• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 136 Trailer 1 Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Atmaca: "Sometimes I look back in the past and wonder to myself 'Where did our life change?' Ahhh... Our innocent Shehzade! He should have raised the flag of rebellion the first day he was sent to Amasya... Just like you..."

    Beyazid: "There is either victory, or death, in the (my) future."

    Suleyman: "Oh Allah you are Great, once more you are (extremely unclear what he is saying, he is mumbling the word) my son to me..."

    Mihrimah: "Whoever wants to take the life of Beyazid, must first take my life!"

    Beyazid: "This is why, even if it is at the cost of my life, there is no going back, Defne! I am searching for justice."

    Sokullu: "If our Shehzade Beyazid tries to march onto you, he will find our Hunkar waiting in front of him."

    Selim: "And what if he cannot reach??"

    Sumbul: "By God, a war is beginning, Sultanim, a war!!"

    Lala Mustafa: "Shehzade Beyazid is coming towards here with his army!"

    Rustem: "The future of a rebellious Shehzade is clear! Things go up to here, only..."

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    1. When the fresh episode will be posted?
      Great work

    2. in 21. Mai next week will be 136. episode

    3. Thanks! Your blog is marvelous. And what about the episode of this week?

    4. The episode 136 of this week will be posted 21 of may

      1. I am anxious to have it! Many thanks!


      3. Episode 1 you find on youtube with English subtitles. Search in youtube "Magnificent CEntury episode 1".