: "You are wrong Rustem...my mother promised me, that this time I can marry whoever my heart wants, whoever I love, I shall marry." Rustem: "Even if that is the case...the one you marry will be taking commands from me...you will go to another place, a life without voice or power, is that what you want?" Mihrimah: "Maybe he will take orders from you...but he will have something else...the woman you love!"
    In Amasya, Mustafa is reading a letter from Beyazid: "I don't know how to explain... You have written to me that a person receives the biggest blows from those who are closest to them. That is very true! I am so ashamed that I can barely write this letter... But I will explain everything when we meet face to face. Please understand for now that I definitely did not betray you!"

    Mahidevran: "He has thrust a dagger into your back and now without shame, he writes a letter to you!" Mustafa: "He has written that he did not betray me. He says face to face he will tell me what happened." Mahi: "God knows what lies he will tell." Mihrunissa: "In the very least we have to listen to what he has to say. Maybe he has an explanation." Mahi: "There is no explanation for betrayal. Since he has acted like our friend and then behind our back became our enemy then we will expose his relationship with Hurichihan." Mustafa: "We spoke about this earlier Validem...this kind of thing will not happen!" Mahi: "Why are you still protecting him?! Because of Hurichihan?!" Mustafa: "The matter is about my honour...how could you see me doing such things?" Mustafa leaves.

    Mahidevran: "Mihrunissa do you also think this way." Mihrunissa: "Everyone knows how just and conscientious our Shehzade is...how sad that they are using it as a weapon against him." Mahi: "What day are you waiting for? Everyone knows now that you are his wedded wife. And don't forget...when you were getting married you made me a promise. When are you going to use that power you boasted of?"
    Beyazid is reading when Hurichihan enters his room. He sees her and looks away. Huri: "Shehzadem, for days you are not saying a word. Leave speaking, you do not even look at my face." Bey: "Go back to your room." Huri: "While I cannot forgive myself, I will not wait for that from you. But I am not regretful. I was forced to do this. They did not leave me any other way. Either I was going to kill myself or...I was not going to lose you Beyazid...for you...for our love I did it...does this not have any worth?" Bey: "For days I am struggling with myself. One side of me wants me to forget everything and take you in my arms...but the other side prevents me from doing this...it reminds me of your betrayal." Huri: "If you don't want me anymore, if you don't love me...if our love is gone, then I do not exist... I accept your punishment. If you want take my life, if you want send me away, they are both one (didn't Hurrem say the same thing every time to Suleyman? Can't they come up with different lines?)
    In Istanbul in the marketplace a man named Abbas takes a seat with Cafer. Abbas: "I hope you brought good news from Amasya." Cafer: "Shehzade Mustafa is not happy with this campaign, but it is obvious he will not go against this decision, so the war will happen...there is no return." Abbas: "Sultan Suleyman is marching to his own calamity." Cafer: "What is Elkas up to?" Abbas: "He is playing with fire, the traitor. He is meeting with Fatma Sultan, Sultan Suleyman's sister secretly." Cafer: "This was all that was left...don't stay away long...go back to Mirza so he doesn't suspect anything." We see that Atmaca has been following the guy. When Cafer gets up, Atmaca follows him. Cafer knocks on a door and goes inside.
    Later Elkas is walking with Abbas. "Let us write a letter to the Turkmen Beys Abbas...they should know that when I am the Persian Shah then the support they gave me will be rewarded in kind." Abbas: "I will my Shahzade." Elkas: "Do not neglect..where were you you disappeared for long." Abbas: "I went to the market...I picked up the necklace you had ordered for Fatma Sultan." He presents a box to Elkas who opens it and looks at the purple necklace while smiling.

    Selim is in his room, pouring a drink when Nurbanu arrives. They greet and then he says how beautiful, you are once again refreshing my eyes (you are a refreshing sight). Nurbanu tells him that the aghas have sent word that the horse that he is going to give to his father is ready. Selim smiles and says that at a suitable time he will give it. Selim is pouring drink and Nurbanu aks who brought that for him, and he tells her not to worry that he won't drink a lot and they were careful when they brought it. Nurbanu says that it is very dangerous and that Hurrem Sultan said to be careful and they cannot give account. He asks if she spoke to his mother about it. Nurbanu responds that as soon as they arrived, she started questioning her and specifically asked if he broke his repentance promise. Nurbanu asks what she said and she says that just like all their secrets, she hid this too. Selim sits down. Nurbanu says that he has to help and if anything at least while the Sultan is in the palace, he should not drink. Selim says: "This palace is drowning me Nurbanu. Each stone is falling upon me. Although I was born here and grew up here. I should feel safe and happy here...but the exact opposite...I feel like everyone is waiting to catch me make a mistake." Nurbanu: "If that is the case then why are you giving them opportunities. You who are the regent now...the protector of the dominions. Do not frustrate the trust that the Hunkar has put on you." Selim: "The only thing that  relieves my soul is knowing that the Hunkar is with me, his support...and your presence."

    Hurrem enters into Cihangir's room and tells him not to get up. Hurrem: "I hope you have no pains...?" Cihangir: "I am fine. I also consulted with the doctors, and they say I am in good health and am fit to join the war." Hurrem: "Why are you being so insistent? Your situation is sensitive and I don't want to be separated from you... Even as you got to Kutahya, you came right back... Don't push yourself so much." Cihangir: "You are only thinking of yourself... Mihrimah and I are both living the life you chose for us. It doesn't matter to you what pleases us or what we want... I don't know about Mihrimah, but I refuse to let that continue."

    In the next scene, we see Suleyman and Selim. Selim: "A pure Arabian horse, Hunkarim. According to the agha of the stables, all of our horses are in one category, and this horse is in its own category... It would make me extremely happy if you accepted it as a gift from me..." Suleyman: "What are some of its characteristics?" Selim: "It is strong, durable, and above all, it is loyal to its owner, and obeys... If you don't like it...?" Suleyman: "Actually I do like it... These days it is difficult to find even a Shehzade with these qualities. I accept your gift. I pray that Allah gives you even better gifts. Be careful and watchful as I am away. Enemies will wait for your weakest moment to strike, and they are everywhere." Selim: "I learned my lesson... I will not listen to my desires, especially as I am watching over your mighty throne..."
    Suleyman: "Prepare my horse. Let us see if it matches up to what they claim."

