• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 136 Translation

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    Selim: "Wait for me, where are you going?"

    Beyazid: "Get off my case Selim, or I will take out all my anger on you."

    Selim: "I am not understanding why you are angry with me, our Hunkar decided like this" 

    Beyazid: "You said bad things about me. You said "he should not come" otherwise, while I am present, why would our Hunkar take you to the campaign?"

    Selim: "What your words Bey!"

    Bey: "Is it a lie? You are the coward, you can't even hold a sword!"

    Selim: "Say you are sorry at once!" 

    Bey: "I won't!"
    Selim: "I told you to say sorry, or -"

    Bey: "Or what? What will you do? Will you go and complain like women again?"

    Sokollu has a letter in his hand and he hands it to Ferhat agha. 

    Selim's letter: "My mighty Hunkar, Sultan of the Seven Regions, I have received very serious news from Kutahya Sanjak. Unfortunately my brother Beyazid is in a great betrayal against you. According to the news I received he has disobeyed your orders to go to Amasya and has decided to remain in Kutahya (rather than pack up and intend to move). And my brother has begun gathering soldiers. My brother has one of two purposes: Either he will march to me to attempt to take my life, or worse, he will march towards the Capitol and try to remove you from your throne. As you can guess it is not suitable under these conditions for me to make a move from Manisa to Konya because if I head out on the road, I am afraid that he will attack me, and I will be head to head with him, and I am afraid that one of us will get hurt by the other's hand. I await your noble orders for me to inform me what to do. Your subject, Shehzade Selim."

    Suleyman tells Ferhat to leave. Then he prays: "Oh my Allah, you are Great (Mighty). Please don't test me again with my child."

    Lala Mustafa is with Selim and says: "What Sh. Bey has done can not be accepted, not ever. If he persists in his errors, he will not be saved from our Hunkars wrath." Selim asks if his letter has reached the Hunkar. Lala replies that Sokollu has done what was needed and that the letter is an arrow of fire that will burn Beyazid. Selim approaches closer and says that he does not doubt his father's decision will be for him, but when that support and decision will come, that is uncertain and that until then they cannot sit quietly on their hands. Lala asks what he is thinking. Selim replies that they will also gather soldiers because war is at their doorstep and that Beyazid could attack at any moment and that they will have to face him with strength. Lala nods.

    In the camp of Beyazid's soldiers, Atmaca tells Bey that the Sultan will soon find out about his gathering soldiers. Bey responds that that is exactly why he is hurrying and that before his father is included in this issue, he must prepare his army, so that he can defeat Selim immediately. And in this way, everyone can understand his fight is not with his father, but with Selim. Atmaca replies that the path Beyazid has embarked on is a difficult one and that it is not possible to go back from this point.

    Beyazid responds that first his mother got between them to stop them, then his own (Bey's) blind mercy. Then he adds that both are no longer existing. "Sh. Selim will pay for what he has done." At: "These soldiers are not enough Shehzadem, you need to make new alliances. " Bey: "It is necessary for more support. Send word to the Beylerbey of Anadolu Cenab Ahmet Pasha, Karaman Beylerbey Soluk Ferhat Pasha, and Adana Beylerbey Piri Pasha. The loved my deceased brother (Mus) very much. I think they will be on my side." At: "There is benefit in speaking face to face my Shehzade. We cannot trust in letters." Bey: "You are right. If I don't get their support, our work will go to waste. Tell them to come." 

    Suleyman is in his room with his pashas and says: "Sh. Beyazid is committing treason and you have no clue of it, is that right?" Rust: "He might have refused to move his sanjak but I do not think it is a possibility that he has gathered soldiers and betrayed. Maybe Sh. Selim has gotten the wrong news." Sok: "The accusations are serious. Without being certain, Sh. Selim would never send such a news. As we know, Sh. Bey was not happy with your decision about his sanjak (change). i think he has acted emotionally." Suleyman tells them to leave. 

    In Manisa, Selim's daughters are going through their mother's things. One of them finds Hurrem's ring. They fight over who gets it. Fahriye sees it. And remarks that it is Hurrem's ring and asks where they found it. Nurbanu comes across her and asks her had she not told her not to enter her room and what is she hiding. Fahriye tells her that she is not the one who was hiding and shows her the ring, saying that she was certain she had taken it. Fahriye: "You will give the explanation for this to our Sh." Nurbanu grabs her and tells her that how dare she, and asks her to give "my ring over" Fahriye: "This is not yours! It was Hurrem Sultan's! Let us see what Sh. Selim will say about you stealing his dead mother's ring!" Nurbanu tries to grab it but Selim enters. 

    He asks what is going on. Nurbanu says: "Fahriye has stolen the ring Hurrem gave to me." Fah: "No Shehzadem, our Sultana's ring was lost for so long, i found it amongst Nurbanu's jewels. Just as I was bringing it to you, she prevented me." Selim asks her how dare she accuse his shehzade's mothers of stealing. Then tells Gazanfer to put her in the prison. 

    Nurbanu tells him look at the lies she told. Selim grabs the ring and says "Take that off! My mother would not even give you her sins! Let alone this ring! Shame! While I am worrying about my life, look at what you are busying yourself with! Pray for my children - otherwise you would pay dearly for this!" (YAY!!!!!!)

    In the next scene, Semiz Ali Pasha tells Rustem: "If what is written in Shehzade Selim's letter is true, then the storm is very nearby. Let's pray so that our Hunkar doesn't give the command to execute Sh. Beyazid." Rustem: "May Allah forbid." Ali: "How will we act?" Rustem: "We are on the bridge of Sirat now, thinner than a hair, sharper than a sword. No matter what we do it will be pointless... In our Hunkar's presence, neither you or I have any power." Mihrimah enters and Ali asks permission to leave. Mihrimah: "What is going on? You informed me that there was an important matter regarding Beyazid." Rustem says that Sh. Beyazid isn't leaving Kutahya, and is actually gathering soldiers,and that clearly he intends to rebel, and he tells her that she is the only one that can influence the Hunkar and quell his anger. 

