• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 137 Translation

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    The episode starts off with a scene of the battle raging. We are shown this as a flashback sort of with scenes of reports by Sokollu, Lala and Semiz to Suleyman, Nurbanu and Mihrimah.

    First we see that Sokollu has gone to speak to Suleyman: "As per your orders Hunkarim, along with five thousand Janissaries and seven thousand knights, we stood alongside Sh. Selim. With our support both of the armies had equal numbers..."

    In a flashback, we see Sokollu at the battle dismounting and approaching Selim: "My shehzade, our Hunkar is on your side. He has appointed me as head of your army. With God's permission, we shall win this war."

    Beyazid has seen all this and says to Atmaca: "This is the picture of a father who has given up on his son!" At: "It is now certain. Our supporting Pasha are about to arrive my Shehzde, when they come we will have the upper hand again."

    We see that Semiz is also relating the story of what happened to Mihrimah: 'Despite the number of troops being equal on both sides, Sh. Beyazid's army had more of a will to survive and win. But with the arrival of the Pashas and the cavlary archers things seem to have evened out. They have come with twenty thousand soldiers."

    Back on the field, we see Beyazid is pleased with the arrival of the Pashas and their men, only to find them going to Selim's side. Beyazid: "What is going on what are they doing?" Huseyin: "I don't understand my Shehzade!' At: "We have been betrayed. Seems they will fight for Sh. Selim" Beyazid, grabbing Atmaca's throat: "How did it happen Atmaca? Did you not promise, they would fight alongside me?!" AT: "It seems they have received orders from the Capitol and that they (the Capitol) has scared them." Bey: "No, impossible! If such a thing had happened, Rustem Pasha would have prevented it!" At: "My Sh. you do not want to believe it, but, Rustem the traitor has betrayed you."

    Lala: "When the Pasha's joined our Sh. army, his ranks swelled to fifty thousand in number. Sh. Beyazid's army was maximum thirty thousand. On our Hunkar's orders, along with Sokollu Mehmet Pasha, we went to speak to Sh. Beyazid."

    We see the scene where Sokollu and Lala have gone to meet with Beyazid.  Sokollu: "It is the decree of our Padishah Sultan Suleyman" he means to give the document to Beyazid, but Beyazid motions with his hand and says: "You tell me what our Hunkar is saying" Sokollu: "He commands you to surrender at once, and for you to return with me to the Capitol. If you do not obey then our Hunkar will not be responsible for the blood that will be shed here. Until your forces obey (this command) a legal decree was given allowing the fighting against and killing of you and your forces who fight with you." Bey: "Mehmet Pasha. Blood will spill on this field but not mine. Shehzade Selim's (blood) and that of his traitors who obey him as dogs. With God's permission, when I am victorious, I will head back to my Sanjak - to Amasya. And there I shall await the decree of the mighty Lord (the death of the Sultan)"
    Finally, we see that Atmaca is also relating to Defne what has happened.

    Sokollu: "Shehzade Beyazid, just like he did not obey your orders, he spoke words that I cannot repeat of Shehzade Selim - he made harsh insults."
    Atmaca meanwhile tells Defne: "Shehzade Selim's army had been doubled., and on top of this our soldiers were hired men, and his soldiers were those who had fought for years and had much experience. Despite all this, Sh. Beyazid did not take a single step back. He did not waver for a moment."

    In the battle field: Beyazid: "My warriors! My lions! The enemy might have superior, but we can see them and they can see us! If our Hunkar supports Shehzade Selim, I have mighty warrior soldiers supporting me! My warriors! We will fight to the last drop of our blood! If we die, we will die with our honour and self respect." Atmaca and soldiers: "Long live Sh. Beyazid!"

    The war begins. Zal tells the story to Rustem. Rustem asks: "How did the Janissaries react?"   Zal: "On the first day, their hearts were not in it and they did not want to fight (against Beyazid). For this reason they (bey's soldiers) were able to defeat Sh. Selim's armies left wing. The Karaman soldiers started to retreat towards Konya. On the first day eight thousand solderis gave their lives. And the battle ended on that day with Sh. Beyazid in the lead."

    Selim: "How can you go against Sultan Suleyman's orders fools? And those standing in front of you (Beyazid's army) are not even soldiers! They are trouble makers, bandits! Pillagers! Tomorrow, on the battle field you will scatter Sh. Beyazid's soldiers! if you do not, I will take your heads! Neither will I forgive you, nor will Sultan Suleyman! Get out of my sight! Get lost! Get out!"

    Sokollu relates what happened next: "Shehzade Selim's warning worked Hunkarim. The Janissary agahs out of fear of your wrath, fought with all the strength they the next day."
    We see how the war was going badly for Beyazid. Semiz explains this to Mihrimah: "Sh. Beyazid could nto stand his soldiers being cut down so he jumped into the battle himself."
    We see Beyazid plunging himself into the thick of the battle with one mighty roar (I had to add that, he reminds me of a proud mighty lion here!)

    Semiz says that when the soldiers saw Beyazid fighting, their morale grew higher and as everybody was fighting like warriors, Sh. Beyazid and his forces moved towards Sh. Selim.
    The fighting continues and Beyazid movies towards Selim.

    Lala continues his account: " At that moment, I thought everything would end, I said to myself Sh. Beyazid will win...but we were witness to such a moment, that it changed the fate of the war, the Ottomans, the dynasty and the future of the empire. "

    We see the arrow piercing Beyazid's armour, Murad's arrow. He recalls his teaching his nephew how to shoot. After a moment of hesitation Selim gives the order to attack. A Janissary slices at Beyazid with his sword wounding him. He recalls his mother's words: 'The most important thing, Beyazid, is to stay alive. Whatever happens, stay alive."Before the Janissary can hit again, Atmaca comes to the rescue.

