• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 119 Translation

    source: startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Suleyman is in his tent wearing his helmet and armour, looking at himself in the mirror. He has pain when he walks in his feet. Lokman: "Hunkarim, are you well, should I call the doctor?" Suley: "No need." He sits on his throne, and then looks at a box. Rustem arrives: "Elkas Mirza has sent word, he is waiting your presence in the outskirts of Van" Suley: "God Willing, he has been able to get the support of the Turkmen and Persians he was talking about."

    Two traiters, one is Abbas test out their hidden daggers. Abbas: "Elkas Mirza is waiting for me Bahman, soon we will set out, do not leave from behind me." Bahman: "How will we get to the Sultan's tent?" Abbas: "We will have only once chance to act...when I give you the signal, you will take Mirza's life and I will take Sultan Suleyman's"

    Mustafa meanwhile is getting dressed when Yahya arrives telling him they are ready. Mahidevran calls out to him. Mahi: "My son, did you think hard about this...you do not have to go. The thing you are trying to change, is fate itself! My son...let the rain fall, the wind blow, the winter come...do not forget that winter ends and spring comes and that spring is you."

    Hurrem plays with her grandchild, Murat as Nurbanu stands close by. Nurbanu: "How lucky Shehzade Murat is, that at this age he has come to the Capitol under your wings, our Mighty Sultana." Hurrem: "May he always be lucky, my lion-cub grandchild." There is a knock and Afife enters Hurrem's room. "Sultanim, Princess of Poland Anna Yagellonka has set out on the trip, she will be here soon." Hurrem: "Excellent, without any delay let the preparations begin...When the Princess comes to our Palace she should realize our power and we must host her in the best way." Nurbanu: "It is obvious the Princess' visit is important for you, Sultanim" Hurrem: "At the very least, In the end, someone from the land I was born in is coming...on top of this one from among the rulers. Inevitably, I recall the past. The memories are coming out from their hiding places. Over thirty years have passed...how many springs and summer and winters..." Nurbanu: 'Not everyone is destined for this. You are not only an Ottoman Sultana, but a Sultana of the whole world!" Hurrem likes what she hears and smiles.

    Yavuz meets with Piri. Yavuz wonders why Piri has sent for him and tht it is important. Piri: "How is our Shehzade?" Yav: "He did not return well...as you know, his relationship with our Hunkar is not good, God Willing it will pass." Piri: "We have no need for that. The Persians have planned an ambush, and soon this matter will end." Yav: "Ambush??" Piri: "Atmaca got the information and we have made the decision to hide this from our Shehzade, because our duty is not the safety of the Sultan, but rather, to enthrone Shehzade Mustafa!" Yavuz: "Yes, but -" Piri: "Since our Shehzade is marching on the path to the throne - then we must remove those who stand in his way...this is why I called you." Yav: "Rustem Pasha?" Piri: "His turn will come...but first we will rid this state of the largest hump on it's back - of Hurrem Sultan!" (Everyone has different beards in this show, and Piri's looks the most wizard-ish, don['t you think?)

    Selim is on his father's terrace and his mother arrives. He greets her. Hurrem: "My son...Murat was with me just a while earlier...he will be a brave young Shehzade like his father." Selim: "God Willing mother. Did they give you the news about the Princess?" Hurrem: "We must host her in the best way possible. There must be something behind this visit. Let us see what the Princess is after." Her father King Sigismund is seriously ill. The situation in Poland is not encouraging. Famine is also taking it's toll. Obviously, she is going to ask for help." Hurrem: "So that is why...as soon as you have come, you are busy with state matters" Selim: 'Well the throne was left to me for safekeeping." They smile.

    Ew. Fatma is reading the letter Elkas has sent her (Now, I am not saying EW to her, NAF (nothing-against-Fatma) okay, okay, SAF (something against Fatma!) but it's just this Elkas and her thing, is Ew, because they don't suit each other, and she is quite foolhardy to think that he wants her because he loves her! There are obvious factors which have enchanted him (no, no I do not mean her smile!), such as the fact that she is the Sultan's sister!)

    Elkas words in his letter: "It is impossible for me to describe the past days far from you...it is as if I am in the pit of hell with snakes and scorpions biting  at my soul. The closer I am getting to my homeland, the more I feel myself far away from home...And I am learning better, day after day, how your heart is my real home. Your Elkas who is burning with the fire to reunite with you."

    Fatma smiles and Melek says: "Thank God you are smiling Sultanim!" (no, Melek, what are you doing? Melek! Stop!)  Fatma: "After reading such a letter which woman would not smile?" Melek: 'You are right Sultanim. They say Mihrimah Sultan is drowning in grief in her palace...they say she does not even leave her palace." Fatma smiles even bigger (if that is possible) and says: 'She has fallen into the pit she dug herself...after the war, she will get divorced, and I will wed, and I will live through my second spring God Willing." Melek: 'God Willing" Fatma: 'Quick now, get quill and paper...so I can write a response to my fiance."

    In the outskirts of Van, Elkas steps down from his horse. He walks through the Janissaries, and meets Ferhat agha who welcomes him. "Welcome, our Hunkar will  see you now." Elkas and Ferhat go towards the tent. The guards take the weapons, and then Ferhat asks who the two minions are in the back. Elkas says that they are with him and that he has documents to show to the Sultan. They  hand their visible weapons over and are searched. Ferhat allows them all to enter.

    Rustem is with Beyazid in his tent. Rustem: "In summer we must be firmly in Tabriz." Beyazid: 'We will enter Tabriz but, what if Elkas  does not find the support he has promised us?" Rustem: "In that case we will leave Elkas in some corner and then continue on our path." Bey: "Let me go to Azerbaijan, along with the army under my command, with God's permission take his head and bring it!" Rustem: 'This is impossible, my Shehzade, wherever our Hunkar is, that is where you must be. Speaking of our Hunkar...I heard some letters came from Kutahya...I think from Hurichihan Sultan." Bey: "It is apparent you have your eyes on me!" Rustem: "There are thousands of soldiers, my Shehzade, who is with us and who is not, is impossible to know, so it is beneficial to be careful. This matter should stay between us."  Bey: "You need to be worried about your own matters, my Pasha. From what Cihangir tells me, your relationship with Mihrimah has gone for the worst..." Rustem: "Some unpleasant incidents occured..but it will pass." Bey: "God Willing."

    Meanwhile, Elkas has entered the Sultan's tent, he kisses the Sultan's robe. Elkas: "To be in your presence once again, is a great honour for me." Suleyman: "God Willing you have brought good news." Elkas: "I wished to bring the letters from the Turkmen Beys personally to you." Suleyman allows it (does he have a slightly disgusted look on his face?? Or is it because of the pain I wonder?). A guard hands the Sultan the file full of letters. Abbas and Bahram look at each other (guys, come one now, if you are about to do a sudden attack, why the dirty looks from now? Should you not at least pretend to be happy?)