    Next, we see Fahriye being thrown into a jail, and she tells them they are making a mistake. An agha tells her not to resist, as the Shehzade's order is firm. Fahriye asks why she is being chained up, and the agha tells her that it was Gazanfer's idea, as she is not to be trusted. She calls the agha back and tells him that if he lets her out, she will tell him the location of her gold, and he will be comfortable for the rest of his life.

    We then see Nurbanu in her room with her daughters, telling them that they are Sh. Selim's Sultanas, and that the mess they made is not becoming of them. She then asks them which of them looked through her trunk. Esmahan blames the other two and says: "You both told me to look through her trunk!" Esmahan then apologizes to her mother. Nurbanu makes her promise that something like this wont ever happen again. Nur: "My beautiful Sultanas.... All of you were born as Sultanas. Don't ever forget this, and always behave like one. A day will come when everyone will listen to your orders in this palace. With one command, the customs will be re-written, with one glance, everywhere will be shaken up. The most powerful Ottoman men will go crazy around you... You will all be more powerful than I am, because you are Sultanas from birth, and the blood of the dynasty flows through your veins. The day will come when your father will rule over this land. You will all then take your places beside him."

    In the next scene, Mihrimah tells her father that she doesn't like seeing him, the most powerful king, in such a state. Mih: "Unfortunately my brother Selim has been like this since his childhood. He complains and makes a huge deal out of the smallest issues, he takes pleasure out of it. I am sure that the latest things he wrote about Beyazid are incorrect." Sul: "He is claiming that Beyazid has gathered soldiers. If it's not true, how could he dare say this?" Mih: "As you know, they have had hatred between them for years...after the last incidents I am having difficulty believing anyone. You know the best, but there is no giving a definite decision without investigating the matter right?" Suley: "The possibility that Beyazid has done this is very high." Mih: "Father, please do not trust these ugly accusations about Beyazid. He may have made mistakes in the past, but none of them were treasonous. And it can't be - he is loyal to you." 

    In Kutahya, Defne is speaking to Bey: "Soon a storm will occur." Bey: "Are you afraid?" Defne says that while she is alongside him she is not afraid of anything and that anyway she lives a life he has granted her and that every moment of hers is a gift from God, that every moment is a gift and the only worry of hers is Beyazid and his sons. " Bey: "Don't worry - my fight is for the purpose of protecting my boys anyway. It is for their future." Defne asks what the Sultan will say and what will he do and this is the thing she is really thinking about. Beyazid replies that in the last few days now he has been thinking about his brother Mustafa and that he understands him better now. "No matter what, a person wants to trust his father. This is my wish too - God Willing he will understand me" Def: "What if he goes against you?" Bey: "Hazrat Ali says: "Do not bend down in front of injustice, because along with your right you will also lose your honour. For this reason, even if my life is in danger there is no turning back. There is no hesitation. I am searching for my right, I am searching for justice." 

    Mih: "Selim did it again. He does not miss any opportunity to lower Beyazid in our Hunkar's eyes. This was the last thing left...When did the ambition for the throne make him this blind? When did he lose his humanity?" Sumbul: "Sultanim, Selim's doings are unacceptable of course, but what if what he wrote is true? What if Sh. Bey is in preparations to commit treason against our Hunkar?"  Mih: "Speak auspiciously Sumbul, I could not ever imagine that Beyazid could ever do this. Until today he has done everything he could to gain his father's favour. But whatever he did has only backfired. The distance between them only grew even more every time. And this is the reason for his stubbornness and anger. When my brother (Bey) gives this much value to our Hunkar, it is impossible for me to believe that he (Bey) will fight my father. I hope that nobody poisons my father's mind and makes him give a wrong decision." Sumbul: "God Willing Sultanim." Mih: "Otherwise, the storm will soon rage."

    Suleyman is in his room thinking...until morning. 

    Mihrimah and Sumbul are walking and Sumbul says "If our Hunkar decides against Behind then he will find me standing opposed to him! Like my mother I won't allow this!" Sumbul tells her to calm down and that he does not think the Sultan will give a harsh decision. 

    Suleyman is with two of his Pashas. He says: "Sok come close. You will give this letter to Sh. Selim, and make sure he reads it." He tells Ali Pasha to give the other letter to Beyazid. "They should read what I wrote and understand it well. As advisors your tasks are quite difficult at this point, may God help you." Ferhat arrives and says Mihrimah wants to see him and that despite her being told that he is not able to see anyone she is persistent. Suleyman tells the pashas to exit and allows Mihrimah to enter. She enters and says "you have made a decision about our Shehzades. My mother entrusted my brothers to me. If you permit, I would like to hear what you have decided regarding them." Sully: "As a father I advised them one last time. As a ruler, I warned them one last time - and it is the last time I will be doing so - especially for Sh. Beyazid: He must go at once to Amasya. Selim will also go to Konya." Mih: "I am, as always, in awe of your sense of justice. However I have one request of you, both as their sister and as a Sultana."

    Time passes and in the morning in Manisa Selim asks Lala what is going on so early in the morning. Lala says that Sokollu has come and that he is coming to the Palace. Selim asks what he is doing here and Lala answers that the Sultan has believed in his letter it must mean...and that instead of a random messenger he has sent his valuable Vizier. Selim says he is actually worried about the precautions his father has taken about Beyazid. Lala nods and says that they will see.

    Beyazid meanwhile, along with Atmaca is meeting Beylerbey of Anadolu Cenab Ahmet Pasha, Karaman Beylerbey Solak Ferhat Pasha, and Adana Beylerbey Piri Pasha. Atmaca introduces them and then says that he knows all three of them from back when he was under Mustafa's command. Cenab Pasha greets him and says what an honour it is, the next one wishes him a long life and praises him saying they would sacrifice themselves on his way. The middle one says that they came as soon as they heard the news and that they were very upset about his sanjak change. Beyazid praises them saying that he is proud that such brave beys show loyalty to him. He says he will tell them everything. He tells them how his brother "has forgotten we are brothers and is playing ugly games behind my back. He got together with Lala Mustafa and Sokollu, he even attempted to take my life...he will take action again as long as I don't attack him. In light of this, I want you to be by my side against him and give me strength." Cenab: "Shehzade Selim does not have the qualities to rule this empire." Solak Ferhat Pasha: "We don't mind crushing our hand under a rock for the sake of this nation." Piri Pasha: "I am wondering about something - who is your fight against? Sh. Selim or our Hunkar?" Bey: "My issue is only with Sh. Selim. Pashas! I will fight Sh. Selim! With God's permission I will win! And as the only heir I will await for the Will of God (as in Suleyman to die naturally)." Piri: "So you have no intention of removing Sultan Suleyman from the throne?" Bey: "I swear that not a single arrow will be shot from my camp towards our Hunkar. You know of Rustem Pasha and Semiz Ali Pasha's loyalty to me. If like them, you are on my side, then we can settle this matter without coming face to face with our Hunkar." Cenab: "Our loyalty towards you is great. But, if you permit, without hurrying, we want to discuss the matter amongst us. Afterwards we will inform you." Bey: "Of course, don't forget that those who are with me in my difficult days will be with me in the future." 

