• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 135 Translation

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    PART 1

    Suleyman is seen on his balcony mourning the loss of his wife, Hurrem. Istanbul has been engulfed with wintery snow. He is extremely, extremely sad. Ferhat then arrives and says to him "Hunkarim, the time has come." Suleyman then comes to the realization that it is not actually winter, and he returns to reality.  We see everybody mourning the death of Hurrem. There is a Qur'an recital going on in the harem. Nurbanu says to Defne  "This is a big loss for everyone, especially for you and your Shehzade.  Finally the era of Shehzade Selim and my era is beginning." Defne: "I can't believe what you're saying, Hurrem Sultan just passed away." Nurbanu: " I am just telling you the things that are going to happen, these are still your good days.  The only supporter of our Shehzade was the Sultana." Canfeda enters the room and nods towards Nurbanu.

    In the next scene, Sumbul asks whether or not all of the preparations are ready, and he wants to make sure that nothing is missing. Fahriye tells him that he does not need to worry,  and that it will be an appropriate funeral ceremony that will be worthy of Hurrem Sultan. Lokman: "We will complete this final task without any mistakes." Sumbul: " How can you say that? Our sultan has entrusted us with somethings.  We have to fulfill some promises." Gulfem: "Is Mihrimah Sultan still in her room?" Sumbul nods.

    Gulfem enters into Mihrimah's room and says: " My sultana, may God grant you patience.  but do not forget that you are carrying one more life with you.  You must stay strong for the sake of your child. He will give you life and will be a breath of fresh air for you." Mih: " She became very happy when she had received the news, but unfortunately she will not be able to see her grandchild. Beyazid recalls the advice that his mother gave him about staying alive.  he tells her not to worry about all those things and then she told him " when you say that to me, it makes me very sad. A person cannot choose their own child, however if my God had given me the choice to choose my child, I would have so wanted a child like you, a strong and brave Prince. On the one hand I am afraid my son, because this world is not a world of brave ones, but of oppressors.  If you don't think like them,  and you don't become an oppressor like them, then they will not let you live." [Beyazid's crying makes me teary here :'( ]

    Selim grieves for his mother and recalls her words about his fears and that he should be brave when the time comes. Selim: " do you really think about my rights, mother?" Hurrem: " Everyone lives what they have a right to live through. Be certain that whatever comes upon you in the future, is because you deserved it. My only wish from Allah is that your - like Beyazid's- conscience is at peace, because if you have a bleeding conscience, then even if you are the king of the world, it won't be of any use." [Selim's tears made me sad here :'( ]

    Beyazid walks down the hall and so is Selim (down a different hall). Then they come face to face. They give condolences to each other. They enter Hurrem's room where their sister is and take turns hugging her. 

    Suleyman is in his room. Poem/Monologue:  " O lovers, try to throw off the weight of your body, as when your body and soul depart, your heart will be free of this heavy burden and will fly up to the sky." Hurrem's casket is being carried through the harem. Suleyman's voice: " You should wash your heart and heart with the water of wisdom. So that the dust on your heart leaves you and that your eyes do not get fixated on this dirty world.And that they should face the sky instead. Isn't the soul of everything in  this world made of love? Whatever else there is other than love, is transitory. Everything will die and leave. the only thing that remains in the world eternally is love." Mihrimah touches the coffin to say her last goodbye to her mother and she is beside herself with grief, Gulfem approaches to pull her away. 

    Suleyman exits his room and starts walking: "O Son of Adam. your absence, resembles the East and West. This East and West are found in a different sky, because the sky you are looking at right now is transient. Even that will disappear. The way of the skies is inside you."

    We see Suleyman carrying the coffin with his sons and son in law. Suleyman: "Flap the wings of love and fly. When the wings of love get stronger, it will no longer have a ladder, reservations or sadness. Do not see the world from the outside, because in your eyes there is another world. And you don't even know about it. You close your eyes to this visible world and try to see the world that can be found in your eyes. Know this well that, when you close both your eyes, there will be nothing remaining of this world that you see. Your heart is like a roof. Your feelings resemble the gutter of the roof of your heart. When there are no gutters remaining, you look to drink water from the roof. Do not look at my words, as when the time arrives, there will be no words, or lips left. A person's body is a bow, and their words and their breath are like the body's arrows.  When the arrow leaves, the bow no longer has any use. Suleyman is saying goodbye to his beloved wife. The Imam starts the congregational funeral prayer. Suleyman is recalling that he is telling Hurrem that the Suleymaniye mosque is now his heart, and that even if years pass, his heart will beat there. Hurrem: " If that is the case in this place is your heart, then please accept my final wish Suleyman. They should bury me here, inside your heart." They are now burying Hurrem's body nearby the mosque, but still within the Suleymaniye complex, which is where her grave can be found today. Suleyman places the first pieces of soil into her grave, as everybody else looks by, sadly. 

