• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 120 Translation

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    The date is December 1549

    Suleyman is sitting in his carriage. He asks for the carriage to stop and when Lokman asks if he is well, Suleyman gives him a look. Beyazid is there along with Rustem. Suleyman asks if the preparations are ready and Rustem says that everything is ready and they can go to the palace. Beyazid asks if his father would rather go through the other way, through the Marble Palace. Suleyman: 'The same way that I left my palace on my horse, that is the way I shall return to my palace, Beyazid." Bey: "But how is that possible...your condition -" Suleyman drops the curtain.

    Hurrem is on her balcony, lost in though and worry for her Sultan.

    Suleyman exits his carriage looking unwell, but he walks towards his horse. He mounts his horse, obviously in pain. Ferhat eyes the Sultan and Suleyman does not like his look. Neither does Rustem. Suleyman on his horse now, moves forward and everyone else follows. I guess you'll be alone in the carriage now Lokman.

    Mihrimah arrives to see her mother. "Mother what has happened? Usually you are the most happy when my father returns. Your face would be smiling. But now there is sadness in your eyes. There are tears..." Hurrem: 'These are tears of happiness...as you know this time it was a long separation."

    The Sultan enters, everyone shouting his praise. Beyazid and Rustem watch from behind worried. Everyone waits to greet Suleyman in his room. When Suleyman enters he tries to pretend nothing is wrong. Fatma: "You returned from yet another campaign victorious. Welcome." Suleyman: "Thank you...you may (all) leave now." As soon as everyone leaves, Suleyman falls on Lokman who helps him to his seat and helps him untie his boots.

    Fatma and Gulfem have already begun the gossiping Fatma: "It is obvious something is bothering our Hunkar" Gulfem: 'God Willing I hope everything is fine." Mihrimah can tell her mother knows something. Cihangir says: "Our Hunkar does not look well at all mother...something certainly must have happened." Selim: "The road was very long, right mother?" Hurrem: 'You all go to your rooms." Just then Beyazid and Rustem arrive. Beyazid greets his mother and they hug. Selim looks on uncomfortably and then nods to Rustem. Mihrimah glances towards Rustem, looking like she just saw rotting fruit or something.

    Inside the Sultan is having his bandages removed. Lokman: "With your permission I will call the doctor, Hunkarim" Suley: "Not right now."

    Outside Mihrimah speaks: "Something has happened, our Hunkar did not even allow us to kiss his hand."  Bey: 'We came on a very long road Mihrimah...our condition is the same" Selim: "I told you too...we should let our Hunkar rest." Hurrem motions for Rustem.

    Selim approaches Beyazid: "How did the campaign go, Beyazid? From what I heard you hardly left your tent." Bey: "You heard wrong Selim...in Van I had my sword in my hand, and I was in the front of the lines. I did not sit in the palace like you. " Selim:" The state is not run by sword, but by brains and while our Hunkar was away this is what I did." Mihrimah: 'Is this how you are showing how you missed each other by bickering with each other?" Everyone goes their own ways. Mihrimah looks at Zal.

    Lokman: 'The doctor should look at it, it should not be neglected." Sully: "You may leave." Lokman: 'If anything, at least me help you to your bed -" Suleyman: "I told you to leave. And don't let anyone inside." Lokman is forced to obey and picks up the discarded bandages and exits.

    Suleyman looks down at his feet, then at his bed. Come on, Sully, you know you need Hurrem...she would make you feel better. She would help you to your bed and you wouldn't feel bad! But he just walks over, more like limps over, extremely slowly in a great deal of pain.

    Hurrem is with Rustem in his office. Hurrem: 'What are you hiding from whom? Rustem Pasha, tell me the truth." Rustem: "You are worrying in vain, our Shehzade said -" Hurrem: "I know he is ill." Rustem: 'You? How...?" Hurrem: "What happened?! What happened. Tell me."  Rustem: "Our Hunkar, in front of the army...he fainted...that is when he found out that he was ill...and on the road he had a fever." Hurrem: "What is the illness?" Rustem: "He has swelling and inflammation on his feet...from what the head doctor says, it is gout. it is not only that...he has caught an illness with fever." Hurrem: "With fever?" Rustem: 'The doctor does not know yet what it is...no one knows that he is ill..and no one will know. Until then we will take our precautions and prepare." Hurrem: 'What precautions are you talking about? What preparations?" Rustem: "God forbid, but if by God's order...if Shehzade Beyazid takes the throne by way of treaty then?" Hurrem: "Do you hear what is coming out of your mouth Rustem Pasha?! Before our Hunkar dies are you throwing the earth (during burial)?" Rustem: 'Forgive me Sultanim...but the illness is sincere. The illness could be dangerous. As a grand vizier, I have to think of everything." Hurrem: "Do not think! Take this possibility out of your head! Because, our Hunkar will be cured. I will find the cure to this illness. Even if I have to go to hell...I will find it and get it."

    We see Mirimah waiting in a hall and Zal arrives. Mih: "Before going to war I gave you an order. Elkas Mirza. I said he won't be returning from the campaign. Where is Elkas Mirza? What happened to him?"

    Meanwhile Cihangir is Beyazid asking him if he got any news from Hurichihan while he was at away. Beyazid: 'She is in Kutahya, waiting for me. I cannot get over what she did my brother. Even if I want I cannot forgive her...just the same as how I cannot change my mind about her (he still wants to be with her)." Cih: "Every crime has its punishment, every punishment has its term. Hurichihan has paid for the mistake she has made. Don't torture her and yourself any longer." Bey: "We will be separate for a bit longer." Cih: "Why did you come here instead of returning to your Sanjak? Did my father want this from you?"

    Fatma arrives. "My Shehzades, God Willing I did not come at a bad time? I am curious about my future husband - Elkas Mirza? I thought that after the war he would return alongside you all and then we would wed." Bey: "Elkas Mirza could not keep his promise of the Turkmen's support. Whoever the Turkmens want as the Shah, that person will be shah. He put us in a very difficult situation...for this reason our Hunkar did not want him to return with us." (Yep, Fatma, when you try to break up other people's love then this is what you get....) Fatma: "What are you saying Beyazid? Where did he go then?" Bey: "I do not know Sultanim. Ask Rustem Pasha, he can explain the situation to you in detail."