    Sokollu is walking with Lala and Lala says he hopes he has not brought bad news and Sokollu says that it is good everything is rolling. Lala says that still, as long as he (Selim) is not alone on the path to the throne, then there is no real comfort for them all. Sok says that the days will come when he (Selim) will be without competitor and that he will even ascend to the throne. And then he adds: "You and I Lala, as two close (to Selim) have always stood in the background, and have prepared ourselves for greater positions. Be certain we will get what we are owed (rewarded)." 

    Beyazid is speaking with Atmaca. Bey: "you know them for a long time (the pashas). Do you think they will be with me and fight with me?" Atmaca says "forgive me, but all three have been appointed by our Hunkar and I wish loyalty only came from the heart but that is not the case. What is important is your strength. However powerful you are, that is how many loyal people you will have around you." Bey: "Do you have doubts in my strength?" At: "No never. But, don't forget, a Shehzade's strength comes from the Pashas around the council and the soldiers in their command." Bey: "Not all the soldiers are with me, but they are not against me either. And if we talk about Pashas, the Grand vizier and Semiz Ali Pasha are both loyal to me." At: "I do not trust them. Not Semiz Ali, or Rustem Pasha...do not forget that they both have our Shehzade's blood on their hands." Bey: "If they support me to the last moment and prove you wrong?" At: "In that case the victory will be yours." Just then Huseyin Cavus arrives and says that people have come from the Capitol." 

    Sokollu enters Selim's room and Selim tells him to come close "since you have personally brought it, means the news is important." Selim opens the letter and reads.

    Then we see Semiz has given the letter to Beyazid who is reading. Semiz says "this is the last warning, our Hunkar has ordered you to go to Amasya immediately, otherwise he will see this as treason and will take the necessary precautions." Bey: "He is announcing what was already known." Semiz: "You should be thankful Shehzade, our Hunkar was just and merciful. He has not only give you advice but also Selim." Atmaca: "Sokollu's advice is clear...I am curious about your advice." Semiz: "In these times, it is important to be calm and not act with anger. For this reason, we advise you to listen to the orders exactly." Bey: "Is Rustem Pasha of the same opinion?" Semiz nods and says that: "Going against our Hunkar's orders would be enough reason for him to wage war against you. This would mean war and we are not ready for that Shehzadem. This would cause this nation to fall to interregnum. Think about your mighty ancestor, Sultan Mehmet." Bey: "I can defeat Selim before our Hunkar's army gets here." Semiz: "This is impossible. Because Sh. Selim will not face you. As soon as he receives word, he will pull back and go under our Hunkar's wings." Atmaca: "The farthest he can run away to is Bursa, and then Turgut Reis will intervene from the Mediterranean Sea. He will be stuck between two fires." Semiz: "Sooner or later our Hunkar will reach him. Then what will you do?" Bey: "Then I will declare my loyalty and follow his orders and go to Amasya. of course as the only heir to the throne." Semiz: "it is clear you have thought of everything. I hope Mihrimah Sultan can convince you then the waters can die down quickly." Semiz: "What does it have to do with Mihrimah Sultan." Mihrimah enters.

    Meanwhile, Sokollu says to Selim: "You did the right thing. You could not have left this place without Shehzade Beyazid left his sanjak." Selim: "Our Hunkar has asked me to go at once, and on top of this, he has told me not to accuse Beyazid without proof. Those words are not baseless! Beyazid is gathering his army. He will cut me off as soon as I leave this palace -" Sok: "Our Hunkar has always supported you...If Shehzade Beyazid tries to march on you, he will find our Hunkar in front of him." Selim: "And if he (our Hunkar) cannot reach ..." Sok: "Do not worry...Shehzade Beyazid is losing his position day by day. The future and the high officials of the state are already with you." Selim: "What is Rustem Pasha's situation?" Sok: "He has decided to stay without siding anyone and stand in the corner." Selim: "That will not do! Tell him that if he is not with me, he is against me!" 

    Mihrimah is walking and talking with her brother. Mih: "How could you go against our Hunkar's orders Beyazid? Why have you not gone to Amasya yet?" Bey: "You know that this is unfair, Mihrimah. I won't go to that unlucky sanjak that I was exiled to due to Selim's games. Mustafa walked towards his death from Amasya. I do not want to fall into the same mistake." Mih: "I am aware of what the significance of Amasya is. No matter what, you are disobeying our Hunkar by staying here. Just what Selim wanted!" Bey: "What Selim wants is for our Hunkar to take my life, because he would not be able to do this himself." Mih: "Selim has told our Hunkar that you have gathered soldiers. I wish you knew the things I had to say to our Hunkar to convince him otherwise. Beyazid...no...you are not gathering soldiers are you?" Bey: 'What did you expect Mihrimah? Did you want me to sit on my hands and wait for death to approach." Mih: "I can't believe you! how can you do this, you promised our mother!" Bey: "I kept my promise my sister, but they did not leave me any other choice. In the future there is either victory or death." 

    Suleyman is in his room and Rustem is saying to him: "Do not worry, Mihrimah Sultan will calm our Sh. Bey down and will return with good news God Willing." Suley: "This is what I hope for as well. This is the last chance I am giving to Beyazid." Rustem: "You have granted this with your lofty heart. I do not even think it a possibility that Beyazid had intentions to commit treason anyway. His only complaint is Selim - and with God's Will one day the animosity between them will come to an end." 