    In the next scene, Sumbul tells Fahriye that it was like doomsday. "Everybody had come out to show their respects, starting from the little children to the eldest people, not just from Istanbul,  but also from surrounding regions.  they cry so much that they are tears were like a flood.  It is clear that our sultana is receiving the prayers of the people from all of the good deeds that she did.  Some traitors where there to ensure that our sultana was really dead." Fah: "They are also right in their own way, it is difficult to believe that our sultana has died and left us." Sum: " What is the situation of the harem?  Has the helva been prepared?" Fah: " Everybody is doing their job, not to worry." Sum: "Nobody said that our sultana could not be buried with her ring, right? Our Sultana had specifically willed that she be buried with her ring." Fah: "I went to the room where the body was washed, but I did not see any ring on her hand." Sum: " Oh my goodness, she had specifically asked for that. I hope none of the hatuns have tried to take her ring." 

    In the next scene we see Nurbanu with Hurrem's ring, saying: "So Sultan Suleyman  made this ring for Hurrem Sultan. He didn't make Hurrem Sultan fall in love with him, he put her under a spell." Canfeda: "If this wasn't such a big love, then without Hurrem Sultana being the Valide Sultana, she would  not have had the honour of being buried in the Suleymaniye complex." Nur: "You are not going to look at love, but rather the one who makes the person fall in love.  I am walking in the same path as my late Valide Sultana.  from now on our path is clear, this ring and that position are both mine." Canfeda: "Hurrem Sultana did not give you the ring.  may God forgive my sins, I took it from her finger. For God's sake I beg you to hide it, if somebody sees it than both of our heads will roll." Nur: " A ring like this cannot be gifted anyway, the one who deserves it will take it."

    Sumbul and Fahriye are questioning  one of the female attendants  as to who took the ring.  The woman says she has no idea about the ring, and she says that even if she found it, it would not be allowed to be buried with her, and she would immediately bring it to Fahriye kalfa. Sum: " it was the final wish of Hurrem Sultana.  Are we going to go against her last wish? Did you take it???" The woman said she did not take it and she feels offended that he would even think that. Sum: " it is obvious that somebody took it, so just tell me the took it?" Fah: "There were two other women with you." Woman: " I fully trust them, don't accuse them.  I wouldn't want to take her blame, but Canfeda hatun  did come by and say that she wanted to recite some Qur'an for Hurrem Sultana."

    Suleyman is in his room, and takes off his robe, rings and belt, while looking at himself in the mirror. 

    Sumbul and Fahriye start interrogating Canfeda asking where the ring is and she asks "which ring?" (Sorry guys, but Nurbanu crossed the line of i can never ever like her again after this!!! What a horrible thing to steal from her dead mother in law???!!!!) Sumbul asks her if she thinks she can fool him with her pea-sized brain, and then says that she went to the washing room saying she was going to pray for her but actually stole the ring off her finger. She swears she never took it and she says "may both my eyes droop out in front of me if I did!" Sumbul tells her to fear God at least. Nurbanu enters and asks how dare they interrogate her servant. Sumbul says that she has stolen the ring and that he knows that she has given the order for her to steal it and Nurbanu answers that in front of him stands selim's favourite and mother to Sh. Murad and how dare he accuse her. Sumbul says it is important because it was part of Hurrem sultan's will. Nurbanu tells him to go look for it then if that is the case and that if everyone was not mourning right now, she would have dealt with him. She turns to Fahriye and says that Hurrem is no longer alive standing behind her (in support). 

    Mihrimah enters Rustem's office and she says that her mother will not see her baby after it is born. Rustem says that she will also not become Valide Sultan (she died before one of her son's became Sultan). "She passed away without being able to enjoy her most powerful era. Life and fate are like this." Mih; "From now on a great task has befallen us. It is not known how long it will take for our Hunkar to get passed his grieving. my mother's wish was for Beyazid to get on the throne. In her absence Beyazid should never feel like he is alone. We should both do everything in our power to help him." Rusty: 'I will definitely support sh. Beyazid, but not because you want it, but because I promised Hurrem Sultan." 

    Gracia welcomes Yessif Nesih and says that it has been a long time...he says that he also set off when the news arrived to Selim, and he adds that unfortunately he only arrived at the funeral and not before. Gracia says that her passing has affected everyone. She adds that it was a big loss and that it as if life has stopped in the Palace and everyone is grieving. Yessif says he saw Selim at the funeral and that he was destroyed (with grief). She says that she is very proud of his friendship with Selim and that if it wasn't for him, the doors to the palace would not have been so easy to open and that she came to Constantinople through his efforts. He asks how her relationship with Rustem is and she replies that may God give Rustem a long life and that he has been very helpful. Yessif tells her to be careful, because Rustem is on Beyazid's side, while they are on Selim's. He says that soon there will be a storm and everything will become dust. She asks what he means and if he knows something. 

    Beyazid is told by Lokman that Hurrem has left him a chest and that after her death it was to be delivered to him. Meanwhile, Fahriye is telling Selim the same thing. The chests are opened. There is armour and letters in both. 