    Mustafa meanwhile is rushing towards the Sultan's camp.

    Elkas speaks as the Sultan looks through the documents: "As you can see Hunkarim, the Turkmen Beys are on my side in the war against my brother Tahmasp and they have announced from their own mouths that they are under my command." Suleyman: "What is their full force? What will they be able to contribute?" Elkas: "If you permit Hunkarim, I will show you on the map." Suleyman allows it. Elkas motions for the two assassins to unfold the map which they start to do.

    Rustem is with Beyazid outside in the camp when Zal arrives, informing them that Elkas is with the Sultan. Rustem says that when Elkas is done, he should come to see him later. Zal notices people are approaching and says so. Beyazid says it is Mustafa and Rustem wonders what he is doing here.

    In the Sultan's tent, Elkas is explaining to the Sultan using the map, about how the Turkmen Beys will contribute. Elkas "Burhan Ali Bey has a fully trained unit of 5000 soldiers near Azerbaijan. They are a lightly equipped division, so they are moving quickly. The people of Tekelu have 3000 soldiers and are at Hamedan (in Iran). Once we reach Merend (in Iran), our numbers will be 20,000." Suleyman: "Once we are on the road to Tabriz, your brother Tahmasp will surely run away. Where will he run to?" Elkas: "He will run to the mountain pasture, Hunkarim. As Burhan Ali Bey has control over the El-Burz mountains, I will march across Hamedan Kermanshah over the Zagros mountains. Without even realizing what hit him, he will be caught in between two fires."