    Defne is with Mihrimah and says "Please I beg you do not leave our shehzade alone. His love and loyalty to you are not misplaced. From now he puts you in his mother, Hurrem Sultan's place. And all this is Nurbanu's evil doings, she is the devil that plays with Shehzade Selim's mind." Mih: "What should I say about you? Look at everything that has happened. War is at the gates. You did not send me word of this." Def: "I was scared. It is not always clear what happens to letters that go to the Capitol. If it got in our enemies hands? I could not put our Shehzade's life in danger like that." Sum: "Yes but, what we feared came upon us. The fire has engulfed us I swear!" Mih: "We will certainly put out this fire. You and me, Defne. We will do our best to convince our Shehzade. He must stop gathering an army and go to Amasya." Def: "Do you think this is enough to stop Sultan Suleyman? Do you think it will remove the dark clouds above our Shehzade?" Mih: "I do not know that...but it is obvious for now it will stop it. Right Sumbul?" Sumbul: "Yes, and perhaps it would be better for our Shehzade to go to Amasya, because we don't want to burn and it would be better to be away from the fire." Def: "I will do what I can of course, but know that I am on a side in this war...whatever our Shehzade orders, I will back him and even sacrifice my life." Mih: "Good. You will always be smart like this. If the war starts we can't stop it...the only thing we need to do is prevent this war...do you understand me?"

    PART 2

    In the next scene Selim is in his room and Nurbanu has arrived. Nur: "I know you might be angry with me because of Fahriye -" Selim: "The matter is not about Fahriye and you know this very well." Nur: "Whatever, today is not the day to count sins and argue. Just the opposite we must be one against our enemies. Please do not keep yourself away from me - who thinks more of you than I do? Who is closer to you than I am?" Nurbanu: "Mihrimah Sultan has gone to Kutahya to advise Beyazid." Selim: "Mihrimah was on my mother's path...she is using all her strength to see Beyazid possess the Sultanate." Nurbanu: "No matter how much your mother was angry with you, in a way she was always protecting you and was on your side. But Mihrimah Sultan is not like that. She will openly declare enmity with us. But Rustem Pasha is with us. And if he is not - then we will expose his relationship with Signora Mendez." Selim: "Do you think I am waiting for my pleasure? If he is removed as Grand Vizier, Semiz Ali will get in his place. And he is also on Beyazid's side." Nur: "If Semiz Ali is smart, he will be on our side." Selim: "I cannot think of that  - also, the Janissaries are sideless in this matter only because of Rustem Pasha. If he is gone, I do not know what they will do." Nur: "Mihrimah will be able to convince Beyazid and he will go to Amasya, and like this be far from the Capitol and from us." Selim: "Even if Mihrimah convinces Beyazid, his anger will not subside. He already spilled my blood once. He is regretful for not cutting my throat. He wants my life...no one can stop him but our Hunkar. 

    In Kutahya Atmaca is with Huseyin who asks what the news is and if the Beylerbeys will fight alongside Beyazid. Atmaca in the next scene is with Beyazid telling him the news: "The Pasha's fears are great as well, they have faith in you, but they are afraid of our Hunkar's wrath." Bey: "Come to the point Atmaca, are they with me, or not?" At: "They want more time to think about it then decide." Bey: "I am not about to wait for them - we will continue to gather our own strength." Huseyin: "Until they decide, we will continue gathering the soldiers." 

    Mihrimah is with Sumbul and says that she does not know how to quell Beyazid's anger, he has everything ready for war. Sumbul asks her what will she do if war breaks out and the time has come to take into account this fear coming to reality. Mihrimah says "if it was my mother, you would know what she would do." Sumbul: " She would go between the Hunkar's arrows and sacrifice herself as a target in front of her sons (to save them)." Mihrimah: "I will do the same...whoever wishes to take Beyazid's life, will have to take mine first." Sumbul: "Let us pray that day never comes, Sultanim, never ever!" 

    Fahriye is brought food in her prison cell and she reminds the guard about how she told him where her gold is hidden and asks when he will get her out of here. The agha says only her coffin will be taken out of prison. She says they had agreed! It was gold for her way out! He says he does not know about any gold. She tackles him down and strangles him with her chains, and grabs his dagger and keys. The guard wonders what is going on. Fahriye stabs him. 

    Meanwhile Nurbanu is speaking to Gazanfer and tells him not to leave Selim and Sokollu alone as she wishes to know everything, along with details. Nurbanu goes to her room with Canfeda. Nurbanu comments that Hurrem after her death, is becoming a reason for arguments with Selim. (hahahaha keep telling yourself that Nurbanu!). Canfeda comments how as usual incidents keep happening but that at least in this way, she is now rid of Fahriye. Nurbanu tells Canfeda she is very tired and that her bath should be prepared. Canfeda leaves. Nurbanu sees Fahriye in the mirror. Fahriye: "I made a promise to Hurrem Sultan - to kill you - I made a promise. Finally the time has come."  Nur: "if I die you will die too!" Nur: "I am going to die anyway, my only wish is to take you with me!" Nurbanu hits her, but Fahriye is strangling her and Fahriye says she will finally be rid of her. Then Nurbanu stabs her repeatedly until she dies.

    Selim enters and sees Fahriye dead and stabbed. 

    In Kutahya, Mihrimah is telling Beyazid: "Be aware that I am not going to leave your palace until I turn you back from your error." Bey: "Your presence in my palace only makes me happy, I wish you could always stay." Mih: "The past is like a book which tells you about the future, which can only be read by those who know how to read it. We have learned from such painful incidents that our Hunkar, when confronted with treason does not even take into consideration his own children."