    Hurrem goes to see the Sultan and says: "Get out of my way Lokman." Lokman: "Forgive me Sultanim. our Hunkar is sleeping and I am not allowed to let anyone enter." Hurrem: "I know everything. I know about our Hunkar's condition...the things that happened to him during the campaign. Now, get out of my way or I will take your head!"

    Lokman moves out of the way. She sees her dearest on the bed in pain and she is heartbroken. He sees her: 'Hurrem! How did you get inside?! Lokman!" Hurrem: "Not just Lokman, if the whole world tried to stop me, it would be in vain!" Hurrem: 'Suleyman...my happiness, my star, the reason i am here, my soul, the Padishah of my heart. Feel sorry for this poor servant of yours who has burnt in the fire of missing you. Have mercy. Let me stay with you. If anything let me hold this blessed hand of yours. Suleyman. Afife told me everything." Suleyman: 'So it means Afife did not listen to me and disobeyed my orders!" Hurrem: "Suleyman, Afife passed away." Suleyman: 'What?? Afife died?" Hurrem: "Yes, she met with the Truth." Suleyman: "How did it happen?" Hurrem: "We lost her in an accident. She shared this secret with me in her last breath. So that I could be with you, next to you, as a remedy to your pain." Suleyman: "How did this accident happen?" Hurrem: "I had a Qur'an recital for our Mehmet, upon him be mercy, when we were going to the Mosque it happened. Above our heads on the streets the rocks fell like rain." Suleyman: "And how are you?" Hurrem: "Thank God, He saved me...he saved me for you. Just like He will save you for me." Hurrem: "You must rest Suleyman...I will care for you with my own hands. I will do whatever to get you back to your former health."

    Fatma is walking with Melek Fatma: "What happened to our Hunkar that he sent Mirza away. I pray nothing befalls him." Mihrimah calls out to Fatma. Mihrimah: 'I just heard the news. I felt very sad for you." Fatma: 'What are you saying Mihrimah?" Mihrimah: "Oh my, you have no news what happened to Elkas?" Fatma: "I heard that our Hunkar left him in Persia. Certainly he will return!" Mihrimah: "I do not think that will be possible...because he has fallen into his brother Tahmasp's hands. They imprisoned him. The order for his execution has been given. He might have been hung long (executed already by now)" Fatma: 'You are lying. I do not believe you." Mih: "Rustem Pasha is in his room. If you want go ask him. Sad really. You were so happy to live your "second spring" but this is fate, a person's spring can transform into winter in an instant."

    Sokollu is outside with Selim. Sokollu: "I spoke with the aghas who had gone on the campaign. Everyone is trying to hide it, however the issue is very clear. They are saying our Hunkar is ill, may God cure him." Selim: 'I understood Pasha, that moment when our Hunkar sent us away when he came, it was then that I knew. What does he have?" Sok: "I met with the head doctor but I couldn't find out. He won't reveal, and clearly he has been trained not to share the secrets. That alone, means the situation is serious." Selim: "Beyazid is trying to hide the truth of the matter. Who knows what he is scheming in his mind. Who knows what he is after." Sok: "In this kind of sensitive issue he might have decided it best to keep silent." Selim: "Why don't you say that he is calculating his next move for the throne, Pasha?"

    Rustem is with Zal: "No matter how much they will try to hide it, the people will hear about our Hunkar's condition. We must be careful. The Janissaries will not remain still. When Ferhat agha saw our Hunkar in that condition, he started dreaming of Shehzade Mustafa on the throne." Fatma arrives and looks at Zal to leave, who does. Fatma: "Where is Elkas Mirza? How is he? Explain at once! He fell to Tahmasp's hands, is it true?" Rustem: 'Unfortuantely it is true Sultanim. When Elkas Mirza could not deliver his promises, our Hunkar did not want him in his presence any longer. Believe me I did what I could for him, but whatever I did I could not convince our Hunkar. Fatma: 'Did you hand him over to the enemies?" Rustem: "Elkas Mirza acted alone. He took refuge in the city of Mehravan. When Tahmasp found out he attacked the city. Elkas Mirza had no choice but to surrender to his brother, and Tahmasp had hid imprisoned in the castle of Qa'qa. He will most likely be executed. I am sad for you Sultanim." Fatma leaves in tears. It really has hit her hard.

    Hurrem is with her children (minus Selim). Cihangir: 'Did our Hunkar accept you mother?" Hurrem: "There is something important you must know. I do not want anyone else to find out about this." There is a knock and Selim arrives"mother you called me?" Hurrem: 'Come sit Selim." Hurrem: "Our Hunkar has been unwell for some time." Mih: 'What unwellness mother?" Hurrem: 'Do not worry, it is an illness with fever. The doctors have a positive outlook. God Willing he will soon get better." Bey: "Amin" Selim: 'You knew but you purposely didn't tell us right?" Bey: "This wasn't what I wanted, but our Hunkar said so, otherwise why would I hide it?" Selim: "Maybe for your own advantage you could hide the condition. Without anyone finding out you could get your preparations ready." Bey: 'What preparations?" Bey: 'Who are you to accuse me of something so low as that?!" Hurrem: 'Do not forget I am here." Bey: "Didn't you hear what he just said to me?" Hurrem: "Today is not the day for arguing! It is not the day to go against each other. We have to actually do the opposite, we must be one because we do not have friends except each other. Do not forget that. And on top of this, aside from praying for our Hunkar, anyone putting a single step forward will find me in front of them. Did you understand?" Selim nods. She turns to Beyazid who says: "It would not cross my mind even." Mihrimah rushes off and her mother goes after her.

    Outside in the hall Hurrem stops her daughter: "Where are you going?" Mih: 'Mother, I have to see my father. I should see him. I should feel his pain." Hurrem: 'Not yet. He is resting. His body is without strength and weary. I promise you when he gets a bit better we will both go together to see him." Mihrimah: "If he doesn't get better? If something happens to him?" Hurrem: 'May God protect him" Hurrem: "Mihrimah. My moon fragment...your presence is especially important. In these difficult days I want you next to me because in this condition of ours there will be people who will take advantage and attack us. We must stand firm against them. We must be strong. If for one moment we waver they will cut out our liver, they will take your brothers away from us. Did you understand? If we don't stay strong these oppressors will walk towards power."