    Outside, Mustafa arrives, dismounts and asks where his father is, Rustem asks why he is there, but Mustafa asks again where his father is, and Beyazid answers that he is with Elkas. Bahman and Abbas prepare themselves, their daggers drawn and we see Mustafa outside saying that they will kill the Sultan. He rushes inside, and so does everyone else with their swords drawn.
    Mustafa and everyone else rushes in with their swords drawn and Mustafa shouts out to his father, who looks up frozen, and Abbas ends up with his dagger in the map. But he tries again, and this time Mustafa throws himself at him, bringing Abbas down to the ground. Beyazid goes after Bahman. Suleyman is shocked...Cihangir looks like he will pass out.
    Suleyman is with Mustafa later and asks him how he got his information/intelligence about the plan. Mustafa says: 'A man by the name of Cafer agha came,..he said he was a chamberlain...he wanted to talk about the Persian war. He told me how he did not think Elkas Mirza was powerful enough and said the war must be stopped." Suley: "Who is this Cafer agha?I do not have such a chamberlain in my palace" Mustafa: "He is one of the aghas whose duties are in the Enderun (the school within the Palace). I let him go and did not let him know  I had my doubts because I wanted to see who he served." Suley: 'And who did he serve?" Mustafa: "He was a spy for Persia. He met with one of Elkas' men named Abbas. In the end, under threat, he said everything. As soon as I got word of it, I got out on the road. Thank God I got here on time." Suleyman smiles, and we think he is unhappy until he says the following: "Why did such a news come to you and not me, Mustafa? Your weapon bearer should have come first to me, not you (the man has a point here, I mean, if you technically serve the Sultan (which Atmaca and Yavuz do, because they are part of the army (all of them are, and therefore have sword allegiance to the Sultan) and all men in the army swear their oaths to serve the Sultan).
    Mustafa: "Hunkarim, when we were in Sivas (a place, I am not sure exactly where, but in Turkey). this happened. When I returned, I learned of it." Lokman arrives just then and tells Suleyman that Rustem wishes to see him. Suleyman allows him to enter.
    Cihangir is still shaken from the incident, and his brother gives him something to drink. Bey: "Drink this it will calm you. You are alright?" Cih: "Everything happened right in front of my eyes...if something had happened to our Hunkar? I saw the glint of the blade...I saw the moment that traitor raised his hand to take my father's life...I wanted to hold his hand to stop him, but I was paralyzed...I could not move." Bey: "Cihangir, stop blaming yourself...my dear brother in the end, everything finished in a second. No one was hurt. Thank God Mustafa came on time." Cih: 'Oh yes, where is he?" Bey: 'With our Hunkar. despite everything he is scolding him" Cih: "It is difficult to predict what our Hunkar is thinking but for a Sultan who rules the world such a thing as a debt like this is difficult to carry...how does one pay the debt of someone having saved their life? (ie. you cannot pay it)"
    Rustem is with Suleyman. Rustem: "He has confessed to being Tahmasp's spy and being sent to Elkas's side by him Hunkarim. He has been sending word about every step Elkas took...his main goal was to assassinate you."
    Suley: "Someone by the name of Cafer agha went to Shehzade Mustafa..who was this Cafer agha? What was his tie to you?" Abbas: "Our Shah knew that Shehzade Mustafa was against the war with Persia. He thought he would be able to stop the war and for this he wanted for him to be in contact (that by Cafer talking to Mustafa, Mustafa would try to stop the war)." Rustem: 'That is not all Hunkarim, God forbid if these traitors had been successful...Tahmasp has done whatever was in his power to get Shehzade Mustafa on the throne!" Mustafa: 'Who cares about his dreams Rustem Pasha? As you saw, I broke the game! I think Tahmasp has understood he has played with fire.' Suleyman to Abbas: "What else have you told Tahmasp? What does he know?" Abbas: "The alliance of the Turkmen Beys and his brother's engagement to Fatma Sultan." Suleyman: "Take this traitor away." Ferhat motions for the guards to drag Abbas away. Suleyman tells Mustafa and Rustem to leave him alone. Mustafa doesn't leave and says: "Forgive me, Hunkarim, but what is the meaning of all of this? Did you need the words of that traitor to believe my words?" Suleyman: "It is obvious what happened just the other day Mustafa. You have shaken my faith in you. You have wounded my trust deeply. And now how dare you say these words!" Mustafa: "Hunkarim, If there is a way to build the trust between us from scratch, or if there is a way to heal the wounds I am ready to do my best...is there a way father?" Suleyman: "Time will tell Mustafa...time! You may leave."
    It is morning in Istanbul and Nurbanu has woken up next to Selim. She watches him, then wakes him with a kiss. Nurbanu: "Good morning, my Shehzade." Selim: "Roses are blooming on your face (i.e. you are happy)." Nurbanu: "How can they not? It is as if I am in a dream..I walking in the gardens of paradise." Selim: "Don't carried away, when the war is over we will fall on the road to Manisa once again." Nurbanu: "If we have Hurrem Sultan's support behind us that we can find ourselves coming here again...and on top of this without any going back." Selim: "I wish I could believe in this as much as you do." Nurbanu: "There is a rare oppurtuniy and it is very lucky that you are the Regeant - While you are Regeant, let her do as she wishes...show her how much power she would have if you were to one day become Sultan...make it obvious you are walking in her path...in that case she will not go back on you."
    Hurrem is in her room reading when Mihrimah arrives. Hurrem: "Finally, seeing your face is like heaven!" Mih: "What, is there news?" Hurrem: "Cihangir has written a response to my letter. Thank God both he and our Hunkar are doing very well." Mihrimah: 'Why did our Hunkar not write a letter? Or is he still angry with you?" Hurrem: "We have crossed many mountains and oceans Mihrimah...we are not going to drown in a river...you think about Rustem...come see what he has written...his every second word is you...and the other is his daughter...he has missed you both." Mihrimah: 'If that is the case why did this letter come to you and not to me?" Hurrem: "If Rustem saw a light from you, then you would fall from tiredness from reading a letter (he has so much to say to you in a letter, describing your beauty and how much he loves you, that you would get weary from reading it all, as it would be so long)...although this separation will be good for you...it is an opportunity for your happiness."
    Mihrimah: "I am not going to change my decision, mother..if a thousand years passes, it still won't change!" Hurrem: "Don't speak too soon Mihrimah...while you are not even certain the sun will rise tomorrow how can you speak with such certainty?" Mihrimah: 'it is enough that you simply do not forget your promise to me?"
    Meanwhile, in Beyazid's tent, Bey and Mustafa are alone together. Bey: 'While waiting for praise from our Hunkar, look at what you ended up hearing?! It is clear that he still upset with you." Mustafa: "If the matter gets any worse, no one will have such a deeply wounded heart as me, Beyazid." Bey: "I spoke to Rustem Pasha last night...he is stuck on how you received this piece of information. From what he said, there is someone helping you from behind the scenes." Mustafa: "Just as I suspected...Rustem never lets an opportunity pass him." Bey: 'What does this mean?" Mus: "Be careful around him Beyazid..He has seen the love and loyalty between us..he wants to sow the seeds of doubt among us...Mihrimah will divorce him and now his position is in danger..."
    Elkas is present in Suleyman's tent. Suleyman: "How could you be this blind and deaf Elkas!  Elkas: "My Mighty Hunkar, forgive me. I am ashamed in front of you. I know Abbas for years. I never saw any error from him. The agha who tried to attack me, had come by his recommendation. But I have been asleep and unaware. Please do not withhold your forgiveness from me." Suleyman: 'If you want to be the Shah of Persia, you must look around you with different eyes Elkas...you have no choice! You must always be on guard! Everyone wants to rule, and be the owner of power and might but not everyone deserves it! In truth the throne you don't deserve is the parable of a fire that will burn you..Instead of facing me, that insolent brother of yours named Tahmasp has once again set a trap..he has made an attempt on my life..he will certainly pay for this! And at that time whether you will be beside me or not is up to you, because I will not make a Shah of Persia or a groom out of a Shehzade who is not even aware of his own shadow!" Elkas: "I hope that I will be able to compensate when I will be a part of the victory of yours in this war Hunkarim"
    Back in the tent where Mustafa and his brother are, Beyazid says: "My faith in you is complete brother. But I know everything - the soldiers, beys, the Reisler (the Reis-es but it is hard to make this word plural :o  ) they are all with you. God forbid if something happens to our Hunkar, the Janissaries will put you on the throne." Mustafa: "And you my brother, what will you do?" Bey: 'I have always done right by you, but if you give the command for my execution, then I will not wait like a docile lamb...it is not in my nature you know." Mustafa: 'If I want you by my side?" Bey: "Then in that case even a mountain cannot stop me, I will swear loyalty to you like everyone else." Mustafa: "I swore years ago...I prayed to my Lord that He should not destine me to spill my brothers' blood! If I should one day maybe get on the throne be certain that you will be by my side and we will both rule the world together." Cihangir arrives. and says: 'Oh so your quiet when I arrive?" Mustafa: "We have nothing to hide from you Cihangir." Bey: "We made a decision...if the day comes for him to take the throne we will not fight for the throne...instead I will be by his side as he rules the world." Cih: "Is there room for me next to you too?" Mustafa: "Always"
    The Sultan is in his tent and the doctor is checking his feet. Sully: "You said it could be strained but it still has not passed...the ointment has not helped either." Doctor: "We have been on the road for long Hunkarim...it is the conditions of the campaign...while you should be resting, you are always on your feet." Suley: 'You just find a way to ease the pain that is enough." Doctor: "I will prepare an effective ointment Hunkarim..but you should not step on them for a while, otherwise it will not be of any benefit." Sully: "How is Cihangir doctor? Do not neglect him!" Doctor: "I wanted to speak to you specifically about this matter. He is taking too much medicine..and it is upsetting his stomach. Before it affects our Shehzade's health any further I see it beneficial for him to return to the Capitol."
    Anna of Poland is announced. Afife welcomes her. Fatma greets her with a giant crown on her head. She welcomes Anna. Anna: 'Thank you, my Hurrem Sultan...I am honoured to meet you." Fatma: "There is a mistake Princess. I am Sultan Suleyman's sister Fatma Sultan." Anna: "Forgive me. I saw a beautiful, magnificent woman like you and I thought you were Hurrem Sultan. Fatma: "No harm - Gulfem, you look after the Princess" and then whispers "don't leave her alone with Hurrem" Gulfem: "Of course Sultanim...Princess Anna, please come with me...Hurrem Sultan is awaiting you."
    Meanwhile, Beyazid, Cihangir and Mustafa are still together when Suleyman enters the tent. Suleyman: "So you are here..." CIhangir: "I wanted to visit my brothers. We were talking." Suleyman: "The head physician said your pains have increased, and I wanted to see you." Cihangir: "He is exaggerating... As you can see I am quite fine. I am especially happy since my brother Mustafa has arrived." Suleyman: "This is sufficient Cihangir. It is time for you to return to the capitol. I have made my decision. You will leave immediately and your brother Mustafa will accompany you to Tokat (a province in Turkey). Mustafa will return to Amasya from there and you will return to Istanbul." Cihangir: "He doesn't need to accompany me. He should be here, with you, he should take part in the war." Beyazid: "Hunkarim, I agree... His presence will add strength to our strength." Mustafa: "Make your preparations, Cihangir. We will leave at dawn."
    In Istanbul, Afife and Gulfem are accompanying Anna to Hurrem's room. Affie announces Anna to Hurrem, whose crown is beautiful. She asks if she has met Selim and Afife says yes. Anna enters and the two women smile at each other, greeting each other. Hurrem: "You are more beautiful than I thought." Anna: "You too, I am indebted to you for accepting me." Hurrem: "I have not spoken Russian in so long."