    Suleyman to Sokollu: "My son...did my Shehzade Beyazid..die?" Sok: 'The wounds he has recieved are deadly Hunkarim. It would be a miracle for him to escape alive." Suleyman motions for Sokollu to leave.

    Mihrimah has also heard and she grieves for her brother. Rustem is also troubled. Nurbanu on the other hand, embraces her son happily. "I was first worried about him joining you, but thank God he did. My courageous Shezade. From now there is no return for Sh. Beyazid. It is hard for him to even stand on his feet again. Maybe he has died."

    Atmaca meanwhile comforts Defne by saying: "God Willing our Shehzade will get on his feet and we will once again march on Sh. Selim." Beyazid lies on his bed unconscious.
    Sumbul meanwhile is following Mihrimah as she approaches the Sultan's room. Sumbul tells her that it would be good if she could remain calm. Mihrimah asks Ferhat to inform her father she has come. We see Rustem approaching. Mihrimah sees her. She goes up to him. He says to her: "So you heard the news." Mih:"With what face do you come in front of me?. Beyazid lost because of you, you betrayed him!" Rustem: " I did not betray anyone Sultanim. I only carried out our Hunkar's orders. I did not want it to happen like this. God is my Witness that I did what I could in within my power for Sh. Beyazid." Mih: "I have had enough of your lies! You thrust a dagger in my brother's back..you think I don't know?" Rustem: "My power was useless Sultanim, in front of our Hunkar, my neck is lowered." Mih: "For so long I tried to be rid of you Rustem. This was my only wish. There was always one person stopping me. Always one. But now it is just me and you. And I will be rid of you. I will divorce you." Ferhat then arrives telling Mihrimah her father awaits her.

    Suleyman is struggling with some pain (physical and emotional) and Mihrimah enters. Mih: "I heard everything. Father, how could you take a legal decree like this for Beyazid? On top of this after suffering through the loss of your so main children already! If my mom was alive all this would not have happened!" Suleyman: "Do you hear with your ears what is coming out of your mouth Mihrimah!? How can you speak to me like this? Because of your traitor brother?" Mih: 'Forgive me Hunkarim, if I have crossed my limits forgive me. But you know what we have gone through lately. The fact that I cannot be calm, cannot control myself is this pain, this grief..Hunkarim, my only wish from you...is for you to forgive my brother."

    Suleyman: "If you have nothing else to say you may leave." Mih: "There is, I wish to divorce Rustem." Suleyman: "Because of Beyazid?! If you are angry at Rustem because of Beyazid you are making a mistake. Beyazid's greatest enemy is himself. He disobeyed my orders, and rose up in rebellion! He gave weapons to the people and made an army! " Mihrimah: 'This is not at all a treason against you Hunkarim, it is against Sh. Selim -" Suleyman: "Insulting Selim is insulting me. Your brother Beyazid has forgotten his role as a Shehzade and has become a Bandit. He will pay for it in kind! " Suleyman: "When it comes to Rustem...Rustem did whatever I ordered him! He is my Grand Vizier! If it is not my order - then Rustem does not have any power! I am not permitting your marriage to end. You will not be divorcing him. You may leave!"

    In Konya, there is a celebration for Selim's victory. Nurbanu notices something is not right with Selim so she says: "Enjoy my Shehzade, the  best wine, the tastiest food and the best company/conversation. You have won such a victory that no matter how proud you are it is not enough." Selim: "This victory is not mine Nurbanu. It is our Hunkar's. If he did not want, then neither would the Janissaries fight alongside me, nor would those other Pashas." Nur: "To earn the Hunkar's support this way, what else can one call it but victory? Sultan Suleyman chose you. For your life's sake, he removed Beyazid from his favour. " Selim: "Shehzade Beyazid had a wound to his heart by an arrow. It is unknown if he shall get up on his feet again. If he recovers, he will become a great trouble over us. He is now a wounded lion. And a wounded lion is even more dangerous. " Nur: "I do not think so. He will not raise his head again. But you are right...we cannot leave anything to chance. He will ask for forgiveness from our Hunkar. Mihrimah Sultan will also try...we must prevent this somehow." Selim: 'Don't worry without our hearing of it, they will not be able to reach a single sentance to our Hunkar."

    Beyazid has gotten up. Lokman tells him: "On my word, please be careful Shehzadem, your wounds are still fresh." Defne: "I thank Almighty Allah for preserving you for us and your children." Bey: "Lokman, send word to Atmaca to come to me at once." Defne tells him that she can guess what is on his mind and that it is too soon. And that in this condition it will be a great mistake to make any moves. Beyazid responds that there is no time to lose and that if not today, they will come tomorrow (after him). He looks at his armour. Defne tells him that the arrow was meant for his heart but that his armour protected him. Beyazid: "It was my mother's gift. Her tears and prayers protected me."

    Sumbul speaks to Mihrimah: "I told you Sultanim, he would not at all let you divorce in this condition. On my word, do not insist on it. What will happen Sumbul? Would my father get a decree for me as well? And how far will we be stretched, a little bit more and we shall break." Rustem arrives and Sumbul leaves.

    Mih: 'If not today, then tomorrow Rustem. I will certainly throw you off my back. Look carefully at the distance between us. You will never get any closer to me. You will not touch me." Rustem: "So I won't touch you is that right? Where did you get that I want you? I do not care for you even an atoms weight any longer. Did you forget? I buried my love for you seven floors beneath the ground!" He leaves the room.