    Cih: "You are mad at Beyazid, but, you aren't that shocked about this illness." Bey: "It is true, who did you learn it from? Or did Rustem tell you?" Suley: 'So Rustem knew too then?" Selim: "Now I understand. You have thought of everything, if our mother didn't say anything you would continue to hide it." Bey: "Our Hunkar father is ill. Instead of being sad I cannot believe the things that are going through your mind! Why should I be shocked actually, this is your nature." Cih: "Since everyone knows...then my brother Mustafa should know. He has to be here too. We have to explain this to him in a letter."

    Selim: "I wonder Cihangir what you are going to say in that letter? That our Hunkar is dying and that the throne awaits you?" Bey: "You think everyone is like you, just like you and I are here, our brother Mustafa has a right to be here too." Selim: "I am here because I was made regent, Beyazid. You for returning from the campaign together. But if Mustafa comes here then there will be no explanation for it, don't get involved in matters that don't concern you." Bey: 'You think you are still Regent?" Selim: 'I said what I had to Beyazid. When our Hunkar regains his strength soon and he sees Mustafa here (without permission), then no one will be able to answer to that. And what happens afterwards will be your fault. I am telling you from now."

    Atmaca is teaching Yusuf how to shoot arrows. He tells him how to aim, and when Yusuf shoots, Atmaca responds: 'You are good, you are very good." Yavuz arrives and Atmaca tells him that finally he came. Yavuz says his work at the Capitol took longer than expected., and that there is a guest. Atmaca sees Piri. Piri: "I will speak to you later Atmaca, but first I must see Shehzade Mustafa."
    Rustem is in his office when Zal arrives telling him that Mihrimah wants to see him. Rustem: "Let her enter." Mihrimah: 'It seems our mother has warned the doctors, no one will give me a straight answer." Rustem: 'There is no need for worry. Our Hunkar will be healthy again God Willing but- " Mih: "But what?" Rustem: 'But we must be prepared for every possibility." Mih: 'That is impossible..the person you are speaking about is my father. The ruler of the lands." Rustem: "Death is ordered by God. Death does not know position or rank. We must just pray. Now if you permit...as she you can imagine, because our Hunkar cannot deal with matters of the state so now I have even more work than before" (Rusty, are you playing hard to get now?? Because we all just saw you staring out the window, so what work are you talking about??)"

    Suleyman is on his bed, Hurrem watches over him and the cariyes put ointment on his feet. He motions for water and Hurrem pours him some and feeds it to him. Hurrem: "Hatuns, it is enough, you may leave now." Hurrem: "You will be well Suleyman. To find you a cure to your pain, all the doctors are working hard with their sweat and blood." Suleyman: "Do you think the mighty Lord will destine me to get out of this bed once again?" Hurrem: "Of course He will God Willing. You will get up again. Me, my children, your subjects, and the whole state needs you."

    Mustafa meanwhile is with Taslicali, Atmaca and Mihrunissa. "Why is Piri Reis here. What right does he have to be here?" Atmaca: "He will say important things, my Shehzade. It will be beneficial if you listen to what he has to say." Mustafa: "He should come."  Mihrunissa: "I know the reis very well, he used to meet my father often. (My father) said he was a great scholar of this state and trusted what he had to say and he was not suspect of his loyalty." Mustafa: "I know this too, but no matter what, no one can intervene in matters of the future of the Dynasty. I won't allow that." Piri arrives (what? he didn't look that short before?)

    Mustafa: "God Willing this sudden visit of yours as a good reason." Piri looks around. Mustafa: "The ones you see around you, I have full trust in them. Speak."It is about our Hunkar's health...unfortunately Shehzadem, he has fallen into the claws of illness." Mus: 'What illness?" Piri: 'They are hiding what the illness is. But it is obvious the condition is serious. In Tebriz, he fell unconscious in front of the army, and they have said he came to Istanbul in a carriage." Yahya: 'he was fine, what happened all of a sudden like this? Or did someone purposely inflict this illness to him?" Piri: 'i do not think so...it was a difficult campaign. The conditions are obvious. And our Hunkar is older now. Maybe he could not withstand it." Mus: 'Tell me whatever you know."  Piri: "You will only be able to know by going to the Capitol, especially while Shehzade Beyazid and Selim are there your going there is a must." Mus: 'What does this mean?" Piri: "God forbid if something happens and our Hunkar passes away, it is necessary for you to be there. Otherwise, Rustem Pasha will put one of your brothers on the throne."


    In the market, Sumbul is walking around and comes across Omer Efendi. Omer Efendi is telling Sumbul that since the Janissaries have returned from war and so the sales are up and the merchants are happy. Sumbul goes towards his own store and notices it is full beyond capacity, so much that Yakup, his employee is having trouble keeping up. Sumbul comments that the people have gathered like moths that have gathered around a light. But Yakup tells Sumbul that they do not come for the coffee and asks if they should add milk inside. Sumbul asks what milk? Then he asks why the men have come then and Yakup responds that they come for the excuse of coffee but end up staying to chat because there is gossip. Sumbul asks what gossip he is talking about and Yakup replies that the people are whispering rumours that Sultan Suleyman has got one foot in his grave. Sumbul tells him how dare he says that. Yakup asks why is he getting mad it is just what he hears from the Janissaries.

    Piri is with Atmaca. Piri: "If someone where to look at our Shehzade, they would think I gave him bad news. This is a rare opportunity for his future." Atmaca: "I still do not understand it Reis...there is not another person in this world who is this loyal and loving of our Hunkar." Piri: "I had told you to hide the attack on our Hunkar from our Shehzade. But you? You wrecked everything." At: "Reis, you know me, I do whatever I know to be right in this world and I could not have hidden such a thing from our Shehzade." Piri: 'Is this the only thing you have hidden?" At: 'Our Shehzade trusted me despite everything. He accepted me as a companion, had faith in me. I cannot hide anything from him." Piri: 'In that case, we are parting ways Atmaca - is that what you want?" At: "I am ready to pay whatever the price is for this" Piri:"Your job, Atmaca, was to protect Shehzade Mustafa. You either do that with us, if you want, or do it without us."