    Anna: 'It makes me happy that you have not forgotten." Anna: "Like all the other women in my land I was curious about you...finally I have seen you. Maybe you do not know, but everyone in our land knows about you, talks about you...Mothers tells their daughters about you as an example...the story of the most beautiful of the beautiful Alexandra la Rossa." Hurrem: "To hear these words from a Princess like you, how lovely." Anna: 'Believe me...these words of mine fall short...if you honoured us and came to our land the earth would tremble!" Hurrem: "Meet my daughter Mihrimah" Anna: "I have heard her name...the sun and moon Sultana...the light of all the earth..." Mihrimah: "Thank for your words they are very precious to me... Princess Anna...hosting you here is a great honour."

    PART 2

    Yavuz goes to meet with Piri again. Piri: "What is the situation Yavuz? Did you find an opening to get to Hurrem Sultan?" Yavuz: "Unfortunately Reis, they are protecting her more than our Hunkar...especially while she is in the palace our work will be difficult." Piri: "In that case we will wait for her to leave the Palace." Yavuz: "She will never leave" Piri: "The anniversary of Shehzade Mehmet's death is coming up...she will certainly visit his tomb" Yavuz: "The safety measures will be stringent...we will not be able to intervene."

     Piri: "Just like every year after she visits the tomb, she will take part in the Mevlut, which will take place in the soup kitchen she has founded in her Vakf (Charity Foundation)." (Mevlut = ceremony on the anniversary which will consist of reciting of the Qur'an, and charity being given, meals being distributed to the poor) Piri: "Food will be distributed, as you know the streets are narrow...when the Sultana arrives, it will get crowded...there will be openings in the safety measures."
    Yavuz: "Okay, so how will we attack her?" Piri: 'In a moment she never expected, in a way she never awaited!"
    Back in Hurrem's room, Hurrem, Anna, Mihrimah, Nurbanu and Gulfem are together.
    Hurrem: "I heard that your valuable father, King Sigismund is unwell. May God cure him." Anna: 'Amen. We are going through difficult days. Calamities do not leave us alone. First the famine...then the locusts and our crops had to be burned...our people are dying from starvation. And this has left my father ill in bed." Hurrem: "When I was there there was a great deal of abundance in the lands...so much so that the fields of wheat and barley looked like a green sea." Anna: "The land where you spent your childhood needs you Sultanim...Your own people needs you." Hurrem: "How can I be of help to you?" Anna: 'I also told Shehzade Selim Hazretleri...our granaries (grain storage) are almost empty...we can withstand two months at the most...I am asking you to help us in these difficult days of ours.I wish you to support us, not as a donation but a loan, we will pay back our loan in time"

    Hurrem: "I understand. Do you not be sad Princess, do not lower your beautiful face...I will speak to our Shehzade Selim...I will ask him to provide considerable support to fill your warehouses and treasury." Anna: "Sultanim I -" Hurrem: "But I have a request." Anna: "You will accept this as a GIFT, not as a loan." Anna: "Sultanim, you have honoured us." Hurrem: "Great...you have come on a long way...I have prepared the New Garden Palace for you...but it will need two days to be fully ready, you can stay with us until then...Mihrimah..." Mihrimah: "Princess Anna, please come with me...I will escort you to your room, and later we can tour the palace together." Anna: 'I would love that, I am dying of curiosity."

    When everyone leaves and it is just Gulfem and Hurrem. Gulfem says: "You had no right to make such promises, especially without getting the Sultan's advice." Hurrem: "How strange life is Gulfem...at one time I was a simple peasant living under their rule...I did not have the value of a grain of wheat in their eyes...However now even an atom of what I have of strength or power revives them (this small gift from her helps them to survive the famine)." Gulfem: 'You owe this power to our Hunkar Sultanim...do not forget you have your power from him" Hurrem: "I have not forgotten a single thing Gulfem...even with it hurts...I did not forget."
    Meanwhile in the markets, Sumbul is having his sign "Sumbulhane" (House of Sumbul) set up. There are little tables and decorations. The man who set up the sign says his sign has become really pretty. People come and read the sign and wish him well and ask what he is selling. Sumbul replies that he selling a drink, asking if they smell it. A man does and smiles and then says that it doesn't smell like anything else he knows. Sumbul replies that of course it doesn't resemble anything because they make it personally and that it is called Kahve (coffee). "Come and taste it..I was making it for myself, but it was destined for you. Yakup! (the man who put the sign up, apparently works for Sumbul) Pour some coffee for our Effendis."

    Man: "May it be for the best, it is obvious you opened the store newly." Man 2: "What is this coffee? I have never heard of such a drink before." Sumbul: "I make it...Pour, pour" Sumbul tells them to drink. They cringe and say it tastes bad and what kind of drink has Sumbul given them. Sumbul is angry and tries to force them, but they leave. He curses them saying that it was a mistake to invite them into his cafe anyway. The servant drinks it and cringes and says that Sumbul gets mad at the men, but it tastes horrible. He grabs a lukum and then says it tastes better like this.
    Hurrem is with Selim: "The princess spoke about the victimized people of her land. And from what you say the situation is not encouraging at all. I promised to help." Selim: "Do you not think that before you promised you should have discussed it with me Validem?" Hurrem: "So you are against it then?" Selim: "It has nothing to do with whether I am for or against it, I am only speaking about the rules. If our Hunkar was here would you have given your promise then as well? No...even if I was not the Regent and Beyazid was, then the world would end."

    Fatma arrives and says immediately, (because of course she could not wait to say it!) "Do you know about what your mother did without even you being informed of it? I do not know how good it was for her to make decisions while you are here...it as if not you, but Hurrem is the Regent!! How will she give the account of this to our Hunkar?" Selim wipes the smile off her face for a moment when he says: "My mother's promise is my promise Sultanim...She has thought well and has given the right decision. We do not turn back anyone who comes to us for help. If there is anything to give account to our Hunkar for, I will be the one to give it...be rest assured." Fatma does a riggling-wiggling-type turn around and leaves (as if she does not want to bow but knows she has to...because this is the only child of Hurrem's she could not play around with.
    At night, Nurbanu goes to meet the princess, but the agha tells her that she is not in her room and when asked where then, he replies that she has gone to meet Selim. This enrages Nurbanu of course, so she storms off.

    We see that the Princess is actually with Selim. She says, and she is gorgeous by the way "I will not ever forget this goodness, my Shehzade. In the shade of you and our Hurrem Sultan we will finally be happy." Selim: 'I know of your condition for a while now, we could not keep silent." Anna: "How strange, for a long while now I forget I am a princess, I recalled this is your palace..how magnificent, how charming this palace is." Selim: "You have not seen anything yet." Anna: "I have many questions in my mind...I am curious about the harem...do you have a harem in your palace? From what I hear you have hundreds of women.."