    Atmaca has arrived and Lokman says: "My shehzade, you had scared us so!" Bey: "I am not one to give up that easily. You saw who I fought with and how... It was as if the whole world got together as one against me. And for what? Because I wanted the justice I was asking for, for years." At: "It is a miracle of Allah that you escaped from that fire safely." Bey: "I saw you, Atmaca, that arrow that stuck inside my heart as it was bleeding all around my soul, as the sky was filled with blood you came and rescued me from there. I owe you my life." At: "No Shehzadem,  I thank my Lord that my sword is always been under the command of warriors like you and of innocent people --- Is there such a greater honour than this?" Bey: "What is the condition of the soldiers?" At: We retreated with roughly ten thousand people. We had heavy losses, but we will be able to make those numbers again." Bey: "Start gathering soldiers. If I do not get on my feet, they will come again to take my life and this time they will be successful." At: "May Allah not show us that..." Bey: "What is making you sad? Did you accept defeat at the first instance of loss?" At: ;'While we still can hold a sword in our hands, this war will not be over. My actual concern is Rustem Pasha. His betrayal does not leave my mind still. Permit me to go get his head. God Knows what other business he has in store for us." Bey: "We will certainly take our revenge from that traitor. But not yet. The day will come Atmaca."

    Zal has arrived to see Rustem. "Sinan agha has sent the architectural designs of your Mosque. You are probably so busy right now. I was waiting for an appropriate time to show them to you." Rustem takes a look. He is pleased. Zal reads the letter: "Pasha Hazretleri, I have been sending every day and night working on your Mosque. One that would match your reputation. But it is also a modest building. The central dome has four major pillars and I am envisioning a Mosque that is filled with ceramic tiles. God Willing you are pleased. The head architect, Sinan Agha."

    Rustem: "Go to the desk Mahmut Agha, take a pen and paper. "Precious Sinan Agha, I very much like that you are envisioning. But it is not good enough. It should be fancier. Do not spare any expense. Even centuries later, everyone should see and know that a Rustem Pasha passed through this world. When they see it, they should understand my power." Send Sinan agha five thousand more gold, be speedy" Zal: "As you order my Pasha."

    Beyazid is helped to his bed and Lokman says: "Shehzadem, I was quiet until now, only I have somethings I have to say." Bey: 'Speak Lokman." Rustem Pasha might have betrayed you. But you still have someone at the Capitol. Mihrimah Sultan. She will never go back on you. I have no doubt she will try to speak on your behalf to our Hunkar and try to calm his anger." Defne: "When Mihrimah Sultan came here, I personally witnessed her loyalty and love for you. Certainly she will help you. I know Mihrimah Sultan is on my side. But Mihrimah's influence on our Hunkar has limits." Lok: "Our Sultana will certainly look for a solution. Additionally, you carry signs of our late Hurrem Sultan's life, you may be able to be the recipient of his forgiveness. There is still hope. If anything write a letter. Write what goes through your heart."  

    PART 2

    Beyazid's letter: "My honorable Padishah, how sad that life sends a person to many different places. How painful it is that I am forced to fight against someone from the same blood and soul as my own. Just as it is impossible to stand in front of wild river, it was impossible to avoid this war. How sad that Sh. Selim blocked all the ways that led to peace. Despite this, you stuck by his side, and sent his support. It is Allah's Will that I did not die in Konya and along with the prayers of my late mother. O my Hunkar, my dear father. Know that I did not fight or betray you. My respect for you and my love for you are eternal. Please do not fall to doubt about my loyalty. I have one war, and that is with Shehzade Selim who stabbed me in the back with a dagger. Your servant, Shehzade Beyazid."
    But no letters reach Suleyman because his messenger is killed.
    Another letter we see is received by Lala. (I think an official letter).

    Suleyman is seen speaking to his Pashas. "You will set off with the remaining soldiers Mehmet Pasha and go to Konya. You will meet with Sh. Selim and you will go off after Sh. Beyazid. The beys around Amasya will support you." Suleyman to Rustem: "You will send my orders to the beys of the borders to be careful. I will not at all tolerate Sh. Beyazid running away from our lands. Whoever's sanjak he leaves, I will take their heads! Send word also to Giray, the Crimean Khan, he should not accept him (Beyazid) under any circumstance!"  Suleyman: "Beyazid will pay for this betrayal. He will not run away to anywhere! Dead or alive you will bring him to me."

    Selim is with Nurbanu and Lala arrives telling him that a letter from the Hunkar has arrived. Nurbanu asks what he has ordered? Selim says that he has ordered him to get his army and  to join Mehmet Sokollu once he arrives, and go after Beyazid. Lala comments that it is very clear the Sultan is angry and that it is not clear what a shehzade who has gone in revolt will do. Lala adds that he (Bey) could even join with the enemies of the state. Selim replies that yes, it is true and that while Sh. Beyazid still breathes no one will be at peace. Selim: "We must finish the work we started. The time has come, prepare at once."

    Lala leaves and Nurbanu asks whether it is right to march on Beyazid now, as what if he falls into a haze, what if the surrounding places (around Bey) help him... then she adds that wouldn't it be better if Selim does not hurry to leave Konya so quickly. Selim replies that there is no benefit in being afraid now and "I have started this war, so I must finish it and I will be shocked if any Beys or Pashas dare to support Beyazid against our Hunkar's orders after the victory (that just took place). Additionally, me being in the position I am today, is because I have always carried out our Hunkar's orders without delay."