    Bey: "It is impossible to forget what befell my late brother Mustafa." Mih: "Our Hunkar has fallen into his own darkness after our mother passed away. Only God knows what storms are brewing in his head. Promise me, you will go to Amasya to save yourself from his wrath." Bey: "I will go Mihrimah, don't worry." Mih: "You will really go?" Bey: "If this is what our Hunkar wants, then I will go to Amasya..." Mih: "What goes through your mind Beyazid? What will you do?" Bey: "I am not going to hide it from you Mihrimah, because you are the only one left of our family that I trust. I just need some time." Mih: "For what?" Bey: "I will continue gathering soldiers and on top of that, there are some Beylerbeys who I am awaiting word (of support from) then I will march on Selim and this matter will be finished." Mih: "Is there no other way? No hope?" Bey: "The sword has been removed from it's sheath once again Mihrimah - and our Hunkar and Selim will never forget and they will take my head in the first opportunity. My Mihrimah, my beautiful of beautiful sister...there is no one that I have but you. If you will not be with me, if you will not support me, then say it now, right here." Mih: "Get your army ready, gather your strength, and do whatever you need to do. I swear to you, I am behind you with all my power." 

    Rustem is in his room when Zal arrives. "Signora Mendez' ship has just pulled up to the dock." 

    Mihrimah meanwhile is on the carriage leaving Kutahya. She tells him how everything is troubling her. She adds that it seems Beyazid will not step back and that she is afraid as the war is near. Sumbul asks her what she will tell the Hunkar, if he hears all that has happened, he will not leave anyone alone, not even her. She tells him that she will say that Beyazid is going to Amasya and warns Sumbul that under no circumstance is her father to hear about Beyazid gathering troops. Sumbul says she should not doubt and his mouth but can they trust Semiz Ali to keep quiet. Mihrimah says that he is a good statesman and that of course he will take a side, but the important thing is whose side he will take. Then she adds that Rustem trusts Ali Pasha and that she does not think he will go against them, but she agrees with Sumbul that they must take every possibility into account. 

    Gracia is walking the halls and tells a new woman that her former servant was her right hand and lost her in an unfortunate accident and that now she wants this new woman to take over all the duties. The woman says hopefully she will do as well as the last one. She goes to her room and is surprised to find Rustem there. 

    Rustem: "Signora Mendez, welcome to your villa, finally you were able to return." Gracia: "Forgive me, it all happened in a moment that I had to leave on business affairs, I could not send word to you." Rustem motions for her to sit and she does. Rustem: "When you had told me you were at Pope's dinner table, and about King Ferdinand's friendliness to you, I thought you were an intelligent woman. But you have acted like a young and unexperienced woman. You exposed your secret relationship with the Ottoman Grand Vizier" Gracia: "Believe me pasha, I did not know, my nephew Yessif - when he was with Sh. Selim it escaped his mouth accidentally." Rustem: "Who are you fooling Signora, I know about everything. When the hatun that was in your service was killed your skirt caught fire (you got nervous). You purposefully threw me in front of Sh. Selim...because of you, I could have lost my position, my reputation and even my life." Gracia: "Forgive me my pasha, I could not do anything, Sh. Selim threatened...otherwise I loved you I always loved you...Please let us forget everything, please!" Rustem: "You have made a great mistake Signora. Being this close to the fire of power is dangerous. From this point on, one wrong step and you will burn so much that they will not find your corpse." 

    Semiz Ali has stopped the carriage. Mihrimah asks why and he answers that they are moving forward slowly because of the rain, but there is little way left until we reach Uskudar. She tells him that he should open his ears and listen carefully: "Beyazid was very important to my mother and for me too. When we return, we will tell our Hunkar that he will go to Amasya and that is it. Semiz Ali: "How will we explain the gathering of soldiers? because that will be the first question he will ask." Mih: "Did you see that with your eyes Ali Pasha? Because I did not. Why should we accuse him without any reason?" Semiz: "No of course I would never dare! Neither have I seen anything or heard..." Mih: "Great..we are both on the same side Ali Pasha. On Beyazid's side. I completely trust you. Hopefully you will not disappoint me." 

    Sokollu enters the Sultan's room. Sokollu relays Selim's greetings to Suleyman and then adds that he has also sent horses as gifts."
    Suleyman: "When is he going to Konya, tell me that." Sok: "At the soonest, he has no intention of going against your orders. His only reason for having stayed in Manisa was for the reason he told you of, and not to come face to face with Beyazid. Hopefully good news will come from Kutahya too and the matter will be closed peacefully." 

    Mihrimah arrives. Rustem: "Seeing you smiling means our work went well in Kutahya." Mih: "I am impatient to tell the good news I have for our Hunkar." Mihrimah greets her children before they go to the Sultan's room. Outside the room she reminds Semiz Ali that hopefully he has not forgotten what she said to him and that she is certain he will not make the trust she has in him be in vain. She says she does not even want to think of the opposite.

    Mihrimah enters and greets her father. Suleyman: "Speak Mihrimah, I am listening." Mih: "Everything is as you ordered, after wishing me a safe journey, my brother promised me he will set out for Amasya." Suleyman: "So then why did he waste all this time in Kutahya?" Mih: "He spoke about a complex for the people, for which the construction was incomplete and he did not want to leave it incomplete and leave the public in a difficult position." 

    Suleyman: "Ali Pasha, is it true that Shehzade Beyazid is gathering soldiers? Did you see anything or witness anything that would prove this?" Ali agha: "I investigated the matter...many people were questioned, only I could not find anything about Sh. Beyazid gathering an army..." Suleyman tells him to leave and then motions for his daughter to sit. Suleyman: "Mihrimah. If you care about your brother, tell the truth. Say it so that the matter does not grow. I am not about to hide the truth from you of course. Beyazid was not so keen on leaving. He wondered why out of all the sanjaks why Amasya. But I spoke to him and convinced him. I swear, he will go." Suleyman: "Hopefully he learned the lesson from this that he needed to and will end this enmity with his brother." Mihrimah: "Hunkarim, you always look for the reason of everything bad to be because of Beyazid. But this is not the case. Selim, knowing his brother's nature, pushes him, then later complains to you. He has many faults too. As you know, the alcohol that goes into his palace has no limit. Despite his supposed repentance and promise to you." Suleyman: "I know very well Selim's faults too and I will do whatever to make him leave those habits, but Selim weaknesses only harm himself...while Beyazid's weaknesses puts himself, his brother and even me in danger. This is the matter." 