    Anna: "So you do not have a harem?" Selim: 'Of course I do...but it is not for the purpose of pleasure..it is a system to ensure the future of our Dynasty...but your system is not like this your kings and princes live with one woman." Anna: "They have other women too of course, but hidden from view...by rule they only marry one woman." Selim: 'We do not marry...we just have cariyes (concubines)." Anna: 'But Hurrem Sultan is married." Selim: "That is Hurrem Sultan...she works in mysterious ways." Anna: "I am curious my Shehzade, are women from other royal families prohibited...or can you be with them as well?" (haha, the writers leave no one alone, not even the Princess! Why are the women in the series, strong royal women, always throwing themselves at the men?? Even the foreign ones... Do you think that actually happened, probably not!)

    Then, of course, there is a knock at the door and an agha announces Nurbanu, and Selim allows her to enter. Nurbanu goes straight to Selim as if the Princess isn't there, saying she has missed him. He asks if she has met the Princess and she says: "Yes, how are you?" Princess: "I am fine thank you...if you permit, I must go to the hamam, which has been praised so much, I am impatient to go see it." Nurbanu: "Be careful Princess, our baths are quite beautiful, but also very slippery. We do not want you to fall." 

    Anna leaves, and Nurbanu moves away from Selim, who says: 'Nurbanu, what are you doing?" Nurbanu: 'Actually, what are you doing? Why was the princess here? And you are drinking...how could you be so careless? If someone hears of it..." Sleim: "While you are always around me who can harm me?" Nurbanu: "I did not know you were complaining about it (about her being around)." Selim: "They are always hitting me for being prisoner to this wine, but thankfully they are not aware of the truth...they don't see how weak I am in front of you...if they did they would be worried for me."

    In the morning Sumbul is in his cafe having convinced another potential customer to try some coffee. The man tries it and even with the Turkish  delight says he does not like it and he recommends that Sumbul give up on this enterprise because no one will drink it. But then an agha arrives informing Sumbul that Hurrem has asked for coffee to be brought. Suddenly the man is interested (celebrity fad lol) and he asks Sumbul if the agha said Hurrem Sultan and Sumbul replies that Hurrem is addicted to it. Upon hearing this the man sips and says that it is actually not bad, and keeps drinking.
    Meanwhile, in the Sultan's tent Rustem is speaking to him: "As we guessed Hunkarim, Tahmasp has taken preparations to withdraw" Suleyman: "This time he won't run away Rustem..Elkas Mirza and the Turkmen Beys will intercept them and then we will deal with him." Loman: "Hunkarim, Shehzade Beyazid has come" Suleyman allows Bey to enter and Bey greets his father. Suleyman: "Hopefully you have brought good news." Beyazid: "Under the command of Kara Ahmet Pashas, we have won Van. The city is now yours, our mighty Hunkar" A box is brought and opened with a giant key inside.

    Suleyman: "You have made me very happy with this news...ask me for what you wish." Beyazid: "I have no other wish than to be by your side in victory and be the sword you hold in your hand." Suleyman: "The whole world and I are witness to how brave of a Shehzade you are." Rustem: "Congratulations my Shehzade...your contributions to this victory are great."  Suleyman: Rustem Pasha, it is my will. I am appointing the Anatolian Treasurer Iskender Pasha as the governor of Van (province in Turkey). Additionally, inform Kara Ahmet Pasha of my congratulations. He will be receiving a great reward for this victory. Rustem: "Your order shall be carried out."

    Mustafa and Cihangir are together as Cihangir and Mustafa are about to leave their separate ways. Cihangir: "It is impossible to understand this..you should have been part of the campaign as the Amasya Sanjak Bey, because our Eastern boders are asking about you." Mustafa: "The last time I participated in a campaign was before you were born Cihangir. So don't worry I am used to being excluded." Yahya arrives and tells Mustafa that they have to leave. Mustafa: "I am coming. You know that in the palace you are my eyes and ears right?" Cih: "I know, you forgave me but I have not forgiven myself..." Mustafa: "Are you talking about the Kaftan issue? I already forgot that matter long ago and you do the same..in the past we all made mistakes...myself included. Our only thoughts should be on the future." They walk to the carriage that will take Cihangir home. Mus: "May your way be open Cihangir." Cih: "You too, brother."
    Meanwhile Hurrem is with Afife in her room. Hurrem: 'I have ordered a feast in honour of Princess Anna, the cariyes should not slack, I do not want anything lacking. I had ordered some coffee from Sumbul, did he bring it?" Afife: "Sumbul agha wanted to bring it personally...the "coffeemaster" will come soon." Hurrem: 'Great...you may leave." Outside, Afife is given a letter by an agha who tells her that Lokman has sent it:

    "My Afife Hatun, I am personally looking after everything pertaining to the health of our Hunkar. I am doing whatever is in my power but as you know, our Hunkar is very stubborn. Additionally, we are going through difficult terrain, we are crossing through mountains and hills. Due to this, our Hunkar has not been able to attain good health. As if that was not enough, now his feet are swollen as well. The head physician says that it could be a sign of a serious illness. My only hope is for our Hunkar to return safely and with good health. I pray for this."
    Rustem is in his tent with Elkas. Rustem: "Our Hunkar has no patience left...we are very close to Tebriz. Where are the Turkmen Beys...I thought they had sworn allegiance to you?" Elkas: "They won't come. They are not here." Rustem: "What do you mean they are not here?!" Elkas: "They Beys have gone back on their word Rustem Pasha...my brother must have scared them...I am alone..you must help me...you owe me...I saved you from the Kaftan matter."

    Rustem: "I gave my due long ago (saved him from the Fatma thing)" Elkas: "Not yet! We must find a way! because if I burn you will burn too..." Elkas leaves and Rustem has a face that looks like he is like "well boy, you are in trouble now!" Zal: "Pasha Hazretleri.." Rustem: 'What is it?!" Zal: "Before we left the palace, Mihrimah Sultan called me and said she wanted Elkas Mirza not to return from the campaign." Rustem: 'Why did you not tell me before?" Zal: 'I had no intention of that (doing what she said) of course, that is why I did not say anything to you...but if he is going to get caught around our feet...we can finish this matter."
    In the capitol, Fatma walks and calls for Nurbanu. "Nurbanu. Come here. Closer. Who are you to not bow when a Sultana walks by? And on top of that, you continue talking! How dare you hatun!" Nurbanu: "Never my Sultana, I did not notice you." Fatma: "She did not notice pfft! With that bird brain of yours who are you trying to fool? Standing in front of you is a member of the Dynasty! If I see one more mistake from you I will hurt you badly" Nurbanu: "Forgive me Sultanim." Fatma: "Are you relying on Hurrem? Are you getting your courage from her? Shehzade Selim is the same! He thinks he is the most valued by his mother, but Hurrem's favourite is Shehzade Beyazid! In order to protect him, she is using Selim. And he has no clue." Nurbanu: No Sultanim. That is what you think. Hurrem Sultan doesn't distinguish between her children." Fatma: "One armpit cannot hold two watermelons (haha!). Certainly one shall fall and break to bits. If Shehzade Selim loses, you and your son will lose too - Don't forget this." Fatma leaves.
    Sumbul is with Hurrem. Hurrem: "How good you did by coming Sumbul...While our Hunkar is away, I cannot leave the palace...until my son's death anniversary it will remain this way." Sumbul: "How time passes...May Allah have mercy on him" Hurrem: "Ameen. You will come that day too right? Afterwards we shall go to the Mevlut (ceremony of recitations and charity giving)."