    Meanwhile, Beyazid has regained some of his strength. He tells Atmaca that he can see that his strength is rejuvenated. Atmaca responds that his wounds will heal of course and better days are close upon them. Beyazid says that what has wounded him was not swords and arrows, but the Hunkar's orders on his neck... He is in pain and his son asks if he is alright. Huseyin arrives: "Shehzadem, Sh. Selim along with his army have left on their way..they will meet Sokollu Mehmet and the soldiers and will march on us." Bey: 'What do you advise Atmaca?" At: 'We must get away from here right away. We do not have enough strength, we would be looking for defeat." Bey: "Huseyin Cavush?" Huseyin: 'This is the best. It would be beneficial to go to a safer place." Bey:" Tomorrow morning at dawn we will head out together...First we will go to Tokat...then getting word from there we shall make our move... do the preparations"

    Later that night, Beyazid approaches Lokman: "You had come here as my mother's eyes and ears. You became one of my most trusted men. I am lucky." Lokman: 'I am the real fortunate one, my Shehzade, being in the service of and close to a brave warrior shehzade like you is a great honour. May I be sacrificed for you." Bey: "Great. Are the preparations complete?" Lokman: "They are. We are ready to leave at dawn." Bey: I have something I want to ask from you, Lokman. You will stay here. You will not come with me. " Lokman: 'How can that be Shehzadem, you are entrusted to me by our late Hurrem Sultan. Impossible." Bey: "It is Lokman, it is possible. You will stay here and be responsible (to look after) my gozde (favourite) Defne Hatun and my sh. Mehmet. Only if you are with them will be I able to rest at ease (knowing they are safe). No matter what do not leave their sides."

    Beyazid goes to Defne. Defne: "Your late mother Hurrem Sultan's prayers are with you, then your children's and everyone else's and then mine...your unworthy cariye.  We will all pray for you and for your victory." Bey: "My sons Orhan, Osman and Mahmut will come with me. You will stay here with my daughters and little Mehmet." Defne: "You must move quickly, I do not want to tie you down, and you do not think of us, your mind should be occupied on your enemy." Defne, hugging him: "Beyazid, there is a difficult and dangerous path in front of you. But I have no doubt you will return victorious. I believe in you fully."

    Beyazid's poem: "Oh my Defne, my buried treasure, the colour of my skin, my cure, my smiling Sultana, my delicate one, my sparrow, my flower. The arrow from your side glance, creates a wound in my heart. My love your cariye face is a part of my face...Woe! That beautiful one's heart must be from marble. Because I am not one to give into the lamentations of the one who loves...That stone-hearted love did not listen to my cries and care for me...Its red-hot anger and scolding continues as it used to in the past...what solution is here? If I must pay for my life for a single kiss...i would die and be born again just to achieve it...O the one who belongs to me! Do not think that you are hiding your beautiful love from your chest. She is out in the open as plain as day in your tears...."

    We see Beyazid saying goodbye to his family. His daughter Ayse runs after him, then all of the kids do. "Baba!" Beyazid jumps down to go see his daughter and embrace her. Bey: "O my beautiful of the beautiful Sultana, I must leave now. Go back to your siblings." He rides off...

    Later, Huseyin is entertaining the boys in Beyazid's camp. Atmaca tells Bey that he has sent word to the Erzerum Beylerbey Ayas Pasha and that he will met them at the entrance of Erzerum. Beyazid responds by asking if they can trust the man because in these days betrayal is common. Atmaca responds that he personally vouches for him because they have fought together side by side before and that he is a warrior Pasha, known for his sense of justice. Beyazid responds "I was witness to my own siblings betrayal. And you know of our Hunkar's decisions. Even if Ayas Pasha attacks me, I won't be surprised." At: "Our only option is Erzerum, if as you say the path to Erzerum closes, we will completely be sorrounded by a ring of fire." Bey: 'How sad, in that case it would be up to us slice that ring in half."

    Meanwhile, The Sultan's table is being laid out with is simple food. Gulfem and Ferhat watch him and then they leave. Suleyman looks at the sofra and then he gets up and limps over.
    Outisde in the hall Gulfem tells Ferhat that everything is so sad now that "no  one under this dome will be able to recover any longer." There is a crash.

    Suleyman has fallen down and they come to his rescue. He tells them to let go. There are marks on his leg, Gulfem calls for a doctor...He is angry and pulls his clothes down so as not to show the marks.. Gulfem asks why he did not inform anyone of his condition?

    Rustem speaks to Zal praising Sinan agha and showing the plans and remarking that his complex will be magnificent. Zal tells him that Sinan wishes for Rustem to make a decision about the ceramic tiles. Rustem then says "the best ones...let them be the best ones so the people don't think that I am stingy....is there any news about Sh. Beyazid?" Zal: "After he left his sanjak he was last seen around Tokat. As you know the tokat castle is quite a strong one, in his time, even Timur (tamerlane) was not able to conquer it. apart from his youngest son Mehmet, he has taken all his other shehzades with him." Rustem: "Our Hunkar's anger will be waiting for him there, he definitely won't forgive him. We witness this with our eyes years ago didn't we? On top of that sh. Mustafa had not betrayed." Zal: "Still it is not certain - Mihrimah Sultan will try to do everything in her power." Zal: "Sh. Beyazid while he is still healthy will hold a sword in his hand. Huseyin Cavush and Atmaca are with him." Rustem: "When Shehzade Beyazid took the killer of my brother as his ally, he stabbed a knife into my heart. I want Atmaca alive, tell Sokollu, I want to personally take his life."

    Mihrimah asks Gulfem as they walk down the corridor to the Sultan's room how her father is and Gulfem responds that he it is not good and that the Sultan's old illness has shown it's treacherous face again. Gulfem: "He is keeping all of his problems and stresses inside - clearly the issues surrounding sh. Beyazid are affecting him." Mih: "If he is sad about my brother then that means there is still hope Gulfem. It means that the darkness in his heart has not fully taken over." Gulfem: "Only one person can enter our Hunkar's heart now, and that person is you Sultanim, try to explain things to our Hunkar without giving up. Prevent him from taking our Shehzade's life. I don't want this palace to go through the same sadness once again."