    Selim is with Gazanfer walking and asks how Nurbie is doing and Gazanfer says that she is doing okay and is trying to recover herself. Lala arrives and says "Good tidings Shehzadem. Sh. Beyazid has left for Amasya." Selim: "Thank God. Lala, does this mean that he has gone back on his gathering soldiers?" Lala: "I do not think so at all - I know Sh. Beyazid's anger very well." Selim: "He is trying to buy time." Lala: "Very possible Shehzadem, but his going to Amasya is in our advantage...he cannot cut off our way...there is nothing preventing us from going to Konya any longer."

    Rustem enters to where Mihrimah is and asks the kalfa to take care of the children so that he is alone with Mihrimah. 

    Rustem: "What is going on Mihrimah? How did Beyazid willingly accept going to Amasya?" Mih: "He understood that it was foolish idea to go against our Hunkar's orders." Rustem: "Has he changed his mind?" Mih: "No he has not, he is continuing gathering soldiers. His only reason is to win time. War is very near." Rustem: "When our Hunkar hears of it what will happen? You openly lied." Mih: "When Beyazid wins there will be no meaning left in that. I completely trust my brother. Also, he has been meeting with the Beylerbeys of Anadolou and Karaman. With their help, he will defeat Selim."  Rustem: "In that case all our lives will be in danger. we must know where we stand." Mih: "What are you saying Rustem? It is already obvious where we stand. We are on Beyazid's side in this war, we will give all our support to him." Rustem: "you have made a big mistake mihrimah, our duty was to prevent war, and to protect Sh. Beyazid until he reaches the throne." 

    Mihrimah: "You have been for years in the position of viziership...you know very well that a sword removed from it's hilt cannot go back without finding blood. They will not leave him alone. Selim, the moment he finds an opportunity will attack him. And in the most lowest way. Rustem, you promised our mother...you put your hand on the Qur'an. You will protect my brother Beyazid with your life. Do not remove that from your mind."  

    Beyazid arrives in Amasya, and recalls the time he had gone to visit Mustafa there.

    Meanwhile, Rustem is lost in thought...he recalls his oath he swore by swearing upon the Qur'an. He calls Zal. "Call the Rumeli Kazasker for me...I have some things I want to get his opinion on." Zal: "May it be for the best..what is the matter?" Rustem: "The matter is mine Mahmud Agha...the promises I gave, the things in the past. The people I trusted. The truths that I defended...and the future."

    Beyazid meanwhile tells Atmaca they don't have any time to lose and tells him to inform Huseyin to send word around, his doors are open for any man willing to fight by his side. Then he orders Atmaca to go and find out about the Beys and if they are on his side or not, and that the army needs to be prepared as soon as possible. Atmaca: "As you wish... Shehzadem, as much as you may not want to accept, the truth is clear, just like your older brother, your competitor is not Shezade Selim, but it is Sultan Suleyman Han. Be careful... Never turn your back. You should always have doubt inside you, as our Hunkar is a ruler who only remembers that he is a father with destructive events. Don't ever forget this..." Bey: "You are telling me not to walk into the face of death like my brother Mustafa..." Atmaca: "Sometimes - although it is not possible to change the past - I look back and wonder where our lives changed... Oh my innocent and merciful Shehzadem. He should have rebelled from the first day he was exiled to Amasya, just like you. Then everything could have been different. But your future won't be like how he ended up. You will be the victor in this war." Bey: "Whatever a person's nature is, then his fate will be like that as well, Atmaca. Since I have known myself, I have always tried to do what is right and say what is correct. I am ready to courageously accept what is going to come my way in the future. May Allah help us!" Atmaca: "Ameen!"

    We then see Rustem walking in the palace garden with the Kazasker, and tells him that he would like to benefit a drop's worth from his vast knowledge, as he has an important question to ask. Kazasker: "You are being too kind, how many I be of help?" Rustem says: "If a servant who had made an oath on the Holy Qur'an, unwillingly broke this oath, how will he pay for this sin? Is there a way of atonement for this?" Kazasker: "Firstly, the servant must repent... Allah loves those who are repentant. He will forgive them." Rustem: "Will it be sufficient to just repent to Allah?" Kazasker: "It will be sufficient, but it will be incumbent upon that believer to give a portion of his earnings to charity, he must help the poor and needy, and orphans and widows, and do other good deeds as well."

    In Konya, Nurbanu tells Selim that she has already gotten used to Konya, and they are not really that far from the Capitol, and that there are now mountains between him and Beyazid. She tells him that she was afraid that Beyazid would ambush them in Manisa, but she is comfortable here. Selim: "Do you think distances will stop my brother?"

    In the next scene, we see more people enrolling to Beyazid's camp. Huseyin: "300 soldiers have joined our army today, Shehzadem. We will calculate their food and clothing expenses and continue to recruit more soldiers." They both see Atmaca riding in on his horse, who reports that he spoke to the three Pasha's, and that they accept, and they are now under his command with 20,000 soldiers. Beyazid: "Finally! Shezade Selim and his army won't be able to stand against us. Victory is near, with Allah's permission." 

    We then see Rustem tell Zal to send the trunk to Mimar Sinan, and that he wants a complex to be built in his name on a property that he owns. Zal: "This is good timing. We were even late to have a complex built in your name that matches your reputation..." Rustem: "Tell Sinan that no expense should be spared. My complex should stay functional for hundreds of years. And take this other chest to Hurrem Sultan's Foundation, they should determine those who are needy and it should be handed out to them. It should be processed into my foundation." Zal: "What is the need for that?" Rusty: "It is not as if we are going to take our wealth to the next world, you do as I say." 

    Suleyman is in his room when there is a knock and Gulfem arrives. She says: "Hunkarim, if you permit let us open the windows so the sun can come inside a bit." He nods. The windows open. Gulfem: "I know you still have grief...but the darkness inside you is different. What is keeping you in the dark like this?" 