    Sumbul: "Even if both my hands were bleeding (a saying) I will come of course...I swear when the agha told me you want coffee, the world became mine! I have for long wanted to come...because for a while now I have seen you in my dreams." Sumbul: "I saw you in darkness...actually I heard your voice...you were screaming..I want to run and help you but I can't find you." Hurrem: "Did you come to ruin my mood?" Sumbul: "Please Sultanim...be careful these days...be wary of your enemies."

    Hurrem: "Those fears were from before Sumbul...I do not even remember the enemies I brought down..Valide Sultan...Shah Sultan..Ibrahim Pasha, Hatice Sultan..look who is left around me? If you are talking about Fatma Sultan then I do not take her seriously." Sumbul: "The worst calamnity befalls someone when someone is at the top..and I am not with you." Hurrem: "I came to this height by myself and I know how to stay here on my own!" Sumbul: "Sultanim, you misunderstood me..I am just thinking of your welfare." Hurrem: "It would be best if you returned now Sumbul...The Polish Princess is here...I have to engage myself with her."
    Piri is with Yavuz: "After the Qur'an recitation and distributing of the food, she will be here by the second prayer." Yavuz: "Will she stay till dark?" Piri: "No, after sitting for a bit, she will leave there and then get on the road to the Palace.Whenever she leaves the complex, she always uses this road." Yavuz:" If she uses another way?" Piri: 'We will prepare for two ways...this matter has to finished Yavuz. Especially since Sultan Suleyman has been spared...before he returns this matter must be finished!" (does anyone else find Piri's voice a little annoying? He speaks so softly (annoying to hear) and b) he has this weird rythm that he sticks to that goes up and then down drastically lol).
    Nurbanu is with Selim. "I came across Fatma Sultan...she warned me against Hurrem Sultan. She said that our Sultana has Beyazid in her heart for the throne." Selim: "This is not a secret Nurbanu...that is why I am trying to get my mother on my side. I think Fatma Sultan has noticed this and that is why she is trying to get between us. She knows how powerful I will be if after our Hunkar, if my mother also supports me,"

    Nur: 'What about the others? Shehzade Cihangir...Mihrimah Sultan. Rustem Pasha, Mehmet Pasha. Whose side are they on?" Selim: 'Rustem and Mihrimah are on Beyazid's side. But my mother can change their mind. Cihangir is obviously supporting Mustafa. Mehmet Pasha has not chosen a side yet..but God Willing he will come to my side." Nur: "God Willing...our road is long and dangerous, you know that right? If we hesitate for a moment we will lose" Selim: "If I knew that they were going to leave me alone then I would not have gone after the throne...but one gets on the throne and orders the execution of the others. Perhaps my biggest advantage is that my brothers do not even take me seriously. As they continue to consume (struggle with) each other...I will run towards victory."
    In Hurrem's room the night's entertainments have begun as the feast in honour fo the princess is underway. Hurrem: "How did you find it, do you like it? It has a very sharp taste, but it is beautiful." Hurrem: "I am amazed in truth, I have not seen anyone like it on their first try! Because in those whole palace, I am the only one drinking it..." Mihrimah: "I am getting used to it, too Sultanim." Hurrem: "How is your tour going with the Princess?"

    Mihrimah: "We went everywhere we could..I think she is pleased?" Anna: "Very much so. A person never wants to leave this place...but the time has come. I must return to my land. If you accept, I would like to keep in correspondence by writing letters." Hurrem: "Of course...I am especially worried about your father's condition. Please tell him I wish him a speedy recovery. God Willing he will quickly recover and bring blessing to his land." Anna: "Amen." Hurrem: "The assistance I mentioned are being loaded onto the ships. Soon you will receive them. In addition, we are sending five hundred thousand gold." Anna: "In my country's name I thank you Sultanim...our people will pray for you."
    Time passes and Mustafa arrives in Amasya. Mahidevran: "God Willing  you will not regret this doing of yours some day." Mustafa: "I won't Validem...no matter what I did what I needed to do. Thank God my father is well, my conscience is at peace." Mahi: "For the best, what can I say the words don't leave my mouth (she doesn't wish for Suleyman to be well)." Mahidevran leaves, and Mustafa says to Mihrunissa: "What do you think Nisa, will I be regretful one day? Speak openly..say what is in your heart." Nisa: "I don't know if it is equivalent...but if I put myself in your place I still could not stop...if my late father was in danger and I was the only remedy then I could not remain silent...Even if there were hard feelings...this would not change." Mustafa to his son: "Mehmet, my son..." Then to Nisa: "Think Nisa...think if my son did this to me..if he was quiet when I was dying...and hoped to take advantage of it...of what benefit would such a shehzade be to anybody?"
    In the hall, Atmaca plays with Yusuf and asks Yusuf what he was up to while he was away.  Yusuf replies that he helped the aghas. Atmaca asks if anyone bothered him and Yusuf replies that no, everyone treated him very well. Yahya arrives: 'It seems you are raising him to be a brave warrior like yourself." At: "We have enough warriors." Yusuf leaves and Atmaca asks if the war is comign to their door and Yahya says that he should say that...since he is the one who told Mustafa the truth. Atmaca replies that Mustafa chose his own path and that they will be by his side..they don't need the Persians."
    Hurrem is with Cihangir who has returned. "My lion cub are you well?" Cih: "I am very well, mother." Mih: 'You returned early from the war...when we heard you were returning early we worried that something might have happened to you." Cih: "Not me, but something almost happened to our Hunkar." Hurrem: "What does that mean?! Our Hunkar..how? Tell me, hurry!" Cih: "One of Elkas Mirza's men was a spy for Shah Tahmasp. He made an attempt on the life of our Hunkar." Hurrem: 'Suleyman" Cih: "Don;t worry mother, nothing happened to our Hunkar." Mih: 'Thank God." Cih: "Many thanks to Mustafa...he heard ot he amtter and came last minute and saved our Hunkar." Hurrem: 'What are you saying?! What did Mustafa have to do with the matter?! How did he find out?!" Cih: "Instead of being happy that he saved our Hunkar, you are asking questions." Hurrem: 'Mihrimah leave."