    "The light of my eye, the light of my heart, my dear Shehzades, I, your mother Hurrem Sultan have left this world. I am not longer with you. I was not afraid of my death, but I was afraid of losing you. I was afraid that my prayers, my breath and my power would go missing from your lives. But my absence should not leave you in doubt, while I am under the ground, your promises that you made to me while I was still alive, still stand. While you take my name and feel my presence I am still with you. You are Hurrem Sultan's children. I am a part of both you. The same blood flows through your veins. Sultan Suleyman's blood. My Mighty Lord is witness, your places in my heart are different, but neither of you is above the other one. My final gift to you is a testament to this. I have not left you swords or daggers, but I leave you armour, armour that has been crafted with my nature and tears. Just as I was alive, I was protecting you, let these protect you in my absence. I wish it would never come, but the day will come and you will be forced to wear them. My wish from Allah is that on that day you are both back to back and fighting on the same side. This armour is meant to protect you against the same enemy (in battle). If you fall to fighting against each other, then know that my bones will be sizzling in my grave. My soul will burn in pain. Your road is not war...peace is always possible. Piece of my soul, and my precious, Selim and Beyazid, may Allah help both of you. The one who loves you more than her own soul, your Valide Sultan, Hurrem Sultan." 

    PART 2

    Suleyman is seen reading from his Qur'an, when Ferhat agha walks in and Suleyman tells him that he no longer wants to see any silk, or the shining of any gold or silver in his room, and that one small bite for his dinner will be sufficient. Ferhat: "As you command... Mihrimah Sultana is at the door." Ferhat exits the room and tells her that the Sultan doesn't want to see anybody at this time. Mih: "Move out of my way...!" She enters the room and says "Father...", he looks angry, and is silent. Mih: " Please look at my face, we're the only ones who can console each other.  it is so hard, I don't know how life continues on without my mother...  her absence burns all of us, this is such a void that...  I beg you not to let yourself fall into this void.  I lost my mother, and cannot lose you as well. Your children, your nation, your servants all need you.  I will always be beside you, we will find consolation with each other. See me and brothers as a memento of our mother. Look at our faces for her sake." He ignores her, and she leaves the room. Suleyman hears Hurrem calling out to her, and then hears laughter and talking. He goes into the hallway and calls for Gulfem and says: " from now on I don't want to hear any noise in this palace, send everyone away." He then walks away, to Hurrem's room, reminiscing about her in her absence. He limps to her bed.... He lies down sadly onto her bed.

    In the next scene, Fahriye asks Gulfem: "Won't it be difficult? To try to get mute people to try to understand us?" Gul: "They are mute, not deaf.  they can understand what you're saying but they cannot speak. Our Hunkar  cannot stand even the smallest whisper at this point." Ferhat agha approaches Gulfem and gives her the Ferman from the Hunkar, and tells her to inform  everybody about his decision, and that all precautions should be taken. Gulfem reads it out to the harem folk in the next scene: "It is our Hunkar's decision,  that from now on, there will be no more pomp  or splendour in the palace. All of the playing instruments must stop and any celebrations are no longer permitted. From now on in this palace, we will live the simple lifestyle, with the absence of any silk, silver, or gold.  Anyone who does not follow these directions will be punished in the most severe way. We see the Sultan with his plain table laid with soup and bread.

    We then see Selim asking Sokullu if he has heard anything about the Sultan's condition. Sok: " he has fallen into a deep sickness, he has no patience for the smallest of noises." Selim: " it is definitely not easy to live through a mourning period of such a great love story...  but his mourning will come to an end and he will finally start to support me,  and my era will begin at that time." Sok: " is there something I should know about?" Selim: " you know very well what my brother is up to.  you are the one that destroyed the letter that he wrote to our Hunkar, describing his march upon me."  Sok: " I was forced to do this for your benefit." Selim: "I know...  no matter what, my mother would've done everything in her power to protect him.  but this is no longer possible, there is no more barrier standing in my way for me to describe the actions of my brother to our Hunkar." Sok: " I would not recommend this, as it could affect you negatively. You sent a spy and attempted on his life this can never be forgiven, and he most certainly has witnesses to testify for this. He will accuse you" Selim: "Witnesses? Who will bear witness for Beyazid?" Sok:"lala mustafa will explain everything." Selim: `Lala mustafa? Aghas!" The door opens and Lala arrives. Selim: `'And this is my brother's greatest witness...Lala mustafa is now in my service. He is loyal to me and Beyazid has no clue about this."

    Mihrimah is instructing her servants to pack her things and asks where her daughter is, Hatice hatun says she is getting ready, and adds that if Mih could rethink but Mih scolds her to mind her own business and to pack up all the things and call the aghas. Rustem arrives and asks what is going on. Mih answers that for a while she will stay in the palace and that he doesn't care about her presence anyway. The servants exit and he tells her to stay because they are going through tough days and that it is not certain what tomorrow will bring and that her absence from the palace can bring them harm. He adds that she should not pull trouble towards them for no reason. She asks if this is the only reason why he wants her to stay. He starts to say something but Beyazid enters. He greets him and Beyazid asks if he has come at a bad time. Rustem says no, they welcome him and Mih says that Rusty was leaving anyway (as in leave Rustem!) Beyazid notices something is fishy, anyway Rustem leaves and Beyazid takes a seat.