    Suleyman is having his feet bandaged by a doctor. Ferhat arrives and informs him that Mihrimah has arrived and that once she heard his condition was quite worried. Suleyman allows her to enter and she does. "Father! I got very worried when I heard that you were ill." Suley: "Do not worry, I overcame this in the past and I will once again." Mih: 'God Willing." Mih: "I once found something out: if the souls of people are in pain then their bodies reflect this. Father, You know why this illness has resurfaced again right? As a father you cannot carry the decisions that you make as a Hunkar. Can we eat together? Do you permit me"
    Meanwhile Ayaz Pasha receives Beyazid in Erzurum.

    In a place called Sivash, Selim has camped. Sokollu arrives and is welcomed. Sok says that it is an honour to serve his dynasty. Selim asks how his father is and Sokollu responds that he is completely behind him and that regarding Sh. Beyazid, he has decreed that he be captured dead or alive." Selim: "Great" Lala arrives and says: "Shehzade Beyazid has left Amasya. With his forces he is moving towards Erzerum. It is obvious that he is getting help from Ayaz Pasha." Selim: "This is Beyazid's biggest weakness. He trusts everyone. Ayaz Pasha will catch him and we will go at once and capture him."

    Meanwhile Ayaz Pasha says: "Welcome to Erzurum." Beyazid: "Thank you, I think you know all about everything." Ayaz: "My Shehzade, this is Sultan Suleyman's decree. He has sent it out to all the border sanjaks: To the Erzerum sanjak bey, my son Beyazid has rebelled and is trying to flee . A decree has been given permitting his execution and no permission is to be given at all for him to leave my lands. He will be caught wherever he is seen. He will be brought back dead or alive. Those who obey my orders will be compensated generously through the proper channels. But whoever goes against my orders and helps my rebellious Shehzade, it will be accepted that they have committed the same crime and they will be executed. Do not choose the wrong path." Ayaz Pasha rips the decree and says: "These eyes were witness to the death of one innocent Shehzade in the past. I do not have it in my heart to see it happen to another one. I will do everything in my power to have our Padishah forgive you." He swears allegiance to Beyazid. "

    Sumbul is with Mihrimah and says that her mother used to like the herbal drink he gives her. Mih: "Rustem Pasha has been sending Sinan agha chests full of gold." Sum: 'For the Mosque. I swear he is not sparing any expense. He has chosen such beautiful ceramic tiles that he has spent the equivalent of somebody's life savings!They talk about Rustem and how what must be on his conscience to be making him spend all this wealth and then she adds that people should not find excuses for their sins, but that all her sins over the years have been for her siblings, and for Shehzade Beyazid to ascend to the throne. She says that her brother Mustafa's blood reached her hands, then Cihangir died. All the blood and tears should not have been spent in vain. Her servants comes to tell her that the Sultan has finally slept and the doctors are hopeful. Sumbul asks Mihrimah that she should go on her mother's path and be close to her father because sh. Beyazid's future is in her (mih) hands.
    Ayaz pasha's messenger tells him that "they are about to arrive" Ayaz has a worried look on his face. Selim and Sokollu. Gazanfer announces him.

    PART 3

    Ayaz greets Selim. Selim says: "We have no need for formalities, just tell me where Sh. Beyazid is and that is good enough." Ayaz: "Did you swallow your tongue Pasha? I am asking you where Sh. Beyazid is?" Ayaz: "I heard that you scattered the units that he sent for you. This would be impossible without your support. Tell me where you are hiding him." Ayaz: "I pray that they are in a safe and secure place. I sent a letter beseeching our Padishah's forgiveness." Selim: 'What does it mean?" There is a flashback and Ayaz tells Beyazid he must leave right away because a bigger army is on its way and they are only a few days away. Then Beyazid asks where he should go, farther than here is Persia. "And that they are basically driving me to the lap of the enemy, what kind of oppression is this?" Ayaz responds that "these dark days will come to an end, do not forget that a good commander knows when it is time to retreat." Ayaz: "Whatever is in my treasury, my weapons, are all under your command. Additionally, two thousand of my soldiers are under your orders." Bey: "Ayaz Pasha, you know what you will get in return for what you have done right?"(you will be sought after and punished by the Sultan). Bey: "I thank God there are brave, honourable men like you in in this world."

    Selim to Ayaz: "Fool! Do you realize what you have done." Ayaz: "Sh. Beyazid is a wounded lion. A lion wounded amongst hyenas. God Willing, he will receive our Hunkar's forgiveness."

    Selim stabs Ayaz.

    Next, we see Beyazid's camp. His son approaches him: 'For days we have been on the road. I don't have a problem, but my brothers are very tired. Where are we going?" Bey: "Are you waiting for account from me? Go back to your brothers at once." Atmaca pulls Orhan aside: "We are going to Kars Castle. Please don't be upset with SH. Beyazid's anger, he is going through difficult days as you know."

    Atmaca approaches Beyazid and says: "My Shehzade, we are so close to the Persian borders. It is blurred where the Ottoman lands end and the Persian ones begin. Men approach suddenly. 
    Beyazid asks who they are. And Huseyin says: "The Persians." Then there is a shout to protect the shehzade. 