    We see Fatma Sultana enter into a shady house and is told that Elkas is waiting for her. She tells Melek to send off the guards waiting downstairs as they are attracting attention. Gulbahar informs Mihrimah in the next scene that Fatma Sultana has gone to visit Elkas, and
    Mihrimah asks if everything is prepared, and the witnesses are ready. Mihrimah: "Did you tell them if something goes wrong, that I will have their heads?" Gulbahar nods. Mihrimah: "Good. The time is here. The bird has entered the cage!"

    We then see Elkas sitting with Fatma, telling her that he wishes he could host her at his palace. Fatma: "This is more appropriate. As soon as I enter the palace, everybody will hear about it." Elkas: "I have been dreaming about this for days... You are finally here in front of me." Elkas then gives her a beautiful necklace and says that "These stones have no worth beside your beauty... Your face would even leave the sun being jealous!" Fatma: "I don't know what is happening to me... I am getting embarrassed. I have forgotten these feelings for quite some time, and I did not have any hope of their returning. Love was a distant memory... until you came along."

    In the next scene, Atmaca is seen creeping around a dark room and is ambushed by a man with a knife. He tells the man that based upon Shehzade Mustafa's orders, he has been sent to kill him, but before he does, he wants to know who he is and who he works for. Cafer agha: "We shall see who kills whom! I will cut your throat!" Atmaca gives him a few good Ottoman slaps and a good headbutt. Atmaca does some impressive Matrix moves and in the end stabs Cafer agha. He grabs him by the throat and asks him who sent him and what their intentions are. Atmaca: "The man I saw with you, he is one of Shehzade Elkas' men! What business do you have with them??" Cafer: "Wait! Wait! I will explain... But I have one condition!" Atmaca: "What condition??? You are dying!" Cafer: "My son... My son... He doesn't have anyone else. I don't want him to see me like this. Promise me that you won't leave him here and you will take him away from here. Tell me who you will give him to??" Atmaca: "To Ali Efendi at the long bazaar... The carpet merchant... Now explain yourself!!!" Cafer: "Ok..."
    PART 2

    Cafer: "You will take him from here...he shouldn't see me this way...I have a friend, Ali Efendi. He is a craftsmen, does work with carpets, take my son to him." Atmaca: "First you speak and tell me." Cafer: "Promise me...you will not leave him here, promise me." Atmaca: "I promise" Cafer: "I want to hear it...say it, who are you going to take him to?" At: "Ali Efendi" Cafer: "The carpet maker" At: "The carpet maker! Now speak!"
    Atmaca enters a dark small room and finds a little boy asleep.
    Meanwhile, Elkas and Fatma are talking. Elkas: "These are the last days of mine in Istanbul. If it is possible, I would like to spend every moment of it with you." Fatma: "I want this also...but the truth is like a fire that surrounds us. Actually it is raging between us. I won't be able to come to you and you won't be able to come to me." Elkas takes her hand and says: "Who can stop the rain from falling to the ground Sultanim? Who can stop the sun from rising?" Fatma pulls her hand away and says: "Not like this...not here, not in this way. You know our customs and rules..." Elkas says a poem in Persian."

    Suddenly there is some noise and a magistrate of the court comes accompanied by Janissary guards. Elkas asks who they are and what they want. The magistrate says that there has been a complaint of fornication happening in the house. Fatma: "Fornication??"

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is with Mihrimah and comments about CIhangir wanting to go to war and wonders who he could have gotten the idea from. She says that lately he has been acting just like the rest of her children. "So what did you have to say? You insisted I come for dinner. You must have something to say right?" Mihrimah: "The matter of the letter mother...I am talking about the fake later Fatma Sultan wrote to me. You said this act of hers would not remain without a fitting answer"  Hurrem: "Do not be hasty. I told you that when the time comes I will make Fatma Sultan regret what she has done!" Mihrimah: "There is no need...I have taken care of her."
    Back in the house where Elkas is staying, Fatma says: "Have you lost your minds? Don't you see? Do we look like we are in a state of fornication? (In Islamic law, you can't accuse someone of fornication - except if  witnesses saw with their own eyes, but this accusation would not stay and would be denied by a judge if the woman says she has not done anything (her word is taken over everybody else, including eye witnesses and the other party involved.)." Magistrate: "You will say what you have to say to the judge. It wasn't a random complaint that brought us here (as in there was a valid concern)." He says to the Janissaries "Go put them in the prison." Fatma: "Do not dare! I will take all your heads! How dare you! A Sultana stands in front of you! I am Fatma Sultana!" Magistrate, smiling: "Who are you fooling Hatun? Are you trying to play us for fools? What would a mighty Sultana have to do in a place like this?! On top of that with a non-mahram (a male who is not a family member, in a private setting at night)" Fatma: "Where is Melek hatun?!" Magistrate: "If you are asking about the women and men that were inside...they are also going to prison and being charged with adultery as well...now get in front of us!"

    Fatma: "You fool! And if what I say is true? If I am actually a Sultana? In that case you know what will happen to you right?" The magistrate pauses then asks Elkas : "And who are you?" Elkas: "I am the brother of the Persian Shah Tahmasp, my name is Elkas Mirza." Fatma: "You must heard the prince's name due to the ceremony that was held to welcome him?" Magistrate: "How do I know you are telling the truth? Do you have some proof?" Fatma: "Allow me to send word to the palace, and then the truth will come out! The matter has to do with your head. For this reason think hard!"