    Meanwhile Hurrem is with Fahriye, who is still recovering from her injuries. "When Sumbul left, you became my arms and legs Fahriye. Now while our Hunkar is ill in these days of calamity, I need you so much that -" Fahriye: "Do not worry Sultanim, I can do whatever I can for you even in this condition of mine." Hurrem: "Don't push yourself too hard when you are completely healed you can return to your duties." There is a knock at the door and a cariye informs Hurrem that Selim wants to see her. When Selim enters, Hurrem asks him "What is it my son?" Selim: "My brothers, mother...they are thinking about sending word to my brother Mustafa about our Hunkar's condition." Hurrem: "There is no need for that...the Palace birds (spies) have already long sent word." Selim: 'That is true but the important thing is what my brother Mustafa does upon hearing this news."

    Meanwhile, Piri is with Mustafa. "Have you made a decision my Shehzade? God Willing your intention is to head out immediately to the Capitol. This will be the best for the state." Mustafa: "I also want to see our Hunkar very much, because I am worried about his health. But - if I go now, then everyone will think I am marching to the throne even those who love me, will get involved in wrong actions (because of this)." Piri: 'but maybe this is the right thing to do. A shehzade must think about the throne. Especially when the Hunkar is ill in bed." Mustafa: " When our Hunkar leaves this world, then I will take my right to have the throne. And no power will stop me from this. Right?" Piri: "You should not doubt that one bit, Shezadem. However, this might be a bloody war."

    Yavuz and Atmaca are walking in the gardens.  Atmaca: "I spoke with Reis Yavuz. I am now only on the way of our Shehzade." Yavuz: "What did he say?" At: "It is obvious he didn't like it, but he didn't say anything because he knows I will protect the Shehzade even if it means my life." Atmaca: "Now you have to make a chooicce, either you will stay here with me, or you will go and join with Reis." Yavuz: "We set out on the path together Atmaca, where you are, I am."

    Rustem is with Beyazid. Rustem: "Hurrem Sultan is in a great deal of grief right now. She does not think of her health. But we must be more careful. God forbid, we might lose our Hunkar. And if that happens, we find ourselves surrounded by a big fire. But don't worry. We will put out the fire and you will get on the throne." Beyazid has some thinking to do. He recalls the deal he made with Mustafa that if Mustafa takes the throne, he will  not fight him. Beyazid says: "When my brother Mustafa is there, it is not possible. " Rustem: "You need to first think of yourself and this mighty empire. You are not forced to pledge allegiance to anyone." Bey: "And what will happen to Selim?" Rustem: "No one supports Selim. If God permits it, and you get on the throne, Selim's fate will be between your lips."
    Selim is with Nurbanu and Selim is pacing the room looking very worried. Nurbanu: 'I do not understand why you are so worried. Look your mother is on your side.  She announced to you that she supports you. The throne was never this close." Selim: "You do not understand Nurbanu...you do not understand at all...being here for two years has taught me many things. Even as regent, I have been walking around in d daydream...no one has heard or seen me. Everyone sees Mustafa as the heir to the throne. The soldiers, the public. If not him, there is Beyazid. Rustem and Mihrimah are on his side.  While the condition is like this, how can I rely only on my mother's support?" Nurbanu: 'If you accept defeat, only then will victory be a dream. Don't look down upon Hurrem Sultan's support. Maybe she doesn't have arms or soldiers...but she wields such power that her shadow on it's own is enough to bury her enemies." Selim: "What if we are the ones that are buried?" Nurbanu: 'The sun shines on us Selim. You are ahead Selim. And the throne is only a few steps away from you."

    Meanwhile, Yahya, Atmaca and Mihrunissa are together. Yahya: 'Sultanim, the time is getting near and our Shehzade is insistent on staying here, but we have to do what we have to do." Mihrunissa: 'What is your recommendation?" Yahya: "We have to warn Turgut Reis, even if he doesn't come we have to inform him of the situation." Nisa: 'What do you say Atmaca?" At: 'Our Shehzade wants this matter to be settled without spilling blood. For this reason, it is imparitive for the galleys to swim on the Halic Shore. The hundreds of canons aimed at the palace will show who holds the real power." Mihrunissa:" As our Shehzade marches towards the throne, he needs to also have the upper hand in the waters. I will write a letter to Turgut and my brothers to take precautions immediately." Yahya: 'If the Captain of the Seas, Mehmet Pasha (Sokollu) stand against us?" Nisa: "When he sees my brothers he will look for a hole to hide in. If we don't want, he can't even have a single raft in the water." Yahya: " You sent word to Mahidevran Sultan...when will she return. She will stay for a bit longer with Beyhan Sultan...and with God's permission, she will return as Valide Sultan to the Capitol."

    Meanwhile, Sokollu goes to see Rustem. Sok: "You wanted to see my, my Pasha?" Rustem: "As you know we are swimming in dangerous waters. We do not know what we will wake up to tomorrow." Sokollu: "I know, my Pasha. Our Hunkar being ill has affected all of us." Rustem: 'Some of the Reisler (plural Reis) are doing things without orders. Especially Turgut Reis. You must keep him and those with him away from the Capitol. They are not to come here under any circumstances. "

    At night, Sumbul visits Hurrem, and when he enters she says: "Sumbul? Come, sit. I wasn't expecting you." Sumbul: "Sultanim, when I heard the word in the market about our Hunkar, I could not hold myself." Hurrem: "They are exaggerating right?" Sumbul: "Because I do not know the truth of the matter." Hurrem: 'Unfortunately it is so. Since our Hunkar has come he has been in bed. On the one hand gout. On the other hand the fever." Sumbul: 'Oh Allah please save our Hunkar." Hurrem: "Ameen." Hurrem: "No matter how much I try to stay strong, the voice in the back of my mind makes me think of the worst possibility. If somerthing happens to him" Sumbul: " God forbid...our only hope is that our Hunkar recovers soon - but you do not listen to that voice in your mind, do not so that the rest can have hope." Hurrem: 'He is my world Sumbul. He is my moon. My moon. My star. He is my spring, my summer my winter...he is the breath I take, the morsel i eat, the water I drink...Allah knows my heart...he is my soul, my life."