    Lala tells Selim that there is a good in every bad thing and that with Hurrem's painful passing, Shehzade Beyazid has also lost a lot of power but that Rustem pasha is still on his side. Sok says that Rustem took his power from Hurrem Sultan and that he will lose his reputation. Selim tells Sokollu not to take Rustem lightly, as his influence over the Sultan is great and that he will want to keep loyal to hurrem's memory because he is married to Mihrimah, but that he is also an intelligent man and that once he knows Beyazid is on the losing side he will abandon ship immediately. "Just like you both" They look guilty haha.

    Beyazid asks why she is moving on the eve of giving birth. Mihrimah says she wishes to be closer to her father as he needs her now. Beyazid says that for this she doesn't need to pack all her things. He says that she should tell him what is wrong because he can see that something else is making her upset. He asks if it is Rusty if he made her sad, and she holds his hand. He says that she should remember this is her palace and Rusty is her subject and that he will never allow anyone to make his beautiful sister sad. Mihrimah says that she wishes her brother could always be with her and after her mother's loss she feels so lonely. 

    Later, Beyazid tells Atmaca that he sees that his sister is troubled and that he (atmaca) should keep his eyes on Rusty. Atmaca says that he wanted to talk about this to him and that there is something bothering him for days now, that he does not trust Rustem Pasha and that it was "you who prevented me from taking his life, (but) Rustem pasha was loyal to your mother and his loyalty to you was because of your mother because as you know when the conditions change, people change too." Bey: "Rustem pasha has been loyal until today and I hope that it continues this way - if not as you say and he changes with the conditions, in that case his life is yours (you may kill him then)." 

    Nurbanu says to her servant that she saw the stars and that everything had two meanings and she does not know if it was good or bad and she lost her good mood because of it. Canfeda tells her that from what people say what this woman says comes true one by one. Nurbanu says that Hurrem Sultan sure knew what she was doing (when she visited the woman and trusted her words). The creepy woman tells Nurbanu to forgive her for making her wait and Nurbanu says that if she speaks good things she will forgive her and then she says she is just joking and that Hurrem Sultan spoke highly of her (the scary woman, i feel bad calling her creepy) and the woman prays for Hurrem. Nurbanu says "i wonder what the last things were that you said to Hurrem Sultan." The woman: "The truth." The woman starts: `'I see calamity. The death of my Sultana is a sign of the storm that is about to break loose." Nur: "Tell me who will survive the storm. Say what you see." Woman: "I see a lion with eagle wings. And a crown on the head." Nur: "What you are describing is the Venetian code of arms. It is a sign of the land I have come from." woman: "The future of our dynasty will come from the womb of the Lion and the Eagle. That Sultana has already given birth to that Shehzade long ago." 

    Rustem is with a scribe who notices Rusty is not paying attention and says "my Pasha you were making me scribe a letter?" Rusty: "Come later agha." Selim has arrived and he greets him. Selim: "we have not met since the funeral." Rusty: "i am trying to get used to Hurrem Sultan not being with us. May Allah have mercy on her." Selim: "It is difficult of course. Our tranquility has been shaken to the core. My mother's early death has changed everyone's future." usty: "That is the case of course, but only mighty Allah knows the future." Selim: "You know too that we will wake up to a new world and which part of this world do you want to be in?" Rusty: "My place is very clear - in Sultan Suleyman's world." Selim: 'No doubt...you are very important to this state, but as long as your loyalty continues to Beyazid, you will lose." Rusty: "What do you want from me?" Selim: " Soon everyone will be on my side. When that day comes, hopefully you are not too late." Beyazid has come to see Rusty and Zal tells him he will give word, but Beyazid says there is no need. He enters and sees Selim there. Selim: "Our conversation is over, you both must have work to do." Bey: "What business does he have here?" Rusty: "I am not about to hide anything from you - our Shehzade is after new alliances. He said it would be better for me to be on his side." Bey: "What did you respond to him?" Rusty: "What are you saying my Shehzade? As if you don't know my answer? OR do you not have trust in me." Bey: "I have trust in you Rustem Pasha, I do not trust Selim. He will even try to make Satan wear his shoes the wrong way." Rusty: "He will definitely try to muddy the waters. But do not believe it, I will always be on your side." Bey: "Good. I heard things are not good between you and Mihrimah. I do not know the details, I have no intention to get between you, but Mihrimah is my precious - and I convinced her to stay in her palace. Stay with her in these difficult days. Do not neglect her." Rustem nods. 

    Nurbanu tells Canfeda that she heard what the soothsayer said that the future will be Selim's and her star will shine. Canfeda says hopefully and then Nurbanu says yes but then she realizes Defne is Venetian too when she sees her and then she says "How could I forget?? How? If the woman's foretelling is referring to her?" 