    Back in Mihrimah's palace, Hurrem pulls Mihrimah aside: "What did you do Mihrimah?" Mihrimah: "you are asking me and this is my answer - she found what she is worthy of!" Hurrem: "The person you are talking about is a Sultana...our Hunkar's sister! How could see her worthy of such a filthy thing! Okay, you don't think of her, but did it occur to you about our Hunkar? The matter is about the reputation of the Dynastic family...How can you do this?!" Mihrimah: "I am not the one bringing down the reputation of the Family, Fatma Sultan is. I wanted her true face to be revealed. She deserved this long ago!" Hurrem: "Fahriye! Get my carriage ready at once." Hurrem turns to Mihrimah: "I cannot understand this doing of yours. Now they will think it was me. They will say I was responsible for exposing this dirty thing." Mihrimah: "All of the responsibily will be with me mother...I will speak with our Hunkar." Hurrem: "Do not say a single word, don't you dare! No one will know you did this, do you understand me?" Mih: "Mother..." Hurrem: "Did you understand me, I said! Do not leave your palace, at least until this filthy think is cleaned up! and I am warning you for the last time Mihrimah...if you do something like this again I will make you regret it so much that no one can save you!"
    Meanwhile in Elkas' house - Fatma is pacing the floor in confusion and anxiety. She says: "It is obvious someone followed me..they have trapped me, how could I be this negligent?!" Elkas: "Do not blame yourself, the fault for all of this lies with me. I was the one who was willing to walk even on fire." Fatma: "Damn it...look at our condition..." Elkas: "It is not that bad Sultanim. At the very worst they will exile you, and take my head. They will say it is because of love finally." Fatma: "No, I sent Melek to Afife Hatun. She will take us out from here without anyone knowing. And our Hunkar will not learn of it." Elkas: "How will you silence those who know about us? Let us get out from here, then later we will deny it. Both of us shall deny it." The door opens and Rustem arrives. Fatma is shocked. "Rustem?"
    Rustem: "One of the aghas wanted to take word to the palace as per one of the Janissaries orders. Let us thank God that the gateman came to me"

    Meanwhile Melek rushes to Afife, and Afife asks what is wrong, why her face is pale and she says there is something Afife must know. She starts saying something really bad has happened. Just as she is about to tell Afife, Zal comes and tells Melek that Fatma Sultan wants to see her. Afife is left wondering.
    Hurrem is in her room and Fahriye tells her that Fatma has returned to the palace without anyone seeing her. Hurrem is relieved. She tells Fahriye to send word to Rustem to fix everything without anyone knowing. Fahriye asks, surprised, if Hurrem will protect Fatma? Hurrem says that for certain Fatma Sultan will answer to the Sultan, but that only they will know about it. She tells her to go give word to Rustem, and then she asks another cariye to inform Lokman that she will be seeing the Sultan.
    Later, the boy that Atmaca is supposed to give to Ali the carpet guy has woken up. Atmaca: "Pack your things, we are leaving." Yusuf: "Who are you?" At: "I came while you were asleep. My name...my name is Tugrul, your father was my pal." Yusuf: "Where is my father, where did he go?" At: "He had to go to Egypt as part of his duties...he will stay for a long time, and we do not know when he shall return. There is Ali Efendi, you know him right?" Yusuf nods. At: "alright then get ready, until your father returns you will stay with him. Come on, get read."
    Hurrem is with Suleyman in his room. Suleyman: "I don't like it either, but Cihangir is right - he has grown now. He has the right just like the other Shehzades to come with me to war." Hurrem: "There is time yet for that...I will speak to him and he will change his mind because his health is more important than everything." Suleyman: "That is true of course. Tell me what you wanted to say, Lokman said you needed to tell me somethings that are important." Hurrem: "I - er, I do not know how to say this to you, but you must know...Fatma Sul-" there is a knock at the door. Lokman tells Suleyman that Fatma is waiting to see him. Suleyman tells him that he should tell her to wait. But Lokman says he told her but she is insisting. Suleyman then says she can enter, all the while he looks at Hurrem. He asks Hurrem if something has happened between them. Hurrem shakes her head no. Fatma arrives. Suleyman tells her to come close. Fatma: "Forgive me for insisting on seeing you, but I wished for you to hear about the matter that involves me from me personally. Of course if Hurrem has not already said it." Suleyman: "What is it, I am listening to you." Fatma: "I met with Rustem Pasha. He told me that the Persian Prince Mirza, has wanted to marry me." Suleyman: "Nikkah? Where did this Nikkah come from?" Fatma: "He spoke to Rustem Pasha. Our Pasha wanted to come see what I think before coming to tell you. From what he says, Elkas Mirza is accepting to follow the way of Imam Abu Hanifa (i.e. become Sunni like the Ottomans. Abu Hanifa is one of the Sunni scholars, and since Mirza comes from Persia (predominantly Shia), he would have to change his sect in order to marry an Ottoman sultana). Fatma: "Of course, in this kind of matter it does not befall to me to say anything. I wanted you to know that no matter what decision you make, is good enough for me and I accept."
    Atmaca arrives at the market and asks where the carpet tradesmen Ali Efendi can be found, but a man informs him that he is too late since he has died and his funeral has been conducted today. Atmaca asks where his family is and the man says that he had no family and that only the few tradesmen and merchants that he knew attended his funeral. Atmaca doesn't know what to do, so he tells Yusuf that Ali Efendi has died and asks if Yusuf has anyone else to stay with but Yusuf shakes his head no.
    Rustem goes to his office and finds Hurrem there and wishes her a good morning. Hurrem says: "You said Elkas Mirza is a suitor for Fatma Sultan?! God Willing you have a proper explanation?" Rustem: "The incident that happened last night, I was the first to hear of it. I went right away to them, they were in such a hopeless situation that whatever I said they accepted..I made an agreement with them." Hurrem: "What agreement?!!"