    Sokollu is with Selim on the Sultan's terrace. Selim: "So it means my brother Mustafa was a hero." Sok: "I have heard that upon leaving the camp, the Janissaries presented their love and respect (to Mustafa) and our Hunkar was witness to this too." Selim: "Even by being a hero my brother Mustafa is harming himself Sokollu." Sok: "It is true Shehzadem...and on top of this, while Sheh. Mustafa was in the camp he was very close with Shehzade Beyazid."
    Selim: "Everyone realizes this for a long time now...only my mother is adamant in not understanding this...but hopefully this will change too."
    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem says to Cihangir: "I will not treat you like a child anymore Cihangir and I am waiting for you to finally understand the seriousness of the matter. If your brother Mustafa gets on the throne, the outcome is obvious. We will all lose our lives, they will not leave any of us safe"  Cih: "I do not think the matter will reach to that end...if Selim accepts the truth and changes his mind about the throne, then there will be no fight." Hurrem: 'What are you talking about?" Cih: "I am talking about the throne being Mustafa's right. Beyazid has accepted, and made an agreement with Mustafa. If Mustafa gets on the throne, Beyazid will not throw a stone in his path (will accept) and Mustafa made a promise to him"

    Hurrem: "This state cannot be ruled by interregnum! As I am here consuming myself for your future, you are there preparing for your and even my end! I cannot believe you!" Cih: 'Be calm mother...Beyazid and I...we respect Mustafa...we believe him...and the result of this will not be death...it is impossible." Hurrem: "Just the other day he marched with thousands of soldiers...publicly challenged everyone...saying that he could take everyone's life if he wanted...how sad that I was the only one to hear these words of his." Cih: "If someone hadn't gotten between father and son and not poisoned the kaftan then this would not have happened."

     Hurrem: "Your love for him has veiled your eyes...and Beyazid is in the same condition. You do not see the truth. The moment that beloved brother of yours sits on the throne, without blinking he will strangle you! Even if he does not want to, our tradition is such...the powerful behind him will want this sacrifice. And he will be forced to give them what they want...otherwise they cannot ensure peace!" Cih: "If one must think like this, mother, then what will happen if Beyazid takes the throne? Or Selim? They will do the same for tradition then, won't they?" Hurrem: "If one of my children gets on the throne...I will be with them! And I will not allow such a thing!" Cih: "This is just a possibility mother...just like Mustafa's promise..just a possibility!"
    Rustem is speaking to Suleyman in Tebriz: "Welcome to your wonderful land, Tebriz, Hunkarim. Even the mere shadow of your sword is enough...your enemies kneel before you." Suleyman: "Tahmasp has fled to Qasvin and you are all still here. Why did you not race after him?" Rustem: 'Unfortunately Hunkarim, it did not go as planned." Suley:" Stop speaking vaguely Rustem Pasha! Relate what happened! Where are the Turkmen Beys? Did Elkas not hold up to the promise he gave us?!" Rustem: " The Turkmen Beys changed their lines in the last moment...Tahmasp got to them...he spoke about the marriage of your sister Fatma Sultan to Elkas and no one was left in Persia who did not hear of this...in addition, he has promised to pay them a fortune!" Bey: "It seems, Elkas Mirza has fallen in their eyes (is disgraced)..he has no reputation left in Persia." Rustem: "You are right Shehzadem, they do not want to see him as Shah ruling over them."
    In Rustem's tent, Elkas is speaking to Rustem. Elkas: "What happened Rustem Pasha, did Sultan Suleyman say anything about me?" Rustem: 'The news is not good Elkas Mirza...Our Hunkar wants you to be removed from our army." Elkas: 'Why didn't you object?" Rustem: "I have a limit to what I can do...I can never change the Sultan's mind (once he has decided)." Elkas: "In that case, Sultan Suleyman will learn about the truth - how you wanted to kill his son." Rustem, grabbing his arm: "If you go blab everything you will win nothing, both our heads will roll." Elkas: "It makes no difference to me. The moment I leave here, they will have my head in a moment!" Rustem: 'I will not allow this...I will send you to some men and you can hide for a bit, and afterwards, I send you safely to Crimea." Elkas: "What if something happens to me on the way?" Rustem: "It won't...my personal chamberlain will escort you...and I will give you extra guards.." Elkas agrees.
    Hurrem is on her terrace. Afife informs her that Mimar Sinan has sent word that the construction of the mosque that our Hunkar had ordered in memory of the deceased Shehzade Mehmet is almost complete." Hurrem: "How many springs passed without my son Afife...I forget his presence...it means the mosque is almost complete, will it be complete for the anniversary?" Afife: "I do not think so Sultanim...I think they will wait for our Hunkar to pray the first prayer there." Hurrem: "What is the situation of my Charity Foundation? You are carrying out the preparations for the ceremony?" Afife: "Do not worry Sultanim, I am personally taking care of it." Hurrem: 'great...first the Mevlut then we will go to his tomb...We will all pray for our Hunkar as well together...God Willing he will return safely form the campaign." Afife: 'Ameen"
    Afife speaks to an agha: "Our Sultana will visit Shehzade Mehmet's tomb at the end of the week on Friday. She wants the Qur'an recitation before that...so take your precautions. Nothing untoward should happen." An agha spies in the corner. In the market, someone passes a note...(i think it was the agha?). Yavuz picks it up from a dove crate.

    Then he goes to Piri telling him that first the ceremony will be conducted, then she will go to the tomb. Piri is pleased and says the time has come to be rid of Hurrem Sultan and that if they succeed, the fate not only the state, but the whole world will change. Piri says that along with Rustem Pasha, they will pay for the blood of all the innocent people that have been killed.
    Suleyman is in Tebriz, walking the streets in disguise. He wonders where the voice is coming from. There is a man speaking saying: "The soul is alone..free from it's place and eternal..." Suleyman passes by, but the man says "Oh Suleyman!" Sully is shocked to hear his own name spoken by the man.

    The body is a veil...upon death Allah Almighty lifts the veil between Himself and the human. Mevlana Jelaluddin ar Rumi said "when I die, do not say "he has died" because I was dead and I became resurrected, and my Friend came and took me away." 

    Hurrem is ready to go. Selim asks why she has rushed as there is still time. Hurrem: "I wanted to do the recitation ceremony first..because I want to pray all day at my son's tomb" Selim: "Is Mihrimah and Cihangir going with you?" Hurrem: "No...when you go to the tomb, take them with you..I am not staying long anyway...I will meet you there." Selim: 'As you wish. Afife hatun...have you taken all the precautions for my mother's safety?" Afife: "Do not worry Shehzadem...the Imperial Guard has taken whatever measures necessary."