    Gulfem exits and sees Sumbul who asks why she looks so disillusioned, and asks if the sultan is alright. Gulfem: "Our Hunkar's condition is not good, not even a knife would open up his mouth, he can barely stand a drop of sunlight. I am afraid that he will bury himself completely in darkness. Although I was hoping the good news Mihrimah brought from Kutahya would make him smile and calm, but it was useless and his heart is still cold. There are things making our Hunkar hesitate it is obvious. You are not hiding anything right Sumbul?" Sumbul says no never and whatever Mihrimah said, that is all he knows too and that it did not even pass Beyazid's mind to go against his father. "Our hunkar is probably troubled because of what has happened in the past with our Shehzade (Beyazid), but when time passes, then he will understand that his reservations are unfounded." Gulfem: "God Willing, I hope that our Shehzade does not fall into wrongdoing" Sumbul: "Gulfem hatun, the nature of our Shehzade is known - even a single spark will enrage him. But if our shehzade makes a mistake we will all together overcome it. Right?" Gulfem: "Yes. I will also do whatever needed for our Shehzade's well being without even thinking. Our dynasty lost one brave shehzade, I have no intention for it to lose one more!" Sumbul nods. 

    Defne and Beyazid are seated as his children greet him. Bey: "You are my greatest strength and treasure." Orhan: "Our greatest desire is to be worthy children to you." Bey: "God Willing you will understand the important of your brotherhood with each other. My wish is that you be like how me and your brothers Cihangir and Mustafa were with each other" 

    Bey: "My Orhan, for a while now you are the Sanjak bey of Corum. I am getting good news from you." Second: "When will I get to go?" Bey: "Your turn will come too." Bey: "As you know I am gathering an army. A great army. When I am ready, I will march towards Selim. God Willing this time we can achieve victory." Orhan: "I have two thousand soldiers in my sanjak, with them I will fight alongside you." Second: "Me too, I will come with you too." Bey: "my lions. God Willing we shall be able to fight together against our enemies. But I am going to be alone in this war. You will return to your sanjak and you shall stay with your brothers and look after them." Orhan: "Shehzadem, my brothers are too young, but I am in charge of a sanjak, and I am not about to sit around while my father is fighting for our future. Permit me, I will come too." Bey: "You will not put yourself in danger. You will have to do exactly as I say, promise?" Orhan promises. 

    PART 3

    In the next scene Sumbul is with Mihrimah. "The total is 500,000 silver coins. I swear, you could have bought all of Uskudar with this wealth." Mih: "It is not important. My brother should feel my support behind him. I know he will need this money. The most trusted men should take it to Amasya. They should be certain it is delivered to Sh. Beyazid." Sumbul: "As you wish Sultanim." Mih: "I hope it is not troubling my mother's soul with what I am doing. I did not ever want to be part of the war between brothers." Sumbul: "Unfortunately, Sh. Selim has not left any way other than fighting, Sultanim - and in this situation, our Hurrem Sultan, would have been on Sh. Beyazid's side." 

    Sokollu visits Rustem. Sok: "My pasha." Sok: "I visited Gracia Mendez...you had paid her a visit? Gracia Mendez and Yessif Nessih are under the protection of Sh. Selim. Also, you are aware of the value. If something happens to the Signora, or even her nephew...you won't be able to give account for it." Rustem: "I have no problems with the Signora, Sokollu. what about you? When will you stop sticking your nose into business that has nothing to do with you?" Sok: "I am saying for your good -" Rustem: "Has what is good for me befallen for you to tell me, man? Get out." Sokollu leaves.

    Atmaca is with Beyazid and says that he has met with Pashas and they will come along with their army at the place where Beyazid has ordered. With their strength combined with ours the power of our army will be roughly 50,000. Bey: "Good. Are march to Konya must shake the very earth! We must crush Sh. Selim's army - is there news from Selim." At: "I have heard that as a precaution he has gathered an army. But it does not seem possible for him to raise one as powerful as yours." Bey: "God Willing the wind will blow in our favour." 

    In Istanbul, Suleyman is standing by the fire..then we hear that someone informs Sokollu that Beyazid has gathered an army and that he will march on Sh. Selim.

    Semiz is speaking to Rustem and telling him that it must have gotten to Sokollu's ears by now too the situation with Beyazid gathering an army and that they cannot hide the matter from the Sultan any longer. He asks Rustem what they can do, how can they explain? Rustem responds that what can they do, both shehzades will fight and no matter what they do they can not prevent it and what needs to be done officially, the Hunkar will decide. There is a knock and it is Sokollu. He asks them if they have gotten the news...

    Suleyman is in his room and Ferhat tells him that all three Pashas have come saying it is important. 

    Rustem: "We got news from Amasya. Sh. Beyazid has gathered soldiers and we have heard some Beys have joined. Sh. Beyazid has set his eyes to march on Konya." Sul: "What are you saying Rustem? What soldiers? Who has helped Beyazid?" Rustem: "Anadolu Beylerbey Cenabi Ahmet Pasha, Karaman Beylerbey Solak Ferhat Pasha, Adana Beylerbey Piri Pasha. They have given their support and strength." Suley: "What are you thinking Ali Pasha?" Semiz: "Hunkarim, while we were in Kutahya, Sh. Beyazid was not gathering soldiers only I do not know what happened afterwards in Amasya." Suley: "Are you certain this is not a slander Rustem?" Rustem: "Unfortunately, Hunkarim."  Sok: "What is your noble order Hunkarim?" Suleyman: "Unfortunately Sh. Beyazid has lost the last chance he had. If he wants a war, he will get what he wants. You may leave." 

    Suleyman: Oh Allah you are testing me once again with (the matter of) treason." 

    Rustem enters his office with Semiz and says "It is necessary to write to the pashas who have supported Beyazid at once." Semiz: "My pasha, this kind of letter will be Sh. Beyazid's death order." Rusty: "We swore to be loyal to our Hunkar, Ali Pasha. By gathering soldiers, Sh. Beyazid is not only going against Sh. Selim but also our Hunkar. We cannot be on his side anymore. No one can. A shehzade who commits treason,  his end is obvious. It was up till here. (it ends here)."

    Sumbul is with Mihrimah telling her that the money she sent will soon reach her brother. Mihrimah tells him her troubled feelings and that no matter how much Selim has done wrong, she did not want it to get to this point. Sumbul comforts her saying that no one would want it of course. Rustem arrives and Sumbul leaves. Mihrimah asks if there is news from Beyazid, Rustem replies no, that he just wanted to spend some time with her and his children. 