    Beyazid holds his child: "how beautiful my lion sleeps. The innocent faces of children are the only things that consoles one from the grief of death. Defne: "You have exhausted yourself for many days. If you could sleep for a bit." Bey hands his child over to a servant and says: "Sleep is now forbidden to me...Selim won't stop, and he is chasing after ugly alliances." Defne: "Nurbanu is the same. If you had heard the words coming from her mouth at the funeral she said: "Hurrem Sultan died and now your shehzade is alone." Bey: "A cariye that who really matches Selim! " (Beyazid, my dear, you just made me smile :D) Bey: "My fear is that Selim will attack at the first opportune moment and I won't be able to keep the word that I gave to my mother. (aferin benim aslan Beyazidim! :) ) Defne tells him: "When the issue is about your child, what can stop a person?  You have five boys Beyazid. If you hesitate and fall prey to your mercy, every one of their necks will become targets for arrows! (they will die). Do not forget this. This is your guide. Whenever you find yourself in trouble, remind yourself of these words." 

    Selim meanwhile is with Nurbanu who tells him she had gone to the soothsayer and that the things she told her...Selim tells her not to listen to fakers. She says that she does not think so because if that was the case then Hurrem would not have gone all the way to visit her and trust her words. nut: "One by one everything she says has happened. She knew about Hurrem Sultan's illness and even her death. She said such important things that..." Selim: "Enough." Nur: "She said that when one of the shehzades gets on the throne, the other will have long been in his grave. She said that the dynasty's future will flow from a Venetian woman." Selim: "In that case you..." nuR: "I thought that too, but Defne hatun, is also from Venice. And she has a shehzade too. When I think about this possibility I get destroyed inside. I sent that woman with my own hands! Now there is no running away. Whatever mercy left you have left for Beyazid, cut it out and throw it away. When our Hunkar is done grieving, and leaves his shell then he must be made aware of the chest that was sent to you."

    The table is being laid and mihrimah is with Sumbul and she asks if Rustem has arrived yet and her servant replies no that he has not. Sumbul asks what is making her so unhappy like this. She says it is not important. Sumbul says that if it was not important she would not be like this especially in her current pregnant condition. Sumbul adds that just as he was the secret vault for Hurrem, he is ready to listen to her secrets as well and asks if it is about Rustem.  Mihrimah answers that she does not know how to say it, but that Rustem has some relationship with that Signora Mendez. Sumbul replies that that is impossible because everyone knows of his love and loyalty to mihrimah. Mihrimah says she feels it as a woman and that day after day he is getting more distant. Sumbul says he cannot get too far away...but then he notices that Mihrimah has gone into labour and says it is too early but then calls for the doctors. 

    Meanwhile, Gracia is with Rustem and says bon appetite. Then she asks about the situation in the palace and he says that they are still grieving, it is not easy... Gra: "I heard that a storm was going to break soon... A fight between the Shehzade's is going to reach a point where they cannot turn back from. It is clear that Sh. Selim won't stop." Rustem: "Who said this? Your nephew? Did he learn all this from Sh. Selim?" Gra: "It doesn't matter who said it. You should trust my words." Rusty: "Speak.." Gra: "Sh. Selim has a chest that Sh. Bey sent him. If Sultan Suleyman sees it, nobody will be able to save Beyazid. Sh. Selim must be waiting for the right time."

    Suleyman is awoken by a knock in the next scene, and Gulfem enters Hurrem's room and tells him that Mihrimah Sultan bore a male son in the morning. We then see Bey wishing her child a long life, and Mih wishes that her mother was around to see her son, and says that his mouth and nose look just like Hurrem's. Bey: "Where is Rustem Pasha?" Mih: "Only Allah knows..." Selim enters the room and prays for the baby's future. Mih: "Dont think that I am caught up with my own troubles so much that I forgot about both of you. The promise I made to our mother stands. I want peace like she did. I hope you don't remove her advice from your minds."

    Gra tells Rustem in the next scene to stay longer. Rusty: "We won't be able to see each other too much over the next while. Our Shehzade's still haven't returned to their provinces, and our Hunkar is still grieving. Mihrimah and you..." Gra: "What does that mean? You aren't going to continue coming to my side?" Rusty: "For some time.." Someone knocks at the door and he is told that Zal has arrived, with urgent news. Zal congratulates Rusty about the birth of his son. 

    We then see Beyazid telling Selim that Selim's efforts to pull  Rusty to his side are pointless, because Rusty knows very well who will be best for the dynasty. Selim: "Then he will turn his face against you soon! I wonder when you will understand that you will lose... Our mother's strong embrace can no longer protect you." Bey: "She did indeed protect someone, but that wasn't me, it was you. How quickly you forgot the days where you were shivering in your Saruhan palace. If our mother had not stepped in, I would've taken your head long ago." Suleyman arrives and enters the palace.

    PART 3

    Nessih has come to see Gracia: "it was obvious you were close to Rustem Pasha, but this kind of relationship? has even shocked me!" Grac: "I know what I have done Yessif." Nessih: "To get yourself to your goal, what was the need to get into the Pasha's bed? You are rich and powerful anyway!" Gracia: "*slap* I am your aunt! Gracia Mendez - friend to Kings! When you are talking to me, do not forget who I am!: Nessih: "I am only warning you. This kind of relationship with the grand vizier of the Ottoman state is unacceptable. Especially while that grand vizier is married to Sultan Suleyman's daughter!