    Suleyman sits down with the old man. "Who are you Efendi? Where did you learn from who I am?" Man: "I saw you. I smelled the blood on your hands." Suley: 'Which blood are you talking about?" Man: "It is burning you as well, that is what your pain is from, you thought it was gone...you thought everything was better..but just when everything is going your way, your pain will come suddenly...your wound is reminding you of it." Suley: 'What? Which wound?" Man: 'The wound in your soul...it is a seed that has fallen inside you years ago. You think that you have defeated it, and overcome it, but everyday it's vine climbs right back up ..it grows slowly, and it takes over your soul until it takes your loved ones from you." The man puts his hat down...(a bad omen) (leave him alone old man...can't you see he has enough problems?)
    Hurrem goes on the procession towards the ceremony. Yavuz is in the background, along with other men and he motions...Hurrem walks unaware, lost in her grief.  They keep walking until they come to a stop. Sumbul watches suspiciously. Yavuz has a dove which he releases into the air. a  man sees and cuts a rope. A pike of giant rocks fall...Sumbul rushes...Fahriye is hit, Afife throws herself over Hurrem to protect her. Sumbul goes to see...
    At night, we see Sumbul praying over Afife who is severly wounded. Fhariye is watching also injurd. Afife wakes and asks for Hurrem.
    Suleyman recalls the man's last words about the wound in his soul taking those who he loves, and he stresses over it, because that is all we have seen him do basically in this season. I forget how he smiles actually.
    Selim, Mihrimah and Cihangir are together standing over their mothers.  She finally wakes up and asks what happened. Cih: 'Don't you remember?" Hurrem: "The rocks fell...but after that no..." Mihrimah: 'You fell unconscious mother...it is a miracle you were saved from that accident." Hurrem: "Accident?" Selim: "It was an accident..an unfortunate accident. One of the ropes that was holding the rocks got loose. I should have joined you." Hurrem: "Is Afife alright? Where is Fahriye?" Mih: 'They are int he hospital...Fahriye is badly injured, but the doctor says she will recover..." Hurrem: 'Afife?"
    Hurrem goes to Afife. She finds Sumbul there, and Fahriye. She sits at Afife's side and touches her hand: "Afife?" Afife is happy to see her alright. Hurrem: 'You will be saved..don't worry..the doctors will take care of you...we sent word to your son Yahya Efendi..he had gone to Bursa, but he will come. You will see him." Afife: 'It was till here, Sultanim...the time has come" Hurrem: "You are precious to us....so much that our Hunkar sees you as his mother and respects you as such..I do too. I remember when you came to the Palace...we walked on different roads..we were angry with each other." Afife: "No...never I would never dare..." Hurrem: "But I still respected you..because we were not really on different roads, we just thought we were...whaetevr we both did, we did for the happiness and well-being of our Hunkar.  Afife, if I have done anything against you, if I you are carrying anything in your heart against me which I didn't know or realize about, forgive me." Afife: "No Sultanim...it is not my place...I am pleased with you...may my Lord be pleased with you too. I am definitely not upset with you." Hurrem: "Call the doctor." Afife: " I have to tell you something..." Hurrem: 'Who?" Afife: "Our Hunkar is ill...he is not well..he is entrusted to you now Sultanim" she gives her ring to Hurrem. She says her shahada (proclomation of faith, that Muslims must say before they die and they believe only good people will be able to say it.

    (Wow, Afife  did such a good job here, it was so sad :( )
    Hurrem is walking through the corridor.

    Suleyman's voice: "O to be quiet...you are my core. You are also the veil of my loved ones. The least desirable aspect of being silent is for hope and fear from a person to be eradicated. If a person stays silent to fate, if he doesn't complain, then neither fear nor hope will remain with him. As long as Allah does not ruin me with misfortune and calamities, will He Grant me the secret treasure? I am a mirror. I am a mirror.I am not a person who speaks frivolously. Because I stay quiet you cannot hear the pain in my heart, only if your eyes see and your ears hear me then will you understand my situation. I spin like the moon in the sky. I spin because I live on earth. I am the colour of the earth, even if I was made from soil, but because I posses a holy trust, my spinning is brighter then the moon's. It is more lovely."
    Hurrem's monologue: " Oh to be Quiet...you are my core. You are my face. O wise one, tell me. Speak so that I can pray for you for speaking the truth, because every pre-dawn as it is prayer time..I become beautiful. I become happy, delighted. I won't keep my gown, my cloak away from you. Whatever comes from the King, whatever he bestows...half of half of it, is mine. The cup of Truth, and eternity is being granted to me by the Padishah. The slave that drinks one sip from that cup, even as the sun's rays extinguish, they can still spread light to those who are deprived of it. My throat is ill, I cannot speak. I am silent.  O Wise one who speaks beautiful words. The King of my heart..the star of my happiness. The reason of my being...you tell me..because you are the one with the voice of David...and I am like a mountain who has been uprooted and destroyed into peices. "
    He is in pain, Lokman looks after his feet...She smells his robe...: ( No one can say she doesn't love him, because if this isn't love, what is?)
    She pats his throne...and hugs his kaftan close, kissing it."
    Near Tebriz, Suleyman awakens, in pain, his feet have sores. He needs Hurrem guys. He needs her. No matter what she is, no matter what we think of her, he needs her. Suleyman has his armour put on and his kaftan and his helmet. He looks at himself in the mirror.
    Hurrem is on the terrace, and she tells her cariye to call Selim to her.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman walks out with his men behind him.
    Selim arrives to see his mother. She tells him to come closer. Hurrem: 'May you be healthy, mother, this incident has made us all very sad. Please go sleep and rest for a bit." Hurrem: "It is not the time for sleep Selim. The opposite. We must stand on guard without blinking. You wanted me to think about who I would want on the throne, you or Beyazid. I thought about it. And I made  a decision. From now on you walk alone my son. I am behind you." He kisses her hand.
    Suleyman: "Is there any news of Tahmasp?" Rusty: "Ulema Pasha and Kara Ahmat Pasha are tracking him...but until now they have not been able to reach him." Sully: "What is the condition of the soldiers, Ferhat agha?" Ferhat: "We wait your oders." Suleyman: "I did not ask that...I am asking if there are any complaints, any incidents of rowdyness?" Ferhat: "As you know it is difficult but those who do anything out of line we are warning them." Sully: "It isn't enough to warn them! Any kind of fault or misbehaviour from anyone, their heads will go! I did not come to these lands for no reason! I will not go without victory! There is no other way! I will find that traitor! I am Sultan Suleyman!" Then, he falls! Beyazid shouts out for his father...and calls for doctors.
    THE END.
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