    Rustem has a flashback of when he went to Elkas and Fatma. He said: "I did not even imagine that I would see you in this condition." Elkas: "It is not at all what you think, Pasha Hazretleri...It was necessary to speak to our Sultana about an important matter I called her here." Rustem: "Sultanim?" Fatma: "I am not about to explain anything to you, Rustem Pasha!" Rustem: "There can be no explanation for this kind of condition anyway Sultanim...if the things that happened here tonight reach our Hunkar's ears...I think everyone knows what will happen" Fatma: "Say what you want!?" Rustem: "You will marry Elkas Mirza!"

    Fatma: "How dare you Rustem Pasha...are you joking with us?" Rustem: "Never, I would not dare...I am simply telling you how to save yourself from this calamity. First, the Shahzade will change his sect as per the custom, for the reason that he might lose his head he will accept to do this! Afterwards with our Hunkar's permission you will wed!" Fatma: "How could this be of any benefit to you?!" Rustem: "I am only thinking about the reputation of this Family and the future of our state Sultanim. I have no other benefit." Fatma: "You think you can fool us?...I can see your head scheming from here! What is your purpose? Speak!" Rustem: "This is the best for everyone!" Fatma: "Oh so it means for everyone? I am curious who is included in this? Mihrimah? You want revenge?!" Rustem: "As I said Sultanim...I just -" Fatma: "You are doing this against Mihrimah not me...to get revenge on her...and even on Hurrem Sultan right?"

    In the present, Hurrem, frustrated says: "What kind of agreement is this? The thing Fatma Sultan was looking for, you are handing it to her. What are you hiding from me? Speak." Rustem: "I simply protected the reputation of our Hunkar and the Family. I wish before you tried to expose Fatma Sultan you thought about this." Hurrem: "I had nothing to do with this incident at all. Mihrimah did it. And now you answer my question - what did they give you in return?" Rustem: "I am the Grand Vizier of this mighty empire Sultanim. I do not have any need to ask them for anything. Just like always, stop doubting me. We are on the even of war. After months of working on preparing for this campaign, I did not want everything to go to vain - because if our Hunkar had heard this news he would have taken Elkas Mirza's head and he would go back on his decision to go to war with Persia." Hurrem: "Was this way a must?? You could have fixed everything another way." Rustem: "In that way then Fatma Sultan would stay in the palace and continue her trouble making. But now, she will wed and never return. And on top of that very far away. Is this not what you wanted?" Hurrem: "What if our Hunkar does not accept?" Rustem: "Actually this is a political move. Tahmasp will be gone, and in his place, Elkas will take the Persian throne, and all the while being a son in law of this Dynasty." Hurrem sees the wisdom in what he has said but still seems troubled.
    Piri is in the cabin of a ship he never seems to leave when Atamaca arrives. He says he had no word that Atmaca was going to come and wonders what is going on. Atmaca says the news is important that a man by the name of Cafer agha came to Amasya and made Mustafa doubtful of him, who then ordered Atmaca to follow Cafer. Piri asks who he is and Atmaca replies that he was a chamberlain of the palace gates. Then he adds that he caught Cafer meeting with a man named Abbas, who is Elkas Mirza's personal guard. Atmaca explains to Piri that Abbas is actually a spy that Tahmasp has planted to know everything his brother does. Piri says that something is not right since if that was the case, then Tahmasp would have already ordered Abbas to kill Elkas. Atmaca says that this is the problem: that this man is not there to kill Elmas or "spy" on him...but his aim is the Sultan.
    Meanwhile, Elkas is in the Divan visiting the Sultan. Suleyman: "From what Rustem has told me, you have asked for my sister's hand." Elkas: "May the Pasha be healthy...he brought my wish to you. I hope you forgive my impudence." Suleyman: "You are a part of the Safavid Family...and Fatma Sultan of my Family. For both the Families this marriage is not possible." Elkas: "Hunkarim, if you accept...if you see this poor servant of yours as worthy of Fatma Sultan, in order for this marriage to be possible I will do whatever is necessary." Suleyman: "If you have nothing else to say, then you may leave." When Elkas leaves, Suleyman turns to Sokollu: "What do you think Sokollu?" Sok: "Elkas Mirza's condition is very important for us, Hunkarim. If as you wish, he gets on the throne in place of Tahmasp. This marriage will increase his loyaty and tie to you." Suleyman: "Yes, but will the the Persian people accept a Shah that is from our sect?" Sokollu: "It will be difficult for them to accept of course, but our Shehzade will become powerful in your shadow. After a while the people might accept and even love him" Suleyman: "What do you recommend?" Sokollu: "We must be careful Hunkarim. Maybe they can be engaged first...the marriage can wait for after the campagin..because only God knows the outcome of the war..." Suleyman: "I like your thinking Sokollu. Do not forget that as long as you continue to serve me."