    Sumbul: "I understand your feelings Sultanim, but why you are shedding tears here, do not forget our enemies will enjoy that. Perhaps they have taken their precautions long ago -they may have done their preparations for Shehzade Mustafa to take the throne. That would mean the end for you and our Shehzades." Hurrem: 'My life has passed with this danger (hanging above me). For years I am thinking of this. I have asked myself what I will do if that day comes and that there was only one way for us to be saved - for Shehzade Mustafa to die before our Hunkar." Sumbul: "Sultanim, you have brought down so many people." Hurrem: "I will stand strong for my shehzades of course. I won't bow before anyone. But, the outcome of this war is obvious. Shehzade Mustafa is very strong. If the conditions continue like this, the throne is his." Sumbul: "Sultanim, in that case the conditions should change.

    Fatma meanwhile is busy pining for her lost love. She remembers the necklace he gave her. There is a knock at the door and Melek enters. "Come Melek. Do you have any new word about our Hunkar's health?" Melek: "Unfortunately no, Sultanim. They don't allow anyone except the doctors and Hurrem Sultan into his room." Fatma: "On the one hand I want him to heal, but on the other I know it is time for a new era." so much for loyalty to her brother! My mother, Hatice, Pargali Ibrahim Pasha, and me...didn't he throw all of us into the fire for Hurrem?" Melek: "Sultanim, I see your grief, but you have to get together. You came for Shehzade Mustafa and if anything you must get yourself together for his sake"

    Rustem is in his room when the door opens and Hurrem enters. Hurrem: "Where is Shehzade Mustafa, what is he doing?" Rustem: "I thought you did not want to talk about these matters?" Hurrem: 'I do not want to even take the possibility into my mind it is true, but it doesn't mean I should not take any porecautions." Rustem: 'There is no sound from Shehzade Mustafa, because we would have gotten word the moment he left his palace. The actual danger is the Janissary agha Ferhat, we actually have to stop him. Sokollu will control the Reisler." Hurrem: 'Good...Shehzade Mustafa must not come to the Capitol. We must never allow this to happen. We must keep him far away from here and if by God's order, he dies (the Sulan), then Selim will take the throne." Rustem: "You must have gotten it wrong...you wanted to say Beyazid right?" Hurrem: "I know exactly what I said. Unfortunaely, Beyazid does not see reality. Don't think I am talking about his faults. With his loyalty to Mustafa, he is putting all of us in danger but he isn't even aware of it. He is working together with his own enemy." Rustem: "I spoke with him personally, Shehzae Beyazid he is aware of the seriousness of the issue, he will do as we say." Hurrem: "Since when have you stopped listening to my orders?" Rustem: "Forgive me Sultanim, but although you are going back, but I am not going back on Shehzade Beyazid." Hurrem: 'I am not going back on anyone Rustem, he is my son! But you know Beyazid's nature. He is always at the edge of the highest cliffs. Two steps away from his own destruction. As I said, he is loyal to Mustafa. And Selim is not the old Selim, he understands everything now, he is careful. When we are feeling Mustafa's breath on our necks, he is the best choice!"

    Suleyman is resting in his bed, with Hurrem at his side. He wakes up. Hurrem: "Thank God you are conscious now..." Sully: "My children...":  Hurrem: 'Everyone is sad...they are praying for you." Sully: 'i want to see them" Hurrem: 'Lokman Agha call my children!" Lokman goes. Hurrem, touching his forehead: 'The Padishah of my soul...Suleyman you are burning like fire. Aghas! Call the doctors are once! Suleyman! Suleyman!"

    Meanwhile, Ferhat goes out as the Janissaries stand in rank and one of them says: 'What is going on, everyone in the streets say our Hunkar is ill" Ferhat: 'Do not trust rumours. Our Hunkar is doing just fine!n And if something serious befalls our Hunkar, I will hear of it first!" Another Janissary says: 'How do you know they aren't hiding it? Maybe he has since long - " Ferhat: "Impossible! Say for instance they hid it, and by playing their games, they put Shehzade Selim or Beyazid on the throne then in that case those who did it, will get what they deserve from our swords!"

    Outside the Sultan's room Suleyman's children are waiting. Selim: 'Why aren't they letting us in yet?" Cihangir: "Mother wanted us to wait a bit. I think our Hunkar's condition might have gotten worse." Beyazid comes: "Mihrimah, how is our Hunkar?" Mihrimah: "He is not well...since they have made us wait it seems that way." Beyazid tries to enter, the agha stops him, but Beyazid goes anyway, and the rest of the kids follow. They are grieved by their father's plight and their mother's tears. Hurrem: "It is as if he is playing with me..he was awake just now..." Just then Suleyman says Mustafa under his breath and asks where Mustafa is.

    Ferhat has gone to see Sokollu. Sokollu allows him to enter. Sok: "To what do I owe this visit Ferhat agha?" Ferhat: 'The Janissaries are unhappy my Pasha. They are wondering about our Hunkar's condition. But no one is there to give us an explanation. You must have some information." Sok: "Hm. In the shortest time our Hunkar will fell better. you have troubled yourself for no reason to come all the way here. Also, these questions could be dangerous. It could be the reason for your head to be taken. "

    Hurrem is with Suleyman, and says thank God your fever is down. Everyone, including Fatma and Gulfem are there. Beyazid asks what the fever is from. The doctor says that the Sultan had gotten very weary during the campaign and that hopefully he will be better with rest, and to pray for it not to get worse.

    Sokollu is with Rustem: "It is obvious Ferhat agha did not dare to come to you. He came to me and showed his stick (i.e. made underlying threats)." Rustem: "As per the rules, you should threaten him" Sok: 'I did as necessary. But I did not like his condition at all...I think he has fallen to treason." Rustem: 'That much is obvious. We have to keep silent for sometime. While we have thousands of problems on our heads, we cannot also have the Janissary turn on us. When our Hunkar recovers he will put them in their places." Sok: 'God Willing my Pasha, but in everyone's heads are the same question, what if God forbid, our Hunkar does not get up?" Rustem: "Thank God our Shehzades are here. The important thing is for the state to continue. People will get what they deserve." Sok: 'Which Shehzade my Pasha? Shehzade Selim?"  Zal arrives and Rustem allows him to enter. Zal: "Pasha Hazretleri, our Hurrem Sultan is in the Sultan's chamber waiting for you."