    We see a snake on Suleyman's bed as he sleeps. Ferhat enters he says there was one, but there is nothing. He asks for light. He yells for them to hurry. 

    We hear his voice (in a letter he writes) to Ebu Suud: "Ebu Suud Efendi, Hoca Celebi whom I have valued very much. My tongue does not want to say, nor does my hand want to write...but for the future of my state. For the peace of my people and their future, I must come to a decision very quickly. My Lord is testing me with the betrayal of yet another one of my Shehzades. Shehzade Beyazid, has gone against my orders and disobeyed me. He is preparing an army to march on his brother Sh. Selim. My respect towards you is undying. I completely trust your knowledge and judgement. Now, with this kind of betrayal from Sh. Beyazid who has mercilessly put me into a state of troubles, according to Islamic Law, what should be done?"

    In Amasya Beyazid is preparing. He tells Lokman to leave them alone. Beyazid: "My mother foresaw these days long ago." Defne: "Her prayers are still with you Shehzadem. They will protect you." Bey: "I will return Defne. I swear. I found you too late, but I won't let you go that quickly. I will never leave you and my children alone." 

    Ferhat is presented with a letter from an agha who says that Ebu Suud has sent it. 

    Suleyman takes the letter and Ferhat leaves. 

    "The Answer: "Mighty Hunkarim, I thought long and hard about your question. I calculated everything in my mind and looked at every perspective. I went through all of the books of knowledge and legal books, despite me already knowing the answer, I searched for a different answer. I could not find any. Sh. Beyazid's disobedience of your direct orders, and gathering an army, and his marching on his brother, directly throws the future of the Dynasty and yourself and the Ottoman State openly in danger. Sh. Beyazid has become a rebel who has diverted from the correct way, and he has declared his rebellion to the world. A shehzade who commits this crime, according to the laws of the state, his execution is mandatory." 

    Suleyman burns the letter. 

    Beyazid shouts to his army: "My lions! My warriors! The time has come! We will go straight to Konya. The Anatolia, Karaman, and Adana Beylerbeys, with all their strength, will support us in Konya. There is a path of fire ahead of us! This war is a war against the oppressed against the oppressors. My Lions! May Allah bless our war!" The men shout "Long live our Shehzade!"

    Suleyman is with his Pashas and he tells them to prepare 5000 Janissaries and 3000 knights. "They are going to go support Selim, is there any news from the pashas?" Rustem replies that he sent each one the Sultan's orders and that they must support Sh. Selim in the war, and he adds that hopefully they will obey. Suleyman says hopefully they will because otherwise he won't hesitate and he will crush the heads of those pashas. Then he tells Sokollu that he will head his army and to get prepared and go to Konya and that he will also head Selim's army. Suleyman tells them to leave and get ready.

    Time passes Lala is in his room in Konya he is given a letter and then he goes to Selim and tells him that Beyazid is coming with his army. Selim says "I knew it! I knew he would dare to do this! Lala, immediately prepare the soldiers in the province. How many soldiers do we have in reserve?" Lala: "Not enough, it is obvious Sh. Beyazid has gathered many soldiers. Otherwise he would not have come here. We cannot keep up with his army." Nur: "Our Hunkar knows right? He will support us." Lala: "This is our hope, certainly he will have had the news. Hopefully support will come on time." Selim: "Call Murad my shehzade, he should come along with his army from his Sanjak and stand with me." Nur: "Please don't throw Murad into the fire." Selim: "Do you think if something happens to me he will be safe? You know this very well, all of you are tied to my life." 

    Sumbul rushes to Mihrimah and tells her that the war has started. 

    Selim is with Nurbanu looking at the chest Hurrem had given. He says that his mother could not have imagined that the armour would protect him from Beyazid. Murat arrives and Nurbanu tells her son that she did not want him to go, but there is no other way. Murat says that he must go and he cannot leave his father alone that his father's fate is also his own and that they must beat his uncle Beyazid.

    Mihrimah arrives in the Sultan's hallway and finds Rustem there. She asks if what she hears is true and that the war is about to start. Rustem responds that she has heard right, that he is marching along with soldiers on Selim. Mihrimah says that he is strong and a warrior and has been gathering soldiers for a long time and that he also said there were trusted beys with him, who will support him. She asks "he should win under any circumstance right?" Rustem: "God Willing Mihrimah...whatever is for the best..." 

    We see Beyazid and his men. And also Selim and his men.

    Mihrimah says to Semiz: "What did you want to talk about Ali Pasha?" Semiz: "It is difficult to say..." Mih: "Speak" Semiz: "Rustem pasha has betrayed Sh. Beyazid. He prevented the supporting pashas from helping him. In other words, Rustem pasha has gone to Selim's side." Mih: "No...impossible! Rustem!" 

    Mihrimah goes to see Rustem. "You traitor, you fake! How could you do this! How could you do this to Beyazid!" Rustem: "Mihrimah! There was no other choice. Beyazid's fate became clear after Hurrem Sultan died. He is forced to lose." Mih: "Because of you! You could have saved him." Rustem: "Mihrimah, no matter what I did it would not have been enough. Our Hunkar decided he is an enemy now, and he decided his end - to the point that he even got Sh. Beyazid's legal death sentence. Everything is over Mihrimah." 

    On the Plains of Konya May 29, 1559 the sons of Suleyman come face to face. 

    Lala: "Shehzadem, their numbers are great." Huseyin: "There numbers are not that much...with the support of the pashas we can easily take them down." Bey: "Where are they?" At: "I spoke with the messengers, they are about to arrive." 

    Mihrimah has arrived to see the Sultan. Mihrimah: "I need to see our Hunkar. I want to know how he received the death sentence of Beyazid and how he is able to live with it." Ferhat: "No Sultanim, our Hunkar is not here." 

    Suleyman is in his wife's room. He goes to her bed. "My Hurrem...Sultanim...forgive me." 

    On the battlefield, Beyazid nods to Huseyin and Atmaca and smiles at Orhan his son. 

    The two brothers fiercely look at each other from across the battlefield... 

    THE END!

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