    Atmaca is still speaking with Piri. He tells Piri that as they know, Elkas is going out with the Sultan and the army to war and from what Cafer agha was saying, that in the vicinity of Van Elkas will meet the Sultan and that Abbas will set an ambush for the Sultan there. Piri is suprised and comments that the traitors have thought of everything. Atmaca replies that they have even gotten into the Palace and that they must inform the Sultan at once. Piri asks if anyone else knows and when Atamaca says no, Piri says that then this will stay between them. Atmaca is shocked, and wonders if they two will go after Abbas. But Piri, whose intentions are not at all in line with Atmacas says that they will not interfere, and they will pretend they did not hear or see anything. Atamaca asks if he heard right, and if they will just let it happen. Piri says: "In every bad there is a good Atamaca...if one door does not close the other will not open (basically he wants the Sultan to die so that Mustafa can get the throne. I wish the Sultan could hear what his beloved Reis is saying!!!!).
    Rustem is meeting with Zal. Rustem: "Did he meet with Elkas Mirza?" Zal: "Our Hunkar accepted Elkas Mirza in his presence, everything went as planned." Rustem: "Great." Mihrimah arrives and asks to be alone with Rustem. Mihrimah: "What do you think you are doing? Does it befall you to meddle in my business?" Rustem: "So your business is to disgrace a member of the Dynasty?" Mihrimah: "What is happening to you? Where did this sudden love for Fatma Sultan come from? My mother and you both...Did you forget what she did to me the other day?" Rustem: "You want to hear a thanks for you finally finding after years an excuse to be rid of me!" Mihrimah: "You did it on purpose didn't you? To let out your anger this way...throw a stone in my path!" Rustem gets closer to her: "Why are you so angry? The fact that I prevented this or that Fatma Sultan and Elkas Mirza are getting married?!" (he said exactly what she did not want him to say)
    Meanwhile, Fahriye is with Sumbul who has come to visit and asks him what he has busied himself with as of late. Sumbul says that it is nice to be free in a way, but being alone is not fun at all. Fahriye asks him to return then, but he says no, that chapter is closed, and that he will find something to do. He asks where Hurrem is, and she says that she is in her room, but unhappy. Sumbul remarks that the situation with Mihrimah Sultan has troubled her. Then he asks if they are really going to get divorced, and Fahriye says that Hurrem would never allow it, but she does not know what will happen.
    Atmaca is telling a man that as long as the boy has food and bed to sleep in, it is fine, and then he hands the man a bag of coins. Atmaca says if he doesn't want the boy then he will find someone else, the man says no they will work something out. Yusuf asks if he will stay and does not look happy, but Atmaca says that he will be staying here from now on. Atmaca wishes him  good life and leaves.
    Sumbul has gone to visit Hurrem. She says he did very well to come visit, because if he did not visit, she would have visited. He says that he has brought her coffee to make her feel calm and relaxed. Hurrem says that he might not believe her, but that since the time she tasted it, the coffee has never left her thoughts. He says if she wants he will brew some of her. Fahriye asks what it is, and if it is medicininal. Sumbul says no, he doesn't know but it has a strange amusing taste...especially with sweets. Hurrem says that after dinner he should make some and Fahriye can try it too. Sumbul says that while he was coming he spoke with Fahriye a little and that he heard Cihangir has made her quite sad. Hurrem says that he does not even look at her, and that he (Cihangir) says that if he does not go, he will not speak to her again. Hurrem remarks "as if I am stopping him for my own benefit!" Sumbul says that his age is apparent and that as a Shehzade, he will want to go of course at some point. Hurrem replies that the conditions of this campaign are harsh..and so how can she allow it, and that even if she does allow it, the Sultan will not. Sumbul says that althought it is not his place, a word of advice he can give is to occupy the Shehzade's heart and mind with something else... Hurrem: "You are right Anyway the time has come for him...going after his brothers I have neglected my son."

    In the market place somewhere Atmaca is walking and looks behind and notices the boy has followed him. "Why are you following me. Go! Go and don't leave that place again otherwise you will have nowhere to stay!" Boy: "You are not my father's pal...if you were, you would not have left me there." At: "Don't bother me I am busy! I have important things to do!" The boy stands there crestfallen. Atmaca turns back around and then keeps walking. :(
    At night, Cihangir is in his room when Fahriye arrives. Cih: "What does my mother want again?!" Fahriye: "Hurrem Sultan has prepared a cariye for you. She will enter your presence tonight" Cih: "Why all of a sudden?" Fahriye: "Could it happen suddenly my Shehzade? As per the rules you are supposed to have a harem. The aghas will come soon, if you have anything specific you wish to ask, you can ask them (okay that was a weird sentence lol)"
    Fahriye tells Hurrem that she informed Cihangir and when Hurrem asks about his reaction, Fahriye says that Cihangir did not say much but that he got flustered. Fahriye says that she should tell the girl that she shall make her son happy otherwise she will find herself thrown out of the palace.
    Meanwhile Suleyman, with the aide of mirrors is inspecting his own back while the doctor takes a look. He asks the doctor what has happened. The doctor says the balm he has been rubbing on it has worked. The marks are starting to dry and that it is obvious it is not such a serious thing.

    Hurrem has arrived ouside the doors and asks Lokman to inform the Sultan.

    Inside, the doctor asks Suleyman if he has any pain or other complaints. Suleyman says that his feet hurt sometimes but it is not important it is from walking a lot. There is a knock and Lokman enters. He tells him and he says that she should wait. He tells Afife to take the doctor away via the back door. (I find it weird that Hurrem would not see the marks on his back by now?) Lokman informs Hurrem that she can enter...meanwhile the doctor and Afife slink out from the other side but he wants to talk to her.
    Hurrem smiles at Suleyman and says that if he wishes they can eat together if he wishes and she wants to speak about Cihangir. Then she says she brought him something called coffe. Then she touches his back and he almost winces in pain. She wonders for a second, but then they sit down and she says the soon the whole room will be perfumed with its smell. Hurrem calls the agha and they bring coffee with turkish delight.
    Outside, the doctor tells Afife that he did not say it in front of Afife, but that he does not know if it will be easy for the Hunkar to be healthy. Afife: "Didn't you just say the sores were drying up?" Doctor: "Yes they are...but we have to be wary...the conditions of war might change things." Afife: "Allah protect him! with one hand you give honey and the other poison...what should we do now?"
    Meanwhile, the cariye enters Cihangirs room. He looks grumpy, but she gets closer and smiles. He warms up a bit. She takes his hand, he doesn't want to give it, but then he does. She looks into his eyes, and takes him away, and he follows. They sit.
    Meanwhile, Suleyman tries the coffee and likes and remarks on how nice it smells, and Hurrem says Sumbul got it and that it comes from Yemen. Suleyman asks where he got the coffee from and Hurrem says that his friend in the market had it and that Sumbul loved the smell and took a bag home. Suleyman says that they should look into the coffee first, because what if it has some ill effects. Hurrem says she does not think so, in fact, it actually gives strength and alertness. Suleyman says that still, they should check if it is permissible to drink by talking to EbuSuud. Then he asks how Cihangir is and if she was able to convince him. Hurrem says no not yet. But that he will be happy.
    Cihangir is with the cariye and she asks if he wants a drink. She gets up and pours a drink for him and was looking at his back in the mirror and then he asks what she was looking at and she says nothing. Then he says get out!
    Atmaca has set up a small fire out in the woods. The boy is asleep and has a nightmare and shouts out for his father. Atmaca's fatherly insticts..he goes to the boy and comforts him.

