• Kosem Sultan Episode 14 Trailer Translation

    Ahmet: I had told you one day you would exit that lodge, and you would find no place to go...and that day is today then.

    Cennet: They have certainly been listening in on you"

    Kosem: In the case that they want to hear what we are saying, let them hear it."

    Dervish: "I wish my death not to be at the hands of the executioners, but at the hands of you, mighty Hunkar."

    Safiye: "She had repented! She was regretful! how could you take the life of a Sultana like this?! Is this your justice?"

    Ahmet: "No can dare to finish off my family...if they try - they will pay the price for it."

    Kosem's servant: "They have broken into the harem!"

    Handan: "What are you talking about?"

    Kosem's servant: "The aghas of the Enderun (inner palace school) my Sultana - they are armed and have entered (the harem!)

    Safiye: "We have always waited for this day!"

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