    Hurrem's childrens are in her room. Cihangir: "We must send word to my brother Mustafa." Bey: "You are right. We can't keep him away any longer." Selim: "No. You cannot do this. Without the Hunkar's permission, without his order, this is impossible." Bey: "When our Hunkar said Mustafa's name, what permission are you talking about Selim?" Mih: "Beyazid calm down." Selim: "Our Hunkar is not conscious. He will not accept this." Cihangir: "What is this worry? Are you afraid of Mustafa taking the throne?" Selim: "Come to your sense Cihangir. Both of you, know your places. I am your older brother. And until our Hunkar wakes up from bed, I am the Regent! You can hate me. But you are forced to respect me."

    Hurrem is caring for Suleyman when the door opens and Rustem enters. Rustem: "Sultanim..you wanted to see me?" Hurrem: "Come with me." They go to the terrace. Hurrem: "Send word to Shehzade Mustafa." Rustem: 'Forgive me Sultanim...I don't understand...why should I call him?" Hurrem: 'Send him a letter to come to the Capitol" Rustem: "Are you (he looks at her clothes and face "is it really ou?" ) Are you aware of what you said?" Hurrem: "Our Hunkar wished to see him. I cannot prevent this." (So, to everyone who says Hurrem is an evil witch who doesn't love Suleyman, so then why is she saying this?) Rustem: "This will mean presenting the throne on a golden plate to Shehzade Mustafa. A single wrong decision, or a single wrong move can darken our futures." Hurrem: "Power and the throne are precious yes, BUT FOR ME, WHAT OUR HUNKAR WANTS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE! EVEN IF, GOD FORBID THIS IS HIS LAST WISH...call Shehzade Mustafa to the throne."

    Rustem is, well flabbergasted.

    Gulbahar enters Mihrimah's room and tells her that Rustem has come to see her. Mihrimah allows it. Mihrimah: "Why did you come Rustem?" Rustem: "I was with my daughter...I missed her." Mihrimah: "I want to know why you came to see me,, did you miss me, that is what I am asking." Rusty: "There are things you must know." Mihrimah: "My father?!" Rusty: "No. There is no change in our Hunkar's condition. What I have to say is about our Hurrem Sultan. It is apparent that she has changed her mind about Shehzade Beyazid. The heir to the throne for her, is Shehzade Selim."
    Meanwhile, there are weird witches doing weird things to the Sultan's feet. Hurrem: "I don't want you to die before me Suleyman. May Allah take from my life and give it to you. Not yet, Suleyman."
    Rustem meanwhile continues telling Mihrimah: 'If I hadn't heard it myself I would not believe it. She ordered for Shehzade Mustafa to come to the Capitol. It is apparent Sultanim, that Hurrem Sultan is no longer thinking straight." Mihrimah: "Selim will not do. We must speak to my mother and change her mind." Rustem: "This won't work, we will never be able to change her mind. You are alone Mihrimah." Mihrimah: " I am alone is that right? Wasn't it you who put everything on the line for Beyazid to get on the throne?Now you changed your sides."

    Rustem: 'This is up to you Mihrimah. If I am going to go agaisnt Hurrem Sultan, I cannot do that alone. We must be together. Like old times." Mih: 'Is this a threat?" Rustem: " An agreement...our marriage will continue. Or, our paths will completely separate." Mihrimah: "Let it break from its weakest part. I do not care." Rustem: GRAB. Rustem: "This is a life and death decision Mihrimah. Do not make a decision this quickly." Mihrimah: 'if I am not together with you, you will switch to Selim's side is that right?" Rustem: 'This is a bloody game, Mihrimah. If we lose for a moment, in a moment my head will go. And so will Shehzade Beyazid's. While the situation is like this, why should I give up my life for a Sultana who wants to divorce me?" Mihrimah: "If you support Beyazid like you used to, then you will get what you want."

    We see a messenger deliver a letter and Yahya takes it. He goes to Mustafa. "My Shehzade, this has come from the Capitol, Rustem Pasha has sent it." Mustafa reads it. Atmaca asks if it is about the Hunkar's health. Mustafa says that they have called him to the Palace and that the Sultan wishes to see him. Yahya responds that it might be a trap, and Atmaca says he agrees and that if the Hunkar's condition is bad as they say, then they would not want him in the capital.
    Mustafa says that despite whatever, if the Hunkar has called him, he shall go, and anyway, he says, is it not what everyone wanted from him? He tells them to start preparations so they can set out on the way without wasting time.

    Part 3
    A Janissary sargeant arrives to inform Ferhat agha that Piri Reis has come to see him. (Does anyone else find Ferhat's demeanor, the way he talks to everyone, including those who are around him very arrogantly, and his overall "look" quite annoying??? Does the man ever smile?) Ohh, he just smiled when he saw Piri o.o !
    Ferhat: "Seeing you here, is such a great honour, Piri Reis." I won't hold you for long, Ferhat agha. The days we have waited for in the cause of our Shehzade are drawing near. The Janissaries support (for Mustafa) are apparent to everyone. Turgut Reis has hold of the fleet. We will beseige them from four corners. We must be on his side as our Shehzade gets on the throne." Ferhat: "God Willing, we are waiting for that day in great anticipation." Piri: 'It is close, Ferhat Agha, it has been close for a while now. From what I heard, our Shehzade is on his way to the Capitol, and he will soon be with us."
    Lokman is in the Sultan's room when he hears him call our for water. Lokman: 'Thank God" He rushes to pout water and helps the Sultan drink it.
    Sokollu is in his cabin when he sees the ships approaching...basically what looks like most of the fleet and he is shocked at what he sees. We see Turgut at the head of that fleet, sailing with resolve towards the Capitol."
    Fatma is on the terrace, with Beyazid and Cihangir, watching the convergence of ships on the water and she says: "Of course Shehzade  Mustafa's friends will not leave him footloose."
    Meanwhile, Mustafa's entourage is on the way to the Capitol, and Rustem, without telling Hurrem has set a trap for him with poisoned arrows.
    In the Palace, Hurrem is with Suleyman who is now awake and the doctor says he will prepare the ointment for his feet and return. There is a knock and Lokman arrives, saying there is something the Sultan must know. Lokman: "Turgut Reis has completely ignored the Captain of the Sea (Admiral) Mehmet Pasha's orders and has anchored 80 galleys in front of the Palace Point." 
    Meanwhile, on the road to the Capitol, a man is hit and falls from his horse...everyone fakes that the Shehzade has been hit, leading the attackers to believe that indeed, Mustafa has been hit with poisonous arrows.
    Suleyman is carefully helped by Lokman to his terrace where he looks out upon the ships below in anger. 