    Meanwhile Cihangir dreams...the cariyes line up for him, and he walks in tall and proud. No hump on his back. All the girls look at him. Then he comes across the girl he was with and he looks upset as the girl laughs at him. His dream turns into a nightmare and he wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror.
    In the morning Suleyman is going over his map and plans with Rustem and Sokollu. Rustem says that with God's permission, they shall first go to Akshehir, and that Beyazid will meet them there. Then they will reach Erzurum, and then they will go to Van. He says that in Van  Elkas will be waiting with his men and that after they conquer Van they will go to Tebriz. Sokollu says that Elkas and the Turkmen Beys will attack from Azerbaijan and that either Tahmasp will surrender, or he will be forced to flee far away. Suleyman remarks that he wishes Tahmasp would have the courage to meet him in battle. Rustem says that at least his brother Elkas is brave and courageous, and then he asks if Suleyman has made a decision about Fatma Sultan. Suleyman responds that it is not just a political matter, that Fatma Sultan is a part of his soul and that it is important to know what she thinks about it. He goes to say that he does not suspect she is against this marriage from what he feels and then he adds that Sokollu also has some thoughts on this marriage. Rustem eyes Sokollu giving an annoyed look (as if to say 'oh you have thoughts do you now?').
    Fatma is on her terrace when Melek arrives and excidedly tells Fatma that Suleyman has given his decision to permit the marriage between Fatma and Elkas and that she just found out from Afife Hatun. Fatma is overjoyed and thanks God. Melek says that the nikkah is going to be after the campaign, after Elkas gets on the throne. Fatma says that she has waited this long, she will wait a bit longer for happiness. She adds there is happiness and love and that until then she will mess around with Hurrem to amuse herself.
    Hurrem is in her room and Afife is delivering the same news to Hurrem. Hurrem asks her about Cihangir and Afife says that she spoke to the cariye that everything was nice and the night went wonderfully, and she was sucessful with Cihangir...but then, that after she annoyed Cihangir somehow and that then he yelled at her to leave the room. When Afife tried to ask the hatun what annoyed Cihangir, the cariye did not answer. Hurrem is worried and annoyed.
    Mihrimah walks in the harem when Fatma greets her with a fake smile. " Mihrimah, what a wonderful coincidence. I came to see you." Mih: "Sultanim, did something happen?" Fatma: "I wanted you to hear the good news first. Our Hunkar has agreed to my marriage with Elkas Mirza. In a short time we will be engaged..." Mih: "May it be for the best. May God make you happy." Fatma: "Amen. Not everyone gets to have a dashing young man like Elkas. You do not know how lucky I find myself. After the campain, we will wed. I want you with me when we prepare for it, we will make decisions together." Mih: "I would like that." Fatma: "Thank you...you cannot know how happy I am Mihrimah. May Allah help those who do never had this happiness in this life...how painful and empty life must be for them..anyway, be healthy!" When she goes away, Mihrimah, who is fuming, tells Gulbahar to find Zal for her.
    Suleyman is with Hurrem telling her that he is leaving tomorrow. Hurrem says that she has no doubt he will add another victory to his long list of victories. Suleyman: "God Willing...while I am not here keep an eye on Selim." Hurrem: "You have no trust in Selim?" Suleyman: "His condition that I saw him in while in Manisa is still not gone from my sight...anyway he has repented and gotten out of that ditch...but still we must be careful, his condition is sensitive...God forbid a wind might bring something up again." Hurrem: "Do not worry Suleyman...I am with him. We will work together (her and Selim) to fix this matter." Suleyman: "Great." Hurrem: "This separation will be long. Right now I am already missing you. How I will deal with it, I do not know. On one hand also, Cihangir's condition is worrying me." Suleyman: "Did something happen?"
    Mihrimah is in her room when Zal arrives. He asks if she called for him. She says that including Rustem, no one will know what she tells him and that she can trust him right? He says she should have no doubt. She tells him to come close. "Open your ears and listen well. As you know Elkas Mirza and Fatma Sultan will be engaged. Then they will go for the war. Elkas Mirza will not return from that war. He will not return!" Zal: "As you wish Sultanim"