    Suleyman is with Mihrimah and he asks if she is well and if she has any pain. mihrimah: "After days I am seeing that blessed face of yours, I have no pain left...my joy is less...if my mother was here..." Suleyman holds the baby. Says the call to prayer in his ears and then names the baby Osman. Then they pray for the baby to become fortunate, live a long life, be pious, etc. Rustem finally arrives. Suleyman motions for Rustem to go to his wife and child. Rustem: "Sultanim, while there was still time our child came early." 

    Later in the evening Rustem looks at his child lovingly: "Osman. Finally I had a male child. Mihrimah enters the room." Mih: "While I was giving birth to your child, you left me alone, Rustem. I will never forget this.You were with her weren't you?" Rusty: "I do not know who you are talking about, trust me." Mih: "I am aware of everything. Don't take me as a fool. That woman visited you so many times. And when she came here it was obvious how much she was interested in you. It is obvious where you were those nights you didn't come to me." Rusty: "You don't even think do you? What brought us to this condition - you are the actual reason for this mihrimah. For years I asked for love from you. You have always treated me like I am nothing. Now what are you taking me to account for?" The baby starts to wake up and Rustem rocks the cradle. There is a knock at the door and Rustem is informed Beyazid has come. Mihrimah asks what is going on as he was just here today and Rustem says he has invited him. 

    Rustem enters where Beyazid awaits and greets him. Beyazid: "finally you are in the palace. Did you see your son?" Rustem: "I did my Shehzade, I have been swamped with state work. Your children and family are important Rustem Pasha. I told you you will not neglect them." Rustem: 'There is a more important matter. I heard that Sh. Selim has a chest you have sent to him. A chest that will cause trouble in your relationship with our Hunkar. Is this true?" Bey: "How do you know?" Rusty: "Forgive me,  but is this true or not?" Bey: "True but it is lacking - when shehzade Selim accuses me he will put himself in trouble too." Rusty: "I will hear everything my Shehzade but permit - aghas!" the agha enters and Rustem tells him to call Lala Mustafa at once to come. 

    Meanwhile Selim is with the chest in his room. Nurbanu enters. "what else are we waiting for, our Hunkar should know about this chest now." Selim: "Since the funeral our Hunkar has left the palace for the first time. It is not possible to say definitively if his mourning is over yet- I am certain he will carry the sorrow of my mother's passing in his heart for the rest of his life -  we shall wait a few days more." Nur: "If you say so." Selim: "There is no need to hurry Nurbanu, the wind is blowing in my favour." Nur: "Important statesmen are on your side, but Rustem Pasha - he is still Shehzade Beyazid's top man." Selim: "Who knows perhaps soon he will also change his decision. " 

    Beyazid has just finished telling Rustem what happened.Bey: "Just as I was about to take his head, Selim sought my mercy...he used Cihangir and Mustafa's name. And I had promised my mother...so I couldn't do it." Rustem: "You had returned from judgment day." Lala arrives. Beyazid tells him about the chest and that Selim has brought it to the Capitol with him and he asks if this is true. Lala lies and says he has heard it for the first time from Beyazid. Rustem scolds him saying had they not sent him to be their eyes and ears and keep them informed of Selim. Lala responds to this by saying that Selim does not trust him and since that day he prevented Selim's letter to go to the Sultan that he has been kept outside of every matter. Beyazid says there is no need to worry because if Selim takes the chest to their father, he will also be affected by it, because Lala is witness to everything that happens in Manisa, Bey: "When he threatens me, our Hunkar will believe me (because of Lala as witness)." lala: "Do not doubt it one bit. "

    Humashah "I finally got to have the joy of being at the sister." Mihrimah says this is right and then prays that God gives both of them long lives. Sumbul asks Mihrimah not to let Rustem hear but that the baby resembles her (in her personality and habits). Sumbul then says that she should not be stressed out as it will affect her milk. Mihrimah says to Sumbul that Rustem is with  Sig. Mendes and that she has no doubt anymore about it. Sumbul tells her there is benefit to being calm and that she should not let such a loose woman bother her and that her mother Hurrem Sultan had wanted her to remain married to Rustem. Mihrimah asks what her mother would do if she were in her shoes right now and Sumbul responds that she would warn the woman in a language she understands.

    In the morning Gracia wakes up to find her servant is dead. 

    Mihrimah is walking in the gardens and her servant tells her the doctor's update about her baby that he is doing fine and healthy. sumbul arrives and tells her that the warning to Gracia has been given and Mihrimah says that hopefully she understands to stay away from Rustem from now on. Sumbul says that hopefully she gets it, because otherwise if she continues to upset her, she (Gracia) won't find a place to be buried even.

