• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 135 Preview Translation

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    Hurrem's death causes massive grief amongst her children, meanwhile Suleyman leaves his magnificent life and buries himself into silence!

    All of the balance in the palace changes. Selim wants Rustem to switch to his side. A secret that Selim learns pushes Rustem into a corner!

    A new war begins between Defne and Nurbanu!

    Mihrimah, who is suspicious of the forbidden love between Rustem and Gracia, intimidates Gracia with a threat!

    Selim tells Suleyman everything that has happened with Beyazid. As Beyazid tries to defend himself, he goes through a great betrayal! When Mihrimah finds out about what is going on, she confronts Selim.

    Suleyman gives Beyazid a significant punishment. Beyazid, who feels wronged, starts to rebel!

    After losing Hurrem, an endless winter begins for Suleyman. Hurrem's death doesn't just change Suleyman's life, but changes the lives of everybody in the palace.

    Beyazid has lost his biggest supporter, with the passing of his mother. Selim has the intention to drag Rustem to his side. Even though Rustem is intent on staying loyal to Beyazid, he is forced into a corner when Selim learns a secret about him.

    Nurbanu exclaims that her era has begun. Nurbanu visits the soothsayer that Hurrem had visited, and is shocked to hear what she has to say. She now has an enemy that she must drag down: Defne.

    Mihrimah gives birth. Rustem's nonchalant attitude raises the tension between them to a new peak. Mihrimah is now sure that Rustem is involved in a forbidden love affair with Gracia, so she gives Gracia a lesson that she will never forget!

    After her death, Hurrem reminds the two brothers of the oaths they took with the trusts that she has left behind for them. Despite this, Selim decides to submit the chest that Beyazid had sent him.

    Beyazid tries to depend on someone he trusts to be a witness, but when he is betrayed, he is extremely shocked! Suleyman gives Beyazid such a punishment, that he has no choice left but to rebel.

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