    Suleyman enters the room where Cihangir is. (clearly Hurrem has told him about CIhangir and the cariye. He asks if a Shehzade wanting to go to war should be sulking in the dark this way. Cihangir says that he has gone back on his decision. He does not want to go anymore. He says that even if he goes it will be of no use anyway to him. Suleyman says "everyone has some wounds. Some have them on their bodies, some in their souls, but that everyone wants to hide their wounds so they don't look weak in front of anyone. But those wounds are there to stay, they will never dissappear. Cihangir my son...you will be coming with me to war...I need your opinions." Finally, Cihangir smiles.
    In Kutahya, Beyazid is preparing to set off. Hurichihan says: "You have still not said anything to me. Do we still have hope?" Bey: "I will only be able to say after I return from the campaign. I will speak to our Hunkar about my condition. I will tell him I wed you. If I win him over, then we can be together." His Lala arrives and tells Beyazid that the time to leave has come. Beyazid tells Hurichihan to wait until he returns and then ntells Lala that his sons and women are entrusted to his care. Hurichihan says that her prayers are with him.Beyazid looks at her, but then quickly turns away and leaves.
    Taslicali informs Mustafa that the Sultan has not changed his decision (about war) and that will meet him along with the army. Mustafa says this is all good and asks if the preparations are complete and Taslicali says they are and when the time comes they can leave. Nisa says that hopefully things can't get worse. Mustafa says that how much worse can it get, since his father took away the regency from him and left him here. Mahi tells him to be careful and that he should ask for forgiveness from the Sultan and Mustafa says that she should not worry because that is what he is going to do.
    In the market, Sumbul greets people until he comes across his friend Kudret agha who has fallen asleep. Sumbul tells him to wake up and Kudret says that they are waiting for the battle to be over so that then the money will flow. Sumbul says that he should sell his shop to him. Kudret says how can this be, what will he do with the store? Sumbul says that he will send the coffee drink. He will put out some chairs and tables etc. The man laughs at his idea and Sumbul tells him to just say how much money he wants for the store.
    Cihangir is with Beyazid in the war camp and Beyazid tells his brother: "I am so happy about you joining the campaign, that I cannot even say how much" Cih: "Our Hunkar said he needed my thoughts." Beyazid: "Not just our HUnkar, but all of us...the whole world!" Cih: "Stop playing with me...how is Hurichihan?" Bey: "She is fine...in actuality, I wish to speak to our Hunkar about our marrge. No matter how much I hide it, it bothers my conscience. I do not want to hide it further from my father." Cih: "The decision is yours, but did you forget all that befell Mustafa?" Bey: "That is actually what hurts me...Mustafa thinks I exposed his secret..." Cih: "The letter came from your palace, Beyazid." Just then Rustem arrives and tells Beyazid that there are certain things he has to tell him about. Cihangir gives him a dirty look and then leaves.
    Meanwhile in Istanbul, Sokollu informs Selim that the Princess of "Lehistan" wants to visit, and that specifically she wants to meet with Hurrem. Selim asks why she would want to meet with his mother? Sokollu responds that they both come from the same land. (side note, I don't mind the gold? It looks browny, yellowy mustardy, chickpeaish, lentilish colour, but can't they give Selim nicer colours? Like blue or green or red wouldn't they bring out his features and eyes more?) Sokollu says that it seems it is a matter of politics really. Selim says it is fine, and that he has never seen a princess before and that perhaps it would be beneficial to see one. Then Selim says, you know because no one really ever gave him credit and makes him out to be a horrible villian since he was a child...so he speaks out to Sokollu: "How strange right Sokollu? While everyone was waiting for my brother Mustafa, here I am, appointed as the Protector of the Dominions." Sokollu (who by the way seems to be the most intelligent in terms of how to speak to everyone and anyone in a diplomatic way): "Why should it be strange Shehzadem? You are the one in Saruhan (Manisa) Sanjak." Selim: "Everyone thinks otherwise, so are you really thinking this way or are you just saying this to please me?" Sokollu: "I am actually in admiration of our Hunkar's intelligence and mind...He has seen you as having a sparkle that none of the others have...just as I have seen." Selim: "It is not certain what tomorrow will bring but there are things that are very certain...for example if Beyazid takes the throne, Rustem will continue his job...if Mustafa gets on the throne he will bring his own men. If I get on the throne, I will want one with experience...I do not know who that will be." Sok: "Whoever you see fit." Selim: "Maybe that person could be you." Sokollu: "You honour me my Shehzade"
    Meanwhile in Rustem's tent, Rustem is speaking to Beyazid. Rustem says: "I do not know if you are even aware of it, but in Hurrem Sultan's heart and even in my own you are the one we wish to see on the throne...all our work is for your future." Bey: "In that case, it was all for naught - because our Hunkar would have placed me instead of Selim as protectorate over his throne." Rustem: "Do not look to that, with our help one day God Willing you will get on the throne,,,but for this every step you take you must be careful." Bey: "What do you want to say speak clearly." Rustem tells him that he must not tell his father about Hurichihan. Beyazid wonders how he found out and Rustem says that he should not worry abou thtat, but that he should not say anything about Hurichihan because if it comes out then Selim will get wayy ahead and he will never be able to catch up (in procuring his place for the throne). He asks Beyazid if this is what he wants?
    In Amasya, Atmaca instructs the boy how to stand with his hands folded in front of him and that he will bow, but he will not to speak without permission. Nisa arrives and looks at the boy. He asks who this young man is. The cute boy bows. Atmaca says it is a long story, he will tell him later and then asks to meet Mustafa first, but Nisa tells him that he is not present, as he has gone to meet the Sultan. Atmaca looks worried. Nisa asks the boy what his name is and he responds Yusuf. She says that his face is as handsome as his name sake

    (Note: Yusuf, or Joseph in Islamic tradition  (which is one tradition very similar to the Old Testament version) was a Prophet who was the most handsome of all humanity, so much so that it is written that he had the majority of the good looks of all of mankind. The wife of an Emir in Egypt fell in love with him, and tried to seduce him, but even though he could have, he asked God to help him and he refrained from falling to her seduction. anyway I don't want to blab, if anyone wants to know the rest of the story, write in the comments on fb, and I will type out the rest in the comments :))

    Yusuf gets shy and Nisa asks if this is Atmaca's son? Atmaca and Yusuf look at each other.
    Back in the Ottoman camp, everyone stands and Mustafa arrives. Mustafa is looking at Beyazid who looks away. Lokman says that Suleyman is awaiting him in the tent.
    Mustafa enters the Sultan's tent. Suleyman says: "Speak Mustafa. How did you go against my orders, and why did you look into my eyes and lie to me? I want to know the reason." Mustafa: "It might not have any meaning to you if I say that of my deep feelings and connection with the precious daughter of Kapudan Pasha, Mihrunissa hatun but this is the truth. o was breathless without it...I was senseless without her...As a Shezade I should have followed the rules, but I could not. I showed weakness. For this reason forgive me...I beg for your supreme pardon."