    Gracia is with her nephew and wonders who could have done such a thing and how they came right into her room. Yessif asks her what she expected, when she was having a prohibited affair with Sultan Suleyman's son in law! Gracia asks if this was a warning, and that she had heard Mihrimah had suspicions and asks if she has done it. Yessif tells her that whoever did it wanted to warn her. Then he tells her to cut off her relationship with the pasha otherwise she will be in the place of her servant. Gracia says "our relationship is not just business, even if I wanted to end things he may not want to!"  Nessih asks her if she wants to be in the place of her servant (as in dead). She is horrified and asks how they can do it...if there is a solution to this whole matter. 

    Nurbanu is telling Selim not to fall to doubts now they should make use of this opportunity  and that if they don't act they will lose and that he should recall the soothsayer woman's words. Selim closes the chest. 

    Rusty is speaking with Suleyman saying that Charles V's condition has worsened, and that no one has any hope left and they await the moment at any time now (when he will die). Selim enters with the box and greets Suleyman and Gazanfer brings the chest. Selim "there are some matter I wish to explain to you. if you permit, Rustem pasha should stay too, Hunkarim. What I have to explain have to do with him too, because it is a state matter." Suleyman permits it. Selim says that because of the funeral he was quiet and for the memory of her, she would have been silence, but since Beyazid continues to threaten him he has no choice. He opens the chest and shows the dress saying Beyazid sent the dress and a letter, handing it to Suleyman who opens it. 

    Beyazid meanwhile is playing with his sons. Ferhat agha arrives telling him that Suleyman wants to see him immediately. Beyazid says alright and then says to Atmaca that Selim could have started the action (of accusation) and that Lokman should call Lala to wait since they might need him. 

    Selim says he did not want to upset his father over such an issue, but that he is worried, because Beyazid is his brother and that he still has respect and love for him and that he does not want to hurt Beyazid, nor does he want bey to hurt him. Beyazid arrives. When he goes to kiss his father's hands,  who does not let him and asks if he has sent these things to Selim. Beyazid nods that he sent them and that hopefully he has explained the reason for it too. Suleyman says he wants to hear it from him. Bey: "in that case, i will start from the beginning. A while ago, I asked for monetary help from Mih. Sh. selim cut off the way of the guards bring the gold. When I found out, I caught Selim's bandits To warn him, I sent the head of the leader to him. Only, how sad that he did not learn a lesson from that. He tried to poison me at my own table. I almost died. To take him to account for this, I marched on his palace. My mother came between us. for her sake, I remained quite and forgot the matter. Not long after, Shehzade selim broke his promise, and wanted to complain about me to you. And i sent this chest to him to tell him not to work behind my back like women, but to face me like a man. He came in front of me...he set a trap for me, but I wrecked that plan...then we went against each other one on one, I was the victor, I could have taken his life, but I didn't...for the last time I warned him and sent him off. God is my witness, Hunkarim. My words are even less (there is more) not extra. Lala Mustafa is personally witness to all this. if you do not trust me, you can hear it from him he is at the door." Ferhat calls Lala. Suleyman asks Lala if what Beyazid has said about Selim is true. Lala lies and tells Sully that Beyazid has forced him to false witness and that he won't do it and won't betray the Sultan. beyazid is shocked. He asks him how can do such a thing to him? Suleyman yells. "Who are you?! How dare you?!" bey:"He is lying outright Hunkarim. They have gotten together and slandered me." sully: "Impudent! Weren't you the one who wanted Lala to be witness?" Bey: 'They have bought him! They have poisoned him!" selim: "It is as I said Hunkarim." Suleyman: 'Shut up! how sad! This condition you two have fallen to is shame! how can you look at each other! I never even looked at my enemy like this! Get out of my sight at once! Before some accident happens by my hands, GET LOST!" 

    They exit and Beyazid shouts out for Lala: what kind of devil are you! Just the other day you smiled at me, but you were working behind my back!" selim: "Enough beyazid! get on your way! (sorry guys for the caps and spelling errors!) . Bey: "That day when you were under the shadow of my sword, I should have killed you Selim. Rustem tells him that they should leave before the situation gets worse. 

    At night Suleyman is on his terrace when Mihrimah arrives and he tells her to sit. She tells her she has heard what happened and that of course she won't defend Beyazid's actions, but that she doesn't think he is the only one at fault and that he should think about it well - Beyazid wouldn't attack Selim for no reason and it is obvious they both are involved. Suleyman tells her not to worry about such things, return to her palace, sleep rest, take care of her child. She says that while Beyazid is in the fire how can she be at peace. She begs him to forgive her brother, and that since her mother left the world on fire and she can't also deal with this too. Suleyman says that everyone has to pay for what mistakes they do otherwise the mistakes grow and the punishment too. Mihrimah says that of course he will punish but that as always she awaits his justice and that Beyazid is as guilty as Selim. He tells her she can leave now. 