    Rustem and Sokollu arrive to see Suleyman. When the agha goes inside to inform the Sultan, Rustem says to Sokollu: "I warned you Sokollu to keep the Reisler away from the Capitol." Sok: "I did whatever was in my power my Pasha, but you know the influence Turgut Reis has over the fleet. Before I even started working in my position this was the state of things. Do not look for the fault in me." Lokman arrives and informs them that the Sultan is waiting for them.
    When the two men enter the Sultan's chamber, they are asked: "Did I make a mistake in trusting you? What is all this? Mehmet Pasha I appointed you as Admiral, are you going to explain the galleys are doing in the Palace Point? " Sokollu: "Turgut Reis came against my orders. I have called him to see me, and I will take him to account of course, but he is continuing to do things without orders." Rustem: "Hunkarim, I do not want to worry you, but the state of the Janissaries is very unbecoming. As you know in your absence they behaved in an unrestrained manner. I warned the Janissary agha Ferhat many times, but I could not find a good outcome." Suley: "What does this mean?" Rustem: "The rumours have spread everywhere - the people and the soldiers are talking about you being seriously ill. The disbelievers spies have spread it all over the world. I don't want to say it - but if it keeps going this way then revolt is bound to happen." Suleyman: 'While I am worried about my life, they want to bury me? Rustem Pasha, has the work been completed in the mosque of my son Mehmet, mercy on his soul?" Rustem: 'It has, Hunkarim" Suleyman: "Great. Then in that case let it be known with the bang of drums that I will be praying the Friday prayer there." Sok: 'Hunkarim, how is that possible the doctors -" Sully: "My decision is final Pasha. Whoever has already decided that I have passed away from this world, he should come and see with his own eyes the truth."
    In the streets and market, a crier announces the Sultan's intent on praying in Mehmet's mosque on Friday. Everyone is relieved and Sumbul says "Thank God my Lord! Our Hunkar has recovered!"
    In Sokllu's cabin, Turgut has come to see Sokollu. Sok: "You have really crossed your limits by disobeying my direct order and coming to the Capitol. I hope you have a good explanation for this." Turgut: "The rumours have also reached my ears Pasha. I have come to learn the truth and also to protect our Hunkar." Sok: "Our Hunkar will pray Friday prayer in the Mosque of Mehmet, pray so that he believes what you are saying as being true on that day."
    The doctor tells Suleyman that the last ointment they have used is doing its job and that hopefully he will be healthy soon. Hurrem asks what the doctor thinks about the Sultan going for the procession for Friday, and if there is any danger in it and Suleyman interrupts saying that his decision is final and that it has already been made public and that he will pray Friday prayer in his son's Mosque.
    Beyazid and Cihangir happily rush to join Selim and Mihrimah as they wait to see the Sultan. Cihangir: "Our Hunkar has come to? (woken from unconsciousness)." Mihrimah: "He has!" Beyazid and Selim look at each other but then Mihrimah says: "End this hatred between you now. If you do this then you will make our Hunkar feel worse."  So Beyazid and Selim look at each other, their faces softening, and Beyazid says: "May your eyes be bright, brother (a saying when something good happens, like this) Selim nods.

    Suleyman's children enter and happily greet him.
    Friday comes and outside Mehmet's Mosque, imperial guards line the path keeping the people in the controlled area.
    Hurrem is in her room and tells Fahriye that she wants to personally take care of the Qur'an recital and food that will be distributed to the poor. Fahriye prays for Mehmet.
    The doctor asks Suleyman if his feet are hurting and Suleyman replies that it does and when the doctor sees the inflammation, he says that it has gotten worse. He says he cannot proceed to the Friday prayers as planned, but Suleyman tells him to just give him something for the pain and that will be enough.
    Sumbul and Yakup are feeling bad hearing all the mumbling and muttering going on because of the Sultan being late. They give something to a beggar. Sumbul barks at a man who blocks his way. Everyone is getting impatient.
    Lokman announces Suleyman in the hall outside the Sultan's room and Suleyman exits. I absolutely love how he skips Fatma entirely and goes towards Mihrimah and Hurrem. He stops when he reaches Hurrem.
    Outside, the men are getting more and more impatient and the Janissaries arrive.
    Suleyman meanwhile is still smiling at Hurrem when he suddenly looks about to faint and he does...(It reminded me of when Hurrem fainted, well fake fainted, on Suleyman all those years ago...) Hurrem cannot catch him and screams...
    The men are waiting outside the Divan area for the Sultan. Rustem says to Beyazid : "Do you think Turgut Reis came for no reason, and Mustafa is on his way." Beyazid: "Since the Hunkar is well, then none of these mean anything anymore." Rustem: 'Now they especially have meaning, my Shehzade. Everyone must get their punishment." 

    Selim speaks to Sokollu saying: "You should have controlled the fleet. This is not good at all." Sokollu: "Turgut Reis doesn't know too much about the customs of statesmen. Controlling him is difficult. But maybe this is better...because our Hunkar will not leave them alone without punishment."
    Zal arrives saying that Lokman sent word that the Sultan will not be attending prayers. Everyone looks worried.