    Persian Messenger: "Shehzade Sultan Beyazid. I am Shah Tahmasp's personal messenger Sergent Marwan. We have no ill will. Believe me." He dismounts and bows: "Welcome to the Persian Empire, Shehzade Hazretleri. Our mighty Shah Tahmasp has sent me." Bey: "My intention was not to enter your lands, but to go to the Kars Castle. If we have crossed into your lands, we will retreat (respectfully)." Messenger: "We are aware of what has happened to you. But Kars is not safe for you. From the news we heard, there is an army of ten thousand marching towards Kars. Shah Tahmasp would like to host you in Kazvin. I think you will respond to the good intentioned invitation of our Shah."

    In Kazvin, we see Beyazid has arrived. Women throw coins at Beyazid's feet as he walks through. He is being received as a Prince.

    Beyazid approaches Shah Tahmasp an says: "Shah Tahmasp Hazretleri," Tahmasp: "Sh. Beyazid Hazretleri welcome to my palace." Bey: "Thank you. I am indebted to your hospitality." Tahmasp: "I have heard you are the Shehzade most resembling Sultan Suleyman. It is true. Betraying him requires..courage." Bey: "I did not betray Sultan Suleyman. I won't, anyway this is impossible...because none of the kings in the world can keep up with the strength of Sultan Suleyman. Cannot even be compared to him. My war is only with Sh. Selim." Tahmasp: "We will have a lot of time to discuss these things. You have come on a long and difficult journey. You will be hosted in the best way in my palace."
    In Istanbul, Suleyman has heard the news: "Shehzade Beyazid has sought refuge with my enemy Tahmasp?! How can this be?!" Rustem: "It is impossible to understand. Tahmasp has welcomed Sh. Beyazid with open arms. They have thrown gold at his feet. He has given them a palace to stay in. The Shehzades are staying there. Years ago, Tahmasp's brother Elkas Mirza found refuge with us, now Sh. Beyazid is in their hands. Tahmasp will not escape such an oppurtu- " Suleyman, who is greatly troubled by these words, cuts him off.

    Mihrimah asks Ferhat how long Rustem has been inside. Ferhat says not too long. There is a knock and Rustem escapes. He grabs Mihrimah and tells him "I do not suggest that you go inside, because our Hunkar's anger is worse than the fires of hell right now. It is not easy of course, to hear his son has sought refuge with his greatest enemy. Sh. Beyazid is not different than a dead person in our Hunkar's eyes now." Mih: 'No, he is not, there is still hope." Rustem: "If your intention is to close your eyes and hide from the reality, then continue like this."

    In Kazvin there has been entertainment in honour of Beyazid who eats with Tahmasp. Tahmasp: 'What is making you so unhappy like this? You are not happy with the luxurious feast that I have prepared in your honour." Bey: "it is a perfect table spread. Shah Hazretleri, you welcoming me and giving me a place to stay is very noble of you. I am curious to know what I did to deserve this." Shah Tahmasp: "You knew my late brother, Elkas Mirza, right? years ago I recall how he was welcomed in Istanbul. These doings of mine today, cannot compare in the least. You were with him as well. You fought together against me. Hmm?" Bey: "So it means it is clear it is time for revenge. Hmm?" Tahmasp: "Look, Shehzadem, I am saying this for your benefit. When a ruler takes his decision, he does not use feelings of hatred and revenge. His only thought is the needs of his nation." Bey:" So in that case, what do you intend to do with my presence." Tahmasp: "You said your war was only with Sh. Selim. And I believe you. But for Sultan Suleyman it is not like this. He has ordered your execution. And this is why you came to my lands. Right? Hmm?" Bey: "Our Hunkar will definitely see the truth and he will forgive me." Shah Tahmasp laughs and then says: 'Look at the past...think about Cem Sultan. He sought refuge with the Pope. Pope Alexander Borgia. Was he forgiven? No. Could he return? No. Because, the Borgias sold him for a few thousand pieces of gold. They poisoned him." Shah picks up Beyazid's cup and drinks from it to show his good will. "Look Shehzadem, in front of you sits a Turkic member of the Saffavid Dynasty. Not a heretic Pope. I am on your side. You are free on my lands. Just like Sultan Suleyman did not send my brother over to me, I will not hand you over to him." Bey: "I put a veil on myself from being compared with your rebellious brother Elkas Mirza. Because I have not betrayed a ruler. When the conditions are right, I will return back to my lands." Tahmasp: 'Thing big. Sultan Suleyman has really grown old. The Ottoman people and soldiers can accept easily a much younger Sultan. Let us work together Shehzadem. Let us march together on Sultan Suleyman." Beyazid stands up: "Shah Tahmasp! I am pretending you did not say these words. Nor did my ears here what you said to me...with your permission I must rest now."

    Atmaca and Beyazid enter their rooms and Beyazid asks: "Do you think the last letter I wrote to our Hunkar will reach him?" At: "Hopefully. I sent the most trusted men." His sons approach. Orhan: "Sh. will we stay here from now on?" Beyazid says: "My Orhan, my lions, each of you are a part of my soul. For your safety I am willing to burn in fires. Yes, for a while we will be staying here, but with God's permission this storm will subside, this rain will stop, God Willing we will return to the land we own and we will walk to the throne that we deserve." Orhan: "Shehzem, wherever you are, that is our lands. Do not make yourself sad on our account." The family hugs.

    Sumbul arrives to Mihrimah and says there is news from Beyazid. Sumbul: "I spoke for sometime with the messenger that brought this letter. Our Shehzade sent many letters to our Hunkar, but our Hunkar never responded, clearly people have prevented them from reaching. Sh. Beyazid specifically wants you to give this letter to our Hunkar." Mih: 'I knew Beyazid would not stay silent. Maybe this letter will be of benefit, for a solution."