    Suleyman: "You cannot show weakness! You had no right to make this choice! If you are weak, you cannot rule this empire! Your enemies will extort your weakness and like vultures do with carrion, feed upon it...What number mistake is this Mustafa? Like everytime you come before me and ask forgiveness...is your purpose to try my patience and mecy?" Mustafa: "Hunkarim" Suleyman: "Getting married...you openly disoebeyed my command. The punishment for this is obvious. If you have always been forgiven it is because I love you very much, not just because you are my son...just like my other children...but I am seeing that my sons are seeing my love as a weakness and using it against me." There is a silence and then Suleyman speaks: "This is the last time Mustafa!  From this point on, one more mistake and I will not even think and give my decision over you! Without wasting any more time, return to your sanjak and await my orders. You may leave." (woah guys, look at the Sultan's turban bling!)
    Hurrem, whose headpeice seems to compete with Suleyman's turban bling, is smiling when Sokollu tells her in the gardens that the Princess of Lehistan wishes to meet her for help. Hurrem: "Leh Princess." Sokollu: "Princess Anna Yagellonka." Hurrem: "The owners of the land I was born in are coming to my feet in means. I will not withhold my grace, let her come." Hurrem tells Sokollu that great tasks are going to befall him since Rustem is away, because whenever the Sultan is away, her enemies raise their heads. Sokollu tells her not to worry and that he has taken all kinds of precautions. Hurrem says asks him to keep one eye on Selim, and that if he does a single thing wrong, he should infrom her. Sokollu says: "As you wish Sultanim, but our Shehzade looks like he has become quite experienced from his Sanjak...I do not think he will fall into error." Hurrem: "Is that what you think?" Sokollu: "This is what I am witnessing, Sultanim. There is a big difference between the Shehzade who went to his sanjak and the one who is heir to the throne right now." They watch Selim on his terrace who is with Nurbanu.
    Meanwhile, Cihangir has gone to visit Mustafa and says: "Do not be sad about what our Hunkar has said...Because he loves you and trusts you that is why he is being like this with you. Try to understand him...he is dealing with broken dreams" Mustafa: "You are right, but those words which sting like poison are not easy to swallow." Beyazid arrives and says he must speak with Mustafa.
    Beyazid: "I did not tell our Hunkar about you and Mihrunissa. I would not. It did not even cross my mind!" Mus: "If you didn't then who did?! No one other than you knew!.....Huri?" Beyazid in tears...to tell you this...it is so difficult for me...on the one hand there is my mother, on the other hand Hurichihan. I do not know who to be angry with, who to throw out the gates of my heart...I do not even know if I have the power in me to do this..." Mustafa reaches out to his brother...
    Meanwhile, Nurbanu is with Selim. Looking at Suleyman's throne (one of many it seems) Nurbanu: "How magnificent and giant." Selim: "Such a throne is befitting a Sultan of the seven climates." Nur: "It is prohibited for anyone to sit on it besides the Sultan right? It is only the two of us here, who will see?" Selim sits on it and smiles, Nurbanu goes to him and sits on his lap: "If you want the throne...do you know who you must get close to?" Selim: 'of course our Hunkar." Nurbanu: "No my Shehzde...your mother. Make our Hunkar happy but your mother comes first for you..I am here for many days and on everyone's tongue is Hurrem Sultan, and her unique victories...her enormous power. We have a saying where I come from...Men might reign (as kings), but women are the ones who do the real ruling (governing)."
    Many days pass and Mustafa arrives in Amasya. Atamaca welcomes him and looks at Yusuf and asks who the boy is. Atmaca says his father entrusted him with the boy and if he permits if the boy could stay...he will be of help to the aghas. Mustafa calls the boy over to him and asks what his name is. The boy: "Yusuf." Atmaca: "Yusuf, myShehzade." Boy: "Yusuf, my Shehzade." Mus: "Okay then his name should be." Mustafa: "If he is entrusted to you, then do right by him Atmaca, be like a father to him because every child needs a father. Anyway did you follow that man named Cafer?" At: "I did but nothing came of it." Atmaca looks at the boy who smiles and he tells him to follow him.
    In Hurrem's room, Selim presents Hurrem with a gift, a crown: "I brought it for you and it is from Venice. I hope you like it." Hurrem: "I like it very much my son." Selim: "It is not worthy even to a strand of your hair...you are very precious to me." Hurrem: "And you to me my son." Selim: "True but to speak openly, no matter how much value you give to me, no one can have the place Beyazid has in your heart. Your actual precious one is him" Hurrem: "Why do you say this? You are both one and the same to me" Selim: "Do not misunderstand mother...I just want you to think hard...do you right by preferring Beyazid to me? The day might come when he takes the throne, but this state will be run by Mustafa...do you think he will give you the right to speak? Impossible" Hurrem: "Where is this coming from now?" Selim: "Think well mother...think of the future. Imagine if everyone, including myself were to be commanded by what came from your two lips.
    In Amasya, at night, Yusuf is asleep and Atmaca watches over him, looking worried and recalling what Mustafa said about the love of a father and how important it is to a boy.
    Meanwhile, Rustem says that Elkas alsong with the Turkmen are waiting for them in the sorroundings of Van. Suleyman is pleased and says that hopefully good news comes. Beyazid says that although the Sultan knows best, how much can they trust Elkas to keep his word. And should they not think of the worst and take precautions. Suleyman asks what he thinks. Beyazid says that he will go along with some men and make certain everything is in control and safe for the Sultan. Cihangir says that Beyazid has a point...that how can they trust a man who betrayed his own people. Suleyman says that he has promised the man the throne if they win, and also to be son in law...and on top of this, there is no reason for a fight to happen. He says okay, let us say he betrays us? What will he do? Get together with his brother who he hates and work together against us? He tells Beyazid that he will get a task of course in this war, but he will be the one to decide where, when and what kind of task.
    Mustafa is reading but not really, so he closes the book and there is a knock on the door as he places it on his desk. Atamaca arrives. Atmaca says there is an important news he must know: "The boy I have with me is not the son of a friend...he is the son of Cafer the man you ordered me to follow...I was forced to take care of the kid after I killed his father.: Mustafa: "You just said that nothing came out of following that man!" At: "Cafer was a spy for Persia..he told me everything. In the outskirts of Van, one of Elkas Mirza's guards will ambush our Hunkar...they have prepared and planned it all to have no error...if we do not intervene, they will suceed. Now you have two paths in front of you, Shehzade. A dark and light path...you shall decide which path you will go on."

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