    Outside, the situation is getting worse, and people are almost shouting. The doors open and a man comes out "O People, the Mighty Hunkar Sultan Suleyman Han will be praying the Friday prayers in the Palace Mosque. The first prayer to be conducted in this mosque will take place at another time." Everyone shouts even louder and Ferhat nods to his entourage and they leave.
    Suleyman is on his bed and Rustem speaks to the doctor: "Doctor?" Doctor: "We did what we could my Pasha, the rest is up to God...God willing, our Lord will save our Hunkar." Rustem has tears in his eyes.
    Hurrem is in her room: 'I never felt myself this hopeless." Fahriye: 'These bad days will pass God Willing."   There is a knock and Sumbul has arrived. He says that the whole city is in uprising...that the rumours are getting wild.
    Ferhat has come to see Rustem. Rustem says: "Why have you come all the way here Ferhat agha?" Ferhat replies with one of the most arrogant looks I have seen in this show, he says: "Rumour has it that the Sultan is dead. Tell us the truth so we can know." Rustem: 'You should have put those who were spreading bad rumours in the dungeons." And the rudeness continues, as Ferhat says: 'As the Janissary agha, questioning this and knowing about it, is my right. Or else how can I control the soldiers." But Rustem is not one to let someone get away with that, so he says: 'You will control them...otherwise your head will be the first to go. Thank God that Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri is healthy and with us." Ferhat, amazingly still continues saying: 'If what you say is true then we thank God for that. But if he has died, and you are hiding it from us, then no one can stop the Janissaries."
    Meanwhile, an agha brings a note to Rustem. Zal asks if bad news has come and Rustem says that actually good news that the poisonous arrows have hit their mark (i.e. Mustafa).
    A man informs Piri that Shehzade Mustafa is closing in on the palace (guys a note here, did you guys know it would take 25-30 days on horseback to reach the Capitol from Amasya??? But in the show they show it as taking a day!) Piri: 'Great. Do you have news from the palace?" Man: "Not yet, Reis."It is obvious our Hunkar is on the verge of death. Send word at once to Ferhat agha, the Janissaries should hear that our Shehzade, our Future Sultan, is coming to his Palace."
    Hurrem is with Rustem. He tells her that Ferhat has openly made threats that if they don't see the Sultan with their own eyes, he will not control the Janissaries and he will not stop them from causing trouble. Hurrem replies that this was the moment they have been waiting for for years, and that of course they wouldn't run away from such an oppurtunity. (Who else thinks they should put Vahide's hair up in a more Meryem style updo??) Rustem replies that they must do something. Hurrem asks what he has in mind. Rustem replies that they should send Selim to the Janissary corps, since he is the Regent while the Sultan is ill, and that he should go tell the Janissaries the Sultan is well and to also exert his power this way. Hurrem responds that how could she send her son with her own hands to his certain death? That if Selim goes there he would never be able to return and that she will never allow it! She angrily leaves the room.
    Selim meanwhile is outside. Selim asks if the people are at the door (have they revolted) and Rustem replies that if there is further silence, this will be inevitable. Rustem says that it is necessary to put the Janissaries in their place. Rustem says that Selim must go to the Janissaries, as a reminder that he is the Regent, and assure them the Sultan is healthy and alive. Selim says that they might use it as an opportunity to get rid of him (kill him) and Rustem responds that they would not dare to do this without being certain of the Sultan's condition, and that when they see Selim they will be afraid. (I felt sorry for him, like the lamb going to the slaughter, and he has improved if anything, he has grown up and is behaving). Selim asks if Rustem will join him, but Rustem says no, he will not because the last person they want to see is him. He assures Selim that Mehmet Sokollu will go with him. Rustem tells Selim that this is an opportunity to show them his courage which will make them respect him and see him as the Regent.
     Canfeda is telling Nurbanu that her baby has slept well last night. Selim arrives and tells Canfeda that she should inform Gazanfer to make preparations because he is going out. Nurbanu wonders and he tells her he will be going to the Janissaries. Nurbanu tells him not to, that they might make an attempt on his life. Selim says that he has two paths anyway in front him. Either he will get on the throne, or he will die. He says sooner or later this will happen and that he has no choice. Nurbanu tells him he should not and begs him not to go, but he says that he has no choice that there is no other way.

    Hurrem watches over Suleyman. He makes a noise like he isn't breathing, and when she looks at his breath in the mirror and it isn't there she starts to cry but then she sees the mirror get foggy and thanks God.
    Nurbanu tells Lokman she has to see Hurrem. Lokman says no, no one can enter, but she says that she must, otherwise they might lose Shehzade Selim.
    Rustem is speaking with Zal and says that it is almsot certain Selim will not return from the Janissary barracks. He says that since Mustafa has been stopped too, then Shehzade Beyazid will remain without a competitor...and just then Mustafa is annouced and Zal and Rustem look on in surprise. Yavuz had worn the Shehzade's outfit and sacrificed himself in place of Mustafa.
    Selim enters the barracks. Ferhat greets him , but in an arrogant way.
    Meanwhile Hurrem says to Nurbanu: "Whatever you have to say, say it quickly." Nur: "Shehzade Selim has gone to the Janissary barracks...please do something, please." Just then Mustafa enters the room and goes to his father. Suleyman wakes upon hearing his son call out to him. Hurrem watches Suleyman smile and then go back to sleep.
    Selim: "Thank God our Hunkar is well. With the Grace of God, he will recover. Nobody should cause unrest. The way this is going is not good, Ferhat agha. If it continues this way, many people will lose their heads. Lives will be lost." Ferhat: "The life you are talking about is a single breath. While that breath is in our Hunkar, we will not betray him. But, today or tomorrow the throne will change hands...and the new owner of the throne will be the Shehzade with the most right to it." Selim: 'Know your place Ferhat agha! You live in the tent! We are, the rulers of the seven seas, the Ottoman Dynasty. Since when do the Janissaries decide who gets on the throne?!" Gazanfer looks like he wonders why he forgot to bring his sword.

    Meanwhile Mustafa is sitting by his father's side when Hurrem puts her hand on his shoulder. "Help, Mustafa." He is surprised and gets up to face her: "What help are you talking about?" Hurrem: "Selim...he is walking on fire...he has gone to the Janissary barracks...their anger will  burn and turn my son into ashes. But they will listen to you...save him from them...I know you won't do this for me...but do it for your father and for your brother."
    Ferhat (who is annoying me extremely) says: "You can not come to our barracks and talk to us like this, and if you do, for certain you will be taken into account for it (punished) (really? What the...how does he think he can say that to a prince? Okay you don't like the guy...so? He is still a shehzade...I somehow can't wait until this guy gets in trouble.). Selim, rightfully angry, "Who do you think you are?! A Shehzade stands in front of you." 

    THE END.

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