    (NOTE: I have written the letter and the response in the way it shows in the series. But it is actually one letter from Beyazid and one response from his father)

    Beyazid's Letter:

    "O my father, the Sultan of the entire world, Sultan Suleyman,
    The hue of my soul, soul within my soul, my father.
    Would you sacrifice your Beyazid, my beloved father?
    I am innocent, Allah Knows, my prosperous Sultan, my father."

    Suleyman's response:

    "O my son who is time and again disobedient and rebellious.
    O son who never wears my decrees on his neck!
    Would I have sacrificed you Beyazid Han, my son?
    Do not say "I am innocent" at least repent, my dear son!

    Beyazid's Letter: 

    "I am like Mecnun (Mejnun from the story of Leyla and Mejnun), mountain tops have become my resting place.
    I am separated from my property and wealth and am far away.
    I shed tears "Woe this separation, woe!"
    I am innocent, Allah Knows, my prosperous Sultan, my father."

    Suleyman's response:

    "To the Mecnun who does not remember the name of Adam, wastelands will be his resting place.
    Those who refuse to obey will always remain far away.
    It is not shameful to say "Woe to me! Save me from separation"
    Do not say "I am innocent" at least repent, my dear son!"

    Beyazid's letter:

    "Who can describe to you my situation, O gracious Shah
    I have become an orphan, separated from my mother and siblings.
    I have not an atom's worth of rebellion against you."
    Allah is Wise, I am innocent, Allah Knows, my prosperous Sultan, father."

    Suleyman's response:

    "Prophethood comes from Allah, the one who is obedient will become gracious
    The one who refuses: "Do not say "uff" (in anger) to them nor rebuke them" (an order from the Qu'ran) will be left an orphan.
    Gracious Allah is aware of those who rebel against obedience
    Do not say "I am innocent" at least repent, my dear son!"

    Beyazid's letter:

    "Let us assume that both my hands are stained with blood,
    This is an example of one who says: "If a slave has sinned then so be it."
    Forgive the error of Beyazid, Do not sacrifice this slave.
    I am innocent, Allah Knows, my prosperous Sultan, my father."

    Suleyman's response:

    "Let us assume that both your hands are stained with blood
    Because if you repent, we will forgive you with ease,
    My Beyazid, I will forgive your errors if you come to the straight pathDo not say "I am innocent" at least repent, my dear son!"

    Back in Istanbul Mihrimah is out in the markets and meets with Atmaca. There is a flashback.

    Beyazid: "I am getting further away from my home and the Capitol step by step Atmaca. Now in the wild I am trying to hold onto dear life and stay alive." At: 'Do not lose faith, one day soon we will go back." Bey: "I do not know about myself, but you will return Atmaca." At: "What does this mean?" Bey: "You have been burning for years to get your revenge on Rustem. I had made you a promise, when I get on the throne I would personally give you that traitor's head. But...it seems the throne is very far from me. Go to the Capitol and take that traitorous dog's head." At: "I will not leave you and our Shehzades here and return." Bey: "Just as some pains do not pass, the weight of some betrayals do not pass either. It is like the example of a red hot ember that is thought to be put out, but is waiting for the right wind to pass by it... You are going to go... There is no longer anything here that you can do for me. For my brother Mustafa and his son Mehmet, and for me, go and take Rustem's life." We then see Atmaca telling Mihrimah not to worry, as Sh. Beyazid and his sons are doing well. "He sends his respects and greetings. I hope you are well." Mih: "While my brave, unlucky Shehzade is in Persia how can I be alright? I still cannot believe everything that has happened. Will my brother be able to return from there? Will I be able to embrace him ever again?" At: "This is up to us Sultanim." Mih: "I sent many letters, but I did not get any response." At: "Most likely Sh. Selim's men have prevented them (from reaching)." Mih: 'The way things are going is not boding well Atmaca, do not trust Tahmasp at all. The only solution is for Sh. Beyazid to go somewhere safe." At: 'We did what we could. But all doors are shut in our faces. We had no other choice but to go to Persia. We are inside a ring of fire. We will either sting ourselves like scorpions, or we will destroy that ring of fire." Mih: 'How did you come then? Why did you come, why did you leave my shehzade alone?" At: "I am here on Sh. Beyazid's orders. He wants justice to be done, he wants those who betrayed to pay." Mihr: "Rustem Pasha?" At: "Now take my life Sultanim, or help me take that devil's life!"

    Defne is speaking to Beyazid's children: "Your Sultan father is fighting with his enemies. He will defeat them and come. And from now on we will never, ever be separated again." Ayshe: "You always say this, but he does not come! It has been two years. I have forgotten my father's face...when will he return?" Lokman arrives telling Defne that Mihrimah has sent word. The children are taken away and Defne and Lokman hope it is good news. "I wish she has written that our Hunkar has forgiven our Shehzade." She reads over the letter. Lokman: "What happened?" Defne: "Our Hunkar has started negotiations with Shah Tahmasp for Beyazid's life. Lokman agha, our Shehzade must be informed of these negotiations." Lokman: "It is impossible to send word from here to Persia! It is obvious the end of the messengers who have left from here in the past with letters. Their heads are being found in wells." Defne: "If our shehzade is informed, if he does not leave Persia he will lose his life." Defne: "Since we cannot trust messengers, then I will go." Lok: 'What are you saying? You are jesting." Defne shakes her head, she is determined.

    Rustem enters to see his children. He says: 'You are more beautiful the more time passes. God Willing your future will hold beautiful things for you too." Rustem: "Osman my son." There is a bird in a cage. Humashah asks what it is and what kind of bird it is, so colourful. Rustem says: "A captain from India has brought it. They call it a parrot. It is a present from me to you." Huma: "The colours are magnificent." They sit down to eat and he says: "I am surprised at how your mother has called me to eat." Huma: "My mother is not as you think, heartless. She thinks of her children's happiness. I am sure, she sees how much you care about us." Rustem: 'God Willing, start!"