    Rustem is with Beyazid saying he hopes Mihrimah could achieve something. Beyazid says he doesn't think so since his father never treated him fairly so why should he now? The servant says the baby is not well and Mihrimah is not around. Rustem takes his leave. Zal stops Rustem but Rustem says it is not the time, but he urges him. He says "your child is fine my Pasha. I had to make her lie. Signora Mendez has sent this." Rustem reads it "Pasha Hazretleri, I did not want to call you at such a time, but the matter is important. you must come to my villa at once. Rustem goes to her home and there he finds Selim and Sokollu waiting for him. Selim tells him to come close and comments about how Signora Mendes' effect on him is quite notable since he came at her one word. "It cannot be accepted that Sultan Suleyman's son in law, Mihrimah sultan's husband have an affair with another woman right Sok?" Sok: "Right, whoever does this, will not only lose his place, but also his head." Rustem: 'The rules are obvious..but there is something important - if you want to expose all this, why did you come all the way here?" Selim: "You are  smart man - recall I made a proposal to you  - I think you might have thought about it...and the conditions are obvious. You see Rustem Pasha, you were witness personally to what happened today. Beyazid's allies are leaving his side one by one. Now it is your turn, however, not just a word, you must prove that you are on my side." Rusty: "What do you want from me?" Selim: "sooner or later Suleyman will announce his decision." Rusty:"if you think he will execute him, you are wrong." Selim: "if Beyazid continues this way, this is the outcome. But now exile is enough - I want him exiled to a far away sanjak...by your personal recommendation. "

    Rustem caught in this web, goes down the corridor to the Sultan's room and asks Ferhat to announce him tot he Hunkar. He recalls his promise to Hurrem saying he will protect the boys from Suleyman's wrath and from each other. 

    Suleyman recalls Hurrem's words: "Selim and Beyazid are both your sons. A piece of you - your blood and soul. Choosing one over the other means turning your back on the other and the one you go back on will be jealous and resentful." 

    Ferhat enters the room and tells him his sons have come. 

    Outside Beyazid comments how traitorous and lying his brother is. That he has not surprised. And someone like Lala does not befit him anyway, but befits Selim. Selim says that if Lala has chosen his side it is because he can see who is the best for this State. Ferhat tells them the sultan awaits them.

    Suleyman tells them that both of them have let him down. Especially Beyazid and that there is nothing right about what he has done and that he has appointed Beyazid to Amasya Sanjak. Beyazid: "I did not deserve this Hunkarim, know that I did not deserve this." Suley: "You still dare to speak to me.  Selim I am appointing you to Konya..may it be for the best. Selim "my neck is lowered " Sulyeman: "go to your respective sanjaks and prepare to leave for your new ones I have appointed." selim and Beyazid leave.

    Zal arrives and tells them that Sully has appointed him to Amasya and Mihrimah says " of all the sanjaks, why Amasya? ah, it was my brother Mustafa's sanjak..." We see a flashback where Rustem recommends to Suleyman to Amasya so that he can understand from this meaningful sanjak, that he has to behave in a way that is worthy of a shehzade. Nurbanu meanwhile tells Selim not to let his appointment to Konya trouble him and that it is much closer to the Capitol than Amasya. That it is a big victory. Selim agrees but says that Manisa was very important for him. Nurbanu says that while it is empty there will be no affect towards him. Mihrimah arrives and asks Selim how can he do all this. Selim tells her not to interfere and it is between him and Beyazid. Mihrimah says that she is also on one side of this matter and that she wanted him to be appointed to Konya and that he will be careful from now on of his actions and that one more mistake she will trouble him about it. He tells her to come to her senses that she is not his mother and that as much as she tries to act like her, and take Beyazid's side it is pointless and that she will not prevent his victory. He tells her to deal well with him if she is smart because the future king stands before her. 

    Beyazid is walking in the garden and Atmaca is there. "My father has exiled me Atmaca and you know where? To amasya...it has one meaning...as in our Hunkar is saying to me that he will execute me like my brother. But our Hunkar has forgotten one thing, I am not like my brother. I won't deliver my fate to Sultan suleyman." Atmaca: "What do you have in mind?" Bey: "We are returning to my sanjak Kutahya. I will not follow our Hunkar's order - I will not go to Amasya." At: "Shehzade, this is open treason." Bey: "So if it is treason it is treason. The arrow has left the bow already, there is no return." 

    Ferhat and Gulfem wait outside the Hunkar's chambers as he exits and then they follow him to visit his beloved's grave. He caresses the flowers that have been planted there with his fingers...Gulfem says: "The Magnolia was Hurrem's Sultan favourite colour. Hunkarim, coming here is not doing well for you." Suleyman: 'Where else can I go Gulfem? I do not have a life free of Hurrem. Gulfem: "We have both tasted the worst. We know what it is to lose children. Our tears have turned to blood." Suleyman: "Yes nothing can compare to the pain from the loss of a child...but this pain is different." Gulfem: "I do not know about what you have lived through at all. Please tell me about it as if you were singing a song or telling a fairytale. What a feeling is it to lose the love of one's life and soulmate? Suleyman: "There were colours Gulfem. There were sounds and songs. Sometimes we had such moments together that sparks would fly between us. I would be able to see stars in her eyes...All the world would come together and become one heart and would flow through our veins. Now there are no colours....."

    THE END!

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