    Mihrimah is in her room and Sumbul arrives.  "Rustem Pasha has arrived." There is a flashback: Atmaca: "Sometime I ago I had hunted Rustem Pasha. But he was always saved. This time he can't be saved, he can't run away."

    Mihrimah to Atmaca: "If you are thinking about poisoning him, you can forget about it, Zal Mahmud personally checks all the food served on his table." At: ' I am a soldier Sultanim. If I take someone's life, I will do it with the strength of my wrist. I want it to be done as I am looking into his eyes."

    Later the children are playing with the bird and Mihrimah enters. She tells Rustem that the children must sleep now as bedtime has come. The children leave the room. She goes to him and says "I heard you were ill. I hope the condition is not too serious." Rustem: "For a while I have not been feeling well in my stomach. My chest gets tight, I have trouble breathing. But, the doctor's medicine has helped, I am much better today." Mih: "There are some important things we must talk about. I will meet you in your room and we can converse."
    Mihrimah tells her servant outside that she should go with her children to Topkapi and they should stay there. The servant asks what is going on and Mihrimah tells her to do as she says.

    Atmaca is hooded and cloaked and enters the palace.

    Rustem awaits Mihrimah who enters his presence. Rustem: "I am curious in truth, about the reason for your interest. I thought you hated me." Mih: "When I first saw you were the head stableman. You were in charge of the royal horses. Including my horse. After by my mother's grace you climbed the latter one or two steps at a time. Until, you became the Grand Vizier." Rustem: 'What does this mean?" Mih:"For the son of a pig farmer, this is a quick rise right?" Rustem: "I chose my path Mihrimah, otherwise if it was as you say, I would be in far away lands, herding pigs, in your language, I did not reach this position by coincidence. Whatever I have, I won it with my teeth and my nails. I am this mighty empire's most powerful Grand Vizier. What is your purpose, did you call me here just to talk about these things." There is a knock at the door and Sumbul has come and tells her that her son is not sleeping, calling for his mother. Mihrimah tells Rustem that when Osman sleeps, they will continue their conversation.

    Mihrimah leaves and we see Zal standing in the hall.

    Atmaca creeps up behind Zal and grabs him. "Zal Mahmud. Do you recall that day? The day you strangled Sh. Mustafa. I did not forget it at all. He stabs him several times.
    Atmaca pulls out his battle axes. He fights off each and every single man until he reaches Rustem's room. Rustem has a rifle pointed at Atmaca. He shoots Atmaca. Atmaca gets up and the two men are at each other's throats. At: "Did you think that you would die in your bed in peace?" Then Atmaca strangles him. "Do you remember? I said I would take your life one day? It is time to take sh. Mustafa's revenge!"

    Rustem lies on the floor strangled and Atmaca walks out in pain. Recalling his family and Mustafa. Then guards arrive and Atmaca falls to the ground dead.

    Mihrimah has come to make sure. She sees all the men, including Atmaca lying on the floor. Then she finds Rustem. She tells Sumbul to clean up. To pack up the bodies and dump them in the water. Bury Atmaca according to the customs. Rustem has been ill for sometime (in his chest and stomach). Everyone should think this is why he died." Sumbul: "Sultanim, what should we do about Zal Mahmud." Mih: "Tell him if he says a single word then I will cut off his head." Mih: "Goodbye Rustem."

    In Kazvin Tahmasp is having a trim. His messenger arrives and tells him there is news from Istanbul. That Rustem has written a response to his proposal. The letter is read aloud "The ruler of Persia, Shah Tahmasp. We recieved your last letter. We have discussed your proposal with Sultan Suleyman Han. You have asked for Baghdad and 1.2 million gold pieces in exchange for Sh. Beyazid. We are ready to give you the money you asked for. But giving up Baghdad cannot even be a question. Our Hunkar is willing to give you Kars Castle. But our mighty Hunkar has put a condition that Shehzade must be handed over alive. Husrev Pasha and his envoy has set out. If you do not accept these conditions, we will not be responsible for the bloody war that will take place. The Grand Vizier, Rustem Pasha."
    Huseyin goes to see Beyazid telling him there is new news. Beyazid asks if it is about Atmaca. But it is Defne and Lokman.

    Lala has arrived in Persia. He has gone to meet with Tahmasp.

    Meanwhile Beyazid asks where his children are and she says she left them in Amasya. She says she could not put them in danger. He asks what brought her . Lokman says that Mihrimah Sultan sent letter to him but could not. Beyazid asks what is written. Defne tells him that Tahmasp has done negotiations for his life in exchange for gold and land.
    Lala: "Shah Tahmasp Hazretleri, I am Van Beylerbey Mustafa Pasha. I have come by Shehzade Sultan Selim's orders. He sends his greetings and respect." Shah: "I am listening, Mustafa Bey. What does Shehzade Selim want from me?" Lala: "He would like the rebellious Sh. Beyazid to be submitted to him." Tahmasp: Sultan Suleyman is sending Husrev Pasha for me to hand over Sh. Beyazid. Only if I hand over the Sh. to them will I recieve the Hunkar's noble gifts." Lala: "Of course our mighty Hunkar is noble and wealthy, but, nobody can be wanting in relation to Sh. Selim's generosity.  If you send Sh. Beyazid to us, you will recieve multiples of what you were promised and you will from now, create a close bond between you and the future Padishah." We see Selim standing behind.

    THE END.

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